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Monday 21 February 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 08 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 21st February and 27th February 2022.

27th February

2022 may be the year cybercrime returns its focus to consumers

Beware: new IRS rules will lead to a wave of phishing frauds

BlackCat: The rise of a new ransomware threat

Conti ransomware's internal chats leaked after siding with Russia

Cybercriminals Are Using Microsoft Accounts for Phishing Landing Pages

DDoS Attempts Hit Russia as Ukraine Conflict Intensifies

Governments Have Been Seizing Stolen Bitcoin and Ethereum. How?

How To Detect and Avoid Online Scams

How to make software supply chains resilient to cyber attacks

Iranian Hackers Using New Spying Malware That Abuses Telegram Messenger API

Malware families using Pay-Per-Install service to expand targets

Meet SockDetour fileless backdoor targeting U.S. Defense contractors

Meta blocks Russian state-media accounts in Ukraine

Nvidia Breach Seen as Ransomware Attack Unconnected to Ukraine

Nvidia Investigates Cyberattack, Reports Business 'Uninterrupted'

POSB customers receive ‘survey’ email with cash reward; DBS says email not legit

Prepare for Russian cyber warfare

Ranked: 10 'most dangerous' mobile banking Trojans of 2021 and how they can steal your money

Ransomware not slowing: Relentless and more destructive

Scotland: Ministers unveil new £1.5m central coordination cyber response unit

Screen Sharing Has Become More Common Among Remote Workers But It Might Compromise Cybersecurity

Singapore advises local firms to beef up cyberdefence amidst Ukraine conflict

State Bar of California Investigates Huge Data Breach That Exposed Confidential Records

Sky News employees caught in cyber breach

Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Posture Amidst Developments in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The benefits of constant cloud vulnerabilities management

The cyberwar side of Russia’s Ukraine attack has U.S. corporations on alert

Think Twice Before Scanning That QR Code

Ukraine: Belarusian hackers targeting emails of our defense forces

Watch out - This fake DocuSign site could steal your personal details

Will the Biden Administration’s Interest in Targeting Russian Crypto Exchanges Actually Work?

Your computer and smartphone have become Putin's weapon of choice

‘Zero-click’ hacks are growing in popularity. There’s practically no way to stop them

26th February

260,000 confidential attorney discipline records published after data breach, State Bar says

3,464,756 Malware Installation Packages Targeted Mobile Users in 2021

After the Russia-Ukraine war, is there a crypto conflict on the cards

Canada issues alert on new malware targeting Ukraine. Here’s what that means

Canadian companies at risk from Russia cyberattacks in retaliation from sanctions

Concern as South Africa features in top 10 list of countries hardest hit by cybercrime

Conti gang ready to hit critical infrastructure in support of Russian government

Credit card fraud: ‘How could scammers use it before I did?’

Cyber officials urge agencies to armor up for potential Russian attacks

Cyber security experts offer defense tips as White House warns Russia against cyberattacks on U.S.

Cyber threat grows after Russia SWIFT sanctions over Ukraine

Cyber volunteers mobilise to attack Russia with Ukraine backing

Cyber warfare intensifies as Russia invades Ukraine

Cybersecurity experts warn against cyber attacks; what to look out for

Don’t fall for these fake cryptocurrency ads all over Facebook

Doxing Attacks: From Hacker Tool to Societal Problem

Dridex Malware Deliver Entropy Ransomware to Target Exchange Server and Computers

Going on offense: Ukraine forms an ‘IT army,’ Nvidia hacks back

How potential Russian cyberattacks could affect Americans and how to prepare

Incoming! 10 Russia-Ukraine war scams hitting your email, phone, and social media

'Increased threats' from state-sponsored Russian hackers amid war in Ukraine, warns Farnsfield Parish Council

Iran-backed hackers now active to deliver ransomware globally

Lack of mobile cybersecurity awareness creates new avenues for cyberattacks

Local cybersecurity expert explains how to protect yourself against a cyberattack

‘Netwar’ Could Be Even Worse Than Cyberwar

Nvidia Hacks Ransomware Gang Back To Block Data Leaks, Group Claims

Nvidia Investigates Potential Ransomware Incident

Officials warn U.S. businesses to be on high-alert against cyberattacks

OpenSea Investigates Phishing Attack

Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Testing

Preparing for the Possibility of Russian Ransomware Attacks

Rebellion of users who are attacked by hackers

Recovery from the hack on Axis has not yet come to an end

Russian cyber attacks on New Zealand expected to increase

Russian Government Websites Suffer Disruptions

Six new travel scams to watch out for in 2022

Social Media Hijacking Malware Spreading Through Gaming Apps on Microsoft Store

SockDetour Backup Backdoor Targets US Defense Contractors

Success of enterprise business depends on secured collaborative solution

The DeadBolt ransomware assault on Asustor NAS equipment is pricey

The threat of cyberwar has finally arrived

The ultimate guide to secure passwords

Trading Standards warning to public over scam Amazon emails

U.S. should prepare for Russian cyber warfare

Ukraine Invasion: What it means for you and your family if Russia retaliates against the US

Ukraine recruits "IT Army" to hack Russian entities, lists 31 targets

Warning of six new holiday scams and rip-offs as travel opens up again

What Asian businesses should consider before buying cyber insurance

What is data and why should we care about it?

Why Russia’s backlash against Australian sanctions could come in the form of cyber attacks

Windows is in Moscow’s crosshairs, too

25th February

4 tips for selecting cybersecurity insurance

6 Cyber-Defense Steps to Take Now to Protect Your Company

6 hospitals, health systems hit by cybersecurity breaches in February

7 Steps to Take Right Now to Prepare for Cyberattacks by Russia

83% of successful ransomware attacks feature double or triple extortion tactics

American Hospital Association (AHA) warns of potential increase in Russian cyberthreats

Anonymous Hacking Group Declares “Cyber War” Against Russia

Anonymous hacktivists, ransomware groups get involved in Ukraine-Russia conflict

Anonymous leaks database of the Russian Ministry of Defence

As ransomware threats rise, reconsider remote access to your NAS at home

As Russia wages cyber war against Ukraine, here’s how Australia (and the rest of the world) could suffer collateral damage

Asustor NAS devices fall prey to costly DeadBolt ransomware attack

Baltimore State's Attorney's Office regains Twitter control after hack

Biden Mulls “Massive” Cyber Strikes on Russia

BlackByte Ransomware Group Attacked at Least Three Critical Infrastructure Companies and the San Francisco 49ers

Blockchain and banks brace for cyber warfare as UK security stocks rise on Russian invasion

CISA Issues MuddyWater Warning

CISA warns of actively exploited vulnerabilities in Zabbix servers

Cisco IDs top 2022 security threats and what to do about them

Citibank customers targeted by wide-ranging phishing campaign

Companies spending $6M on ransomware mitigation: Is it working?

Conti ransomware gang backs Russia, vows retaliation for ‘war activities’ against Moscow

Cuba Ransomware Exploits Microsoft Exchange Flaws

Cyber attack on insurer highlights need for better security

Cyber Attack Risks Poised to Soar as Russia Attacks Ukraine

Cyber Attack Targeting Australia’s Social Security System Accidentally Improves User Experience

Cyber Siren Warning - When State Actors Attack

Cyber Threats in the Global Financial Sector – Time to Worry?

Cyberattacks – what's changing in the space?

Cybercriminals seeking more than just ransomware payment

Cybersecurity burnout is real. And it's going to be a problem for all of us

Data Breach Alert: Advantage Title & Escrow, LLC

Data Breach Alert: DNA Solutions, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Injured Workers Pharmacy

Data leaks and shadow assets greatly exposing organizations to cyberattacks

Devastating breaches apparently still not enough for organizations to prioritize endpoint security

Does Russia's attack on Ukraine reveal the future of war?

Dubai’s GEMS Education confirms being target of cyberattack

Five consequences of cyber breaches

Four Practical Steps To Eliminate Shadow IT Permanently

GPU giant Nvidia is investigating a potential cyberattack

Hackers exploiting the Ukrainian conflict to unleash malware on Americans

Hacking forum Raidforums.com allegedly seized by authorities

Healthcare Entity Reports Another Big Hacking Incident

Healthcare ransomware: Proactive risk management is a ‘business opportunity’

Here’s how Russia is attacking Ukraine defence best - cyberattacks

HHS Report Warns of EMR and EHR Security Risks

How Critical Infrastructure Providers Can Securely Connect OT to the Cloud

How financial services can secure data and build trust in today’s modern environment

How much damage could a Russian cyberattack do in the US?

How Russia's invasion of Ukraine threatens the IT industry

How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will affect your cybersecurity

I’m a Russian hacker and I plan to ‘beat Ukraine from my computer’

IBM Warns Ransomware Follows Cloud Migration

Iran's hackers are using these tools to steal passwords and deliver ransomware, say FBI and CISA

Iran's MuddyWater Hacker Group Using New Malware in Worldwide Cyber Attacks

Jester Stealer malware adds more capabilities to entice hackers

Local experts keep wary eye on potential cyberattacks

Log4j vulnerability continues to threaten enterprise security

Making The World A Safer Place Through (Cyber) Hygiene

Massive Ransomware Attack Could Cost Irish Health Exec €100m

Microsoft: Resetting Windows devices might not wipe all data

Microsoft Exchange Bugs Exploited by ‘Cuba’ Ransomware Gang

Microsoft Exchange servers targeted with Cuba ransomware

Montana Medical Center Faces Hacking Incident Impacting 214K

New BlackBerry Report Shows How Cyber Criminals Are Becoming More Effective and Dangerous

New Malware Capable of Controlling Social Media Accounts Reportedly Infects 5,000+ Machines

New "SockDetour" Fileless, Socketless Backdoor Targets U.S. Defense Contractors

NHS put on cyber attack alert following Russian invasion of Ukraine

NHS Scotland's Covid Status app criticised over privacy failings

NHS urges orgs to apply security update for Okta Client RCE bug

Nvidia Hit by Potential Cyber Attack

NVIDIA investigating cybersecurity incident

Omaha cyber security expert: 'Everybody really is a target whether they think they are or not'

Organizations spend $6M to combat ransomware

Phishing Attacks Hit a Record High in the Fourth Quarter, the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) Says

Phishing attacks hit more businesses than ever last year

Phishing Hits All-Time High in December 2021; Attacks Triple Since Early 2020

Phishing Scam Costs Massachusetts Town $102K

Phishing scams targeting business owners

POSB Scam Asks Customers To Take ‘Survey’ Via Phishing Link, Bank Says Email Not Legit

Putin Warns Russian Critical Infrastructure to Brace for Potential Cyber Attacks

Ransomware gangs, hackers pick sides over Russia invading Ukraine

Ransomware ranks as top cyber attack type with Asia Pacific hit hardest

Ransomware Used as Decoy in Destructive Cyberattacks on Ukraine

Researchers find access brokers focused on US targets

Retaliation? Russian hackers take credit for McDonald’s ransomware attack

Review risks, focus on response plans: Security experts offer tips to prep for Russian cyberattacks

Russia Is Using Cyberattacks to Undermine Ukraine’s Defence Capabilities

Russia May Use Cryptocurrency to Evade Sanctions

Russia will get hit hardest in cyberwar over Ukraine, expert says

Russia-linked hacker gang claims ransomware attack on McDonald's as feds issue 'shields up' alert for ALL American companies to 'prepare for disruptive cyber activity'

Russia-Ukraine War: Phishing, Malware and Hacker Groups Taking Sides

Russia’s Invasion Puts NATO On Guard for Cyberwarfare

Russian Cyberattacks Against Ukrainian Assets: What You Need to Know

Russian invasion raises concerns about cyber attacks

Russian vigilante hacker: 'I want to help beat Ukraine from my computer'

Russian-Ukrainian crisis may further complicate K-12 cybersecurity risks

SANS Outlines Critical Infrastructure Security Steps as Russia, U.S. Trade Cyberthreats

Security Measures to Deploy Now to Defend Against a Russian Cyberattack

Shields Up: 10 Proactive Steps Employers Can Take to Prevent Russian Cybersecurity Attacks

Shields up: How a possible cyberattack could affect Americans and how to prepare

Swedish camera giant Axis still recovering from cyberattack

Technical Analysis of PartyTicket Ransomware

The impact of API security on how consumers view brands

The threat of ransomware attacks looms over the Russian invasion of Ukraine

These companies are the most impersonated in email phishing campaigns

Top 5 things to know about consent phishing

Top 5 ways to combat smishing

Trickbot Group’s AnchorDNS Backdoor Upgrades to AnchorMail

TrickBot malware operation shuts down, devs move to BazarBackdoor

TrickBot Malware Shuts Down Operations - Devs Focusing on Ransomware Operations?

Two cats are better than one when fighting cybercrime

Ukraine Asks for Hackers’ Help

Ukraine calls for volunteer hackers to protect critical infrastructure

Ukraine claims phishing attempts targeting military personnel by cyber espionage group

Ukraine links phishing targeting military to Belarusian hackers

Ukraine targeted by hacker attack that wiped out computer data

Ukraine-Russia conflict: Britain on red alert as potential cyber attack risks rise

Ukrainian Publication Kyiv Post Says Website Hacked Amid Russian Cyberattacks: Here's What's Happening

Unclear if Nvidia cyber ‘incident’ tied to Russia-Ukraine

US microchip powerhouse Nvidia hit by cyber attack

Visual Voice Mail on Android may be vulnerable to eavesdropping

Washington companies prepare as threat of Russian cyberattacks increases

Watch Out for Cyberattacks Following Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

What a Russian cyberattack on the U.S. could look like and how it could affect you

What is a cyber attack? How Russia is attacking Ukraine online - and will the UK be affected by the attacks

What is Advanced Threat Protection?

White House denies reports of 'cyber attack menu' against Russia

Why EV chargepoint operators need a best practice approach to cyber security

Why is the manufacturing sector a popular target for ransomware?

Will 2022 Be the Year of the DDoS Attack?

Zabbix vulnerabilities added to CISA catalog

Zenly Bugs Exposed Users to Data Loss and Account Takeover

24th February

91% of UK Groups Hit by Email Phishing Attacks in 2021

Advisories To Increase Website Security After Russian Attack

Asia most targeted region in 2021, taking on one in four cybersecurity attacks

Attackers used Dridex to deliver Entropy ransomware, code resemblance uncovered

Banks warn customers to be alert against imitators who seek digital access codes

CISA Alerts on Actively Exploited Flaws in Zabbix Network Monitoring Platform

CISOs: Top Cloud Security Threats You Should Know About

Citibank phishing baits customers with fake suspension alerts

Conti ransomware attack on Irish healthcare system may cost over $100 million

Cyber attacks: India among top 3 most-affected nations in Asia

Cyber attacks on Ukraine: DDoS, new data wiper, cloned websites, and Cyclops Blink

Cyberattackers Leverage DocuSign to Steal Microsoft Outlook Logins

Cyberattacks, Ransomware and Scams: Follow This Checklist to Boost Your Privacy

Cyberwarfare Risks Continue as Ukraine Crisis Escalates

Cyprus said involved in cyber-attack against Ukraine

Data Breach Alert: Creative Services, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Cross Timbers Health Clinics, Inc. dba AccelHealth

Data Breach Alert: Priority Health

Data breaches rise but fewer occur in federal agencies

Data protection remains a challenge for nearly 90% of organisations

DDoS Attack and Data Wiper Malware hit Computers in Ukraine

Deadbolt Ransomware Targeting ASUSTOR NAS Devices

DHL tops phishing index

Don’t Fall for This DocuSign Phishing Attack

Dubai-based Gems Education hit by cyber attack

Email Remains Go-to Method for Cyberattacks, Phishing Research Report Finds

Employee information accessed in cyber attack at Niagara-based company

Fortinet: Log4j had nearly 50x activity volume of ProxyLogon

GCHQ launches cyber attack guidance for construction firms

Good cyber habits to thwart ransomware attacks

Homeland Security warns U.S. businesses to be prepared for Russian cyberattacks

How Log4Shell remediation interfered with organizations’ cybersecurity readiness

How mobile app usage data could reveal a person’s identity

How to avoid being unwillingly drafted as a cyber combatant in the Russia-Ukraine war

How to keep pace with rising data protection demands

Insurance Won’t Pay for Identity Fraud Losses

Law enforcement Officers Busted Phishing Group That Uses 40 Websites to Steal Credit Card Data

Log4j had roughly 50 times the amount of activity as ProxyLogon, according to Fortinet

Logan Health Medical Center Cyberattack Affects More Than 213,000 Patients

Look where you click, and check what you share

Malware infiltrates Microsoft Store via clones of popular games

Microsoft App Store Sizzling with New ‘Electron Bot’ Malware

Microsoft Exchange servers hacked to deploy Cuba ransomware

Microsoft, Apple and Google top the list of the most spoofed brands in 2021

New Android banking malware Xenomorph found in Play Store apps

New Flaws Discovered in Cisco's Network Operating System for Switches

Nonprofits Form Cyber Coalition

Notifications Recently Sent to Alert Individuals About September 2020 and February 2021 Cyberattacks

Notorious TrickBot Malware Gang Shuts Down its Botnet Infrastructure

October Cyberattack Cost Sinclair $63 Million, According To Its 4Q Report

Ofcom Set to Crack Down on Phone Fraud

Official website of Russian Parliament, MoD and Kremlin go offline

One-Size-Fits-All Solutions Fail to Keep Pace With Rising Payments Fraud

OpenSea activity plummets almost by 20% following phishing attack

Phishing Attack on NFT Marketplace OpenSea Results in Thefts From 17 Accounts; Victims Tricked Into Signing Malicious Payloads

Phishing scam hits Northern Illinois University (NIU) email server

Ransomware 2021 - the year and trends in review

Ransomware Attack: Ireland's Cleanup Costs Hit $48 Million

Ransomware attacks are levelling up extortion tactics

Ransomware is top attack vector on critical infrastructure

Ransomware is top cyberattack type, as manufacturing gets hit hardest

Ransomware may have been a decoy to launch new wiper malware seen in Ukraine cyberattacks

Ransomware trained on manufacturing firms led cyberattacks in industrial sector

Ransomware used as decoy in data-wiping attacks on Ukraine

Ransomware wreaked havoc last year, manufacturing was most targeted

Researchers link Dridex botnet to emergent Entropy ransomware

Russia could use cryptocurrency to blunt the force of US sanctions

Russia invasion sparks cyber warfare concerns

Russia is using an onslaught of cyber attacks to undermine Ukraine’s defence capabilities

Russia Ukraine crisis: Ukraine computers hit by data-wiping software

Security organisations form Nonprofit Cyber coalition

Security Vulnerabilities Found in WordPress Plugin & Select Apple Devices

Singapore: 900 cases of phishing scams since January; some culprits posing as police

SockDetour backdoor used in attacks on defense contractors, says Unit 42

Spotting red flags: How investors can trade cryptocurrency and NFTs safely

State Bank of India (SBI) customers alert! Here's what to do if you have accidentally revealed password or PIN

The Error of Overlooking Human Error in Data Breaches

The Harsh Truths of Cybersecurity in 2022

This new ransomware has been spotted in two very different attacks, say researchers

TrickBot Gang Likely Shifting Operations to Switch to New Malware

U.S., U.K. Agencies Warn of New Russian Botnet Built from Hacked Firewall Devices

UAE's largest school group Gems reports cyber-attack; investigation launched

Ukraine Attacked with Wiper Malware

Ukraine crisis: 'Wiper' discovered in latest cyber-attacks

Ukraine hit by more cyberattacks, destructive malware

Ukraine invasion: How a digital cold war with Russia threatens the IT industry

Ukrainian government and banks affected by cyberattacks

Ukrainian Websites Struck by Cyber Attacks as Russia Launches Invasion

US and UK expose new malware used by MuddyWater hackers

US and UK Warn of VPNFilter Successor “Cyclops Blink”

US defense contractors hit by stealthy SockDetour Windows backdoor

Vishing Makes Phishing Campaigns Three-Times More Successful

Want to boost your cybersecurity? Here are 10 steps to improve your defences now

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Twitter Account Hacked

What is a cyber attack, is Russia using them and have they ever been used against the UK?

What is Phishing? How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Scams?

White House Denies Mulling Massive Cyberattacks Against Russia

Your Phone Carrier Is Selling Your Personal Data. Here's How To Tell It to Stop

Zenly Social-Media App Bugs Allow Account Takeover

23rd February

5 Held in Ukraine Over Phishing Scam With 70,000 Victims

76% of Organizations Faced Ransomware Attacks in 2021

Amazon, DHL, and DocuSign most imitated brands in phishing emails

Analyzing Retirement Industry Cybersecurity Risks and Best Practices

Asustor warns users of Deadbolt ransomware attacks

Automakers Need to Lock Their Doors Against Ransomware

Backups ‘no longer effective’ for stopping ransomware attacks

Banking officials say cyberattacks likely, but assure your money is safe

BEC-as-a-Service Campaigns Drive Surge in Email Fraud

Behind the Curtain: Inside a Ransomware Attack with a “John Doe” CIO

Chinese Experts Uncover Details of Equation Group's Bvp47 Covert Hacking Tool

Cloud Storage Leaks Grew by 150% in 2021, New CybelAngel Report Reveals

Companies warned to boost cyber defence in wake of Ukraine crisis escalation

Cookware giant Meyer says cyberattack caused leak of employee SSNs, immigration status

Creaky Old WannaCry, GandCrab Top the Ransomware Scene

Cyber can now create biowarfare effects, without a bioweapon

Cyber-attacks and force majeure

Cybercriminals hit malware authors with malicious NPM packages

Cybersecurity for the Increasingly Connected Ship

Data Breach Alert: Logan Health Medical Center

Data Breach Alert: Pekin Insurance

Don't overlook the security risk posed by QR codes

Dridex Malware Deploying Entropy Ransomware on Hacked Computers

Dridex Malware Spreads Entropy Ransomware In Recent Cyberattacks

Entropy ransomware linked to Dridex malware downloader

EU Deploys Cyber Response Unit to Ukraine

Everything as a Service: Cybersecurity risks of outsourcing

Ex-Crypto CEO accused of 2016’s $11 billion Ethereum DAO hack

Expeditors battles to recover systems after possible 'ransomware' cyber-attack

Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Americans report losing over $5.8 billion to fraud in 2021

Financial Institutions Need To Keep Up With The Changing Business Of Ransomware

FortiGuard Labs Reports Ransomware Not Slowing; Continues to be Relentless and More Destructive

Hackers are aiming at this 'easy target'. Here's how to protect yourself

Hackers tried to shatter the spine of global supply chains in 2021

HHS Threat Brief: Electronic Health Records

How Criminals Monetize Ransomware

How Do Cybercriminals Use Cryptocurrency?

How to Prepare as Russia-Ukraine Situation Escalates

If the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) of Spain asks you in an SMS or an email to update your bank account, do not bite: it is a phishing to steal you

Is Ransomware Protection Even Plausible? Here’s What the Experts Say

Jawaharlal Nehru Port chalks out alternate arrangements after self-run terminal was hit by ransomware

Jersey children's services inquiry into online data breaches

LockBit, Conti most active ransomware targeting industrial sector

Malware authors target rivals with malicious npm packages

Massachusetts town loses $100,000 in phishing scam

Meyer suffers cyberattack by Conti ransomware

Microsoft Teams is the new frontier for phishing attacks

Million Dollar NFT Heist Stark Reminder of Risks

Moline receives nearly $405,000 after falling victim to phishing scam

Morley Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Data Breach

Move to cloud allowing companies to recover from ransomware

NCSC Issues First-Ever Cybersecurity Guidance for the Construction Industry

Network hackers focus on selling high-value targets in the U.S.

New study reveals the most expensive academic data breaches

New Wiper Malware Targeting Ukraine Amid Russia's Military Operation

New Xenomorph Android malware targets more than 50 banking and financial applications

Nigerian hacker pleads guilty to stealing payroll deposits

NSA-linked Bvp47 Linux backdoor widely undetected for 10 years

Officials Warn of Increased Cyberattack Threat From Russia-Backed Hackers

Oklahoma Cops Say Rape Victims' Data May Have Been Leaked

Phishing Attacks Grew 28% Across 2021

Ransomware Attacks Becoming More “Professional,” Report Warns

Ransomware hackers are now going after supply chain companies

Ransomware impacts 80 percent of enterprises

Reducing the Impact of Human Error in Financial Services

REvil dominated ransomware activity in 2021

Russian ransomware attacks are on the rise - here’s how to protect your business from cyber-attacks

Samsung Shattered Encryption on 100M Phones

Second data wiper attack hits Ukraine computer networks

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Proposes New Cybersecurity Rules for SEC Registered Advisers and Funds

Security warning: Hackers are using this new malware to target firewall appliances

Sextortion Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Shufti Pro Warns About Phishing in 2021 Fraud Report

The Top 6 Methods Hackers Use to Steal Your Passwords

These new hacking groups are striking industrial, operational tech targets

Town of Tewksbury swindled out of more than $100K in phishing scam from fraudulent email with copycat posing as regular vendor

U.S. Cyber Agency, Others Warn Ukraine Crisis Could Lead to More Cyberattacks

UK energy companies the top target for cybercriminals as fuel prices soar

UK firms most likely to pay ransomware hackers

UK should be ‘psychologically resilient’ about cyber attack risk

Ukrainian Cops Bust Prolific Phishing Group

Ukrainian government sites disrupted by DDoS, wiper malware discovered

US officials tell businesses to watch for potential ransomware attacks after Biden announces Russia sanctions

US Receives Ransomware Warning

US, UK link new Cyclops Blink malware to Russian state hackers

Why the status of IT security is changing within Australian businesses

Worried about online safety? A few simple ways to avoid phishing scams

22nd February

4 Actions to Improve DDoS Protection

9-Year-Old Unpatched Email Hacking Bug Uncovered in Horde Webmail Software

25 Malicious JavaScript Libraries Distributed via Official NPM Package Repository

50% of sites vulnerable in 2021

80% of critical organisations suffer ransomware attacks

91% of UK Organizations Compromised by an Email Phishing Attack in 2021

2021 mobile malware evolution: Fewer attacks, escalating dangers

Almost 100,000 new mobile banking Trojan strains detected in 2021

Asustor NAS devices hit by Deadbolt ransomware attack

Asustor network storage devices are being hit by a nasty ransomware attack

Billion-dollar logistics giant Expeditors struggling to recover from cyberattack

Carpet bombing DDoS attacks spiralled in 2021

Chinese Hackers Target Taiwan's Financial Trading Sector with Supply Chain Attack

Combatting ransomware means starting at the end

Cookware Distribution Giant Meyer Discloses Data Breach

Cyber attack hits state-owned terminal at India’s JNPT

Cyber-Attack on Expeditors International

Cyberattack Hits Global Operations of Logistics Giant Expeditors International

Cyberattackers Cook Up Employee Personal Data Heist for Meyer

Cybercrime Moves: Conti Ransomware Absorbs TrickBot Malware

Cybersecurity Challenges Streaming Providers Face

Data Breach Alert: Manhattan School of Music

Data Protection Report: Most Orgs Suffered Ransomware Outage

Deep-Sea Phishing: How to defend against attacks

Devious phishing method bypasses MFA using remote access software

DNA contractor data breach exposed Oklahoma City Police’s rape kit information

Employees are often using devices in seriously risky ways

Gaming, Banking Trojans Dominate Mobile Malware Scene

Hackers Stole $1.7 Million Worth of NFTs from Users of OpenSea Marketplace

Hidden Costs of a Data Breach

How much can you trust your printer?

How to Build an Autonomic Security Operations Center (SOC)

How to protect backups from ransomware

Hyper-Growth Linked to Higher Hacking Risk

January 2022 Healthcare Data Breach Report

Kids luxury clothing store Melijoe exposed 200GB of customers’ data

Meyer Breach Impacts US Employees' Personal Information

Meyer hit by ransomware attack, thousands of employees affected

Missouri Governor’s Office Responsible for Teacher Data Leak

More than 80% of UK businesses paid ransomware demands in 2021

Nearly 80% of organizations saw an email-based ransomware attack in 2021

News Corp’s software supply chain attack proves the need for enhanced security posture

One in Seven Ransomware Attacks on Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Systems Expose Sensitive OT Information

OpenSea Phisher Stole $2m Worth of NFTs

Police bust phishing group that used 40 sites to steal credit cards

Ransomware attack hits Nhava Sheva container terminal

Ransomware Attacks Are Growing. We Need New Defences

Ransomware attacks saw a huge rise in 2021

Ransomware Group Tactics in 2022

Ransomware victims are paying up. But then the gangs are coming back for more

Sea Mar Accused of Negligence Over Data Breach

Security Tips For Trading Cryptocurrency Online

Smishing meaning: what is SMS phishing, how to spot fraudulent texts, energy bill text message scam explained

The IoT Makes Life and Work Easier; What That Means for Cybersecurity

The state of OT and IoT cybersecurity in North America

To shift to data-driven security decision making: Start with the right data

UK customers of Monzo hit by SMS-based phishing attack

UK Defense Secretary Warns Russia of Offensive Cyber Capabilities

UK organisations swift to chide phishing victims

Veeam Data Protection Trends: Assume you will be breached

Vulnerable Microsoft SQL Servers targeted with Cobalt Strike

What do consumers really think about privacy?

What Do Secure Email Gateways and Olympic Judges Have in Common?

What Is Information Security Management?

Why Account Takeover (ATO) Attacks Are Attacks on Your Customers

Why DDoS is still a major attack vector and how to protect against it

Why Multi-Factor Authentication Isn't Enough To Secure Enterprises

Xenomorph Malware Burrows into Google Play Users, No Facehugger Required

21st February

4 Tips To Ensure Sensitive Data is Stored Securely

4 ways to protect your hospital against a cyberattack

6 security risks of electronic scooters

7 of the 13 people arrested in connection with OCBC phishing scam charged

7 youths aged 19 to 22 charged over recent OCBC phishing scams; 6 others under probe

13 arrested, 7 charged in connection with OCBC phishing scams

41% in India blame telecom or banking service providers for personal data breach

83% of employees continue accessing old employer’s accounts

464 Australian data breaches reported to the OAIC in latter half of 2021

A Free Solution to Protect Your Business from 6 Biggest Cyber Threats in 2022

A Key Initiative in 2022 is Improving Threat Detection and Response

Absa warns individual customers of personal data stolen in late 2020

Are Blockchain and Web 3.0 under cyberattack?

Are VPNs really safe? How to check your service's security

Banking World Rocked After Leak Exposes 18,000 Credit Suisse Accounts

CISA publishes guide with free cybersecurity tools, resources for incident response

CISA Publishes List of Free Cybersecurity Tools and Services

Conti Ransomware 'Acquires' TrickBot as It Thrives Amid Crackdowns

Cookware giant Meyer discloses cyberattack that impacted employees

Crypto Ransomware Payment Size Up Almost 5 Times, Finds Report

Cyberattacks on oil surge as hackers target commodities

Cybercriminals Have yet to Exploit Russia-Ukraine Tensions

Cybercriminals laundered $8.6bn cryptocurrency, says report

Cybersecurity Concerns Appraisers Should Know

Data Breach Alert: GA West & Co., Inc

Data leak at Credit Suisse unmasks global corruption and crime

Deadbolt Ransomware Attacks Target ASUStor NAS

Digital Ad Fraud Set to Hit $68bn in 2022

ENISA and CERT-EU publish set of cybersecurity best practices for public and private organizations

European Financial Services Providers, Banks Embrace Biometric Authentication

Expeditors shuts down global operations after likely ransomware attack

FBI: Now scammers are using fake video meetings to steal your money

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