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Welcome to DBD. On March 8th we celebrated our 4th Anniversary and the 1st Anniversary of our PRiSM application, officially endorsed by the SANS Institute. Despite recent personal issues that have impacted the amount of time I have been able to dedicate to both projects, I have been doing my best to keep everything as up-to-date as possible, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience and support whilst I navigate through this very difficult time. Stay safe. :)

Monday 30 March 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 14 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 30th March and 5th April 2020.

5th April

Docker servers targeted by new Kinsing malware campaign

Russian telco hijacks internet traffic for Google, AWS, Cloudflare, and others

The remote-working rush is creating a playground for spies and cybercrooks

Zoom Recordings Exposed

4th April

12k+ Android apps contain master passwords, secret access keys, secret commands

DOJ says Zoom-bombing is a crime

Legal initiative launched to aid those affected by massive data leak

Windows PCs Exposed to Attacks by Critical HP Support Assistant Bugs

3rd April

45% of Employees Don’t Know How to Respond to Ransomware Attacks

A hacker has wiped, defaced more than 15,000 Elasticsearch servers

Affordacare data breach worse than company first thought

App exposes 44 million user records: Driver’s licenses, credit cards, medical info

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for April 2020 – the coronavirus special

Coronavirus - 5 Ways to Protect Your Organisation Against Cyber Attacks

Data Breach: A summary of healthcare security incidents in March 2020. Are you a victim of Medical Identity Theft?

Data Breach Report: Popular Digital Wallet App Key Ring Exposes 14 Million Users

Discord Turned Into an Account Stealer by Updated Malware

Dramatic rise in COVID-related cyberattacks

Establishing Secure Data Management Best Practices

Facebook takes on Zoom with new standalone desktop Messenger app for MacOS and Windows with unlimited video group calls during coronavirus lockdown

FBI warns of 'Zoom-bombing' as teleconferencing use surges during outbreak

GoDaddy suffers embarrassing phishing attack

Hacking forum gets hacked for the second time in a year

JavaScript skimmers: An evolving and dangerous threat

Management Company Wolfe & Associates Suffers Data Breach

Microsoft: Emotet Took Down a Network by Overheating All Computers

Microsoft Warns Hospitals: Fix VPNs or Be Threatened by Ransomware

Microsoft warns hospitals of impending ransomware attacks

Mozilla Patches Two Actively Exploited Firefox Zero-Days

New campaign to hack MS-SQL servers uncovered

New Zoom Bug Lets Hackers Compromise Windows Credentials

OGUsers hacking forum hacked; entire database dumped on rival forum

Ransomware and DDoS attacks: Cybercrooks are stepping up their activities in the midst of coronavirus

Santa Barbara rental property service suffers from data breach

The Future of Biometrics IoT

The Race Against Ransomware Attacks: How to protect yourself and fight back?

Thousands of Elasticsearch servers wiped by criminals

Twitter Apologises After It Found a Firefox Cache Bug Was Storing Your DMs

Web skimming attacks not expected to intensify during COVID-19 quarantines

Zoom 'unsuitable' for government secrets, researchers say

Zoom-Bombing: How Trolls Are Hijacking Quarantine (and How to Protect Yourself)

2nd April

10 Years of Data Breaches Mark Vulnerable Businesses

Australian Kids' Smartwatch Maker Hit By Same Bug Again

Best Practices to Manage Third-Party Cyber-Risk Today

Bitdefender reveals Mandrake spyware targeting Aussie Android users

Coronavirus: Hackers are now launching dozens of email scams each day

Cyber criminals are trying to exploit Zoom's popularity to promote their phishing scams

Florida-Based Firm Files Class Action Against Marriott After Latest Data Breach Revelation

Hacker Hijacks 30 YouTube Accounts to Broadcast Bill Gates-themed Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

Key Ring App Data Leak Exposes 44 Million Images

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in March 2020 – 832 million records breached

MakeFrame: Magecart Group 7’s Latest Skimmer Has Claimed 19 Victim Sites

New Research From Kaspersky Finds 45% of Employees Don’t Know How to Respond to a Ransomware Attack

New solution shines light on Dark Web credential trading

Phishing attack on Godaddy compromised Escrow.com website

Protecting Office 365 from external and insider data breaches

Ransomware strikes biotech firm researching possible COVID-19 treatments

The Average “Cyber Breach” Costs Business £5,220 Says this Gov’t Report: Is It Badly Wrong?

The internet is now rife with places where you can organize Zoom-bombing raids

There's now COVID-19 malware that will wipe your PC and rewrite your MBR

Zoom: We're freezing all new features to sort out security and privacy

1st April

A crypto-mining botnet has been hijacking MSSQL servers for almost two years

Bizarre Data Breaches You’ve Never Heard About

Coronavirus: Microsoft directly warns hospitals, 'Fix your vulnerable VPN appliances'

Coronavirus: Zoom under increased scrutiny as popularity soars

Cybersecurity warning: These scammers are looking for a way into your email accounts

Data Breach Report: Cloud Backup Provider Exposes More than 135 Million Customer Records

Hackers Play Dirty, So Practice Good Digital Hygiene

Hackers ‘Without Conscience’ Target Health-Care Providers

Italy's social security website hit by hacker attack

LimeRAT malware is being spread through VelvetSweatshop Excel encryption technique

Massive Data Breach Of Majority Of Malta’s Citizens Is Being Investigated By Data Protection Commission

Massive data leak leaves more than 337,000 voting records exposed

Microsoft is working on mitigating an entire Windows bug class

Microsoft Warns Hospitals Vulnerable To Ransomware Attacks

Morrisons not liable for actions of employee over data leak, Supreme Court rules

Morrisons wins case involving worker with a grudge who leaked other staff’s wages

Ransomware, social engineering and cryptojacking – the things keeping IT professionals awake

Rutter’s hit with federal lawsuit claiming $5M-plus in damage from data breach at its convenience stores

SOS Online Backup exposed 135M records via unsecured cloud storage

Supreme court take on Bradford-based Morrison's data leak case

Top financial services cybersecurity and data breaches

Why All Employees Are Responsible for Company Cybersecurity

Why some hackers are targeting healthcare facilities during coronavirus pandemic

Windows 10 alert: Zoom client can leak your network login credentials

“World’s most secure online backup” provider exposes 135M records

Zoho on collecting customer data and avoiding the cookies trap

Zoom says it will fix security holes that video hackers have exploited

Zoom under scrutiny in US over privacy, porn hacks

31st March

Affordacare patients notified of security breach

Another Marriott Breach Affects Millions

Cambridge Analytica Nightmare Not Over For Facebook

Companies who make workers use Zoom risk breaking the law if they fail to say how data is shared

Data Leak: Personal identifiable information of 4.9 million Georgians found online

Data on almost every citizen of Georgia posted on hacker forum

FBI re-sends alert about supply chain attacks for the third time in three months

For Marriott Hotels, Lightning Does Strike Twice In New Data Breach Affecting 5.2 Million

Hack Brief: Marriott Got Hacked. Yes, Again

Houseparty app boycotted after users claim their online accounts were hacked

Houseparty denies hack as credential stuffing attacks spread

Houseparty ‘NOT hacked’ – and offers $1MILLION bounty to find person who started ‘smear campaign’

Houseparty offering over 800k reward for proof of sabotage amid hacking rumours

Houseparty offers $1m reward for proof of sabotage

Houseparty users claim app ‘has been HACKED’ – but creators deny breach

How to delete Houseparty account: Step-by-step guide

Is Houseparty safe? Has it been hacked? And if not, why are YOU being told to delete it?

Kwampirs threat actor continues to breach transnational healthcare orgs

Marriott claims new information breach impacts 5.2 million visitors

Marriott data breach: What to know and how to protect your data

Marriott data breach exposes personal data of 5.2 million guests

Marriott discloses new data breach impacting 5.2 million hotel guests

Marriott hit by second data breach exposing “up to” 5.2 million people

Marriott hotel chain faces fines after another major data breach

Marriott International confirms data breach of up to 5.2 million guests

Marriott International Experiences Massive Data Breach

Marriott International hotel chain in second data breach

Marriott International Notifies Guests of Property System Incident

Marriott International's latest data breach hits 5.2M guests

Marriott’s Latest Data Breach Impacts 5.2 Million Travelers

Marriott Reports Data Breach Affecting Up to 5.2 Million Guests

Marriott Reveals Data Breach That Could Have Impacted 5.2 Million Customers

Marriott Reveals Yet Another Data Breach

Marriott suffers data breach affecting 5.2 million customers

Millions of Guests Impacted in Marriott Data Breach, Again

New Marriott Data Breach Affects 5.2 Million Guests

No proof of a Houseparty breach, but its privacy policy is still gatecrashing your data

SBTech client sites to resume operations after cyber attack

SBTech partners experience 72-hour downtime after cyber-security breach

SBTech-powered operator sites offline after cyberattack

SBTech-powered sites taken offline by cyberattack

Second Marriott data breach exposes 5.2 million guests

Second Marriott mega-breach airs the privates of 5.2m

Sensitive Voter Data Exposed by App Used in US Elections

Telecom Firm Virgin Media Faces Class-Action Suit Over Customer Data Breach

Unofficial Iranian Telegram Applications Leak Data of 42M Users

Virgin Media could pay more than $5.5 billion for data breach

What is going on with the Houseparty app, and is it safe to use?

When hackers kidnap their data, companies are increasingly using ‘breach coaches’ and negotiators

Worried about Houseparty data breach? Here is how you can delete your account

Zoom being sued for allegedly sharing user data with Facebook

Zoom shares fall after user files lawsuit claiming data breach

30th March

American Operator MGM Resorts Targeted by Computer Hackers

Businesses can prevent data and privacy breaches brought on by COVID-19

Client Sues Law Firm for Failing to Disclose Data Breach

Cloud Breaches Don't Have To Be Inevitable

Coronavirus: Now COVID-19 phishing scammers face 'rapid-response' crackdown

COVID-19: Five cybersecurity tips for remote workers

Credit provider 118 118 Money 'fesses up that hacker nabbed customer service phone recordings

Cybersecurity Lawyer Who Flagged The WHO Hack Warns of Massive Remote Work Risks

FBI: Cybercrime Gang Mailing 'BadUSB' Devices to Targets

Federal court data breach sees names of protection visa applicants made public

Georgian Voter Data Reportedly Leaked Online

Go Google free: We pick privacy-friendly alternatives to every Google service

Hacker hijacks YouTube accounts to broadcast Bill Gates-themed crypto Ponzi scam

How to Pick the Right Cybersecurity Vendor for Your Business

More Than 200,000 Content Creators & Influencers Exposed In Hack

Notorious Cyber Security Attacks in India to Date

Online Gambling Company BetUS Falls Victim to Latest Data Breach of Maze Hacking Group

Ozark Orthopaedics Data Breach Exposes Over 15,000 Patients

Personal data of almost 5 million Georgian voters exposed online

Ransomware Attacks Are the Last Things Hospitals Need Now

Voter records for the entire country of Georgia published online

Zeus Sphinx malware resurrects to abuse COVID-19 fears

Zoom to iPhone users: We're no longer sending your data to Facebook

Thursday 26 March 2020

UK Government - Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020

The UK Government published yesterday its Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020, detailing UK Businesses, Charities and the Education Sector's approach to Cyber Attacks, Cyber Security and Data Breaches within the last 12 Months, based on interviews held between October 2019 and February 2020.

The UK Government is using this research to help them learn more about the Cyber Security issues faced by industry in the UK today, and will aid the UK Government's policy on Cyber Security and how they work with industry to make the UK one of the most secure places to do business online.

Please Click Here For More

Monday 23 March 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 13 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 23rd March and 29th March 2020.

29th March

Finastra Says Cyber-Attack Sought to Take Advantage of COVID-19 Driven Shift to Remote Operations

How Is Covid-19 Creating Data Breaches?

Source code of Dharma ransomware pops up for sale on hacking forums

What’s the Difference between Hacking and Phishing?

28th March

A mysterious hacker group is eavesdropping on corporate email and FTP traffic

Data of 9,735 teachers shared after 'phishing' email breach

How to protect your business from cyber attacks

27th March

75% of Large Businesses Suffered Security Breaches in 2019

ACSC issues warning around coronavirus-themed malicious cyber activity

Booz Allen analyzed 200+ Russian hacking operations to better understand their tactics

Chubb investigates possible data breach

Coronavirus and home working: Cyber criminals shift focus to target remote workers

Cyberinsurance carrier Chubb investigating possible data breach

Data breach at Teaching Council

FBI takes down hacker platform Deer.io

Four ways to prevent data breaches

Hackers Attack Database of India’s COVID-19 Patients and Potential Suspects

Insurance firm Chubb may be latest Maze ransomware victim

Norwegian Cruise Line experiences data breach of travel agents records

Social Bluebook was hacked, exposing 217,000 influencers’ accounts

Thousands of Dark Web sites deleted in attack on free hosting service

Tupperware e-Commerce Web Site Hacked by Credit Card Skimmers

Virgin Media faces £4.5BILLION compensation payout after data breach left personal details of 900,000 customers online for 10 months, lawyers say

Virgin Media faces £4.5billion fine after exposing customers’ PORN searches

Virgin Media Facing Huge Compensation Bill Over Data Breach

26th March

#COVID19 Drives Phishing Emails Up 667% in Under a Month

All 4G Networks Susceptible to DoS Attacks

Businesses can avoid fines if customer data is encrypted or redacted

Cyber insurer Chubb had data stolen in Maze ransomware attack

D-Link and Linksys routers hacked to point users to coronavirus-themed malware

Data Deposit Box Exposes PII of 270K Users

Data on Covid-19 patients and suspects in Kerala hacked

Delhi Police Issues List Of “Dangerous” Websites Exploiting Coronavirus Scare

Disney+ Users Are Furious After Hacked Accounts Lead to Customer Service Headaches

Google says no APP users have been phished to date

Hackers Hit Cybersecurity Insurance Co Chubb

Half of firms have spotted a cyberattack - and here is the most common one you will face

Internal AMD source files surface online after data breach

Intersections between Records Management and Security Management

Kenya cyber attacks up by half to 37m in one quarter

Medical and military contractor Kimchuk hit by data-stealing ransomware

Rare BadUSB attack detected in the wild against US hospitality provider

Security Firm Keepnet Labs Database Leaked 5 Billion Records Of Breached Data

Singapore most exposed, but also most prepared in cybersecurity: Deloitte

SpyCloud Releases Research Report, Noting Breach Exposure of the Fortune 1000

Thousands of Darknet Websites Went Down Following Hosting Provider Hack

Three-Quarters of Large Firms Suffered Security Breach Last Year

Toronto residents’ data improperly shared with councillor’s office in privacy breach

Tupperware Site Hacked by Digital Skimming Gang

UK organizations becoming more resilient to data breaches and cyber-attacks

Xbox Series X Graphics Source Code Reportedly Stolen, Being Held for $100 Million Ransom

25th March

140K Patients Impacted in Tandem Diabetes Care Phishing Attack

Almost half of UK businesses suffered a cyber attack in past year

AMD Reports Theft of Graphics IP, Stolen Information Not Core to Competitiveness

Ameren Missouri supplier hit by ransomware attack amid growing concern for critical infrastructure

Android Malware Takes Payment for ‘Coronavirus Finder’ Map

APT41 Exploited Cisco, Citrix and Zoho Bugs in Wide-Ranging Campaign

Breach at third party supplier impacted General Electric employees

Brit housing association blabs 3,500 folks' sexual orientation, ethnicity in email blunder

Chinese Regulator Probes Weibo Data Breach

Cincinnati Firm Faces $5m Data Breach Lawsuit

Critical infrastructure attacks more worrying than data breaches for most security pros

Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020

Cybersecurity warning: 10 ways hackers are using automation to boost their attacks

Dark web hosting provider hacked again - 7,600 sites down

Data Breach Report: Cloud Storage Exposes 270,000 Users’ Private Information

Data protection as a means of defending intangible cultural assets

Enterprises struggle to patch endpoints against critical vulnerabilities

Equifax Data Breach Settlement – Consumers not Getting Payout

GE Employees Lit Up with Sensitive Doc Breach

Hacking isn't canceled: Chinese group attacked Citrix and Zoho during coronavirus lockdown

Housing association suffers data breach over coronavirus email

Infrastructure cyberattacks biggest concern for global IT security leaders

Legal industry at great risk from insider data breaches

Massive increase in South African network attacks

More Ransomware Gangs Join Data-Leaking Cult

New Cyber Hygiene Report Uncovers a Patching Dilemma in America

Password vulnerability at Fortune 1000 companies

Ransomware hits healthcare hardest, preys on SMBs

Six industries that need to hire a data protection officer

The Real Cost of Data Breach on Retail

TrickBot App Bypasses Non-SMS Banking 2FA

Tupperware Site Hacked With Fake Form to Steal Credit Cards

Tupperware website hacked and infected with payment card skimmer

World Health Organization sees targeted cyberattacks double

24th March

96% of IT leaders in the legal sector say insider data breaches are a major concern, according to new research unveiled today by Egress

Beazley: Ransomware Attacks Increasingly Paired With Data Breach

Canon breach exposes personal data of current, former GE employees, beneficiaries

Cloud misconfigurations are costing businesses trillions

Cyber-Attack Potentially Slows Down Development of Coronavirus Vaccine

GE Discloses Service Provider Canon Suffered Data Breach

‘General Electric’ Announces Disclosed Data Incident Concerning Employees

General Electric employees hit by Canon data breach

General Electric suffers data breach after service provider hack

Hackers tried to breach WHO systems amid coronavirus crisis

Hijackers stealing thousands of Disney+ and Netflix accounts

HPE says firmware bug will brick some SSDs starting in October this year

Indian property site hack leads to 2 million users’ data exposed

Insider data breaches in the legal sector are major concern

Insurers See Ransomware Claims More Than Double

Kaspersky finds new APT targeting the Middle East's industrial sector

Malicious 'Corona Anti-Virus' Software Discovered

Microsoft's Windows 10 warning: Astaroth malware is back. This time it's even stealthier

Ransomware Attacks, Funds Demanded Soared in 2019: Beazley

Ransomware Attacks Skyrocketed Last Year, Cyber Insurer Reports

Sex life details leaked in BBC data breaches

Sina Weibo Suffered Data Breach Exposing 538 Million Records Now On Sale

Tekya Malware Threatens Millions of Android Users via Google Play

The best practice approach to data protection

The personal data of more than 172 million Weibo users are available for purchase on Dark Web

Total Quality Logistics facing $5 million lawsuit over 'massive' data breach

TrickBot now pushes Android app for bypassing 2FA on banking accounts

UK Fintech Company Finastra Went Down After Ransomware Attack

Windows is being attacked by hackers, Microsoft admits

23rd March

Ameren Missouri Equipment Supplier Targeted In Ransomware Attack

Apache Tomcat Exploit Poised to Pounce, Stealing Files

Australian data breach notifications increased in the second half of 2019, but still lag behind other nations

Companies risk security breaches, corruption and bribery due to COVID-19

Data Privacy and Security in the Travel Industry

Diabetes device manufacturer notifies 140,000 patients of phishing attack

Finastra Updates Following Security Breach: We do not believe that any customer or employee data was accessed

Go Ahead, Blame Your Principal for the Data Breach

Hacker selling data of 538 million Weibo users

Healthcare data breach: Medical device manufacturer discloses phishing attack

Korea University staffer accused of data breach, sexual harassment

Macy’s Faces Class Action Lawsuit After October Data Breach

Ransomware group said to be publishing freight forwarding firm's data

Security Threats Soar Along with Data Volumes

Tech Giant GE Discloses Data Breach After Service Provider Hack

The real insider threat is the use of security software?

Virgin Media Data Breach: What Can Customers Do?

WHO unsuccessfully targeted by hackers earlier this month

Why Physical Data Destruction is Absolutely Vital

World's third largest cruise line Norwegian suffers data breach

Monday 16 March 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 12 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 16th March and 22nd March 2020.

22nd March

Best Practices For Data Loss Protection

Cyber gangsters hit UK medical firm poised for work on coronavirus with Maze ransomware attack

Ex-Employee Steals User Data From Derivatives Exchange Digitex

How Weibo’s massive privacy breach affects China’s crypto community

Pakistan: Cybercrime Affecting Banking Sector And Economy

University of Utah Health notifies patients of phishing attacks that began in January

21st March

Breaking: TQL faces lawsuit over data breach

DDoS botnets have abused three zero-days in LILIN video recorders for months

Ediscovery and Data Security

Hacked: Some patient information compromised in University of Utah Health breach

Police investigate ransomware attack at Jamaica National

Putin’s Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: Dangerous New ‘Cyber Weapons’ Now Exposed

Security Alert: UK Fintech Finastra Experiences Ransomware Attack, Takes Some Servers Offline

Slickwraps slapped with class action lawsuit after data breach

University of Utah Health says some patients' data compromised in 'phishing' security breach

20th March

65% of Security Professionals Access Documents Unrelated to Their Jobs: Research

Exchange rate service’s customer details hacked via AWS

Fintech company Finastra hit by ransomware

Golden Valley Health Centers notifies patients after employee email account comprised

Golden Valley Health Centers Notifies Patients of Data Breach

Hackers breach FSB contractor and leak details about IoT hacking project

How safe is your data?

India’s Vijay Sales Leaks Private Information through Exposed Amazon Backup Server

Major data breach exposes database of 200 million users

Norwegian Cruise Line Hit By Data Breach As COVID-19 Continues To Impact Travel Industry

Norwegian Cruise Line Suffers Data Breach

Oregon DHS notifies public of data breach

Over Five Billion Breached Records Leaked

Phishing email leads to data breach at Oregon Department of Human Services

Printing company exposes 343GB of sensitive military data

Report: Account takeover and data scraping attacks on e-retailers up as COVID-19 surges

Report: unidentified database exposes 200 million Americans

Security Breach Disrupts Fintech Firm Finastra

This new variant of Mirai botnet malware is targeting network-attached storage devices

Town of Houlton Police discloses malware attack — again

UK Fintech Firm Finastra Hit By Ransomware, Shuts Down Servers

UK printer’s S3 Bucket leaks military documents, AWS issues patch

Unprotected Elasticsearch Server Leaks 5 Billion Records

Weibo Confirms 538 Million User Records Leaked, Listed For Sale on Dark Web

Weibo Data Breach Has 538M Users Personal Information Up For Sale on Dark Web for BTC

WHO chief emails claiming to offer coronavirus drug advice plant keyloggers on your PC

With cyberattacks becoming more common security now needs to take priority

19th March

Are remote workers a security risk to your business?

Australia’s Information Commissioner Charges Facebook Over Data Privacy Breach

Bluffton Township Fire District systems hacked during declared emergency

Carnival Conveniently Owns Up to Data Breach While Nobody's Taking Cruises

Cost of Cyber-Events Worsening for Large Businesses

Data Breach Report: British Printing Press Leaks Confidential Material and More

‘Dirty little secret’ extortion email threatens to give your family coronavirus

Five billion records exposed in open ‘data breach database’

France warns of new ransomware gang targeting local governments

Hackers claim they will stop targeting healthcare organizations amid COVID-19 outbreak

INSIGHT: Tax Season & Covid-19—Peak Time for Law Firm Cyber Threats

IT security report finds 97% have suspicious network activity

Majority of UK SMBs at serious risk through printer hacks

More Business Websites Hit by Credit-card Skimming Malware

Nursing home probed after residents’ personal details are found in the street

Passwords set to become obsolete as companies take security out of our hands

Rogers Data Breach Exposed Customer Info in Unsecured Database

Senators ask Alphabet how it will protect COVID-19 screening site data

Sodinokibi Ransomware Data Leaks Now Sold on Hacker Forums

Study: Fear of data breaches stifling bank innovation

Telcos agree with DoT, say no breach of privacy in sharing call data records

The 14 biggest data breaches of the 21st century

This cryptocurrency miner uses unique, stealthy tactics to hide from prying eyes

18th March

Addressing the growing cybersecurity threat in healthcare

Be vigilant when it comes to online coronavirus threats

Building a Human Firewall Against Cybercrime

Cloud security can be broken down into 4 practical steps

COVID-19: With everyone working from home, VPN security has now become paramount

eMazzanti Technologies Examines the Cost of Small Business Data Breaches

FCA admits data breach: how can firms ensure they don’t make the same ‘mistake’?

Hackers hit NutriBullet website with credit card-stealing malware

How destructive ransomware attacks could represent the future of cyberwarfare

How scammers exploit Spring Break in the time of COVID-19

How to control what personal information people see in Android

How to protect yourself from coronavirus-themed malware

Increasing Cloud Adoption to Drive Security as a Service Market to $43.4 Billion Revenue by 2030: P&S Intelligence

Koodo Mobile's Data Breach Notification: Customer Accounts and Data Sold on Dark Web

Montenegrin Coronavirus Patients’ Identities Exposed Online

More than 60% of RSA Attendees Surveyed Access Documents That Have Nothing To Do With Their Job

New TrickBot Module Bruteforces RDP Connections, Targets Select Telecommunication Services in US and Hong Kong

Open Exchange Rates Data Breach Leaks Passwords and User Information

Privacy compliance: 5 things IT leaders need to know in 2020

Protecting your Office 365 data against the threat of external and insider data breaches

Ransomware: Avoid Becoming the Next Victim

Rogers notifies customers their personal information may have been compromised

Senators Concerned About COVID-19 Health Data Leak

Skimming code battle on NutriBullet website may have risked customer credit card data

ThinCats VIP forum suffers data breach

Thousands of COVID-19 scam and malware sites are being created on a daily basis

To What Extent do Top Tech Companies like Google and Facebook Track your Online Activities?

Trickbot malware adds new feature to target telecoms, universities and finance companies

VMware patches privilege escalation vulnerability in Fusion, Horizon

Windows 10: This kernel malware is why you need Secured-core PCs, says Microsoft

Windows 10 or Mac user? Patch Adobe Reader and Acrobat now to fix 9 critical security flaws

Zero in on zero trust

17th March

As the Airline Industry Looks to the Cloud, Data Security is Critical for Take Off

Attackers use a new CoronaVirus Ransomware to cover Kpot Infostealer infections

Brave accuses Google of using 'hopelessly vague' privacy policies that breach GDPR

College of DuPage data security breach could affect 1,700 current, former employees

Coronavirus: You don’t get a pass when it comes to cybersecurity

CovidLock ransomware exploits coronavirus with malicious Android app

Critical comms companies lax in security

Cyberattacks Force Schools to Bolster Online Security

Cybersecurity risks grow as thousands of federal employees shift to telecommuting

Experian’s Data Breach Preparedness Study Reveals Increased Investments in Security Aren’t Stopping Breaches

Financial companies leak 425GB in company, client data through open database

German Military Laptop With Classified Data Sold for $100 on eBay

Hackers exploit coronavirus fears as cyber attacks soar

Hospitals 'overwhelmed' by cyberattacks fuelled by booming black market

How business professionals can improve their data management

How to protect your organization from security threats amidst the rise in telecommuters

Illinois: College of DuPage data security breach could affect 1,700 current, former employees

Open Exchange Rates Discloses Data Breach Exposing Customers’ Data

Operators behind Nefilim Ransomware threaten to release stolen data

Ransomware not slowing down and healthcare a prime target

The intersection of compliance and third parties: How to stay compliant

The Pros and Cons of Password Rotation Policies

Two Trend Micro zero-days exploited in the wild by hackers

Virgin Media data breach may mean compensation claims

Which? calls for all banks to adopt anti-fraud measures

Which? calls for mandatory bank transfer scam protections

Why Traditional Security Is Failing Us

Your No. 1 Cloud Threat is ‘Excessive Permissions’

16th March

88% of IT pros say world is in permanent state of cyberwar

Beware the cyberattacks seeking to exploit coronavirus fears

Blisk browser left open, 2.9 million records exposed

Coronavirus: Cybercriminals target healthcare workers with email scam

Coronavirus-themed phishing attacks and hacking campaigns are on the rise

Cyber experts step in as criminals seek to exploit Coronavirus fears

Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) Market 2020 Technology, Share, Demand, Opportunity, Projection Analysis Forecast Outlook 2026

Five Cybersecurity Practices to Minimize Risk During Coronavirus

Healthcare Cybersecurity (Part II) – Pernicious Threats and Their Ripple Effects

HHS targeted by hackers as it responds to novel coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic

Hospital Brno in Czechia hit by a cyberattack during COVID-19 virus crisis

How Red Hat tackles security

How to Tell If Your Employees are a Cybersecurity Threat

Illinois College Suffers Data Breach

Illinois Public Health Website Hit With Ransomware Amid Coronavirus

Intel CPUs vulnerable to new 'Snoop' attack

Microsoft patches wormable Windows 10 ‘SMBGhost’ flaw

Most ransomware attacks take place during the night or over the weekend

New Cyber Threat Index Shows Industries Are Under Attack in Uncertain Times

New reports unveils more details about Data Exfiltration Protection Market by 2025

North Carolina provider hit by malware attack

Online printing site Doxzoo exposed thousands of customer files

Open source bugs have soared in the past year

Remote Workers Can Increase Cyber Threat to Employers

Report: US Health and Human Services department hit by cyberattack amidst coronavirus fears

Roundup: The coronavirus pandemic delivers an array of cyber-security challenges

Security: Data Breaches Continue to Be IT Headache

Security researchers reveal Facebook's Android app can now be hacked

Security spending on the rise, says Telstra Cybersecurity expert

Slack fixes vulnerability exploitable for session hijacking, account takeovers

Tandem Diabetes Care Announces Security Incident with Five Employee Email Accounts

The State of the Cybersecurity Market: Where We’ve Come, Where We’re Going

The suboptimal state of healthcare security – and how to improve it

TrueFire hacked, credit cards and personal info may have been compromised

U.S. Health and Human Services Department Suffers Cyberattack

Understanding Zero Trust Network Security

When COVID-19 and Cyber Risk Collide, Lives Hang in the Balance

When was the last time you changed your important passwords?

Wichita State University notifying 1,762 Iowans whose personal info was accessed by hacker

Working from home: Cybersecurity tips for remote workers