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Monday 7 February 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 06 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 7th February and 13th February 2022.

13th February

5 ways to protect your crypto wallet from hackers

49ers Ransomware Attack Details and Recovery Update

49ers' Network Hit by Cyberattack on Super Bowl Sunday

Blackbyte ransomware hits San Francisco 49ers ahead of Super Bowl

Critical Magento 0-Day Vulnerability Under Active Exploitation - Patch Released

Don’t be swindled in finding love

Enterprises Lag Behind MFA Usage Rates Despite Widespread Consumer Adoption

Explained: What we know of hacking group ModifiedElephant

Germany’s Mabanaft Says First Test After Hack Wasn’t Successful

Getting CyberFit During The Pandemic: Cybersecurity Essentials

Global cybersecurity authority issue advisory against ransomware

Hackers exploiting new Microsoft, Oracle, Apple bugs

Know the malware that infects your PC and read your email after 30 minutes

Nearly 1,400 cyberattacks recorded across Vietnam in January

NFL's San Francisco 49ers hit by Blackbyte ransomware attack

Office workers urged to beware cloud-based hacking attempts

On Valentine's Day, cyber fraudsters find their way to scam couples, youngsters for holiday packages, gifts

Pune: Pharmacy company cheated of Rs 1.9 crore via phishing attack

Ransomware: these hackers release your data...in exchange for a like

Ransomware gang says it has hacked 49ers football team

Ransomware payments in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies exceeded $600 million in 2021

Risk perception of growing cyber threat

San Francisco 49ers Hit By Ransomware Attack

San Francisco 49ers' network hit by gang's ransomware attack; team notifies law enforcement

What Is Bluesnarfing and How Can You Prevent It?

Windows 10 warning: Terrifying bug is back and every PC owner needs to be on high alert

12th February

2022 would witness a spike in crypto ransomware payments

As crypto ransomware payments hit $602M in 2021, here’s how 2022 can be worse

Azure Active Directory Recycle Bin Won’t Save You in a Cyber Disaster

Crypto Ransomware Tallied at Least $602M But Actual Figures Could Be Higher

Cyber attack: Gloucester council sets aside £380k for IT repairs

Data Breach Exposes Booking Details of 19 Million Customers

DeFi Increasingly Popular Tool for Laundering Money, Study Finds

DHL now tops the list of popular brands most imitated by cybercriminals

Fake Windows 11 installer coming after passwords, credit cards and crypto wallets

How RAT Malware Is Using Telegram to Evade Detection

How the metaverse could shape cybersecurity in 2022

How to frame meaningful security conversations with the corporate board

Looks Like A Movie But It’s A Real $3.6 Billion Stolen Crytpo Bust

Major SAP vulnerability requires urgent patch to prevent HTTP request smuggling attacks

New Report Reveals 80% of Cybersecurity Professionals Faced Ransomware Attacks Last Year

Notorious Maze Ransomware Gang Closes Up Shop And Releases Decryption Keys

Russia Takes Down 4 Carding Sites With Over $260 Million in Crypto Turnover

Russia tensions have not increased cyberattacks on Estonia

US security and intelligence agencies prep for potential Russian hacking threats

Valentine's Day 2022 Scam Warning: Experts Tell People To Beware Of Phishing Emails On The Eve Of Celebrations

Valentine’s Day a hot bed for cybercriminals

What Is Magniber Ransomware? How to Prevent It From Attacking Your PC

11th February

$1.3 billion lost to romance scams in the past five years

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Valentine’s Day Cyber Hacks - and Avoid Heartbreak

14 ways to win the war against ransomware

2,650% surge in email attacks against ICO in 2021, data reveals

Adam Georgeson: IT technician jailed for revenge cyber-attacks

AI can spot biometric spoofing attacks with ease

Amazon steps in to close exposed FlexBooker bucket after December data breach

Apple fixes actively exploited iOS, macOS zero-day (CVE-2022-22620)

Apple Patches Actively Exploited WebKit Zero Day

Australian, US and UK security forces unite to call out ransomware attacks

Binance Warns Crypto Investors of SMS Phishing Scam

Can High-Security Workers Keep Their Mobile Devices (and Themselves) Safe?

CISA adds 15 new vulnerabilities to exploit catalog

CISA orders federal agencies to update iPhones until Feb 25th

CISA urges orgs to patch actively exploited Windows SeriousSAM bug

Cloud security training is pivotal as demand for cloud services explode

Companies, institutions reported 146 ransomware attacks to Japanese police in 2021

Coveware 2021 Q4 Ransomware Report Issued

Critical MQTT-Related Bugs Open Industrial Networks to RCE Via Moxa

Croatian phone carrier data breach impacts 200,000 clients

Cyber Agencies Warn: Ransomware Attacks Are Worse Than Ever

Cybercriminals are extorting huge sums of crypto in ransomware attacks as they go after bigger and bigger targets, Chainalysis says

Cybercrooks Frame Targets by Planting Fabricated Digital Evidence

Cybersecurity risks at this year's Olympics and Super Bowl

Email is often the main access vector

Europe's biggest car dealer hit with ransomware attack

FBI: Criminals escalating SIM swap attacks to steal millions of dollars

Get updating: Apple releases iOS 15.3.1 patch for 'actively exploited' security flaw

Google: Vendors took an average of 52 days to fix reported security vulnerabilities

Google Project Zero: Vendors are now quicker at fixing zero-days

Google says nearly $9 million given out in 2021 vulnerability rewards

Hackers Planted Fake Digital Evidence on Devices of Indian Activists and Lawyers

Hackney Council could be forced to answer questions about IT security training after Pysa ransomware

Half of Global Emails Were Spam in 2021

How automation can help security teams mitigate phishing attacks

How Healthcare Organizations Can Maximize Their Cyber Insurance Strategies In 2022

How the KP Snacks ransomware attack shows a data access problem

How to prepare your organization for this year’s cybersecurity incidents

How To Stay Safe From Phishing Attacks

Hybrid work and the Great Resignation lead to cybersecurity concerns

If Financial Service CISO’s set just three priorities this year, best make it these

Immediata Agrees $1.125m Data Breach Settlement

Investments, streaming and a pandemic: how fraudsters used spam and phishing in 2021

iOS users: Patch now to avoid falling prey to this WebKit vulnerability

Jax Spine and Pain Centers says some data compromised in ransomware attack

Joint advisory warns of global increase in sophisticated ransomware

Log4j exploitation risk is not as high as first thought, cyber MGA says

Marketing Firm Exposes Lead Data

Microsoft, Oracle, Apache and Apple vulnerabilities added to CISA catalog

NetWalker ransomware gang member sentenced for 7 years in prison

No, that email from Equifax is not a scam. You are entitled to free credit monitoring for four years

North Korean hackers are allegedly sending out phishing emails impersonating South Korea’s National Election Commission

Over US$600mln of crypto paid to ransomware attackers for second year running

Phishing scams targeting University of Cincinnati (UC) students in bulk

Ransomware Attacks Prompt a Warning From the National Cybersecurity Alliance and PCI Security Standards Council

Ransomware crew dumps stolen Optionis files online

Ransomware crypto payments hit at least $602M last year

Ransomware forced California community college to shut down email for 10 days

Ransomware Reaches Beyond Money With More Sinister Goals

Ransomware routed by fast-acting, info-sharing Texans

Ransomware Will Scare Businesses in 2022; see tips to protect yourself

Should Businesses Take a Defence-in-depth Approach Against Ransomware?

Spanish Cops Bust SIM Swap Fraud Gang

Spanish police arrest suspects in SIM-swapping ring

Stop ransomware with a deterministic approach to cybersecurity

Swissport ransomware attack delays flights, disrupting operations

The most common cyber gaps threatening supply chain security

These cybercriminals plant criminal evidence on human rights defender, lawyer devices

UBC Medicine reports ‘serious cyber security attack’ after phishing incident

VMware Finds Linux Malware on the Rise

Why identity and access management strategies need a booster

10th February

10 Cyber Attacks in 2021 Cost $600M With 40,000 Businesses Put at Risk

53% of hospital IoT devices have security vulnerabilities

2021 saw record number of phishing attempts in Canada

Adobe urges customers to upgrade after 500 stores breached through Magento platform

Almost $1.3bn Paid to Ransomware Actors Since 2020

An intelligent approach to ransomware

Apple patches new zero-day exploited to hack iPhones, iPads, Macs

Apple Releases iOS, iPadOS, macOS Updates to Patch Actively Exploited Zero-Day Flaw

Beware of Dodgy Windows 11 Installers: They Could Be Malware

Beware scammy SMS messages claiming to come from HMRC

Californian College Attacked with Ransomware

Ciox Data Breach Potentially Exposed the Patients’ Personal Information Across 32 Healthcare Practices Nationwide

CISA, FBI, NSA Issue Advisory on Severe Increase in Ransomware Attacks

CISOs Reveal Biggest Challenges for Security Teams

Conti Ransomware Attack on UK’s KP Snacks to Cause Major Supply Chain Problems for Popular Treats

Coveware 2021 Q4 Ransomware Report Issued

Crypto Scams You Need to Know About

Cyber-attack disrupts Slovenia’s top TV station

Cybercrime: The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

Cybercriminals target Linux-based systems with ransomware and cryptojacking

Cybersecurity Risks Businesses Are Exposed To

Data Breach Alert: Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

Data Transparency Hasn't Made Us Safer Yet. Can It Uncover Breach Causality?

DDoS Attacks Hit All-time High

Decryption Keys Released for 3 Defunct Ransomware Strains

Decryptor Keys Published for Maze, Egregor, Sekhmet Ransomwares

Defending Against Account Takeover (ATO): A Layered Approach to Security

Eon email scam exposed: how a scammer tried to steal £1,000

Everything You Need to Know About Ransomware

FBI: SIM Swapping Attacks Have Surged Five-Fold

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says Americans lost $547 million to romance scams in 2021

Foreign Office targeted in a 'serious cyber security incident'

FritzFrog Botnet Adds New Capabilities to Infect More Vulnerable Systems

FritzFrog botnet grows 10x, hits healthcare, edu, and govt systems

FritzFrog botnet returns to attack healthcare, education, government sectors

FritzFrog P2P Botnet Attacking Healthcare, Education and Government Sectors

Google Drive accounted for 50% of malicious Office document downloads

Hacking group 'ModifiedElephant' evaded discovery for a decade

Hacking Incidents Reported by AccelHealth and Pace Center for Girls

How to Protect Corporate Mobile Devices

'Human error' let criminals hack Sepa's systems with £42m unaccounted for

Illinois Housing Development Authority (IDHA) Rental Assistance Portal Hit By Data Breach Due to Coding Error

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Hit by 2650% Rise in Email Attacks

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) hit with 2,650% surge in email attacks in 2021

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Hit With Huge Increase in Email Attacks

Internet scammers “participate” in the Olympic Games under the guise of live broadcasts

Isle of Wight: Islanders Warned To Be Wary Of Latest Scams

Israel: Former police chief says reports of spyware abuse 'completely unfounded'

Lichtenstein and Morgan: The Stolen Virtual Currency Laundry

Linux malware attacks are on the rise, and businesses aren't ready for it

Linux systems are being bombarded with ransomware and cryptojacking attacks

Maze, Egregor and Sekhmet ransomware decryption keys published

Meta and Chime sue alleged phishing scammers

Meta Sues Two Nigerians Who Lured Facebook Users to Phishing Sites

Microsoft fixes Defender flaw letting hackers bypass antivirus scans

Microsoft starts killing off WMIC in Windows, will thwart attacks

Microsoft will block Office macros in downloaded files by default

Microsoft's Small Step to Disable Macros Is a Huge Win for Security

More investment in cybersecurity seen globally, including Food & Beverage (F&B)

Moxa customers urged to patch five vulnerabilities found in MXview network management software

Nearly $700 million spent on ransomware payments in 2020 alone

New Bill Would Force Critical Infrastructure Operators to Report Cyberattacks Within 72 Hours

New Ransomware Warning for Critical Infrastructure Providers

Over 22 billion records exposed in 2021

Over 500 Magento sites hacked in payment skimmer attack

Phishers still using Covid lures to catch victims

Phishing tests are a useful exercise, but don’t overdo it

PHP Everywhere Bugs Put 30K+ WordPress Sites at Risk of RCE

PHP Everywhere code execution bugs impact thousands of WordPress websites

Portugal’s Expresso newspaper still recovering from debilitating ransomware attack

Qbot, Lokibot malware switch back to Windows Regsvr32 delivery

Ransomware: Who's likely to pay?

Ransomware attacks, and ransom payments, are rampant among critical infrastructure organizations

Russia shuts down darknet sites that had made $263 million in crypto

Russian Threat Actors Targeting Infrastructure

SAP Patches Severe ‘ICMAD’ Bugs

Sharp SIM-Swapping Spike Causes $68M in Losses

So-called ‘red lines’ increasingly crossed by ransomware groups in critical infrastructure attacks

Spain dismantles SIM swapping group who emptied bank accounts

Targeted cyberattack takes out Vodafone Portugal

The Cyber Cold War: Understanding the Russian cyberattacks, and the strategy to defend against them

The Cyber-Threat in 2022: Where You Keep Your Data Will Make or Break the Success of an Attack

The latest ransomware attacker tactic: Pay us to stay away

The State of Cybersecurity in Education

The top three ransomware infection vectors remain troublingly consistent, as SMEs put on notice

This Android banking trojan is spreading by copying the tactics of another malware menace

This password-stealing malware posed as a Windows 11 download

Three top-of-mind cybersecurity trends in 2022

Three Ways A Board Of Directors Can Manage Cyber Risk

UK Foreign Office targeted by ‘serious’ cyber attack

University Project Cataloged 1,100 Ransomware Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

US Federal Cyber Plan Could Help Mitigate Water Utility Cyber Risk

Ways to Keep Your Business Data Secure From Cyber Attacks

We need to change the dynamic for cyber, says former NSA director

Why companies need to combine a more proactive cyber approach with zero-trust

Why Massachusetts' data breach reports are so high

Why the C-suite should focus on understanding cybersecurity and investing appropriately

Zero Trust Requires Zero Training to Protect Healthcare Organizations

9th February

3 ways businesses can fight the convergence of information disorder and phishing scams

$3.6 billion worth of Bitcoin seized from crooks tied to 2016’s Bitfinex hack

50% of Financial Firms Unsure About Data Security

94 billion threats blocked in 2021, says Trend Micro

2021 was the most prolific year on record for data breaches

Banks Warned to Prepare for Possible Russian-Sponsored Cyber Attack

Brute-forcing passwords, ProxyLogon exploits were some of 2021's most popular attack methods

Budgets Point To Where Security Priorities Are Heading In 2022

Canada: The Average Ransomware Attack Costs Half A Million Dollars. Here's How To Prevent One

CISA warns admins to patch maximum severity SAP vulnerability

CISA, FBI, NSA and International Partners Issue Advisory on Ransomware Trends from 2021

Consolidation and automation key as cybersecurity becomes a competitive edge in 2022

Cyber-attack at Vodafone Portugal knocks mobile network services offline

Cyber-Threats at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Cyberattacks Related to JavaScript NPM Rise Sharply

Cybercriminals Swarm Windows Utility Regsvr32 to Spread Malware

Cybersecurity Experts Offer Insights into 2022 Security Trends

Data Breach Alert: Suncoast Skin Solutions

Data Breach at iRISE Florida Spine and Joint Institute, LLC

Data breach at Ohlone College compromises students', staff personal information

Data breach exposes Georgia voters' registration information

Decryptor released for Maze, Egregor, and Sekhmet ransomware strains

Department of Justice (DOJ) seizes $3.6 billion in stolen cryptocurrency

Disruption 3.0 But Scams 1.0

End of 2021 witnessed an explosion of RDP brute-force attacks

Fake Windows 11 upgrade installers infect you with RedLine malware

FBI warns: SIM-swapping attacks are rocketing, don't brag about your crypto online

FBI warns of criminals escalating SIM swap attacks to steal millions

Greater IT Connection Means Greater Ransomware Risk on the Mainframe

Hackers usually seek financial information in healthcare attacks

HHS Warns Health Sector About LockBit 2.0 Threats - Again

Home Workers More Likely to Be Concerned About Security

How contact forms can be exploited to conduct large scale phishing activity?

How cybercriminals are using malware to target Linux-based operating systems

How Ransomware Gangs Use Automation, and How You Can Beat It

How to protect your online bank account from phishing attacks

How to protect yourself from a data breach

Humans don’t have to be cybersecurity’s weakest link

'Increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks' prompt joint alert from UK, US, and Australia

Iranian Hackers Using New Marlin Backdoor in 'Out to Sea' Espionage Campaign

IronNet's February Threat Intelligence Brief

Kronos Ransomware Attack Stole Data of 6,632 Individuals Including Social Security Numbers from Puma Employees: No Consumers Compromised?

Latest Phishing Kits Allow Multi-Factor Authentication Bypass

Lazarus hackers target defense industry with fake Lockheed Martin job offers

Linux-based multi-cloud environments facing increased ransomware attacks

Meta and Chime sue Nigerians behind Facebook, Instagram phishing

Meta, Chime file lawsuit against alleged phishing scam on Facebook, Instagram

Mitigate Ransomware Risks With Modern Log Management

MoleRats APT Flaunts New Trojan in Latest Cyberespionage Campaign

Molerats hackers deploy new malware in highly evasive campaign

NCSC joins US and Australian partners to reveal latest ransomware trends

News Corp Cyber Attack by Alleged Chinese Hackers Targets Wall Street Journal Reporters

Not running so fast: Puma hit by cyberattack

PHP Everywhere RCE flaws threaten thousands of WordPress sites

Preventing software security vulnerabilities with automation

Puma Data Breach Affects Nearly Half Of Firm's Workforce After Kronos Ransomware Attack

Quincy Recovering From Recent Ransomware Attack

Ransomware developer releases Egregor, Maze master decryption keys

Ransomware ever more sophisticated and impactful, warns NCSC

Ransomware is a big, big global problem

Ransomware To Speedy 5G Attacks: A Security Pioneer's Take On Metaverse Dangers

Ransomware warning: Attacks are rising, and they'll keep coming if victims keep paying

Rapper and Husband Allegedly Laundered Stolen Bitcoin Worth $4.5bn

Record-high seizure of $4bn in stolen Bitcoin

Romance Fraud Losses Increased by 91% During COVID-19

Russia Cracks Down on 4 Dark Web Marketplaces for Stolen Credit Cards

Russian APT Hackers Used COVID-19 Lures to Target European Diplomats

Russian Government Continues Carding Shop Crackdown

Russian ransomware attacks increased during 2021, joint review finds

Taking the Next Steps Towards Zero Trust Security

The old-new cyber threat: Ransom DDoS

This malware is reading your email just 30 minutes after infecting your PC

Two decades-old Microsoft 365 phishing attacks return in a big way

U.S. Arrests Two and Seizes $3.6 Billion Cryptocurrency Stolen in 2016 Bitfinex Hack

UK Foreign Office Subjected to "Serious Cybersecurity Incident"

UK regulator warns banks about potential Russian-sponsored cyber attack

US accuses couple of laundering $4.5 billion in bitcoin tied to 2016 hack

Vodafone Portugal struggles to restore service following cyberattack

Wave of MageCart attacks target hundreds of outdated Magento sites

Why security strategies need a new perspective

Wireless Network Security Best Practices

8th February - Safer Internet Day

3 Goals for a Strong Security Foundation

80% of security pros report their org suffered from ransomware attacks in 2021

A Quarter of New Online Accounts Are Fake

As Russia's cyberattacks on Ukraine mount, the risk of impact in other countries rises

Avoid bad things happening to you because of a bad password

Avoid Online Job Post Scams with These 7 Simple Tips

Azure Blob Data Breach Reveals Student Information

Back To Basics: Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Job

'Be on high alert' for Russian cybersecurity attacks, expert says

Beware of scammers phishing for your driver’s license, Social Security numbers, Motor Vehicle Commissioner (MVC) warns

Bouncing back from ransomware attacks with resilience

Business Services Provider Discloses Ransomware Attack

Canadian Netwalker ransomware crook pleads guilty to million-dollar crimes

Canadian sentenced for his role in Netwalker ransomware attacks

China Suspected of News Corp Cyberespionage Attack

Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo hit by DDoS attack

CoinDesk CMS Exploit Now Fixed - Unidentified Actors Create 'Fake' Drafts For Unpublished Articles

Companies should embrace multi-factor authentication

Cyber Terrorism Is a Growing Threat & Governments Must Take Action

Cyber-attacks: what are the risks for aid agencies?

Cyber Defense In 2022: Business As Usual?

Data Breach Alert: Medical Healthcare Solutions, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Radius Financial Group, Inc

Data Breach Alert: St. Lucie County's Drug Screening Lab

Data Breaches Affected Nearly 6 Billion Accounts in 2021

Data from Washington Licensing System Breach May Be on 'Dark Web'

Data of Puma Employees Stolen in Kronos Ransomware Attack

Defending Against Malware

Demand spikes for cybersecurity professionals as industries battle ransomware

Denial of Service Attacks Expected To Get Bigger, Nastier

Department of Justice (DOJ) seizes $3.6 billion in crypto from 2016 Bitfinex hack, arrests New York couple

Don’t Bite: New phishing scam warning in Spain

East Bay community college data breached in ransomware attack

Enterprise data safety during the Great Resignation

ESET Research releases it's T3 2021 Threat Report summarising key cybersecurity research

Fighting the Phish: How to Protect Your Business from Phishing Attack

Five Tough Questions CEOs Should Be Asking Their CISOs

Five Ways To Reduce Your Cloud Security Blast Radius

Foreign Office forced to pay £467k to bolster security after 'serious' cyber attack

Foreign Office target of 'serious cyber incident'

Fuel Troubles Continue in Europe as Oil Terminals in Netherlands and Belgium Suffer Cyber Attacks; Unclear if Breaches Are Coordinated

Google Chrome users at risk of cyber attack, government warns

Google fixes remote escalation of privileges bug on Android

Google has auto enrolled 150 million users in 2-step verification

Google sees 50% security boost for 150M users after 2FA enroll

Hackers have begun adapting to wider use of multi-factor authentication

HC3: Lessons Learned from the Ransomware Attack on Ireland’s Health Service Executive

Here is how you can keep yourself safe online

Here’s your ‘survival’ guide for the 2022 cyberthreat landscape

Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT) bypassing traditional security defenses

How a Texas hack changed the ransomware business forever

How to Detect and Defend Against Domain Abuse

Is Neglect Driving the Surge in Cybersecurity Breaches?

Jefferson Police Department Reports No Financial Loss In PC Ransomware Email

Judge Proposes Dismissal of Practicefirst Data Breach Lawsuit

Justice Department announces $3.6B crypto seizure, 2 arrests

Kimsuki hackers use commodity RATs with custom Gold Dragon malware

Kingston Police warn of cybercriminals using shipping delays as bait

Knowing What's Best: Breach Prevention or Breach Mitigation?

Kronos ransomware attack results in a data breach at Puma

Law Enforcement Blowback, Cyber Insurance Renewals Powering Anti-Ransomware Success

LoneStar Cell MTN Sues Orange for "Cyber- Attack"

Medusa Android Banking Trojan Spreading Through Flubot's Attacks Network

Meta Files Lawsuit Over Financial Services Phishing Scam

Microsoft 365 Phishing Attack Makes Comeback

Microsoft 365 phishing attacks revive old trick, email security firm says

Microsoft disables VBA macros in Office by default following years of complaints

Microsoft Takes Aim at Malicious Office Macros

Mozilla fixes Firefox bug letting you get Windows admin privileges

NetWalker ransomware affiliate sentenced to 80 months in prison

NetWalker ransomware gang affiliate pleads guilty, slapped with 7-year sentence

North Korea denies cyberattack allegations, slams US as 'hacking empire'

NZ Uniforms reports possible data breach as 'precaution' after ransomware attack

Online threats are the biggest hurdle to India’s digital progress

Over 6,000 Memorial Hermann patients’ information leaked in contractor’s data breach, vendor says

Palestinian Hackers Use New NimbleMamba Implant in Recent Attacks

Parasol data breach: Contractors rage as fallout from umbrella cyber attack continues

Pay to play PrivateLoader spreads Smokeloader, Redline, Vidar malware

Personal info from Washington licensing agency database may already be on ‘dark web’

Police urge internet users to pick secure passwords this Safer Internet Day

Privacy, data breach searches up more than 20% in 2021: Google

Protecting mobile devices from text-based phishing

Qbot needs only 30 minutes to steal your credentials, emails

Quincy: Hackers broke into city servers, demanded money in exchange for data

Ransomware gangs focus on ‘Big Game’ attacks

Ransomware is Here to Stay: How to Defend Against It

Re-inventing cyber security with a multi-layered approach

'Roaming Mantis' Android Malware Targeting Europeans via Smishing Campaigns

Russia Arrests Third Cybercrime Group

Russia seizes Trump Dumps, Ferum, and SkyFraud carding forums

Safer Internet Day: How much of a risk are data breaches?

School District CISO Quits Over Handling of Data Breach

Securitas data breach exposed PII of employees and airport security staff

Several Malware Families Using Pay-Per-Install Service to Expand Their Targets

Slovenia’s Pro Plus hit by cyberattack

Swissport operations impacted by ransomware attack

The Average Ransomware Payment In Q4 Was Over $322,000

The Combined Peskiness Of Inflation And Cybercriminals

U.S. arrests couple for allegedly laundering $4.5 billion in crypto tied to Bitfinex hack

UK under attack! Foreign Office hacked in 'serious' breach - 'extreme urgency' sparks panic

Up your game against cyber attacks, insurer warns South African businesses

US married couple arrested for allegedly conspiring to launder $4.5bn in bitcoin

US seizes $3.6 billion stolen in 2016 Bitfinex cryptoexchange hack

Vodafone Portugal 4G and 5G services down after cyberattack

Vodafone Portugal hit by hackers, says no client data breach

Vodafone Portugal hit with cyberattack affecting 4G/5G network, TV, SMS services

Washington State Department of Licensing hit by suspected data breach

What percentage of Canadian businesses affected by ransomware pay the full demand?

Why cybersecurity and anti-fraud teams need to collaborate

Why Cybersecurity is Critical Infrastructure

Winter Games a Target For Cybercriminals

You've still not patched it? Hackers are using these old software flaws to deliver ransomware

7th February

A quarter of Canadian companies have been victims of a cyber attack in 2021

Andover Mail-Order Pharmacy Reports Data Breach Affecting 75K

Attacks against health plans up nearly 35%

Aussie businesses warned of impending cyber attack amid international tensions

Binance Warns Crypto Investors of 'Massive Phishing Scam via SMS'

Brookson restores internal systems following two-pronged cyber-attack

China linked to News Corp cyberattack

China-backed hackers linked to News Corp cyber attack

CISA Orders Federal Agencies to Fix Actively Exploited Windows Bug

Crypto Firm Meter Loses $4.4m in Cyber-Heist

Crypto money laundering skyrockets via decentralised finance route

Cybersecurity Considerations for Web3

Data Breaches Reported by Suncoast Skin Solutions, Raveco Medical, South City Hospital, and the Colorado DHS

Decentraland Faces a Phishing Attack

DPD Group parcel tracking flaw may have exposed customer data

Email platform Zimbra issues hotfix for XSS vulnerability under active exploitation

Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges to Get Ready in 2022

Equifax finalizes data breach settlement with US regulators

FBI: Watch out for LockBit 2.0 ransomware, here's how to reduce the risk to your network

FBI Publishes Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) for LockBit 2.0 Ransomware Attacks

FBI warns of "sophisticated" LockBit 2.0 ransomware

France scam alert: Watch out for fake emails about inflation bonus

Free decryptor released for TargetCompany ransomware victims

Free decrypter released for the TargetCompany ransomware

Google announces threat detection for virtual machines in its cloud

Hackers Backdoored Systems at China's National Games Just Before Competition

Hackney Council in hot water with UK data watchdog over cyber attack

Half Of Canadian Businesses Hit By Ransomware Are Paying The Full Ransom

Hospital, Health Department Still Recovering From Attacks

How to Protect Your Business from Phishing Attacks

How To Stay on Top of Cyber-Hygiene

Human and machine identities need to be secured now

Ireland: Call for cybersecurity funding boost as attacks on SMEs surge

LockBit, BlackCat, Swissport, Oh My! Ransomware Activity Stays Strong

Log4j Showed Us That Public Disclosure Still Helps Attackers

Malaysian cybersecurity technologies outdated

Medusa Malware Joins Flubot’s Android Distribution Network

Medusa malware ramps up Android SMS phishing attacks

Microsoft: Enterprise MFA adoption still low

Microsoft: Need for MFA 'Cannot Be Overstated'

Microsoft: Security threats are rising but companies are still ignoring strong authentication

Microsoft: These hackers are targeting emergency response and security organizations in Ukraine

Microsoft Issues Warning About Multi-Phase Phishing Attacks Targeted At Azure AD

Microsoft Office to Finally Disable Its Big Ransomware Vulnerability

Microsoft plans to kill malware delivery via Office macros

Microsoft PowerPoint’s Add-On Comes Wrapped with Malware

More than half of ransomware victims paid the amount demanded by hackers in 2021

Most breaches largely caused by staff working from home

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) still offers the best chance of keeping data secure

NetWalker ransomware affiliate sentenced to seven years in prison

New CapraRAT Android Malware Targets Indian Government and Military Personnel

New CoinStomp cryptomining malware targeting cloud services

News Corp Discloses Cyber-Attack

News Corp hit by cyber attack

NS&I warns customers of potential scam that could drain Premium Bonds savings

NSO Group: Israel launches inquiry into police hacking claims

Over 250,000 People Potentially Affected by Washington State Data Breach

Privacy, data breach searches up more than 20% in 2021: Google

Protecting your business in the age of ransomware

Puma hit by data breach after Kronos ransomware attack

QuaDream, 2nd Israeli Spyware Firm, Weaponizes iPhone Bug

Ransomware gangs are changing their tactics. That could prove very expensive for some victims

Ransomware: It’s Really About Organizational Failure

Ransomware attack on Swissport aviation firm causes flight delays

Ransomware attacks still a big problem in APAC

Ransomware groups and APT actors laser-focused on financial services

Rise in Cyber Attacks Demand Increased Investment in Zero Trust Security

Roaming Mantis Android malware campaign sets sights on Europe

Roaming Mantis Expands Android Backdoor to Europe

Roaming Mantis mobile smishing campaign spreads, gets updated features

Russia arrests third hacking group, reportedly seizes carding forums

Russian APT Steps Up Malicious Cyber Activity in Ukraine

Settlement approved in Equifax data breach case of 2017

Smart cybersecurity budgeting in the age of ransomware

Social engineering: Definition, examples, and techniques

Suspected data breach at Washington State Department of Licensing

Swissport Ransomware Attack Delayed Flights

Swissport ransomware attack leads to flight delays

Take storage security back to sound basics

Taylor Regional Hospital Still Recovering from January Cyberattack

The four types of remote workers your security awareness program must address

The Many-Headed Threat of Ransomware

There’s A Bizarre Hacker Crypto Scam Doing The Rounds On Instagram At The Moment

Things You Need to Know About Data Protection Services

Three ways enterprises can prevent the next API data breach

Tips for implementing secure business practices in 2022

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