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Monday, 17 May 2021

Ransomware Operator Claims - Week 19 2021

Welcome to last week's ROC Report, an exclusive summary of Ransomware Operator's global victims that were claimed during the period between 10th May and 16th May 2021, kindly provided by our partners.

Flag Icons created by Freepik and provided by Flaticon.

Friday, 14 May 2021

DarkSide: Ransomware Operator Announces Shut Down After Law Enforcement Reportedly Seizes Servers And Cryptocurrency

Echelon Fitness: US Exercise Equipment Manufacturer's Data Leaking API Exposes Connected Users' Personal Data

SEDA: South African Government's Small Enterprise Development Agency's Ransomware Attack Results In IT Systems Disruption

City Of Gary: Indiana City Suffers Ransomware Attack Resulting In IT Systems And Departmental Disruption And Multiple Server Rebuilds

HSE: Irish Government Health Service Agency's Ransomware Attack Forces IT Systems Shutdown Impacting Hospitals

Toshiba: Japanese Electronics Manufacturer's French Division's "DarkSide" Ransomware Attack Results In Data Leaked On Dark Web

Thursday, 13 May 2021

33% Increase In Global Data Breaches According To Data Breach Investigations Report Of 5,258 Breaches In 2020

Utility Trailer: US Truck Trailer Manufacturer's "Clop" Ransomware Attack Results In Employees' Data Leaked On Dark Web

Brenntag: German Chemical Distribution Company's US Division's "DarkSide" Ransomware Attack Results In $4.4 Million Ransom Paid

Colonial Pipeline: US Petroleum Pipeline Company Paid Almost $5 Million Ransom Demand To "DarkSide" Ransomware Operator

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

52% Of UK Governmental Department Data Breaches In 2020 Were Due To Exploitation Of Vulnerable Unpatched Servers And Software

Newly Discovered Wi-Fi "FragAttacks" Vulnerabilities Affect All Wi-Fi Devices Going Back As Far As 1997

Doctum: Greek Dialysis Healthcare Provider's "Avaddon" Ransomware Attack Results In Data Leaked On The Dark Web And DDoS Threat

TeaBot: New Android Malware Discovered Targeting Over 60 European Banks In Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium And The Netherlands

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

AXA: French Insurance Company Ends Insurance Policies In France That Reimburse Ransomware Victims For Ransoms Paid

Apple: US Technology Giant Deliberately Withheld Disclosure Of 128 Million iPhone Users Compromised By "XcodeGhost" Malware In 2015

Volue: Norwegian Energy Technology Company's "Ryuk" Ransomware Attack Forces Water Facilities IT Systems Shutdown

Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department: "Babuk Locker" Ransomware Operator Leaks Highly Sensitive Data On Dark Web