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Monday 27 September 2021

Port Houston: US Port Detects And Prevents Suspected State-Sponsored Cyber Attack Exploiting Password Management Software Vulnerability

Stonington Public Schools: Connecticut Public School District Suffers Ransomware Attack Forcing IT Systems Shutdown

Data Breaches Digest - Week 39 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 27th September and 3rd October 2021.

3rd October

Are organisations prepared for new cybersecurity risks?

Beware these scams and crimes on the rise in South Africa

Britain braces for 'Tier 1' cyber attack: Ben Wallace says UK is building capability to target 'critical infrastructure' of hostile states to retaliate to hacking

Colonial Pipeline: How Hackers Exploited A Password Policy Problem

Google removed 136 vulnerable apps, delete immediately if your phone also has these installed

Got this Flubot malware warning on your Android phone? Beware, it's a trap

Hackers expose 200 law enforcement officers who 'joined anti-government extremist group the Oath Keepers'

How fraudsters can use the forgotten details of your online life to reel you in

How loyalty programmes can safeguard against sophisticated cyberattacks

In another leak for Epik, hackers expose the entire server

Is hacking the next struggle for US agriculture?

Johnson Memorial Health struck by cyberattack Saturday

Monitor, Teach, Protect: Three Priorities for Insider Threat Prevention in the Energy Sector

Panama is concerned that the new ICIJ ‘Pandora Papers’ leak may harm the country

Popular Online Farm Equipment and Land Auction Service Sites Crippled by Ransomware Attack

Portugal: Cyberattacks up during lockdown

Telegram bots attack one-time passwords

Thailand cracks down on SMS scams and phishing calls

Transnational fraud ring stole millions from Army members, veterans

Washington Adventist University in Maryland confirms ongoing ransomware attack

2nd October

Alabama Mom Sues Hospital, Blames Ransomware for Death

Android flubot malware installs itself by faking security update

Armorblox Detects New Phishing Campaign - Here's What You Can Do

Australia: Top tips to help you avoid the latest scams

Banking fraud: tips to avoid becoming a victim

Cracking the code of crypto

Criminals using NHS Covid Pass to scam money out of Warwickshire residents

Cyberattack disables computer network at Johnson Memorial Health

Cybersecurity Month: the ones and zeros of safe web surfing

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Unveils New Plans to Stop SIM Swapping and Robocalls Fraud

Federal lawsuit filed against Paxton Media Group after data breach of nearly 21k employees

Fortinet reveals two-thirds of organizations hit by ransomware

Hackers exploit 2FA flaw to steal crypto from 6,000 Coinbase users

Hackers Stole Cryptocurrency from at Least 6,000 Coinbase Customers Who Likely Fell for Phishing Emails

Here are ransomware groups that businesses need to watch our for

How SIM-Swapping Scams Work, And How To Protect Yourself

How to train your employees to spot business email compromise attacks

Instagram account hacked? Here’s what to do

Millions of customer details leaked in the latest data breach – Here’s what you should do

More victims of Bank of America, Zelle scams come forward; here's how to protect yourself

Over 55s issued fresh warning as fraudsters become ‘more sophisticated’ – how to stay safe

Passwords Leaked in Data Breach 2021: Study Reveals Shocking Superhero Passcodes Used!

Pottawatomie County fixing systems after ransomware attack

Ransomware Booms on Backs of Insurers

Sandhills online machinery markets shut down by ransomware attack

Should Medical Device Manufacturers Do More To Fight Cyberattacks?

Starting your holiday shopping this month? Take these steps to protect your data online

This type of crime is on the rise again in South Africa – causing a double blow for victims

Two-thirds of organisations worldwide have been targeted by ransomware attack

US unites 30 countries to disrupt global ransomware attacks

Watch out - that Android security update may be malware

Why trying to watch James Bond No Time to Die free online could end up being costly

1st October

3.1M Neiman Marcus Customer Card Details Breached

4.6 Million Neiman Marcus Customers Linked to Data Breach

Android, Java bug bunting tool Mariana Trench goes open source

Anonymous leaks more EPIK host data; ‘larger than previous leak’

Apple AirTags can be used as trojan for credential hacking

Apple Pay Can be Abused to Make Contactless Payments From Locked iPhones

Beware of Fake Amnesty International Antivirus for Pegasus that Hacks PCs with Malware

Bitcoin, users are threatened by a new phishing email

Business Leaders Admit Willingness to Pay Five-Figure Ransoms

Businesses unsure which tech is essential against ransomware

Chief exec of cybersecurity Group-IB arrested on treason charge

Chinese Hackers Used a New Rootkit to Spy on Targeted Windows 10 Users

Coinbase Discloses That 6,000 Customers Got Hacked This Spring

Coinbase sends out breach notification letters after 6,000 accounts had cryptocurrency stolen

Coinbase warns users of 'large-scale' phishing threat

“Combo File” Merging 3.8 Billion Phone Numbers from Clubhouse With Scraped Facebook Users Could Cause Surge in Phishing, Account Takeover Attacks

Consumer privacy study finds online privacy is of growing concern to increasingly more people

Content sprawl is increasing the risk of data breaches and leaks

Crypto exchange Coinbase says at least 6,000 customers had funds stolen from their accounts in phishing attack

Crypto platform mistakenly gives $90M to users, asks for refund

Cybercrime awareness heightened, yet people still engage in risky online behaviors

Cyberthreats: Businesses Unsure Which Tech Is Essential

Data breach laws spread through states: Keys for Finance

‘Declined’: 18.8 million Telstra customers ‘at risk’

DeepMind faces legal action over NHS data use

Deploying Proven Data Security Tools to Combat the Rising Cost of a Data Breach

Elon Musk Crypto-Phishing Scam Puts Emails at Risk

Epilepsy Foundation of Texas Provides Notice of Privacy Event

ESET Threat Report: Trending Vulnerabilities and Configuration Flaws

ESET Threat Report highlights aggressive ransomware tactics and intensifying password-guessing attacks

Eskenazi Health now says some patient, employee information stolen in cyber attack

Everything You Need to Know About the MyFitnessPal Data Breach

Evolving beyond RBAC: Why ABAC is the future

Faith in VPNs? A different type of security will be needed

Federal Officials Emphasize Understanding Goals in Move to Zero Trust

Flubot Android malware now spreads via fake security updates

Flubot Malware Targets Androids With Fake Security Updates

Fortinet survey: Two-thirds of organisations have been a target of one ransomware attack

Google just patched these two Chrome zero-day bugs that are under attack right now

Guarding against insider threats

Hackers rob thousands of Coinbase customers using MFA flaw

Healthcare organizations remain at risk despite proper HIPAA compliance

Hospital ransomware attack led to infant's death, lawsuit alleges

How cybercrime hurts some groups more than others

How To Avoid The Scams Popping Up Everywhere

Hydra malware targets customers of Germany's second largest bank

If You Get This Message From Apple, Don't Click on It

Improper Offboarding Poses Significant Security Risks

Incident Of The Week: Giant Pay’s devastating ransomware attack affects lorry drivers and more

Infant Fatality Could Be First Recorded Ransomware Death

Insider threat is evolving and organizations need to evolve with it

Internet safety guide for college students

Irish university computer systems taken offline after cyber attack

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Here’s how to protect your digital resources

JVCKenwood hit by Conti ransomware attack

Kansas county pays hackers reduced ransom: 'No way we could even come close to meeting their demand'

Lawsuit: Hospital's Ransomware Attack Led to Baby's Death

Lawsuit blames baby’s death on ransomware attack at Alabama hospital

Lawsuit claims ransomware attack caused fatal injury to infant at Alabama hospital

Lincolnshire Police forced to pay out £10k after PC’s illegal data breach

Major Data Breach Hits Neiman Marcus

Make Employees Part of the Security Solution

Maryland outlaws ransomware, calls for statewide security strategy

MFA Glitch Leads to 6K+ Coinbase Customers Getting Robbed

MoneyLion locks customer accounts after credential stuffing attacks

Mozilla: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man dominate list of passwords leaked in breaches

NCA and Europol Formalize Cooperation on Cybercrime

Nearly 5 million customers affected in Neiman Marcus data breach

Neiman Marcus alerts millions of online customers about security breach

Neiman Marcus Discloses Data Breach Impacting Millions of Online Customers

Neiman Marcus notifies online customers after data breach

Neiman Marcus says 3.1 million payment and gift cards compromised in breach

Neiman Marcus says May 2020 breach includes millions of payment card numbers and expiration dates

Neiman Marcus sends notices of breach to 4.3 million customers

New APT ChamelGang Targets Russian Energy, Aviation Orgs

New Ransomware Attacks on Agriculture Beg the Question: Is the Industry Secure?

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

OFAC Ransomware Guidance: Prepare, Report, and (Preferably) Don’t Pay the Ransom!

Olympus ransomware attack: Time for a quantum leap?

Organizations need to better manage backup data to ensure effective ransomware incident response

Pandemic drives rising risk of cyber attacks

Password-stealing Android malware uses sneaky security warning to trick you into downloading

Port of Houston Prevents Data Breach: A Success Story Highlighting The Importance of Privileged Access Management (PAM) Controls

Ransomware attacks put availability of medical devices at risk

Ransomware contractor paints a different picture of the genre

Ransomware Expected to Increase 150% This Year

Ransomware is rampant: Is your health care business safe?

Ransomware on the Rise: Steps To Protect Your Practice and Systems From Cyber Disruption

Ransomware remains primary cyber threats

Ransomware vulnerabilities will last another two years

Scam sites offering fake streams of new James Bond movie

Shadow Code From Third-Party Libraries Is a Major Cybersecurity Risk for Most Web Applications, Owners Afraid of Brand Damage and Lawsuits

Swiping the page: Ebook sellers shutdown by cyberattack

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposes rules to fight SIM swap and port-out fraud

The Foundation for True Zero Trust

The Real Cost of a Data Breach: How Much Does the U.S. Spend?

Today’s cars are mobile data centers, and that data needs to be protected

Traditional Passwords Aren't Enough Anymore. Here's What Else Your Business Needs to Stay Secure

Unwanted Gift: Ransomware, Supply Chain Attacks, and How to Prevent Them

U.S. Lawmakers Seek Answers from FBI On Delayed Release of Kaseya Ransomware Decryptor

US unites 30 countries to disrupt global ransomware attacks

Watch out for this spam text; T-Mobile is not giving you a $100 free gift

White House plans 30-country meeting on cyber crime and ransomware

White House to Host Transnational Ransomware Meeting

Who Will Patch Your VPN First? You, or Your Adversaries?

Whole-of-State Cybersecurity Gains Ground in Government

30th September

API Flaw Exposes Elastic Stack Users to Data Theft and DoS

Apple Pay with Visa Hacked to Make Payments via Unlocked iPhones

Are user records of 3.8 billion Clubhouse and Facebook users for sale?

Baby’s Death Alleged to Be Linked to Ransomware

Banking app fraud rockets due to phone snatching

C-level execs confident in their software supply chain security, but challenges remain

Congress demands briefing from FBI on decision not to share Kaseya decryption keys

Conti ransomware remains dangerous and can now encrypt Veeam backups

Cyber Second Only to Climate Change as Biggest Global Risk

Cybersecurity CEO Arrested in Russia on Treason Charges

Cybersecurity Firm Group-IB's CEO Arrested Over Treason Charges in Russia

Easily Exploited Elastic Stack API Security Flaw Exposes Data

Fake Amnesty International Pegasus scanner used to infect Windows

FBI, CISA + NSA Issue Conti Ransomware Advisory

Fears surrounding Pegasus spyware prompt new Trojan campaign

GhostEmperor hackers use new Windows 10 rootkit in attacks

Global cyber threats jump 47% year-on-year in 1H21, says Trend Micro

Google Emergency Update Fixes Two Chrome Zero Days

Google pushes emergency Chrome update to fix two zero-days

GriftHorse Android malware hit 10 million devices in 70 countries

Hospital ransomware attack caused baby’s death by shutting down heart rate display, lawsuit claims

How much trust should we place in the security of biometric data?

How prepared are Singaporean SMEs to deal with cyber attacks?

Incentivizing Developers is the Key to Better Security Practices

Innovative Proxy Phantom ATO Fraud Ring Haunts eCommerce Accounts

IoT vulnerabilities should be a wake-up call for organisations

Ireland a soft touch for cyber attacks, say tech leaders

JVCKenwood hit by Conti ransomware claiming theft of 1.5TB data

Military’s RFID Tracking of Guns May Endanger Troops

Nation-state attacks fears grow, execs don’t trust governments to protect them from cyber threats

New Azure AD Bug Lets Hackers Brute-Force Passwords Without Getting Caught

New Tomiris Backdoor Found Linked to Hackers Behind SolarWinds Cyberattack

NHS COVID Pass fraud and bogus Amazon callers: Some of the scams happening in Warwickshire right now

NSA, CISA partner for guide on safe VPNs amid widespread exploitation by nation-states

OFAC Ransomware Guidance Reflects Resolve to Fight Attacks

Pegasus spyware ramifications

Proxy Phantom: Fraud rings flood online merchants with credential stuffing attacks

QNAP fixes bug that let attackers run malicious commands remotely

RansomEXX ransomware Linux encryptor may damage victims' files

Ransomware attack on Forward Air may have exposed sensitive employee data

Ransomware attack on French software provider affects European bookstores

Ransomware gangs are complaining that other crooks are stealing their ransoms

Rates of ransomware attacks continue to rise, impacting mortality rates

Remote workers “one click away” from cyberattack

Researchers discover bypass 'bug' in iPhone Apple Pay, Visa to make contactless payments

Researchers find Apple Pay, Visa contactless hack

SASE initiatives are gaining momentum

Scammers Capitalize on Release of New Bond Movie

Stonington schools: Student data not compromised in ransomware attack

Supply Chain Emerging as Cloud Security Threat

Surge in email threats, malware detected in Malaysia in H1 2021, says Trend Micro

Telegram bots used in phishing operation that bypasses one-time passwords

The Shocking DDoS Attack Statistics That Prove You Need Protection

The Top Ransomware Threats Aren’t Who You Think

These systems are facing billions of attacks every month as hackers try to guess passwords

Third-party risk prevention strategies inadequate despite organizations being aware of the threats

Thousands of University Wi-Fi Networks Expose Log-In Credentials

Tips & Tricks for Unmasking Ghoulish API Behavior

Update Google Chrome ASAP to Patch 2 New Actively Exploited Zero-Day Flaws

US Congress asks FBI to explain delay in helping Kaseya attack victims

Vulnerability Exposes iPhone Users to Payment Fraud

WatchGuard Threat Lab Reports 91.5% of Malware Arrived over Encrypted Connections in Q2 2021

WireX DDoS botnet admin charged for attacking hotel chain

29th September

3.8 billion Facebook, Clubhouse user records up for sale

4 Cybersecurity Strategies for Small and Midsize Businesses

5 Personal Cyber Security Tips

93% of Security Professionals Say Their Identity Breaches Could Have Been Prevented

96% of third-party container applications deployed in cloud infrastructure contain known vulnerabilities

130 Dutch bookstores locked out of their systems by possible ransomware attack

Android Trojan Steals from 10 Million+ Victims

Anonymization vs. pseudonymization: The lingering data risk

Apple AirTag Security Flaw Allows Phishing Attack

Apple AirTag Zero-Day Weaponizes Trackers

Apple Pay with VISA lets hackers force payments on locked iPhones

Aquila Technology customers urged to change passwords after data breach

Beware! This Android Trojan Stole Millions of Dollars from Over 10 Million Users

Bipartisan US Senate Bill Eyes Cryptomining Oversight

Bitcoin, scammers exploit the value of the cryptocurrency for phishing

Canadian Vaccine Passport App Exposes Data

CISA, FBI, NSA Release Advisory Warning of Conti Ransomware Attacks

CISA and NSA Deliver New Security Guidance for VPNs

CISA releases tool to help orgs fend off insider threat risks

CompTIA Cybersecurity Report: New Mindset Needed

Conti Ransomware Expands Ability to Blow Up Backups

D.C.’s Department of Employment Services Enabled Widespread Identity Theft, Victims Allege

DDoS Attacks 25th Anniversary: A Wake-Up Call

DDoS Attacks, Ransomware Target VoIP Service Providers

Email: Still the number one threat vector

Facebook open-sources tool to find Android app security flaws

Facebook Releases New Tool That Finds Security and Privacy Bugs in Android Apps

Fortinet Ransomware Survey Shows Many Organizations Unprepared

GriftHorse Money-Stealing Trojan Takes 10M Android Users for a Ride

Growth of Remote Work Bringing Increased Security Risks

Hacker Offers Database on 3.8bn Facebook and Clubhouse Users

Hackers Targeting Brazil's PIX Payment System to Drain Users' Bank Accounts

House lawmakers seek explanation from FBI's Wray over ransomware response

How Ground-Breaking is WhatsApp's Fine?

How people concoct their passwords, and why they often stink

How South African businesses and government offices can prevent cyber attacks

How To Avoid Huge Ransomware Payments With Global File Systems

How to go passwordless with Microsoft Windows

How to Identify and Report Security Incidents

How to Mitigate the Top 4 Ransomware Vectors

Index Engines sees backups as a counter to ransomware

Internet crime: Fewer users turn to the police

Israeli cyber researchers uncover flaw in Microsoft Exchange protocol

Keep Attackers Out of VPNs: Feds Offer Guidance

Key Steps To Secure Every Identity in the Age of Digital Transformation

Know the Four Pillars of Cloud Security That Reduce Data Breach Risk

Large companies fall short on domain security

Majority of UK Businesses Believe Hybrid Working is Making Them More Susceptible to Cyber Attacks

Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) files data breach with Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner

Manufacturing and production companies hit by ransomware least likely to pay ransom

Mental Health Clinic Notifies Patients 6 Months After Hack

Mental Healthcare Providers Report Data Breaches

Mindful Cybersecurity: The future of security

Mitigating Non-Malicious Insider Risk

Modern Cyber-Criminals Don't Hack in - They Log in

More automation brings cybersecurity to the forefront

More Than Two-Thirds of Organizations Are Targets of at Least One Ransomware Attack

Most Third-Party Cloud Containers Have Vulnerabilities

Navistar confirms data breach involved employee healthcare information

New Android malware steals millions after infecting 10M phones

New cybersecurity guidance coming to Maryland localities

New FinSpy Malware Variant Infects Windows Systems With UEFI Bootkit

New malware uses COVID-19 lure to target Android users

Over 85% of Saudi organisations attribute cyberattacks to vulnerable technology

NSA, CISA Release Guidelines to Secure VPNs

Philippines: Bank warns public vs fund transfer scams

Phishing Facts and Statistics You Need to Know

Phishing for answers: Point Park students bewildered as inboxes bombarded with malicious emails, links

Raleigh-based communications provider Bandwidth hit by cyberattack, CEO apologizes

Ransomware attacks against hospitals are having some very grim consequences

Ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations may have life-or-death consequences

Ransomware attacks on hospitals impact patients with longer stays, test delays, and increased deaths

Ransomware attacks on the rise – How to counter them?

Ransomware is leading hospital boards to pour more money into cybersecurity

Ransomware-as-a-service amid rising geopolitical tension

Red Team Dominance: Canary In The Coal Mine For Ransomware Vulnerability?

Report highlights cybersecurity dangers of Elastic Stack implementation mistakes

Researchers Find Cyberattack Discrepancies Based on Race, Gender

REvil customers complain ransomware gang uses backdoors to filch ransoms

Russia arrests cybersecurity firm CEO after raiding offices

Securing a growing industry: spotlight on crypto security

Senators Debut Bill to Create Cyber Incident, Ransomware Payment Reporting Requirements

Shipping company Forward Air discloses data theft following ransomware attack

SolarWinds Attackers Develop New FoggyWeb Backdoor

South Africa: “At least 1 200 files were exfiltrated” in Department of Justice breach

South Africa has third highest rate of cybercrime victims worldwide

Supply chain, ransomware threats drive increase in cyber intelligence sharing by financial services firms

Supply chain security is a higher priority than two years ago

TA544 threat actors hit Italian firms with Ursnif banking trojan

Telegram bots are trying to steal your one-time passwords

Telegram Bots Stealing One-Time Passwords

Telkom affected by data breach

The argument for a national US data privacy framework

The Epik data breach is political in nature — here's why you should care

The need for unified cybersecurity standards

The upside and downside of open-source intelligence – OSINT

There are now over 250 different ransomware families currently operational worldwide

This dangerous mobile Trojan has stolen a fortune from over 10 million victims

Threat Actors Weaponize Telegram Bots to Compromise PayPal Accounts

Three Essential Security Technologies to Combat Ransomware

Three Steps To Protect Your Data Against Ransomware Attacks

Tomiris backdoor discovery linked to Sunshuttle, DarkHalo hackers

‘Tomiris’ Backdoor Linked to SolarWinds Malware

Top 10 ransomware targets in 2021 and beyond

Trucking giant Forward Air reports ransomware data breach

Two-thirds of organizations have fallen victim to ransomware

US Mulls Cyber-attack Reporting Mandate

Victims of text scam deluge advised to wipe their phones and change passwords

Warning over fake Covid-19 pass scam

‘We trusted the university’: Students affected by SU data breach express frustration

What businesses need to do for Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

What does the future hold for browser security? Check out the latest features destined for mobile and desktop

What The Worst Attacks Of 2021 Can Teach Us On The Future Of Ransomware

When Scammers Go Phishing, They Hope to Reel In You and Your Business Data

Why organizations are slow to patch even high-profile vulnerabilities

Your cybersecurity superpower: Here's how to influence employee behavior

Your employees can be your greatest security asset (or your greatest vulnerability)

Zero trust security: what it is and why adoption is increasing

28th September

3 Cybersecurity Lessons for Working-From-Home as Enterprises Prepare for New Hybrid Era

3 of 4 SMBs fell prey to cyber attacks in 2020

3 tips to protect your users against credential phishing attacks

61 Percent of Business Owners Admit Concealing a Cyber Breach

A three layer approach to cybersecurity

A cloud company asked security researchers to look over its systems. Here's what they found

Amazon to offer cyber insurance to UK SMBS

Apple AirTag Bug Enables ‘Good Samaritan’ Attack

Apple AirTag Lost Mode bug turns helpers into phishing victims

Are cyberattacks on the rise?

Atlassian Confluence RCE Flaw Abused in Multiple Cyberattack Campaigns

Bandwidth CEO confirms outages caused by DDoS attack

Bandwidth.com is latest victim of nonstop DDoS attacks against VoIP

Common misperceptions around ransomware attacks

Corona pandemic has devastating impact on IT security

Credential Spear-Phishing Uses Spoofed Zix Encrypted Email

CSC finds majority of world’s largest companies susceptible to cyber attacks

CSC Finds Majority of World’s Largest Companies Susceptible to Phishing and Brand Abuse Due to Improper Domain Security

Cyber Attack Against Society de Transport de l’Otouis (STO): Affected Customers‌

Cyber-attack Floors British Payroll Firm

Cyberattacks top list of focuses for business leaders

Cybercrime nearly doubles in single year as Covid forces criminals online

Data Breach of Website With Far-Right Ties Affects Mainers

DDoS assaults against VoIP providers continue

Don't Get Scammed by Scareware: 3 Easy Tips to Stay Safe

Dutch government considering ban on ransom payments by insurers

Exploit released for VMware vulnerability after CISA warning

Farming cooperative shut down by ransomware

Financial services face higher ransomware recovery costs

FinFisher malware hijacks Windows Boot Manager with UEFI bootkit

FinSpy Surveillance Kit Re-Emerges Stronger Than Ever

FinSpy surveillance malware is now spreading through UEFI bootkits

Gamers Beware: Malware Hunts Steam, Epic and EA Origin Accounts

Giant group hacked in suspected ransomware attack

Giant hack: Advice for umbrella company contractors with personal data potentially exposed

Hackers are laying siege to critical infrastructure: Here's how to fight back

Hackers spoof Zix in credential phishing attack

Half Of Forbes 2000 Brands Fail To Use DMARC

Half of Regulated Firms See Pandemic Spike in Financial Crime

Hospital Security Teams: Are the Odds Stacked Against Them?

How and why automation can improve network-device security

How to lock down your web security

How to manage your business through a ransomware attack

How to Prevent Account Takeovers in 2021

Hybrid working opens door to greater risk of data breaches

Identity Thieves Targeting K-12 Schools At An Alarming Rate

It's time for cyber-insurance to become personal in the WFH age

Less than half of SMEs are ‘very confident’ in their cyber defences

'Lessons to be learned' after SEND data breach at high school

Lufkin ISD hit by ransomware attack

Majority of Organizations Uncertain They Can Recover from a Ransomware Attack

McAfee Finds Vulnerability in Ed Tech Surveillance Tool

Microsoft warning: This malware creates a 'persistent' backdoor for hackers

Microsoft warns of Nobelium hackers using FoggyWeb backdoor

New BloodyStealer malware steals data from gamers on EA, Epic, Steam

New BloodyStealer Trojan Steals Gamers' Epic Games and Steam Accounts

New Hampshire clinics back online after ransomware attack forced 3-day shutdown

New Microsoft Exchange service mitigates high-risk bugs automatically

New Mindset Needed to Take on Cybersecurity Complexities

NSA, CISA share VPN security tips to defend against hackers

Ongoing ransomware, data theft, leaks prove problematic in health care

Personal data of nearly 4 million Malaysian citizens allegedly put on sale for 0.2 Bitcoin

Protecting utilities and critical infrastructure from the growing cybersecurity threat

Ransomware attack hits Honolulu payroll processor firm

Ransomware Payments Prompt Treasury Department Sanction on Russian Crypto Exchange SUEX

Ransomware Prevention vs. Recovery: Which Costs Businesses More?

Ransomware Protection: A Modern Approach to Backup Solutions

Ransomware, Vendor Breaches Spike on Federal Tally

Rise of Ransomware

Scalper bots are now targeting graphics card vendors

Securing Customer Data Tops IT Leaders’ Priorities in 2021

SolarWinds Attackers Hit Active Directory Servers with FoggyWeb Backdoor

Sophos warns of scammers abusing Google Forms

Storybooks for children app FarFaria exposed data of 3M users

TangleBot SMS malware uses COVID-19 lures

“The average downtime due to a ransomware attack is 21 days”

The biggest problem with ransomware is not encryption, but credentials

The Department of Treasury Issues Guidance Regarding Sanctions Risks Inherent to Facilitating Ransomware Payments

The Great Resignation Makes Data Security More Crucial Than Ever

Thousands Affected by Ransomware Attack on Hawaii Company

UK finance sector "severely vulnerable" to rising cyberattacks

Ukraine takes down call centers behind cryptocurrency investor scams

United Health Centers reportedly compromised by ransomware attack

US Deports Convicted Cyber-criminal to Russia

Using Public WiFi Safely

Warning about fake HMRC email

Warnings issued over convincing Royal Mail text scam

What are Serialization Attacks and How to Prevent Them?

What the Microsoft password change means for charities

Why phishing is a bigger threat than ransomware

Working Exploit Is Out for VMware vCenter CVE-2021-22005 Flaw

Working exploit released for VMware vCenter CVE-2021-22005 bug

Worried About Phishing Scams, Email Attacks? 8 Warning Signs You're in Danger, 4 Ways to Stop It

Worried About Phishing Scams, Email Attacks? 8 Warning Signs You're in Danger, 4 Ways to Stop It

27th September

3 ways any company can guard against insider threats this October

3.8 Billion Users’ Combined Clubhouse, Facebook Data Up for Sale

5 Deadliest Ransomware Gangs Terrorizing Organizations Worldwide

5 Steps to Securing Your Network Perimeter

22% of healthcare providers saw death rates spike following a ransomware attack

A critical issue

A multi-party data breach creates 26x the financial damage of single-party breach

Airline Ticketing Fraud Scam Resurfaces After 7 Years

Australians are losing over AU$6.6 million each month to cryptoscams

Bandwidth.com is latest victim of DDoS attacks against VoIP providers

California Hospital Sued Over Data Breach

Consumer Cyber Stress Requires Focus on Security

Consumers will abandon a brand that can’t balance convenience and privacy

Corporate attack surface exploding as a result of remote work

Data breach of web company affiliated with far-right groups affects 190 Mainers

Data Center Security Trends 2021

EU: Russia Behind ‘Ghostwriter’ Campaign Targeting Germany

EU Slams Russia Over Disinformation Hacking Campaign

Eye patients’ PHI exposed in data breach

Far-right host Epik confirms its data was breached by Anonymous

Five Common Mistakes When Addressing Data Security

Food and agriculture industry needs more threat intel as ransomware attacks crop up

Giant Umbrella contractors suffer salary payment delays following suspected ‘data breach’

Global Threat Brief - The Most Dangerous Attack Techniques in 2021

How To Make You and Your Departments More Digitally Secure

How to Prevent CyberAttacks and Protect your Online Privacy?

How to stop ransomware - Seven steps to protect your enterprise

Howard University Returns to In-Person Instruction Amid Cyberattack

India: Nearly 74% SMBs suffered a cyber incident in the last year

Infographic: Fight back against phishing attacks

Malicious 'Safepal Wallet' Firefox add-on stole cryptocurrency

Microsoft: Nobelium uses custom malware to backdoor Windows domains

Microsoft Warns of FoggyWeb Malware Targeting Active Directory FS Servers

Miffed security researcher finds way to get Apple talking, drops three iOS vulnerabilities

More Finance Companies Sharing Intelligence to Fight Cybercrime

More than 130,000 malicious IP addresses were blocked during Census 2021

New Cooperative Ransomware Attack Timeline

New malware steals Steam, Epic Games Store, and EA Origin accounts

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Taking Public Comment on Ransomware Profile Until October 8th

New Android Malware Steals Financial Data from 378 Banking and Wallet Apps

Olympus becomes victim of cyberattack following BlackMatter ransomware hit

Port of Houston Quells Cyber-Attack

Proper password security falling short despite increase in online presence

Public Cloud Adoption Rises, But Health Security Concerns Remain

QNAP fixes critical bugs in QVR video surveillance solution

Race Against Time: Why a Robust Application Security Posture is Essential

Ransomware attacks reach ‘stratospheric’ levels

Ransomware Gangs: Who Are They And How To Stop Them

Ransomware Patch or Perish: Attackers Exploit ColdFusion

Russian Turla APT Group Deploying New Backdoor on Targeted Systems

Scammers Target People, Firms in UK; Ransomware Attacks in the US on the Rise

South Africa: How Justice Department’s data breach put 1.4 million people at risk?

Stonington schools investigating apparent ransomware attack on district

Supply chain and ransomware threats drove increase in cyber intelligence sharing

Survive A Cyberattack: 7 Things Business Owners Must Do In 2021

The 8 Latest Malicious Email Threats And Trends That Can Create A Business Crisis

This malicious Firefox extension will drain your crypto wallet

Threat Analysis Report: Inside the Destructive PYSA Ransomware

TikTok found to be most impersonated app by malware groups

U.N. Members Seek New Cyber Discussions Amid Rising Ransomware Attacks

UCSD Health sued by breach victims after undetected email hack

United Health Care Centers gets hit with ransomware attack

Urgent Chrome security update released to patch widely exploited 0-day

US-Led Quad Launches New Cyber Group

Wide-ranging BEC scam underscores dangers of doing business with (un)trusted suppliers

Women, Minorities Are Hacked More Than Others