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Monday 25 March 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 13 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 25th March and 31st March 2024.

31st March (World Backup Day)

A massive AT&T data breach affected 73 million customers

AT&T: Info From 73 Million Accounts Hijacked in Data Breach

AT&T confirmed that a data breach impacted 73 million customers

AT&T customers warned of possible data breach involving Social Security numbers in company’s latest crisis this year

AT&T Data Breach: Millions of customer’s information leaked on dark web

AT&T data breach: Millions of customers caught up in major dark web leak

AT&T data breach affects 73 million current, former customers

AT&T Data Breach Exposes Millions' Customer Data: Addresses, Social Security Numbers, Passcodes Compromised

AT&T Data Breach Exposes Personal Info of 73 Million Users

AT&T Data Breach Shakes Up Cybersecurity Landscape

AT&T Faces Data Breach Affecting 73 Million Customers

AT&T Finally Confirms Data Breach And Resets Passcodes Of Millions Of Customers

AT&T Initiates Passcode Resets After Data Breach Impacting 73M Users

AT&T Investigates Massive Data Breach Affecting Over 70 Million Customers

AT&T Investigating Potential Data Breach

AT&T Investigating Potential Data Breach Impacting More Than 70M Past And Current Customers

AT&T Launches Investigation into Data Breach Affecting 73 Million Customers

AT&T Massive Data Breach - 73 Million Current And Former Account Holders Leaked On The Dark Web

AT&T notifies customers of massive data breach. Here’s what to know

AT&T personal data breach: What to do if you are a customer

AT&T Probes Cyber Security Incident After Data Breach

AT&T says a data breach leaked millions of customers' information online. Were you affected?

AT&T Suffers Another Major Data Breach Compromising the Data of 73 Million Users

AT&T suffers major data breach, 73 million customers affected

AT&T Suffers Major Data Breach, Resets Millions Of Passcodes

Beware of MFA bombing: A new phishing scam targeting Apple users

Data from 73 Million AT&T Accounts Leaked: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

DinodasRAT malware targets Linux servers in espionage campaign

Hacker attack on Activision users detected

Is your small business at risk of a cyberattack?

Massive data breach leaks info of millions on dark web

Millions of customers' data found on dark web in latest AT&T data breach

More Details About The New iPhone Phishing Scam

One Out of Six Phishing Email Attachments Get Opened, New Report Reveals

Password leak: AT&T resets access codes for millions of customers after data breach

Prisma Finance Hacker Apologizes After Breach

Prisma Finance Hacker Continues On-Chain Tirade Following $11 Million Heist

Scotland: Law firm suffers cyber attack

Tax scam alert: From fake refunds to AI phishing attacks, hackers are cashing in

US telecoms firm AT&T notifying millions of customers over data breach

What is Privacy - Importance, Challenges & Solutions in Cybersecurity

World Backup Day: Protecting data from ever-evolving ransomware

30th March

73 Million AT&T customers personal data posted on the dark web, company says

AT&T confirms 73 million customers’ data breach, here’s what you need to know

AT&T confirms data breach affecting more than 70 million customers

AT&T confirms data breach and resets millions of customer passcodes

AT&T confirms data for 73 million customers leaked on hacker forum

AT&T data breach exposes 73 million current, former accounts on dark web, company says

AT&T Data Breach Leads to Passcode Reset for Millions: What You Need to Know

AT&T Investigating Data Breach Leading to Customer Information Leak on Dark Web

AT&T notifies users of data breach and resets millions of passcodes

AT&T says data breach has impacted millions of customers

AT&T Says Data on 73 Million Customers Leaked on Dark Web

Blockchain in Identity Management: Securing Personal Data and Identities

Hacker’s Bold Demand to Prisma Finance: Apologize and Upgrade

Hackers Target macOS Users with Malicious Ads Spreading Stealer Malware

India: Ransomware attack hits Bengaluru firm, criminals demand $80,000

Israeli LGBTQ App Atraf Faces Data Leak, 700,000 Users Affected

Millions of customers' data found on dark web in latest AT&T data breach

Prisma Finance Hacked; Hacker Demands Apology and Offers to Return $11M

Rise of non-tech hackers: new era of cyber threats

University of Winnipeg reschedules exams to mid-April following cyber attack

Urgent: Secret Backdoor Found in XZ Utils Library, Impacts Major Linux Distros

Vultur banking malware for Android poses as McAfee Security app

29th March

Activision: Enable 2FA to secure accounts recently stolen by malware

Advanced cybersecurity strategies boost shareholder returns

AI abuse and misinformation campaigns threaten financial institutions

AI bolsters security response times

Almost 2.9M impacted by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care breach

A(nother) Ransomware Saga with a Twist

Apple sues former employee for revealing sensitive information to journalists

Beware! Backdoor found in XZ utilities used by many Linux distros (CVE-2024-3094)

Bittersweet: Charlotte honey bun maker hit with ransomware attack

British nuclear site Sellafield to be prosecuted for cybersecurity failures

Cherry Health Data Breach Affects an Unknown Number of Patients

CISA Launches New Cyber Incident Reporting Rules for US Defense Contractors

Corrections officer guilty of $600K crypto pension scheme

Cyber attack continues to cripple hospitals, doctors, pharmacies in New Hampshire and nationally

Cyberattack strikes Hot Topic retail chain again

Cyberattacks can be devastating; Here’s how AI could make them worse

Cybercriminals selling new tool weaponizing Raspberry Pi

Darcula phishing: iPhone users targeted via iMessage

‘Darcula’ Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) Campaign Sinks Fangs into Victims

Dormakaba Locks Used in Millions of Hotel Rooms Could Be Cracked in Seconds

‘Elaborate Phishing Attack’ Uses a Deluge of Password Reset Prompts to Hijack Apple Accounts

Hacker stole over $65 million from crypto game

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Increases Ransomware Victim Count to 2.86 Million

Harvard Pilgrim says 2023 data security incident impacted close to 2.9 million individuals

How much does cloud-based identity expand your attack surface?

How Public-Private Collaborations Can Fight Ransomware

How To Protect iPhones From Phishing Attacks

INC ransomware group claims attack on NHS Dumfries and Galloway, threatens to leak 3TB worth stolen files

Industrial Enterprise Operational Technology Under Threat From Cyberattacks

iPhone Users Targeted in Sophisticated New Phishing Attacks

Is the Human Factor Overlooked in Cybersecurity?

Kaspersky detects 500k phishing attempts on Southeast Asia (SEA) businesses

Leicester City Council says most of its services back online following cyber attack

Lessons From the LockBit Takedown

LockBit Hacker Sentenced To 4 Years Jail Plus Fined $860K

Lubbock hospital confirms data breach, here's what was compromised, how to get help

Malicious backdoor code embedded in popular Linux tool, CISA and Red Hat warn

More Than 70 Million Customers’ Names and Social Security Numbers Ended Up Online in Apparent AT&T Data Breach

New Linux Bug Could Lead to User Password Leaks and Clipboard Hijacking

New phishing attack targets iPhone users

New, sophisticated phishing-as-a-service platform discovered

Nigeria: Data breach - National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) agents to face more scrutiny, says Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC)

Nigeria: Data breach - National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) bars agents from name, details modification

Nigeria: Data breach - National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) restricts licensed agents’ access to National Identification Number (NIN) database

Nigeria: National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Restricts Access to National Identification Number (NIN) Database Amid Data Breach Concerns

Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) Calls For National Identification Number (NIN) Vigilance Amid Data Breach Probe

Polycab, Motilal Oswal, Bira91 among latest companies to be hit by ransomware attacks

Prisma Finance $11.6M hacker claims it was a ‘whitehat rescue’

Prisma Finance crypto theft caps strange week of platform breaches

Prisma Finance Hacked For $11.6M; Hacker Claims Whitehat Rescue

Prisma Finance Hacker Claims $11.6 Million ‘Whitehat Rescue’

Prisma Finance Hacker Claims ‘Whitehat Rescue’ After $11.6 Million Exploit

Prisma Finance hacker claims “Whitehat Rescue” and seeks fund return

Prisma Finance Hacker Moves Funds to Tornado Cash

Prisma Finance hacker sends $6.5m in ETH to Tornado Cash

Prisma Finance Hacker Wants Fund Return Following “Whitehat Rescue”

Prisma Finance’s Hacker Emerges as a White Hat with losses reaching $11.6 Million

Prisma hacker-linked wallets move funds to Tornado Cash post $11 million heist

PyPI Halts Sign-Ups Amid Surge of Malicious Package Uploads Targeting Developers

Ransomware attacks rise by 46% in February 2024

Ransomware gang leaks stolen Scottish healthcare patient data in extortion bid

Red Hat warns of backdoor in XZ tools used by most Linux distros

Risas Dental & Braces Notifies Patients of July 2023 Data Breach

State Department offers $10M reward for info on BlackCat

TheMoon Botnet Resurfaces, Exploiting End-of-Life (EoL) Devices to Power Criminal Proxy

TheMoon Malware Returns: 6,000 Asus Routers Hacked in 72 Hours

UnitedHealth Group Confirms Data Stolen in Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack

WANTED: BlackCat Ransomware Group Draws $10 Million Reward Offer

Watch Out for This New iPhone Phishing Attack

28th March

4 Essential Facts on BlackCat Ransomware for Healthcare Protection

$10 million reward offered for information on hacker group

17 Billion Personal Records Exposed in Data Breaches in 2023

73 Million AT&T customers’ data leaked online

Affinity Health Services Announces Data Breach Affecting Employees and Patients

AI weaponization becomes a hot topic on underground forums

Alamo Insurance Provides Notice of Data Breach Following Compromised Employee Email Account

Apple users targeted by sophisticated phishing scam

CISA Unveils Landmark Rule to Enhance National Cybersecurity Resilience

CISA Urges Patching Microsoft SharePoint Vulnerability (CVE-2023-24955)

Cisco warns of password-spraying attacks targeting VPN services

Classes Resume at University of Winnipeg Following Recovery from Cyberattack

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Files Notice of Data Breach with Federal Government

Cybercriminals use cheap and simple infostealers to exfiltrate data

Cybersecurity Infrastructure Investment Crashes and Burns Without Governance

Darcula Phishing Network Leveraging RCS and iMessage to Evade Detection

‘Darcula’ phishing platform targets postal organizations worldwide

Darcula phishing service targets iPhone users through iMessage - how to stay safe

Decade-old Linux ‘wall’ bug helps make fake SUDO prompts, steal passwords

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) issues warning to users of online coaching platform following data breach

Enterprises increasingly block AI transactions over security concerns

Finland Blames Chinese Hacking Group APT31 for Parliament Cyber Attack

Hacker Steals Over $65,200,000 From Crypto Game Built on Blast Blockchain - Then Returns Everything

Half of British SMEs Have Lost Data in Past Five Years

Harvard Pilgrim health network updates data breach total to nearly 2.9 million

High Wycombe Cressex Community School hit by cyber attack

Houser LLP says May data breach impacted close to 700,000 individuals

Hundreds of Clusters Attacked Due to Unpatched Flaw in Ray AI Framework

Huntsville confirms ransomware attack, unclear if personal data accessed

Linux Version of DinodasRAT Spotted in Cyber Attacks Across Several Countries

Millions of WordPress Sites at Risk Due to Essential Addons for Elementor Vulnerability

New iMessage Phishing Campaign Targets Postal Service Users Globally

New ZenHammer Attack Bypasses RowHammer Defenses on AMD CPUs

Newport Group Notifies Barings LLC Clients of Vendor Data Breach at Infosys McCamish Systems

NHS health board confirms ransomware attack

NHS Scotland confirms ransomware attackers leaked patients’ data

NHS Scotland Faces Data Breach in Alleged Cyberattack

Patch actively exploited Microsoft SharePoint bug, CISA orders federal agencies (CVE-2023-24955)

Pentagon lays out strategy to improve defense industrial base cybersecurity

Popular new-age spirituality platform leaks its followers' data

Popular PyPI site for developers temporarily blocks functions due to malware campaign

Prisma Finance hit by hacker attack, over $11.6 million lost

PyPI Suspends New Projects and Users Due to Malicious Packages

PyPI suspends new user registration to block malware campaign

Ransomware: The biggest threat to operations

Retail chain Hot Topic hit by new credential stuffing attacks

Russian researchers say espionage operation using WinRAR bug is linked to Ukraine

Scotland: Calls to Incident Response Helpline Double in a Year

Security Experts Issue Warning As New ‘Darcula’ Phishing Service Targets iOS And Android Users

Spyware vendors outpace state-sponsored actors in zero-day exploits

The Big Issue says Qilin ransomware attack didn't impact publication and distribution business

The Comeback of WarzoneRAT: Analyzing the Latest Multi-Stage Attacks

The Munchables project was robbed by a hacker. After one day, there was a surprising twist

There's a new scam targeting iPhone owners with a barrage of notifications

This new phishing attack targets iPhone and Android alike via Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Thread Hijacking: Phishes That Prey on Your Curiosity

Town of Huntsville confirms it was hit by ransomware attack

Trove of UK Student Records Exposed in School Software Server Leak

U.S. Offers Reward For BlackCat Ransomware Group Intel

UnitedHealth Group Disburses $3.3 Billion to Providers Affected by Change Healthcare Cyberattack

US: Officials offer $10 million reward for info on UnitedHealth hackers

US offers $10M to help catch Change Healthcare hackers

US Treasury Urges Financial Sector to Address AI Cybersecurity Threats

Vietnam’s Third-Largest Broker, VNDirect, Unveils Phased Recovery Plan After Massive Cyberattack

What Is Lateral Movement in Cyber Security, How It Happens, and What to Do In Case of One

What Is Malware, How Does It Work, and How You Can Protect Yourself

White Oak Partners Experiences Data Breach Following “Cybersecurity Incident”

Why Hacker Tactics Are Shifting To Cookie Theft

Zero-Day Attacks Rise, Spyware and China are Dangers

Zero-day exploitation surged in 2023

27th March

92% of IT leaders report cyberattacks are more frequent than last year

17,000+ Microsoft Exchange servers in Germany 'highly vulnerable'

AI framework vulnerability is being used to compromise enterprise servers (CVE-2023-48022)

Alert: New Phishing Attack Delivers Keylogger Disguised as Bank Payment Notice

Apple users face barrage of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) bombing attacks

Attackers leverage weaponized iMessages, new phishing-as-a-service platform

China cyber attack: New Zealand government had to respond, says expert

Chinese APTs Targeted ASEAN During Summit with Espionage Malware

Chinese Hackers Target ASEAN Entities in Espionage Campaign

CISA publishes 447-page draft of cyber incident reporting rule

CISA tags Microsoft SharePoint RCE bug as actively exploited

CISA Warns: Hackers Actively Attacking Microsoft SharePoint Vulnerability

CISA, FBI Push Software Developers to Eliminate SQL Injection Flaws

Classes Resume at University of Winnipeg Following Recovery from Cyber Incident

Cloudflare blocked 3.4 billion unwanted emails last year

Critical infrastructure may be the subject of disruptive cyberattacks

Critical Unpatched Ray AI Platform Vulnerability Exploited for Cryptocurrency Mining

Cyberattack on Vietnam securities broker disrupts stock markets

'Darcula' Phishing-as-a-Service Operation Bleeds Victims Worldwide

European cyber agency shares top ten threats: skill shortage on the rise

Facebook may have exploited user devices to spy on competitors, documents show

Finland joins nations blaming China for hacks

German cyber agency warns 17,000 Microsoft Exchange servers are vulnerable to critical bugs

Google fixes Chrome zero-days exploited at Pwn2Own 2024

Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) Reports Zero-Day Surge and Rise of State Hacker Threats

Hackers Hit Indian Defense, Energy Sectors with Malware Posing as Air Force Invite

INC Ransom threatens to leak 3TB of NHS Scotland stolen data

INC Ransomware Hits NHS Scotland, Threatens Leak of 3TB Patient Data

India's government, energy sector breached in cyber-espionage campaign

Insurer unveils policy covering drivers from connected car hacks and data leaks

Invasion of the infostealers: meet the malware stealing your cookies

KuCoin charged with AML violations that let cybercriminals launder billions

Lawmakers set sights on data minimization as states seek to limit companies from capturing vast amounts of personal info

Microsoft Edge Bug Could Have Allowed Attackers to Silently Install Malicious Extensions

Municipalities in Texas, Georgia see services disrupted following ransomware attacks

New Darcula phishing service targets iPhone users via iMessage

New password reset attack targets Apple device users - what to do if it happens to you

NHS Scotland allegedly had 3TB of data stolen

NHS Scotland Faces Data Breach in Alleged Cyberattack

NHS Trust Confirms Clinical Data Leaked by “Recognized Ransomware Group”

Only 3% of Businesses Resilient Against Modern Cyber Threats

Ransomware as a Service and the Strange Economics of the Dark Web

Rent Go exposes over 160K customer passports, driver’s licenses

Securing the Future: Navigating the Complexities of Cloud Security

Spyware vendors behind 50% of zero-days exploited in 2023

Security Vulnerability in Saflok’s RFID-Based Keycard Locks

Thousands of ASUS routers targeted by cybercriminals

Two Chinese APT Groups Ramp Up Cyber Espionage Against ASEAN Countries

UK Law Enforcers Arrest 400 in Major Fraud Crackdown

What Are Vulnerabilities in Cybersecurity and How Can We Implement a Winning Management Strategy?

What is a ransomware attack? This expert says Tarrant County should’ve seen this coming

What is Scam and How You Can Keep Yourself Safe Using Cybersecurity?

Your smart TV is snooping on you. Here's how to limit the personal data it gathers

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Surged by Over 50% Annually, Says Google

Zero-days exploited in the wild jumped 50% in 2023, fueled by spyware vendors

26th March

6 ways to protect yourself from getting scammed online, by phone, or IRL

67% of businesses sync on-premises passwords to cloud environments

87% of UK Businesses Are Unprepared for Cyberattacks

17,000+ Microsoft Exchange servers in Germany are vulnerable to attack

A new phishing kit is targeting Gmail and Microsoft email accounts - and it can even bypass 2FA

Active adversary dwell time: The good (and bad) news

Agenda Ransomware Propagates to vCenters and ESXi via Custom PowerShell Script

Apps secretly turning devices into proxy network nodes removed from Google Play

'Attack on democracy is unacceptable': UK sanctions Chinese individuals for state-sponsored cyber attack on British MPs

Australia condemns ‘malicious’ cyber attack campaigns by Chinese state-backed hackers

BlueVoyant identifies novel threat actor campaign using fake law firm invoices to launch phishing attacks

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) hack exposes usernames and passwords

ChatGPT Plugin Security Vulnerabilities Exploited By Hackers

China cyber-attacks explained: who is behind the hacking operation against the US and UK?

China hits out at US and UK over cyber hack claims

China targeted New Zealand parliament in cyber attack, spy agency says

CISA Alerts on Active Exploitation of Flaws in Fortinet, Ivanti, and Nice Products

CISA and FBI Urge Renewed Effort to Eliminate SQL Injection Flaws

Complex Supply Chain Attack Targets GitHub Developers

Cyber attack row: Chinese diplomat hauled in for dressing-down at Foreign Office

Cybercriminals can leverage March Madness as bait for attacks

Data breach at Pembina Memorial Hospital

Dis-Chem avoids potential R10-million fine for data breach

Embrace Generative AI for Security, But Use Caution

European Commercial Spyware Company Hit With US Sanctions

Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Exchange Server hack

Finland confirms APT31 hackers behind 2021 parliament breach

Fortinet SSL VPN Exploit Up for Sale on Dark Web

Free VPN apps on Google Play turned Android phones into proxies

Germany warns of 17K vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers exposed online

Giant Tiger customers exposed via third party

Giant Tiger Data Breach: Customers Data Exposed Via Vendor

Hacker mints 1 Billion tokens in $16M Curio smart contract exploit

Hackers demanded $700,000 after attacking Tarrant County appraisal site

Hackers exploit Ray framework flaw to breach servers, hijack resources

How games companies can protect themselves from cyber attacks

How Malware Facilitates Online Financial Fraud and Threatens Corporate Security

How to keep cyber criminals from capitalizing on company culture

Illinois' Henry County takes systems offline following a Medusa ransomware attack

India’s manufacturing industry most targeted for ransomware attacks

Information regulator nails TransUnion for massive data breach in South Africa

‘IntelBroker’ Claims Access to Database Belonging to England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Kaspersky finds surge in financial phishing against businesses in Southeast Asia (SEA)

Lewis & Clark College Provides Notice of March 2023 Data Breach Affecting Students Confidential Information

Los Angeles Department of Mental Health hacked

Malicious NuGet Package Linked to Industrial Espionage Targets Developers

Malware, scams promoted by Google AI-powered search algorithms

Manufacturing sector worst hit by ransomware in India

Minecraft players beware: 14GB of private data posted for free on illicit forum

Monmouth College says 2022 ransomware attack impacted close to 45,000 individuals

New GoFetch Vulnerability in Apple’s M Chips Allows Secret Keys Leak on Compromised Computers

New ShadowRay Campaign Targets Ray AI Framework in Global Attack

New Tycoon 2FA PhaaS kit examined

New Zealand accuses state-backed Chinese hackers of 2021 cyber attack

New Zealand calls out China-backed cyber attack on parliament

New Zealand parliament targeted in China-backed hack in 2021, spy agency says

Novel MuddyWater phishing campaign hits Israel

Only 5% of Boards Have Cybersecurity Expertise, Despite Financial Benefits

Packaging giant Nampak breached by unknown hacker

Palo Alto Networks Report Reveals Alarming Surge in Ransomware Attacks

Panera Bread Hit by Nationwide Outage: Cyberattack Rumors Swirl as Digital Ordering Crashes

Panera Bread network systems reportedly down since Saturday

Pembina County Memorial Hospital to notify those impacted by data breach

Popular open-source AI framework under siege, critical flaw has no patch

Portugal Forces Sam Altman's Worldcoin to Stop Collecting Biometric Data

Privacy consultant convicted of cyberstalking

Rank Math SEO Plugin Flaw Exposes 2M+ Websites to Cyber Attack

Rank Math SEO Plugin Vulnerability Exposes 2 Million WordPress Sites

Ransomware Attackers Demand $700K From Appraisal District

Ransomware gang attacks the Big Issue, a street newspaper supporting the homeless

Ransomware group demands $700,000 from Tarrant Appraisal District

Ransomware hits Florida city

Reinforcement learning is the path forward for AI integration into cybersecurity

Scammers exploit tax season anxiety with AI tools

Shopify plugins leaked data from nearly 2K stores

Sketchy NuGet Package Likely Linked to Industrial Espionage Targets Developers

South African packaging giant hit by data breach

Strengthening Cybersecurity Preparedness for Small Organizations: Lessons from the Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack

Tarrant Appraisal District Targeted by Ransomware Attack, Hackers Demand $700K in Fort Worth

Tech industry’s focus on innovation leaves security behind

The impact of compromised backups on ransomware outcomes

The sneakiest AI scams of 2024: voice cloning, ChatGPT phishing, deepfakes and more

The UK should expect retaliation after rebuking China for cyber-attack

The UK’s Big Issue Group allegedly hacked by Qilin ransomware group

TheMoon malware infects 6,000 ASUS routers in 72 hours for proxy service

Thousands of companies using Ray framework exposed to cyberattacks, researchers say

U.K. attributes 2021 cyberattack to China, raises concerns over electoral data breach

U.S. Charges 7 Chinese Nationals in Major 14-Year Cyber Espionage Operation

UK blames China for "malicious" cyber-attack on voter data

UK counter-eavesdropping agency gets slap on the wrist for eavesdropping

US and UK unveil sanctions against Chinese state-backed hackers over alleged ‘malicious’ attacks

US Sanctions PRC-Linked Chinese Hacker Group APT-31 Who Targeted US Infrastructure

US, UK officials say China cyberespionage campaign hit millions

What Is a Hacker, Why Do They Hack, and How to Prevent Yourself From One?

What Is Ransomware: Types, Targets, Prevention, Detection, & Why Not to Pay Them

WordPress: Critical Flaw Detected in MiniOrange Plugins

Worldwide Agenda Ransomware Wave Targets VMware ESXi Servers

Wyatt Detention Facility reports more people affected by data breach

25th March

8 cybersecurity predictions shaping the future of cyber defense

A new report discusses emerging global threats

After British Tobacco Data Breach, Could This Industry Suffer More Cybersecurity Threats?

Another Headache for Star Entertainment as Customer Data Leaked in Law Firm Hack

APT29 hit German political parties with bogus invites and malware

APT29 Phishing Attack Targets German Political Parties

Australia condemns ‘malicious’ cyber attack campaigns by Chinese state-backed hackers

Beware of New ‘HelloFire’ Ransomware Actor Mimic as a Pentester

Beware of Ozempic phishing scams: top tips from cybersecurity experts

BlackSuit ransomware group claims major attack on California's Select Education Group

Cash management company hit by cyberattack

China accused of targeting millions of UK voters in cyber attack

China cyber attacks a reminder Beijing poses 'constant and sophisticated' threat to western cybersecurity

China linked to cyber attack on UK election watchdog as US and UK retaliate with sanctions

China linked to UK cyber-attacks on voter data

China responsible for two 'malicious' cyber attack campaigns in UK

CISA urges software developers to weed out SQL injection vulnerabilities

City of Jacksonville Beach says ransomware attack impacted about 50,000 people

City of St. Cloud Responds to Ransomware Cyberattack

Department of Justice: Seven Chinese Nationals Charged in Decade-Long Cyber-Attack Scheme

Darknet marketplace ‘Nemesis Market’ brought down by authorities

Discount retailer Giant Tiger says customer data was compromised in third-party breach

DNA testing startup Veritas Genetics acknowledges data breach, fueling privacy concerns

Education organization breach exposes 67K people

Email phishing targets bankrupt crypto firms’ BlockFi, FTX creditors

Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) warns patients of a recent data breach, notifies those who may be impacted

Fake Ozempic Deals on the Rise as Experts Warn of Phishing Scams

‘Far-reaching’ hack stole information from Python developers

Fears China could cyber attack the NHS by exploiting software flaw that saw 'hostile' Beijing-backed actors access personal details of 40 million Brits

Fujitsu’s Business PCs Infected by Malware in a Cyber Attack That Leaked Customer Data

GardaWorld Cash Notifies Consumers of 2023 Data Breach

Giant Tiger customer information compromised in data breach

Google's new AI search results promotes sites pushing malware, scams

Hacker mints 1 billion CGT tokens worth $40 million in Curio ecosystem

Hackers demand $700K in ransomware attack on Tarrant Appraisal District

Hackers demand $700,000 ransom from Tarrant Appraisal District, attorney says

Hackers Hijack GitHub Accounts in Supply Chain Attack Affecting Top-gg and Others

Hackers poison source code from largest Discord bot platform

Hackers spam Indian businesses with financial phishing links

Infamous Hacker Group Targets India’s 2024 Elections, Warns Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government of Cyberattack

International Sting Takes Down Major Dark Web Marketplace “Nemesis Market”

Iran-Linked MuddyWater Deploys Atera for Surveillance in Phishing Attacks

Iranian Hacking Group’s Phishing Campaign Uses Legitimate Software

Key Lesson from Microsoft's Password Spray Hack: Secure Every Account

Kubernetes RCE Vulnerability Allows Remote Code Execution

Leader of ransomware group that attacked Jacksonville Beach threatens more cybercrimes

M&D Capital Premier Billing Notifies Consumers of June 2023 Data Breach

Major Victory Against Cybercrime: Nemesis Market Shut Down by German Authorities

Maryland has issued more than 500 loans due to Change Healthcare cyber attack

Med-Data Settles Data Breach Lawsuit for $7 Million

Millions of Americans caught up in Chinese hacking plot

Nemesis Market disrupted by German police

New GEOBOX Tool Hijacks Raspberry Pi, Lets Hackers Fake Location

New "GoFetch" Vulnerability in Apple M-Series Chips Leaks Secret Encryption Keys

New MFA-bypassing phishing kit targets Microsoft 365, Gmail accounts

New Tycoon 2FA Phishing Kit Raises Cybersecurity Concerns

New ZenHammer memory attack impacts AMD Zen CPUs

Newly detailed ‘Tycoon 2FA’ phishing kit bypasses multifactor authentication

Panera Bread experiencing nationwide IT outage since Saturday

ParaSwap Addresses the Augustus V6 Vulnerability; Revoke V6 Permissions Now!

ParaSwap begins returning crypto after critical smart contract bug

ParaSwap Refunds Users as Augustus V6 Hacker Faces Ultimatum

Pembina County Memorial Hospital to notify people whose information may have been accessed in data breach

Personal info may have been compromised in Newton Public School District data breach

Police Bust Multimillion-Dollar Holiday Fraud Gang

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Notifies Patients of Third-Party Data Breach

Protecting yourself after a data breach: What you need to know

Ransomware 2024: The New Battleground is Your Data, Not Just Your Files

Ransomware attackers demand $700,000 from Tarrant Appraisal District, officials say

Rising ransomware attacks amplify World Backup Day's importance

Russian Cozy Bear Group Targets German Politicians

Russian cyber spies target German politicians in sophisticated phishing attack

Russian cyberspies Cozy Bear target German politicians

Scam alert: Beware of phishing emails that impersonate Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE)

Scammers steal millions from FTX, BlockFi claimants

Scams are becoming more convincing and costly

ScreenConnect, BIG-IP bugs a bonanza for hackers conducting cyberespionage

Separate ransomware attacks reported by Illinois county, college

Seven things every chief executive needs to know in the event of a cyber attack

SNP MP Stewart McDonald among politicians targeted in Chinese cyber-attack

Sophisticated Email Phishing Targets Bankrupt Crypto Firms’ BlockFi, FTX Creditors

St. Cloud hit with ransomware attack Monday; officials say residents' info is safe

St. Cloud most recent in string of Florida cities hit with ransomware

Tarrant County Appraisal District operations disrupted by ransomware attack

The state of ransomware: Faster, smarter, and meaner

Time to examine the anatomy of the British Library ransomware nightmare

U.S., U.K., and New Zealand Accuse China of Cyberattacks Targeting Politicians, Voters

UAE residents urged to stay vigilant amid cyber threats; tips to spot phishing emails

UK: Ministers 'too weak' in response to massive China cyber attack on election watchdog

UK Blames China for 2021 Hack Targeting Millions of Voters' Data

UK Blames China For "Malicious" Cyber-Attack On Voter Data

UK prepares for cybersecurity response amid alleged Chinese cyber attack

UK retaliates with sanctions against China over cyberattack on MPs and voters

UK says China aimed 'malicious cyber targeting' at democratic institutions

UK Says China Responsible for Voter Data Breach

UK will protect itself from ‘increasingly assertive’ China, says Prime Minister

US and UK to accuse China of targeting companies, citizens

US sanctions alleged Chinese state hackers for attacks on critical infrastructure

US sanctions APT31 hackers behind critical infrastructure attacks

US sanctions crypto exchanges used by Russian darknet market, banks

Using AI to Build Cyber Resilience for Critical Infrastructure