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Monday 28 February 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 09 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 28th February and 6th March 2022.

6th March

5 Ways to Protect Your Email as Cybersecurity Concerns Grow

Adafruit discloses data leak from ex-employee's GitHub repo

Conti ransomware gang, which leaked ransomware victims’ data, has its own data leaked

Cyber attacks by Iran hackers on rise

Cyberrisk Management Tips for Businesses Amid the Russia-Ukraine War

Don't fall for the new validation tag scam

Email security bill of rights for a zero-trust world

Experts fear for Suffolk's cyber-security after Russian invasion of Ukraine

Fake apps, imposter websites and social media posts - red flags to watch to avoid scammers

Gmail alert: This email says it protects your PC but does the opposite - delete it now

Google makes important Workspace change to prevent phishing

Hackers claim to have discovered a large Samsung data breach, including encryption keys and source code

Hackers Threaten To Leak "Nvidia's Most Closely Guarded" Secrets

Hacking-as-a-Service has rendered cyberspace more vulnerable

How to avoid bidding on a scam auction

Navigate the unknowns of tomorrow in this must-read report for CISOs, CTOs, and CIOs

Opensea phishing scandal reveals a security need across the NFT and Digital Assets

Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Concerns Are Increasing Across the Globe

Radware calls for companies to review their cyber security posture in light of current events

Ransomware may not be the ‘impossible problem’ for businesses

Safeguarding patient data is crucial for Pharmaceutical companies

Sea Transportation: Cyber Security Stumbles

SharkBot Banking Malware Spreading via Fake Android Antivirus App on Google Play Store

Small Business Cybersecurity Concerns Amid Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Solana Network Gets Hit with Phishing Attacks

T-Mobile Users Should Take Action After Data Hack, DC Attorney General Warns

The Washington State Department of Licensing has restored its website after 650,000 individuals data was leaked

Tips to ensure your information secure, as cybersecurity threats linger

Tips to protect yourself from cyberattacks with crisis in Ukraine

Trading Standards warning over scam Tesco emails

Ukraine Situation Drives New Cyber Attack Reporting Mandates

Washingtonians affected by 2021 T-Mobile data breach

Ways to avoid ransomware attacks

Why Hasn't Russia Launched a Major Cyber Attack Against Ukraine?

5th March

A Path Towards Shaping the Future of Zero-Trust

Avast Released Free Decryptor for HermeticRansom Ransomware to help Ukraine

Cyberattacks could be used to fund sanction-hit Russia's war machine

How to protect yourself against cyberattacks

Imperva mitigated a series of massive ransom DDoS attacks

Key Ways Your Business Can Suffer Due to Ransomware Attacks

Leaked stolen Nvidia cert can sign Windows malware

Malware now using NVIDIA's stolen code signing certificates

New Linux Kernel Cgroups Vulnerability Could Let Attackers Escape Container

NotPetya: the cyberattack that shook the world

Nvidia data breach exposes data of 71,000 employees

Opensea phishing scandal reveals a security need across the NFT landscape

Russia shares list of 17,000 IPs allegedly DDoSing Russian orgs

SharkBot malware hides as Android antivirus in Google Play

4th March

5 cybersecurity trends that will define 2022

5 steps to stay cyber smart

6 Biggest Scams That Ontarians Were Tricked By Last Year According To Provincial Police

7 Risk Management Insights for Social Engineering and Ransomware Threats

29K Wyomingites’ Data Exposed On Dark Web; Cyber Wyoming Warns Of Risks

64% of Companies Affected By Ransomware Had Obsolete Security Protocols, New Study Reveals

A Cyber Risk Management Primer: Identifying Risk, Vulnerability And Threat

A ransomware mitigation plan

Advice from Internet experts...Fake Facebook pages set a trap

Agencies in Humboldt County hit with phishing emails

Amazon: Charities, aid orgs in Ukraine attacked with malware

App Discovered on Google Play Found to be Data-Stealing Malware, Downloaded Over 10K Times

Ascension Michigan data breach may have exposed some patients' Social Security numbers

Authorities investigate ransomware attack in Fleetwood ASD

Both Sides in Russia-Ukraine War Heavily Using Telegram for Disinformation and Hacktivism

Bracing for State-Sponsored Ransomware and Cyberthreats in a World of Conflict

Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) warning Ohioans about identity theft text scam

Carousell phishing scam! — At least 72 victims have fallen for it since January, over $109,000 lost

Centralia College Continues Recovering From Ransomware Attack

CISA warns organizations to patch 95 actively exploited bugs

Colleges warned as cyber threat from Russia increases

Companies Can't Just Train Their Way to More Secure Endpoints

Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part III: Weaponry

Cyber risk to increase amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

Cyber Security: 3 Legal Implications and Risk Management

Cyber threat 'absolutely real', says Cheshire East ICT boss

Cyber-Criminals Exploit Invasion of Ukraine

Cyberattacks on SMBs are increasing, will your business be ready?

Data Breach Alert: Monongalia Health System, Inc

Data Breach at Michigan Medicine Exposes Info of 3K Patients

Did Global Lockdowns Trigger A Cybercrime Boom?

Digital transformations require strategies for unique cyber vulnerabilities

Don’t get caught in criminals’ phishing lines

DORA's Global Reach and Why Enterprises Need to Prepare

Elon Musk warns of possible targeted attacks on Starlink in Ukraine

Energy scam warning: Beware of Eon phishing email, warns Which? as power bills soar

Equifax data breach: Consumers unlikely to benefit financially from final settlement

Facebook and Microsoft are the most impersonated brands in phishing

FBI Memphis Field Office Reminds Tennesseans About The Risk Of Ransomware

February ransomware attacks hit major enterprises

Federal Agencies Take Mitigating Steps To Protect Internet Infrastructure

First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) warns of ‘potentially malicious’ phishing attack on First Nations communities

Free HermeticRansom Ransomware Decryptor Released

Get patching now: CISA adds another 95 flaws to its known exploited vulnerabilities list

Global poll unearths alarming data protection levels

Hackers are being forced to pick sides in the Russia-Ukraine war

Hackers leak 190GB of alleged Samsung data, source code

Hackers Target Russia in Support Of Ukraine

Healthcare IoT, Medical Device Vulnerability Disclosures Skyrocket

Healthcare Organizations Report Email Compromises, Hacking Incidents and Other ePHI Exposures

Healthcare Sector Grapples With Legacy Devices, Patching Woes

Heightened alert for cybercrime: Dental practices should take steps to prevent threats

Heightened state of alert over cyber warfare threat, says new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) chief

Homework, bingo, and movies: Employees reveal bad 'remote work' habits

How Blockchain Could Revolutionize Cybersecurity

IBM Report Examines Cyberattack Trends of 2021

Imperva Thwarts 2.5 Million RPS Ransom DDoS Extortion Attacks

Imposters Are attempting to Trick Ukrainian Crypto benefactors using Phishing Websites and Fake benefactors Addresses

Increased Cyber Risk for Health Care Organizations Due to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Irish Healthcare System Requires More Than $100 Million To Recover From the Conti Ransomware Attack

Japanese beauty retailer Acro blames third-party hack for breach of 100k payment cards

Lapus$ Group Leaks Alleged Samsung Confidential Data

Linux Multi-Cloud Ransomware Attacks Expected to Increase

Log4j Forced a Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call

Log4j Vulnerabilities: Over 80% of Exploitation Attempts Originated in the U.S.

Maryland Weighs Measures to Enhance State, Local Government Cybersecurity

Massive Meris Botnet Embeds Ransomware Notes from REvil

Michigan Medicine Notifies Nearly 3,000 Patients Of Data Breach After Employee’s Email Compromised

Michigan Medicine officials say nearly 3,000 affected in data breach

MSPs see cybersecurity as both a challenge and an opportunity

Nearly All Cybersecurity Companies Expose AWS Assets

New Wiper Malware Used Against Ukranian Organizations

New York Attorney General Letitia James warns consumers impacted by T-Mobile data breach of potential identity theft

Nonprofit Organizations Beware: Is This a Legitimate Copyright Infringement Takedown Notice or a Phishing Scam?

Now's the time to protect your computer networks from cyberattack

Nvidia Data, Credentials Stolen in Cyberattack

Over 60% of SOC Analysts Are Planning to Quit Next Year

Perennial security challenges hampering organizations in achieving their security objectives

Proofpoint expert on why cybersecurity defenders must leverage a platform approach

Ransomware attackers begin to eye midmarket acquisition targets

Role of US agencies limited in protecting against Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacks, attacks on internet architecture

Russia-Ukraine war exploited as lure for malware distribution

Russia-Ukraine War Increases Spillover Risks of Global Cyberattacks

Russia’s invasion kicks Senate into cybersecurity law mode

Russia's Ukraine Invasion: How Serious Is the Cybersecurity Threat to Businesses?

Russian invasion of Ukraine highlights need for cybersecurity at local level

Scam calls hitting global businesses – how do we steer clear?

Scammers Prey on Donations as a Result of Ukraine’s War

Security teams need a more defined strategy to combat ransomware – the modern form of digital extortion

Senate Passes Strengthening American Cybersecurity Act

Singapore to Establish Cyber Military Force

Slight Increase in Attacks on ICS Computers in 2021

State Bank of India (SBI) alerts customers about KYC fraud: Here are the details

Telegram becomes digital front in Ukraine – but beware

The Cyber Conflict Isn’t Limited to Ukraine

The most impersonated brands in phishing attacks

The rising cost of cyber insurance

These are the problems that cause headaches for bug bounty hunters

These old security vulnerabilities are creating new opportunities for hackers

This is how you should be securing your network

'Ticking time bomb': Russian ransomware attacks are coming. What small businesses should do right now

Tips for Healthcare Organizations to Prevent and Respond to Data Breaches

Toyota Group resumes production in Japan after major supplier hit by ransomware. Here are the series of events

U.S. Security Agencies Release Network Security, Vulnerability Guidance

U.S. Senate passes cybersecurity bill amid warnings of Russian cyberattacks

Ukraine: How to protect yourself against cyberattacks

Ukraine warns of new phishing campaign targeting officials, citizens

Understanding the PYSA Ransomware Attack

Universities need better protection from email-based cyber attacks

Vulnerabilities in Over 100k Medical Infusion Pumps

War in Ukraine Brings Out Scammers Trying to Exploit Donations

Watch out - that PayPal email could be a phishing attack

What is challenging malware analysis?

What is Ransomware Protection as a Service?

What Security Engineers Hate About SIEM

What to Do If You’re Hit by Ransomware

Why Average Americans Should Beware Russian Cyber Attacks

Why you should trust nothing and verify everything

3rd March

5 tips to protect your small business from ransomware

8 things to do right now to protect your business from Russia

75% of Tested Smart Infusion Pumps Vulnerable to Hacking

85% of companies experience at least one ransomware attack per year, study finds

A Business Owner’s Guide To Avoiding Data Breach

Accelerated Ransomware Attacks Pressure Targeted Companies to Speed Response

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it's time to hunker down

AI-powered intelligent security makes the hybrid enterprise possible

American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) Medical Lab Data Breach: Who’s Affected?

Are you the victim of a data breach? Here are 4 steps to protect your identity

Army of cyber hackers rise up to back Ukraine

Before you scan, make sure QR code isn't a fake

Boardroom does not see ransomware as a priority

China's top procuratorate warns against personal data breach

Conti ransomware gang dismantles infrastructure amid Ukraine row

Critical Patches Issued for Cisco Expressway Series, TelePresence VCS Products

Customer Data from the 2021 T-Mobile Data Breach Found on the Dark Web

Cyber-Attack on New York Ethics Watchdog

Cyber-attacks are inevitable: Prioritise data skills training to reduce risk

Cyberattacks in Russia-Ukraine conflict are so far ‘no more than a nuisance’

Cybercrime: A clear and present danger

Data Breach Alert: Bako Diagnostics

Data Breach Alert: DataHEALTH, Inc

Data Breach Alert: JDC Healthcare Management, LLC

Data breach may have exposed personal information of Oklahomans on disability aid list

Data Science in Cybersecurity: What you wanted to know

Data-stealing app found in Google Play downloaded thousands of times

December 2021 shows highest number of Phishing attacks

Decentralizing Cybersecurity Via DNS

Facebook, Microsoft were the top two impersonated brands for phishing attacks in 2021

Fake Amazon Emails sent by Hackers: How to prevent Phishing Scams

Fraudsters weave Scotland’s £24m web of cyber crime and despair

Free decryptor released for HermeticRansom victims in Ukraine

Hackers use phishing to swindle crores from potential EV buyers, dealers

Hackers Who Broke Into NVIDIA's Network Leak DLSS Source Code Online

Hacktivists, cybercriminals switch to Telegram after Russian invasion

Healthcare Company Mon Health Discloses Second Data Breach

HHS Issues Threat Warning to US Healthcare Sector

How AI protects machine identities in a zero-trust world

How Different Industries Can Approach Ransomware Protection

How HR can prepare for a cybersecurity attack — 'before it's too late'

How Telegram became Ukraine's biggest digital ally in the war

How The Cyber War Is Being Fought In The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

How the Senate’s new cybersecurity legislation could affect your business

How to protect against phishing attacks

Impostors Are Trying to Trick Ukrainian Crypto Donors via Phishing Websites and Fake Donation Addresses

Industrial Control System (ICS) vulnerability discoveries soar by 110% in four years

Kaspersky Discovers About 100,000 New Banking Trojans and Warns About Increasing Mobile Malware Sophistication

Latvia: Intensity of cyber attacks remains high

Legitimate DMCA Takedown Notice or Phishing Scam?

Log4Shell: Still out there, still dangerous, and how to protect your systems

Log4Shell flaw: Still being used for crypto mining, botnet building...and Rickrolls

Look out for identity theft and fraud crimes as tax season begins

Make sure that you don’t fall for this official-looking Google Forms phishing scam

Malware campaign impersonates Venture Capitalist (VC) firm looking to buy sites

Michigan Medicine data breach may affect health information of nearly 3,000 patients

Michigan Medicine data breach may have exposed some patients' health information

Microsoft finds FoxBlade malware on Ukrainian systems

Most Disclosed ICS Vulnerabilities are Low Complexity

Most MSP Customers Lack Incident Response Plans

Navigating data privacy in the higher education ecosystem

Nearly 75% of Infusion Pumps Affected by Severe Vulnerabilities

New report shows increase of ICS vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure

New Security Vulnerability Affects Thousands of GitLab Instances

New York State Office of the Attorney General (NY OAG) warns T-Mobile data breach victims of identity theft risks

No evidence of Russian involvement in Isle of Man cyber attack

NVIDIA cyberattack affects employee, company information

NVIDIA data breach exposed credentials of over 71,000 employees

Over 1.2 million customers affected by Hong Kong data breaches

Patient records exposed in data breach at Michigan Medicine

PayPal and Mastercard most impersonated in financial phishing schemes in 2021

Phishing attacks hit all-time high in December 2021

Phishing Campaign Targeted Those Aiding Ukraine Refugees

Predicting the future of AI and analytics in endpoint security

Preparing for Heightened Attacks in the Current Geopolitical Environment

Protect Your Association Amid Growing Concerns of Russian Cyberattacks

Protecting technology from hacking, malware amidst current events

Ransomware Attacks: What You Need to Know

Ransomware seen as No. 1 threat of financial organizations

Researchers Demonstrate New Side-Channel Attack on Homomorphic Encryption

Russia Denies Satellite Hacking and Warns of Wider War

Russia Releases List of IPs, Domains Attacking Its Infrastructure with DDoS Attacks

Russian cyberattacks are possible. Be prepared but not panicked

Scam emails, donation fraud surge in Canada as Ukraine crisis continues

Scams targeting Indian EV industry on the rise

Security researchers warn of phishing attempts against officials helping refugees

'Several combinations of social engineering' used during cyberattack on camera maker Axis

Singapore: At least 72 victims in phishing scam on Carousell since January, losing over S$109,000

Singapore to launch digital defence agency to counter growing cyber threats

Singapore to set up digital intelligence unit as cyber threats intensify

Some 'Smol' NFTs returned after Treasure marketplace exploit leads to theft

The 5 Critical Cybersecurity Steps Construction Companies Should Be Taking

The biggest threat to ICS/OT is a lack of prioritization

The Top 5 Russian Cyber Threat Actors to Watch

These Are the Vulnerabilities That Russian APTs and Russia-Affiliated Ransomware Groups Have Exploited

Top 3 Reasons Multi-Channel Phishing is a Real and Present Danger Now

U.S. Senate Passes Cybersecurity Bill to Strengthen Critical Infrastructure Security

Ukraine hit by destructive attacks before and during the Russian invasion with HermeticWiper and IsaacWiper

Ukraine says local government sites hacked to push fake capitulation news

Ukrainian military emails hacked to phish and steal refugee data

Universities Should Prepare for Attacks

US legislation brings mandatory cyberattack and ransomware reporting one step closer

Vade Releases 2021 Phishers' Favorites Report

Vulnerability Exploit Attempts Surge Tenfold Against Ukrainian Websites

Warning to lock Microsoft and Outlook accounts down NOW – even if you hardly use them

We're all still using the same passwords, even after they've been breached

What business leaders need to know — and do — about zero-trust security

What is identity theft and how you can protect your personal data online

What You Need to Know About Cloud Email Security

What’s Next for Ransomware?

Who's Actually Behind the Cyberattacks Hitting Ukraine?

Why Banks Should Be More Worried About Security

2nd March

4 tips for launching a simulated phishing campaign

5 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Business Owners

5 insights into cybersecurity for development of a successful company

$5.9 billion lost due to fraud in 2021

10 Tips for Recovery From Ransomware Attacks

20 percent of organizations have had significant impacts relating to Log4j

92% of Australian orgs hit with phishing attacks in 2021

All You Need to Know About NIST List for Password Guidelines

API attacks increased 681% in the last 12 months

As Worries Grow Around Russian Cyberattacks, Update Your Operating Systems

Attacks abusing programming APIs grew over 600% in 2021

Bad actors are becoming more successful at evading AI/ML technologies

Belarus may be funding cyberattacks to disrupt refugees fleeing Ukraine

Belarus-linked cyber attacks aim to disrupt Ukraine refugee operations

Biden administration remains 'on guard' for Russian cyberattacks amid war in Ukraine

CMA CGM raises cyber threat risk level

Conti cybergang gloated when leaking victims’ data. Now the tables are turned

Conti Ransomware Decryptor, TrickBot Source Code Leaked

Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part II: The Office

Conti ransomware group’s source code leaked

Conti, Karma Ransomware Groups Target 1 Healthcare Org Simultaneously

Cybersecurity’s Evolution Through 2022

Data breach at Oklahoma Department of Human Services may have leaked people's personal information

Daxin: A Chinese-linked malware that is dangerous and nearly impossible to detect

DDoS attackers have found this new trick to knock over websites

Education Providers Face Challenges With Growth in Cyber Threats, Insurance Costs

Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is the new target of phishing campaigns

Five tips to combat cyberattacks amidst a land war

Flawed Encryption Feature Affected 100M Samsung Galaxy Phones

Get ready for security in the age of the Extended Internet of Things, says Claroty

Ghostwriter Group Targets NATO Refugee Effort

Hackers Begin Weaponizing TCP Middlebox Reflection for Amplified DDoS Attacks

Hackers Imitating Popular Metaverse Projects Are Targeting Novice MetaMask Users

Hackers sanctioned by Ukrainian government target Russia’s railways and power grid with cyber attacks

Hackers Try to Target European Officials to Get Info on Ukrainian Refugees, Supplies

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) Survey Finds EV Security Fears

HHS Warns of Potential Threats to the Healthcare Sector

HIPAA Violation Reporting

How companies can limit a cyberattack like Expeditors

How much do different generations trust their mobile devices’ security?

How to keep your medical device IP safe from cyber attacks

How to recover from a ransomware attack

Huge 2021 T-Mobile Data Breach Still Causing Problems for Montanans

Ignoring US Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities No Longer an Option

Instagram phishing emails: What they look like and how to spot them

Insurance giant AON hit by cyberattack

Insurer Aon falls victim to a cyber attack

Is Your Cyber Insurance Keeping Up With the Times?

Japan's government urges firms to strengthen cybersecurity

Less than a quarter of directors see ransomware as a top priority

Log4shell exploits now used mostly for DDoS botnets, cryptominers

Mon Health Reports Breach Soon After Phishing Incident

More Details On The New FBI Task Force Responsible For Crypto Crimes

More than 68k West Virginians impacted by massive data breach

Multifactor Authentication Is Being Targeted by Hackers

NATO countries' refugee management may have been targeted by Belarus-linked hackers

New research reveals cyber attackers are actively targeting OT/ICS environments

Nvidia Admits Hackers Stole Employee and Internal Data

Nvidia confirms data breach as hackers make additional demands

Officials tighten cybersecurity measures amid potential threats from Russia; Here’s how to protect yourself

Only 23% of board members consider ransomware their top priority

Open an email, open a door for cyberattack: Here’s what your company should watch for

Over 100,000 medical infusion pumps vulnerable to years old critical bug

Over-confidence in ransomware and other cyber security protections seen in new survey

Paying a Ransom Doesn’t Put an End to the Extortion

Pennsylvania Attorney General’s comments raising questions about status of investigation into contact tracing data breach

Phishing attacks target countries aiding Ukrainian refugees

Police warn of 'sophisticated' fake NHS Covid scam costing people thousands

Proposal for industries to report big cyberattacks, ransomware payments wins Senate approval

Ransomware attacks are complex — preventing them isn’t

Ransomware infections top list of the most common results of phishing attacks

Ransomware Protection: Who’s Responsible for What?

Ransomware with a difference: “Derestrict your software, or else!”

Rising Phishing Scams Targeting the Indian Electric Vehicle Industry

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Ransomware Updates & Cybersecurity Consequences

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Could Push Major Cybersecurity Legislation Past Finish Line

Russia-Ukraine escalation means shields up at U.S. hospitals

Russia-Ukraine war: After HermeticWiper, a second malware called IsaacWiper observed

Russian Ransomware Attacks on Ukraine Muted By Leaks, Insurance Woes

Russian space agency says hacking satellites is an act of war

Russian-Themed Phishing Emails Target Microsoft Users

Salt Security Survey Surfaces API Security Weaknesses

Scam Alert: Tedinad.com and Helenabl.com

Security leaders want legal action for failing to patch for Log4j

Senate passes bill to mandate reporting of cyberattacks

Senate passes cybersecurity act forcing orgs to report cyberattacks, ransom payments

So I’ve been hit with Ransomware...now what?

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions are true Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions: They trust no one

State Department of Licensing site back online after data breach

Strix cyber-attack not linked to Russian state

Successful phishing attacks were up in 2021

Swiss Bank Requests Destruction of Documents

TeaBot Android Banking Trojan continues its global conquest with new upgrades

TeaBot Trojan Haunts Google Play Store, Again

Terramaster NAS servers also under DeadBolt attack (firmware update released)

The 20 most common passwords leaked from data breaches — did yours make the list?

The importance of a zero-trust model for hybrid working

The Rise of VR and the Transformation of the Cybersecurity Capability

ThrottleNet Reveals How to Avoid A Ransomware Attack

Toyota to resume Japan production after supplier cyberattack

UK Organisations at Risk of Cyber Attacks After Ukraine Invasion

Ukraine government, military sector record 196% increase in cyber attacks amid war

Ukraine invasion heightens contractors' risk of cyberattack

Ukrainian sites saw a 10x increase in attacks when invasion started

Ukraine war sanctions could spur Russian cyberattacks on U.S., expert warns

Warning: Hackers Are Targeting The Ukraine Refugee Crisis

Weaponized Links and Attachments Being Used to Install Malware

What happens during a ransomware attack: Understanding stages of targeting and response

What is Cloud Security? Why is Cloud Security Mission-Critical?

What Is Moonbounce Malware and How Does It Work?

What is Phishing as a Service (PhaaS)?

What You Need To Know About Ransomware

Why Hasn't Russia Launched a Major Cyberattack on Ukraine?

Why You Should Be Concerned About Ransomware

Wiperware (pseudo ransomware) used in Ukraine cyberattacks

Your Identity May Be On Dark Web

1st March

3 Cloud IAM Security Questions You Must Be Able to Answer

3 reasons why no-code automation is vital to security teams

8 Non Fungible Token (NFT) Scams to Avoid

$16 billion freight forwarding firm “Expeditors” still offline after crippling hack

85% of companies experience at least one ransomware attack per year

93% of orgs are challenged by malware analysis

100 million Samsung phones affected by encryption weakness

2022 Cybersecurity Forecast: The Threat Landscape & Protecting Your Organization

A Primer on Healthcare Cybersecurity in 2022

A Sophisticated Phishing is Now Targeting Metaverse Users Using MetaMask

A storm brewing in the clouds?

American Dental Association (ADA) advises dentists to be on alert for internet security risks

Americans are at higher risk of Russian cyberattacks after Ukraine invasion: What you should do right now

Analyzing Cyber and Influence Operations in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Apps, devices and workloads provide an ecosystem cornerstone for zero trust growth

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warns Australian businesses to prepare for a probable Russian cyber attack

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) warns businesses to defend themselves against Russian cyber attacks

Avast Threat Labs warns against joining in DDoS attacks in aid of Ukraine

Belgium 4th in world for cybercrime

Big Tech enters fight against Russia's multi-pronged cyber offensive

Brand is the new perimeter: Cyberattacks involving brand abuse increase

Bridgestone still struggling with plant closures across North America after cyberattack

Caught in the Cyber Blast Radius

China-linked Daxin Malware Targeted Multiple Governments in Espionage Attacks

Coalition Releases 2022 Cyber Claims Report, Detailing Surge in Ransomware

Companies Were Barraged By Phishing Attacks In 2021, Study Says

Content filtering devices abused for 65x DDoS amplification

Conti chat logs leaked as ransomware gang sides with Russia

Conti Encrypts Karma Ransom Note in Same Victim Network

Conti Ransomware Gang's Internal Chats Leaked Online After Siding With Russia

Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part I: Evasion

Conti Ransomware source code leaked by Ukrainian researcher

Conti ransomware source code, documentation leaked

Controversial conveyancer hits back at 'forgotten stamp duty' claim

Critical Bugs Reported in Popular Open Source PJSIP SIP and Media Stack

Critical Security Bugs Uncovered in VoIPmonitor Monitoring Software

Crypto Frauds And Ransomware, The New Arsenal In Ukraine Russian War

Crypto scams are on the rise...How to avoid getting trapped

Cyber attacks against the BBC increase 35% in two years

Cyber threats to U.S. corporations, infrastructure loom amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

Cyberattacks in Ukraine: New Worm-Spreading Data-Wiper With Ransomware Smokescreen

Cyberattacks in Ukraine Soon Could Spill Over to Other Countries

Cyberspace and intelligence: Threats to intelligence, business and personal data will increase in 2022

Data Breach Alert: Gitterman Wealth Management, LLC

Data Breach At DHS May Have Compromised Thousands Of Peoples' Information

Daxin Espionage Backdoor Ups the Ante on Chinese Malware

Destructive “HermeticWiper” malware strikes Ukraine

Does war mean your cybersecurity is at greater risk?

Don’t rely on your Storage & Backup Vendors for Security

Enterprise Malware Analysis Efforts are Lacking

Enterprises Need To Prepare for Broader Cyberwar

Feds Warn Health Sector of Ukraine-Russia Conflict Threats

Four Healthcare Providers Hit with Ransomware Attacks

Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) removes fraudulent 'influence' operations linked to Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine

Hackers interrupt Catholic charity’s online press conference on Ukraine

Hacking attacks launched across Europe as internet activist group trolls Putin

'Help Ukraine' crypto scams emerge as Ukraine raises over $37 million

Here’s Why Cybersecurity is the New Normal

Holidaymakers warned of rising number of travel scams

How Attackers use Typosquatting Domains for BEC and Ransomware Attacks

How Board Members Can Address the Cyber Risk Crisis

How Rogue and Zombie APIs Expand Your Attack Surface

How the 3G sunset affects enterprise security

Hundreds of eBike phishing sites abuse Google Ads to push scams

In The Fight Against Cyberattacks, It's Time To Collaborate To Improve Defenses

Intelligence, information warfare, cyber warfare, electronic warfare – what they are and how Russia is using them in Ukraine

IoT security is foundational, not optional

Is It Safe to Shop Online on Public Wi-Fi While Using a VPN?

Kirklees council admits ‘massive’ breach of Unison president Paul Holmes’s data

Lack of visibility plaguing ICS environments

Leveling The Playing Field Against Adversaries: What Organizations Need To Know About Low-Code Security Automation

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in February 2022 – 5.1 million records breached

Logan Health reports data breach

Majority of successful ransomware attacks feature double or triple extortion tactics

Microsoft Accounts Targeted by Russian-Themed Credential Harvesting

Microsoft Finds FoxBlade Malware Hit Ukraine Hours Before Russian Invasion

New SANS Research Reveals Cyber Attackers are Actively Targeting OT/ICS Environments: Critical Systems are at High Risk and Demand Priority from IT Security

New Technology Will Make Cyber Attacks Easier to Detect

New worm and data wiper malware seen hitting Ukrainian networks

Nvidia Confirms Data Breach From Ransomware Attack

NVIDIA confirms data was stolen in recent cyberattack

NVIDIA says employee credentials, proprietary information stolen during cyberattack

Nvidia says employee, company information leaked online after cyber attack

Nvidia says hackers are leaking company data after ransomware attack

Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Director Encourages HIPAA-Regulated Entities to Strengthen Their Cybersecurity Posture

Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Director Urges Healthcare to Prioritize Cybersecurity This Year

Pay More, Get Less: Cyberinsurance Now A Nightmare For Law Firms

Prepare Your Team And Plan Now For Ransomware Attacks

Quinnipiac University raises cybersecurity concerns amid war in Ukraine

Ransomware Attackers Begin to Eye Midmarket Acquisition Targets

Ransomware Continues to Hinder 85% of Organisations, but UK Leads the Way in Refusal to Pay Hackers

Ransomware Cyberattacks Targeted Manufacturing to “Fracture” Global Supply Chain

Ransomware gangs use cloud, remote work to target firms, with 43% reporting attacks since 2020

RCE Bugs in Hugely Popular VoIP Apps: Patch Now!

Reality Winner's Twitter account was hacked to target journalists

Research Finds Cyberattackers Actively Target Industrial Operations

Russia Ukraine War: advice to follow in the event of a cyber attack in France

Russian cyber attacks against US banks increasing: sources

Russian ransomware attacks on Ukraine muted by leaks, insurance woes

Russian-based phishing attacks increased eight-fold since February 27

Schneider Relay Flaws Can Allow Hackers to Disable Electrical Network Protections

Second New 'IsaacWiper' Data Wiper Targets Ukraine After Russian Invasion

Securing Distributed Workspaces

Security researchers spot another form of wiper malware that was used against Ukraine's networks

Serverless Applications Pose Unique Challenges for Security Testing

Should You Pay Ransomware Demands?

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28th February

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