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Monday 30 November 2020

Manchester United: UK Premier League Football Club Facing £15 Million Fine If Ransomware Attack Ransom Demand Paid

US Named Data Theft Capital Of The World After Suffering More Than 6 Billion Data Breaches In The Last 7 Years

The Average US Household Suffers 104 Cyber Attacks To Their Connected Devices Every Month

OceanLotus: Vietnamese State-Sponsored APT Group Targeting Apple MacOS Users With Malware To Steal Confidential Business Information

AspenPointe: Colorado Healthcare Provider's Data Breach Results In 295,617 Patients' Health And Personal Information Stolen

Data Breaches Digest - Week 49 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 30th November and 6th December 2020.

6th December

COVID-19 Vaccine Cyber Attacks Happen 'Every Minute Daily': Here's How Serious the Exploits Are

Healthcare beware: 2021 will see more cyberattacks

How paper created a vulnerability for cyber criminals to steal 186,000 people's data

How the home office exposed corporate security holes

Middle East facing ‘cyber pandemic’ as Covid exposes security vulnerabilities

Ransomware Attack Causing Major Outages to City and County Services

Ransomware Incident Impacts Greater Baltimore Medical Center Computer Systems

Shirbit hack shows cybercrime is a dangerous threat

Steelcase cyberattack serves as warning for manufacturers, experts say

The Rise and Upcoming Fall of Ransomware

Vancouver’s public transport provider hit by ransomware attack

What to look out for in cybercrime in 2021

5th December

Hiding won't help: Manufacturers of all sizes need to get real about cybersecurity

MetaMask phishing steals cryptocurrency wallets via Google ads

Police arrest two in data theft cyberattack on Leonardo defense corp

Probe into data breach at Highland Perthshire resort after details of 2,400 members leaked online

Ransomware gangs are now cold-calling victims if they restore from backups without paying

Ransomware gangs now even call victims to meet demands

Ransomware hits helicopter maker Kopter

The “LockBit” Ransomware Gang Hit Helicopter Manufacturer ‘Kopter’

Thousands of Pluto TV Users Confirm a Cybersecurity Incident on the Platform

Top 20 Predictions Of How AI Is Going To Improve Cybersecurity In 2021

Windows ransomware used to hit aircraft leasing asset manager

4th December

2020: The Most Vulnerable Year Yet?

A slice of SecOps software options to counter threats

Adobe users targeted in dangerous new phishing campaign

Aerospace Giant Embraer Downed by Suspected Ransomware

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) donors may have been exposed to data breach, officials say

Best practices for securing teleworkers

BlackShadow hackers extort Israeli insurance company for $1 million

Check Point warns of surge in phishing scams as hackers impersonate delivery vendors

Consumers would like to view internet connectivity as a trusted utility

Cyber criminals target COVID-19 vaccine supply chains

Cyber-warning for festive shoppers

Cybercriminals phishing for COVID-19 vaccine supply chain disruption

Egregor Ransomware Strikes Metro Vancouver’s TransLink

End the vicious ransomware cycle

Five ways to stay cyber resilient as phishing scams rise

Hackers Target Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution ‘Cold Chain,’ Though Motives Remain Unknown

Holiday shopping season fraud stats revealed

How Endpoint Protection Platforms Protect Against Ransomware

How Organizations Can Prevent Users from Using Breached Passwords

How to Protect Endpoints While Your Employees Work Remotely

How to take SASE from a buzzword to a plan

IBM detects calculated hack on COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

IBM Uncovers Global Phishing Campaign Targeting the COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain

Incident Of The Week: A Pennsylvania County Pays Ransomware Ransom Covered Under Insurance Plan

Insider Threat Mitigation: The Role of AI and ML

Ireland: Twitter data breach decision due on December 17

Is A Data Breach Lurking In Your Software Supply Chain?

IT firms in India encounter third highest number of malware attacks in the world

K-12 schools have been hit hard with cybersecurity breaches this fall with no end in sight

Keeping your tech updated could save you a lot of money in a data breach

Kmart’s Troubles Worsen As Struggling Retailer Falls Victim To Ransomware

Kmart is latest retailer to suffer major ransomware attack

Largest global staffing agency Randstad hit by Egregor ransomware

Logistics a Weak Link as Attack on Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Chain Reaffirms Need for Cyber Vigilance

Maryland Audits Vulnerabilities After Ransomware Incident

Metro Vancouver's transit system hit by Egregor ransomware

Millions of bad bots attacks on e-commerce sites detected

More than half of GDPR fines issued by UK data privacy watchdog remain unpaid

Most used passwords for 2020: The internet's favorite curse word, name, food, and team

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Warns of Multimillion Pound Christmas Fraud Bonanza

November 2020 Data Breach Roundup

OC Transpo's My Alerts subscribers data compromised, users urged to change passwords

Opportunistic Egregor ransomware is an emerging and active threat

Organisations continue to get hit hard by cyber attacks

Phishing Campaign Targeted Universities Worldwide

Phishing hosted on high Alexa domains: another dangerous trick in Web

Phishing ploy targets COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Ransomware and Fileless Malware to Present Increased Threat in 2021, Predicts ESET

Ransomware attack cripples Vancouver public transportation agency

Ransomware Set for Evolution in Attack Capabilities in 2021

Ransomware update: Documents from Calgary energy firm released

Scam warnings over 'VIP tickets' for vaccine: Cyber crooks will target Britons who are desperate for the Covid-19 jab, experts warn

Scammers stole millions last Christmas. These six tips could keep you safe online this time around

Singapore: Beware of fake police website tricking people into providing confidential information

Singapore: Police warn public of fake bank ads on mobile phone promotions

State Hackers Target Vaccine ‘Cold Supply’ Distribution Network

The Cyber Sleeper Cells Lying in Wait for the Return to the Office

Top global HR firm Randstad stung by Windows ransomware

Unknown nation-state hackers targeting vaccine cold chain in phishing scam, IBM finds

US department store Kmart hit by Egregor ransomware

Vancouver’s transit agency TransLink suffers disruptive ransomware attack

VMware fixes zero-day vulnerability reported by the NSA

Who are the worst password offenders of 2020?

3rd December

3 Ways MSPs and SMBs Can Combat Ransomware Together

4 Most common types of cybersecurity threats

6 security predictions that will impact healthcare in 2021

8% of all Google Play apps vulnerable to old security bug

10 Biggest Data Breaches of 2020: From CitOday to Lazada and MORE!

$10 credit cards, $2 PayPal accounts, and more on the dark web this holiday season

2021 prediction: Global data breaches caused by insiders will rise to 33%

113,000 Alaskan voter IDs exposed in data breach

Abandon the walled city: The crucial security call for 2021

Aircraft maker Embraer admits hackers breached its systems and stole data

Android apps with 250M downloads still vulnerable to patched bug

Aussie cyber spies helping to combat foreign criminals

Bank Employee Sells Personal Data of 200,000 Clients

Best practices for protecting your data from ransomware

Beware of the MetaMask scammer

Business mobiles, why responsible disposal is so important

Busting Cloud Security Myths

Christmas shoppers warned to look out for DPD delivery scam

CipherTrace warns of surge in funds lost to MetaMask phishers

CISA warns APT groups targeting US think tanks

CISA, FBI Warn that U.S. Think Tanks Are in Hackers’ Crosshairs

Cloud-native benefits stifled by critical security and networking issues

Companies of the Future Should Focus on Data Privacy Rather than Data Collection

Compounder Finance DeFi project allegedly pulls the rug from under investors, $11 million stolen

Coronavirus: Hackers targeted Covid vaccine supply 'cold chain'

Coronavirus: Phishing ploy targets vaccine distribution effort

Council carries out investigation into data breach from Freedom of Information team

COVID-19 vaccine distribution networks targeted by hackers

COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain Assailed By Mass Phishing: IBM

Covid-19 vaccine supply chain attacked by unknown nation state

Credit card stealing malware hides in social media sharing icons

Criminal networks could try to sell fake COVID vaccines physically and on internet, warns Interpol

Cryptocurrency Users’ Funds are Being Stolen via Malicious Chrome Browser Extension Phishing Attack

Cyber-Criminals Target #COVID19 Vaccine9

Cyber-security in the age of Covid-19

Cyberattacks are set to get targeted in 2021 - 3 trends

Cyberattacks Discovered on Vaccine Distribution Operations

Cyberattacks Target COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Cold-Chain’ Orgs

Cyberespionage effort to get WHO vaccine distribution information detected

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Protecting Brand Trust

Cybersecurity Trends 2021: Staying secure in uncertain times

Cyberthreats Report predicts a ‘year of extortion’ in 2021

Data of 243 million Brazilians exposed online via website source code

Death, Destruction and Rigged Elections: The New Reality of Today’s Cyber Threats?

Defending the Healthcare Sector from Rampant Ransomware

Dell Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit After Data Breach Led To Scam Calls

DHS, IBM Warn Hackers are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Chain

DPD scam: Warning over passwords and bank details as new scam targets Christmas post

FBI: Business Email Compromise Attacks Abuse Email Auto-Forwarding

Financial threats to accelerate in 2021

Four Out of Five Criminals Prefer HTTPS

Global Phishing Campaign Sets Sights on COVID-19 Cold Chain

Global phishing campaign targeting the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain

Growing Acceptance of Ethical Hacking

Hacker-for-hire group develops new stealthy Windows backdoor

Hackers Are Targeting The Companies Keeping Covid-19 Vaccines Safe

Hackers Are Targeting the Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Cold Chain’

Hackers are targeting the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

Hackers Demand 200 Bitcoin Ransomware After Compromising Leading Israeli Insurance Company’s Sensitive Data

Hackers from potential 'nation-state' target COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, IBM warns

Hackers taking aim at crucial COVID-19 vaccine 'cold chain,' says IBM

Hackers target companies behind distribution of Covid jab

Hackers target EU Commission, COVID-19 cold chain supply orgs

Hackers target users who expect online delivery from Amazon, DHL, FedEx

Hackers targeted COVID vaccine supply ‘cold chain’

Hackers targeted Covid-19 vaccine 'cold supply' chain network

Hackers targeting Covid-19 vaccine cold chain, warns IBM

Hackers targeting supply chain that keeps coronavirus vaccines cold, experts warn

How to handle the long-term impact of Covid-19 on cloud security

How to reduce the risk of third-party SaaS apps

IBM analysts warn of phishing attack on overseas COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

IBM finds phishing threat to covid-19 vaccine ‘cold chain’

IBM says hackers looking to target COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

IBM Uncovers Global Email Attack on Covid Vaccine Supply Chain

IBM Uncovers Hacking Effort Targeting COVID Vaccine Logistics System

ICO is struggling to collect fines from companies that violate data protection rules

Kaspersky Finds SMBs That Proactively Disclose Breaches Experience 40% Less Financial Damage

Keeping Cyber Safe

Kmart allegedly struck by Egregor ransomware attack

Kmart nationwide retailer suffers a ransomware attack

Kmart, Latest Victim of Egregor Ransomware

Local wastewater treatment company suffers ransomware attack, causing billing service suspensions

Manlius Pebble Hill school victim of nationwide ransomware attack

Mysterious phishing campaign targets organizations in COVID-19 vaccine cold chain

Nation-state backed hackers going after COVID vaccine supply chain

New TrickBot version can tamper with UEFI/BIOS firmware

Not just AstraZeneca: Hackers targeted 5 other COVID-19 drug developers, vaccine cold chain suppliers

Open-source: Almost one in five bugs are planted for malicious purposes

Open source vulnerabilities go undetected for over four years

Overlooking the security of your organization’s technology core

Philly Food Bank Loses $1m in BEC Scam

Phishing Attack Poses as Ethereum Wallet MetaMask

Phishing attacks targeted COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, IBM says

Phishing campaign threatens coronavirus vaccine supply chain

Phishing ploy targeted WHO COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort

Popular Android apps still vulnerable to patched security flaw

Potential Nation-State Actor Targets COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

Quantum computing: The next WannaCry-like episode?

Quarter of Firms Suffered 7+ Serious Cyber-Attacks in 2020

Raising defenses against ransomware in healthcare

Ransomware: Knowing Before Paying

Ransomware gang says they stole 2 million credit cards from E-Land

Remote working to accelerate cyber attacks

Royalty-Free Image Site ‘123RF’ Had a Massive Data Breach

Schools Aren't Doing Enough to Protect Their Networks, Top Cybersecurity Official Warns

SendGrid Legacy Accounts Used by Hackers to Steal Data in a HMRC Phishing Campaign

South Korean retail giant E-Land Retail suffers Clop ransomware attack

Spear-Phishing Campaign Targets COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

Streaming platform Spotify hacked in latest cyber attack

Take these seven steps to never fall prey to IT security threats

The challenges of keeping a strong cloud security posture

The changing face of ransomware

The top 10 data breaches of 2020

Tighter identity and asset management is essential to WFH security

Top 8 Ransomware Attacks of 2020 That Shook The Internet

Trickbot Now Uses a Bootkit to Attack Firmware

TrickBot's new module aims to infect your UEFI firmware

UK Orgs Told to Prepare for New Wave of Brexit-Related Scams

Universities Attacked by Phishing Campaign

Unknown Nation-State Attacking Vaccine Cold Chain in Phishing Scam, IBM Finds

VPN for IoT devices, is it a good idea?

Will the Cyber Grinch steal Christmas this holiday season?

Windows ransomware attackers teaming up with those selling access

Your stolen credit card may end up here

2nd December

5 Ways Security Incident Response Benefits Healthcare Teams

14% rise in suspected 2020 holiday weekend e-commerce fraud

2020: A Unique Year for Data Privacy Issues

A phishing e-mail shouldn’t be able to close an entire school system

Absa bank embroiled in data leak, rogue employee accused of theft

Acronis Cyber Threats Report: 2021 Will Be ‘Year of Extortion’

American Medical Association (AMA) Warns of Telehealth Cyber Risks, Insider Threats Tied to COVID-19

AspenPointe breach compromises personal and healthcare data of 295,617 patients

Avoid This Fake Zoom Meeting Invite Phishing Scam

Baltimore County Attorney warns school administration not to negotiate with hackers

Beware - that email about your Amazon delivery alert could be an online scam

Brazilian aerospace firm Embraer hit by cyberattack

BTC Markets exposes customer names, emails in botched blast send

BTC Markets leaks 270,000 user names and addresses

BTC Markets privacy breach exposes all customers to potential phishing attacks

Canadian businesses need strong cyber defences in risk-laden climate

Canon Confirms Large Data Breach

Class action suit launched against Dell after data breach led to years of scam calls

Cloud native security: A maturing and expanding arena

Common API Security Risks and How to Mitigate Them

Consumers vastly misjudge the vulnerability of their home networks

Coronavirus phishing scams are on the rise, as scammers play off of vulnerability

Criminals to Favor Ransomware and BEC Over Breaches in 2021

Cyber-espionage campaign opens backdoor to steal documents from infected PCs

Cyber security expert weighs in as Huntsville City Schools (HCS) parents worry

Cybercriminals Already Profiting from the Retail Season

Cyberespionage APT group hides behind cryptomining campaigns

Demand for private network deployments will be driven by heavy industry verticals

DNS Filtering: A Top Battle Front Against Malware and Phishing

Double extortion ransomware will be a big theme in 2021

DPD scam: Warning over passwords and bank details as new scam targets Christmas post

Electronic health records provider caught out in data breach

FBI: Block Email Forwarding to Stop BEC Attackers

Fired US Cybersecurity Chief Considers Legal Action

Fraudsters impersonate DHL, Amazon in November phishing email surge

Hackers Are Targeting US Think Tanks

Hackers steal credentials from Louisiana State University (LSU) amid global phishing campaign

Hackers steal sensitive client data in Israeli insurance firm data breach

Half of Docker Hub Images Feature Critical Flaws

Healthcare 2021: Cyberattacks to Center on COVID-19 Spying, Patient Data

HMRC phishing scam abuses mail service to bypass spam filters

How do hackers choose their targets?

How Incident Response Teams Survived COVID-19

How to Protect Your Business From Multi-Platform Malware Systems

Huntsville schools close for the week amid cyberattack

Insiders pose greater threat to cybersecurity in remote workforces

Interpol in vaccine warning

Interpol warns of organised cyber crime networks targeting COVID-19 vaccines

Ireland: Twitter Data-Breach Decision Coming Soon, Privacy Watchdog Says

IT leaders on 2021 opportunities, challenges and key technology trends

K12 online schooling giant pays Ryuk ransomware to stop data leak

‘Long & Foster’ Suffered a Catastrophic Data Breach Incident

Master Chef and Black Mirror producer attacked by DoppelPaymer ransomware

Native Cloud Security Controls Still “Not Good Enough”

Netwrix 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions Point to More Intense Threats

New DPD email scam Sheffield shoppers need to be aware of this Christmas

Open source software security vulnerabilities exist for over four years before detection

Philly Food Charity Out $923K In Phishing Scam

Phishing targets US brokerage firms using FINRA lookalike domain

Police staff member resigns over data breach

Ransomware Prevents 100,000 Baltimore Kids from Going to School

Rock Springs Police Department Warns Residents of New Phishing Scam

Russian hacking group uses Dropbox to store malware-stolen data

Saint John should share details of ransomware attack, cybersecurity expert says

Sales of CEO email accounts may give cyber criminals access to the "crown jewels" of a company

San Antonio Museum of Art: Local nonprofit hit by Blackbaud security breach

Senators press CISA to do more to stop K-12 ransomware

Serious data breach rocks Absa Group

Stats on Cyber Claims: Cyber Crime is Most Expensive, Internal Failures are Most Frequent

Strategies for Dealing with Fileless Malware Attacks

Tackling healthcare Cyber threat

The Ongoing Threat of Telecoms Fraud

The three stages of security risk reprioritization

The Zendal group is defrauded by 9 million euros for the phishing technique

There’s no vaccine for ransomware

Think-Tanks Under Attack by Foreign APTs, CISA Warns

Top cybercrimes that may affect your business; fraudsters trying to play ‘long-game’

Turla Crutch attacks Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an EU country, misuses Dropbox in cyber-espionage

Uswitch report reveals the world’s biggest data breaches

What is Ransomware? How dangerous is it and how to get rid of it

Which security practices lead to best security outcomes?

Why businesses should focus on protection, instead of relying on detection

Why should we care about a data breach?

1st December

8 cybersecurity trends to watch out for in 2021

2020's worst cryptocurrency breaches, thefts, and exit scams

2021 Cybersecurity Trends: The Emergence of the Personalized Attack Chain

Absa Confirms Client Data Breach

Absa employee at the centre of a data breach

Alabama school district shut down by ransomware attack

Android app still exposing messages of 100M users despite bug fix

Are you ready for a more privacy-focused New Zealand?

AstraZeneca Targeted by Nation-State Actors Via Phishing Attacks, Malware

At quick glance, ‘expertly framed’ Quickbooks phishing email looks legit

Attackers use Windows ransomware to hit Big Brother production firm

Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS): Virtual learning to resume as ransomware investigation continues

Baltimore County Students, Staff Rush To Make Sure There Are No Lingering Ransomware Issues On Devices After Cyberattack

Banijay, producer of MasterChef, hit by ransomware

Blackberry Details Hacker-for-Hire Group Targeting U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa Entities

Bomb Threat Hacker Gets 8-Year Prison Sentence

BSI encourages SMEs to prepare for a cyber incident, in a remote working environment – the hybrid office

Canon employee data exposed in ransomware attack

Carding forum crackdown prevents EUR40m in payments fraud

Carrefour Handed $3.7m GDPR Fine

Claims of ties between ransomware groups met with skepticism among threat researchers

Connecticut Leads $17.5M Settlement Over Home Depot Data Breach

Conti Ransomware Gang Posts Advantech's Data

Critical Oracle WebLogic flaw actively exploited by DarkIRC malware

Cyber Crime Unit Arrests Five in Louisiana

Cyber spies targeting foreign-based crooks

Cyber-Attack Exposes Data of 295,000 Colorado Springs Patients

Cybersecurity Flaws Could Lead to Biological Attacks

Data management at the heart of cloud security

Delivery scams surge to ring in the holiday season

DHL, Amazon and FedEx are most phished delivery services

Don’t Blame the Victim, Blame the Game: The OFAC’s Misstep in Fining Ransomware Payers

Don’t do this mistake in case you lose your iPhone

FBI warns of BEC scammers using email auto-forwarding in attacks

FBI warns of email forwarding rules being abused in recent hacks

Financial Threats in 2021: Cryptocurrency Transit, Web Skimmers Move To the Server Side and Extortion Plague

Foiling RaaS attacks via active threat hunting

German Court Slashes GDPR Fine for Telecoms Giant by 90%

“GootKit” Banking Trojan Turning Into a Scourge in Germany

'Hacker_R_US' gets eight years in prison for bomb threats and DDoS extortion

Herndon’s K12 Inc. reports ransomware attack

How Data Classification Helps Organizations Maintain a Strong Data Security Posture

How prevalent is DNS spoofing? Could a repeat of the Dyn/Mirai DDoS attack have the same results?

How to protect your personal data from being sold on the Dark Web

How to secure your network from a Ryuk ransomware attack

If you shopped over the holiday weekend, read this warning

Indian job portal IIMJobs hacked; database leaked online

Is Windows Defender Good Enough to Protect Your PC by Itself?

Latest pandemic wave underscores vulnerability of cloud file systems

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in November 2020 – 586 million records breached

Magecart Attack Convincingly Hijacks PayPal Transactions at Checkout

Major Cybersecurity Challenges in the Healthcare Sector

Malicious npm packages caught installing remote access trojans

Malicious NPM packages used to install njRAT remote access trojan

Malware may trick biologists into generating dangerous toxins in their labs

Microsoft links Vietnamese state hackers to crypto-mining malware campaign

Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Leverages Oracle, AWS Cloud Services

Microsoft removes 18 malicious Edge extensions for injecting ads into web pages

Microsoft Report says Nation-State Hacker Group is Leveraging Cryptocurrency Techniques to Stay Under the Radar

Most Brits aren't protecting themselves online when remote working

MPs Victim of Nearly 3 Million Malicious Email Attacks Monthly

Number of phishing attacks on Azerbaijani web sites down

Old Vulnerabilities Open the Door for WannaCry Ransomware

Online education vendor K12 hit with ransomware, pays ransom

Only 14% of Online Users Frequently Use Biometric Authentication

Outbound emails a business threat according to new report

Overcoming Healthcare’s Cybersecurity Challenges

Parcel delivery phishing scams up 400 percent in November

Partitioned Endpoints Pair Security with Convenience for Home Working

Pennsylvania county pays $500,000 to recover data stolen by ransomware gang

Personal Info Available on Dark Web for as Little as 50 Cents

Philadelphia hunger relief group Philabundance lost nearly $1 million in cyberattack

Predictions: The Top Endpoint Security Threats of 2021 (And How to Prevent Them)

Ransomware Attack Shutters Baltimore County Schools

Remote Workers Admit Lack of Security Training

Remote working poses growing security threat from cyber criminals

Royal Dutch Cycling Union refuses to pay ransom following data breach

Scam Alert: Glen Ellyn Library Warns Of Phishing Attempts

Secure access: business confidential

Securing the Office of the Future

Social Media Account Verification Messages: CyberCriminals’ Latest Phishing Technique Exploits Both Human Emotions And Anti-Fraud Techniques

South Africa: Post Office warns against new phishing postal scam

South Africans warned of new post office email scam

State-backed threat group using crypto mining malware to evade detection and monetise compromised networks

Tech Leaders Share 10 Ways Individuals Can Guard Against Ransomware

That email about your delivery could be fake: Phishing scammers increase their attack on online shoppers

The biggest hacks, data breaches of 2020

The Future of Cybersecurity: How to Prepare for a Crisis in 2020 and Beyond

The Future Of Privacy: What Businesses Should Be Planning For

The Future of Ransomware: Preparing for the Next Generation of Ransomware Attacks

The Painful Calculus of Ransomware Payments

Thousands of US lab results and medical records spilled online after a security lapse

Top 10 Email Phishing Attacks Deployed During the Holiday Season

Two Essential Defenses that Baltimore County School District (and All Districts) Should Adopt to Keep the Next Ransomware Attack from Succeeding

Typosquatting: What it is and why it’s a danger to charities

Vietnamese State Hackers Deploy Coin Miners to Victims

What is cyber insurance? Everything you need to know about what it covers and how it works

Why microlearning is the key to cybersecurity education

Woman in Scotland receives parcel containing confidential information about hundreds of patients in Milton Keynes

Zoom Impersonation Attacks Aim to Steal Credentials

30th November

3 Ways You Can Frustrate the Average Cybercriminal

5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Home Network Security

28 Million Licensed Texan Drivers Hit by a Data Breach

2020 Was the Year of the Great VPN Comeback, or Was It?

A Baker’s Dozen of Cyberattacks

Absa hit by data breach

Australia: The public sector just went mobile. So how do you secure voice calls and messages?

Average household hit with 104 threats each month

Back-to-Work Phishing Campaign Targeting Corporate Email Accounts

Baltimore County Schools Plan To Resume Virtual Learning Wednesday Following Cyberattack

Baltimore County schools still closed following cyber attack

Baltimore schools close responding to ransomware attack

Baltimore students told to ditch Windows PCs after ransomware attack

Bandook malware targets ‘unusually wide variety’ of industries, regions

Better Business Bureau provides tips on avoiding scams Cyber Monday

Beware new South African Post Office customs scam

Beware, if you receive this email it is phishing

Bug Bounties: Why These 10 Vulnerabilities Matter the Most

Building real cyber resiliency in government

Businesses can save on the hefty cost of a security breach if they're honest

Canon: Ransomware Attack Exposed Employee Data

Canon confirms ransomware attack in August exposed employees' personal data

Check Point Highlights Future Malware Threats to Fintechs

Companies are relaxing cybersecurity during the pandemic to boost productivity

Consumers underestimate how often their networks are targeted by threat actors

Consumption of public cloud is way ahead of the ability to secure it

Conti Gang Hits IoT Chipmaker Advantech with $14M Ransom Demand

Credit card skimmer fills fake PayPal forms with stolen order info

CTAG was attacked by the Sodinokibi ransomware in October

Customers fooled by fake Woolworths phishing scam offering free grocery boxes on social media

Cyber Monday safety tips from the Better Business Bureau

Cyber security faces threat from 'ransomware'

Cyber security statistics for small organisations

#CyberMonday Risks of a Locked-Down Festive Period for Online Retailers

Data Stolen from America's Largest Fertility Clinic Operator

Delaware County in the process of paying DoppelPaymer creators $500K

Delaware County Pays $500,000 Ransom After Outages

Denmark News Agency Refuses to Pay Hacker's Ransom

Docker malware is now common, so devs need to take Docker security seriously

Driven by Ransomware, Cyber Claims Rise in Number & Value

Four years after the Dyn DDoS attack, critical DNS dependencies have only gone up

Gootkit malware returns to life alongside REvil ransomware

Hacker selling CEO, CFO email accounts for as less as Rs 7,400

Hackers are targeting MacOS users with this updated malware

Hackers exploiting MobileIron vulnerability

Healthcare provider AspenPointe data breach affects 295K patients

Here’s how to avoid potential scams as holiday shopping moves increasingly online

How Active Directory Is Being Leveraged in Phishing Attacks

How do I select a pentesting solution for my business?

How much will a data breach really damage your organisation’s reputation?

How To Protect Your Manufacturing Business From Cybercrime

Huntsville City Schools cancels classes Tuesday due to ransomware threat

In a remote environment, data security is HR’s concern

IoT chip maker Advantech confirms ransomware attack, data theft

Is 2020 the Year of the Linux Malware Pandemic?

Lehigh Valley Technology Company warns businesses to expect a dramatic increase in cyber-attacks in 2021

Manchester United Cyberattack Highlights Controversy in Paying Ransomware Attackers

MasterChef Producer Hit by Double Extortion Ransomware

Microsoft ‘most imitated’ brand by cyber hackers

More online shopping means more holiday scamming, FBI warns

New South Wales driver's licence data breach victims still in the dark after three months

New Zealand Privacy Act: Updated data breach legislation comes into effect tomorrow

Office 365 phishing scam uses legitimate Oracle and AWS services

Pandemic thinking: What if there were a vaccine for OT ransomware?

Pandemic, A Driving Force in 2021 Financial Crime

Pay2Key Ransomware Joins the Threat Landscape

Post-Cyberattack, UVM Health Network Still Picking Up Pieces

Ransomware – the gift that keeps on taking

Ransomware Attack on Baltimore County Schools

Ransomware halts classes for 115,000 Baltimore pupils

Ransomware, Zero-Day, IoT, and Connected Car Attacks All on the Threatscape Horizon in 2021

Remote Desktop Protocol remains one of 'top attacked protocols', report says

Remote work readiness gives Singapore firms cybersecurity anxiety

'Return to Office' Phishing Emails Aim to Steal Credentials

Risk of identity theft is high this year, here’s how experts say you can protect your credit

Ryuk Ransomware Attack Could Cost French IT Services Firm Nearly $60M

Singapore: The year hackers and scammers exploited our COVID-19 fears to cheat us

SMBs Disclosing Data Breaches Minimize Financial Impact

Sophos Suffers Data Exposure Incident

Stride Identifies a Cyberattack on Its Systems and Network

Surge in cyber attacks on Indian vaccine makers in Oct-Nov

The Multi-Million Pound Manchester United Hack

The Password Is Slowly Becoming Extinct, but It’s Not Obsolete Yet

The Rising Threat of Ransomware: How Trucking Can Fend Off Cyberattacks

The solution to the increase in cyberattacks

The US Is Number One for Data Theft

This new cyberattack can dupe DNA scientists into creating dangerous viruses and toxins

Top 5 tips for choosing strong passwords

Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Top security tips for online shoppers

Vermont hospitals still recovering from October ransomware attack

Wall Street Regulator Sounds Alarm over Email Phishing Scam

Whitehat Jr, Dunzo, Big Basket Hacked In Last Few Months: India Gets 4 Lakh Malware Everyday!

Why companies can’t become complacent as the second lockdown hits