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Friday 30 April 2021

Rubin Central Design Bureau For Marine Engineering: Russian Submarine Design Contractor Targeted With "PortDoor" Malware Phishing Attacks

FiveHands: New Ransomware Operator Targets Unpatched Zero-Day Vulnerable SonicWall VPN Devices With Ransomware Attacks

Aspire: Glasgow Homeless Services Provider Suffers "Conti" Ransomware Attack Resulting In Data Leaked On Dark Web

TJRS: Brazilian State Of Rio Grande Do Sul's Court System Suffers "REvil" Ransomware Attack Forcing IT Systems Shutdown

The Centers For Advanced Orthopaedics: Maryland Healthcare Provider's Data Breach Exposes 125,291 Patients' Health Information

Pennsylvania Department Of Health: US State Department's Third-Party Contact Tracing Data Breach Exposes 72,000 Citizens' Personal Information

Experian: Irish Consumer Credit Reporting Company's Data Leaking API Exposes US Citizens' Credit Scores

First Horizon: US Bank Suffers Cyber Attack Resulting In Almost $1 Million Stolen From Customers' Bank Accounts

Thursday 29 April 2021

US Department Of Justice Launches 60-Plus Member Task Force To Combat The Global Ransomware Crisis

Illinois Office Of The Attorney General: US Government Department's "DoppelPaymer" Ransomware Attack Results In Data Leaked On Dark Web

OGUsers: Hacking Forum And Stolen Credentials Marketplace Suffers Data Breach Resulting In 350,000 Users' Account Information Leaked

Resort Municipality Of Whistler: Canadian Ski Resort Community's Ransomware Attack Results In Data Leaked On The Dark Web

Groupe Reorev: French Industrial Engineering Company's "LV" Ransomware Attack Results In Data Leaked On Dark Web

Elekta: Swedish Radiology Systems Provider's Cyber Attack Results In US Cancer Patients Diverted To Other Hospital Radiology Units

Babuk Locker: Ransomware Operator Announces Plans To Shut Down After Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department Attack

Paleohacks: US Paleo Diet Online Resource's Unsecure Server Exposes Over 70,000 Customers' Personal Information

Wednesday 28 April 2021

43% Increase In Average Ransom Demand To $220,298 In Q1 2021 With 77% Of Ransomware Attacks Involving Data Exfiltration

Business Email Compromise And Email Account Compromise Accounted For 42% Of US Cybercrime In 2020 Resulting In Losses Of $1.8 Billion

Emotet: FBI Shares Over 4.3 Million Email Addresses Harvested By Botnet Malware With Troy Hunt's "Have I Been Pwned" To Alert Victims

DigitalOcean: New York Cloud Hosting Provider Suffers Data Breach Compromising Customers' Billing Information

FluBot: New Android Malware Spoofs Package Delivery Services' Tracking Links To Steal Banking And Payment Card Credentials

Merseyrail: Liverpool Railway Network Suffers "LockBit" Ransomware Attack Compromising Director's Email Account

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Villafranca D'Asti: Italian Municipality Suffers "Avaddon" Ransomware Attack Resulting In Data Leaked On Dark Web

Wyoming Department Of Health: US State Department's Internal Data Breach Exposes 164,021 Citizens' Personal Health Information

Partit Nazzjonalista: Maltese National Party Suffers "Avaddon" Ransomware Attack Resulting In €5,000 Ransom Demand

Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department's "Babuk Locker" Ransomware Attack Results In Threat To Leak Sensitive Data

Monday 26 April 2021

Guilderland Central School District: US School District's Ransomware Attack Results In IT Systems And Schools Disruption

UnitingCare: Queensland Healthcare Provider's Ransomware Attack Impacts Multiple Hospitals' And Care Centres' IT Systems

BigBasket: Indian Online Supermarket's "ShinyHunters" Data Breach Results In Over 20 Million Customers' Data Leaked For Free Online

Pizza Hut: Indonesian Pizza Restaurant Chain's Unsecure Database Exposes 3,978,432 Customers' Email Addresses

Data Breaches Digest - Week 17 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 26th April and 2nd May 2021.

2nd May

Bol.com mistakenly deposited € 750,000 into an oplic account

Cybersecurity is your business

Experian exposes credit scores through unprotected API

Flash Loan Attack on Binance Smart Chain, $30 Million Stolen From Spartan Protocol Using BNB

Fraud warning as scammers use bank phone numbers to fleece victims

Introducing COLT – Compromise to Leak Time

More Businesses Are Reaping the Benefits of a SASE Solution

New bogus Royal Mail text message being sent out by phishing fraudsters

Personal Data Of Illinois Residents May Have Been Exposed After Ransomware Attack

Philippines: Office of the Solicitor General looking into reported data breach

Ransomware Reality Shock: 92% Who Pay Don’t Get Their Data Back

Scripps Health targeted by cyberattack

Spartan Protocol exploit results in loss of $30M

The 6 Things Small Businesses Need To Know About Security

The new Royal Mail scam text message to watch out for

Whistler the latest Canadian municipality hit by ransomware attack

1st May

345,000 sensitive legal documents from the PH government have been exposed online

An ambitious plan to tackle ransomware faces long odds

Contact Tracing Data Breach Being Investigated

How SASE Supports Digital Transformation

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now defends against Cryptojacking attacks

Multi-Factor Authentication is Not Foolproof Protection

Ongoing scams mean public must stay on guard

‘ParkMobile’ Data Stolen Two Weeks Ago Now Offered for Purchase Online

Previously undocumented backdoor targets Microsoft’s Equation Editor

Python also impacted by critical IP address validation vulnerability

Roblox Accused of 'Glaring' Security Errors Which Has Put Millions of Players’ Data at Risk

The Babuk Ransomware Gang Isn’t Quitting, They’re Just Changing Focus

Unidentified cyberattackers force Alaska Court System to disconnect from internet

Use This Handy Site to Find Out if You've Been Affected by a Data Breach

Virgin Active cyber attack results in freeze of online systems

Why good password hygiene is essential

30th April

3 Ransomware Threats in 2021 and How to Protect Against Them

$4 billion lawsuit claims Google tracked iPhone users activities

Are Americans Waiting for a Cyber Apocalypse?

British Prime Minister’s Cell Phone Number Exposed

Cautious Welcome for Ransomware Task Force Proposals

Click Studios provides update on data breach

Codecov starts notifying customers affected by supply-chain attack

Contact Tracing Data Breach Exposed Personal Data For Over 72K Pennsylvanians

Creating a cybersecurity risk assessment

DC Officer Info Leaked Online by Ransomware Group

DigitalOcean Data Breach: Customers’ billing data exposed

Experian API exposes credit scores of American users

Extent Of Ransomware Hack Of Attorney General Remains Uncertain

FiveHands Ransomware Seen to be Exploiting SonicWall--Similar to 'HelloKitty' Ransomware?

Hackers Exploit SonicWall Zero-Day Bug in FiveHands Ransomware Attacks

Hackers extend deadline for PN data leak by one further week

Hackers used SonicWall zero-day flaw to plant ransomware

Hotbit cryptocurrency exchange down after hackers targeted wallets

How many people fall for scams in South Africa

How to boost internal cyber security training

How to check if your data has been exposed in a data breach?

How to stop SIM swap scammers from stealing your Bitcoin

Incident Of The Week: University of California Schools Hit with Ransomware Attack

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) urges updates of DNS servers to wipe out new BIND vulnerabilities

Kaspersky experts’ guide to staying safe from doxing

Kaspersky spots CIA malware with backdoor capabilities

Lack of visibility into IT assets impacting security priorities

Making secure and comprehensive backup a reality

Mamba Ransomware Weaponizing DiskCryptor Software, FBI Warns

Maryland Ortho Practice Data Breach Exposes Over 125,000 People

Microsoft finds memory allocation holes in range of IoT and industrial technology

Microsoft Warns of 25 Critical Vulnerabilities in IoT, Industrial Devices

Mobile Operators and Ofcom Warn of Scam DHL and FedEx Text

Navigating security threats beyond a compliance-centric posture

New ransomware task force seeks to disrupt ransom payments

Njalla-Controlled Domains Strangely Changed Hands

Online Food Ordering Platforms Breaches Result in 343,000 Leaked Cards

Online fraud: SBI, ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank caution customers

Paleo Lifestyle Site Found Leaking PII on 70,000 Users

Password firm blames customers for posting advisories on social media

Passwordstate Warns of Ongoing Phishing Attacks Following Data Breach

Paying for ransomware doesn't always mean you get your data back

Previously undocumented backdoor targets Microsoft’s Equation Editor

Ransomware extortionists threaten to sell personal information of Whistler "people" on the dark web

Ransomware gang leak Glasgow homeless firm Aspire’s personal data online after they refused to pay

Ransomware is now a national security risk. This group thinks it knows how to defeat it

Ransomware Report Lays Out Strategy to Fight Growing Threat

Ransomware Task Force aims to disrupt ransomware payments globally

Ransomware victims urged to go to police

Researchers develop program that helps assess encryption systems’ vulnerabilities

Researchers show Tesla cars can be remotely hacked with a drone

Shedding light on the threat posed by shadow admins

Six Ways to Improve Your Cyber-Resilience to Combat Cyber-Attacks

Stored XSS vulnerability patched in open source firewall pfSense

Suspected Chinese state hackers target Russian submarine designer

The age of cyber warfare is a threat to us all

The most famous Chinese cyberattacks

The ransomware surge ruining lives

The Ticking Time Bomb in Every Company's Code

Three Questions to Consider to Help Mitigate Against Supply Chain Attacks

Transportation Research Board's Registration Database Hacked in Ransomware Attack

Was your email account harvested by the dangerous Emotet botnet? Here’s how to find out

WeSteal: A ‘shameless’ cryptocurrency stealer sold in the underground

‘WeSteal’ Commodity Malware Is Hot Among Crypto-Grabbers

What happened to data privacy?

What is threat modeling and why should you care?

When it comes to cyber risk, company size doesn't matter

Why Ransomware Costs Businesses Much More Than Money

Your stolen ParkMobile data is now free for wannabe scammers

29th April

48 recommendations for a global fight against ransomware

A look at the MS Exchange zero-days and how to protect your business

Babuk Ransomware Gang Mulls Retirement

Babuk ransomware readies 'shut down' post, plans to open source malware

Booking.com Fined By Dutch DPA For Breach Notice Delay

Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul court system hit by REvil ransomware

Cancer Patients Diverted After Cyber-Attack on MedTech Firm

Catholic Charities North Dakota target of data breach

Chinese APT “NAIKON” Is Using a Backup Backdoor Called “Nebulae”

Click Studios asks customers to stop tweeting about its Passwordstate data breach

COVID-19 Results for 25% of Wyoming Accidentally Posted Online

Critical vulnerability in Philippines National ID System fixed

Crypto Ransomware Epidemic Attracts Potential Financial Regulatory Clampdown

Cyber attackers rarely get caught – businesses must be resilient

Data breach at DigitalOcean exposes customer billing profiles

Data Security Best Practices Every CISO Should Know

DHS: Ransomware IS National Security Threat

‘DigitalOcean’ Distributes Data Breach Notifications to Its Customers

Don’t Ignore Ransomware. It’s Bad

DoppelPaymer Gang Leaks Files from Illinois AG After Ransom Negotiations Break Down

Drop in ransomware targeting Thai, other Southeast Asian businesses

Emory Healthcare says radiation therapy service suffers data breach

Emotet Group Harvested Over 4.3 Million Victim Emails

Etsy-Owned Music Sales Site Reverb Hit With Data Breach

Experian API Leaks Most Americans’ Credit Scores

Experian Has Exposed Tens of Millions of Credit Scores Due to an API Bug

First Horizon Bank Customers Have Account Funds Drained

First Horizon breach highlights rising cyber threats against banks

Flubot malware using SMS messages to infect devices

Gig workers at Target-owned Shipt are getting their bank accounts drained by hackers

Government and industry look to cryptocurrency regulation to slow ransomware

Government, Industry Enforces Cryptocurrency Regulation for Better Tracking of Ransomware Cases

‘Groupe Reorev’ Breached by the ‘LV’ Ransomware Actors

Hackers are attacking the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

Health Department data breach exposed info of 164,000 Wyomingites

Hidden setting in your browser that reveals your hacked passwords

Homeland Security Secretary Backs Call for Mandatory Disclosure of Ransomware Payments

How hackers are attacking the COVID-19 supply chain

How to Conduct Vulnerability Assessments: An Essential Guide for 2021

How to spot an online scam: 3 dead giveaways

Hunting Hackers: Reducing the Time to Discovery

In The Ransomware Battle, Cybercriminals Have The Upper...

Jailbreak or Jail – Is Hacking for the Government A Crime?

LuckyMouse Hackers Target Banks, Companies and Governments in 2020

Manitoba Ombudsman hands down nine recommendations after government data breach

Massive school data breach shows we need better privacy policies

Microsoft finds critical code execution bugs in IoT, OT devices

Middle market companies facing a record number of data breaches

Multi-Gov Task Force Plans to Take Down the Ransomware Economy

MythBusters: What pentesting is (and what it is not)

New ransomware group uses SonicWall zero-day to breach networks

No ransomware silver bullet, crooks out of reach

OGUsers hacker forum hacked for 4th time; database leaked

Paleohacks data leak exposes customer records, password reset tokens

‘Paleohacks’ Has Exposed the PII of 70,000 of Its Customers

Paleohacks suffers data breach: Exposes 70K customer’s personal details

PayPal phishing text sparks warning to people selling online

Penetration testing leaving organizations with too many blind spots

Pennsylvania contact tracing data breach may have leaked personal information of 72,000 residents

Q1 2021 ransomware trends: Most attacks involved threat to leak stolen data

QNAP warns of AgeLocker ransomware attacks on NAS devices

R6.4m bill to remediate average ransomware attack in South Africa

Ransomware gang Babuk claims DC’s Metropolitan Police was last caper – then goes dark

Ransomware group targeted SonicWall vulnerability pre-patch

Ransomware recovery costs more than doubled in past year

Ransomware task force calls for aggressive Bitcoin transaction tracing measures

Report Calls for Mandatory Disclosure of Ransomware Payments

Researchers say due to under-reporting, true ransomware figures could be four times as high

RotaJakiro: A Linux backdoor that has flown under the radar for years

SaaS Attacks: Lessons from Real-Life Misconfiguration Exploits

Security expert coalition shares actions to disrupt ransomware

'Serious data breach' after man receives police email with sensitive information on pupils

Singapore: Organisation that oversees Tafep fined $29,000 over data breach

Ski resort Whistler shuts down services following a ransomware attack

Sophos survey shows changes in cybercriminal behavoir as attacks become more targeted

Stealthy RotaJakiro backdoor malware targeting Linux for 3 years

Task force proposes framework for combatting ransomware

Task Force Seeks to Disrupt Ransomware Payments

Taxed and Hacked: How Your Company Could Be at Risk This Tax Season

The Challenge of Securing Non-People Identities

The Infosec Meme That Touched a Raw Nerve

The Life-Threatening Rise of Ransomware in Healthcare

The Top 10 Most Significant Data Breaches Of 2020

The true cost of ransomware

UC Berkeley provides guidelines for Social Security leaks on dark web

Urgent-response type phishing attack hits Office 365 emails

US Department of Justice (DoJ) to Combat Ransomware Crypto Attacks

US tech pushes for ransomware to be designated a national security threat

Whistler municipal government targeted by ransomware attack

Whistler resort municipality hit by new ransomware operation

White House Asked to Increase Crypto Regulation

White House Urged to Address Surge in Ransomware Attacks

28th April

Android Malware ‘FluBot’ Appears to Be Unstoppable Now

Apple patches macOS Gatekeeper bypass vulnerability exploited in the wild

Average Ransom Surges 43% After Accellion Attacks

Average ransomware costs have more than doubled in 2021

Average Ransomware recovery cost in the UAE is US $517,961 in 2021

'Business Email Compromise' Schemes Caused $1.8B Damage from cybercriminals in the US 2020

CISA and NIST release new interagency resource: Defending against software supply chain attacks

Click Studios says stop tweeting: Phishers track breach notification info to craft new lures

Costco warns its members of various phishing scams

COVID-19, WFH prompts spike in cyberattacks against banks, insurers

Cybersecurity Becomes A Government Priority

Cyberspies target military organizations with new Nebulae backdoor

Data breaches and cyber attacks quarterly review: Q1 2021

Data Breach Impacts 1 in 4 Wyomingites

Developer of AI Chatbot Service Fined for Massive Personal Data Breach

DigitalOcean data breach exposes customer billing information

DigitalOcean says customer billing data accessed in data breach

Emotet botnet harvested 4.3 million email addresses. Now the FBI is using Have I Been Pwned to alert the victims

Five Things You Need to Know About Ransomware Attacks

Financial services firm First Horizon suffers data breach with customer funds stolen

Fourth time's a charm - OGUsers hacking forum hacked again

GDPR data breach notification guidance – a helping hand

Global Travel Service Website Fined for Regulatory Compliance Violation Following a Data Breach

Government, industry push bitcoin regulation to fight ransomware scourge

Hackers hit Apple with ransomware, MacBook design files exposed

Hackers Leak D.C. Police Data Including Arrest History, Polygraph Results, and Even Police Informants

Hackers Leak Files on D.C. Cops in Extortion Attempt

“Hello” Ransomware Now Targets SharePoint Flaw for Entrance

How Hackers Use Cloud Services to Make Cybercrime More Profitable

How phishing attacks spoofing Microsoft are evading security detection

How to Fight Data Breaches in Your Business

How to Protect the Phone against Ransomware

If you use this popular messaging app, beware this Trojan that’s stealing private data

IT security teams challenges fueled by record-setting cyberattacks

Linux kernel vulnerability exposes stack memory, causes data leaks

Managing and maturing Kubernetes security in the enterprise

Merseyrail likely hit by Lockbit ransomware attack

MFA spending on the rise, but organizations still unclear on best practices

Microsoft mulls over tweaks to threat data, code-sharing scheme following Exchange Server debacle

Microsoft Office SharePoint Targeted With High-Risk Phish, Ransomware Attacks

Minneapolis parking app users notified of March data breach

Musical instrument marketplace Reverb suffers data breach

New Ransomware Group Exposes Vulnerability of DC Police’s Tech Infrastructure

New stealthy Linux malware used to backdoor systems for years

Observed Changes to the Threat Landscape in 2020

Office 365 compromise likely led to Merseyrail ransomware attack

Old Excel Macros Still Supporting Large-Scale MalDoc Campaigns

Only 8% of businesses that paid a ransom got all of their data back

Organisations faced unprecedented ransomware risk in 2020

Passwordstate hackers phish for more victims with updated malware

Patient represented by Philadelphia law firm sues Einstein over 2020 data breach

Ransomware attack a timely reminder for aged care providers

Ransomware attack hits Washington, D.C. police department

Ransomware Attacks Washington DC Police Department

Ransomware gangs extracted US$18 billion in ransoms in 2020

Remote working security truths after a year of lockdown

Scammers imitate Windows logo with HTML tables to slip through email gateways

Scottish social care organisation falls victim to ransomware gang

Security Spending Doubles but Two-Fifths of Firms Suffer Breaches

Sensitive source codes exposed in Microsoft Azure Blob account leak

Should Doctors Receive a Cybersecurity Education?

SMS phishing scam lures Rogers customers with outage refunds

Software Companies Exposed to Hacking in Major Data Breach

The next big thing in cloud computing? Shh...It’s confidential

The Operator of the ‘Bitcoin Fog’ Crypto Mixing Platform Arrested in the US

The Sodinokibi Chronicles: A (R)Evil Cybercrime Gang Disrupts Organizations for Trade Secrets and Cash

UK rail network Merseyrail likely hit by Lockbit ransomware

US Arrests Alleged Crypto Mixer

Washington DC Police Dept Threatened After Ransomware Attack

27th April

16% of mobile devices in developing markets now infected with malware

61% of organizations were infected with ransomware in 2020

77% of Ransomware Spurs Data Extortion, Driven by Accellion Hack

Apple patches macOS zero-day exploited by malware for months (CVE-2021-30657)

Are you sure about the safety of that QR code?

Attackers can teach you to defend your organization against phishing

Audit finds human error likely cause of Vermont data breach

Avoid these CSPM mistakes to increase your cloud security posture

Babuk Ransomware Actors Compromised Washington D.C. Police’s Systems

BigBasket data breach: Hackers leak sensitive information of more than 20 million users online

Cyber-attack hackers threaten to share US police informant data

Cybereason vs. Avaddon Ransomware

Cybersecurity on the Move: Preventing Attacks on Shipping and Logistics

D.C. Police Department suffers ransomware attack

D.C. Police Department Victim Of Apparent Ransomware Attack

DC police department hit by apparent extortion attack

DC Police department hit by ransomware attack

DC police department reports 'unauthorized access' on its server

Defence In Depth – Time To Start Thinking Outside The Box

FBI: Russian hackers are still trying to break into networks, here's how to protect yours from attack

FBI-DHS-CISA release joint advisory on Russian foreign intelligence service cyber operations

FBI shares 4 million email addresses used by Emotet with Have I Been Pwned

Five years on: How Petya ransomware changed cybersecurity forever

Forget Ransomware, Microsoft Says Cryptojacking Is Our Biggest Threat

Google data breach: Will you be eligible for £750 payout? Can you claim yet?

If you use this popular password manager, all of your passwords may have been stolen

Intel Partners With Microsoft to Fight Cryptojacking

Is It Ethical To Buy Breached Data?

Joint CISA, FBI, and DHS Cybersecurity Advisory Warns About ‘APT 29’ Methods

Malta: Hackers want €5,000 for hacked PN data before Thursday deadline

MangaDex discloses data breach after stolen database shared online

Metro Police in Washington, D.C., hit by ransomware attack

Microsoft and Intel join forces to defend against cryptojacking

Microsoft SharePoint vulnerability and China Chopper web shell used in ransomware attacks

Online Music Marketplace Suffers Data Breach

Organizations can no longer afford to overlook encrypted traffic

Parents Should Take Action to Protect Children from Cyber-Risks

Password-stealing spyware targets Android users in the UK

Phishing Attackers Exploited Zoom, eBay & Streaming Services in 2020

Phishing attacks target Chase Bank customers

Ransomware: don’t expect a full recovery, however much you pay

Ransomware attacks are now more costly than ever

Ransomware attacks at middle market firms jumped significantly in 2020

Ransomware extortion demands are growing, and so is the downtime caused by attacks

Ransomware Group Threatens DC Cops with Informant Data Leak

Researcher Found Bug That Allowed Malware to Bypass macOS Security

REvil Removes Apple Extortion Attempt from Site

Rogers warns of text messages promising outage-related rebates

Russian-Speaking Ransomware Hackers Threaten to Leak Stolen D.C. Police-Informant Data

Russian hackers target Washington DC police department in apparent ransomware attack

Russian language ransomware group claims responsibility for DC police hack

Smishing: Why Text-Based Phishing Should Be on Every CISO’s Radar

Targeted ransomware attacks on the rise, Kaspersky finds

Telegram targeted by new remote access Trojan ToxicEye

The cost of ransomware, why it is on the rise and how to stay safe online

There’s a Severe Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Windows RPC Protocol That Microsoft Won’t Fix

Threat Actors Impersonate Chase Bank

Total cost of ransomware attack heading towards $2m

UnitingCare Queensland hit by ransomware attack

UnitingCare Queensland security incident takes some systems offline

University of California (UC) data breach leaks students’ personal information to dark web

Washington DC police department hit with Russian ransomware attack

When it comes to ransomware, it's time to think globally and act now

Why hackers are increasingly targeting video game companies

Would you know if your organisation had suffered a data breach?

Wyoming Health Department Data Breach Exposes Info From 165K Wyomingites

26th April

3.2 Billion Leaked Passwords Contain 1.5 Million Records with Government Emails

5 starter tips to help protect your farm data

7 Ways to Ensure the Digital Security of Your Freelance Business

61% of organizations impacted by ransomware in 2020

61% of organisations were infected with ransomware in 2020

‘A hot mess’: VTA ransomware attack strands riders with disabilities

Accellion data breaches drive up average ransom price

AI industry alarmingly unprepared for real-world attacks

Amazon warning: 'AirPods' scam text may empty Britons’ bank account

Alert! Apple's AirDrop comes with a security flaw that can cause data breach of 1.5 billion users

Apple AirDrop users reportedly vulnerable to security flaw

Apple fixes macOS zero-day bug exploited by Shlayer malware

Are you a ShopBack user? Find out if your account was affected by data breach

Australian man sentenced for running stolen subscription credential service

Avaddon Ransomware Group Hit the Small Italian Municipality of Villafranca d’Asti

Beware: Scammers Target Rogers Customers with Fake Texts Offering Outage Credits

Big Basket data breach: email IDs, phone numbers, home addresses of two crore Indians allegedly leaked on the web

BigBasket data breach: Hackers leak sensitive information of more than 20 million users online

Burglary, possible data breach could have exposed 3K Peak Vista patients’ health information

Calgary company and Town of Didsbury issue warnings after ransomware attacks

City of Easton: Update On Last Month's ParkMobile Data Breach

Connected medical devices brought security loopholes mainstream

Consumers embracing biometrics to protect their information

Crime does pay - how one hacker group rakes in millions from ransomware

Cyber-attack on NBA Team

Cyber insurance claims explode in severity

Cyber Threats Rise Amid Chaos Resulting from Pandemic

Cyber threats rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic, losses exceed $4.2 billion

Cybercriminals evolving their tactics to exploit collective human interest

Data breach that impacted Washington’s unemployed also hit cities, schools and hospitals

DC Police confirms cyberattack after ransomware gang leaks data

E-commerce Fraud to Exceed $20 Billion in 2021

Facebook Anticipating Legal Action From Data Leak, EU Digital Privacy Group Preparing Mass Action Lawsuit

Facebook dismisses 2nd Data Breach in 3 months as “regular activity”

Fight to foil cyberthreats intensifies

Finally, Reports Show That Users Are Getting Better At Identifying and Dealing With Phishing Scams

Guarding Your Turf: Why It’s Time to Move Beyond Passwords

Hacker dumps sensitive household records of 250M Americans

Hacker Group Mysteriously Removes Stolen Apple Schematics and Extortion Threat From Ransomware Website

Healthcare Industry Cyberattacks Continue

Healthcare’s Biggest Cybersecurity Blind Spots and Misconceptions

Help Employees Understand the Importance of Cybersecurity

Hog Ransomware to Victims: ‘Join Our Discord Server to Get Your Files Decrypted’

How the Ransomware Landscape Is Changing

How To Protect Your Employees from Data Loss

How to protect your organisation after a ransomware attack

How to Test and Improve Your Domain's Email Security?

iPhone Users Could Be Eligible For £750 Each Over Google Data Breach

Kaspersky: Over 8 million cyberattacks on remote working Israelis during Covid-19

Lethbridge police suspend another officer for alleged data breach

LinkedIn Attacks Show Dangers of Professional Networking

Malware and threats your Virtual Private Server (VPS) faces

Messaging app used to control and distribute malware

Microsoft Defender now blocks cryptojacking malware using Intel TDT

New Scam Claims To Give Rogers Customers Credit After The Outage

Officials say school district near Albany hit by cyberattack

Personal Security IS Enterprise Security

Push past zero trust barriers to securely connect the distributed workforce

Qlocker ransomware gang is using 7zip utility to lock files on QNAP devices

QNAP Devices Held Hostage By Ransomware Gang Using 7Zip Archives

QNAP NAS devices under ransomware attack

Queensland hospitals and aged care facilities crippled by cyber attack

Ransomware Attack Vectors Shift as New Software Vulnerability Exploits Abound

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly targeted

Ransomware gang is selling intel to traders to extort victims

Ransomware gang mysteriously drops threat to leak Apple MacBook data

Ransomware gang now warns they will leak new Apple logos, iPad plans

Reverb discloses data breach exposing musicians' personal info

Reverb suffers data breach unknown in size or impact

REvil Ransomware Group Reportedly Drops Apple Threat

Secure Communication Used in 50% Malware Attacks to Evade Detection

Security’s new standard: Always-on protection and prevention

Singapore: Resurgence of scam targeting bank customers who are told their accounts have been suspended

Space Command to Launch Dedicated Cyber Center

Stop using your work laptop or phone for personal stuff, because I know you are

The FBI is breaking into corporate computers to remove malicious code – smart cyber defense or government overreach?

The Five Strategies Users Use to Determine Phishing: Which Work and Which Don’t?

This password-stealing Android malware is spreading quickly: Here's what to watch out for

This police update is now deleting botnet malware from infected PCs around the world

U.K. Launches Free Cybersecurity Training for School Teachers and Staff

UnitingCare, which runs Wesley and St Andrew's Hospitals in Brisbane, hit by cyber attack

University of California (UC) System Information Compromised in Accellion Data Breach After Nation-wide Cybersecurity Attack

Unsecured computer attacked 51 times per minute

US Drilling Giant Gyrodata Reveals Employee Data Breach

US warns of Russian state hackers still targeting US, foreign organizations

Warning after spate of 'DHL parcel delivery' text scams

What Will Take Emotet’s Place?

What Your Business Should Know About Email Spoofing

Why Every Business Should Train Employees to Spot Phishing Emails

Why the Mount Locker Ransomware Tactical Shift Should Concern You

Young Australian Who Ran Several Streaming Credential Markets Sentenced

Zero-Trust at Home: No-Exception Remote Work