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Monday, 5 December 2022

Hôpital André Mignot: French Teaching Hospital Suffers Ransomware Attack Resulting In Operational Disruption Forcing ICU Patient Diverts

Data Breaches Digest - Week 49 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 5th December and 11th December 2022.

8th December

6 Ways Your Privacy and Security Were Threatened in 2022

Akamai Research Shows Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) Surpasses North America in Web Application and API Cyberattacks

Amnesty International Canada says it was targeted by Chinese cyberespionage threat groups

Antwerp City Services Down After Ransomware Attack

Apple Introduces New Data Protections to Increase Cloud Security

Australia to hunt down hackers, sets 'most cyber-secure country by 2030' target

Australia witnessed 16 major cyber-attacks as hackers attempt to steal ‘sensitive data’

Automated dark web markets sell corporate email accounts for $2

BlackByte Ransomware Takes an Extra Bite Using Double Extortion Methods

Business email compromise attacks going mobile via SMS and social media apps

Cambridge Water says customers' names, addresses, and banking details were stolen in the South Staffs Water hack

Canada: Half of small businesses falling prey to cyber attack

Christmas shopping scams: How to stay safe online

Cisco discloses high-severity IP phone bug with exploit code

Cloud Security: Maintaining Least Privilege

CommonSpirit Health ransomware attack exposed data of 623,000 patients

Consumers prioritize mobile app security over features

Cyber scammers are scamming each other, and revealing dark web secrets along the way

Cyber-criminals Scammed Each Other Out of Millions in 2022

Cyberattack alert! FIFA World Cup falls prey to hackers

Cybercriminals are scamming each other, tipping off law enforcement

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Banking Institutions in the Digital Age

Cybersecurity expert warns businesses against increasingly sophisticated attacks

Data protection and security in 2023

Deception Technology: How to Trick Cybercriminals Into Focusing on a Decoy

Fingerprinting: Is It Really a Privacy Threat?

FTX hires forensics team to find customers’ missing billions

Gloucestershire is one of the least cyber secure counties in the south west

Google Warns of Internet Explorer Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited by ScarCruft Hackers

Hacked corporate email accounts used to send MSP remote access tool

Hackers are still finding - and using - flaws in Internet Explorer

Hacking as a Service: The dark side of corporate sabotage

Hacking US companies seems welcome in Russia, former FBI agent believes

HHS warns Royal ransomware threat targeting healthcare providers

How cyber insurance helps in countering rising levels of cyber threats

How significant will cryptocurrency risks be in 2023?

How To Build A More Resilient IT Department While Cutting Costs

How to Mitigate the Cyber Risks of Energy Blackouts

How to Protect Your Organization From Account Takeovers

Incident of the Week: Metallica encourages fans to seek and destroy crypto scams

India is dangerously unprepared for Chinese cyber-war. AIIMS ransomware attack shows why

Investment Fraud Gang May Have Made $500m

Iranian APT Agrius Targets Diamond Industry Worldwide With Fantasy Wiper

'Iranian Cyberattacks Are Improving - but They Have Made Many Mistakes'

Iranian Hackers Strike Diamond Industry with Data-Wiping Malware in Supply-Chain Attack

Is VoIP Telephony 100% Cybersecure? Tips to Avoid Deceptive Actions

Lack of Cybersecurity Expertise Poses Threat for Public-Safety Orgs

Leading cyber risks & trends in 2022

Medibank set for system-wide weekend shutdown

Medibank to shut down IT systems to bolster security following huge data breach

Metropolitan Opera dealing with cyberattack that shut down website, box office

Microsoft has discovered a new scam targeting crypto firms on Telegram

New Amazon Scam Tricks You Into Giving Up Control of Your Computer

New Gov.uk scam email: stay alert to the latest scam tactic

New 'Zombinder' platform binds Android malware with legitimate apps

On hacking forums, even the scammers aren’t safe

Online Retailer Giant Exposed User Data and Over 1 Billion Records

Over 31,000 Patients Impacted by Drive Compromised in Cyber Attack

Overcoming the security risk of messaging apps - can businesses control communications channels use

PayPal email scams are back: how to spot a dodgy message

Pennsylvania Amends Data Breach Notification Law

Phishing in the Cloud: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Phishing Scams: How To Recognize A Scam Email, VOIP call, or Text

Popular HR and Payroll Company Sequoia Discloses a Data Breach

Prioritizing Ransomware Readiness for Critical Infrastructure

Protecting the modern cloud environment with cloud email security

Rackspace stock falls after confirming ransomware attack behind last week's email 'security incident'

Ransomware attack on AIIMS Delhi servers deliberate, targeted

Ransomware attack on New Zealand's IT provider impacts multiple government ministries and authorities

Ransomware Warranties: Gimmick or Guarantee?

Real estate agency LJ Hooker hit with data breach

Researchers Uncover Darknet Service Allowing Hackers to Trojonize Legit Android Apps

Russia’s VTB bank hit by largest DDoS attack

Scammers Using Google Forms With SPF Insignia To Trick Victims, Singaporeans Urged To Be Aware

Securing the operational technology network

South Korea: Government to step up fight against phone phishing scams

South Korea: North Korea Launched Cyber Attack Using Itaewon Tragedy

Stolen data of 600,000 Indians sold on bot markets so far

Taiwan: Latest data breach shows updated details about Taiwan Vice President, top national security chief

The Internet-Based Threats Putting Your Organization at Risk

Three cloud security lessons learned in 2022 – and the path forward

Ukraine-Russia War: Putin Hedging on Cyberwarfare

US: These 7 states face the highest risk of identify theft and fraud

US Health Department warns of Royal Ransomware targeting healthcare

US Sues TikTok Over Child Safety and Data Security Claims

Web Application And API Cyberattacks Grow by 449%

Weep for the cybercriminals who fell for online scams and lost $2.5m last year

Why Early Threat Detection Is Important In K-12 Cloud Security

7th December

3 Extended Internet of Things (xIoT) Attacks Companies Aren't Prepared For

3 new phishing attacks that will catch advisers off-guard

5 Cryptocurrency Scams you Need to Avoid

7 reasons why you must embed trust into the core of your business

10 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

10 Warning Signs That Your Phone Is Spying On You

2023 Predictions: API Security the new Battle Ground in Cybersecurity

Adams-Friendship Area School District hit by ransomware

Amnesty International Canada claims attack by China-backed forces

Android security update fixes more than 80 security vulnerabilities - including four critical

Archive file formats discovered as most common way to deliver malware

Australia: Privacy commissioner to investigate Medibank

Beware the ‘phishermen’ – and don’t take the bait

Chinese Hackers Using Russo-Ukrainian War Decoys to Target APAC and European Entities

Cisco Survey Reveals Increased Focus on Cybersecurity Resilience

Cloud is growing target for cyberattacks

CloudSEK claims it was hacked by another cybersecurity firm

CloudSEK Pins Blames for Hack on Other Cybersecurity Firm

Colombian healthcare giant Keralty targeted by RansomHouse gang; forced to suspend operations

CommonSpirit Health says some patient information accessed in ransomware attack

Conway Regional Medical Center data breach $295K class action settlement

CryptosLabs ‘pig butchering’ ring stole up to $505 million since 2018

Cuban Foreign Ministry denounces cyber-attack

Cyber will be the biggest risk code for Lloyd’s in 2023

Cybersecurity adoption hampered by shortage of skills and poor product integration

Demystifying Cyber Insurance: 7 Key Security Controls Every Organization Should Have

Don’t get phished over the holidays

Elon Musk's Twitter followers targeted in fake crypto giveaway scam

Fear of cyberattacks drives SMBs to spend more on software

Five tips to keep yourself safe on social media

Fraudulent Funds Transfer (FFT) and Ransomware Represent Over Half of Cyber Insurance Claims in 2022

Google: North Korean government hackers used Internet Explorer zero-day to target South Korea users

Google: State hackers still exploiting Internet Explorer zero-days

Hackers use new Fantasy data wiper in coordinated supply chain attack

How Can Businesses Predict Hacking Activity and Be Prepared?

How do I protect myself against malware?

How Does Cyber Technology Affect Security?

How Railroads Mitigate Cyberthreats Against Their Networks

How to prevent against increasingly personalized attacks from hackers

How to protect your school from cyber attacks

How to Use a Phishing Simulation to Train Employees

Human Rights Watch details Iran-backed phishing campaign against activists

India: Will Digital Personal Data Protection Bill Finally Protect Users From Data Breaches?

Insider Risks Hamper the Digital Transformation Process

Insight Global COVID-19 tracing data breach class action settlement

Iranian hackers accused of targeting diamond industry with wiper malware

IT Army of Ukraine Hit Russian Banking Giant with Crippling DDoS Attack

Jim Koons Automotive Co. data breach class action settlement

Justice Hacked: When Cyber Criminals Come for the Courts

Major cloud, email hosting provider blames ransomware attack for outage

Malaysia: Think tank calls for greater transparency in data breach probes

Many SMBs still just aren't equipped to deal with cyberattacks

Metropolitan Opera Suffers Cyber Attack

Microsoft: (Cyber) winter is coming as DDoS attack disrupts Russian bank

Microsoft Alerts Cryptocurrency Industry of Targeted Cyberattacks

Microsoft Warns of Scammers Targeting Crypto Startups With ‘Weaponized’ Excel Files

Microsoft encourages 'strong cyber hygiene' in light of increasing Russian cyberattacks

Microsoft Warns Cryptocurrency Firms Against Complex Cyber-Attacks

Microsoft warns that Russian cyberattacks may extend beyond Ukraine

Millions of people have had their data sold on bot markets

NatWest warns of new phishing email which aims to scam you out of your bank details

New Babuk Ransomware Found in Major Attack

New Go-based Botnet Exploiting Exploiting Dozens of IoT Vulnerabilities to Expand its Network

New Zealand Privacy Commissioner Investigates Mercury IT Ransomware Attack

New Zealand government compromised in third-party cyber attack

New Zerobot malware has 21 exploits for BIG-IP, Zyxel, D-Link devices

Nine cybersecurity predictions for 2023 that’ll keep business owners up at night

Optus, Medibank – and supply chains flying under the radar

Police Dismantle SIM Swapping Gang in Spain

Rackspace: Ransomware attack to blame for ongoing outage

Rackspace email outage confirmed as ransomware attack

Rackspace hit with ransomware attack impacting thousands of customers

Ransomware Attack Impacts MSP’s Downstream Customers

Ransomware-hit SSP under broker fire amid latest issues

Researchers Weaponize Machine Learning Models With Ransomware

Russia's VTB Bank Suffers its Biggest Ever DDoS

Russia's VTB Bank targeted by a DDoS attack

Russian Espionage APT Callisto Focuses on Ukraine War Support Organizations

Russian Hackers Spotted Targeting U.S. Military Weapons and Hardware Supplier

Scammers trick victims into filling in Google forms with 'Singapore Police Force' insignia

Security Practitioners Lack Dark Web Threat Intelligence Training

Security Risks Found in Millions of Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) Devices

South Staffs Water customers criticise 'scary gobbledy-gook' messages after cyber attack

Spanish police take down Black Panthers gang that used social engineering to con banking users

Spyware Vendor’s Heliconia Framework Exploits Browser Vulnerabilities

Suffolk University Reports Data Breach Impacting Thousands of Current and Former Students

Supply Chain Web Skimming Attacks Hit Dozens of Sites

Tarentum investigating after falling victim to online scam for nearly $140,000

Texas appraisal districts hit by ransomware attacks

These Are the 50 Most Popular Passwords in America - and That’s Not a Good Thing

This holiday season, beware of SMS delivery scams

Thousands of children’s medical records leaked

To encrypt or not to encrypt - That is the question

Top 7 factors boosting enterprise cybersecurity resilience

UK Government Department Using Unsupported Applications, Reveals Watchdog

UK privacy watchdog reveals more than two dozen data breach incidents

Unpatched Exchange servers could be behind Rackspace's ransomware attack

Vice Society Ransomware Attackers Targeted Dozens of Schools in 2022

Vice Society ransomware 'persistent threat' to education sector

Washington Attorney General Says Data Breaches at ‘Historic High’ Across State

Washington data breaches are at a ‘record-breaking severity.’ How to keep your personal data safe

When it Comes to Ransomware, Deception is Better Than Cure

Why Indian MSMEs Must Rethink Cybersecurity

Why the Holidays are the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Fraudsters

Why You Must Think Like Your Adversary After a Data Breach

Will the 2.5M Records Breach Impact Student Loan Relief?

6th December

68% of IT leaders are worried about API sprawl

A Decade of Discussion and We’re Still Not Thinking Laterally

Add brand security to your workload

After AIIMS, Chinese hackers ATTACK Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) website over 6000 times in a day

After AIIMS, top medical body Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) servers under cyber attack

After AIIMS Delhi, hacking attempts on Indian Council of Medical Research’s server

AIIMS Online registration of Outpatient Department (OPD) patients resumes two weeks after cyberattack

Amnesty International breach linked to Chinese government, investigation finds

Amnesty International Canada says it was hacked by Beijing

Amnesty International Canada breached by suspected Chinese hackers

Amnesty International Canada says it was targeted by China-sponsored cyber attack

Android December 2022 security updates fix 81 vulnerabilities

Antwerp's city services down after hackers attack digital partner

Attackers take over expired domain to deliver web skimming scripts

Australian insurer Medibank says hackers leaked all of the data they stole in October

Beyond Google: The Real Problem with Data Privacy

Black Basta Ransomware Group Actively Targeting U.S. Companies: What You Need to Know

Businesses beware: 5 major ransomware attack cases in 2022 that victimised businesses

Cambridge Water: Customer details targeted in cyber attack

China-Based Hackers Target Amnesty International Canada

Chinese Hackers Target Middle East Telecoms in Latest Cyber Attacks

Christmas Warning: Threat Actors Impersonate your Favorite Brands to Attack

Chrome browser security: Google warns users over security risk

CISA adds Google zero-day to exploited vulnerabilities list

Cyber security: Getting basic hygiene right

Darknet's Largest Mobile Malware Marketplace Threatens Users Worldwide

DEFRA's legacy software problem 'threatens' UK government cyber security until 2030

Economic uncertainty will greatly impact the spread of cybercrime

Feds warn of Cuba ransomware threat targeting the healthcare sector

Gen Z Internet Users "Normalize" Cybercrime

Google Chrome zero-day exploited in the wild (CVE-2022-4262)

How Can Boards and CIOs Help Reduce Risk? By Asking the Right Questions

How Should Data Brokers and Credit Bureaus Be Protecting Your Data?

How to Detect a Cyber Attack

India's leading state hospital recovers systems after cyber attack

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Website Safe, Cyber Attack Successfully Prevented

International police operation takes down iSpoof

Iranian State Hackers Targeting Key Figures in Activism, Journalism, and Politics

Kingston reiterates role of encrypted hardware in mobile healthcare data security

Korea’s popular digital wallet Payco hit by signature key hijacking

Largest Dark Web Webinjects Marketplace “In The Box” Discovered

Macmillan Reports Data Breach Leaking Consumers’ Social Security Numbers

Malware Apps With 2 Million Install Pose Risk For Android Users: Find Out Why

Massachusetts hospital to refund patients for losses after data breach

Massive DDoS attack takes Russia’s second-largest bank VTB offline

Medlab Pathology faces questions over data breach timeline

Metallica issues crypto scam alert before the 72 Seasons album launch

Microsoft: Hackers target cryptocurrency firms over Telegram

Microsoft’s Warning About How Hackers Are Bypassing MFA – What You Need to Know

Most Common IAM Mistakes to Avoid to Ramp Up Your Cybersecurity

Multiple government departments in New Zealand affected by ransomware attack on IT provider

New Zealand: Cyber attack widens, via third party, affecting government agencies

NETGEAR Router Vulnerability Allowed Access to Restricted Services

North Shore Pain Management, Resolve I.T. data breach $200K class action settlement

Open Source Ransomware Toolkit Cryptonite Turns Into Accidental Wiper Malware

“Patchwork of Solutions” Leaving Firms Susceptible to Cyber-attacks

Phishing scammers impersonate WhatsApp by buying a top ad spot on Google

Prolific Chinese Hackers Stole US COVID funds

Qatar 2022: African World Cup Broadcaster Struck by 'Jealous' Cyber Attackers

Rackspace confirms outage was caused by ransomware attack

Rackspace Hosted Exchange outage was caused by ransomware

Rackspace Hosted Exchange Ransomware Attack: Email Outage Timeline and Recovery Updates

Rackspace says ransomware attack caused outage

Rackspace-Hosted Exchange Service Gets Hit with Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Gang Steals Employee and Customer Data From LJ Hooker

Ransomware Toolkit Cryptonite Re-emerges as Wiper

Report finds half of UK manufacturers suffered cyber-attacks in last 12 months

Russian Hackers Use Western Networks to Attack Ukraine

Russian hacking group spoofed Microsoft login page of US military supplier

Russian state-owned bank VTB hit by largest DDoS attack in its history

Second LastPass Security Breach in 2022 Exposed Customer Data, Company Admits

Several Code Execution Vulnerabilities Patched in Sophos Firewall

Snap Finance, LLC Files Notice of Data Breach

South Africa: Defending the digital gates

Streaming Scam: World Cup, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and More

Suspects arrested for hacking US networks to steal employee data

Swiss Government Wants to Implement Mandatory Duty to Report Cyber-Attacks

Telcom and BPO Companies Under Attack by SIM Swapping Hackers

The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has been knocked offline for more than a month

The true cost of phishing attacks

This badly made ransomware can't decrypt your files, even if you pay the ransom

Threat Actors Use Malicious File Systems to Scale Crypto-Mining Operations

UK manufacturing sector under threat from cyber-criminals

Understanding NIST CSF to assess your organization's Ransomware readiness

What you should know when considering cyber insurance in 2023

What’s the Matter with digital trust in smart home devices?

With Operational Technology (OT) attacks on rise, organizations weigh cybersecurity trends for 2023

Your payroll could be the target of the next phishing scam

5th December

4 Types of Cyber Attacks Worrying Cyber Security Experts

5 Ways Cybercrime Could Develop over the Next 5 Years

8 Behavior-Based Safety Tips You Must Follow to Stay Safe Online

25 Year-Old Hacker Jailed For Stealing $20 Million in Crypto - Find Out How He Did It

44% Of Malware Delivered Inside Archive Files In Q3

59% of Nigerians have fallen victim to E-Banking fraud

90% of companies in APAC rate digital trust highly

A Holiday Season of Sophisticated Phishing

App Flaw Allowed Honda and Nissan Cars Hack by Knowing VIN number

Avoid an own goal: The World Cup and the cybercrime menace

Bank of Hope data breach class action settlement

Beware of this Excel file that launches macros to empty your wallet of cryptos

Beware of Your Medical Partners, Suppliers: Breaches Up 102%

Cambridge Water customers informed of data breach three months after cyberattack

Chinese hackers stole $20M in COVID relief funds, feds say

Chrome browser security: Google warns users over security risk

CISA and FBI Say Cuba Ransomware’s Lifetime Earnings Crossed $60M in 2022

CISA orders agencies to patch exploited Google Chrome bug by Dec 26th

CommonSpirit confirms network accessed a week before ransomware attack

Community Health Network reports online tracking data breach affecting 1.5 million

Connected medical devices are the Achilles’ heel of healthcare orgs

Critical Ping bug potentially allows remote hack of FreeBSD systems

Critical Ping Vulnerability Allows Remote Attackers to Take Over FreeBSD Systems

Critical Vulnerabilities Force Twitter Alternative Hive Social Offline

Cuba ransomware group hitting US organizations in 5 critical sectors

Cyber as a Culture: Four Steps To Mitigate Insider Threats

Cyber attacks on hospitals are a new e-pandemic – are we prepared?

Cyber Extortion Growing Exponentially in Africa, Middle East and China

Cybercrime is becoming more like a standard business

Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever in 2023

Cybersecurity Should Focus on Managing Risk

Cybersecurity threats to protect against in 2023 — ransomware still king

Data Breaches: What They Are, Why They Occur, and How to Prevent Them

Data of Israeli Employees from 29 Logistics Firms Sold Online

Data on thousands of Aussies for sale on bot markets

Data-wiping malware hits Russian courts, city halls

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary says US faces 'a new kind of warfare'

Education sector hit by Hive ransomware in November

Endpoint detection & response and its cybersecurity benefits

Engage your employees with better cybersecurity training

Fake Windows Crypto Apps Spreading AppleJeus Malware

FBI warning: This ransomware gang has hit over 100 targets and made more than $60 million

Finance firms need to check their cybersecurity posture

Flaw in Aged Boa Web Server Threatens Supply Chain

‘Foreign sabotage, ransomware, espionage’ - angles under probe in AIIMS cyberattack

Fraudsters are using the cost of living crisis to rinse people out of money - here are the scams everyone needs to know about

French hospital complex suspends operations, transfers patients after ransomware attack

French Hospital Halts Operations After Cyber-Attack

French Hospital Suspends Operations After Crippling Cyber Attack

Gang’s number is up: police bust spells end for SIM cloners

Google issues urgent warning to millions of Chrome browser users over security flaw

Google Releases Chrome Emergency Fix For Ninth Zero-Day This Year

Guide to Network Security

Hacker accesses Orlando Health employee's email

Hacker Exploits Sirius XM Flaw to Remotely Unlock, Honk Horn on Cars

Hackers Actively Attack RDP Servers To Deploy Ransomware

Hackers hijack Linux devices using PRoot isolated filesystems

How Can Hackers Access Your Phone Data? Latest Fraud Techniques

How companies time data leak disclosures

How did confidential gun permit data get leaked?

How To: Make Security a Board Level Discussion

How to be Safe on Social Media: A Guide for Everybody

How to Recognize and Avoid Crypto Scams and Phishing Attempts

How to take on the ever growing cyber security threat

Infostealer malware surges on dark web amid rise in MFA fatigue attacks

Iran: State-Backed Hacking Of Activists, Journalists, Politicians, Says Human Rights Watch

Iran-backed hackers stage phishing campaign against activists, journalists

Iranian espionage campaign targets journalists, diplomats, activists, says Human Rights Watch

Killnet DDoS Group Executes a Cyber Attack on the EU Parliament Website After Resolution Against Russia

LastPass suffers second data breach in 3 months

Look out for these ’12 scams of Christmas,’ Better Business Bureau warns

Manufacturers Struggle to Manage Cyber-Threats from New Tech Deployments

Meta’s data scraping: against the rules yet impossible to stop?

Microsoft warns of Russian cyberattacks throughout the winter

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Will Not Save the Insurance Industry

Microsoft: Beware Russian Winter Cyber-Offensive

Nearly 500 Million WhatsApp Records Allegedly Stolen in Data Leak, Offered on Dark Web for a Few Thousand Dollars

Nearly half of British manufacturers hit by cyber-attack in the last year

New BMC Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Affect Servers from Dozens of Manufacturers

Nigerians alerted to new phishing attacks, WhatsApp compromise

North Korean Hackers Spread AppleJeus Malware Disguised as Cryptocurrency Apps

November was the second busiest month for ransomware attacks this year

Organizations Face Barrage of Holiday Ransomware Attacks

Pakistan: Digital Warfare a National Security Threat

Password Managers Keep Getting Hacked. Should You Still Trust Them?

Phones, email and internet working at Durham District School Board (DDSB) schools again following cyber attack

Rackspace Admits Security Incident, Helps Customers Migrate to Microsoft 365 Accounts

Rackspace Hosted Exchange service outage caused by security incident

Rackspace Shuts Down Hosted Exchange Systems Due to Security Incident

Ransomware attack forces French hospital to transfer patients

Ransomware Professionalization Grows as RaaS Takes Hold

Risk of hacker attacks from Russia on Italian institutional sites

Risks of connecting to a public Wi-Fi network and how to avoid them

Russian Courts Targeted by New CryWiper Data Wiper Malware Posing as Ransomware

Safdarjung Hospital Faces Fresh Hacking Attack After AIIMS

Scam emails impersonating big brands Amazon, DHL, Currys, Aldi and ASDA warning

Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) identifies increase in stolen credential sales

Severe AMI MegaRAC flaws impact servers from AMD, ARM, HPE, Dell, others

SIM Swapper Who Stole $20 Million Sentenced to Prison

SiriusXM Vulnerability Lets Hackers Remotely Unlock and Start Connected Cars

Skokie issues scam alert after resident receives false phishing email about unsafe water

Sneaky hackers reverse defense mitigations when detected

Sturdy Memorial Hospital data breach class action settlement

Swiss government proposes “reporting duty” for cyberattacks on vital infrastructure

Tackling the Scourge of Malicious Streaming Sites During this Year’s FIFA World Cup

'Team Mysterious Bangladesh' Hackers Target Indian Education Entity

The 5 Biggest Data Breaches of 2022

The more you buy, the less you protect

The New External Attack Surface: 3 Elements Every Organization Should Monitor

The Slow Shift Toward Passwordless Access

‘The world should be prepared’ - Microsoft issues warning about Russian cyberattacks over winter

These Android Apps In Google Play Infected 2M Devices With Malware, Delete ASAP

Three vulnerabilities found in popular baseboard software

Three ways to break the blame culture on security teams

Time to update: Google Chrome browser patches high-severity security flaw

To Stem The Tide Of Ransomware, Close Gaps And Increase Visibility

Travis Central Appraisal District hit with ransomware attack

US Offshore Natural Gas & Oil Infrastructure Faces Rising Cybersecurity Threats

What is antivirus used for?

What is API Governance?

What MDR is (and what it’s not)

What’s the Main Cause of Avoidable Cybersecurity Incidents?

When Being Attractive Gets Risky - How Does Your Attack Surface Look to an Attacker?

World Cup Cyber Crime: Spotting It, Thwarting It

Why API Gateways are Critical for Cloud Security

Why enterprises require cyber-security strategies for cloud journeys

Why staff losing laptops costs more than ransomware attacks

Wiper, Disguised as Fake Ransomware, Targets Russian Orgs

Ransomware Operator Claims - Week 48 2022

Welcome to last week's ROC Report, an exclusive summary of Ransomware Operator's global victims that were claimed during the period between 28th November and 4th December 2022, kindly provided by our partners.

Flag Icons created by Freepik and provided by Flaticon.

Thursday, 1 December 2022

Cuba: FBI & CISA Report Reveals Ransomware Operator Successfully Extorted $60 Million From Over 100 Worldwide Victims In 20 Months

Data-Leaking Ransomware Report - November 2022

Welcome to last month's DLR Report, an exclusive presentation of Data-Leaking Ransomware Operator's Global and US Victims that were claimed between 1st November and 30th November 2022.

DBD discovered and researched 258 Global Ransomware Victims over 51 Countries and Islands, including 119 US Ransomware Victims over 34 States and Districts, claimed by 31 Data-Leaking Ransomware Operators in November 2022.

Download PDF

Data Source: Data Breaches Digest.

Monday, 28 November 2022

Politie Zwijndrecht: Belgian Police Force Suffers "Ragnar Locker" Ransomware Attack Resulting In Sensitive Data Leaked On Dark Web

Guilford College: US Private College Suffers "Hive" Ransomware Attack Resulting In Stolen Staff And Students' Data Leaked On The Dark Web

Data Breaches Digest - Week 48 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 28th November and 4th December 2022.

4th December

3 smart tips to protect your identity online

5 Reasons to Secure Your Email Account in 2023

After AIIMS, Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital faces hacking attack

After AIIMS, Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital Reports Being Hit by a Cyber Attack in November

Android malware apps with 2 million installs spotted on Google Play

Android phones from Samsung, LG, and other manufacturers are exposed to security breaches

APAC cybersecurity trends in 2023

Australia warned that cybercrime will only get worse

CommonSpirit Health Provides Cyberattack Update and Notification of Data Breach Involving Virginia Mason Franciscan Health in Washington state

Complacency is abetting cyber crime and ransomware attacks

Could EV charging stations become targets?

Cybersecurity: Renewed focus for safe shopping online

Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data, supply chain study finds

Delhi: After AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital reports cyberattack

From fake links for online meetings to drones - South African businesses warned of cyberattacks

Google issues urgent Gmail scam warning and calls on people to be vigilant

Have you logged in on another PC that is not yours? Protect your accounts now

How to know if your mobile is tapped or hacked

India: Cyber attacks triple in last three years, but security funds underutilised

Medibank Data Breach: Hackers Upload More Customer Data, Say ‘Case Closed’ on World Cybersecurity Day

New York Ambulance Service reportedly minimized the Hive Gang hack of 300,000 members

New Zealand Health Insurer Investigates IT Provider Hack

Nigerian Communications Commission’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT) Warns On Phishing Attack

North Korean APT37 Unleashes Dolphin Backdoor on South Korea

Rackspace Hosted Exchange Outage Due to Security Incident

Security Expert Locates Sirius XM Bug That Allowed Vehicle Hacking

UK to Introduce New Law Mandating Businesses to Disclose All Ransomware Attacks

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cyber Safety Board will review Lapsus$ gang’s operations

Versailles hospital targeted by cyberattack

We are still failing to learn the most important lesson in cybersecurity. That needs to change, fast

What is Bluebugging and how it is dangerous?

3rd December

6 Quadrillion Token Heist Hits BNB Chain-Based DeFi Protocol Ankr

18% of Brazilians have had digital services hacked after password leaks

A new Linux flaw can be chained with other two bugs to gain full root privileges

AIIMS Ransomware Attack Conspiracy Planned By Significant Forces

America’s Critical Infrastructure is Fragile and Vulnerable

Cambridge Water customers’ bank details published to dark web after cyber attack

CryWiper Masquerading as Ransomware to Target Russian Courts

Cyber alert: NCC-CSIRT warns Nigerians on latest Phishing attack

Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data

Deconstructing the cyber-threat landscape for 2023 and beyond

Ethical Hacker Discovers SiriusXM Ability to Unlock and Start Cars Ahead of the Evil Ones

Exploit Confirmed on Ankr Protocol, Helio Money Faces Windfall

Find out if they spy on your Android mobile

Five scams to watch out for on Facebook Marketplace

Google fixed the ninth actively exploited Chrome zeroday this year

Google Rolls Out New Chrome Browser Update to Patch Yet Another Zero-Day Vulnerability

Hackers use new, fake crypto app to breach networks, steal cryptocurrency

How cybercrime could cripple Australia's systems

How to choose between outsourced vs in-house cybersecurity

Ireland: HSE brace for likely legal actions following cyber breach disclosures

Making cybersecurity awareness training a cornerstone of the curriculum

Malware Apps Signed with Compromised Android Platform Certificates

MediaTek, Samsung and LG certificates were used to validate malware on Android

Meta faces lawsuit for harvesting financial data from tax prep websites

North Korea’s Nuclear Program Is Funded by Stolen Cryptocurrency, Could It Collapse Now That FTX Has?

Not the bargain they asked for: Cyber threats hound Filipino shoppers

Online Leak of Stolen Twitter Data Leads to the Discovery of a Greater Breach

Rackspace rocked by ‘security incident’ that has taken out some hosted Exchange services

Russia coordinating Ukraine hacks with missiles, could increasingly target European allies, Microsoft warns

San Diego Unified telling staff & students to change passwords following cybersecurity incident

SIM swapper gets 18-months for involvement in $22 million crypto heist

Think You've Just Been Exposed to a Cyber Criminal? Here Are 8 Ways You Can Save Yourself and Others From Being Scammed

Why Do Crypto Companies Keep Getting Hacked?

2nd December

360m Alleged WhatsApp Records Shared Freely on Telegram and Dark Web

After Discovery of Huge Data Breach, Twitter Alternative Hive Goes Offline

AIIMS Ransomware Attack: A Wake-Up Call For India

All of Medibank’s stolen data leaked, Australia increases maximum penalties for data breaches

Australia among top countries affected by ransomware attacks

Binance freezes $3 million worth of crypto stolen in Ankr hack

Binance pauses withdrawals after hacker exploits Ankr and Hay tokens

'Black Proxies' Enable Threat Actors to Conduct Malicious Activity

BlackProxies proxy service increasingly popular among hackers

Browser Isolation As An Enterprise Security Control?

Canada: New legal action for privacy breach doesn’t apply to hacked data aggregators

CISA Warns Against Online Holiday Shopping Scams

CISA Warns of Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities Affecting Mitsubishi Electric PLCs

Cuba Ransomware Actors Pocket $60m

Cuba Ransomware Extorted Over $60 Million in Ransom Fees from More than 100 Entities

Cybersecurity Experts On Protecting Data At The World Cup

DeFi protocol Ankr suffers exploit, Binance cleans up situation – Is a price drop for Ethereum to come?

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cyber Safety Board to review Lapsus$ gang’s hacking tactics

Don’t ignore the security risks of limitless cloud data

Experts argue 'sludge' could muck up cyber attacks

FBI warns about Cuba, no, not that one — the ransomware gang

Financial organizations more prone to accidental data leakage

Five Albanian state IT staff investigated over Iran hack

Five reasons why we can expect a major cyberattack on a healthcare organization in 2023

Florida's Tax Website Exposes Hundreds of Sensitive Data: Filers' Bank Accounts, Social Security Numbers

Gartner analysts reveal 8 cybersecurity predictions for 2023

Google Chrome emergency update fixes 9th zero-day of the year

Hacker Makes Off With Millions After Minting Six Quadrillion of Ankr’s BNB Staking Tokens

Hackers and Phishing, Oh My! Easing Fintech Security Concerns

Hackers Exploiting Redis Vulnerability to Deploy New Redigo Malware on Servers

Hackers Sign Android Malware Apps with Compromised Platform Certificates

Hackers Use Archive Files and HTML Smuggling to Bypass Detection Tools

Health insurer Accuro says 30,000 customers’ data potentially exposed in hack

Healthcare cybersecurity ‘exponentially growing in importance,’ senator says

Here are a few ways to help protect your identity against hackers

How Ransomware Trends Will Drive Significant Data Management Changes In 2023

How to Overcome Challenges to Zero Trust Adoption

How To Unravel The Minefield That Is Web App Security

I am a Medibank customer. Am I affected by the cyber-attack? What can I do to protect myself?

Knox College experiences ‘system disruption’ from ransomware; cybersecurity experts to assist

LastPass admits to customer data breach caused by previous breach

Last Pass reports second data breach in three months

LastPass security breach was worse than initially thought

LastPass Suffers Second Major Data Breach in Four Months

Let's get ethical: Data privacy as an ethical business practice

Medibank prognosis gets worse after more stolen data leaked

More organisations in Africa threatened by Ransomware, Sophos reveals

More than 150 Oracle Access Management systems exposed to bug highlighted by CISA

Never-before-seen malware is nuking data in Russia’s courts and mayors’ offices

New CryWiper data wiper targets Russian courts, mayor’s offices

No Pressure: Water Utility Drips Alert 4 Months After Breach

'No-one wants our data, it's not important': Wrong

Paying the Ransom in Response to a Ransomware Attack can Sometimes Backfire

Personal data leaked in St. Michael ransomware attack

Police arrest 55 members of 'Black Panthers' SIM Swap gang

Ransomware as a Service and Rise of Metaverse can pose new cybersecurity challenges in 2023

Researchers Disclose Supply-Chain Flaw Affecting IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL

Russian regions attacked by new wiper posing as ransomware

Schoolyard Bully Malware Stealing Facebook Credentials on Android

Seattle-area debt collector allegedly compromised data of 3.7 million people

SIM-swapper gets 18 months, must pay back $20 million he stole from crypto investor

Social Engineering Attacks: 3 Strategies to Mitigate Risk

Social Security numbers of Suffolk employees compromised during cyber attack

Spanish police arrest 55 people involved in wide-ranging cyberscam operation

St. Michael Medical Center patient information at risk in ransomware data attack

Swiss seek mandatory reporting of cyberattacks on key infrastructure

Trojan Steals Facebook Details from Over 300K Victims

Vanuatu: Most government servers back on after cyber attack

Watch Out! These Android Keyboard Apps With 2 Million Installs Can be Hacked Remotely

Watch out for this triple-pronged PayPal phishing and fraud scam

What Is Phishing?

Why Data Governance Must be a Key Focus for Australian Business in 2023

1st December

A Syntax Error Led to Crashing of KmsdBot Cryptomining Botnet

A year later, Log4Shell still lingers

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi Working On Cyber Security Policy With Investigating Agencies

Ambry Genetics data breach $12.25M class action settlement

Android malware infected 300,000 devices to steal Facebook accounts

Are you using word 'password' as your password?

As Cyberattacks Increase on K-12 Schools, Here Is What’s Being Done

Australia: State Government gets $1.7m compensation for payroll data hack

Australia amongst top targeted countries for ransomware

Australia Passes Bill Increasing Data Breach Fines from $2.2 to $50 Million

Back in Black...Basta

‘Bluebugging’ gives hackers access to chats, contacts, and more; Keep yourself safe!

California gun data breach was unintentional

Clearing the fog: Identifying blind spots in cybersecurity budgeting

ConnectWise Quietly Patches Flaw That Helps Phishers

Cuba ransomware group has stolen $60 million from at least 100 organizations

Cuba ransomware raked in $60 million from over 100 victims

Cyber attack hits North East London Foundation Trust finance systems

Cyberattacks, ransomware incidents expected to rise in 2023

Cybersecurity: Why effective data security necessary in today’s competitive world

Dallam Hartley Counties Hospital District Reports Data Breach Affecting over 69k Patients

Data Security Concerns Are Driving Changes in US Consumer Behavior and Demands

Eufy's security cameras send data to the cloud without consent, and that's not the worst part

Federal defense contractors are not properly securing military secrets

From fake ads to phishing links - five scams to watch out for on Facebook Marketplace

FTX collapse will blunt activities of North Korea hackers

Google Accuses Spanish Spyware Vendor of Exploiting Chrome, Firefox, & Windows Zero-Days

Hackers accessed LastPass customer details using information stolen in August hack

Hackers Leak Another Set of Medibank Customer Data on the Dark Web

Hackers Target Colombia's Healthcare System With Ransomware

How do hackers know my passwords?

How Thinking Outside Silos Helps Risk Management and Cyber Threat Response

How Virtual CISOs Are Reshaping SMB Cybersecurity

Hundreds of scam predatory loan platforms found on Google and Apple app stores

Hyundai app bugs allowed hackers to remotely unlock, start cars

Incident of the Week: Passwords secure in latest LastPass data breach

Increased cyber threats call for measures: is cyber insurance the answer?

IKEA confirms it was hit in significant cyberattack

LastPass Breached Again – The Second Time in 2022

LastPass Reveals Another Customer Data Breach

LastPass Suffers Another Security Breach; Exposed Some Customers Information

LastPass, GoTo announce security incident

Latest LastPass data breach involves hacker gaining access to third-party cloud storage

Leveling up your cyber vigilance: Securing your email against phishing attacks

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in November 2022 – 32 Million Records Breached

Little Rock School District reports potential data breach

Lynnwood data breach exposed sensitive info for 3.7 million across US

Manitoba Health confirms data breach after break-in at facility

Medibank hackers reportedly release all data on dark web

Medibank responds to hackers’ biggest data dump overnight

New DuckLogs malware service claims having thousands of ‘customers’

New Redigo malware drops stealthy backdoor on Redis servers

Nigeria-based group ‘Lilac Wolverine’ using COVID-19, emotional lures in BEC scams

Password manager LastPass suffers second major data breach of 2022

Phishing for likes: How cybercriminals are exploiting Instagram's copyright reports

Predatory loan mobile apps grab data, harass users and their contacts

Prestige Ransomware Attack Highlights Need to Update Cyber Security

Ransomware group may have stolen customer bank details from British water company

Researchers Accidentally Crash Cryptomining Botnet

Researchers 'Accidentally' Crash KmsdBot Cryptocurrency Mining Botnet Network

Researchers Disclose Critical RCE Vulnerability Affecting Quarkus Java Framework

Samsung, LG, Mediatek certificates compromised to sign Android malware

San Juan Regional Medical Center Reaches Settlement Following Healthcare Data Breach

Schoolyard Bully Trojan Apps Stole Facebook Credentials from Over 300,000 Android Users

Security pros feel threat detection and response workloads have increased

Social Media Platforms and Data Breaches: Are Your Secured?

Spyware Vendor Variston Exploited Chrome, Firefox and Windows 0-days

Spyware Vendor Variston Exploited N-Days in Chrome, Firefox, Windows

Stop Ransomware: Cuba Ransomware

The Delicate Relationship Between IT and OT

The Pope’s website taken offline in suspected hacker attack

These file types are the ones most commonly used by hackers to hide their malware

Twitter competitor Hive has been taken offline due to security concerns

Twitter Data Breach Nightmare – Millions of Subscriber’s Data Remains at Risk

UK Extends NIS Regulations to IT Managed Service Providers

'Unfortunate and regrettable incident': Inside the Otago University data breach

US: Treasurer's Office back online; cyber attack under investigation

Using TWS or Bluetooth devices? Here's how you can safeguard yourself from Bluetooth hacking

Vatican hit by suspected cyber attack days after Pope criticises Russia

What Developers Need to Fight the Battle Against Common Vulnerabilities

What is the W4SP Information Stealer?

WhatsApp Files on Dark Web Show Millions of Records For Sale

With ransomware on the rise, managed services providers are critical

30th November

3 New Vulnerabilities Affect OT Products from German Companies Festo and CODESYS

5 Common Twitter Scams and How to Avoid Them

5 Threats to Your Enterprise Mobile Device Security and How to Prevent Them

33% of attacks in the cloud leverage credential access

67% IaaS Cloud users hit by ransomware globally this year

16,000+ Scam Domains Aimed at FIFA World Cup Fans in Qatar

Android and iOS apps with 15 million installs extort loan seekers

Australia Passes Bill to Fine Companies up to $50 Million for Data Breaches

Australia will now fine firms up to AU$50 million for data breaches

Australian Parliament Passes Privacy Penalty Bill

Beware, Hackers target fans with phishing attacks and scams during the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Black Basta Crew Using Qakbot in Widespread Ransomware Strikes

Businesses Increasing Cyber Spend Without Clear Strategy, Fastly Finds

Businesses Should Consider the SAFETY Act a Core Part of Their Ransomware Defense Program

Canadian public school board forced to suspend online classes following a cyber attack

Can you trust the US Government with your data?

China-Based Hackers Target Southeast Asia With USB-Based Malware

Chinese Cyber Espionage Hackers Using USB Devices to Target Entities in Philippines

Community Health Network notifies data breach involving tracking code

Crafty threat actor uses 'aged' domains to evade security platforms

Critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Critical RCE bugs in Android remote keyboard apps with 2M installs

Cybersecurity researchers take down DDoS botnet by accident

Encryption provider for Sony leaks data for over a year

French Electricity Provider Fined for Storing Users' Passwords with Weak MD5 Algorithm

Google accuses Spanish spyware company of ties to zero-day exploitation framework

Google discovers Windows exploit framework used to deploy spyware

Google shares details of newly found commercial spyware threats

GoTo says hackers breached its dev environment, cloud storage

Guatemala’s Foreign Ministry investigating ransomware attack

Hackers & phishing attacks could plague the Metaverse in 2023

Hackers using USB drives to spread malware in ongoing attack

Holiday Shopping Season 2022: The Complete Retail Threat Landscape

How businesses can prevent becoming the next ransomware victim

How Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Recognized Security Practices Boost Healthcare Cybersecurity

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) accidentally posted identities of 6,000 asylum seekers to agency website

Ingalls & Snyder, LLC Files Notice of Data Breach Following Unauthorized Access to the Company’s Computer Network

Is Your Inbox Riddled With Scams? It’s Time to Amp Up Yout Email Security

Keralty ransomware attack impacts Colombia's health care system

Knock-on effects: the risks of cyber crime for life insurers

Lastpass says hackers accessed customer data in new breach

LastPass suffers another data breach, customer data leaked

Majority of US Defense Contractors Not Meeting Basic Cybersecurity Requirements

Most Small Biz IaaS Users Seeing Surge in Attacks

New "Icefall" Bugs Include Critical DoS Flaw

New Windows malware also steals data from victims’ mobile phones

North Korea Hackers Using New "Dolphin" Backdoor to Spy on South Korean Targets

NVIDIA releases GPU driver update to fix 29 security flaws

Pennsylvania Amends Breach Notification Law

Personal information of thousands of City of Edmonton workers found in data breach

Private info from December Twitter data breach leaked online

Ransomware, SMBs remain key security concerns amidst focus on critical infrastructures

Report warns of more devastating cyberattacks in 2023

Researchers Find a Way Malicious NPM Libraries Can Evade Vulnerability Detection

Researchers find bugs allowing access, remote control of cars

Russia-backed Sandworm group using novel RansomBoggs ransomware to target Ukrainian organisations

Safetradebinaryoptions Analyzes Mango Platform Hack In Crypto Theft Report

Security expert dives deeply on four types of email attack

Should Social Media Users Engage in a Tug-of-war with Hackers?

Singapore releases blueprint to combat ransomware attacks

South Staffs Water customer data leaked after ransomware attack

Tackling the Rise of Insider Threat Risk After the Great Resignation

The Changing Threat Landscape of Cyber Risk

The Optus data breach – an earthquake whose aftermath is still being felt

This cruel email-hacking gang aims to tug on your heartstrings and steal your cash

This Malicious App Abused Hacked Devices to Create Fake Accounts on Multiple Platforms

TikTok Invisible Body Challenge Trend Abused to Drop Malware

TransUnion class action claims insecure information storage led to data breach

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs admits to improperly disclosing COVID-19 vaccine data for 500,000 staff

UK introducing mandatory cyber incident reporting for managed service providers

Unregistered work devices heighten Philippine firms’ cyber risks

Vatican website down in suspected hacker attack

Vice ransomware gang strikes IKEA Morocco and Kuwait, publishes stolen data samples on the Dark Web

What is Ransom Cartel? A ransomware gang focused on reputational damage

WhatsApp data breach reportedly leaks info of 500 million users

Zero-Day Flaw Discovered in Quarkus Java Framework

29th November

5 PayPal Scams to Watch Out For

5.4 Million Twitter User Records Hacked

7 Cyber Security Tips for SMBs

9/10 organisations say digital trust extremely important

Acer Laptop Vulnerability Allows Malware Infection During Secure Boot

Alleged WhatsApp Data Leak Compromises 500M Phone Numbers

As phishing volumes increase, experts pin hope on AI and trained employees as a last line of defense

Australia: 80% of nation’s firms hit by ransomware

Breaking down the cybersecurity risks at Elon Musk's Twitter

Building trust with reputational defense

Catching up with the evolving rules of cybersecurity

Christmas a special time for cyber criminals

CISA Warns of Actively Exploited Critical Oracle Fusion Middleware Vulnerability

CISA's Strategic Plan Is Ushering in a New Cybersecurity Era

Columbia Grain International, LLC Reports March 2022 Data Breach

Cons access LinkedIn data, employ spear-phishing to swindle users

Could EV charging stations become targets?

Current, former patients of Wright and Filippis may have been impacted by data breach

Cybercrime threat to real estate sector intensifying

Cybercriminals are cashing in on FIFA World Cup-themed cyberattacks

Cybercriminals take advantage of the chaos on Twitter to launch phishing campaigns

Cybersecurity: How to do More for Less

Cybersecurity compliance: A necessity for your business

Cybersecurity in 2022: 6 Key Trends That Defined the Year

Cybersecurity Is Founded on Simple Principles

Data Security: What You Should Know

Deploying Security Automation to Your Endpoints

Durham school board faces cyber attack

Energy bills support scam warning as fake texts urge people to apply for £400 discount

Espionage group using USB devices to hack targets in Southeast Asia

Experts Find 16,000+ Scam FIFA World Cup Domains

Facebook owner Meta fined by Irish watchdog for data breach

Fake COVID-19 Tracking App Spreads Punisher Ransomware

FTX Hacker Sent 255 BTC ($4.1 million) to Crypto Exchange OKX

Global Cyber Threats Surge to All-time Highs

Google files lawsuit accusing ‘G Verifier’ scammers of impersonating company

Hacker Attack On DraftKings Still Causing Headaches For Affected Bettors

Hacker claims to have stolen personal WhatsApp data of 7.3m Aussies as part of alleged cache of half a BILLION people worldwide

Hacker selling millions of Twitter users' data for £25,000 on the Dark Web

Hackers Using Trending TikTok 'Invisible Challenge' to Spread Malware

Hacking the Six Million Dollar Man

How gamifying cyber training can improve your defences

How The Age Of Smart Credentials Is Rewriting The Rules For Physical Verification?

How to Adapt to Tightening Security Budgets

How to maximize the safety of your digital tokens?

How to Recover From a Cyber Attack

IKEA investigating cyberattacks on outlets in Kuwait, Morocco

Ireland: Thousands of patients to be told their information was stolen during cyberattack

Ireland: Thousands of patients will be told their information was stolen in cyber attack

Ireland’s DPC Fines Meta €265m Following Large-Scale Data Leak

Irish Regulator Fines Facebook $277 Million for Leak of Half a Billion Users' Data

Irish regulator fines Meta 265 million euros over data breach

Is Dark Web Monitoring Vital? How does it work?

IT and Security Leaders Face Up to One Cyberattack Per Week

Klamath County data breach

Log4j: A Year in Review

Meta Fined €265M For Facebook Data Breach That affected 500M Users

Meta fined $275m for breaking EU data privacy law

Moving Away From a ‘Checklist’ Approach to Federal Compliance in Cloud Security

New Flaw in Acer Laptops Could Let Attackers Disable Secure Boot Protection

Oracle Fusion Middleware Vulnerability Actively Exploited in the Wild

Patients in Kilkenny to be told their information was stolen in cyber attack

PII May Have Been Stolen in Virginia County Ransomware Attack

Pre-auth RCE in Oracle Fusion Middleware exploited in the wild (CVE-2021-35587)

Ragnar Locker gang steals vast amounts of personal data from Belgian Police servers

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Accidentally Attacked Belgian Police

Ransomware Gang Takes Credit for Maple Leaf Foods Hack

Ransomware Warning! Expect Hackers to Hit Harder During Holiday Season

Russian Infostealer Gangs Steal 50 Million Passwords

Sandworm gang launches Monster ransomware attacks on Ukraine

Sandworm hacking group linked to new ransomware deployed in Ukraine

Shifts in threat landscape to industrial control systems in 2023

South Africa’s online threats spiked in October

South Staffs Water reveals bank account details targeted in cyber attack

Spanish police dismantle operation that made €12M via investment scams

Spot the phish before it spots you: Tips and tricks to recognize and combat phishing attacks

Stolen Twitter Data Leaked Online, Even Bigger Breach Revealed

Telstra is now blocking more than 332 million scam emails per month

The Cloud is a Growing Target for Cyberattacks

The cybersecurity trends organizations will soon be dealing with

The top 200 most common passwords in 2022 are bad, mkay?

Third-Party Data Breach Impacts 119 Pediatric Practices, 2.2M Patients

Three security goals to focus on in 2023

Three Ways to Avoid Cyber Risks During the Qatar World Cup

Three Ways To Safeguard Higher Education Establishments From Cyberattacks

TikTok ‘Invisible Challenge’ has over 3 billion views - and hackers love it

Tips for safe shopping and avoiding scams during the holidays

Top Three Things Organizations Need to Stay Secure in 2023

Trigona ransomware spotted in increasing attacks worldwide

Twitter API Vulnerability Led to the Breach of Millions of User Data Records

UK Parliament launches inquiry into national security strategy around ransomware

Users Are Receiving More Unwanted Emails Than Ever, and It’s Causing Phishing Attacks

Vanuatu officials turn to phone books and typewriters, one month after cyber attack

Vice Society ransomware gang targets Cincinnati State College, disrupts operations

Vulnerabilities found affecting Operational Technology (OT) products from German companies Festo and CODESYS

Web App and API Attacks Surge 257% in Financial Services

What Happens When My Medical Records Are Stolen?

What Organizations Should Know Before Making The Shift To Threat Modeling

Whatsapp data breach controversy: Follow these tips to make your chats more secure

WhatsApp data leak controversy: How to make your chats more secure

Why cybersecurity training isn’t working

28th November

3 Cybersecurity Tips - How To Secure Critical Assets and Data

3 practical tips to stay cyber secure during FIFA World Cup Qatar

5G service providers struggle to keep networks secure

6 things you can do right now to protect your business data

7 Tips for Keeping Your E-Commerce Business Secure

$375,000 Cyber Theft From Seymour Government, Police And FBI Investigating

A breakdown of the Cyber Risk Index

Account Takeover & Compromised Accounts: Protecting Your Business From ATO Attacks

Acer fixes UEFI bugs that can be used to disable Secure Boot

African Police Bust $800K Fraud Schemes

AIIMS Delhi turns manual following ransomware attack

Amid Surge in Ransomware Attacks, More Organizations Are Being Rejected for Cyber Insurance - What Can Leaders Do?

Australia: ‘Flawed’ data breach penalty laws pass Parliament

Australia beefs up scrutiny of Medibank following data breach

AvosLocker Ransomware Update: Backup Targeting and Defense Evasion Techniques

Belgian Police Under Fire After Major Ransomware Leak

Beware, Scammers Are Targeting Holiday Shoppers With A USPS Phishing Scam

Binance CEO Shares Six Most Popular Crypto Scam Methods of 2022

Black Basta Gang Deploys Qakbot Malware in Aggressive Cyber Campaign

California County Warns of Social Services Data Breach

Canadian Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Confirms Data Breach

Canadian food giant refuses to pay ransom after gang threatens data leak

Cloud security starts with zero trust

Community Health Network Notifies 1.5M of Data Breach Stemming From Tracking Tech

Coordinated law enforcement operation against cyber crime yields over £107m in seized assets

Cyber-Threat Group Targets Critical RCE Vulnerability in 'Bleed You' Campaign

Cybersecurity Threats Need Fresh Data Recovery Strategies

Cybersecurity Tips for SMBs To Avoid Phishing Scams

Data Protection Commission (DPC) issues Meta with €265m fine over data scraping breach

DDoS Attacks in 2022: Trends and Obstacles Amid Worldwide Political Crisis

Eagle Bank data breach compromises Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, more

Financial fraud legislation aims to combat real estate money laundering

Hacker attempts to sell data of 500m WhatsApp users on dark web

Hacker Leaks 5.3M Twitter Accounts as Claims of Larger Breach Surface

Hackers are spreading malware via trending TikTok challenge

Has A ‘Hacker’ With Your Password Really Recorded You Watching Porn?

Here is why you should have Cobalt Strike detection in place

Here’s what WhatsApp has to say on data breach that allegedly leaked 500 million numbers

HHS warns of ‘Lorenz’ ransomware threat against larger organizations 

Hope Health Systems, Inc. Experiences Ransomware Attack, Leading to Data Breach

How fraudsters are committing malvertising by targeting VPN users

How To: Secure On-Chain Data

How to address healthcare’s unique cybersecurity challenges

How to Maintain Strong Cybersecurity in the Face of Economic Headwinds

How to Protect Yourself After Massive WhatsApp Data Breach

How to Respond if Your Business is Impacted by a B2B Data Breach

How To Save Yourself From Crypto Scams

IKEA posted on ransomware gang’s leak site

Indian Hospital Hit with Bitcoin Ransomware Attack

Investing in more security tools not the answer

Ireland fines Facebook owner €265 million over data breach

Irish watchdog fines Meta 265M euros in latest privacy case

Is it worth taking out personal cyber insurance in case you are caught up in a data hack?

Malicious Android app found powering account creation service

Many Global 2000 companies lack proper domain security

Meta fined €265M for not protecting Facebook users' data from scrapers

Millions of Twitter Accounts Potentially Compromised

Meta fined $275 million for breaking EU data privacy law

Meta fined $275 million over data scraping practices that violated GDPR

New era of cyber

NHS Highland apologises to patients affected by data breach

Over a Dozen New BMC Firmware Flaws Expose OT and IoT Devices to Remote Attacks

Over a million user accounts ‘stolen’ in South Africa

Personal Data of Passengers, Employees Stolen in Ransomware Attack on AirAsia, Malaysia’s Largest Airline

Philippines urged to strengthen cybersecurity infrastructure

Phishing Campaign Impersonating UAE Ministry of Human Resources Grows

Protecting from Ransomware requires a thorough backup and recovery strategy

Punisher ransomware disguises as a COVID tracking app

RansomBoggs: New ransomware targeting Ukraine

Ransomware: Practical tips to improve resiliency

Remote working and the cost-of-living crisis: Impacts on the cyber risk landscape in the financial sector

Researchers Detail AppSync Cross-Tenant Vulnerability in Amazon Web Services

Retailers hard hit by data breaches, analysis of ICO figures suggests

Russian Sandworm Hackers Linked to New Ransomware Blitz

San Antonio nonprofit reports data breach that may have affected as many as 4,000 people

San Juan Regional Medical Center settles data breach lawsuit

Scammers are using Facebook Marketplace, Zelle, and PayPal to snare new victims

Securing the healthcare sector from the cyberthreats

Taxpayers shouldn’t let gift card scammers ruin the holidays

TD Bank and Canada Post put MyMoney consumer loan program ‘on pause’ indefinitely after apparent attack by ‘bad actors’

The 5 Cornerstones for an Effective Cyber Security Awareness Training

The Developing Connection Between Cryptocurrency and Cybercrime

TikTok ‘Invisible Body’ challenge exploited to push malware

Top 5 confidential computing uses in healthcare

Top cybersecurity threats for 2023

Twitter data breach far worse than initially reported

Twitter data leak exposes over 5.4 million accounts

UK: Cabinet Office alerted to data breach – and fails to respond for 10 days

Vice Society Claims Ransomware Attack Against Cincinnati State College

Viral claims of unsubstantiated WhatsApp data leak draw regulators’ attention

Virginia County Confirms Personal Information Stolen in Ransomware Attack

Washington County, Maryland, Hit With Thanksgiving Day Cyber Attack

What Can Scammers Do With Your Phone Number - 4 Ways to Protect Yourself

What is an Identity Verification Service and How Does it Work?

What’s next in cybersecurity

WhatsApp: 500 million phone numbers leaked according to new report, tech giant denies claims

WhatsApp denies 500 million users’ data leak

WhatsApp denies data breach, says user data is safe

Why Microsegmentation is Critical for Securing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Worms of Wisdom: How WannaCry Shapes Cybersecurity Today