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Monday 14 February 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 07 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 14th February and 20th February 2022.

20th February

$1.7 Million in ETH Stolen from OpenSea Users: The NFT Marketplace Investigates

$1.7 million in NFTs stolen in apparent phishing attack on OpenSea users

7 people charged, six arrested over suspected involvement in recent spate of OCBC bank phishing scams

41% people blame telecom, banking service for financial data breach

A cybersecurity solution? Malware malfunction

A Hacker Is Actively Stealing High-Value NFTs From OpenSea Users

At least 9.7 billion euros in crypto assets are in the hands of criminals

Could That QR Code Actually Be a Phishing Attack?

Credit Suisse denies wrongdoing after big banking data leak

Credit Suisse leak unmasks criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians

Crypto Price Crash Panic: Serious NFT ‘Hack’ Suddenly Sends Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Solana And Cardano Sharply Lower

Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Crypto

FairPrice Warns Against Fake Giveaways On Facebook, Says They Don’t Endorse Them

How Do Hackers Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication?

‘Ice Phishing’ Threats on Blockchain and DeFi Networks

Kraken botnet bypass Windows Defender to steal crypto wallet data

Lessons From Israel In Stopping Ransomware

Much of the money scammed in ransomware attacks ends up in Russia

New phishing campaign targets Monzo online-banking customers

NFT Marketplace OpenSeas Targeted In Phishing Scam, Reports Mixed On Origination

Online survey finds respondents blame telecom firms, banks for data breach

Opensea Hack: Dozens of NFTs Were Stolen via a Phishing Attack

OpenSea Investigates Exploit Rumors as Traders Report NFT Hacking

OpenSea Investigates Exploit Rumors as Traders Report NFT Hacking

Opensea investigates phishing attack as hundreds of NFTs reported stolen

OpenSea Probes NFT Phishing Attack, Co-Founder Says

Tens of thousands of NHS patients' private medical information leaked in shocking data breach

The tax man takes on ransomware

Use Microsoft Teams? Don't join another meeting until you know about this nasty new threat

Want to weed out ransomware? Regulate crypto exchanges

Warning over fake Amazon emails trying fool people into handing over bank details

What to do if you're a victim of fraud or a scam in South Africa

Why victims trust scammers over their loved ones

World's largest NFT marketplace OpenSea hacked, users lost NFTs

19th February

7 Best Cybersecurity Tips for Travelers

10 Best Practices to Up Your Company's Email Security Level in 2022

68% Americans Aware of Crypto Threats

Addressing Ransomware in Healthcare

Are Majority Americans Aware About The Consequences Of Cryptocurrency?

Beware of Hackers Dropping Malicious Executable Files in Teams Conversations

Canada: Protect Yourself From Tax Scams

CISA compiles list of free cybersecurity tools and services

CISA warns of hybrid operations threat to US critical infrastructure

Criminal Whales Hold More Than $25 Billion Worth of Crypto

Cyber alert for Irish companies over rising tension in Ukraine

Cyber thieves attack Inland Empire counties hundreds of millions of times a year

Cybersecurity for musicians and the music industry

Dangerous Microsoft Teams attack method

FNB warns of new ‘remote’ scams targeting customers in South Africa

Hackers infiltrate Microsoft Teams chats with malicious files, thousands of users affected

How assuming fraudsters are lazy can help prevent cyberattacks

How cyber attackers used Bond film ‘No Time to Die’ to exploit fans

Master Key for Hive Ransomware Retrieved Using a Flaw in its Encryption Algorithm

Offboarding employees: A digital weakness

Oklahoma City Police rape kit info exposed in data breach of DNA contracto

Patient data stolen from prominent Charlotte medical services provider, firm says

Scams Regarding Stimulus Payments to Be Aware Of

Tanah Merah Country Club fined $4,000 over data breaches

The Dark Side of the NFT: Why the Cyber Marketplace is Proving Controversial

This is how the band arrested in Spain for bank fraud using SIM cards acted

TV licence holders warned of email scam - how to spot it and what to do if you fall victim

Ubuntu Privilege Escalation Security Flaw Puts Millions Of Linux Users At Risk

University of Neuchâtel back online after cyberattack

Urgent scam warning as list reveals US states where residents lost up to $4,858 to cyber criminals

US Agencies Seized Around $30M of Crypto Related to NetWalker Ransomware

‘Zero-Click’ hacks are growing in popularity. There’s practically no way to stop them

18th February

74% of ransomware revenues go to hacker groups in Russia

2021 Saw Sharp Increase in Ransomware Data Leaks and Ransom Demands

Academics publish method for recovering data encrypted by the Hive ransomware

Alert: Scammers stealing your crypto with a one-time password

Beware of 'Quishing': Criminals Use QR Codes to Steal Data

Beware of the black cat: Dangerous ransomware on the prowl

Call for cyber resilience in financial services

Care homes and home care firms warned to protect themselves after Russian cyber attack

Carpet Bombing Attacks on the Rise

Cisco Secure Email gateways can be crashed using this simple bug

Cleared defense contractors: 10 steps to reduce cyber risk

Conti ransomware gang takes over TrickBot malware operation

Critical Flaw Uncovered in WordPress Backup Plugin Used by Over 3 Million Sites

Croatian Police arrests minor over A1 Telecom data breach & ransom demand

Cyber threat intelligence software: How to choose the right CTI tools for your business

Cyber threats continue to grow

Cyberattack threat: Corporate users infected via Microsoft Teams

Cyberattacks knock out sites of Ukrainian army, major banks

Cyberattacks On Energy Infrastructure Are On The Rise

Cyberattacks on oil surge as hackers target commodities

Cybercrime: Dark web carding forum users are getting worried after a string of shutdowns

Cyberthreat: Don’t care about the Russia-Ukraine dispute? It could upend your life

Data Breach Alert: NVE Bank

Data Breach Trends: Global Count of Known Victims Increases

Dubliner arrested over 'smishing' scam is suspected of selling stolen data to crime gangs

Even when warned, businesses ignore critical vulnerabilities and hope for the best

FBI eyes ransomware profits with new cryptocurrency crimes unit

FlexBooker Data Leak Impacts Millions of End Customers

Hackers are using Microsoft Teams chat to spread malware

High Severity WordPress Plugin Bug Hits Three Million

Hospitals on high alert for cyberattacks

How Blockchain Secures Financial Transactions

How critical infrastructure can be protected from threats

How hackers could use popular virtual reality headsets to steal sensitive information

How to generate secure passwords for your accounts

How to Train Your Staff on Cybersecurity

Identity Security Versus Identity Governance: The Difference And Why It Matters

Iranian hackers target VMware Horizon servers with Log4j exploits

Iranian State Broadcaster Clobbered by ‘Clumsy, Buggy’ Code

Is backup and recovery enough for organizations to mitigate cybercrime?

Is higher security a benefit of database migration to the cloud?

Japan: 10% of hospitals have cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Joint International Advisory Warns of Increased Global Threat of Ransomware

Labour still suffering fallout from November cyberattack, activists claim

Linux developers patch security holes faster than anyone else, says Google Project Zero

Major e-cigarette store hacked to steal credit cards

Massive Bot Attack Generates 400 Million Requests in 4 Days

Microsoft aims to improve anti-phishing MFA for White House 'zero trust' push

Microsoft Cautions of Growing 'Ice Phishing' Threat on the Blockchain

Microsoft offers defense against 'ice phishing' crypto scammers

Microsoft releases analysis of Web3 ‘ice phishing’ attack

Microsoft Warns of 'Ice Phishing' Threat on Web3 and Decentralized Networks

More C-suite engagement needed to mitigate cyber risk

Multiple vulnerabilities found in Snap-confine function on Linux systems

New Critical RCE Bug Found in Adobe Commerce, Magento

New Golang botnet empties Windows users’ cryptocurrency wallets

New Linux Privilege Escalation Flaw Uncovered in Snap Package Manager

New Malware Found Infecting Microsoft Teams Meetings

New RCE flaw added to Adobe Commerce, Magento security advisory

NCSC joins data breach service in government programme

Optimizing Cybersecurity Awareness Training With Active Learning

Phishing: LinkedIn accounts are overwhelmed by attacks, how to protect yourself

Phishing scams: how not to fall hook, line and sinker

Poor Offboarding Leaves Organizations Open to Threats

PseudoManuscrypt Malware Spreading the Same Way as CryptBot Targets Koreans

Rail transit vulnerable to cyberattacks, experts say

Ransomware Adds New Wrinkle in Russian Cybercrime Market

Ransomware and threat actors are maturing, can you afford to be left behind?

Ransomware attack takes place every 11 seconds

Ransomware’s savage reign continues as attacks increase 105%

Red Cross Cyberattack Links Back To A Zoho ManageEngine Vulnerability

Red Cross servers ‘were hacked via unpatched ManageEngine flaw’

Russians have been taking out US defense contractors

Scammers have a clever new trick to steal money: Video chats

Security concerns are biggest barrier to cloud adoption

Severe WordPress Plug-In UpdraftPlus Bug Threatens Backups

Software supply chain security still a pain point

Spot the Scam: Costco, iPhone 13, Amazon, Kay Jewelers, LinkedIn, Walmart, and Dyson

Technology Companies Urged To Prepare For Cyberattacks Amid Ukraine Crisis

The FBI is launching a cryptocurrency crime unit

Think twice before scanning that QR code

To pay or not to pay is the question for cloud ransomware

Top Reasons Why Stricter ID Verification Is Helpful for Business

Trickbot Targets 140,000 Victims in 14 Months

U.S. Cybersecurity Agency Publishes List of Free Security Tools and Services

UK cryptojacking attacks soar by 564% in one year

UK organisations untroubled by Trickbot surge

University of Neuchâtel hit by cyberattack

US Agencies Seized Around $30M of Crypto Related to NetWalker Ransomware Last Year

US Goes After Crypto Criminals

Vishing Increased by 554% in 2021, Is It the Next Big Threat?

Vulnerability found in WordPress plugin with over 3 million installations

Watching Your Wallet: Only 3% of consumers freeze credit after data breach

What are phishing scams - and how to avoid them

What you need to know about credit card fraud

When does a hospital have to tell you your data has been breached?

White House pins Ukraine DDoS attacks on Russian GRU hackers

Why IT Admins are Joining the Security Team

WordPress force installs UpdraftPlus patch on 3 million sites

17th February

2 Vendor Hacking Incidents Affect Over 600,000 Individuals

3 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes that Can Lead to Identity Theft

4 Cloud Data Security Best Practices All Businesses Should Follow Today

5 tips for building a positive anti-phishing behavior management program

6 steps hospitals can take when handling cyberattacks

6 Ways to Stop CEO Fraud

49ers Sidelined by Ransomware Over Super Bowl Weekend

121 bank accounts linked to OCBC scam frozen by police, about S$2 million recovered

28,695 vulnerabilities were disclosed in 2021 – the highest number on record

80,000+ ISOC Members Affected in Third Party Data Breach

AIB customers report 'very convincing' scam as Irish bank warns of latest attempt by fraudsters

Analyzing the Popularity of Malware-Free Cyberattacks

Another Critical RCE Discovered in Adobe Commerce and Magento Platforms

Are most Americans aware of the risks involved with crypto?

Are You Prepared for 2022's More Destructive Ransomware?

Attackers Can Crash Cisco Email Security Appliances by Sending Malicious Emails

Attackers use Microsoft Teams as launchpad for malware

Attacks using social media as a threat channel doubled in 2021 says new report

Australia: Hackers face 25 years' jail for ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure

Baby Golang-Based Botnet Already Pulling in $3K/Month for Operators

Baltimore County Schools’ Retirement Accounts Affected By 2020 Ransomware Attack

Beware of business email compromise fraud

Businessman admits to working as spyware broker in US and Mexico

Busting the Myths About DevSecOps

CEOs Beware: Ransomware Attacks On Broadcasters Hit ‘Ocean’s 11’ Sophistication

Chainalysis Study Sheds Light On Where Ransomware Money Actually Goes

CISA ‘Shields Up’ Warning Underscores Foreign Cyberthreats

Cisco bug can let hackers crash Cisco Secure Email gateways

Cisco patches bug that could break its email security service with a single message

CrowdStrike Sees 82% Rise in Ransomware-Related Data Theft and Extortion

Crypto crime hit all-time high of $14 billion in 2021

Crypto Insurance: What is it, How it Can Protect You

Cyber Reporting Proposals: Assessing Liability Protections and Legal Privileges

Cybersecurity: The Fourth Battleground

Cybersecurity and automation: What will 2022 bring?

Cybersecurity Report Cites Most Effective Threats

Data Breach Alert: Bay & Bay Transportation

Data Breach Alert: CVS Pharmacy, Inc

Data Breach Alert: DPI Specialty Foods, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Extend Fertility, LLC

Data Breach Alert: MetLife, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Warehouse Specialists, LLC

Data Privacy Lawsuit Could Cost Meta $90m

Data Security – How Much Digital Trust Do UK Consumers Have?

Despite Rise in Cyber Threats, Businesses Still Lack Strong Identity Protection

Dispelling The Biggest Myths In Cybersecurity

Don’t browse on public Wi-Fi without a VPN

EyeMed to Pay $600K in Settlement Over 2020 Data Breach

FBI and Secret Service warn about ransomware-as-a-service gang

FBI Calls Crypto ‘Only Game in Town’ as Ransomware Flourishes

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cracks down on COVID-19 fraud

Fertility Clinic Hit with Ransomware

Google Bringing Privacy Sandbox to Android to Limit Sharing of User Data

Greece ranked 5th in phishing scams in Q3 2021, study shows

Hackers Had Access to Red Cross Network for 70 Days

Hackers slip into Microsoft Teams chats to distribute malware

Hackers to face 25 years in jail for cyber attacks on Australia's national infrastructure

Harbour Plaza Hotel data breach sees 1.2m customer data leaked

Here’s Why Data Privacy In Schools Should Be A Priority In Your District

HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey Suggests the Human Factor is the Largest Vulnerability in Healthcare

How business organisations can tackle rising cyberthreats

How challenging is corporate data protection?

How Credit Card Information Is Stolen And What To Do About It

How do I select an API security solution for my business?

How text message phishing can affect the enterprise

How to Fight the Novel Software Supply Chain Attacks of Tomorrow

How virtual patching will save your business

Interpol: Policing model needs to change with cybercrime

Iranian hackers behind biggest ransomware attacks of 2021

Iranian Hackers Targeting VMware Horizon Log4j Flaws to Deploy Ransomware

Is Your School District Ready for the Next Round of Cyber Attacks?

Joint International Advisory Warns of Increased Global Threat of Ransomware

Labour Activists Say Recent Cyberattack Is Hampering Local Election Efforts

LinkedIn is becoming a paradise for phishing attacks

LinkedIn phishing attacks have surged 232% since start of February

Lithuania warns banks of cyber attacks, power cuts amid fears of war in Ukraine

Malware, Employee Email Breaches Result in PHI Exposure

Man pleads guilty to selling WhatsApp hacking tool, Signal Jammers & StingRays

Metaverse companies face 60% more attacks last year, and 5 other online fraud statistics

Microsoft releases analysis of Web3 'ice phishing' attack

Microsoft Teams Targeted With Takeover Trojans

Microsoft warns of emerging 'ice phishing' threat on blockchain, DeFi networks

Missouri will not prosecute 'hacker' reporter for daring to view state website HTML

Navigating the cyber pandemic: What every CISO must know about ransomware

New cyberattack report calls out Iran and China

New Wave of Cyber Attacks on Ukrainian Government Websites Knocks Defense Ministry Offline

NFT scams: how not to get stung by the bad actors

OCBC rolls out account kill switch following spate of phishing scams

Over 620 Million Ransomware Attacks Detected in 2021

Phishing Top Threat to US Healthcare

Pretty much every type of cyberattack increased in 2021

Protecting Healthcare Records These Days is Like a Game of “Whac-a-Mole”

Ransomware – a growing threat for Scottish businesses

Ransomware attacks more than doubled last year – these cybersecurity basics can protect you

Ransomware attacks surged 2X in 2021, SonicWall reports

Ransomware attacks, extortion doubled in 2021

Ransomware Cyberattacks and Associated Data Breaches Climb 82 Percent in 2021

Ransomware forces Washington community college offline

Red Cross Attackers Exploited Zoho Bug Used by China

Remote Working, Return to Office and Hybrid Work Culture Increases Emphasis on Much Needed Endpoint Security

Researchers Block "Largest Ever" Bot Attack

Researchers create exploit for critical Magento bug, Adobe updates advisory

Researchers Warn of a New Golang-based Botnet Under Continuous Development

Retail Cybersecurity: Common Threats and How to Avoid Them

San Francisco 49ers Reportedly Hit by Ransomware Attack

Scammers are winning: EUR 41.3 (USD 47.8) billion lost in scams, up 15%

Security Teams Expect Attackers to Go After End Users First

Social Media Attacks Doubled in 2021 According to Latest PhishLabs Report

SonicWall: Ransomware attacks increased 105% in 2021

SonicWall CEO on ransomware: Every good vendor was hit in past 2 years

SonicWall Threat Intelligence Confirms Alarming Surge in Ransomware, Malicious Cyberattacks as Threats Double in 2021

Tackling supply chain security head-on

The African Challenge: Cybersecurity Awareness on the Continent

The worst computer viruses in history – and their estimated damage

This New Tool Can Retrieve Pixelated Text from Redacted Documents

Top cyber security predictions for 2022 and beyond

Top threat activities this year

Trickbot abuses top brands including Bank of America, Wells Fargo in attacks against customers

U.S. government warns that sensitive data is being stolen from defence contractors

UK Cyber Sector Generates Record Investment and Revenue

Ukrainian DDoS Attacks Should Put US on Notice

US data breaches hit record high in 2021 affecting nearly 300 million victims

US enterprises at risk; Russian cyberattacks could disrupt public safety, critical infrastructure

US, Allies Warn Possible Russian Cyberattacks Could Reverberate Globally

Utility cybersecurity insurance premiums are on the rise, more than doubling for some independent power producers

VMware Horizon servers are under active exploit by Iranian state hackers

Vulnerable Exchange Server Hit by Squirrelwaffle Malware Loader

Warning: How one-time password bots can steal all your crypto

Watch Out For Nestle 2022 Anniversary Phishing Scam!

Why Operational Continuity Is The Most Crucial Element Of Any Counter-Ransomware Strategy

With over $11 billion in criminal crypto wallets, here’s how the future looks

You are being watched: Cyberattacks 2022 trends decoded

16th February

5 blockchain security issues and how to prevent them

7 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats Startups Need To Look Out For

8 Ways to Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

10 Critical Steps to Reduce Risk With Microsoft Teams While Working From Home

Amazon bank account scam: Warning issued after thousands hit by phishing emails

Amazon customers warning after thousands receive convincing scam emails

Amazon scam warning: Thousands of shoppers targeted through fraudulent emails

Apache Cassandra users urged to upgrade after vulnerability disclosed

As Concerns About Ukraine Mount, Governments Issue Ransomware Alert

Baltimore Conned Out of $375k

Baltimore is the latest victim of a phishing scam

Behavioral psychology training reduces cybersecurity risks

Biometric Security is Here to Stay, But There are Challenges

BlackBerry Annual Threat Report uncovers growing shared economy in cyber criminal underground

BlackCat ransomware gang claims responsibility for Swissport attack

CaptureRx proposes $4.75M settlement over breach that affected 2.4 million patients

Centralia College Recovering from Ransomware Attack

CISA adds vulnerabilities in Adobe Magento, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to catalog

CISA Puts Chrome and Magento Zero-Days on Must-Patch List

Confidential patient data breached by East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) staff

Critical VMware Bugs Open ESXi, Fusion & Workstation to Attackers

Cyber defense systems can foil ransomware

Cyber-War Exclusion Clauses in Cyber Insurance

Cybercriminals Seek Ransomware Payments and Settlements

Data Breach Alert: Linn County, Oregon

Data breaches and your business

DDoS attacks cripple government and banking websites in Ukraine

DDoS attacks knock Ukrainian government, bank websites offline

Devious hackers are using NFT hype to hijack your PC and webcam

Don't Fall For This McDonald's Email Scam

Emotet Now Spreading Through Malicious Excel Files

EU Data Protection Watchdog Calls for Ban on Pegasus-like Commercial Spyware

FBI and USSS Release Advisory on BlackByte Ransomware

FBI Targets Crypto Over Ransomware Crimes

FBI warns of BEC attackers impersonating CEOs in virtual meetings

Fraud and scam activity hits all-time high

Google doubles bug bounty rewards for Linux, Kubernetes exploits

Grand Prix CFO Sentenced for Identity Theft

Healthcare Data Breaches Impact 147k Illinoisans

High-Severity RCE Bug Found in Popular Apache Cassandra Database

High-severity security vulnerability in Apache Cassandra

Hong Kong watchdog warns of NFT, metaverse risks as top 2022 tech dangers

How Facial Scan Feature Of Financial Apps Can Put You At Risk And What You Can Do To Safeguard Yourself

How long would it take for a hacker to get your password?

How QR code ease of use has broaden the attack surface

How Quincy hackers broke in; councilors talk missing $3.5 million

How secure are agency mobile devices?

How the initial access broker market leads to ransomware attacks

How to choose the right data privacy software for your business

How To Protect Your Company From Smishing

‘Human error’ caused by phishing email likely source of SEPA cyberattack

Hybrid Work Accelerated Fraud; Now, CSOs Are Taking a Seat at the Executive Table

‘Ice phishing’ on the blockchain

Inside Look at an Ugly Alleged Insider Data Breach Dispute

Investments, Streaming and a Pandemic: How Fraudsters Used Spam, Phishing in 2021

Is your personal and medical data at risk?

LinkedIn phishing scams increase 232% since February 1st

Lithuania and Poland Issue Cyber-Attack Warnings

Majority of ransomware attacks funds went to Russian-linked wallets in 2021

Maryland Authorities Sound Alarm Over Unemployment Insurance Scams

Massive LinkedIn Phishing, Bot Attacks Feed on the Job-Hungry

Moses Staff Hackers Targeting Israeli Organizations for Cyber Espionage

Most Critical Infrastructure Sectors Haven’t Adopted NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Nearly three-quarters of ransomware revenue generated by Russian strains

New Underactor tool reveals pixelated text to expose sensitive data

One-Time Password (OTP) Reduces Phishing by 85%

Open Source a Persistent Risk, Log4j Vulnerabilities Will Linger

Patient Data Compromised in Ransomware Attacks on Family Christian Health Center & Jackson County Hospital

PHI of 521,000 Individuals Compromised in Security Breach at Morley Companies

Phishing Emails Impersonating LinkedIn Surge by 232% Amid 'Great Resignation'

Poor Security Hygiene Organizations and Ransomware Attacks: Painful Math

Portugal 31st country most affected by cyber attacks

Q4 2021 Threat Landscape: Software Exploits Abound

QNAP extends security updates for some end-of-life devices

Ransomware has Pushed Backup to the Breaking Point

Ransomware is becoming more expensive. Why?

Ransomware is Only Increasing: Is Your Organization Protected?

Ransomware recovery: a step by step guide

Ransomware-Related Data Leaks Jump 82% in 2021

Red Cross: State hackers breached our network using Zoho bug

Red Cross Hack Linked to Iranian Influence Operation?

Red Cross traces hack back to unpatched Zoho vulnerability

Remote access to businesses sold for huge profit in growing dark web operation

Report Confirms Baltimore, Maryland, Was Duped by Phishing Scam

Researcher 'reverses' redaction, extracts words from pixelated image

Russia-Linked Hackers Bagged $400 Million in Crypto From Ransomware Attacks, Reports Chainalysis

Russian Hackers Are Responsible For Majority Of Ransomware Attacks

Russian hackers raided defense contractors for two years, stole sensitive info

Russian State-Sponsored Cyberattackers Targeted US Defense Contractors, CISA Says

San Francisco 49ers confirms it fell victim to BlackByte ransomware on Super Bowl Sunday

Secon outlines the top 10 cyber security trends for 2022

Securing IoT from the ground up

Singapore bank gives customers 'kill switch' to freeze accounts in case of fraud

Slovenia: Ransomware attack disrupted the broadcast of the country’s most popular television station

Supply chain shortages create a cybersecurity nightmare

The Alarming State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

The Exploitation of Cloud Services Continues in 2022

The password mistakes leaving you vulnerable to hacking

The seven themes driving the future of cybersecurity

Think Twice Before Scanning That QR Code

Three Ways To Enhance Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Top 5 Data Security and Privacy Trends Revealed by Feds – and 5 Proactive Steps Employers Can Take Today

Top tips for protecting yourself against cybercrime in 2022

Traditional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is creating a false sense of security

Trellix releases first advanced threat research report, shows Log4j reach, ransomware activity, and more

Trickbot has infected 140,000-plus machines since late 2020

Trickbot malware infects 140,000+ customer devices of tech giants

Trickbot Malware Targeted Customers of 60 High-Profile Companies Since 2020

TrickBot Ravages Customers of Amazon, PayPal and Other Top Brands

U.S. Says Russian Hackers Stealing Sensitive Data from Defense Contractors

Ukraine crisis: Russian cyberattacks could affect organisations around the world, so take action now

Ukraine Defense and Bank Networks DDoS-ed

Ukraine Faces More Phishing Attacks Amid Imminent Russian Invasion

Ukrainian Defense Ministry and banks hacked

US says Russian state hackers breached cleared defense contractors

VMware Issues Security Patches for High-Severity Flaws Affecting Multiple Products

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) can’t give organizations the security they need

What can financial services learn from the SPAR cyberattack?

What is Diversion Theft? Attack and Defense Strategies

What To Do If You’ve Fallen Victim To A Crypto Scam

Which? warning to Eon customers after refund scam

Who’s The Next Victim? Predictions On The State Of Ransomware In 2022

Why A Fundamental Change in Cybersecurity Is Required

Why has healthcare become a target for cybercriminals?

Why should we automate cloud apps – because hackers do

Why users don’t often use password managers

You Need Decentralized Cybersecurity to Match Decentralized Attacks

15th February

2 Florida spine groups hit with data breach

5 Security Best Practices for Ransomware Prevention

9 cyber security predictions for 2022

49ers Blitzed by Ransomware

74% of stolen funds from ransomware attacks went to Russian-affiliated wallet addresses in 2021

Attempts to exploit MS Exchange most frequent intrusion vector

Back to Basics: Understanding Phishing

Backup Plays Key Role in Ransomware Response, But Not a Complete Solution

Barclays: Scams Surged in Final Quarter of 2021

BlackBerry report reveals SMBs face increased threat of cyber crime

BlackCat (ALPHV) claims Swissport ransomware attack, leaks data

Botched third-party configuration exposes Internet Society data to web

CaptureRx Proposes $4.75 Million Settlement to End Data Breach Litigation

Chainalysis claims bulk of ransomware payments head to Russia

Chrome Zero-Day Under Active Attack: Patch ASAP

Confidential patient data breached by East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) staff

Contractors left unpaid by Parasol cyber attack call lawyers

Copyright Infringement Scams: Here's How to Stay Safe

Credit union warns of spike in phishing scam targeting local customers

Croatian Network A1 Hrvatska Disclosed Data Breach

Cyberattacks: Portugal in 31st place in the countries most affected by ransomware

Cybercriminals Seek Ransomware Payments and Settlements

Data Breach Alert: Miller Valentine Group

Data Breach Alert: Sacramento County, California

Don’t forget security as we set the rules for our online lives

Energy, oil and utility sector most likely to pay ransoms

Experts Warn of Hacking Group Targeting Aviation and Defense Sectors

FBI Warns of BlackByte Ransomware Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

Feds Warn About Critical Infrastructure Ransomware Attacks, Vulnerabilities

Fraudsters sold Netflix and Apple users' data and sold it for £140m in huge crypto con

Google Chrome emergency update fixes zero-day exploited in attacks

Google to pay up to $91,337 for exploits of new Linux and Kubernetes bugs

Hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses

High-Severity RCE Security Bug Reported in Apache Cassandra Database Software

Hornetsecurity global ransomware survey reveals ‘stinging truth’ shows backup solutions are critical to fight malware

How Nonprofits Can Evade Ransomware Attacks

How Smarter Identity Segmentation can Reduce Risk

Internet Society data leak exposed 80,000 members’ login details

Internet Society Data Leaked

Log4Shell: A retrospective

'Massive and dangerous' data breach sees more than 500,000 QR code check-in addresses published - even including domestic violence shelters

Mizuno hit by ransomware attack, delaying customer orders

More scam e-mails claiming to be from police director circulating in Luxembourg

Netflix, Apple and Spotify phishing scam: Men admit selling data

New MyloBot Malware Variant Sends Sextortion Emails Demanding $2,732 in Bitcoin

New York City transit worker alleges pay violations after Kronos ransomware disruption

Parasol data breach: Frustrated IT contractors dig into the dark web in search of their data

Privacy and cybersecurity are top in mind for modern CIOs

QNAP extends support for older NAS devices amid surge in attacks

Ransom payments are tip of the iceberg for the true cost of ransomware

Ransomware as a Service: Industrialized Cybercrime is the New Normal

Ransomware Attacks Exploded in Number and Scale in 2021

Ransomware tied to attacks on critical infrastructure last year

Researchers discover common threat actor behind aviation and defense malware campaigns

Researchers Link ShadowPad Malware Attacks to Chinese Ministry and People's Liberation Army (PLA)

Royal Dublin Society (RDS) hit by cyber attack with member and staff data compromised

Russia’s offensive cyber actions should be a cause for concern for CISOs

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Email Attacks Hit Record 3.5m High Last Year After Omicron

Singapore: $2m from OCBC scams recovered, 121 local bank accounts frozen

Singapore to step up security measures in aftermath of phishing scams

Small business cyber security – everything you need to know

Smishing and Vishing: Exploring These Two Phishing Variants

Sports Brand Mizuno Suffers Ransomware Attack, Orders Delayed: Is There A Way to Prevent Malware?

SquirrelWaffle Adds a Twist of Fraud to Exchange Server Malspamming

Squirrelwaffle, Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities exploited for financial fraud

Steps small businesses can take to mount an effective defense against cyberattacks

Swissport Investigating Ransomware Group's Data Leak Claims

TA2541: APT Has Been Shooting RATs at Aviation for Years

The importance of implementing a zero trust strategy

The rise of the super malicious insider: Yes, we need to worry

There’s no ‘one size fits’ all approach to modern cyber protection

Thousands of Amazon customers hit by bank account scam

Threats to the Healthcare Industry

Three network security principles for businesses to adopt in 2022

Three-Fifths of Cyber-Attacks in 2021 Were Malware-Free

U.S. data breach volume increased 10% in 2021

Ukraine Claims 'Hybrid Warfare' Already Underway

Ukraine Ministry of Defense confirms DDoS incident; state banks loses connectivity

Ukrainian military agencies, banks hit by DDoS attacks, defacements

Unknown TA2541 group attacking aviation and defense sectors since 2017

Unskilled hacker linked to years of attacks on aviation, transport sectors

VMware patches released for vulnerabilities found during China's Tianfu Cup

Warning over mysterious hackers that have been targeting aerospace and defence industries for years

What Is the Wiper Malware? Is It Worse Than a Ransomware Attack?

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BlackByte Ransomware Gang Target San Francisco 49ers

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FBI warns BlackByte ransomware is targeting US critical infrastructure

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San Francisco 49ers Hit by Ransomware

San Francisco 49ers hit by ransomware attack

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