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Monday 17 April 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 16 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 17th April and 23rd April 2023.

23rd April

9 Gmail tips that will stop hackers! Save yourself, never do these things

AI-generated spam may soon be flooding your inbox

Beware of fraudsters; keep these in mind during online transactions

Brands imitated in phishing attempts

Common Types Of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) Frauds And How To Avoid Them

Confidential data stolen - Hackers claim Yellow Pages cyberattack

Crypto Lending Protocol FilDA Halts Operations Following $700,000 Exploit

Decoy Dog malware toolkit found after analyzing 70 billion DNS queries

Europe sounds the alarm on ChatGPT

Global surge in Internet of Things (IoT) cyberattacks seen

Hackers can breach networks using data on resold corporate routers

India: Pune court convicts 11 accused in cosmos bank cyber attack case; Rs 94 crore was transferred

Indian healthcare system needs robust cybersecurity infrastructure

Malta: Telecom companies are to blame for SMS spoofing bank scams, Bank of Valletta (BOV) says

Most DeFi Protocols Fade After They’re Hacked, Analysis Shows

Post-hack Recovery is hard for DeFi Protocols; Majority Vanish

Pro-Russia Hacktivists Attack European Air Traffic Control’s Website

The Philippines: No evidence yet of government data leak

The Philippines Department of Health Twitter hacked, to promote crypto

Thousands launch multi-million-pound action over Arnold Clark data breach

Threat Actors Using Mimikatz Hacking Tool to Deploy Trigona Ransomware

Trust Wallet Announces $170,000 Loss Due To Security Vulnerability

Understanding your risk: The reality of cyberattacks on a woodworking business

Vietnam: Ministry warns of 10 new cyberattack vulnerabilities

Warning as old email accounts with weak security hacked by cyber criminals

Washington woman found guilty of bank fraud, identity theft of over 300 by using 'Dark Web'

22nd April

Airman accused of leaking Pentagon documents previously shared other classified information

Billions of Google users warned over dangerous ‘info email’ – don’t let your bank be emptied

ChatGPT Can be Tricked To Write Malware When You Act as a Developer Mode

ChatGPT may hinder the cybersecurity industry

CISA Adds 3 Actively Exploited Flaws to Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog, including Critical PaperCut Bug

Don’t Fall for the Latest iPhone Phishing Scam

EvilExtractor malware activity spikes in Europe and the U.S.

First-Ever Cyber Attack Via Kubernetes RBAC to Create Backdoor on Clusters

Gateway Casinos Confirms Cyberattack on Ontario IT Infrastructure

Gateway Casino Sudbury remains closed following cybersecurity incident

Google ads push BumbleBee malware used by ransomware gangs

Google reveals 7 common signs you may already be a victim of bank-raid attack – check your inbox now

Hacker keep off: Password tips to secure business accounts

Hackers Breach American Bar Association, Millions of Logins Potentially Stolen

How Businesses Can Improve Data Security

How to prevent your printer from getting hacked

ICICI Bank refutes data breach allegation; here's what we know so far

Indian insurance regulator suffers cyber attack, insurers data at risk

Lazarus X_TRADER Hack Impacts Critical Infrastructure Beyond 3CX Breach

Netflix scam: Why you should not respond to email asking for payment details and how to stay safe

Northern Ireland: Thousands impacted by Council programme data breach

Optus sued by ‘vulnerable’ victims of data breach

Ransomware attacks hit an all-time in March 2023

SafeMoon hacker agrees to return 80% of stolen funds

Sudanese hackers knock offline websites of major Israeli airport, electric company

Tank storage company Vopak hacked, Ransomware groups report

The Philippines: Senate to probe data breach in goverment agencies

There are already a few infected computers: experts warn against new malware, and warn of new dangers

UK's new emergency phone alert system 'vulnerable to cyber criminals'

21st April

10 steps to help your business beat cybercrime and online threats

68% of organisations experienced a known cyberattack within the last 12 months

A malicious campaign by Daggerfly hits major African telecom services providers

Accounting Firm Rubino & Company Files Official Notice of Data Breach

American Bar Association data breach hits 1.4 million members

Angel One Hit By Data Breach, Personal Data Of Users Leaked

Annoyed by Passwords? Research Shows It’s Not Just You

API security becoming C-level cybersecurity concern

Billions of Google users warned over ‘1% attack’ that could leave your bank empty – there’s a click you must never make

Billions of Gmail and Outlook users warned by US government over life-ruining email – don’t let ‘mirror you’ empty bank

Billions of WhatsApp users must avoid three huge mistakes – check app to be safe

Binance Holdings PayPal Invoice, UPS, iCloud, Costco, Walmart, & Kohl’s— Top Scams and Phishing Attempts This Week

Bumblebee malware infects victims via fake Zoom, Cisco and ChatGPT software installers

Camp Lejeune Class Action Phishing Scam

Can electric vehicles be hacked?

Capita: Data Was Taken in March Cyber Incident

Capita Hacked, Black Basta Gang Publishes Data

Capita PLC Targeted in Recent Ransomware Attack and Reports Data Was Likely Stolen by Hackers

Capita Warns Customer Data May Have Been Stolen in Cyber Attack

ChatGPT fans need 'defensive mindset' to avoid scammers and malware

China Developing Anti-Satellite Weapons

China the leader in state-sponsored cyberattacks in 2022

Cisco and VMware Release Security Updates to Patch Critical Flaws in their Products

Class action lawsuit launched against Optus after devastating hack

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Employee Sends 256,000 Consumers' Data to Personal Email

Critical infrastructure also hit by supply chain attack behind 3CX breach

Cyber attack will keep area casinos closed throughout weekend

CyberMaxx Releases First Quarter Ransomware Research Report

Data breach at this startup - Hackers get access to customer data - What company said on leak incident

Defi protocol “Unlock” hacked for 20 Ethereum

Energy sector orgs in US, Europe hit by same supply chain attack as 3CX

European air traffic control agency's website under cyber attack from pro-Russian hackers

Evil Extractor Targets Windows Devices to Steal Sensitive Data

Finland, now a NATO member, sees an uptick in cyberattacks

GhostToken Flaw Could Let Attackers Hide Malicious Apps in Google Cloud Platform

GhostToken GCP flaw let attackers backdoor Google accounts

Gone Phishing: Experts Say It’s Getting Tougher to Snuff Out Rental Scams

Google issues bank-emptying ‘Wi-Fi’ warning to billions of iPhone and Android owners – check your network right now

Google moves to keep public sector cybersecurity vulnerabilities leashed

Government Agencies Release Blueprint for Secure Smart Cities

Hackers steal ‘goldmine of personal data’ in cyber attack

Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Threaten Up to 30% of Operating Income

History of Computer Hacking and Cybersecurity Threats: From the 50s to Today

How do you avoid cyber scams? Follows these steps if you fall victim to a phishing scam

How Does Identity Transport Across Privacy Jurisdictions?

How ransomware prevails as a threat for businesses across Asia Pacific

How SMEs Can Secure the Remote Workforce

How to beat nation state ransomware attackers at their own game

Hybrid Workers Make the Attack Surface More Complex

ICICI Bank Data Leak – Millions of Records with Sensitive Data Exposed

Iran cyberespionage group taps SimpleHelp for persistence on victim devices

Is your bank account safe? Mass layoffs weaken cybersecurity across finance sector

KFC, Pizza Hut parent hit with class action over January data breach

Kubernetes RBAC abused to create persistent cluster backdoors

Kubernetes RBAC Exploited in Large-Scale Campaign for Cryptocurrency Mining

Latitude leak reveals personal financial data

More Malware, Less Ransomware in Higher Education

Most multicloud troubles are self-inflicted, security researchers say

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) denies system linked to massive data breach

North Korean Hackers Employ Matryoshka Doll-Style Cascading Supply Chain Attack on 3CX

Optus data breach class action launched by Slater and Gordon

Optus lawsuit a ‘wake-up call’ to corporate Australia

Parker Hannifin data breach $1.75M class action settlement

Prioritising cybersecurity is the only way to stop threat actors from barging in

Ransomware rise

Rentomojo confirms data breach, says attackers accessed identifiable customer information

Russian APT28 Group Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Cisco Routers

Scammers using social media to dupe people into becoming money mules

Secureworks has discovered malware in online advertising

South Korea: Low Retrieval Rate for Voice Phishing Losses

Spear Wilderman Facing Class Action Over 2021 Data Breach

The staying power of shadow IT, and how to combat risks related to it

The strong link between cyber threat intelligence and digital risk protection

Threat Spotlight: Triple Extortion Ransomware

Time to get Payback on Cybersecurity Spending

Trojanized Installers Used to Distribute Bumblebee Malware

Two class actions filed following Guardian Analytics data breach

Types of Fraud in Banking

UK Government launches new cyber security measures

University websites using MediaWiki, TWiki hacked to serve Fortnite spam

Use of Generative AI Poses Risk to Companies

Utah Amends Data Breach Law, Creates Cyber Center

Wages Dominate Cybercriminal Groups’ Operating Expenses

What Does Top-Notch Managed IT Security Look Like?

20th April

3CX hack caused by trading software supply chain attack

3CX supply-chain attack began with another supply-chain attack

4 phishing emails in your inbox that are just waiting to steal your money

5 Reasons Email Encryption Should Be Next on Your To-Do List

$8,900,000 Safemoon Hacker To Receive 20% of Stolen Binance Coin (BNB) and Immunity From Prosecution in New Deal

A 2023 Mantra: Think of Cybersecurity Risk as Business Risk

Accurate, Useful Risk Scoring Demands Business Risk Observability

African telecom company targeted by alleged China-backed hacking group

Android users urged to check phones immediately after major cyber attack leads to apps being banned

Are you unwittingly volunteering your personal info to online hackers?

Attackers use abandoned WordPress plugin to backdoor websites

Bing and Cortana source code reportedly stolen by Medusa ransomware crew

Capita admits customer data may have been breached during cyber-attack

Capita Admits That Its ‘Cyber Incident’ Was Ransomware and That Customer Data Was Breached

Capita confirms hackers stole data in recent cyberattack

Capita confirms personal data stolen in cyber attack

Capita customer data was stolen in March ransomware attack

Capita restores "virtually all" services impacted by cyber-attack

Capita reveals evidence of data breach in cyber attack

ChatGPT-Related Malicious URLs on the Rise

ChatGPT's Data Protection Blind Spots and How Security Teams Can Solve Them

Chinese-language threat group targeted a dozen South Korean institutions

CISOs struggling to protect sensitive data records

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) data breach sends shock waves through the financial industry

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says former employee sent confidential info on 256,000 people to personal email

Critical Infrastructure Firms Concerned Over Insider Threat

Currys shoppers warned about scam email that offers free kettle to customers

Cyber Attack on SD Worx Shuts Down HR Services for UK and Ireland Customers

Cyber attack reportedly hits Montana State University

Daggerfly APT Targets African Telecoms Firm With New MgBot Malware

Daggerfly Cyberattack Campaign Hits African Telecom Services Providers

Fifty percent of CISOs confident that software is completely tested

Fincantieri Marine Group confirms cybersecurity incident is under investigation

Fortra Hacker Installed Tools on Victim Machines

Fortra Sheds Light on GoAnywhere MFT Zero-Day Exploit Used in Ransomware Attacks

Furniture rental startup RentoMojo reports data breach by hackers, 1.5 lakh subscribers to be affected

Google Ads as Phishing Hooks - Understanding the Threat and Protecting Your Brand

Government launches new cyber security measures to tackle ever growing threats

How to Remove a Typosquat Domain Targeting Your Company, Even When the Registrar Won’t Comply

‘Human Error’ Exposed Lawmakers’ Personal Info in DC Health Data Breach

Hundreds of members of congress affected by data breach

Intro to phishing: simulating attacks to build resiliency

KFC, Pizza Hut parent company suffers data breach after ransomware attack

Lazarus Group Adds Linux Malware to Arsenal in Operation Dream Job

Lazarus hackers now push Linux malware via fake job offers

LockBit ransomware for Mac – coming soon?

LockBit Ransomware Reportedly Strikes Venezuela’s Largest Bank

Malware is proliferating, but detection measures bear fruit: Mandiant

March 2023 Healthcare Data Breach Report

Morocco's financial institutions are victims of cybercrime

NCR Hit by Ransomware Attack

NSO Group Used 3 Zero-Click iPhone Exploits Against Human Rights Defenders

NSO Group used iOS exploits to spy on human rights advocates

Ontario casinos could reopen this week after cyber attack

Outdated cybersecurity practices leave door open for criminals

Phishing, Smishing and Vishing are top types of UK fraud

Preventing Malware & Cyber Attacks: Simple Tips for Your Computer

Quantifying the Financial Impact of Healthcare Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Attack Hits Marinette Marine Shipyard, Results in Short-Term Delay of Frigate, Freedom LCS Construction

Ransomware Groups Use New AuKill Tool to Slip Under the Radar

Real estate firm fined for data breach compromising employee data

Recycled Network Devices Exposing Corporate Secrets

Report Ranks UK As 9th Least Likely Nation To Experience a Cyber Attack in 2023

Russian Cyber Offensive Exhibits ‘Unprecedented’ Speed and Agility

RWS hit by cyber attack but says impact is "immaterial"

Scary ransomware group Royal is on the rise

Securing Your Infrastructure with MSP Vendor Risk Management

Shields Health Care Group, Inc. Announces Data Breach Affecting Over 2.3 Million People

Small Business Interest in Cyber-Hygiene is Waning

The biggest data security blind spot: Authorization

The K-12 guide to multi-layered cybersecurity

Triple Extortion and Erased Data are the New Ransomware Norm

Tucson Unified School District Addresses Ransomware Attack

Two Connected Software Supply Chain Attacks Lead to 3CX Compromise

Two Critical Flaws Found in Alibaba Cloud's PostgreSQL Databases

U.S. and allies release cyber guidance for ‘smart cities’

UK Strengthens Cybersecurity Audits for Government Agencies

Ukraine targeted by 60% of Russian phishing attacks in 2023

VMware fixes vRealize bug that let attackers run code as root

Webster Bank data breach impacts thousands

19th April

17 House members, 585 staff among victims of D.C. Health Link breach

36 apps banned by Google as Android users urged to delete them now

A Hacker Has Stolen $10 Million in Ethereum and No One Knows How

A shocking number of businesses aren't getting their data back after a ransomware attack

AI is being exploited to create more convincing scams

Are public USB charging stations to be trusted?

Attackers extorting victims with fake ransomware claims

Belarus-linked hacking group targets Poland with new disinformation campaign

Black Basta hacker group claims responsibility for a cyber attack on Capita

BlackCat (ALPHV) Gang Claims Ransomware Attack on NCR Data Center

Blind Eagle Cyber Espionage Group Strikes Again: New Attack Chain Uncovered

Chatting with a hacker

Criminal Records Service still disrupted 4 weeks after hack

Critical Flaws in vm2 JavaScript Library Can Lead to Remote Code Execution

Cyber Insurance Drives Increased Security

Cyber-attack Detection Time Lowest on Record

Data Security in the Digital Age: Cybersecurity Companies Offer Solutions

DC health exchange breach traced back to misconfigured Amazon server

DC Health Link Data Breach Caused by Human Error

DC Health Link Data Breach Blamed on Human Error

‘Denim Tsunami’ and ‘Mulberry Typhoon’: Microsoft alters the way it names hacking groups

Digital asset phishing scams shot up 40% in 2022

Don't expect to recover data after paying ransomware demand

Enterprises Exposed to Hacker Attacks Due to Failure to Wipe Discarded Routers

Expel Publishes New Research on the Cybersecurity Challenges Facing British Organisations

Fighting Password Fatigue Means Retiring Passwords for Good

Fortra class action claims data breach affects 1 million customers

Fortra shares findings on GoAnywhere MFT zero-day attacks

Glasgow NatWest customers issued warning over email scam draining bank accounts

Goldoson Android Malware Found in 60 Apps with 100M Downloads

Google Chrome Hit by Second Zero-Day Attack - Urgent Patch Update Released

Google patches another actively exploited Chrome zero-day

Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) Warns of Russian Hackers Conducting Phishing Attacks in Ukraine

How to Spot and Avoid Phishing Scams While Gambling Online

Huntington Ingalls Industries Files Official Notice of Data Breach Affecting 43,643 Individuals

Increase in ransomware attacks and human error as main cause of cloud data breaches globally

Inishowen Development Partnership victim of potential data breach following cyber-attack

Iranian Government-Backed Hackers Targeting U.S. Energy and Transit Systems

Iranian Nation-State Actor "Mint Sandstorm" Weaponizes N-day Flaws

IT and Online Services emails used as a ‘phishing strategy’

Legion Hacker Tool Used to Steal Data from Poorly Protected Websites

Lloydspharmacy vows to take action after media reports of customer data breach

Malaysia: Education crucial against cyber threats

Managing Ransomware Risk in Health Systems

March 2023 broke ransomware attack records with 459 incidents

Medusa ransomware crew brags about spreading Bing, Cortana source code

Microsoft SQL servers hacked to deploy Trigona ransomware

More than 80 countries have purchased spyware, British cyber agency warns

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Warns of Destructive Russian Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

New BlackBerry Research Finds Manufacturers Increasingly Wary of Nation State Threats

New England insurer Point32Health hit with ransomware

OCBC phishing scam: Another teenager pleads guilty to role in causing S$12.8 million in losses, lying to police

Pakistani Hackers Use Linux Malware Poseidon to Target Indian Government Agencies

PayPal scams: Top tips to avoid falling victim amid user warning

PDF and WSF files used in powerful email malware attack

Philippine National Police (PNP) employees records, directives leaked in ‘massive’ data breach, cybersecurity researcher says

Phishing 2023: Brands Imitated the Most

Phishing FAQ: How to Spot Scams and Stop Them in Their Tracks

Play Ransomware Attacks Utilize New Custom Tools

Play ransomware gang uses custom Shadow Volume Copy data-theft tool

Police Escape $1.2m Fine For Secretly Recording Phone Calls

Property firm OrangeTee & Tie fined $37k for data breach affecting over 250,000 customers, staff

Quantifying cyber risk vital for business survival

Ransomware attacks increased 91% in March, as threat actors find new vulnerabilities

Ransomware gangs abuse Process Explorer driver to kill security software

Researchers discover sensitive corporate data on decommissioned routers

Rubrik Zero Labs Finds Only 16% of Organisations Recovered All Data Via Attacker Decryption Tools After Paying Ransomware Demand

Russia-based hackers ramping up attacks on Eastern European energy sector

Russia-linked cyber attack groups want to 'destroy' UK, minister warns

Russian hackers want to ‘disrupt or destroy’ UK infrastructure, minister warns

Russian Man Who Laundered Money for Ryuk Ransomware Gang Sentenced

Security beyond software: The open source hardware security evolution

Small suppliers at risk with cybercrime on the rise

South Africa is the cybercrime hub of Africa, according to INTERPOL

South Korea seeks legislation against phishing attacks

The crippling effect of cybercrime on our emotional wellbeing

The Importance of Cybersecurity Training for Employees

The Massive Data Breach at LastPass Tied to Hack of Senior DevOps Engineer’s Home Computer; Users Urged to Change their Passwords

These medical IoT devices carry the biggest security risks

Thousands in Connecticut have personal information exposed after Webster Bank data breach

Tight budgets and burnout push enterprises to outsource cybersecurity

Traditions Bank Files Official Notice of Data Breach Following Unauthorized Access to Customer Information

Triple-digit Increase in API and App Attacks on Tech and Retail

Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) provides update on ransomware attack investigation

U.S. and U.K. Warn of Russian Hackers Exploiting Cisco Router Flaws for Espionage

UK cyber-agency warns of a new ‘class’ of Russian hackers

UK plc sees fewer cyber breaches and attacks, but lacks resilience

UK says ‘Wagner-like cyber groups’ attacking critical infrastructure

Uncovering (and Understanding) the Hidden Risks of SaaS Apps

What Uber’s Latest Data Breach Means for Third-Party Risk

Your Company’s Data Got Compromised: 5 Things to Do Immediately

18th April

2023 Thales Data Threat Report Reveals Increase in Ransomware Attacks and Human Error as Main Cause of Cloud Data Breaches

Akamai Report Surfaces Spike in Attacks Against Web Apps and APIs

An Analysis of the BabLock (aka Rorschach) Ransomware

Apple's Macs Have Long Escaped Ransomware. That May Be Changing

Australia: Insurers hesitant for government to outlaw ransomware payments

Australia, New Zealand businesses paying up in ransomware attacks

Australians lost a record $3.1 billion to scams last year

Be wary of phishing scams posing as emergency alerts, warns security expert

Beacon Health System Posts Notice of Data Breach Following Employee’s Unauthorized Access to Patient Files

Capita IT breach gets worse as Black Basta claims it's now selling off stolen data

Casino chain shuts Ontario sites after cyber attack

CISA, Cisco highlight Russian military targeting of router vulnerabilities

Cloud identity: Are you who you say you are?

Cloud Security Alerts Take Six Days to Resolve

Conversational Attacks Fastest Growing Mobile Threat

Criminal Uses for ChatGPT: A Versatile New Tool for Hackers

Cyber Intrusion Detection Time at an All-Time Low

Cybersecurity Hygiene - Building Blocks to Protect Your Attack Surface

Data breach concerns ahead of Gloucester cyber attack report

Data Security in the Digital Age: Cybersecurity Companies Offer Solutions

Data stolen from CommScope in ransomware attack released on dark web

DC Health Link data breach blamed on human error

Does a VPN protect you on public wifi?

Enterprise Organizations Must go Back to Cybersecurity Basics

Faltering against Ukraine, Russian hackers resort to ransomware

FBI warns of juice jacking at public charge stations

Fermanagh and Omagh council programme hit by ransomware attack

Gateway casinos to remain closed after cyber attack

Generative AI like ChatGPT fuels sophisticated phishing attacks

Goldoson Android Malware Infects Over 100 Million Google Play Store Downloads

Goldoson Malware Found in Dozens of Google Play Store Apps

Guarding Against Insider Threats

Hacked therapy centre's ex-CEO gets 3-month suspended sentence

How Demanding Conditions Impact Critical Infrastructure Security

How does zero-trust technology aid businesses in implementing effective cybersecurity measures?

How To Protect Your WhatsApp From Being Hacked

How Website Tracking Technologies Are Transforming Risk Analysis Across Industries

How Will a Recession Change the Cybersecurity Landscape?

Hyundai data breach exposed customer info

Indonesian hacker group targets Israeli websites, including ministries

Indonesian hacker group targets several Israeli websites, including Foreign Ministry

IPH reveals data breach originated from member firm

IPH to incur millions in costs following cyber incident

Iranian hackers behind retaliatory cyberattacks on US orgs

Iranian Hackers Using SimpleHelp Remote Support Software for Persistent Access

IT staffing shortages concern healthcare organizations

It's Tax Day...which means scammers are out to steal your money. Here's how to spot fake IRS calls, texts and emails

John Muir Health - Walnut Creek Medical Center Experiences Data Breach Following Unauthorized Disclosure of Patient Information

La Clinica de La Raza Files Notice of Data Breach Notice Affecting More than 15k Patients

LockBit for Mac - How Real is the Risk of macOS Ransomware?

LockBit Ransomware Expands Attack Spectrum to Mac Devices

LockBit Ransomware Now Targeting Apple macOS Devices

Medtronic MiniMed, Inc. and MiniMed Distribution Corp. File Notice of Recent Data Breach

Messaging companies warn UK over law impacting end-to-end encryption

MuddyWater Uses SimpleHelp to Target Critical Infrastructure Firms

NationsBenefits Holding, LLC Announces Third-Party Data Breach Following Fortra Cyberattack

NatWest issues urgent warning to all customers amid new email scam concerns

NCR in recovery as ransomware disrupts widely used point-of-sale system

NCR POS business Aloha hit by ransomware attack

NEC admits password complacency in Japan hospital patient data breach

Netflix and Gmail users warned about new email scam

Network infrastructure provider CommScope investigating data leak following ransomware attack

New CSC Research Finds One in Five DNS Records are Susceptible to Subdomain Hijacking Due to Insufficient Cyber Hygiene

New DDoS attacks on Israel’s enterprises, infrastructure should be a wake-up call

New Jersey State workers targeted in cyber attack

New sandbox escape PoC exploit available for VM2 library, patch now

NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware Found on High-Risk iPhones

Passwords are Dying: Here’s what’s Killing Them

Phishing Attacks Surge as Threat Actors Leverage New AI Tools

Pre-pandemic techniques are fueling record fraud rates

Ransomware Hackers Steal Sensitive Charity Data

Ransomware is a major threat to smaller utilities, manufacturers and health care providers

Real estate firm OrangeTee & Tie fined for data breach involving 250,000 customers and employees

Retail Giant Walmart Ranks First in List of Brands Most Likely to be Imitated in Phishing Attempts in Q1 2023

Safemoon Hacker Strikes Deal With Developers to Return $7.1M

Scammers target older people online. Here are the 3 warning signs to watch for

Southeastern University Faces Questions About a Possible Data Breach Following Cybersecurity Incident

South Korea: North Korean hacking group Lazarus behind cyber attack last year

South Korea Successfully Foils Cyber Attack by US-Sanctioned Lazarus Group

St. Louis suburb investigating network security incident

Standardized data collection methods can help fight cybercrime

Technology slowly coming back for Rochester Public Schools (RPS) staff after cyber attack

The 5 simple questions every founder needs to ask to keep their startup cybersafe

The contradictory fall in ransomware in 2022

The future of cyber security in an AI-driven world

The Linkage Between Geopolitical and Cyber Risk Requires CEO Attention Now More Than Ever

UK's SMEs to Benefit From New Cyber Advisors

University of the People Notifies Students of Data Breach Following Unauthorized SharePoint Access

US, UK warn of govt hackers using custom malware on Cisco routers

Wargaming an effective data breach playbook

Western Digital Shares Tumble After Hacker Ransom Demand

What Is Data Minimisation? Definition & Examples

What is e-mail spoofing and how can you prevent it?

WhatsApp, Signal Claim Online Safety Bill Threatens User Privacy and Safety

Why don't people care about data leaks?

Why Passkeys Have Made Passwords So Passé

YouTube Videos Distributing Aurora Stealer Malware via Highly Evasive Loader

17th April

5 Common Identity Theft Scams

7 Common Cyber Threats That Can Affect Businesses and Individuals

7 cybersecurity mindsets that undermine practitioners and how to avoid them

Abuse victims' data stolen in ransomware attack

Abuse victims’ data stolen in ransomware attack on Derry company

AI tools like ChatGPT expected to fuel BEC attacks

AI verification systems give businesses an edge over scammers

Alcohol Recovery Startup Suffers Healthcare Data Breach, 108K Impacted

API Security & Healthcare Data Security: Protecting Health Data from API Attacks

Are Smart Home Devices Invading Your Privacy?

Breach Me Twice, Shame On Who? The Importance Of Backing Cybersecurity Initiatives

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft Hit with Class Action Over November Data Breach

Can Artificial Intelligence Carry Out Penetration Tests Without Human Intervention?

Can Generative AI Shrink the Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

Capita falls on reports cyber attack was worse than admitted

Capita investigates authenticity of ransomware gang leaks

Capita shares drop on "deepening hack crisis"

CassComm says fake email is targeting its customers

Catholic Health Initiatives hit by data breach

Charity data stolen in ransomware attack on supplier

ChatGPT Account Take Over Vulnerability Let Hackers Gain User’s Online Account

ChatGPT’s double-edged sword: data leaks and other security breaches

CISA: Patch Bug Exploited by Chinese E-commerce App

Coles alerts customers of Latitude Financial data breach

Concerns linger over personal data breaches as Gloucester chiefs promise public report into council cyber attack

Credential harvesting malware appears on deep web

Crypto Phishing Grows by 40% in One Year

Cyber attack: Data from charities stolen in ransomware attack

Cyber attack at Plymouth school tells students they are expelled

Cyber attack warning issued to all Sky customers in UK

Cyber gang blackmails Cypriot university to pay $100K

Cyber insurance – hitting its stride after a rough start

Cyber security continues to be a top concern in Malaysia

Cyberattack on Cornwall, Ontario hospital causing delays for patients

Cyberattacks: Morocco Is Most Affected by Banking Trojans in Africa

Cybersecurity leaders reflect on Samsung, ChatGPT incidents

Cybersecurity Through Data Storage Strategies

Dutch intel agency paints grim picture of multiple threats

Easy Ways to Keep Your Device Safe From Hackers

Evide cyber attack: Rape victims' charities had data stolen in attack on Derry company

Evotec SE cyber attack: German pharmaceuticals giant took all internal systems offline

Ex-Conti members and FIN7 devs team up to push new Domino malware

Exposed Web Panel Reveals Gamaredon Group’s Automated Spear Phishing Campaigns

FIN7 and Ex-Conti Cybercrime Gangs Join Forces in Domino Malware Attacks

Five cybersecurity ‘quick wins’ for the public sector

Forensic analysis shows the involvement of North Korean hackers behind the 3CX intrusion

From Google Ads Abuse to a Massive Spear-Phishing Campaign Impersonating Spain’s Tax Agency

German superyacht manufacturer Lürssen suffers a ransomware attack

Google bans 36 popular apps as android users urged to delete them immediately

Google Uncovers APT41's Use of Open Source GC2 Tool to Target Media and Job Sites

Google warns billions over bank-raiding messages – check your inbox for hidden danger

Hackers abuse Google Command and Control red team tool in attacks

Hackers mint 1 quadrillion yUSDT in $11.6M Yearn Finance exploit

Hackers publish sensitive employee data stolen during CommScope ransomware attack

How to detect and remove malware from an iPhone

How reporting a data breach can make cybersecurity community stronger?

How retailers can protect themselves from cybersecurity threats

Hundred Finance Suffers $7 Million Security Breach

Hyundai confirms major data breach affecting car owners in Italy and France

India major target of ransomware

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) warns its customers of malicious Android application hosted on a phishing website

Inside a cybercriminal's mind: Hacker claims Australians are the easiest targets and 'the stupidest humans alive'

Is Tax Day ‘Pay Day’ For Cyber Hackers? What CFOs Need to Know

Israeli Spyware Vendor QuaDream to Shut Down Following Citizen Lab and Microsoft Expose

Kodi says email IDs and passwords of all MyBB forum users have been compromised

KyberSwap Elastic Faces ‘Potential Vulnerability’

Lawsuit alleges Tenet, Conifer failed to prevent data theft of PHI

Let’s take the fight to the identity thieves

LockBit Ransomware Could Be Targeting macOS Devices

LockBit ransomware is targeting Macs for the first time

LockBit Ransomware Tests Taking a Bite Out of Apple Users

Macs Targeted for the First Time by LockBit Ransomware

Multifactor authentication – and the dangers of multifactor authentication fatigue

NatWest warning to customers over new phishing email scam that can drain bank accounts - how to spot it

NCR Reports Ransomware Attack Causing Reduced Functionality at Restaurants

New Chameleon Android malware mimics bank, government, and crypto apps

New QBot Banking Trojan Campaign Hijacks Business Emails to Spread Malware

New QBot email attacks use PDF and WSF combo to install malware

New Zaraza Bot Credential-Stealer Sold on Telegram Targeting 38 Web Browsers

North West businesses could be targeted for Eurovision cybercrime

Northern Ireland charities targeted in major cyber-attack

NorthStar Data Breach Exposed Personal Info of 82K People, Class Action Says

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