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Monday, 27 June 2022

Medical University Of Innsbruck: Austrian University's "Vice Society" Ransomware Attack Results In IT Systems Outage And Stolen Data

Data Breaches Digest - Week 26 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 27th June and 3rd July 2022.

28th June

Detection, isolation, and negotiation: Improving your ransomware preparedness and response

Iran’s Largest Steel Producer Hit By Crippling Cyberattack

New Android Banking Trojan 'Revive' Targeting Users of Spanish Financial Services

Properly securing APIs is becoming increasingly urgent

The abortion clues that can hide on your phone

Threat actors increasingly use third parties to run their scams

Trends to watch when creating security strategy for the next two years

27th June

5 ways cybercriminals steal credit card details

5 years after NotPetya: Lessons learned

8 Cryptocurrency Scams to Avoid

48% of security practitioners seeing 3x increase in alerts per day

87% of executives have no cybersecurity tools on personal devices

Addressing cybersecurity debt before it’s too late

Almost £700 million was lost to fraudsters in April in UK

Android malware ‘Revive’ impersonates BBVA bank’s 2FA app

Australia: Pair jailed over SMS phishing scam

Bank of the West found debit card-stealing skimmers on ATMs

BRONZE STARLIGHT – Chinese APT Using Short-Lived Ransomware Families for Cyberespionage Activities

CafePress Fined $500,000 After Massive Data Breach

Chinese Researchers Find Critical Security Flaws in CoDeSys Automation Software

Clearview fine: The unacceptable face of modern surveillance

CoinEgg Crypto Scam Steals Victims’ Data, Total Losses Pegged At Rs 1,000 Crore

Conti managed to breach 40 companies in a month

Critical Security Flaws Identified in CODESYS ICS Automation Software

Cyber attack at Iranian steelworks stops production

Cyber attack on Clarion Housing Group shuts IT systems, email accounts, and phone lines

Cybercriminals use Azure Front Door in phishing attacks

Cybereason warns global organisations against ransomware attacks from gang

Cybersecurity: AI can go rogue without due checks

Cybersecurity Experts Warn of Emerging Threat of "Black Basta" Ransomware

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Treasury to Assess Need for a Federal Response to Cyber Attack Insurance

Email threats increase 101% YoY in 2021

European authorities monitoring phishing scams targeting vulnerable Ukrainian women

Guarding against cyberattacks in the shipping and logistics sector with an effective recovery strategy

Hacked Lending Protocol XCarnival Receives $1.9M Worth of Stolen ETH Back

Hackers can bring ships and planes to a grinding halt. And it could become much more common

Hackers Used Mitel Zero-Day Flaw To Target VOIP Appliances

Hacking gets dangerously real: 8 cybersecurity predictions to watch out for

Hermit Previews Sophisticated Spyware To Come

How to Detect and Respond to Unauthorized Access

Identity Theft - How criminals may target you

Insurers refuse to cover contractors with poor cyber security

Iranian cyber-attackers trying, and so far failing, to create panic in Israel

Italy Data Protection Authority Warns Websites Against Use of Google Analytics

LockBit: Ransomware in emails claiming copyright infringement

LockBit 3.0 introduces the first ransomware bug bounty program

Managing cyber risks: Time to strengthen the cybersecurity arsenal

Manual vs. Automated Penetration Testing: What's the Difference?

Microsoft Exchange bug abused to hack building automation systems

Mobile Endpoint Security Need of the Hour for Changing Work Setup

New phishing Technique bypasses MFA with Microsoft WebView2 apps

New Windows Phishing Method gives attackers access to cookies and more

No country immune: Australia among most vulnerable to cyber attack

Planning for a ransomware attack - an enterprise 'to do' list for self-protection

Privacy group seeks to put faces on cyber attack victims

Pro-Russian Hacker Group Killnet Hits Critical Government Websites in Lithuania

Queensland moves on data breach notification scheme

Ransomware Hackers Earned 5 Times More In 2020 Than What They Earned In 2013-19

Researchers Warn of 'Matanbuchus' Malware Campaign Dropping Cobalt Strike Beacons

Scammer Who Used Info of Riot Games’ Co-Founder to Mine Crypto is Jailed

Senior living provider announces data breach of employee personal information

Slovak Telekom targeted in huge cyber attack

SMBs Are Struggling to Get Cyber Insurance: Here’s How to Stay Protected

Spyware vendor targets iOS and Android in Italy and Kazakhstan, collaborates with ISP

Supplier hack had “scope to impact entire telco industry”

The Conti Enterprise: ransomware gang that published data belonging to 850 companies

The cyber security impact of Operation Russia by Anonymous

Unknown Hacker Steals $100m From California-Based Cryptocurrency Firm Harmony

Urgent warning over Apple Pay text message scam

Vice Society claims ransomware attack on Medical University of Innsbruck

Warning for EVERY Facebook user after ‘hundreds of millions’ of logins stolen – what you need to do

What Are Shadow IDs, and How Are They Crucial in 2022?

Wiltshire Farm Foods hit by 'cyber attack'

Your Money: How to keep yourself safe from online scammers

Ransomware Operator Claims - Week 25 2022

Welcome to last week's ROC Report, an exclusive summary of Ransomware Operator's global victims that were claimed during the period between 20th June and 26th June 2022, kindly provided by our partners.

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