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Monday 1 July 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 27 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 1st July and 7th July 2024.

7th July

350 million people downloaded insecure browser extensions over two years

995 Crore Passwords Stolen In Biggest Data Breach Ever

Alabama Education Department Breach Raises Concerns About Student Data Security

Alabama State Department of Education suffered a data breach following a blocked attack

Crypto scam, phishing on Blur Marketplace - NFTs worth $240,000 stolen

Data Breach: Concerns as National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) response fails to ease Nigerians’ fear

Europol says Home Routing mobile encryption feature aids criminals

Hacker stole OpenAI secrets in 2023, raising questions about foreign actors hacking AI companies in the future

Hacker Uploads 10 Billion Passwords To Crime Forum

Hacking at the Ethereum Foundation - 35,794 Phishing Emails Sent

Largest database of stolen passwords in history with 10 billion records appears on a hacker forum

OpenAI Hacked in 2023, Here Are the Details of the Data Breach

OpenAI Was Hit by a Cyber Attack in 2023: Here’s What Happened

Shopify denies it was hacked, links stolen data to third-party app

This new ransomware scam will hassle you with phone calls until you pay up

Threat Actors Claim to Sell Many Unauthorized VPN and SOCKS Access

Threat Actors Exploit Microsoft SmartScreen Vulnerability

Toyota says data breach involved 'unintentional human error'

Wales: Vale of Glamorgan Council paid out tens of thousands because of data breaches

6th July

A hacker just leaked 10 billion passwords. Here’s what to do now

Airtel Data Breach: Data Of Around 375 Million Airtel Users Leaked

Airtel Denies Data Breach Claims

Airtel denies data breach of 375 million users

Airtel Hits Back: Denies data breach allegations, calls accusations a desperate attempt to tarnish reputation

Airtel refutes data breach claims

Alleged Database Leak from True Line Solution India

Authy Data Breach Compromises 33 Million Linked Phone Numbers: Here’s everything you need to know

Been in a data breach? Take these steps to stop future scams

Behind the Scenes: How Patelco Responded to the Ransomware Threat

ChatGPT Maker OpenAI Allegedly Hid Details About Data Breach In 2023: Here’s Why

Cloudflare DNS Resolver Hit by BGP Hijack

GootLoader Malware Evades Detection Through Complicated Loops and Time-Based Delays

Hacker Breaches OpenAI’s Internal Messaging System

Hacker Claims Breaching Data Of 375 Million Airtel Users, Telco Says No Evidence Of Records Being Compromised

Hacker leaks nearly 10 billion passwords in biggest haul ever

Hackers stole OpenAI secrets in a 2023 security breach

India: Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) malware attack likely originated from Russia-Ukraine border

Major data breach amid racist attacks: IDs of Syrians in Turkey circulate online

Millions of Americans’ Personal Data Allegedly Exposed As Notorious Hacker Hits Bank, Steals Sensitive Info From Multiple Financial Firms

New Mallox Ransomware Variant Targets Linux Systems

Patelco makes minor restorations; customers still left in the dark

Ransomware Group That Attacked Indonesian Infrastructure Apologises; Hands Over Decryption Key

Researchers Discover Cache of Billion Stolen Passwords

Researchers Track Identities and Locations of CSAM Users via Malware Logs

RockYou2024: Massive 10-Billion Password Leak Raises Credential Stuffing Concerns

Some data is 'breached' during a hacking attack on the Alabama Education Department

Text phishing scam targets Illinois Tollway customers, falsely claiming unpaid tolls

The biggest password leak in history just happened: 10 BILLION passwords leaked by hacker

Third-Party Data Breach Exposes Video Gaming Giant Roblox Developers’ Data

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Data of China’s Largest Natural Gas Company

Urgent Warning for iPhone Users: New Cyberattack Targets Apple IDs

US: Phishing scam targets voting by mail

5th July

33 million phone numbers exposed in major Authy data breach

47% of corporate data stored in the cloud is sensitive

67 Cyber Security Statistics, Facts & Trends: Data on Attacks, Breaches & Threats for 2024

99% of IoT exploitation attempts rely on previously known CVEs

A Peek at the V3B Phishing Kit Attack via the DNS Lens

Airtel: Data breach reports desperate attempt to tarnish image

Airtel Denies Data Breach Of 37.5 Crore Subscribers, Calls It An Attempt To ‘Tarnish Reputation’

Alabama Department of Education stops ransomware attack but confirms data stolen

Alabama State Department of Education confirms cyber attack on its internal network

Alleged Database from Omni Hotels & Resorts is For Sale

BianLian Ransomware Hits Major US Companies, Potentially Exposes Sensitive Data

Cancer patient forced to make terrible decision after Qilin attack on London hospitals

Cedar Falls, Iowa, Officials Probe June Ransomware Attack

Cloudflare blames recent outage on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking incident

Critical Ghostscript Vulnerabilities Addressed with Latest Ubuntu Security Updates

Crypto Phishing Attacks Soar: $314 Million Lost to EVM Hacks in 2024

Crypto phishing scams surge, $314M stolen in first half of 2024

Cyber attack affects local car dealerships

Cyber Attack May Have Exposed Alabama Student, Teacher Data

Cybercriminals Prepare Fake Domains Ahead of Amazon Prime Day

Cybersecurity is worth the spend

Europol Faces ‘Serious Challenge for Lawful Interception’ With Mobile Roaming Networks

Evolving enterprise security beyond traditional passwords

Fake X accounts lead to record-setting crypto phishing attacks of $341 million

Free Tickets? Fraud Alert: Hackers Leak Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour Barcodes Targeting Ticketmaster

GootLoader Malware Still Active, Deploys New Versions for Enhanced Attacks

Hacker Claims to Have 170k Taylor Swift ERAS Tour Barcodes, Demands Ransom from Ticketmaster

Hacker Stole Secrets From OpenAI

Hacker Stole Details of OpenAI’s Tech

Hackers Compromise Ethereum Mailing List to Send Phishing Emails Directing Subscribers to Crypto Drainers

Hackers leak alleged Taylor Swift tickets, amp up Ticketmaster extortion

Hackers stole OpenAI product secrets in 2023 data breach

Haylem, Un Museau Vaut Mille Mots, Lexibar Hit by Space Bears Ransomware: Patient Data, Financial Info Exposed?

Illinois Tollway Warns of Phishing Scams Posing as Unpaid Toll Texts During Holiday Week

‘Illinois Toll way' texts claiming to be about unpaid tolls are likely a scam. What to look for

Illinois' Egyptian Health Department says December cyber attack impacted 120k individuals

India’s Airtel dismisses data breach reports amid customer concerns

Indian Government Issues Serious Warning on Phishing Scams Alleging Sexual Offenses

Indonesian government ransomware hackers apologize, give out encryption key

Infostealing malware masquerading as generative AI tools

Leveraging Trust and Visibility to Comply with New EU Cyber Regulations

Louisiana Special School District Hit by Cyber Attack

New Eldorado ransomware targets Windows, VMware ESXi VMs

New RockYou2024 Password List Allegedly Leaked with Nearly 10 Billion Passwords

New Zealand Fitness Retailer Hit By DragonForce Ransomware

OpenAI breach is a reminder that AI companies are treasure troves for hackers

OpenAI Data Breach: Hackers Stole Important Details About The Company In 2023

OpenAI Kept Mum About Hack of Sensitive AI Research

Organizations weigh the risks and rewards of using AI

OVHcloud Hit with Record 840 Million PPS DDoS Attack Using MikroTik Routers

Palomar Health Medical Group lists patient information possibly stolen during data breach

Patelco Credit Union ransomware outage could go on for weeks

Polyfill code breach much bigger than previously thought, with nearly 400,000customers affected

Polyfill[.]io Attack Impacts Over 380,000 Hosts, Including Major Companies

RansomHub says it published Florida health department data

Ransomware attacks really increase mortality rates at hospitals

Ransomware Nightmares Show Importance of Defense

Researchers Observe Surge in Use of Mekotio Banking Trojan Against Latin American Financial Systems

Revealing the Zergeca Botnet: A New Era in DDoS Attacks

Security leaders discuss three sophisticated nation-state campaigns

Splunk Addresses Critical Vulnerabilities in Enterprise and Cloud Platforms

Tabletop gamers hit by data breach affecting Roll20 gaming site

Taylor Swift’s Tour at Risk: Hacker Demands $2 Million from Ticketmaster for 170k Stolen Barcodes

Ticketmaster Breach: ShinyHunters Leak 440K Taylor Swift Eras Tour Ticket Data

Ticketmaster Data Breach - Live Nation Encounters ‘Dynamic Pricing’ as Hacking Group Asks for $8M Ransom Now

Ticketmaster discredits dark web claims of stolen barcodes for Taylor Swift concerts

Ticketmaster says Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets are safe after data breach

Twilio's Authy Breach: The Attack via an Unsecured API Endpoint

Urgent warning to all iPhone users after new cyberattack targets 1.4 billion Apple devices - here's how to protect yourself

US-Based Homeland Vinyl Faces Potential Data Breach as LockBit Claims Cyberattack

Veterans Affairs (VA) Updates Change Healthcare Ransomware Incident

Vinted Fined €2.3m Over Data Protection Failure

Vulnerabilities in HFS Servers Exploited by Hackers to Distribute Malware and Mine Monero

Waupaca County network impacted by ransomware

Wave of Ransomware Attacks is Wake-up Call for Croatia

4th July

1 in 3 workers likely to fall for phishing, social engineering scams

Aftermarket Software Firm eViridis, Clients Face Unverified Data Breach Claims

Alabama State Department of Education data breach: What does this mean for you?

Alabamians advised to monitor their credit amid a cyberattack on the state’s education system

Alleged Data from the Government of Colombia and Database Access is For Sale

Alleged Docker Container Escape Appeared on a Dark Web Forum

Alleged SYSMON Admin Access for an Indonesian Cloud Service Provider is For Sale

Almost all Apple devices were exposed to supply chain attacks

Brazil Halts Meta's AI Data Processing Amid Privacy Concerns

ChatGPT’s free macOS app had a big, worrying security hole

Compliance, Security and the Role of Identity

Cyber Insurance Premiums Are Declining Worldwide as Businesses Improve Security

Cyber-attack disrupts Co-op deliveries

Dark Web Actors Exploiting a Critical Account Takeover Vulnerability Targeting NPM Accounts

Ethereum mailing list breach exposes 35,000 to crypto draining attack

Europol targets criminals abusing Cobalt Strike tool

Europol Warns of Home Routing Challenges For Lawful Interception

False Alarm: IntelBroker’s Cognizant Data Breach Claim Found to Involve Test Data

FinTech firm Wise says Evolve Bank data breach compromised customers' personal data

Florida Community Health Centres says data breach impacted nearly 300,000 patients

Florida Department of Health Hit by Potential Cyberattack, Confirms Temporary Outages

Formula 1 Governing Body FIA Suffers Data Breach, Email Accounts Compromised

Formula 1 organizer email accounts hacked

Gamers' Data Exposed in RPG Platform Roll20 Breach

GeoServer and GeoTools Address XPath Expression Injection Vulnerabilities

Global Police Operation Shuts Down 600 Cybercrime Servers Linked to Cobalt Strike

Hacker infiltrated OpenAI’s messaging system and ‘stole details’ about AI tech

Hacker Shares Data Allegedly Stolen From Shopify Breach

Hackers attack HFS servers to drop malware and Monero miners

How to identify fake websites and avoid phishing scams

How to safeguard your network against the surge of digital assaults

Hundreds of Cobalt Strike linked servers taken down in major police operation

Is this the biggest password leak ever uncovered? Researchers claim nearly 10 billion credentials under threat - here's what we know so far

Major Security Flaws in Mitsubishi Electric Software: Urgent Patches Required

Meta Faces Suspension of AI Data Training in Brazil

Microsoft Uncovers Critical Flaws in Rockwell Automation PanelView Plus

New Android Spyware Steals Data from Gamers and TikTok Users

New Ransomware Group Phones Execs to Extort Payment

New Zealand’s Elite Fitness confirms DragonForce ransomware attack

Only 13% of organizations are cyber mature

OpenAI’s Mac app stored conversations in plain text

Operation Morpheus Disrupts 593 Cobalt Strike Servers Used for Ransomware

Organizations use outdated approaches to secure APIs

Over $1bn in Cryptocurrency Lost to Web3 Cyber Incidents in 2024

OVHcloud says it has worked out who hit it with a record-breaking DDoS attack

People’s Cyber Army, APT44, and NoName057 Launch DDoS Attacks on Denmark

Protecting your data from cyber attacks

Ransomware scum who hit Indonesian government apologizes, hands over encryption key

Report suggests organizations sacrifice client privacy to save money

Rethinking Cybersecurity in the Age of AI

RockYou2024: 10 billion passwords leaked in the largest compilation of all time

Securing IoT/OT environments: The password paradox

ShinyHunters Leak 33M Twilio Authy Phone Numbers, Neiman Marcus and Truist Bank Data

SiegedSec Launches “Seven Days of Siege” with Attack on Israeli IT Company

South Africa: National health lab estimates systems will only be online by mid-July after cyber attack

The FIA has been hacked after workers fell for a phishing attack

Thousands of hospital appointments and procedures postponed after cyber attack

Threat Actor Claims to Sell 38TB of Data of SkyPostal and SkyPartsUSA

Twilio Authy data breach: 33 million users in danger

Twilio confirms Authy data breach

Twilio Confirms Data Breach After Hackers Leak 33M Authy User Phone Numbers

Twilio data breach gets a whole lot worse as it confirms hackers accessed Authy user phone numbers

Twilio's Authy App Breach Exposes Millions of Phone Numbers

UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) Leads Major Cobalt Strike Takedown

Understanding collective defense as a route to better cybersecurity

Unsurprisingly, "smart beds" are pretty easy to hack

Volcano Demon Ransomware Gang Makes Phone Calls to Victim for Ransom

Why creating phishing-resistant users is key to cybersecurity

Yet another top US healthcare service provider has been hacked, with patient data exposed

3rd July

28 New Ransomwares are Detected by Malware Researchers in June

Alabama state education department hit with cyber attack

Alleged npm Vulnerability Appeared on a Dark Web Forum

Arcis Golf Notifies State Regulators of Recent Data Breach Affecting Consumer SSNs

Australian Mining Software Firm Opaxe Faces Unconfirmed Data Breach

Authorized Push Payment (APP) Fraud Singled Out as Biggest Financial Crime Threat

Authy 2FA app leaked phone numbers that may be used for text phishing

Average ransomware payment demands soars as criminals grow more confident

Bay Area Credit Union Struggles to Recover After Ransomware Attack

Bol d’air France Database is Allegedly Leaked

California County Struggling Months After Ransomware Attack

CentroMed regains access to systems after monthslong data breach

Chicago’s Lurie Children’s hospital says cyber attack impacted close to 800,000 patients

Cobalt Strike: International law enforcement operation tackles illegal uses of ‘Swiss army knife’ pentesting tool

Companies spend more on cybersecurity but struggle to track expenses

CVE of the month, the supply chain vulnerability hidden for 10 years CVE-2024-38368

Cyber attack on South Africa’s laboratory service puts healthcare at risk

Cyber Extortion Soars: SMBs Hit Four Times Harder

Data Breaches in June 2024

Derbyshire County Council apologises after jobs website had to be shut down due to data breach

Dozens of Arrests Disrupt €2.5m Vishing Gang

Egyptian Health Department Confirms December 2023 Data Breach Affected 121,995 Individuals

Europol takes down 593 Cobalt Strike servers used by cybercriminals

“Everything’s frozen”: Ransomware locks credit union users out of bank accounts

Evolve Bank Data Breach Puts Affirm Cardholders Info at Risk

FakeBat Loader Malware Spreads Widely Through Drive-by Download Attacks

FBI, DHS Warn of Insider Threats to 2024 US Elections, Issue New Guidance for Officials

Florida health department data captured in cyberattack, hackers claim

Formula 1 governing body discloses data breach after email hacks

Grindr ordered to pay millions for sharing user data

Hacker Busted for 'Evil Twin' Wi-Fi That Steals Airline Passenger Data

Hackers abused API to verify millions of Authy MFA phone numbers

Hackers offer surprise apology after ransomware attack on Indonesian government data centres

Half of Employees Fear Punishment for Reporting Security Mistakes

HealthEquity Blames Business Partner for Third-Party Data Breach in SEC Filing

HealthEquity data breach exposes protected health information

HealthEquity says data breach is an ‘isolated incident’

How people are key to tackling the threat of phishing

How to Achieve Crypto Resilience for a Post-Quantum World

Indonesia, suffering from a ransomware attack, discovers it has no backups - 'That's stupidity,' remarks astute government official

Infostealer malware logs used to identify child abuse website members

Israeli Entities Targeted by Cyberattack Using Donut and Sliver Frameworks

LockBit Hits Croatia’s Biggest Hospital, Demands Ransom for Data

Lockbit Ransomware Attack Exposes Affirm Customers' Data

Louisiana Special School District data breach possibly compromised workers’ personal information

Man-In-The-Middle Attacks are Still a Serious Security Threat

MEDUSA Claims Access to Harry Perkins Institute’s Video Feed, Demands $500,000 Ransom

Microsoft MSHTML Flaw Exploited to Deliver MerkSpy Spyware Tool

Microsoft Uncovers Major Flaws in Rockwell PanelView Plus

Millions of Apple Applications Were Vulnerable to CocoaPods Supply Chain Attack

More US finance firms say they were affected by Evolve data breach

New ransomware group uses phone calls to pressure victims, researchers say

New Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Report Exposes Psychological Toll of Ransomware, Urges Action

On Day 4 of Ransomware Attack, Service Still Down at Patelco

OVHcloud blames record-breaking DDoS attack on MikroTik botnet

Parents conned out of 'large sums' in cyber attack on prestigious Scots private school

Patelco Credit Union targeted in ransomware attack, disrupting customer access

Personal data of Spike Chunsoft staff may have been leaked in ransomware hack

Phishing Scam on Blur Marketplace Costs User Almost $240,000 in NFTs

Pro-Bangladeshi Hacktivists Enter Global Stage with Matryoshka 424 Alliance

Prudential Data Breach Impacts More than 2.5 Million People

Prudential said 36,000 people were affected in a February data breach – it just revised that number to 2.5 million

Ransomware Attack on Credit Union Cripples Online Banking

Ransomware attack on Patelco Credit Union causes confusion ahead of holiday weekend

Ransomware Eruption: Novel Locker Malware Flows From ‘Volcano Demon'

Ransomware Extortion Demands Soar to $5.2M per Attack

Roll20, an online tabletop role-playing game platform, discloses data breach

Saudi ride-hailing company exposes drivers' licenses and passports

Social Security numbers compromised in cyber attack against Louisiana Special School District

South Korean ERP Vendor's Server Hacked to Spread Xctdoor Malware

Survey Surfaces Growing Lack of Cybersecurity Confidence

Texas Retina Associates says March cyber attack impacted over 300,000 patients

The biggest ransomware attacks in recent history and the groups behind them

The Tactics of ‘Supposed Grasshopper’: Malware Strikes Israeli Government and Companies

This new ransomware group has been calling up victims to pressure them into paying – and it could be their downfall

Threat Actor Claims to Sell 5TB Database of Rappi, RappiCarga, and RappiPay Across Multiple Countries

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Database of Airtel India, Including 375 million India Customers

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Database of Shopify, Including 180,000 Users

Transparent Tribe’s Android Spyware Targets Gamers and Weapons Enthusiasts

Twilio says hackers identified cell phone numbers of two-factor app Authy users

UAE Cyber Security Council Urges Samsung Users to Update Devices Against Data Theft

Understanding and safeguarding against the threat of ethereum phishing: unmasking it

Understanding the FakeBat Loader: Distribution Tactics and Cybercriminal Infrastructure

US car dealerships are recovering from massive cyberattack: 3 things you should know

Victims of Cyber Extortion and Ransomware Increase in 2024

Virtual tabletop gaming platform Roll20 experienced a serious data breach

Westview Co-op among those affected by cyber attack on Federated Co-operatives

What to do after Ticketmaster data breach

WordPress Plugins at Risk From Polyfill Library Compromise

2nd July

7 Steps To Secure Critical Infrastructure

78% of organizations are tracking AI risks

96% of Indian organisations hit by ransomware worked with law enforcement

96% of ransomware affected Indian firms engaged with law enforcement for help

Affirm fears customer info pilfered during ransomware raid at Evolve Bank

Affirm Informs Customers That Their Confidential Information May Have Been Leaked in Evolve Data Breach

Affirm payment customers compromised in Evolve Bank hack

Affirm says cardholders impacted by Evolve Bank data breach

Agropur dairy company disclosed a data breach incident

Asian organisations lead the way in cybersecurity awareness, outperforming global average

Atlantic Marine Fisheries Commission Confirms Data Breach: Nearly 10,000 Affected

Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) employees most likely to fall for phishing, report reveals

Australian Man Charged for Fake Wi-Fi Scam on Domestic Flights

Australian Organisations Top Global Data Breach Charts

Australian police arrest hacker who created 'Evil Twin' wireless network to steal data during flights

Beware! CSHARP-STREAMER Malware Attacking Windows Users

Brain Cipher Ransomware Group to Release Decryption Keys for Indonesia Terkoneksi

Brain Cipher Released Decryption Keys for Free, Apologies to Indonesia

CDK Cyber Attack Freezes Dealer Access to IntelliDealer

Chinese Hackers Exploiting Cisco Switches Zero-Day to Deliver Malware

Cisco Patches Zero-Day Bug Used by Chinese Velvet Ant Group

Croatia’s largest hospital KBC-Zagreb claimed by LockBit

Cyber Consultant Shares 6 Tips to Avoid Ransomware Attacks

Data Breach Allegedly Involving Jordan’s Ministry of Education: Sensitive Information Exposed

Data breach at Geisinger may have exposed data from 1.2 Million patients

Deepfakes and voice clones are undermining election integrity

Everything you need to know about phishing attacks

Evolve Bank and Trust Confirms a LockBit Data Breach, Fintech Startups Impacted

Evolve Bank Data Breach Exposes Sensitive Information of Over 150,000 Accounts

Evolve Bank data breach impacted fintech firms Wise and Affirm

Evolve Bank faces fallout from sweeping data breach

Evolve Bank Shares Data Breach Details as Fintech Firms Report Being Hit

Fintech companies spooked by Evolve bank’s ransomware breach

Fintech company Affirm says Evolve Bank attack exposed customer info

Florida Community Health Centers Confirms 2023 Data Breach Leaked Patient Information

Geisinger Health Confirms Third-Party Data Breach at Nuance Communications Leaks Patient Data

Here’s more on that massive Ticketmaster data breach

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Warns Public of Fraudulent Social Media Account and Phishing Messages Related to Royal Bank of Canada

Hospitality app exposes more than one million credit cards

How Cyber Security Teams Should React to a Potential Data Breach

How MFA Failures are Fueling a 500% Surge in Ransomware Losses

How to prevent a cyber-attack

Human Technology Inc. - Notification of Data Breach

Impact of Patelco Credit Union ransomware attack could last for days

Impact of Patelco Credit Union ransomware attack could last for weeks

In Today's Threat Environment, Ignoring the Support of Ethical Hackers is Negligent

Indonesia just realized it has no backups after data centers are hit with ransomware

Indonesia restores national data center after cyber attack

Indonesian ministry apologises for cyber attack amid calls for resignation

Infosys' US-based Subsidiary Reportedly Faced Data Breach Affecting Over 6 Million Individuals

Japan: More Kadokawa data leaked as deadline for ransom passes

Lawsuit Filed Against Geisinger Following Massive Data Breach

LockBit 3.0 Hits Croatia’s hospital KBC Zagreb, Indonesia’s Tin Manufacturer PT Latinusa

LockBit claims cyberattack on Croatia’s largest hospital

MD Now Urgent Care Files Notice of Data Breach with Federal Government

New Intel CPU Vulnerability 'Indirector' Exposes Sensitive Data

New report advises how ransomware victims can be better supported

Office for Civil Rights (OCR) reaches third-ever ransomware settlement

OpenSSH ‘regreSSHion’ Vulnerability Exposes Millions of Servers to Remote Attack

Over 14 Million servers may be vulnerable to OpenSSH's regreSSHion RCE flaw. Here's what you need to do

Password negligence suspected to have caused Indonesia cyber attack

Patch Your Cisco Switches Now! Zero-Day Vulnerability Enables Remote Takeover

Patelco Credit Union customers waiting to access full accounts after ransomware attack

Patelco Credit Union Hit by Ransomware Attack, Disrupting Services for Nearly 500,000 Members

Patelco Credit Union’s ‘serious’ security breach leaves customers without banking access for days: Here’s the latest update

Patelco security incident could take days or weeks to resolve

Patelco shuts down banking systems following ransomware attack

Patelco tells customers checks will be honored, but to expect delays

Prudential Data Breach Grows Nearly 70-Fold: Over 2.5 Million Affected

Prudential Financial data breach impacted over 2.5 million individuals

Prudential Financial reveals millions of customers affected by data breach

Prudential Financial says 2.5 million affected by data breach

Prudential Insurance now says BlackCat ransomware attack impacted over 2.5 million customers

RansomedVC-linked hacker arrested in Bulgaria

RansomHub Double Threat: Florida Health Department & NTT DATA Romania Targeted

Ransomware Attack Demands Reach a Staggering $5.2m in 2024

Ransomware attack disrupts Patelco Credit Union

Ransomware Groups Thriving Through Ransomware-as-a-Service

‘RegreSSHion’ bug raises alarms but experts question chances of widespread exploitation

Researchers Observe Hackers Exploiting Vulnerability in End-of-Life D-Link DIR-859 Routers

Security leaders weigh in on Life360 data breach

SN_Blackmeta Allegedly Launches Cyber Attack on UAE Companies

Software provider Infosys McCamish Systems (IMS) says November ransomware attack affected over 6 million customers

South Africa: Gauteng's health lab test results delayed due to a cyber-attack

South Africa: Ransomware attack at National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) - Why cybercrimes are increasing

Spies, not crooks: Report says Chinese espionage hacks posing as ransomware attacks

Steps to Life Christian ministry hit by data breach

Stolen credentials could unmask thousands of darknet child abuse website users

Stormy Skies: Weathering the Threat of Ransomware in the Cloud

The differences between ransomware, spyware and malware

The impossibility of “getting ahead” in cyber defense

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Central Tickets Database and Access, Including 800,000 Customer Records, for $3,000

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Full Access and Control Over African Country’s Court Case System

Ticketmaster confirms data breach with email to customers

Ticketmaster confirms data breach, won't say how many North American customers compromised

Ticketmaster data breach: What customers need to know

Ticketmaster data breach 2024: What do we know so far?

Ticketmaster Data Hack Update: What Does it Mean for Millions of Customers

Ticketmaster Hacked - What Victims of Data Breach Should Know

Toll of Prudential Financial hack exceeds 2.5 Million

Total CDK Global systems recovery imminent

United Nations (UN) urges Russia to ‘immediately’ cease interference in European satellites

University publishing house faces cyber attack

VIT Bhopal Hacker Lied? Indian University Says Attacker Did So to Gain Attention

‘We Are Investigating This,’ Says Cognizant Amid IntelBroker’s Data Leak Claim

‘We Refused to Pay,’ Evolve Bank Says as LockBit Leaks Data, Affirm Card Users Impacted

Wise confirms impact from Evolve Bank breach

Wise customer data likely compromised in Evolve data breach; other fintechs too

Wise Payments Confirms Consumers May Have Been Affected by Evolve Bank & Trust Data Breach

Wise says some customer accounts affected by Evolve data breach

Wise Warns Some of its Customers Affected by Evolve Bank Data Breach

Yieldstreet says some of its customers were affected by the Evolve Bank data breach

1st July

3 New State-Backed Gangs Target Government Sectors with HEAT Attack Methods

10 Countries Battling Major Data Breaches; Canada Included

Advance Auto Parts class action claims data breach affects employees, applicants

Affirm card users' personal information possibly compromised in Evolve Bank cyber attack

Airplane WiFi clone used to steal passengers’ data

Allegedly Data Breach: Kemenkumham Email Credentials Compromised

Anonymous KSA Warns Saudi Government of Upcoming Cyber Attacks and Allegedly Targets Ministry of Information

Australia’s big four banks under constant cyber attacks

Australian charged for ‘Evil Twin’ WiFi attack on plane

Australian Man Arrested for “Evil Twin” Wi-Fi Scam Targeting Travelers

Australian Police Arrest Suspect in Fake Wi-Fi Scam Targeting Airport Passengers

BlackSuit group claims major ransomware attack on Japan's Kadokawa Group

CapraRAT Spyware Disguised as Popular Apps Threatens Android Users

CDK Attack: How to Improve Auto Dealership Resiliency

CDK Global Cyberattack Cripples US Auto Sales: Back to Normalcy Weeks Away

CDK Global says all dealers will be back online by Thursday

CDK Global to restore systems after cyber attack cripples 15K auto dealers

CDK Global's car dealer software still not fully restored nearly 2 weeks after cyberattack

CDK plans restoration by July 4, collision center files suit after cyberattack

Centre County man sues after Geisinger announces major data security breach

Centre County Man Sues Geisinger, Microsoft-Owned Company over Data Breach

China’s ‘Velvet Ant’ hackers caught exploiting new zero-day in Cisco devices

CISA Report Finds Most Open-Source Projects Contain Memory-Unsafe Code

Cisco warns of NX-OS zero-day exploited to deploy custom malware

Class action lawsuit filed against Geisinger, third-party vendor following data breach

CocoaPods Vulnerabilities Could Hit Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, TikTok, Snap and More

Critical Flaws in CocoaPods Expose iOS and macOS Apps to Supply Chain Attacks

Critical OpenSSH Flaw Enables Full System Compromise

Cyber Insurance Evolution: Declining Premiums Amid Rising Cyber Threats

Cyber Insurance Premiums Fall Despite Ransomware Wave

Cyber insurance rates fall as businesses improve security

Cyber Trust Mark: The Impacts and Incentives of Early Adoption

Cyber-Insurance Premiums Decline as Firms Build Resilience

CyberVolk Group Unveils New Ransomware “CyberVolk Ransomware” with Unique Encryption Algorithm

Data Breach: US Bank Exposes Customers Name, Account Number, Date of Birth

Digital wallets under attack? Here are tips to brave attacks

Dublin-based Patelco Credit Union hit with ransomware attack

Fintech company Wise says some customers affected by Evolve Bank data breach

Fintech Firm Wise Alerts Customers to Potential Data Exposure in Evolve Bank Breach

India: A month after data breach, Telangana police website live again

Indian Software Firm's Products Hacked to Spread Data-Stealing Malware

Indonesia restores national data centre after cyber attack

Indonesia's communications minister faces pressure to resign following cyberattack

Indonesian government didn't have backups of ransomwared data, because DR was only an option

IntelBroker Allegedly Leaks Cognizant Open Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) Database, Exposing 40,000 User Records

Is CDK still down, the company answers on today’s update

Japanese anime and gaming giant admits data leak following ransomware attack

Juniper Networks Releases Critical Security Update for Routers

Latest Intel CPUs impacted by new Indirector side-channel attack

Lawsuit filed against Geisinger, Nuance for data breach

LockBit ransomware attack stole data on millions of Infosys McCamish users

LockBit ransomware breach hits Infosys McCamish Systems (IMS), affects six million people

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Over 6 Million impacted by Infosys McCamish hack

Over Six Million Hit by Ransomware Breach at Infosys McCamish Systems

Patelco Credit Union banking services disrupted by ransomware attack

Patelco Credit Union gives update after 500k customers locked out of accounts and unable to make rent and mortgage payments

Patelco data breach disrupts banking services across California

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Prudential Data Breach Victim Count Soars to 2.5 Million

Prudential Financial now says 2.5 million impacted by data breach

Prudential revises breach notice to say 2.5 million affected by February incident

regreSSHion: Critical Vulnerability in OpenSSH Exposes Millions of Servers

Router maker's support portal hacked, replies with MetaMask phishing

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