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Wednesday 31 August 2022

Government Of Montenegro's "Cuba" Ransomware Attack Results In Services Disruption And Stolen Data Leaked On The Dark Web

Eni: Italy's Largest Oil And Gas Company Detects And Mitigates Ransomware Attack Resulting In Only Minor Damage And Disruption

TAP Air Portugal: Portugese State-Owned Airline Suffers "Ragnar Locker" Ransomware Attack Resulting In Online Services Disruption

Monday 29 August 2022

Baker & Taylor: US Library Books Distributor Suffers Ransomware Attack Resulting In IT Systems And Operational Disruption

MBDA: French Missile Systems Manufacturer Suffers Data Breach Resulting In 70GB Of Stolen Sensitive Military Data Being Sold Online

Data Breaches Digest - Week 35 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 29th August and 4th September 2022.

4th September

4 critical steps toward securing Web3

10 Common DeFi Scams and How to Avoid Them

10 Things Your Workforce Can Do To Support Your Company’s Security Health

Action Fraud warn over fake E.ON scam email

Argentina’s judiciary hit by cyberattack

Cyber crooks make way to NASA’s James Webb telescope

Cyber Security Tips

Cybercriminals exploit LNKs to spread malware families

Fremantle apologise for AFL data breach

Hackers acquire info on current and former students and staff at Savannah College of Art and Design

Hackers send cabs to same location in Russia, creates huge traffic jam

Hackers who hit Luxembourg turn on Italy

Hoxhunt Primed to Spread Gamified Phishing Awareness in the Enterprise

In an effort to hire IT experts, a group of hackers creates a fake corporation

India ranks second globally in cyber attacks on health systems – as government pushes digitisation

NATO Countries Hit With Unprecedented Cyber Attacks

Protect Your Home Wi-Fi Network From Hackers. Here's How

PwC Venezuela Twitter account hacked, attacker shills fake XRP giveaway

Ransomware attacks: 75 percent spike in attacks on Linux OS users in first half of 2022

Rug Pull Finder Service Is Exploited by Phishing Scammers

Samsung informs its users of a data leak

SharkBot malware sneaks back on Google Play to steal your logins

The financial sector remains a popular target for cybercriminals

The Price Criminals Will Pay For Fake Bitcoin Websites Revealed With Epik Hack

Thieves up their game with fake accounts, school loan scams

TikTok has reportedly suffered a data breach, put hundreds of millions at hacking risk

3rd September

11.84GB of United States Military Contractor and Military Reserve data leak, suspecting Conti Ransomware

CodeRAT Malware Source Code Published online on GitHub

Consumer Alert: Facebook-Related Phishing Scams

Critical state of healthcare: India had 2nd highest number of cyber attacks in the world in 2021

Cybersecurity a huge Concern: The month of August faced 40 new ransomware attacks

From Counterfeiting to Phishing: Cybersquatting Properties Target Network Device Makers

Google Release Urgent Chrome Update to Patch New Zero-Day Vulnerability

Hackers caused a massive traffic jam in Moscow using a ride-hailing app

Hackers exploit NASA’s famous deep space image to attack computers

Hackers send cabs to same location in Russia, creates huge traffic jam

Hive Ransomware targets Damart clothing store, demands $2 million

How Email Encryption Protects Enterprises

How To Prevent A Data Breach In Your Company

‘Important Notification’ Phishing Scam Targeting American Express Customers

Ireland: Update of Higher Education Authority (HEA) Springboard website exposes personal data of 45,000 users

IRS data leak exposes personal info of 120,000 taxpayers

KeyBank customers information possibly at risk after third-party data breach

KeyBank's customer information acquired by hackers

Kominfo on Personal Data Leak: Electronic System Operators Must Protect Encryption

Malware dev open-sources CodeRAT after being exposed

New text scam posing as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) looks very real in Mississauga and Brampton

Parent company of Leesburg hospital reveals another major data breach

Ransomware May Grab the Headlines, But You Shouldn’t Ignore the Cyber Threat of Funds Transfer Fraud (FTF)

Research Finds Nearly 1,800 iOS Apps Leaking AWS Credentials and Harming the Supply Chain

Samsung Admits Data Breach that Exposed Details of Some U.S. Customers

Samsung admits personal data of some customers 'compromised' in security breach

Samsung admits to data breach that leaked name, date of birth of users

Samsung admits to Lapsus$ data breach that may have exposed some customers' personal information in the US

Samsung customers: your data may have been breached

Samsung Issues New Warning To American Users About Phishing Emails Exposing Their Data

South Africa: Fake ‘remittance due’ message doing the rounds

What has led to increase in cybercrimes in Assam?

What You Need to Know About Samsung’s Major Data Breach?

2nd September

20 Million US Health Records Breached, Mostly Due to Hacking: Why India should worry about it

49ers Forced to Notify Nearly 21,000 People That They Had Their Personal Data Obtained by Hackers

A hacker attacked Yandex Taxi and sent dozens of cars to the same location

A Windows 11 Automation Tool Can Easily Be Hijacked

Account takeover fraud is a growing threat

Ahead of hackers in the holidays

Anonymous hacked Russian Yandex taxi app causing a massive traffic jam

Another Ransomware For Linux Likely In Development

Artificial intelligence operations must involve ethical & responsible frameworks

Attack infrastructure used in Cisco hack linked to Evil Corp affiliate

Beware of NASA James Webb Space Telescope photos! Check shocking hidden danger

Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches Reported This Year, So Far

Black Knight, Inc. Reports Leaked Social Security Numbers Following Recent Data Breach

BlackCat ransomware claims attack on Italian energy agency

British Gas scam could drain your bank account - red flags you need to look out for

Building defense proficiency in healthcare

Chile and Montenegro Floored by Ransomware

CIOs find it most difficult to solve cybersecurity challenges

CISA, NSA and npm Release Software Supply Chain Guidance

Clarion Housing: Anger over landlord silence since cyber attack

Companies underestimate number of SaaS applications in their environment

Compromised: Singapore offshore and marine giant hit by data breach

Connected EVs are prime targets for a new era of cyber attacks

Cost of living: People urged to watch out for British Gas scam offering fake energy refund that could drain your bank account

Cyber Attacks on Western European Firms on the Rise Since Ukraine War

Cybereason warns global critical infrastructure operators after attacks from ransomware gang

Cybersecurity guideline for testing of Internet of Things security products

Damart clothing store hit by Hive ransomware, $2 million demanded

Data worth of 3.7 GB leaked, assumed to be of Costa Rica’s Junta de Proteccion Social

Dev backdoors own malware to steal data from other hackers

Domain spoofing on the rise as cybercriminals see some crypto sites as a ‘perfect target’

Everything We Know About the Axie Infinity Breach

FBI and French officials arrive in Montenegro to investigate ransomware attack

Feds push for developers to take lead in securing software supply chain

Five Ways to Achieve a Successful Anti-Phishing Campaign

Fonville Morisey Notifies of Data Breach

Fremont County Continues to Assess Losses Due to Ransomware Cyber Attack

Frontier Software breach fallout spreading

Google Chrome Bug Lets Sites Silently Overwrite System Clipboard Content

Google Chrome emergency update fixes new zero-day used in attacks

Google Chrome Vulnerability Lets Sites Quietly Overwrite Clipboard Contents

Hackers gained access to Samsung customer data

Hackers trick politicians with fake news website

Healthcare Executives Concerned About Supply Chain Issues, Cyberattacks

How North Korean hackers are keeping the regime afloat

How to Defend Against DNS fraud

‘Human Coding Error’ Caused IRS Posting of Confidential Data

‘I think Indonesia’s cybersecurity is run by 14-year olds’: Hackers

Identity’s Role in API Security

If your company has an internet connection, cybercriminals are coming for you

Inside the Ragnar Locker ransomware

Investigation into NHS Orkney data breach after 69 health records accessed unnecessarily by staff member

Irish cyber experts warn schools of criminals targeting confidential information on students

JuiceLedger Hacker Linked to First Phishing Campaign Targeting PyPI Users

JuiceLedger Hackers Behind the Recent Phishing Attacks Against PyPI Users

Kaspersky uncovers banking malware on the prowl in APAC

KeyBank class action alleges company’s negligence contributed to data breach

Learn what Phishing VPN is and protect yourself from this dangerous attack

Linux systems are being hit with more ransomware than ever

Livingston Public Library: Potential Delay In Receiving New Print Books

LockBit 3.0 has a new target - The Singapore subsidiary of “Meiji”

Medical billing service in Florida one of the latest victims of ransomware attacks

Meta Allows Users To Post NFTs: Concerns Raised On Wallet Security, What You Should Do

Nelnet data breach may have hit more than 2 million student loan borrowers

Neopets Data Breach New Details: Hackers Stayed in Its IT System for 18 Months

Netflix, Walmart, Best Buy, iPhone 14, USPS, & DHL - Top Phishing Scams of the Week

New Evidence Links Raspberry Robin Malware to Dridex and Russian Evil Corp Hackers

New Ransomware Group BianLian Activity Exploding

Newest ransomware gang on the block

NSA to developers: We've got some software supply chain security tips for you

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are you prepared?

Okta CEO pushes for passwordless future in wake of phishing attacks

Pakistan: Commerce Ministry’s Export Development Fund (EDF) Website Hacker Plans to Sell over 4GB of Data in $400 Bitcoin

Paralysed French hospital fights cyber attack as hackers lower ransom demand

Phishing for Honor: 9/11, online donations and scammers

Prynt Stealer Contains a Backdoor to Steal Victims' Data Stolen by Other Cybercriminals

Ragnar Locker continues trend of ransomware targeting energy sector

Ragnar Locker ransomware gang claims major attack on Portuguese airline TAP Air

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang Claims TAP Air Portugal as Its Second Victim in Two Weeks

Ransomware as a Service: Unravelling this Ecosystem

Ransomware group BlackCat behind Italy's GSE hacking, researchers say

Raspberry Robin Malware Connected to Russian Evil Corp Gang

Removing the cyber backdoor

Research shows importance of people-centric security

Safeguarding your digital operations with the three Rs: resilience, response and recovery

Samsung confirms new data breach – now customer data is affected

Samsung discloses data breach after July hack

Samsung hit with major data breach - what you need to know

Samsung is alerting users it got hacked, but the fallout doesn't sound too bad

Samsung says customer data stolen in July data breach

San Francisco 49ers: Blackbyte ransomware gang stole info of 20K people

Scammers are using a Webb Telescope photo to hide complex malware

Scammers impersonating British Gas with fake refund emails

Scammers posing as couriers targeting people in Norfolk

Sephora gets $1.2m fine for CCPA data privacy violation

Short-Staffed And Under Siege: Security Teams Need Support Now

Singapore: 325 suspects being probed for allegedly scamming victims of over S$9m

SMBs Finally Investing More in Cybersecurity

Software supply chain security guidance for developers

South Africa: Security concerns flagged on Public Protector website

St. Amant victim of cyber attack

Stricter UK cyber duties on online accounts and data explored

Tackling ransomware with immutable storage

The basics of identity theft protection

The case for a next-generation browser

The Hackers Who Breached Neopets Were Inside Its IT Systems For 18 Months

The Importance Of Secure Messaging With Clients

The official term for “voice phishing” in Malay is not what we expected

The Philippines: National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) continues probe on phishing attack on teachers

Turkey’s critical defense projects under cyber attack

UK Government Releases New AI Security Guidance

Urgency Needed for K-12 Security Governance Policies

US Police Deployed Obscure Smartphone Tracking Tool With No Warrants

Warning: PyPI Feature Executes Code Automatically After Python Package Download

Warning as new Paypal scam is disguised as Tesco giftcard

Watch out for this tricky new Instagram scam

What Are Crypto Dusting Attacks & Are They Dangerous?

1st September

1 in 50 Kids Will Have Their Identity Stolen: Here’s What You Might Not Know

5 Common Phishing Attacks to Watch Out for

A Quick Guide To How To Recover And Prevent A Ransomware Attack

AI, Machine Learning a must in the face of cyber threats

Anti-malware organizations releases guide for securing IoT devices

Apple just delivered an important security patch for these older iPhones

Apple Releases iOS Update for Older iPhones to Fix Actively Exploited Vulnerability

Apple Releases Update for iOS 12 to Patch Exploited Vulnerability

Application Security Responsibility Shifting Further Left

Avoiding ransomware in the cloud

BlackCat Ransomware responsible for impacting Fremont County systems

Book distributor Baker & Taylor suffers a ransomware attack, perpetrators unknown

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. Releases Additional Details About February 2022 Ransomware Attack

British Airways: A Case Study in GDPR Compliance Failure

Commonly Overlooked Groups that Should Receive Security Awareness Training

Corporate ransomware attacks: It’s only a matter of when, not if

CorrectHealth Suffers Email Account Data Breach, 54K Impacted

Credential phishing attack targeted 16,000 emails at nonprofit agency

Cyber-crimes setting records, FBI warns

Cybersecurity: Winning the Battle Starts with the Front Lines

Cybersecurity And Social Engineering: How To Avoid Cyberattacks From Human Error

Dealing with cyber threats in the energy sector: Are we on the right path?

Detected Cyber-Threats Surge 52% in 1H 2022

Does your cybercrime prevention program work?

Evidence Backs Up Beijing Link to South China Sea Hackers

FBI Cyber Crime Report

Five Chrome Extensions Found Collecting User Data Discreetly: Remove Them Now!

Food Delivery Company DoorDash Latest Name Added to Data Breach Spree Conducted by Twilio Hackers

Hackers target politicians with fake news website

Hacks tied to Russia and Ukraine war have had minor impact, researchers say

Hard Drive Sanitization - Not All Methods Are Equal

HC3 Warns Healthcare Sector About Cybercriminal Syndicate Evil Corp

How can automation be used to ensure security and compliance in business?

How Government Regulations Can Aid Cybersecurity Defenses

How Just-in-Time privilege elevation prevents data breaches and lateral movement

Indian firms get serious about cybersecurity only when ‘attacked’

Infra Used in Cisco Hack Also Targeted Workforce Management Solution

Inspector General (IG) Calls on Deaprtment of Homeland Security (DHS) to Up its Cybersecurity Game

Instagram Phishing Scam Exploits Users' Desire to Be Verified, Report Says

Instagram's Latest Phishing Scam Takes Advantage of a User's Desire to be Verified

Japan: Minamiboso City school affairs network hit by ransomware in July; still not fully recovered

Linux devices 'increasingly' under attack from hackers, warn security researchers

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in August 2022 – 97 Million Records Breached

Microsoft: This bug in TikTok's Android app could have allowed one-click account hijack

Microsoft: This is How to Protect Against Ransomware

Microsoft Discover Severe 'One-Click' Exploit for TikTok Android App

Microsoft will disable Exchange Online basic auth next month

Microsoft Finds Account Takeover Bug in TikTok

Montenegro blames criminal gang for cyber attacks on government

Montenegro hit by ransomware attack, hackers demand $10 million

Multifactor authentication has its limits, but don’t blame the technology

NASA’s deep space image is now a malware carrier

Neopets says hackers had access to its systems for 18 months

New Guidelines Spell Out How to Test IoT Security Products

New ransomware hits Windows, Linux servers of Chile govt agency

NSA and CISA share tips to secure the software supply chain

Over 1,800 Android and iOS Apps Found Leaking Hard-Coded AWS Credentials

Pakistan: Commerce Ministry’s Export Development Fund (EDF) Website Faces a Massive Data Breach

Platinum Performance Reports Data Breach Following Successful Phishing Attack

PrimoHoagies data breach class action settlement

Ragnar Locker continues trend of ransomware targeting energy sector

Ragnar Locker ransomware responsible for an attack on Portugal's flag carrier, 'Hundreds of Gigabytes' of Customer Data Stolen

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Targets Energy Sector, Cybereason Suggests

Ransomware Attacks Target Government Agencies in Latin America

Ransomware Gang Claims Customer Data Stolen in TAP Air Portugal Hack

Real-World Cloud Attacks: The True Tasks of Cloud Ransomware Mitigation

RedAlert and Monster: multiplatform ransomware gains steam

Researchers Detail Emerging Cross-Platform BianLian Ransomware Attacks

REvil claims ransomware attack on multi-billion-dollar manufacturing giant Midea Group

Robinhood $20 Million Data Breach Settlement: See if You're Owed Money

Scammers posing as energy regulator targeting county

Securing Against Cyberattacks In Healthcare

Sembcorp Marine hit by cyber attack

Sephora Fined $1.2 Million for Breaching CCPA and Selling User Data

“Smishing:” When Phishing Moves from Email to Phone

Snake Keylogger Returns with New Malspam Campaign Targeting IT Firms

Source Code of Over 1800 Android and iOS Apps Gives Access to AWS Credentials

Student Loan Data Breach Left Personal Details of over 2 Million People Exposed

Technology alone can’t solve the cybersecurity problem; we need better information sharing

The Hackers Who Breached Neopets Were Inside Its IT Systems for 18 Months

The Theft of ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’ NFTs Worth $13.5 Million

Thousands lured with blue badges in Instagram phishing attack

Threat Actor Phishing PyPI Users Identified

Tough new rules confirmed to protect UK telecoms networks against cyberattacks

Traffers threat: The invisible thieves

Why Should You Care About In-Memory Attacks?

31st August

1 in 3 organizations don’t know if their public cloud data was exfiltrated

5 common myths about ransomware

15 Times Companies Had to Pay Up for Alleged Privacy Blunders

40% of Zero Day Exploits From the Last Decade Happened in 2021

79% of the Companies only Invest in Cybersecurity after Hacking Incidents

134K Common Ground plan members added to vendor’s ransomware fallout

A data breach involving 7.5 million subscribers has been confirmed by a Russian streaming provider 'START'

Apple backports fix for actively exploited iOS zero-day to older iPhones

Back to School: 7 Top Cybersecurity Tips at this Busy Time

Beyond Zeros and Ones: When Cyber Attacks Become Physical

Chinese cyber attack on Australia exposed

Chinese Hackers Used ScanBox Framework in Recent Cyber Espionage Attacks

Cost of a Data Breach: Retail Costs, Risks and Prevention Strategies

Cost of Cyber Attacks vs. Cost of Cyber Security

Cuba ransomware group claims attack on Montenegro government

Cyber Insurance Premium Hikes to Support Returns Amid Rising Claims

Cybercrime incidents on the rise in Malaysia, says Sophos

Cybercrime Targeting Gaming Sector up 167% in One Year

Cybersecurity ranked most serious enterprise risk in 2022

Data of 800 million Chinese people exposed, 2nd massive data breach in 2 months

Deep Learning can Outsmart Even the Biggest Cybercriminals in History

Donlen Corporation Reports Data Breach After Unauthorized Party Gain Access to the Company’s Computer Network

Doordash customers personal information exposed in data leak

Ellington Management Group, LLC Announces Data Breach Related to Compromised Employee Email Accounts

Employees are your Biggest Cybersecurity Risk - Here’s How to Fix It

European Spyware Vendor Offering Android and iOS Device Exploits

Everest ransomware group claims to have invaded Brazilian government

Evil Corp and Conti Linked to Cisco Data Breach, eSentire Suggests

Experts Find Malicious Cookie Stuffing Chrome Extensions Used by 1.4 Million Users

Fraudsters Launch Phishing Attacks on Universities

Fraudsters Target Loyalty Programs To Collect Personal Information: Cyber-Forensics Explains About Loyalty Scam

Gloucester Council planning site still disrupted from cyber attack

Golang-based Malware Campaign Relies on James Webb Telescope's Image

Google invites bug hunters to scrutinize its open source projects

Google Launches New Open Source Bug Bounty to Tackle Supply Chain Attacks

Governments, firms may suffer $30 billion ransomware exposures by next year

Hackers Hide Malware in Stunning Images Taken by James Webb Space Telescope

Hackers hit Italian oil company Eni's computer networks

Hackers spreading malware through images taken by James Webb Space Telescope

How to protect against the growing fileless malware threat

How to Protect One's Crypto From Phishing

How to recognize and fend off phishing emails

ICO Pursues Traffic Accident Data Thieves

Iraqi hackers knock offline four major ports in Israeli-occupied territories

Italian Oil Major Becomes Victim Of Ransomware Attack

James Webb Space Telescope Images are Being Used by Hackers to Hide Malware

LastPass: When the Password Manager Gets Owned

Lloyd's cyber mandate poses big concerns for brokers

Longfield asks patients to contact hospice following cyber attack at supplier

Looking East: Japanese Credit Card Customers Targeted With Phishing Attacks

Malaysian companies working on Kasawari gas project among targets of Beijing-backed hackers

Malicious Google Chrome extensions affect 1.4 million users

Methodist McKinney Hospital Announces Data Breach

Microsoft: Take these three steps to protect your systems from ransomware

Microsoft found TikTok Android flaw that let hackers hijack accounts

NHS Orkney apologises after data breach

NHS staff fall further behind amid ransomware attack

Oktapus Phishing Campaign Shows Need For Passwordless Security

Organizations security: Highlighting the importance of compliant data

Phishing in the metaverse and how to protect your brand identity

Phishing-as-a-service platform ‘Robin Banks’ targets financial firms

Ragnar Locker ransomware claims attack on Portugal's flag airline

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed Akasa Air Suffers Data Breach In Its First Month Of Operation

Ransomware Gang Accessed Water Supplier’s Control System

Ransomware gangs’ favorite targets

Rare Earths Companies Experience Cyber Attacks

Remember Neopets? Data breach means your old, old account is now in danger

Russian streaming platform Start discloses a data breach impacting 7.5M users

SCA Pharmaceuticals, LLC Announces Data Breach

Scammers are impersonating Santander with this sneaky new phishing email

Student Loan Breach Exposes 2.5M Records

Student loan data breach leaks 2.5 million social security numbers

This sneaky new malware trick is hiding from antivirus software

Threat actors breached the network of the Italian oil company ENI

TikTok's Android app had a vulnerability giving attackers undetectable access to accounts

Trend Micro Warns of 75% Surge in Ransomware Attacks on Linux as Systems Adoptions Soared

Turning Catastrophic Ransomware Events into Minor Inconveniences with Zero Trust Data Security

Twilio Hackers Behind Okta Phishing Campaign That Breached Over 130 Organizations

Two New Trends Make Early Breach Detection and Prevention a Security Imperative

UF Health announces it is working with patients after small data breach

UK councils being hit by 10,000 cyber incidents every day

UK Imposes Tough New Cybersecurity Rules for Telecom Providers

Ukrainian Police Bust Crypto Fraud Call Centers

US issues rare security alert as Montenegro battles ongoing ransomware attack

What Healthcare Professionals Can Learn From the Latest Meta Scandal

What is ransomware and how does it work?

What to look for in a smart manufacturing cyber security solution

Why do I get emails if I don’t have an account at that bank?

Why You Should Never Click on Random Text Messages

30th August

2 million people’s private data exposed in breach of student loan provider Nelnet - days after site crashed

3 critical considerations for the future of school cybersecurity training

5 tips to protect yourself from cyber attacks in hybrid work environment

7 Cyber Security Tips for Staying Safe While Gaming Online

8 Tips for a safer WFH experience

11 updates from spine, orthopedic groups hit with cyberattacks

$13.5 Million Worth of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs Stolen Since Collection Was Founded

$100m worth of NFTs have been stolen in the past year

Advanced cyber-attack: NHS doctors' paperwork piles up

Advances in precision agriculture are followed by hacking threats

AI Vs. AI: The Battle Against Human-Level Cognitive Threats

Aldi issues urgent warning for parents over cost of living crisis scam on Facebook

All the Possible Ways to Secure Your Mobile Devices from Hackers

Altice hit by Hive hack attack

Ascension to pay $19.7 Million to settle wage suit

Baker & Taylor's Systems Remain Offline a Week After Ransomware Attack

Beware Ransomware-as-a-Service

Bitdefender report identifies top trojans targeting Android

China and Russia Attack U.S. Civilians Daily. Collective Cyber Defense Can Protect Them

Chinese cyber attack on Australia exposed

Chinese hackers target Australian government with ScanBox malware

Chinese hackers targeting energy firms in South China Sea, APAC

Chinese Phishing Campaign Targets Victims in South China Sea

Chrome extensions with 1.4 million installs steal browsing data

Class action on Canada Revenue Agency data breach certified by Federal Court of Canada

Cohesity Research Reveals that Reliance on Legacy Technology Is Undermining How Organizations Respond to Ransomware

Computer attack on SERNAC: Experts confirm ransomware has already been used in Canada and the Netherlands

Contracting for Supply Chain Cybersecurity: Recent Report Provides Insight on Best Practices

CorrectHealth Announces Data Breach Affecting the Personal Information of More than 54k Individuals

Cryptominer Disguised as Google Translate Targeted 11 Countries

Cyber-attack leaves Southport out of hours services stretched

Data breach confirmed by Plex, user info and passwords taken

EmergeOrtho notifies patients of ransomware attack that may have affected 75,200

EmergeOrtho Reports Data Breach Leaking Social Security Numbers of Up to 75,200 Individuals

Facebook agrees to settle class action lawsuit related to Cambridge Analytica data breach

FBI: Crooks are using these DeFi flaws to steal your money

FBI: Hackers Are Exploiting DeFi Bugs to Steal Funds

FBI Warns Investors to Take Precautions with Decentralized Financial Platforms

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Sues Data Broker Over Selling Location Data for Hundreds of Millions of Phones

Fighting the perfect storm

Fraudsters target universities with phishing attacks

‘Genshin Impact’ studio is “working on” fixing a ransomware exploit

Hackers hide malware in James Webb telescope images

Hackers Use ModernLoader to Infect Systems with Stealers and Cryptominers

How 1-Time Passcodes Became a Corporate Liability

How new CISOs should take on today’s growing threatscape

How to save yourself from being victim of SIM swapping

Identity and Access Management (IAM) house Okta confirms 0ktapus/Scatter Swine attack

Incentives are key to breaking the cycle of cyber attacks

India's Newest Airline Akasa Air Found Leaking Passengers' Personal Information

Individuals affected by vendor ransomware attack reaches 2.7 Million

Is online banking safe?

Is your produce business prepared for a cybersecurity attack?

Kaspersky: Education, awareness and responsibility are keys for a safer world

Key lines of defence in brokerage cyber security

KeyBank Announces Third-Party Data Breach Following Incident at Third-Party Vendor, Overby-Seawell Company

Lloyd's Backs Off Insurance for State-Sponsored Cyberattacks

Microsoft Excel attacks fall out of fashion with hackers

Millions of student loan accounts exposed in data breach

ModernLoader Delivers Stealers, Cryptominers and RATs Via Fake Amazon Gift Cards

More than 1.2 million new 'ransomware' cyber attacks per month

Nearly 90% Of Americans Are Afraid Of Falling Victim To Cybercrime

New energy bill refund scam warning and four fake Ofgem email addresses to watch out for

New Go-based Ransomware 'Agenda' Delivers Customized Attacks

New Windows malware uses a cunning technique to avoid detection

Newcourse Communications, Inc. Announces Data Breach Leaking the Social Security Numbers of as Many as 47,000 People

Nitrokod Crypto Miner Hiding in Fake Microsoft and Google Translate Apps

Okta entangled by Twilio phishing attack

'On full alert': Newfoundland and Labrador's cyberattack prompting other provinces to take closer look at cyber security

Outdated infrastructure not up to today’s ransomware challenges

Password manager with 25 MILLION users breached in mysterious cyber attack

Phishing Campaign Targets PyPI Users to Distribute Malicious Code

Phishing Emails Increased by 88% Month Over Month, Here’s Why That Should Worry You

Public cloud data security blind spots

‘Quiet quitting’ movement can put a thriving cybersecurity culture at risk

Ransomware: Recovering after an attack

Ransomware damages to exceed $30bn by 2023

Ransomware group blurs lines between crime, state-sponsored activities, HHS alert warns

Ransomware, nation-state attacks top Federal Reserve’s IT security concerns for banks

Reported ransomware attacks increased 47% in July

Russian streaming platform confirms data breach affecting 7.5M users

Securing Industrial Control Systems: The What, Why And How

Security tips to avoid crypto fraud

Setting traps for rogue ransomware attacks with zero trust

Size doesn’t matter to the cyber criminals

Small Healthcare Orgs Point to Cybersecurity As Barrier to Cloud Adoption

St. Charles Health System no longer seeking repayment after claim that some employees were overpaid

Student loan data breach exposes millions of accounts

The importance of cybersecurity in 2022

The Importance Of Database Protection

The rise of ransomware: steps to increase your cybersecurity

The various types of new cyber threats

This sneaky malware hides on your PC for a month before going to work

Three Reasons Cybercriminals Target Online Gamers

TikShock: Don’t get caught out by these 5 TikTok scams

Ukraine takes down cybercrime group hitting crypto fraud victims

Urgent WiFi cyber attack warning for millions of BT, Virgin and Sky broadband users

Valex Corporation Announces Data Breach Following Malware Attack

Vehicle tax and DVLA scam emails: how to stay safe from latest fraud attempt

Vi data leak: 20 million postpaid users exposed? Telco denies claims

Watering Hole Attacks Push ScanBox Keylogger

What cybersecurity measures do CISOs outsource?

What is a Cybersecurity Policy and How to Create One?

What is mobile security?

Why a Solid Data Management and Protection Strategy is Non-Negotiable

Wire Fraud Is An Epidemic: Take These Three Steps To Protect Your Company From Cybercriminals

Your Guide to Cyber Risk Quantification

29th August

4 CISO strategies for banks combatting business email compromise

5 Cybersecurity Hygiene Best Practices Every MSP Should Follow

5 tips for protecting your company’s accounts

342 million medical records breached since 2009

2,400 Hamilton Water customers may have had personal details compromised

A CISO's Ultimate Security Validation Checklist

A DoorDash data breach exposes personal customer data

According to Reports, Ransomware Attacks have Increased to Around 1.2 Million Each Month: Who is Affected by This?

Akasa Air Alerts Customers After Suffering Data Breach

Akasa Air issues apology post data breach

Apple's quest to kill off the password is heading in the right direction

As States Ban Ransom Payments, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Attackers changing targets from large hospitals to specialty clinics

Attackers take under two hours to access private data, Microsoft report

Australia: Coles urging customers to be 'scam savvy'

Axel Royal LLC Confirms Recent Data Breach Impacting Consumers’ Social Security Numbers

Building A Mature Crypto Center Of Excellence For A Secure Digital Economy

Bumblebee Loader

Call data of 20 million Vodafone Idea postpaid customers exposed, says research firm

Changing cyber insurance guidance from Lloyd’s reflects a market in turmoil

Check Point Software reveals cyber threats ahead of World Video Game Day

CISA Adds 10 New Known Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities to its Catalog

Cohesity Research Reveals that a Reliance on Legacy Technology is Undermining How Organizations Respond to Ransomware

CorrectHealth notifies employees of breach in 2021; makes changes

COVID-19 data put for sale on the Dark Web

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