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Monday 3 April 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 14 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 3rd April and 9th April 2023.

9th April

5 steps to ransomware protection and recovery

Amazon issues warning to customers

Beware of Juice Jacking, public phone charging stations

Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) website hit by hacker attack

Cyber attack leaves irrigation systems in Upper Galilee dysfunctional

Cybercriminals Exploit CAN Injection Hack to Steal Cars

Experts Issue Alarm Against Telegram While Calling It The Number One Place For Purchasing Phishing Kits

Experts Warn Against YouTube Emails Serving As Phishing Scams

FBI Seizes Notorious Hacker Marketplace, Genesis Market, For Selling Stolen Cord Cutting Logins & More

Hazards of a connected world – Should you forgo the Internet of Things?

How machine learning can help crack the IT security problem

Inside the international sting operation to catch North Korean crypto hackers

Is it worth having personal insurance to guard against online scams?

Notorious Medusa ransomware: Gang seeks $500,000 from Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC)

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) has to shut down the newspaper production system after a cyber attack

One Of Syrian Defense Ministry's Telegram Accounts Hacked

Rochester Public Schools to close Monday after possible cyber attack

SushiSwap Hacked: $3.3 Million Stolen from User’s Account

Taiwan PC company MSI targeted in cyberattack

Thailand: Army can't find suspected hacker of personal data of 55 million Thais

Thailand banks cease SMS links to prevent scams and phishing

The impact of remote work on cybersecurity: Tips for staying safe

The worst cyber attacks in the world

These Popular Smart Garage Doors Are Vulnerable to Hackers

Threat analysis: how the rapid evolution of reporting can change security

Top 5 AI Risks In The Era Of ChatGPT and Generative AI

Vietnam: Cybercriminals redirect attacks towards individuals

VPN vs. RDP: Which One is Safer?

What Are Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks & How To Take Precautionary Measures

What Is Network Security?

8th April

Adobe Reset User Password in Awake of Data Breach Risks

Amazon issues scammer warning over copycat fraudsters pretending to be the firm

Apple Releases Updates to Address Zero-Day Flaws in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Safari

Australia may inadvertently fuel cyber crime, says data theft victim service

Breached shutdown sparks migration to ARES data leak forums

Cyber espionage threat actor APT43 targets US, Europe, Japan and South Korea

Data Breach at Crystal Bay Casino

How a protection-first approach could close the cyber security gap

How Euler Finance recovered $200 million from a hacker

How to create a password that can't be quickly cracked by an AI "password guesser"

How to Detect and Mitigate Botnet Attacks

How to stay safe on public Wi-Fi: 5 tips you need to know before you connect

How to think like a hacker: Essential offensive skills for cybersecurity professionals

Iran-Based Hackers Caught Carrying Out Destructive Attacks Under Ransomware Guise

Jordan: Awqaf Ministry warns against Internet scammers cashing in on Ramadan generosity

Lockbit loses the crown of the most formidable ransomware, its successor is called Rorschach

Microsoft, Fortra, and Health-ISAC Take Legal Action Against the Abuse of Cobalt Strike to Combat Ransomware Attacks

New Money Message Ransomware Gang Hits MSI, Threatens of Data Leak

MSI Reportedly Hacked by Money Message Ransomware Gang, Source Code Stolen

New Money Message Ransomware Gang Hits MSI, Threatens of Data Leak

Over $320 million lost in cryptocurrency hacks

PharMerica and BrightSpring Health Services hit by Money Message

Phishers Now Actively Automating Scams with Telegram

Probe into Pakistan Army chief’s data breach

Remote desktop attacks drop in Southeast Asia (SEA) post-pandemic

Researchers Discover Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw in vm2 Sandbox Library

Researchers Warn of New Crypto-Draining Malware

Russian Cyberwarfare

Sentiment Offers $95K To Hackers To Return $792K in Barter

Sentiment Protocol to Reimburse Users 100% of Funds Lost to Exploit

Taiwanese PC Company MSI Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack

Tech security tip: Totally normal things that put you in danger

Tesla Employees Allegedly Shared Customers’ Private Videos and Photos

Thailand: Suspected hacker 'a soldier'

The B-side of ChatGPT: deceptions, ‘deepfakes’, scams and ‘phishing’

The Dark Side Of Briansclub: Credit Card Data Exposed

US, Japan and South Korea Raised North Korean Cyber Attack Concerns

Vietnam: Banks warn of resurgent SMS scams

Warning to Apple customers over Apple Pay phishing text message scam

Western Digital struggles to fix massive My Cloud outage, offers workaround

What is phishing? Everything you need to know to protect yourself from scammers

What Is the Qbot Malware Family?

WhatsApp warning as iPhone and Android users urged to check their settings now

Why every remote worker needs a VPN: Securing your online activity

Why You Should Encrypt Your Wi-Fi Network (And How To Do It)

YouTube attribution links are now being used in phishing attacks

7th April

5 Challenges CISOs Are Facing in 2023

5 ChatGPT security risks in the enterprise

5 ways to protect yourself from social media marketplace scams

7×7 Dental Implant & Oral Surgery alleged victim of Abyss ransomware group

30% of IT Professionals Have Covered Up Data Breaches

After Italy blocked access to OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot, will the rest of Europe follow?

American Pain and Wellness at Fault for November 2022 Data Breach, Class Action Alleges

Apple fixes two zero-days exploited to hack iPhones and Macs

Are Source Code Leaks the New Threat Software vendors Should Care About?

As cyber attacks soar, here’s how businesses can curtail the cost of data breaches

‘Assistance’ scams prey on sextortion victims who seek help, FBI says

Banks face a growing list of cyber risks, but also growing cyber insurance premiums

Billions of Wi-Fi users warned over signs you’re already a victim – check router for 10 ‘criminal’ alerts now

Camden County Police Department Computer Hacked, Disrupted

Chippewa County Informs Public of Data Breach

CISA orders agencies to patch Backup Exec bugs used by ransomware gang

CISA Warns of Critical ICS Flaws in Hitachi, mySCADA, ICL, and Nexx Products

Companies carry unquantified levels of risk due to current network security approaches

Company boards are bracing for new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cybersecurity regulations

Consumer Lender TMX Finance Suffers a Data Breach Impacting Millions

Covid Contact-Tracing Contractor Settles Data Breach Lawsuit

Crypto Regulation: U.S. Treasury Statement On DeFi Emphasizes Anti-Money Laundering Rules

Culbertson Memorial Hospital hit by cyber-attack

Cyberespionage threat actor APT43 targets US, Europe, Japan and South Korea

Cybersecurity Challenges In Education And How To Start Solving Them

Cybersecurity experts reveal four ways to avoid ransomware attacks

Cyberthreats take a toll on IT teams’ work on other projects

Dish Network lawsuits pile up after crippling ransomware attack

Don’t Get Burned (Out) by Cloud Vulnerabilities

Dutch football association says data breach won't impact scheduled football events

Endpoint ransomware detections increase 627%

Exploit available for critical bug in VM2 JavaScript sandbox library

FBI warns of companies exploiting sextortion victims for profit

Hacker claims having personal data of 55 million Thais identified as army officer

Hackers Behind Modesto PD Attack Begin Releasing Data

Hackers threaten to publish data on infectious diseases patients from Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic unless they pay €4.2 million

Hardware giant MSI confirms cyberattack after new ransomware group issues demand

Here’s how blockchain and AI combine to redefine data security

How Can Security Compliance Protect Your Crypto Business from Fraud?

How to Report a Hacker by Contacting Relevant Authorities

How to Stop Scammers From Calling Your iPhone

How To Spot Money Scams Via Email and Text Messaging

How to use AI algorithms to identify and quantify cyber security risks, and prioritize mitigation strategies?

Keeping up With Rapidly Evolving Cloud Security Tech

Killnet DDoS attacks against healthcare dip as identity risks tick up

Luxury spa with GTA location confirms data breach as victims report fraudulent charges

Luxury spas in Ontario hit by data breach, customers report fraudulent charges

Massive Balada Injector campaign attacking WordPress sites since 2017

Medusa Ransomware Hackers Claim Attack on Cyprus University

Microsoft, Fortra Gains Legal Rights Against Cobalt Strike Abuse

Microsoft and Fortra Clamp Down on Cobalt Strike Use for Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft and Fortra to Take Down Malicious Cobalt Strike Infrastructure

Microsoft Takes Legal Action to Disrupt Cybercriminals' Illegal Use of Cobalt Strike Tool

Minister confirms 16,000 documents released online in Tasmanian data breach, helpline set up

Modern Cyber Ranges: Cloud-Native, Mobile And On The Edge

Money Message ransomware gang demands $4 million from hardware giant MSI

More phishing campaigns are using IPFS network protocol

MSI Confirms Breach as Ransomware Gang Claims Responsibility

MSI Confirms Cyberattack After Fresh Demand From Ransomware Group

MSI confirms security breach following ransomware attack claims

New Jersey county police department confirms ransomware attack

New York dialysis centre discloses data breach nine months after it took place

North Korea’s ‘Malicious’ Cyber Actions worries the U.S., South Korea & Japan

Northwest Territories (NWT) government won’t disclose details of $700K November cyber-attack

OCR Labs denies data breach reports, patches vulnerability

Official Google alert issued to billions of Gmail users – check inbox for sign you’re a target for ‘criminal attack’

One-third of US companies cover up cyber breaches and ransomware

Opposition rages at hack on Tasmanian schools

Outcome-based cybersecurity paves way for organizational goals

Pakistan Army Chief's personal data breach prompts formal inquiry by Parliament

Parent company of Crestwood Medical Center experiences data breach

Parents of schoolchildren in Bengaluru raise concern over likely data breach

Phishing emails from legit YouTube address hitting inboxes

Phishing from threat actor TA473 targets US and NATO officials

Police recover $101,000 in Key Biscayne condo email fraud case

Port of Seattle nearly lost $570K to phishing emails, prompting audit

Prescott College Files Notice of Recent Data Breach Leaking Student Information

Proskauer Rose Cyber Attack Left Sensitive Client Data Unguarded

Rackspace awaits judge's decision in class-action case filed over ransomware attack fallout

Ransomware Attack at New Jersey County Police Department Locks Up Criminal Investigative Files

Ransomware Attacks on Pharma and Healthcare Industries

Ransomware attacks on schools are only getting worse

Re-3 School District releases update on December cyber attack

Researchers Uncover Thriving Phishing Kit Market on Telegram Channels

Rilide browser extension steals MFA codes

Rilide Malware Steals Data from Chromium Browsers

Rochester School District Investigating Possible Cyber-Attack

Safe Surfing Techniques: How Do Hackers Make Sure They Stay Safe Online?

Sahibinden alerts Turkish authority of data breach

Singpass Users Get Warning Ahead of Scams

Spain's most notorious teenage hacker has been caught

Tallahassee Memorial Provides Healthcare Data Breach Notice

Tasmania officials: 16,000 student documents leaked by Clop ransomware group

Tasmanian data breach: schoolchildren’s information among 16,000 documents leaked on dark web

The cyber “wild west”: How do we monitor the chaos?

The Dark Side Of Technology: Navigating The Threat Of Digital Impersonation

The security implications of using ChatGPT in the workplace

Time to Patch: Apple Warns About iOS Zero-Day Likely Targeting iPhones

UK Criminal Records Office Crippled by Potential Ransomware Attack

University of Hawaii Maui College Announces Recent Data Breach

Western Digital’s My Cloud is still down, but there’s a workaround

What Is Spam and How Did It Get That Name?

What is the Network and Information Security 2 (NIS2) Directive?

What we know about Russian hackers - and how to stop them - after a year of cyberwar in Ukraine

WhatsApp tells users how to to beat cyber attack with simple settings change

While not a silver bullet, DMARC can help mitigate phishing attacks

Why Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) Should Start with Active Directory

Why You Need to Worry About the Dark Web and What You Can Do

Your medical device could be spying on you; industry demands protective laws

6th April

3CX makes progress restoring Windows app from state-linked supply chain attack

A crash course on K-12 data security risks (and how to prevent them)

A grocery rebate scam is targeting Canadians. How to avoid getting tricked

About 52% of organisations suffered data breach in past 2 years globally

Adobe Reset User Passwords as Precaution Against Data Breach Risks

Allbridge Flash Loan Attack: Hacker Accepts Bounty; Returns Funds

Amazon Phishing Scams to Watch Out for

Android phones vulnerable to remote hacking — update right now

Australia: IDCARE warns new privacy laws could exacerbate ransomware attacks

Australia: Ransomware attack on council

Australia Post customers warned over ‘hard-to-distinguish’ scam

BabyDoge Warns Users About Fake Phishing Scam

Belgium: TVH recovering from hack

Billions of Gmail and Outlook users with bank accounts warned over ‘three attacks’ – check your inbox immediately

Billions of iPhone and Android owners warned to avoid ‘bank wipeout’ by looking for symbols – check your inbox now

Chippewa County, Wisconsin, Officials Report Data Breach

Cops cuff teenage 'Robin Hood hacker' suspected of peddling stolen info

Criminal records office yanks web portal offline amid 'cyber security incident'

Crossbow firm discloses data breach: crooks compromised credit card data

Cryptocurrency phishing scams have grown by 40% in a year

Customers of Winnipeg's Thermea spa alarmed after notification of significant data breach

Cyber attack at Western Digital

Cyber Attack on Outsourcing Services Provider Capita Raises Fears of Attack on UK Government Services

DDoS attacks rise as pro-Russia groups attack Finland, Israel

DMARC: The ultimate guide to protecting your email domain from phishing

Don't Fall For These Scams During Tax Season

Don’t Trust the Security of the Software Supply Chain

Fake delivery notice scams continue to work, some become more difficult to detect

FBI Cracks Down on Genesis Market: 119 Arrested in Cybercrime Crackdown

FBI seizes popular hacker marketplace in 'Operation Cookie Monster'

Fourth-Largest Generic Drugs Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceuticals Hit by Ransomware Attack

Fraud Detection and Prevention in Banks

Google Steps up Fight Against North Korean Hackers

Hacker Alert: Popular Nexx Smart Garage Doors Can Be Remotely Opened

Hacker group 'Anonymous Sudan' targets security firm Check Point and multiple Israeli universities

Hacker siphons off crypto worth $1M from Sentiment

Hackers use Rilide browser extension to bypass 2FA, steal crypto

Here’s what you should do if your phone is hacked

How to Defend Against Extortion Groups Like Lapsus$

How to delete yourself from internet search results and hide your identity online

How to Identify and Respond to a DDoS Network Attack

International cybercrimes target Asian citizens

Ireland: Drivers warned to watch for toll fraud

IT and security pros pressured to keep quiet about data breaches

Japan braces for surge of ransomware attacks post-Fujitsu leak

Legal powerhouse Proskauer exposed clients’ confidential M&A data

Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Concept, Benefits and Use Cases

Medusa ransomware claims attack on Open University of Cyprus

Microsoft, Fortra get legal permission to counter Cobalt Strike abuse

Microsoft, hospital group use court order to disrupt ransomware attacks aimed at health sector

Microsoft and cybersecurity firm Fortra go after top hacking tool

Microsoft and Fortra crack down on malicious Cobalt Strike servers

Microsoft turns to court order to take down ransomware hacking tool that targeted hospitals

Money Message ransomware gang claims MSI breach, demands $4 million

New Dark Web Market Styx: Focuses on Money Laundering, Identity Theft

New DeFi Trend: Sentiment Hacker Returns 90% of Stolen Funds After Exploit

NuLife Med data breach class action settlement

OpenAI to propose remedies to Italian ban on ChatGPT

Operation Cookie Monster brought down a massive hacker marketplace – See if your info was there

Over 2,000 Students’ Data Compromised in TAFE SA Data Breach

Prescott College attackers steal driver’s license numbers

Pro-Palestinian hackers attack Israeli airline websites

Prolific Spanish Teen Hacking Suspect Arrested

Protect businesses from the dangers of Social Engineering

Protecting Your Digital Life: The Alarming Increase in Phishing Scams

QNAP ‘urgently’ fixing vulnerabilities in multiple systems

Ransomware Gang Chases $4 Million Windfall From MSI For Alleged Source Code Data Theft

Ransomware gang releases new data stolen from the City of Oakland

Ransomware group leaks Crown Resorts data to dark web

Reprioritizing The Confidentiality, Integrity And Availability (C.I.A.) Security Triad

Researchers Uncover New European Malware-as-a-Service Group

Resecurity uncovers STYX, new cybercriminal platform focused on financial fraud

Rogue QuickBooks, PayPal accounts used in novel phishing attacks

Rorschach Ransomware Analysis

Rorschach ransomware deployed by misusing a security tool

Securing Medical Devices is a Matter of Life and Death

Sentiment recovers $870K after negotiations with hacker

Singapore pushes greater action against ransomware gangs after devastating Optus data hack

Social engineering a profitable business for hackers

Software vulnerabilities remain top threat concern

Spate of “Free NFTs” Scams Blights South Korea

Stolen Rio Tinto employee data from cyber-attack uploaded on dark web

Stopping cybercriminals from abusing security tools

Supply Chain Attacks and Critical Infrastructure: How CISA Helps Secure a Nation's Crown Jewels

TAFE data breach uncovered by South Australia Police

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare sends breach notification after a cyber attack

Tasmanian government details data breached in GoAnywhere hack

Telegram now the go-to place for selling phishing tools and services

The 7 Most Important Cybersecurity Frameworks to Know

The Cost of Inadequate Cybersecurity: Why You Can’t Afford to Skimp on Third-Party Risk Management

The GoAnywhere data breach explained

The Phone Call Is Not Dead, And Neither Is Phone Fraud

The Rise of CCTV Hacks in an Evolving Cyber-Threat Landscape

The staggering cost of identity fraud for financial services

The White House Cybersecurity Directive Is Out: Will It Make A Difference?

Threat Actors Increasingly Use Telegram For Phishing Purposes

Threats surge as cybersecurity budgets are slashed

Two-Fifths of IT Pros Told to Keep Breaches Quiet

Uber Drivers' Data Exposed in Breach of Law Firm's Servers

Uber drivers’ info nabbed in cyber attack

UK criminal records office admits ‘website maintenance’ was cyber incident

UK criminal records office confirms cyber incident behind portal issues

UK Criminal Records Office Crippled by "Cyber Incident"

What is Ransomware? Everything You Should Know

What Legacy and Bundled Cybersecurity Tools Miss in Large Network Environments

Why Is Hacking Good? Ethical Hacking is a Skill, Not a Crime

Why Managers Should Think More Like Hackers

Why the Largest Cybersecurity Gap is the Application Environment

5th April

3 Ways AI Transforms Security

4 states passed nearly half of all new cybersecurity laws enacted across the US in 2022

After a hack, loose lips won’t sink chips

Are your charity passwords protected?

Beware of new YouTube phishing scam using authentic email address

Bugs in This Brand of 'Smart' Garage Doors Could Allow a Hacker to Open Them at Will

Canada: Thermëa spa advises customers of data hack

Capita cyber attack: Employees temporarily lost access to Microsoft Office 365 applications

Capita cyberattack proves all businesses remain vulnerable

Clop Ransomware Breached the City of Toronto, Virgin Red and Others via GoAnywhere Vulnerability

Companies That Pay Hackers May Be Able to Recoup Their Losses

Company selling illicit access to Netflix, HBO suffers data breach

Cornerstone Home Lending Files Notice of Data Breach After Cybersecurity Incident at Third-Party Vendor

Credential Theft and Prevention: What You Need to Know

Crown Resorts confirms GoAnywhere data breach

‘Crypto’ hackers target DeFi, Binance’s vulnerable BNB Chain

CryptoClippy: New Clipper Malware Targeting Portuguese Cryptocurrency Users

Cryptocurrency phishing grows by 40% in one year

Cyber threats organizations should keep an eye on in 2023

Cyberattacks 2022: Phishing, Ransomware & Data Breach Statistics

Cyberattacks Against Gamers Continue Beyond 167% Increase

Data protection is about more than just thwarting cyberattacks

Database Snafu Leaks 600K Records from Marketplace

FBI accessed Genesis Market's backend servers as part of takedown

FBI Leads International Effort to Seize Domains for Notorious Genesis Market

Flood of malicious packages results in NPM registry DoS

Genesis Market: Popular cybercrime website shut down by police

Genesis Market dark web forum seized by FBI

Genesis Market’s Clearnet domain seized; Dark Web site still online

Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) Alerts Of ARCHIPELAGO Cyberattacks Linked To North Korea

Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) Warns of North Korean-linked ARCHIPELAGO Cyberattacks

Governments Under Attack: Examining a New PureCrypter Campaign

Hackers can open Nexx garage doors remotely, and there's no fix

Hackers posed as reporters in attacks on North Korea experts

Hackers steal $420m-worth of crypto

Hackers using Log4j bug to profit from victim IP addresses through ‘proxyjacking’ scheme

Hackers Using Self-Extracting Archives Exploit for Stealthy Backdoor Attacks

How Businesses Of Any Size Can Protect Themselves From Cyberattacks

How the Last Big Breach Will Help You Prepare for the Next Cyber Crisis

How to Prevent Malware Attacks: 8 Tips for 2023

Illinois Medical Practice Settles Lawsuit After Data Breach Impacts 228K

India: About 52% of organisations suffered data breach in past 2 years globally

‘It’s an outrage’: Royal College of Nursing (RCN) investigates potential petition data breach

Jefferson County School System loses access to Internet and phone lines following a ransomware attack

Law enforcement takes down notorious hacker marketplace

Log4j bug being used in new malicious attacks

Malaysia: Immigration confirms cyberattack on its website, assures there’s no data breach

Malicious Spam Campaign Downs npm Registry

More Cyber Rules From Industry-Specific Federal Regulators: FDA Issues Cybersecurity Guidelines for Medical Devices

New dark web market STYX focuses on financial fraud services

New demon in town: ransom gang that encrypts files faster than LockBit

New Rorschach ransomware almost twice as fast as LockBit

New Strain of Rorschach Ransomware Targeting US Firms

Nordik Spa warns customers of data breach involving gift cards

O'Neal Industries discloses data breach affecting its former employees

Oakland acknowledges ransomware attack has worsened with massive new release of personal info

Oakland confirms massive second data leak after February ransomware attack

Oakland Ransomware Attackers Leak More City Data

Operation Cookie Monster Brings Down Major Hacker Marketplace

Our Lady of the Lake University Notifies Data Breach Victims

Over 15 Million Systems Exposed to Known Exploited Vulnerabilities

Phishing Attacks Continue To Dominate Cybersecurity Landscape

Police arrest almost 120 people globally following Genesis Market takedown

Police identify hacker, allegedly holding personal data of 55 million Thais

Protect Your Company: Ransomware Prevention Made Easy

Protecting yourself, your business from synthetic identity fraud

Quick-acting Rorschach ransomware appears out of nowhere

Ransomware gang demands $750K from West Virginia hospital

Ransomware hackers leak second batch of city data from Oakland attack

Re-evaluating immature and ineffective insider risk management programs

Rilide Malware – New Crypto Stealer Hits Chromium-Based Browsers

Rise of Behavioral Fraud Makes Smart Prevention Critical for Businesses

Rogers Communications data allegedly sold on a hacker forum

‘Rorschach’ threat shirks normal tactics, boasts rapid ransomware encryption

Royal Dutch Football Association says hackers stole employee data

Spain's most dangerous and elusive hacker now in police custody

Spear phishing attack diverted Bayou Vermilion District insurance funds

Teenage hacker tied to high-profile cyberattacks arrested by Spanish police

The high cost of insecure authentication methods

Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) ransomware attack: What families can do

Typhon info-stealing malware devs upgrade evasion capabilities

Typhon Reborn Stealer Malware Resurfaces with Advanced Evasion Techniques

Uber discloses breach, dozens of drivers affected

Uber suffers third data breach in six months as experts slam ‘traditional approach’ to cybersecurity

UK criminal records office suffers two-month "cyber security incident"

UK Discloses Offensive Cyber Capabilities Principles

UK’s state hackers take on hostile countries and terrorists

Ukraine hacktivists trick wives into exposing Russian airmen suspected of war crimes

Urgent Gmail warning issued to anyone who checks emails via Chrome

West Virginia hospital patient data leaked by ransomware group

Western Digital suffers data breach

White House announces next steps for energy security

YouTube hijacked by hackers to send out phishing emails — don’t fall for this scam

YouTube warns users to be vigilant of a phishing scam

Z2U Market Leak Exposes Access to Illicit Services and Malware

4th April

58% of organizations claim high or critical Operation Technology (OT) security risk levels

ALPHV ransomware exploits Veritas Backup Exec bugs for initial access

APT group targeting organizations in Palestinian territories, researchers say

Arid Viper Hacking Group Using Upgraded Malware in Middle East Cyber Attacks

Australia: Isaacs Regional Council Cyber Attack Highlights Risks Local Governments Face

Australia’s media and telecoms sector saw most data breaches in 2022

Business operations disrupted at Western Digital following network security incident

ChatGPT allegedly suffers outage, data breach

ChatGPT tied to Samsung’s alleged data leak

ConnectWise releases 2023 MSP Threat Report with insights into top ransomware variants and cybersecurity predictions

CONTI Hacker Group: The Young “For-Profit” Super-Cybercriminal Threat

Crypto Firms Are Likely Target for 3CX Attacks

Cryptocurrency Companies Targeted in Sophisticated 3CX Supply Chain Attack

Cybersecurity Dynamics Rapidly Changing

Department of Justice (DoJ) cracks down on cryptocurrency fraud, seizes $112 million in linked funds

Euler Labs hacker returns ‘all of the recoverable funds’

Everything you need to know about the Service NSW Data Breach

Experts warn of fast-encrypting ‘Rorschach’ ransomware

Fake Data Theft Proof Leads to Royal Ransomware Outbreak

FBI seizes stolen credentials market Genesis in Operation Cookie Monster

Feds seize $112m from CryptoRom swindlers

Genesis Market, one of world’s largest platforms for cyber fraud, seized by police

Hacker claims breach of US immigration services

How can organizations bridge the gap between Disaster Recovery (DR) and cybersecurity?

HP to patch critical bug in LaserJet printers within 90 days

HTTP/S DDoS Attacks Soar 487% in Three Years

IRS-authorized eFile.com tax return software caught serving JS malware

Israel university websites come under cyber-attack

KNVB hit by cyber attack at headquarters but football not affected

Lack of security employees makes SMBs sitting ducks for cyber attacks

Lessons Learned from the Ongoing LastPass Data Breach Saga

Lewis & Clark College Investigating Impact of Cyber Attack

Malaysia: Immigration Department Confirms Site Is Down After Alleged Cyberattack By Hacker

March ransomware disclosures spike behind Clop attacks

Medusa Ransomware Shakes Up Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC): Sensitive Data Spilled on Telegram, Security Nightmare Looms!

Microsoft Tightens OneNote Security by Auto-Blocking 120 Risky File Extensions

New Generation of Phishing Hides Behind Trusted Services

New Rilide Malware Targeting Chromium-Based Browsers to Steal Cryptocurrency

New Rorschach ransomware is the fastest encryptor seen so far

New "Rorschach" Ransomware Spread Via Commercial Product

Oakland’s ransomware crisis worsens as city confirms largest leak yet

Phishing scams on the rise in the UAE: Here’s what you need to know

Pirated Microsoft Office copy caused utility firm breach

Prevent and detect Adobe ColdFusion exploitation (CVE-2023-26360, CVE-2023-26359)

Protect your phone from malware, ransomware and viruses with these five easy steps

Ransomware-in-a-box: Why containers are a cybersecurity risk

Rise Interactive Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Healthcare Data Breach

Rorschach – A New Sophisticated and Fast Ransomware

Rorschach Ransomware Emerges: Experts Warn of Advanced Evasion Strategies

Shadow data slipping past security teams

Sysdig Details Proxyjacking Attack Leveraging Log4j Vulnerability

Taking a Different Approach to Tackle the Cyber Skills Gap

Think Before You Share the Link: SaaS in the Real World

TikTok Fined £12.7m For Violating UK Data Privacy Laws

TikTok fined $16m for 'misusing children's data' in the UK

Tracking Pixel Use Results in Data Breach at NY Hospital, 54K Impacted

Tucson Unified School District’s Cyber Shutdown: TUSD confirms hackers accessed sensitive staff data

Uber suffers another data breach after law firm’s servers attacked

UK fines TikTok £12.7 million for misusing children’s data

UK says its offensive cyber operations are ‘accountable, precise, and calibrated’

UnitedLex hit by d0nut ransomware team, 200 GB of corporate files leaked

US Authorities Seize $112m From "Pig Butchering" Scammers

Vice Society nabs Lewis & Clark College as latest ransomware victim

Vulnerabilities impacting multiple QNAP operating systems (CVE-2022-27597, CVE-2022-27598)

Western Digital Hit By Network Security Breach

White House Moves to Address Software Supply Chain Security

WiFi Flaws Allow Network Traffic Interception on Linux, iOS, and Android

3rd April

3CX supply chain attack: What do we know?

71% of employees store sensitive work passwords on personal phones

Attackers start leaking Procter & Gamble data

BBC licence fee collector Capita confirms cyber attack

BMW claims data breach limited to local dealer

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and personal apps: A recipe for data breaches

Californian City of Modesto suffers a Snatch ransomware attack, loses citizens' personal data

Capita blames cyber-attack for outage as company races to restore IT systems

Capita cyberattack disrupted access to its Microsoft Office 365 apps

Capita, company providing UK’s nuclear submarine training, confirms ‘cyber incident’

CISA warns of Zimbra bug exploited in attacks against NATO countries

Consumer Loans Firm TMX Reveals Major Data Breach

Crypto-Stealing OpcJacker Malware Targets Users with Fake VPN Service

Cryptocurrency companies backdoored in 3CX supply chain attack

Cybersecurity unaligned with business goals is reactive...and flawed

Data breach at ticketing platform affects dozens of universities

Data breach reported by Dutch research firm

Data hack by C10p ransomware group poses no threat to Tasmanians, technology minister says

Dish Network Hit with Multiple Securities Class Action Lawsuits

Feds seize $112 million connected to cryptocurrency ‘pig butchering’ scams

Ferrari encountered ransomware attack, exposed customer's personal information

Five Cybersecurity Simulations to Reduce the Risk of a Painful Data Breach

Gauging the Scale of an Active Ransomware Gang’s Infrastructure

How manufacturers can protect themselves from ransomware attacks

Independent Living Systems class action claims data breach exposed patient information

India: Hackers Preferred Data Exfiltration For Ransom From Gujarat Firms In 2022

Italian Watchdog Bans OpenAI's ChatGPT Over Data Protection Concerns

Jefferson County School System victim of ransomware attack over Spring Break

Latest Western Digital hacker attack leaves many My Cloud devices inoperable

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in March 2023 – 41.9 Million Records Breached

Lumen falls victim to 2 ransomware attacks

Malware and machine learning: A match made in hell

Millions still exposed despite available fixes

New VPN Malvertising Attack Drops OpcJacker Crypto Stealer

North Korean Hackers Are Stealing Gmail Emails Using a Malicious Chrome Extension

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