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Monday 10 April 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 15 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 10th April and 16th April 2023.

16th April

83% of Ransomware Infected Organizations Paid Over $900,000 Each

Amazon issues impersonation scam warning to UK customers

Are your passwords safe?

CISA warns of Android bug exploited by Chinese app to spy on users

Crypto Hackers Snatches $7 Million From Hundred Finance

Cryptocurrency Phishing Attacks Surge in 2022

Cyber Attack Compromised Sensitive Info at Shoreline CC

Cyber Attack on Tel Aviv Smart Homes: ‘You Have No Security on this Land’

Don't download this app on phone: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) issues warning to customers

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your E-mail Or You’ll Put All Your Accounts At Risk

Don’t Take the Bait: Protect Yourself from Phishing Emails

Encryption is the only way to protect your data on the Internet

From a hacker's cheat sheet to malware… to bio weapons? ChatGPT is easily abused, and that's a big problem

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) Leaker Current Whereabouts Unknown After Rockstar Games Launched FBI Investigation

Hacker Exploits Hundred Finance Protocol In $7.4 Million Heist

Hacker group leaks alleged Health Ministry filed on COVID tests

Hundred Finance Lending Protocol Loses $7M to Hack on Optimism

Indonesian hacker group targets 12,000 government websites, government issues alert

Is cyber technology the perfect weapon?

LockBit ransomware encryptors found targeting Mac devices

Nepal: Cybercrime-related cases see an alarming rise

Scammers claim Crypto exchange Uniswap exploited

Silk Road Hacker Sentenced to a Year in Prison for Wire Fraud

The Anatomy Of A Spear-Phishing Attack: What You Need To Know

What it will look like if China launches cyberattacks in the U.S.

15th April

75% e-commerce phishing attacks exploit Apple and Amazon’s brand names

Android malware infiltrates 60 Google Play apps with 100 Million installs

Billions of Gmail and Outlook users issued ‘six step’ bank warning by FBI – avoid losing everything

Canada: Websites for PMO's office, National Capital Commission (NCC) among those crashed by hackers

China: US jeopardizes global cyber security

Coles confirms its customers impacted by Latitude Financial data breach

Coles disappointed over Latitude credit card breach

Computer Security For Everyone

Crypto Phishing Up 40% Year-on-year

Cyber security pitfalls and how negligence can be expensive for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Cybersecurity Firm Warns Of Uniswap Phishing Scam Spreading False Exploit Information

Cyprus: Police have a list of hacker targets

Domino Backdoor is Lead by FIN7 and Conti Actors

German defense maker Rheinmetall hit by a cyber attack

Global Data Breaches and the Need for Robust Cybersecurity

Google Releases Urgent Chrome Update to Fix Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability

Google warns users about six phrases that could empty your bank account in an instant

Hackers start abusing Action1 RMM in ransomware attacks

How to Detect Insider Threats: Stopping Leaks in the Digital Age

Identity theft, and what to do to avoid it

Impacted by cyber data breach: Coles statement

MetaMask’s 7000 Users Affected After Data Breach, Says ConsenSys

NCR suffers Aloha POS outage after BlackCat ransomware attack

Office 365 Protection: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

Official Apple warning for all iPhone owners over ‘money’ theft – list of five alerts you must check today

Protecting yourself from scammers using ChatGPT

Silk Road hacker receives his court verdict

Staying safe in cyberspace

Supermarket giant's 'disappointment' after shoppers' credit card details were stolen in major data breach

Top 5 Email threats and how to Safeguard Your Inbox

We need stronger backup plans in case of cyber attacks, especially in health care

Were you caught up in the latest data breach? Here's how to tell

What Are the Pros and Cons of Cloud-Based Security Solutions?

What Is a Crypto Phishing Scam and How Can You Spot One?

What Is Reverse Tabnabbing and How Can You Prevent It?

14th April

5 Common Attack Surface Management (ASM) Mistakes Enterprises Should Avoid in 2023

5 ways Indian medical administrations can boost hospital cyber-security

47% organizations experienced ransomware attack in the past year

7,000 MetaMask Users Targeted in Security Breach, Consensys Says

Accounting Firm, Harding, Shymanski & Company, Announces Data Breach Following Wave of Fraudulent Tax Returns

Alabama schools see increase in ransomware, phishing attacks

Amazon issues impersonation scam warning to UK customers

Amazon, Dyson, and Singtel - Top Phishing Scams This Week

Apple is the darling of an overwhelming majority of phishing criminals

Attackers Use QuickBooks to Launch ‘BEC 3.0’ Campaign

Australia weighs banning ransomware payments amid hike in attacks

Biden administration announces plan to protect patient privacy

Billions of Android and iPhone owners told to check texts, emails for ‘roleplayer’ – don’t risk your bank being emptied

Bitrue Shuts Down Withdrawals Till 18th April After $23M Exploit

Business email compromise, CEO fraud increasing and putting companies at risk

Canada: Cyber attack knocks out service on National Capital Commission's website

ChatGPT and Cybersecurity: What AI means for digital security

CISA Asks Manufacturers to Prioritize Cybersecurity in Product Design

ConsenSys Reports Data Breach Affecting Over 7,000 MetaMask Users

Crypto platform Bitrue has $23 million stolen in cyberattack

Cryptocurrency Phishing Threats Luring New Victims

Cyber assets increased by 133% year-over-year

Cyber Threats Loom for Minnesota Schools Large and Small

Cyberattack causing treatment delays at Canadian hospital

Cyberattacks happen every day, but experts say you can protect yourself

Cybersecurity key in digital manufacturing

Darktrace: Investigation found no evidence of LockBit breach

Darktrace Denies Getting Hacked After Ransomware Group Names Company on Leak Site

Everused Raidforums? You are in trouble as Police is contacting users for their illegal activity

FBI seizes Genesis Market crime forum accused of identity theft

For cybercriminal mischief, it’s dark web vs deep web

German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall confirms cyberattack

Google Chrome emergency update fixes first zero-day of 2023

Hacker group brings down Israeli postal, banking and telecoms websites

Hacker Robs Crypto Exchange Bitrue of $23M in Ethereum, SHIB, Other Assets

How companies protect themselves against AI-powered cyber attacks: strategies and best practices

How 'Operation Cookie Monster' took down a major dark web marketplace

How to detect and remove malware from an Android device

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets from Cyber Theft

How to survive a cyber attack: 3 lessons from the world's top CEOs

Hyundai Experiences Cybersecurity Issues: Breach and App Bugs

India: Haryana witnesses 5,000% jump in cyber crime complaints since 2019

India: How to stay safe online, file cyber crime complaint

India: Institutions need infra to fight cybercrime

India saw 53% increase in ransomware attacks in 2022

India under cyber attack by Indonesian group 'Hacktivist'

Independent Living Systems (ILS) Data Breach Affects Almost 21K Iowan Medicaid Recipients

Kodi Confirms Data Breach: 400K User Records and Private Messages Stolen

Kodi rebuilds forum server following breach affecting 400K users

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) ransomware attack affected almost 2,800 patients

Microsoft Teams Up to Take Legal Action Against Cybercriminals

Microsoft warns accountants of new phishing campaign amid tax period

NatWest customers warned of ‘dodgy email’ scam that could empty your bank account - how to avoid

New Scam Targets Tax Payers

Nigerian man extradited to US over alleged $6 million Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam

Non-internet facing systems have significant risk density

Ohio Department of Insurance warns of scam offering new Medicare cards

Online Alcohol Counseling Service Provider Reports 109K-record Tracking Tool Data Breach

Organizations face an uphill battle to keep their sensitive data secure

Organizations Overwhelmed with Cybersecurity Alerts, Threats and Attack Surfaces

Over 100 Android users in Singapore fall prey to phishing scams since March

PayPal Scams Are on the Rise: Here's How to Avoid Them

Pen testing amid the rise of AI-powered threat actors

Permiso Discovers Smishing Attack to Steal AWS Credentials

Personal data of former GE Money customers likely affected by Latitude Financial data breach

Pharmacy Cyberattacks: ‘Everybody’s a Target’

Police issue warning to Lancaster and Morecambe residents after rise in scams

Ransomware attack cost town of St. Marys, Ontario, $1.3M to manage

Rising ransomware attacks posing major cybersecurity threat to travel and tourism industry

Rochester schools end week without internet; questions linger about cyber attack

Rorschach ransomware, with a rare encryption speed, makes it even harder for companies to respond

Royal Dutch Football Association claimed as LockBit victim

RTM Locker Gang Targets Corporate Environments with Ransomware

Russia accuses NATO of launching 5,000 cyberattacks since 2022

Russia-Linked Hackers Launches Espionage Attacks on Foreign Diplomatic Entities

Russian cyber spies hit NATO and EU organisations with new malware toolset

Russian espionage campaign targets NATO and EU diplomats

Santa Clara Family Health Plan Notifies 276,993 Individuals of Recent Data Breach

Securing the Insider: How Human Resources Can Help

Severe Android and Novi Survey Vulnerabilities Under Active Exploitation

Shoreline Community College says personal info was accessed in attack

Siemens Metaverse exposes sensitive corporate data

Sky warns millions of customers over email that steals your credit card

Tasmania: 150,000 individuals and businesses affected by Clop ransomware group

The Threat Intelligence Index and the state of cybersecurity in APAC

Three Cybercrime Predictions In The Age Of ChatGPT

Top eCommerce Security Best Practices to Follow

Turkey: 20 detained in anti-cybercrime operation

UK Education Sector Suffered Most from Ransomware in 2022

Uniswap Users at Risk of a Phishing Scam

Uniswap Users Targeted by Phishing Scam

Vice Society ransomware uses new PowerShell data theft tool in attacks

Visibility and AI in an age plagued by security threats

Vladimir Putin’s cyber warfare chief sent sex toys after his email is hacked

Western Digital Cyber Attack a ‘Wake Up Call for ASIC Vendors’

Western Digital Data Breach: Hackers Demand Huge Ransom In Exchange Of Sensitive Data

Whaling Attack (Whale Phishing)

What Are Calendar Viruses and How Do You Combat Them?

What Are Passkeys? A Cybersecurity Researcher Explains

What Business Needs to Know About the New U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy

What Is Ransomware? How It Works and How To Prevent It

WhatsApp announces features to prevent account takeover

WhatsApp Improves Defense Against Malware-Based Account Takeover

Young adults twice as likely to fall victim to fraud

Zelle users targeted with social engineering tricks

13th April

3 ways to bolster supply chain cybersecurity as attacks accelerate

3CX data breach affects hundreds of thousands of users

10 types of financial scams trying to trick people out of money during cost of living crisis

A Cybersecurity Perspective On The Perils Of AI

A Recent 45% Surge in Ransomware Attacks Has Cybersecurity Community on High Alert

AI chatbots give tax scammers a boost

Amazon issues impersonation scam warning to UK customers

Apple is the online store of choice for phishing scams

Beware of juice jacking: FBI warns against using public USB charging points over security concerns

Big Data, Big Risks: How Startups Can Safeguard Their Customers' Information

Building a Network Security Strategy: Complete Checklist To Protect Your Network

Canada: $1.3 million spent on St. Marys cyber attack

China: US jeopardizes global cyber security

Collegedale, Tennessee, Has Computer Systems Hacked, Restored

Cornwall Community Hospital experiencing cyber incident

CorrectCare data breach affects personal data of 1.5 Million individuals

Crafty PDF link is part of another tax-season malware campaign

Crypto-Ransomware Payments: Australia Considers Ban On Latitude Financial Hack

Cyber attack threat looms large over healthcare sector

Cyber company Darktrace gets caught up in LockBit gang's apparent blunder

Cybercriminals stole sensitive photos of nearly 3K patients in Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) data breach

Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks Quarterly Review: Q1 2023

DDoS alert traffic reaches record-breaking level of 436 petabits in one day

DDoS attacks strike Indian airports. Here’s how the threat was mitigated

Dozens of Oakland ransomware victims never notified Social Security Numbers were leaked on dark web

Dutch Police mails RaidForums members to warn they’re being watched

Five arrested after 33,000 victims lose $98M to online investment fraud

Generative AI: The Democratisation of Fraud

GlobalData warns rising ransomware attacks to travel industry

Google Launches New Cybersecurity Initiatives to Strengthen Vulnerability Management

Google Play threats on the dark web are big business

Google warns six danger phrases could empty your bank account instantly

GuLoader Targets US Financial Firms With Tax-Themed Phishing Lures

Hacker mints 1 quadrillion Yearn Tether (yUSDT) after exploiting old Yearn.finance contract

Hackers claim vast access to Western Digital systems

Hacks On Gas, Eh. Canada’s Natural Gas Distribution Network Is The Latest Target For Russian Hackers

Here are ways you can boost staff cybersecurity training for a safer digital future

How can we Secure the Internet of Things (IoT)?

How to avoid phishing scams as we approach this year's tax deadline

How to create a K-12 cybersecurity strategy

How to Manage Cybersecurity With Remote Employees

Hyundai customer details exposed in data breach

India: States, Union Territories (UTs) alerted for possible cyber attacks at 12,000 government websites by Indonesian hacker

Indonesian hacker group targets 12,000 Indian government websites, cybersecurity alert issued

Info of More Than 2,000 Modesto Employees Potentially Hacked

Insight Global Settles Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

Irrigation Systems in Israel Disrupted by Hacker Attacks on ICS

Kremlin-backed hackers blamed in spying campaign on EU and NATO diplomatic agencies

Lazarus Hacker Group Evolves Tactics, Tools, and Targets in DeathNote Campaign

Legion: Credential Harvesting & SMS Hijacking Malware Sold on Telegram

Legion: New hacktool steals credentials from misconfigured sites

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN): Sensitive photos of almost 2,800 patients potentially stolen in data breach

LockBit 3.0 Posts Dubious Claims of Breaching Darktrace Cybersecurity Firm

Malicious ChatGPT & Google Bard Installers Distribute RedLine Stealer

Massive Independent Living Systems (ILS) leak included data of more than 20,000 Iowa Medicaid recipients

Microsoft patches vulnerability used in Nokoyawa ransomware attacks

Money Ransomware Group Enters Double-Extortion Fray

Most businesses give in to ransomware attacks and pay out

MSI attackers leak over 500GB of stolen data

Nation-state actors are taking advantage of weak passwords to go after cloud customers, Google says

NatWest customers warned over new email scam that could drain your bank account

New Mirai Variant Employs Uncommon Tactics to Distribute Malware

New penalties create ‘perfect storm’ for data breach secrecy

New Python-Based "Legion" Hacking Tool Emerges on Telegram

No indication of identity theft or fraud in Beacon Health data breach by employee

Over 20,000 Iowa Medicaid Members Affected By Data Breach

“Over-excited” firms risk ChatGPT data breaches

Pakistan-Aligned Hackers Disrupt Indian Education Sector

Pakistan-based Transparent Tribe Hackers Targeting Indian Educational Institutions

Pakistan-linked hackers target India’s education sector with Crimson malware

Payroll giant SD Worx hit by cyberattack

Pennsylvania system: Ransomware gang posted 2,800 patient photos to dark web

Personal data leaked after cyber attack at Open University of Cyprus (OUC)

Phishing attack targets accountants as Tax Day approaches

Phishing attacks increase by more than 100 percent

Phishing Scams: Stay Clear of the Bait

Pro-Russia hackers say they were behind Hydro-Quebec cyberattack

Public Employees Credit Union data breach class action settlement

Push to ban ransomware payments admirable, but success lies in the details

Ransomware attack that forced a New York county back to pen and paper began in 2021, official says

Rapid7 Has Good News for UK Security Posture

Rebuilding Digital Trust

Reining in the Fraudsters: Policing Scam Websites

Robust and Resilient: 5 Tips for Creating a Cyber Disaster Recovery Strategy That Works

RTM Locker: Emerging Cybercrime Group Targeting Businesses with Ransomware

Russian hackers linked to widespread attacks targeting NATO and EU

Senate Committee Passes Securing Open Source Software Act

Singapore: Over 100 Android users fall prey to phishing scams since March

Stanford: Personal information stolen in health care data breach

Stolen Card Volumes Plummet 94% Globally

Super-Yacht Specialist Lürssen in Dry Dock After Ransomware Attack

Superyacht-Maker Hit by Easter Ransomware Attack

Thailand: Alleged ‘hacker’ surrenders to Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB)

The Anatomy of an Insider Threat

The new weakest link in the cybersecurity chain

Three Canadian ports under cyber attack

Three charged over banking fraud for hire website

TMX Finance faces four class actions over data breach that affects 4.8M customers

Top Mobile Security Considerations for Business Travelers

Tucson Unified School District’s Cyber Shutdown: Staffers share experience in classroom; district explains mistakes made

Unlimited Care, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting More than 29K Employees

Ways To Secure Your Digital Content

What Nations are Most Likely To Face a Cyber-Attack in 2023?

WhatsApp boosts defense against account takeover via malware

WhatsApp Introduces New Device Verification Feature to Prevent Account Takeover Attacks

Why Cybersecurity is Important for Keeping Your Business Going

Why Shadow APIs are More Dangerous than You Think

Zero-day in Microsoft Windows used in Nokoyawa ransomware attacks

12th April

3CX compromise: More details about the breach, new PWA app released

7 SaaS Security Threats You Should Know About in 2023

400,000 Users Hit by Data Breach at Media Player Maker Kodi

Amazon issues warning to customers amid growing threat of impersonation scams

Android App Trojans Sold on Dark Web for $25-$20,000

April Patch Tuesday fixes zero-day used to deliver ransomware

Automotive Cyber Security for Connected Vehicles

Bill for cyber attack against Town of St. Marys sits at $1.3 million

Cadwalader Hit With Class Action Stemming From Data Breach

Canadian Officials’ Passwords Prove Too Easy for Pro-Russian Hackers

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) launches probe into cyber attack on Nagpur’s Solar Industries Limited

ChatGPT at Work: What’s at Stake for Employers?

ChatGPT could return to Italy if OpenAI complies with rules

China reviews US cyber attack cases, saying US owes explanation over leaked Pentagon docs

CISA Publishes Advisory on Improving Network Monitoring and Hardening

CISA Updates Zero Trust Maturity Model With Public Feedback

Cryptocurrency-related phishing attacks up by 40%

Culbertson Memorial critical systems fully restored after cyber attack

Cyber Bites Back: Why Provisioning Cybersecurity Truly Matters

Cybersecurity leaders see risk from email attacks, hybrid work

Cybersecurity training – raising awareness of business threats

Defending against backdoor attacks with zero trust

Defending Your Digital Fort - The Importance of Strong Authentication in Preventing Cyber Attacks

DDoS attacks shifting to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) infrastructure for increased power

Do you Check the Security of Your Macbook for Viruses and Malware?

Emails from Samaritan accounts could be phishing attack

Emotet Climbs March 2023's Most Wanted Malware List With OneNote Campaign

Euler Finance opens redemptions after hacker returns funds

Euler Finance Opens Repayments After Hacker Returns Money

ExtraHop Report Finds 83% of Organizations Paid up in Ransomware Attacks

Five Types of Business Email Compromise Attacks and How to Prevent Them

German builder of yachts and military vessels hit by ransomware attack

German drug development company says cyberattack causing production delays

German Superyacht Maker Lürssen Hit by Ransomware Cyber Attack

GlobalData warns rising ransomware attacks posing major cybersecurity threat to travel and tourism industry

Hacker Group Selling Stolen Databases From Public Authorities

Hackers Target These Types of Accounts the Most

HashiCorp Vault vulnerability could lead to RCE, patch today! (CVE-2023-0620)

How Serious Is the Security Threat of 'Juice-Jacking'?

How Trustworthy Is the Software You Use to Protect Your Organization?

Hybrid work environments are stressing CISOs

Hyundai data breach exposes owner details in France and Italy

‘If your business hasn't already faced a cyber security attack, it will do soon'

Is Your Organization Testing Against the Right Cyber Threats?

Is Your Site Acting Strange? 29 Signs A Website Is Hacked

Israel-based Spyware Firm QuaDream Targets High-Risk iPhones with Zero-Click Exploit

Kenya: Digital credit provider fined Sh5m for personal data breach

KFC owner suffers data breach following ransomware attack

KFC, Pizza Hut parent discloses data breach

Kibble Equipment Announces Third-Party Data Breach Following Rackspace Ransomware Attack

Kodi forum breach: User data, encrypted passwords grabbed

Kyocera Android app with 1 Million installs can be abused to drop malware

LastPass Breach Reveals Important Lessons

Latitude Financial refuses to bow to ransomware demands

Lazarus Assault Via 3CX Exposes Need to Rethink Security

Lazarus Group's DeathNote Campaign Reveals Shift in Targets

Microsoft Fixes Zero-Day Bug This Patch Tuesday

Microsoft patches Windows zero-day bug used in ransomware attacks

Microsoft shares guidance to detect BlackLotus UEFI bootkit attacks

Mitigating cyber risks in industrial control systems

More DDoS, More Leaks: Where Ransomware is Headed in 2023

More Than One-in-Three Canadian Organizations Experienced a Security Breach in the Past Year

MSI Hit With Data Breach As China Flexes Muscle

Much-Hyped Water Plant Hack Wasn't a Hack, Was Actually User Error, Official Says

NatWest phishing scam: how to spot a dodgy bank email

Network Assured Report Reveals ChatGPT Already Involved in Data Leaks, Phishing Scams & Malware Infections

New Software Standards Could Help Hospitals Thwart Hackers

New Zero-Click iOS Exploit Deploys Israeli Spyware

North Korean Hackers Uncovered as Mastermind in 3CX Supply Chain Attack

Personal data leaked in Open University hack, unleashing host of GDPR issues

Pro-Russian KillNet targets NATO infrastructure and breaches security

Probe begins into cyber attack on Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) website

Ransomware Attacks Pose Major Threat to Travel and Tourism

Report Reveals ChatGPT Already Involved in Data Leaks, Phishing Scams & Malware Infections

Researchers Uncover 7000 Malicious Open Source Packages

Retina & Vitreous of Texas, PLLC Files Notice of Data Breach Following Cybersecurity Incident

Rochester public school system temporarily shuts 42 schools following a cyber attack

SD Worx pauses HR operations after cyberattack

Tasmanian Education Department hit by data breach

Thailand: Hacker “9Near” Surrenders to Police

The need for robust supply chain defenses to protect sensitive data

The Practical Side Of Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA): How It Helps Harden Defenses

The Service Accounts Challenge: Can't See or Secure Them Until It's Too Late

Thermëa Spa In Whitby Experienced A Data Breach & Customers 'Don't Feel Safe Going Back'

These Browsing Mistakes Practically Guarantee A Computer Virus, Security Experts Warn

Threat hunting programs can save organizations from costly security breaches

Uber, Internal Data Stolen in Another Cyber Attack

Urgent: Microsoft Issues Patches for 97 Flaws, Including Active Ransomware Exploit

US and UK are the countries most attacked by ransomware

US, India and China Most Targeted in DDoS Attacks

Volvo retailer leaks sensitive files

Were you caught up in the latest data breach? Here's how to tell

What are passkeys? A cybersecurity researcher explains how you can use your phone to make passwords a thing of the past

What do you do if a hacker takes over your ship?

What is a Phishing Attack, And What Are the Possible Effects on a Crypto Investor?

What Is Incident Response?

What is Spear Phishing and How Can You Prevent It

What Percentage of E-shop Phishing Scams Exploit Apple’s Name?

Windows admins warned to patch critical MSMQ QueueJumper bug

Yum! Brands, Inc. Notifies Consumers of Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Zero trust, AI and the cloud: The new frontiers in cybersecurity

11th April - Identity Management Day

3CX confirms North Korean hackers behind supply chain attack

A Zero-trust Approach is Essential for Achieving Effective AD Security

Almost Human: The Threat Of AI-Powered Phishing Attacks

Apple Patches Two Zero-Days Exploited in the Wild

Apple rushes fixes for exploited zero-days in iPhones and Macs (CVE-2023-28205, CVE-2023-28206)

April Identified as Most Dangerous Month for Ransomware Attacks

Armorblox Report Surfaces Spike in BEC Attacks

Australia Post customers warned over ‘hard to distinguish’ delivery scam email

Battle could be brewing over new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) data breach reporting rules

Belgian municipality shuts multiple online services following a cyber attack

Breaking down North Korea's advancing cyber prowess

Building a cybersecurity foundation to protect construction firms from ransomware attacks

Businesses Need to Revisit Password Policies

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) starts probe into cyber attack on Solar Industries

China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance (CCIA) report exposes malicious behavior and threat of US cyber hegemony

CISA adds Microsoft, Apple bugs to exploited vulnerabilities catalog

CISA Urges to Fix Backup Exec Bug Exploited to Deploy Ransomware

CommonSpirit Health Notifies 623,774 Individuals of Data Breach Following 2022 Ransomware Attack

Consumers take data control into their own hands amid rising privacy concerns

Criminal businesses adopt corporate behavior as they grow

Cybercrime: Ransomware Hits and Initial Access Listings Grow

Cryptocurrency Stealer Malware Distributed via 13 NuGet Packages

Cybercriminals charge $5K to add Android malware to Google Play

Cybercriminals Turn to Android Loaders on Dark Web to Evade Google Play Security

Cybersecurity in Space: Exploring Extra-Terrestrial Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity On A Budget: A Startup’s Guide

Defending Your Data: Ransomware Vs. Wiper Malware

Eliminating 2% of Exposures Could Protect 90% of Critical Assets

Estonian Arrested: Accused of Supplying Hacking Tools to Russia

FBI and former city manager say Oldsmar cyberattack never happened

FBI warns of cybercriminals posing as PRC to target Chinese communities

Four critical steps to protecting hybrid workplace environments

Hacked sites caught spreading malware via fake Chrome updates

Hacker Exploits South Korean Exchange GDAC, Drains Over $14 Million

Harrington Raceway, Inc. Announces Data Breach Leaking the Personal Information of More Than 12k Individuals

How To Protect Your Business From A Data Breach

Hyderabad: Big data breach traced to three outsourced services

Illinois hospital’s networks back online after cyberattack

iPhones hacked via invisible calendar invites to drop QuaDream spyware

Israeli spyware software surveilling journalists, politicians

Jefferson County schools still offline after ransomware attack

KFC Owner Discloses Data Breach

KFC, Pizza Hut data stolen in January ransomware attack

Kodi discloses data breach after forum database for sale online

Latitude confirms hackers’ ransom demand but says it won’t pay up

Latitude Financial Refuses to Pay Ransom

Latitude Financial vows not to pay ransom to hackers in wake of massive data breach

Leaked U.S. assessment includes warning about Russian hackers accessing sensitive infrastructure

Major Hack Hits South Korean Exchange GDAC, $13.9M Stolen

Malicious Android Apps Sold For Up to $20,000 on Darknet

Menlo Security Illustrates Importance of Browser Security as 4 in 5 Ransomware Attacks Include Threats Beyond Data Encryption

Microsoft April 2023 Patch Tuesday fixes 1 zero-day, 97 flaws

Microsoft patches zero-day exploited by attackers (CVE-2023-28252)

Minnesota school district cyber attack prompts call for spring data cleaning

MSI confirms breach by new ransomware group

Nearly 4 in 5 Ransomware Attacks Include Threats Beyond Data Encryption

Never charge your smartphone in an airport or hotel due to hacker threat, FBI warns

New Workplace Developments Demand Attention as Data Breach Costs Rise

Newly Discovered "By-Design" Flaw in Microsoft Azure Could Expose Storage Accounts to Hackers

Nordic spa near Toronto suffers data breach and customers are angry

North Korean hackers linked to 3CX supply-chain attack, investigation finds

Over 40% of cybersecurity teams told to keep breaches confidential

Over 8,000 cyber-attacks thwarted in Iran last year

Pizza Hut, Taco Bell owner confirms data breach

QuaDream: Israeli Cyber Mercenary Behind iPhone Hacks

Ransomware Attack Could Cost Modesto, California, $1M

Recovering from a data breach

Replacing GDPR in the UK: Assessing AI and Research Provisions

Russia’s top hacker exposed by Ukrainian activists

SAP releases security updates for two critical-severity flaws

SD Worx halts UK payroll, HR services after cyberattack

Socially Engineered Into Stealing $500,000 From a Casino

Tasmanian government says cyber attack compromised over 16,000 personal data records

Tesla hit with class action suit, accused of privacy violations

Toyota says security lapse at Italy offices may have led to customer data exposure

Twitter Circle data breach: Think twice before tweeting

Twitter Circle glitch exposes private tweets

Ukrainian Hackers Breach Email of APT28 Leader, Who’s Wanted by FBI

US Scrambles to Investigate Military Intel Leak

Webster Bank Reports Third-Party Data Breach at Guardian Analytics, Inc

What you Missed in the White House National Cybersecurity Strategy

Why it’s time to move towards a passwordless future

Windows zero-day vulnerability exploited in ransomware attacks

Woodward Communications, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting 12,467 Individuals

10th April

3 Ways To Identify A Cyber Attack And How To Protect Yourself

4 ways to secure your remote work setup

8 tips to stay safe online and spot fake websites: Your ultimate guide

A Myth or Reality? Debunking (Mis)Conceptions Surrounding Cloud Ransomware

A Strategic Approach to Cybersecurity Resilience

Advice for dealing with data breaches

AI Impersonation and Vishing: An Overview and Preventative Measures

Alcasec Hacker, aka “Robin Hood of Spanish Hackers,” Arrested

Amazon issues scam warning to customers after removing thousands of phishing websites

Another Day, Another Phishing Attack

Apple fixes recently disclosed zero-days on older iPhones and iPads

Are health care records still a target for computer hackers? Absolutely, feds say

Baldor Specialty Foods Reports Data Breach Impacting the Confidential Information of 13k+ Consumers

Beware of zombies

Billions of Gmail and Outlook users warned over ‘octopus attack’ email lurking in inboxes and it aims to grab money

Brightline, Inc. Announces Third-Party Data Breach Affecting 27,742 Individuals

Chinese Website Selling Stolen Accounts Suffers Data Breach

CISA orders government agencies to update iPhones, Macs by May 1st

CISA Warns of 5 Actively Exploited Security Flaws: Urgent Action Required

CommonSpirit data breach impacted over 100 facilities, cost millions

Cyber attack on the UK's criminal records office compromises criminal conviction data

Cyberattacks on credentials & permissions affect 82% of organizations

Cybercriminals use simple trick to obtain personal data

Cybersecurity expert points out 5 mistakes we make with our digital life that makes it vulnerable to hackers

Data breach at Elmbrook School District exposes personal information about former and current employees

Debt-collection company data breach affects 500K people with past-due Bank of America accounts

Energy sector routinely target of cyberattackers, experts say

Estonian National Charged in U.S. for Acquiring Electronics and Metasploit Pro for Russian Military

Euler Finance new plan to compensate users revealed

Evotec SE provides update on cyber attack

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