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Monday 1 August 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 31 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 1st August and 7th August 2022.

7th August

5 reasons why businesses should never use consumer-grade password managers

Check Your Cyberattack Response Steps Before It Becomes a Concern

Cybercrime threatens everything from smartphones to nuclear reactors and even national security

Due To The Frequent Ransomware Attacks, The Downtime Cost Rises Up To $160 Billions In the USA

Fraudsters gain full access to bank account with cost of living scam

Gloucester residents able to vote again following cyber attack

GwisinLocker A New Ransomware Encrypts Windows and Linux ESXi Servers

GwisinLocker ransomware exclusively targets South Korea

Here are the software used by hackers to steal your passwords

How to spot scam that every parent and grandparent needs to know about

India: Fearing arrest by Maharashtra police, tele phishing suspects return cash

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office experiencing suspicious cyber activity, independent sources say

Lazarus hackers lure crypto-experts with Coinbase engineer job offers

Leaked image shows ransomware attack hit Linn-Mar School District

More than 100 Dutch dental practices closed for days due to cyber attack

New scam text targeting Costco members in Mississauga and Brampton

NHS 111 delays could occur following computer system outage caused by cyber attack

Pensions scam warning: Look out for these hoax schemes that ‘ruin people’s lives’

People warned over NHS 111 delays after cyber attack causes major outage

Phishing Attacks: Why They’re So Successful and How to Protect Yourself

Phishing attacks in Oman surge by 192% in second quarter

Police issue warning over Snapchat update which allows people to see your house number and exact address

Retail fraud continues to cause trouble for consumers

Security Risk by Accepting Policy Exceptions

Serious cyberattack hits German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK)

Snapchat, Amex sites abused in Microsoft 365 phishing attacks

The CSIC is offline: X-ray of a ‘ransomware’, the cyberattack that everyone fears

The Importance of Vulnerability Analysis for Container Registries

The Philippines: Dealing squarely with cyberthreats

Twitter Confirms Data Breach as 5.4M Accounts Sold on Hacker Forum

Twitter confirms July data breach that affected millions of accounts

Weak Cybersecurity is taking a toll on Small Businesses

Why Software Updates and Patches Are Critical

6th August

3 reasons why cybercriminals have their eyes on academic institutions

4 Koreans linked to online phishing, scamming allegations arrested in Cebu

Chinese Adult Site Leaking 14 Million User Details – and It’s Increasing!

Don't get stung by these fake holiday cyber-scams this summer

German-based Semiconductor manufacturer SEMIKRON has been hit by a ransomware attack, company has lost 2TB data to LV Group

Hackers Exploit Twitter Vulnerability to Exposes 5.4 Million Accounts

Hackers target unsecured Amex and SnapChat sites to steal user data

Here are the software hackers use to steal your passwords

Hi, I'll be your ransomware negotiator today – but don't tell the crooks that

Investigation reveals thousands had info exposed in Prince Edward Island arts centre ransomware incident

Lazarus Group behind the DeBridge Finance Cyberattack

Ministers coordinate response after cyber-attack hits NHS 111

Ministers coordinating 'resilience response' after 'major' cyber attack hits NHS systems across UK

New GwisinLocker ransomware encrypts Windows and Linux ESXi servers

New IoT RapperBot Malware Targeting Linux Servers via SSH Brute-Forcing Attack

New Jersey: SERV Behavioral Health System remains quiet about alleged ransomware attack in May

NHS 111 delays could occur following computer system outage caused by cyber attack

NHS 111 hit by major cyber attack as public warned to expect delays

NHS 111 software outage confirmed as cyber-attack

North Korean malware group breaching Gmail accounts? Here's what Google replied

Phishing attacks in Oman surge by 192% in second quarter

Ransomware hackers already captured over 30 TB in 2022

Ransomware team hits Disability Help Group

Slack Resets Passwords After a Bug Exposed Hashed Passwords for Some Users

Small ransomware groups to flourish in 2022 second half

Social Media Profiles Are Getting Hacked At Alarming Rates, Confirms New Report

South Africa’s top banks are warning about these banking scams

The battle rages on — new weapons in the fight against ransomware

The education sector is the most vulnerable to cyber attacks, for what reason

The NHS 111 software breakdown has been identified as a cyber-attack

The Sandbox’s Instagram Account is back Online after Hack

Twitter confirms data breach that exposed data of 5.4m anonymous users

United Arab Emirates: 3.4 million phishing attacks detected in second quarter of year

What are the most common cyber attacks in the world and how to prevent them

Why cyberattacks are increasing and the government cannot do anything?

5th August

7 PayPal Scams To Watch Out For

326K Aetna members involved in mailing vendor ransomware fallout

A Growing Number of Malware Attacks Leveraging Dark Utilities 'C2-as-a-Service'

Agencies recommend action to protect against top malware threats

Anonymous Source Leaks 4TB of Cellebrite Data After Cyberattack

British Gas scam email warning reveals key way to avoid being conned

Check Point report predicts ransomware trends

Coinbase phishing hack signals more crypto attacks to come, says security firm

Cyberattack on Albanian government suggests new Iranian aggression

Cybercrime a Key Revenue Stream For North Korea's Weapons Program

Eight Benefits of Securing Data Using a VPN

Emergency Alert System Flaws Could Let Attackers Transmit Fake Messages

Emirates warns of scam competition offering free flight tickets

'Explosion' In Number Of Spyware Products Sold On Black Market

Facebook finds new Android malware used by APT hackers

FBI: North Korea Sought to Obtain US COVID-19 Vaccine Technology via Hacking

First Choice Community Healthcare, Inc. Confirms Data Breach Impacting Patients’ Protected Health Information

Five tips against phishing threats

Gaedeke Group, LLC Confirms Compromised Email Account Led to Recent Data Breach

GwisinLocker Ransomware Targets Linux Systems in South Korea

Hackers are actively exploiting password-stealing flaw in Zimbra

Hackers Can Exploit US Emergency Alert System Flaws to Fake Warnings

Hackers Exploit Hostinger's Preview Domain Feature to Launch Phishing Campaigns

Hackers Find Alternatives to Microsoft Office Macros

Healthback Holdings, LLC Announces Data Breach Affecting More than 21,000 Patients

HHS HC3 Warns Healthcare of IoT Device, Open Web App Risks

How cybercriminals sell credit cards and VPN data on the dark web

How Do You Manage Cybersecurity With Employees Across the Globe? Here's Your Answer

How Japan’s Privacy Act Amendments Affect Global Healthcare Businesses

How To Avoid A One-Two Punch From A Cyberattack

How to protect the Active Directory from cyber attacks

How to recognise crypto scams and DeFi scams

Importance of Protecting Yourself Against Hackers

India: In a goof-up, phishing victims’ numbers revealed in Lucknow

Iranian Hackers likely Behind Disruptive Cyberattacks Against Albanian Government

Iranian Hackers Might Be behind Cyber Attack on Albania Governmnet Websites

Is your router a gateway for criminals?

Kaspersky blames “misconfiguration” after customers receive “dear and lovely” email

KnowBe4 report highlights the frequently-clicked email scam content in the second quarter of 2022

Leading malware campaigns are abusing genuine Windows shortcuts to bypass Microsoft's VBA macro block

Malaysia: E-commerce, Macau scams make up most of 11,300 cybercrimes

McDonald’s, DHL, Walmart, Netflix, Samsung, USPS, and Indiana DWD — Top Phishing Scams of the Week

Microsoft email users targeted in new phishing campaign that can bypass MFA

Norton research finds NZ threat landscape diversifying on social media

Open Redirect Flaw Snags Amex, Snapchat User Data

Over 9 lakh incidents of phishing, OTP compromise reported in last two years; 42% Indians have experienced financial fraud

Over 60% of Organizations Expose SSH to the Internet

PlatformQ Exposes Personal Info of Nearly 100,000 US Healthcare Workers

Ransomware: A growing business threat for organisations in the new normal

Ransomware is number one security threat for organisations

Revealed: The top 11 malware and ransomware strains you need to worry about

Scams are on the rise in Singapore, but it’s not the banks’ responsibility to compensate losses

Semikron Announces Potential Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Sheppard Robson asked to pay ransom after cyber-attack

Since the beginning of the year, hackers have stolen more than 30 TB of personal and other important data from various companies

Slack resets passwords after exposing hashes in invitation links

Southwestern Family of Companies Confirms Recent Data Breach

Startups among entities to face tougher laws as Kenya moves to protect personal data

Suffering From a Surfeit of Security Tools

Taiwanese government websites suffered large-scale DDoS attacks on the eve of Pelosi's visit

The latest healthcare ransomware examples and protecting your practice from cyberattacks

The most prolific malware strains of 2021 are yesterday’s news with a modern twist

Thinking like an attacker to manage cyber risk

Three ways to protect a company’s domain reputation

Twitter confirms zero-day used to expose data of 5.4 million accounts

UK Branded Europe’s “Capital of Card Fraud”

UK NHS suffers outage after cyberattack on managed service provider

Understanding QR code security issues for enterprise devices

Understanding the vulnerabilities of human-led email security

Virgin Islands Budget Office Requested Fed Visit Over Possible Data Breach

Warning of NHS 111 delays after cyber attack causes computer system outage

What are Chinese APT groups up to?

4th August

68% of Consumers Want to Keep Passwords Off Their Apps

2021 Top Malware Strains

A third of organizations experience a ransomware attack once a week

An anonymous source leaked 4TB of data from Israeli intelligence company Cellebrite

Another phishing attack that bypasses multi-factor authentication targets Microsoft email users

Anti-Vax Dating App Left Data Unprotected

Aria Retirement Solutions, Inc. Announces Data Breach Following Unauthorized Access to Employee’s Email Account

Army of the Undone: Securing IoT Across Critical Sectors

Attack on US court records raises concerns about foreign meddling in cases

Be wary of fraudulent QR codes used in a variety of scams

Blockchain security firm warns against new MetaMask phishing scam

Central Maine Medical Center data breach affects 11,938 patients

Check Point software’s mid-year security report reveals

CISA Adds Zimbra Email Vulnerability to its Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog

Cloud privacy, data protection more complex than on-prem

Commodity malware outpaces ransomware in Q2

Compliance vs Security: A Look into Passwords

Critical RCE Bug Could Let Hackers Remotely Take Over DrayTek Vigor Routers

Critical RCE vulnerability impacts 29 models of DrayTek routers

Cyberattackers Increasingly Target Cloud IAM as a Weak Link

Cybersecurity agencies reveal last year’s top malware strains

Cyber insurance guidance outlines how firms can be protected in the event of a cyber attack

Data theft, ransomware attacks among top concerns for businesses in Southeast Asia (SEA)

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns of critical flaws in Emergency Alert System devices

Energy provider's services to reopen "soon" after cyber attack

From Babuk source code to Darkside custom listings – exposing a thriving ransomware marketplace on the dark web

Gaming Sector Cyber-Attacks Up 167% in Last 12 Months

Gardner Resources Consulting, LLC Recently Files Notice of September 2021 Data Breach

German Chambers of Industry and Commerce hit by 'massive' cyberattack

German chipmaker Semikron falls victim to ransomware attack

German semiconductor manufacturer Semikron suffers ransomware attack

GwisinLocker ransomware targets South Korean industrial and pharma firms

Hackers deploy new ransomware tool in attacks on Albanian government websites

Hackers Exploit Atlassian Confluence Vulnerability to Deploy New 'Ljl' Backdoor

Hackers Exploited Atlassian Confluence Bug to Deploy Ljl Backdoor for Espionage

Hackers try to extort survey firm QuestionPro after alleged data theft

Hospitals have low level of accountability for connected device breaches

Hotels Targeted by Cybercriminals

How to Keep Your Business Safe From Cyber Intruders

India: Over 280M records comprising Universal Account Numbers (UANs), bank account info and PII leaked online

Intel 471 Introduces The 471 Cyber Threat Report

Investigation shows thousands exposed in Prince Edward Island arts centre data breach

Malaysia: Minister says amendments to Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in the works after repeated data breach

Many businesses still do not adequately defend themselves against the most frequent dangers

Many companies are still failing to protect against the most common threats

Microsoft Mail users targetted in new phishing campaign

Modern APIs Need a Different Security Approach

More than 30TB of Sensitive Data Stolen with Ransomware in 2022

More than 21,000 affected in Healthback data breach

Neuro Practice Tells 363,000 That PHI Was Posted on Dark Web

New Kaspersky security vulnerability identified

New Linux malware brute-forces SSH servers to breach networks

New Woody RAT Malware Being Used to Target Russian Organizations

North Korean Hackers Are Reportedly Going After Gmail Accounts

Norton Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report: Phishing For New Bait On Social Media

One in three organizations now hit by weekly ransomware attacks

One-third of organizations experience weekly ransomware attacks

Overcoming the Barriers to Zero-Trust

Patients begin to learn of data breaches that affected New Mexico health care providers

Phishing and scams hit the roof in Saudi Arabia with 168% increase in number of detections in Q2 2022

Privacy breach class action lawsuits: A key battleground for cyber insurers

Ransomware attacks: many organizations under-estimate the cost of recovery

Ransomware attacks against Indians up 51%

Ransomware defense guidance risks hang-ups under many steps

Ransomware group Vice Society hits another school district

Ransomware hackers drained over 30 terabytes of sensitive data in 2022

Ransomware landscape appears to be shifting

Ransomware Task Force releases SMB blueprint for defense and mitigation

Ransomware-as-a-service? There’s a marketplace on the dark web for it

Rethinking web application security best practices

Revolut customers issued urgent warning amid new 'convincing' phishing scam

Shanghai police leak reveals China to be as vulnerable as any nation

Stay safe by spotting latest 'British Gas' scam email

Suspected Lockbit Ransomware Attack on Italian Tax Agency Potentially Leaked About 100 GB of Data

Thousands of GitHub Repositories Cloned in Supply Chain Attack

Thousands of hackers flock to 'Dark Utilities' C2-as-a-Service

Three Common Mistakes That May Sabotage Your Security Training

Top 3 web attack vectors in the gaming industry

Types of Attack Vectors and How to Prevent Them

UK retailers fined for surveillance privacy violations

Ukraine Shutters Major Russian Bot Farm

Universities are at risk of email-based impersonation attacks

Unprotected Snapchat and Amex sites lead to credential harvesting

Use QuickBooks for Taxes? Intuit Warns of Phishing Scams That Collect Your Personal Data

Users Still in the Dark Over $5m Theft From Blockchain Firm Solana

Value Of Stolen NFTs Since Start Of 2022 Is Over $86.6M

Verizon: Mobile attacks up double digits from 2021

VirusTotal Reveals Apps Most Exploited by Hackers to Spread Malware

What Is MDR and How Will It Transform Security for SMBs?

Wisan Smith Racker & Prescott Confirms Data Breach After Clients Report Fraudulent Tax Filings

Your organization’s security revolves around one thing: your people

3rd August

4 things bankers need to know about phishing

42% Global Increase in Cyber Attacks with Ransomware the Number One Threat

70% of Cyberattacks Are Ransomware and Business Email Compromise

87% of the ransomware found on the dark web has been delivered via malicious macros

3,207 apps are leaking Twitter API keys

8,000 Solana Wallets Drained Millions Worth of Crypto in Cyberattack

35,000 code repos not hacked - but clones flood GitHub to serve malware

American Express, Snapchat Open-Redirect Vulnerabilities Exploited in Phishing Scheme

Chatham and Aylesford MP offers support to residents after cyber attack on UK's largest housing association

Cisco Business Routers Found Vulnerable to Critical Remote Hacking Flaws

Cisco fixes critical remote code execution bug in VPN routers

Cloned Atomic Wallet website is pushing Mars Stealer malware

Community Surgical Supply Inc. Reports Data Breach After Unauthorized Party Encrypts Files Containing Sensitive Consumer Information

Conservative leadership voting 'delayed' after GCHQ spies warn of cyber attack

‘CosmicStrand’ Highlights Ongoing Firmware Risks

Cost of a Data Breach: Banking and Finance

DDoS Attacks Pepper Taiwanese Government Sites

Dealing with the ransomware challenge

Digital Trust: From Brand Damaging to Brand Managing

Fast Track Urgent Care Confirms 258,411 Individuals Affected by 2021 PracticeMax Ransomware Attack

Hackers steal almost $200 million from crypto firm Nomad

How to minimize your exposure to supply chain attacks

Identity management in a multi-cloud environment

Indian UAN personal data exposure: what we know so far

IPFS phishing on the rise, makes campaign takedown more complicated

Kaiser Permanente, Geisinger among 37 organizations affected by vendor ransomware attack

Laborers International Union of North America Local 1098 Announces Data Breach Affecting More than 23,000 Members

Large-Scale Phishing Attacks Targeting Microsoft Enterprise Email Services

League of Legends players targeted with file-locking malware

Leaked image shows ransomware attack hit Linn-Mar School District

LockBit 3.0 Ransomware Abuses Windows Defender to Load Cobalt Strike

LockBit ransomware exploits Windows Defender to deploy cobalt strike payload

Machine learning creates a new attack surface requiring specialized defenses

Menlo Security Report: Ransomware Attacks Are Increasing and Email Tops the List

Microsoft accounts targeted with new MFA-bypassing phishing kit

Missile Maker MBDA Refutes Hacking Allegations

Phishers use custom phishing kit to hijack MFA-protected enterprise Microsoft accounts

Phishing for headlines with a sample size of eight

Phishing, Scams increase 174% in Nigeria

Power Electronics Manufacturer Semikron Targeted in Ransomware Attack

Power semiconductor component manufacturer Semikron suffered a ransomware attack

Ransomware Attackers: How can the finance sector mitigate the risks ransomware poses?

Ransomware Attacks Taking Toll on Security Professionals

Ransomware Hackers Take 30+ Terabytes of Data in 2022

Ransomware In Healthcare: It’s Not Just a Provider Issue

Researchers Warns of Large-Scale AiTM Attacks Targeting Enterprise Users

Russian organizations attacked with new Woody RAT malware

Salt Security Survey Shows Surge in API Attacks

School Kid Uploads Ransomware Scripts to PyPI Repository as 'Fun' Project

Single-Core CPU Cracked Post-Quantum Encryption Candidate Algorithm in Just an Hour

Spanish research agency still recovering after ransomware attack

Spinneys looking into claims that ransomware group is leaking its data

Student details, photos exposed in University of Western Australia data breach

Study Shows Enterprises Are Ill-Prepared To Fight Ransomware Attacks

The Three Key Competencies that Optimize Data Security Orchestration

The North Highland Company, LLC Announces Data Breach Affecting Current and Former Employees

There's A New MetaMask Phishing Campaign, Here's How You Can Avoid Getting Hacked

Thousands of Solana wallets drained in attack using unknown exploit

Time to update: Latest Google Chrome browser fixes 27 security flaws

Top 10 universities in US, UK & Australia failing on DMARC

Tory Leadership Voting Delayed Over Security Concerns

T-Mobile Retailer Guilty of $25m Fraud Scheme

Ukraine takes down 1,000,000 bots used for disinformation

VirusTotal Reveals Most Impersonated Software in Malware Attacks

VMware: Patch this critical vulnerability immediately! (CVE-2022-31656)

VMWare Urges Users to Patch Critical Authentication Bypass Bug

2nd August

25 Cybersecurity Statistics Small Businesses Should Know

41% of Leaked Data Comes From Social Media According to This Study

$190M Drained As Nomad Bridge Falls To Phishing Exploit

2022 Mid-Year Healthcare Data Breach Deep Dive

A Look Inside the LockBit Ransomware Gang

A Russian cyber attack left CSIC without internet connection for two weeks

Addressing Mobile Device Security Risks in Healthcare

Anti-MFA phishing attacks are here to stay – businesses need to prepare

APT29 Leverages Google Drive, Dropbox to Evade Detection

Are ransomware events considered in your Operational Resilience Plans for third party service providers?

Are We Doing Enough to Protect Our NHS?

Bailiwick of Guernsey residents warned of medical service phishing emails

Be careful what you download: 17 password-stealing Android apps removed from Google Play

Beware of Smishing Attacks Aimed to Steal Personal Information

Black Kite: Cost of data breach averages $15 million

Black Kite Finds Cost of Data Breach Averages $15.01M

Bromford Housing Association shuts all systems following an attempted cyber attack

Browser synchronization abuse: Bookmarks as a covert data exfiltration channel

Chinese hackers use new Cobalt Strike-like attack framework

Chinese Hackers Using New Manjusaka Hacking Framework Similar to Cobalt Strike

Clarion Housing cyber attack: Mid Sussex residents concerned about rent and data after incident causes 'extensive' damage

Cyber attack forced Kansas City MSP NetStandard to disable the MyAppsAnywhere cloud service

Cyber incident at SEMIKRON

Cybersecurity in Web3: Protecting Yourself (And Your Ape JPEG)

Dark Web Research Suggests 87% of Ransomware brands Exploit Malicious Macros

Dental Care Alliance data breach $3M class action settlement

Derby law firm lost confidential client data to hackers in May

Digital Rights And Privacy Are Shifting. Here’s How To Be Part Of It

Digitalising the manufacturing sector, speaking about the unspoken side

Double Whammy: Russian Hackers Launch Cyber Attacks On Lockheed Martin; Armed Forces Hack Into HIMARS

DVLA issues warning as drivers targeted with scam vehicle tax texts and emails

Employees’ Side Hustles: The Hidden Threat to Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

ENISA says that reported ransomware attacks are only the tip of the iceberg

EU missile maker MBDA confirms data theft extortion, denies breach

European energy company and gas pipeline hacked by AlphV ransomware

Even security experts are vulnerable to common risks

Every leading UK university is compromising on email security, researchers say

Expand ransomware reporting to all sectors, says Atlantic Council report

Federal Bill Would Broaden Federal Trade Commission’s Role in Cybersecurity and Data Breach Disclosures

First Choice Community Healthcare hit by data breach

First Choice patients’ data exposed in breach

Fresh reports of WhatsApp scam prompt new warning

From Babuk Source Code to Darkside Custom Listings — Exposing a Thriving Ransomware Marketplace on the Dark Web

Gatto, Pope & Walrick, LLP Files Notice of Data Breach Following Reports of Potential Tax Return Fraud

Germany’s Cyber Threat Landscape – Top 3 Lessons from the BKA Situation Report

Gloucestershire Bromford housing association hit by cyber attack

Google Patches Critical Android Bluetooth Flaw in August Security Bulletin

Hackers target social media users for data theft

How businesses can best balance security and privacy

How cybercrims embrace messaging apps to spread malware, communicate

How You Can Protect Yourself And Your Company From A Data Leak

In the US, cyber attack ‘illuminates’ unstable state of student privacy

Insider risk: Employees are your biggest cyberthreat (and they may not even know it)

July another down month in ransomware attack disclosures

Kaspersky Security Solutions detects 10,722,886 Phishing attacks in Africa in Q2

Keeping the cloud secure

Large-Scale AiTM Attack targeting enterprise users of Microsoft email services

LockBit Ransomware Abuses Windows Defender to Deploy Cobalt Strike Payload

LockBit Ransomware Exploits Windows Defender to Sideload Cobalt Strike Payload

Man Hacked T-Mobile Employees to Unlock Cell Phones, Rake in $25 Million

Massive New Phishing Campaign Targets Microsoft Email Service Users

Median ransomware payment drops 51% in Q2, report says

Microsoft announces new external attack surface audit tool

Microsoft Defender now better at blocking ransomware on Windows 11

Microsoft's new security tool lets you to see your systems like a hacker would

Miscreants aim to cause Discord discord with malicious npm packages

Mobile store owner hacked T-Mobile employees to unlock phones

Most cyberattacks come from ransomware, email compromise

New 'ParseThru' Parameter Smuggling Vulnerability Affects Golang-based Applications

New ways hackers are targeting your data

One in three organisations attacked by malicious insiders

“ParseThru” vulnerability allows unauthorized access to cloud-native applications

Paytm Mall says users' data 'safe'

Phishing and Scams Hit the Roof in Kenya and Nigeria With a 438% and 174% Increase in the Number of Detections in Each Country Respectively in Q2 2022

Phishing Attack at Allegheny Health Network Impacts 8K

Ransom Payment Data Suggests More Victims are Choosing Not to Pay

Ransomware attack forced digital marketing platform WordFly to take systems offline

Ransomware in PyPI: Sonatype Spots 'Requests' Typosquats

Recent Hacker Attacks Underscore Need for Multi-faceted Cyber Security

Reported ransomware attacks are just the tip of the iceberg. That's a problem for everyone

Risk Assessment: The Crucial Element Of A Successful Security Implementation Program

Scammers can buy phishing software aimed at banks for $50 a month

School Cybersecurity Strategies as Ransomware Attacks Hit 56% of K-12

Securing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems

Security Firm Warns Against New Phishing Campaign Targeting Metamask Crypto Wallets

Security Leaders Share 5 Steps to Strengthening Cyber Resilience

Semiconductor manufacturer Semikron hit by LV ransomware attack

Singapore Personal Data Protection Act Changes Have Implications for Healthcare Sector

Software company exposes insurance industry as most vulnerable to phishing following simulated attacks

Some Neopets users are locked out of their accounts following data breach

Spain arrests two suspected hackers for targeting radiation alert network

Spain Nabs Two For Allegedly Hacking Radiation Alert System

Start as you mean to go on: the top 10 steps to securing your new computer

State of cybersecurity funding in the first half of 2022

STOP Ransomware Spreads through Discord, Carrying RedLine Stealer

T-Mobile customers face wait to get data breach settlement money

T-Mobile Might Owe You Money: Inside the $350 Million Data Breach Settlement

Taiwan: Presidential Office website returns to normal service after cyber attack

Taiwanese President and Top Government Sites Hit by DDoS Attacks Amid Pelosi visit

Telegram - the preferred method of anonymous communication among cybercriminals

That Text From Your Friend May Not Be as Innocent as It Seems

The cost of a data breach averages $15m

The crypto crash is bad news for ransomware criminals

The cybersecurity skills gap highlights the need for cyber-awareness training

The Types of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and How to Defend Against Them

Thousands of Apps Leaking Twitter API Keys

Threat Actors Merging Malicious Activity With Cryptocurrency Show How the Attack Landscape is Developing in Decentralized Finance

Trio of XSS bugs in open source web apps could lead to complete system compromise

Twitter API keys found leaked in over 3,200 apps, raising concerns for linked accounts

U.S. Offers $10 Million Bounty for Tips on North Korean Hackers

UK’s Top 10 Universities Failing on DMARC

Universities Put Email Users at Cyber Risk

University of Western Australia Confirms Student Details Exposed in Data Breach

US Websites Targeted by 40% of the Bad Bot Traffic Worldwide

Using AI/ML to Create Better Security Detections

VMware Releases Patches for Several New Flaws Affecting Multiple Products

VMware urges admins to patch critical auth bypass bug immediately

Website of Taiwan's presidential office receives overseas cyber attack

What Banks Are Doing to Protect Consumers From Financial Scams

What Is Cybersquatting and How Can You Prevent It?

What is ransomware and how can you defend your business from it?

What to do if your business suffers a cyberattack

Wolf in sheep’s clothing: how malware tricks users and antivirus

1st August

3 Things The C-Suite Should Know About Data Management And Protection

10 Essential Cybersecurity Tips to Ensure Safe Online Shopping for Customers

A 2020 data breach that continues to remain an unsolved mystery

Afterpay warns of spike in scam texts ‘across the financial services industry’

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) reports data breach

At least 34 healthcare orgs affected by alleged ransomware attack on OneTouchPoint

Aussie Hacker Arrested, Charged for Developing and Selling Imminent Monitor RAT

Austrian Investigation Reveals Spyware Targeting Law Firms, Finance Institutions

Best ways to secure your social media accounts

BlackCat ransomware claims attack on European gas pipeline

Blockchain security firm warns of new MetaMask phishing campaign

Central Maine Medical Center Files Notice of Recent Data Breach with the Federal Government

City of Casey in Victoria compromised by supply chain cyber attack

Clarion reports turnover increase despite cyber attack hampering update

Confidential data held by a Derby legal firm copied in a cyber attack

Countdown Clock Puts Pressure on Phishing Targets

Credential Stealer Malware Raccoon Updated to Obtain Passwords More Efficiently

Cyber attack on ista paralyzes systems

Cyberattack prevention is cost-effective, so why aren’t businesses investing to protect?

Dark Web credit card fraud less pervasive but still an ongoing problem

Data Breach of Federal Courts Dates Back to Early 2020; Details of Compromise of Records System Closely Guarded

Despite Growing Pressures, Most Cyber Insurers Won’t Exit

Ducktail Malware Targets Facebook Business Accounts Via LinkedIn Phishing

DVLA warns drivers to be aware of new scam that could rinse your bank account

Employees fall for scam emails 'sent' by HR or IT

Europol: Tools already helped around 1.5 million victims of ransomware attacks

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Warns That SMS Phishing Attacks Are on the Rise

Five Flags Center gets money back from cyber attack

From Heist to Hijack: How the security game is changing within financial institutions

Giant Investment Scam Network Targets Victims with Phone Calls

Global cost of data breach reaches record high of $4.35 million

Growing Body of Data Shows High Healthcare Breach Risk

Hacking Your Health: Can Your Electronic Health Record Be Hacked?

Healthcare organizations must prepare for looming cybersecurity legislation

How AI Can Help Bolster Customer Privacy

How are K-12 and higher education institutions faring against ransomware?

How cyber attackers are using the Twitter blue badge verification process for phishing attacks

How To: Find the Right SOC Provider

How to Prepare for and Respond to a Data Privacy Breach

IBM Annual Cost of Data Breach Report 2022: Record Costs Usually Passed On to Consumers, “Long Breach” Expenses Make Up Half of Total Damage

‘Imma Make U Dig Ur Own Grave’: He Doxes Ransomware Hackers and Gets Death Threats in Return

Key things you didn't know about phishing

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in July 2022 – 99.2 Million Records Breached

LockBit Ransomware Abuses Windows Defender for Payload Loading

Luxembourg energy companies struggling with alleged ransomware attack, data breach

Most companies are unprepared for CCPA and GDPR compliance

Most cyberattacks come from ransomware, email compromise

New CosmicStrand rootkit targets Gigabyte and ASUS motherboards

New DawDropper Malware Targeting Android Devices via Play Store

North Korean Hackers Use Browser Extension to Spy on Gmail and AOL Accounts

OneTouchPoint Inc. Confirms Data Breach Potentially Impacting Dozens of Other Businesses (and Their Customers)

Phishing attack results in data breach at Pittsburgh-based health system

PracticeMax Ransomware Attack Impacts 258K at Florida Urgent Care Center

Ransomware gang Hive demands £500k from two UK colleges

Ransomware gangs are hitting roadblocks, but aren’t stopping (yet)

Ransomware Global Volume Shrinks, Still Exceeds Totals for 2017-2019

Researchers Discover Nearly 3,200 Mobile Apps Leaking Twitter API Keys

Scam text circulating in Norfolk pretends to offer cost of living payments

Securing Your Move to the Hybrid Cloud

Student details, photos exposed in University of Western Australia data breach

Survey reveals organizations see malicious insiders as a route for ransomware

Technical Analysis of Industrial Spy Ransomware

Tenet Healthcare cyberattack cost $100 million

The most impersonated brand in phishing attacks? Microsoft

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