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Monday 18 March 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 12 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 18th March and 24th March 2024.

24th March

Alert in Westminster: the Chinese regime launched a cyber attack against several UK parliamentarians

Avem Health Partners Agrees $1.45 Million Settlement to Resolve Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

Email scam nets millions from FTX, BlockFi creditors’ wallets

German Police Seize 'Nemesis Market' in Major International Darknet Raid

Government prepares to officially blame China for 2021 cyber attack that saw personal details of 40million British voters accessed by hackers with top suspects to be added to a new 'blacklist'

Holi Scams Lurk Online: Secure Your Celebrations with These Cyber Safety Tips

How hackers are using generative AI to attack Indian businesses

More than 40 million Brits had personal data 'stolen' by China in huge cyber attack

North Korea-linked Kimsuky Shifts to Compiled HTML Help Files in Ongoing Cyberattacks

Over 100 US and EU orgs targeted in StrelaStealer malware attacks

Phishing and the dangers of QR codes

Ransomware attacks on hospitals highlight need for vigilant cybersecurity

Vans claims cyber crooks didn't run off with its customers' financial info

What is Ethical Hacking - A Complete Guide

23rd March

Air Europa Alerts Customers to Possible Data Breach After Cyber Attack

AT&T denies being data breach source of 70 million people

Giant Tiger warns of cybersecurity breach involving customer information

Henry County experiences cyber attack

How AI-generated deepfakes, phishing attacks may be a threat to 2024 elections

Nations Direct Mortgage latest to fall victim to data breach

Russia's Cozy Bear caught phishing German politicos with phony dinner invites

Russian Hackers Use 'WINELOADER' Malware to Target German Political Parties

Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) to hold emergency meeting Monday to address ransomware attack

Trezor’s X Account Breached via Phishing Attack

What is a Phishing Attack? Definition, Types & How To Protect Yourself

What Is Hacking: The Who, Why, and How, Along with Essential Safety Measures

22nd March

78% of organizations plan to increase ransomware protection

95% of companies face API security problems

403,000 people's personal information taken in MediaWorks cyberattack

Address Linked To $24M Phishing Of Crypto Whale Moves $10M To Tornado Cash

AI is changing cybersecurity and businesses must wake up to the threat

AirDAO (AMB) Token Rallies Over 4% Despite Hack Incident

AirDAO Under Siege: The Aftermath of a Devastating Cyber Attack

Alleged data breach at London hospital: King Charles III’s records unaffected

Apple M-Series Chip Vulnerability Puts Encryption Keys at Risk

AT&T 70 Million User ‘Data Breach’ Record: Experts Set the Record Straight

AT&T won’t say how its customers’ data spilled online

Attackers are targeting financial departments with SmokeLoader malware

AWS Patches Critical 'FlowFixation' Bug in Airflow Service to Prevent Session Hijacking

Canada's City of Hamilton yet to restore online systems following a February ransomware attack

Change Healthcare faces multiple class actions over data breach

China-Linked Group Breaches Networks via Connectwise, F5 Software Flaws

Chinese-backed hacker observed exploiting F5 BIG-IP and ScreenConnect bugs

CISA: Here’s how you can foil DDoS attacks

CISA Issues Advisory on WebAccess/SCADA Vulnerability: SQL Injection Threatens Industrial Control Systems

Crypto scamming intensifies as criminals capitalize on market rally

Cybercriminals clog Indian business networks with financial phishing

Darknet marketplace Nemesis Market seized by German police

Data leak at Editorialist affects thousands of shoppers

Deepfakes, ransomware identified as imminent threats for 2024 in India

Evasive Panda Cyber Attacks: Threat Actor Targets Tibetans

February 2024 Healthcare Data Breach Report

Hacker Behind Phishing Attack on Rocket Pool Transfers $10M to Tornado Cash

Hacker Transfers $10M from 2023 Phishing Attack to Tornado Cash

Here's how a Top Crypto Investor Lost Millions to an Imposter in a Cyber Attack

Hospital groups question HHS about data breach reporting after Change attack

Illinois county government, local college affected by ransomware attacks

India: How Ransomware is Becoming a Major Source of Concern

International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG) warns Air Europa's customers of personal data leak

Is Cozy Bear targeting Western political parties with phishing attacks?

Is Your Crypto Safe? Trezor Addresses Concerns Over Hack, Claims “Sophisticated Phishing Scam”

It’s time to protect yourself from cybercriminals: keep data breaches at bay

Legal woes persist for Blackbaud over data breach

Leicester City Council yet to restore phone lines following a major cyber incident

M-series Macs can leak secrets due to inherent vulnerability

Massive Sign1 Campaign Infects 39,000+ WordPress Sites with Scam Redirects

Mediaworks hack puts 403,000 kiwi's information at risk

Millions of hotel doors vulnerable to attack, researchers find

Mitigating Cyber Attack Risks With a Two-Fold Approach

More data compromised in Air Europa breach

Mozilla fixes two Firefox zero-day bugs exploited at Pwn2Own

Nearly 75,000 financial phishing attempts targeting Indian firms detected last year

New AcidPour Wiper Targeting Linux Devices Spotted in Ukraine

New GoFetch attack on Apple Silicon CPUs can steal crypto keys

New StrelaStealer Phishing Attacks Hit Over 100 Organizations in E.U. and U.S.

Newport Group Notifies MassMutual Clients of Third-Party Data Breach at Infosys McCamish

Nissan Oceania Data Breach Impacts 100,000 Individuals in Australia and New Zealand

Ontario Court, Venmo Invoice & 6400 Subsidy: Top Scams of the Week

Oregon reviewing water infrastructure security following cyber attack warning

Organizations under pressure to modernize their IT infrastructures

Personal data exposed at Air Europa

Petersen Health Care Files for Bankruptcy Following Ransomware Attacks

Petersen Health Care Plunges into Bankruptcy Amid Cyberattack Fallout

Philips Respironics admits to breach

Phishing Attack Hits Trezor Social Media, User Funds Safe

Polycab IT Infrastructure Targeted in Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack on MarineMax yachts claimed by Rhysida gang

Ransomware attacks against companies rise by 27% in 2024

‘Ransomware emerged as top cyber threat in India’ Says Report

Ransomware gang wants 15 bitcoins from ‘world’s largest’ yacht dealer

Ransomware Group Takes Credit for Attack on Boat Dealer MarineMax

Ransomware surges as compliance falters

Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Groups Go Recruiting in Wake of LockBit, BlackCat Takedowns

Rhysida ransomware lays claim on MarineMax compromise

Roku Data Breach: Over 15,000 Affected and Stored Credit Cards Used for Unauthorized Purchases

Russia unleashes dangerous new wiper

Russian Hackers May Have Targeted Ukrainian Telecoms with Upgraded 'AcidPour' Malware

Russian hackers target German political parties with WineLoader malware

Russian Nation-State Hacker Targets German Political Parties

Sandworm-linked group likely knocked down Ukrainian internet providers

Shadow AI is the latest cybersecurity threat you need to prepare for

Sophisticated Phishing Attack Compromises Trezor X Account

Tarrant Appraisal District says a criminal ransomware attack shut down its website

Tarrant Appraisal District says it is victim of ransomware attack following website crash

TeamCity Vulnerability Exploits Leads to Surge in Ransomware Attacks

Thales Data Threat Report Highlights Rise of Ransomware

The Dangers Of LinkedIn: Internal Phishing Scams To Be Aware Of

The human impact of ransomware attacks: how can businesses protect their security professionals?

Thousands of WordPress Websites Hacked with New Sign1 Malware

Trezor Clarifies Security Breach: Phishing Attack Identified as Cause of Compromised X Account

Trezor Explains Account Hack, Claims Your Funds Are Safe After Twitter Phishing Attack

Trezor says phishing, not SIM swap, compromised X account

U.S. Justice Department Sues Apple Over Monopoly and Messaging Security

United Nations (UN) probing 58 alleged crypto heists by North Korea worth $3 billion

UnitedHealth's Change to begin processing $14B in medical claims

US Government Releases New DDoS Attack Guidance for Public Sector

US organizations targeted with emails delivering NetSupport RAT

V12 Software Provides Notice of Data Breach Affecting Hundreds of Thousands

WellNow class action alleges urgent care data breach harmed patients

West Virginia hospital breach exposes sensitive patient data

‘White Hat’ Hacker Offers to Reimburse Users After $4.6 Million Exploit

White-Hat Hacker Exploits Super Sushi Samurai Crypto Game For $4.6M

Why Voice Authentication Should Not Be Used to Secure Critical Assets

21st March

2024 Marks the Most Active February for Ransomware Attacks in Three Years

2024 Thales data threat report ranks ransomware attacks as top threat in India, as compliance failings leave businesses vulnerable to breaches

Adapting Military Solutions to the Corporate Battlefield

Air Europa Warns Customers of Personal Data Leak

AirDAO suffers exploit, hackers transfer stolen funds to MEXC, KuCoin, ChangeNOW

AndroxGh0st Malware Targets Laravel Apps to Steal Cloud Credentials

Anonymous claims hack on Israeli nuclear facility

Anti-scam firm exposes OpenAI API key

Apex Legends Hacker Claims Tournament Breach Was 'Just For Fun'

Apex Legends Hacker Did It ‘Just For Fun’

Apex Legends hacker disrupted the final of a major tournament in the game “for fun” - hacker’s revelation

Apex Legends Hacker Says They Hijacked Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Esports Tournament ‘For Fun’; All You Need To Know

Apex Legends tournament hacker says he did it "for fun"

Apparel giant VF sends out breach letters to millions following 2023 cyberattack

Atlassian Releases Fixes for Over 2 Dozen Flaws, Including Critical Bamboo Bug

Attackers are exploiting JetBrains TeamCity flaw to deliver a variety of malware

Black Kite’s Fifth Annual Third-Party Breach Report Highlights Ripple Effects of Cyber-Ecosystem Breaches

Blast-based game Super Sushi Samurai (SSS) hit with $4.6 million exploit by a possible white hat hacker

Bridging the Gap: Integrating SOCs into Application Security for Enhanced Cyber

California doctors struggle to make payroll 1 month after ransomware attack

Chinese APT Group Compromised at Least 70 Government Organizations in 23 Different Countries

Chinese government hacker exploiting ScreenConnect, F5 bugs to attack defense and government entities

CISA, NSA, Others Outline Security Steps Against Volt Typhoon

Colorado Public Defender Breach May Threaten Personal Data

Colorado Public Defender Struggles to Recover After Ransomware Attack, Data Security in Question

Crypto game exploited for $4.6M, hacker claims to be white-hat

Cyber attack on NHS Dumfries and Galloway leads to short-term change in working practices

Cyber attack on NHS Dumfries and Galloway leads to short-term change in working practices

Cyber security concerns in schools after Scranton cyber attack

Cybercriminals clog Indian business networks with financial phishing

Dolomite Exchange Breach: Hacker Pilfers $1.8M in USD Coin (USDC)

Eagle Bank cancels payment cards over merchant breach

Endpoint Remains the Frontline Against Ransomware

Espionage group expands global phishing campaign

Evasive Sign1 malware campaign infects 39,000 WordPress sites

Exploit released for Fortinet RCE bug used in attacks, patch now

Fake data breaches: Countering the damage

Fake Obituary Sites Send Grievers to Porn and Scareware Pages

Famous Spa GP F1 race comms hijacked by phishing scammers

Florida's Pensacola city says cyber attack disrupted government phone lines, affected online services

Formula 1 Fans Fall Prey to Phishing Scam at Belgian Grand Prix

French Football Federation allegedly breached

Fujitsu Corporate Networks Hit by Malware, Data Breach

GitHub Launches AI-Powered Autofix Tool to Assist Devs in Patching Security Flaws

Grand Prix website hacked to send out phishing emails to F1 fans

Greensboro College Data Breach: 52,000 Affected in Ransomware Attack, Lawsuit Filed

Hacker caught stealing personal information from more than 132K people pleads guilty in federal court

Hacker claims to have disrupted Apex Legends tournament just for fun

Hacker moves $10M from 2023 phishing incident to Tornado Cash

Hacker Pleads Guilty For Stealing 132,000+ Users Data

Hacker Transfers $10M from 2023 Phishing Incident to Tornado Cash

Hackers Found a Way to Open Any of 3 Million Hotel Keycard Locks in Seconds

Hijacked Spa Grand Prix email leveraged in phishing attack

Homeless miss out on properties due to Leicester cyber-attack

How Can We Reduce Threats From the Initial Access Brokers Market?

How To Combat AI-Powered Phishing In An Increasingly Ambiguous Cyber Landscape

Humans aren’t prepared for AI phishing - neither is AI

India: Only 20% of firms have a proper ransomware plan in place, shows study

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Probes Kate Middleton Medical Record Breach

Information watchdog that is investigating Kate 'data breach' case details next steps

Ivanti Releases Urgent Fix for Critical Sentry RCE Vulnerability

Jacksonville Beach and other US municipalities report data breaches following cyberattacks

Johnson Matthey faces third-party data breach, exposing employee records

Kate Middleton: What happens next for the Princess of Wales following alleged data breach?

KDE advises extreme caution after theme wipes Linux user's files

King Charles III’s medical records not compromised after alleged Kate data breach

King Charles' medical files 'not accessed' at London Clinic

King's medical records not accessed during 'data breach' of Princess of Wales's notes at the London Clinic

King’s medical records not accessed in alleged Kate data breach at London Clinic

Layerswap overrides website hack that drained $100K

Layerswap Recovers Domain After Hijack, Restores User Funds After $100,000 Loss

LockBit claims ransomware attack on Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, demands a $4m ransom

LockBit ransomware group to keep hitting hospitals

London Clinic accused of waiting a week to report Princess Kate data breach

Making Sense of Operational Technology Attacks: The Past, Present, and Future

Malware stands out as the fastest-growing threat of 2024

Mediaworks cyber attack: 403,000 people’s personal information at risk of hackers

MediaWorks data hacker has personal details of 400,000 Kiwis

Microsoft Warns of New Tax Returns Phishing Scams Targeting You

Nearly 75K financial phishing attempts targeting Indian firms detected in 2023

Nemesis darknet marketplace raided in Germany-led operation

New gaming token on Blast exploited for $4.6 million - white hat hacker involved

New phishing campaign targets US organizations with NetSupport RAT

North Korean hackers use “nuclear lure” to trick and run new attack

Nurses cautioned on patient confidentiality amid royal data breach

Oak View Group Notifies Current and Former Employees of Data Breach

Over 800 npm Packages Found with Discrepancies, 18 Exploitable to 'Manifest Confusion'

Patient medical records were 'easily available' to doctors and nurses but 'stored securely' at London Clinic, watchdog found - amid probe into Kate Middleton private data 'breach'

Philips Respironics Notifies the HHS-OCR of Data Breach Affecting 457,152 Individuals

Polycab IT infrastructure targeted by ransomware attack, company says core systems and operations not impacted

Polycab shares surge 3% after company claims ransomware attack under control

Polycab targeted by ransomware attack

Polycab targeted by ransomware attack; company says core systems and operations not impacted

Python Snake Info Stealer Spreading Via Facebook Messages

Radiant Logistics Hit by Cyberattack: Canadian Operations Isolated

Ransomware and Malware: Top Cyber Threats in India for 2024

Ransomware attack top threat in India, human error leading cause of breaches

Ransomware attacks jump 73% in February

Ransomware is highest cyber threat in India

Ransomware, Backdoors Deployed in JetBrains Flaw Attacks

Responding to a Third-Party Data Breach: Practical Legal and Compliance Steps

Rhysida ransomware group claims MarineMax yacht dealer attack

Russia Hackers Using TinyTurla-NG to Breach European NGO's Systems

Security Leaders Acknowledge API Security Gaps Despite Looming Threat

Sentry, GitHub Use AI to Help Fixing Coding Errors

South China Athletic Association (SCAA) Suffers Cyberattack: 70,000 Members’ Data Potentially Compromised

SouthState Bank Notifies SEC of Cyberattack, Raising Concerns of Possible Data Breach

Takedowns spark affiliate bidding war among ransomware gangs

Taxpayers Beware: Hackers Unleash Clever Tactics in Latest Cyber Attacks

The AI Advantage: Mitigating the Security Alert Deluge in a Talent-Scarce Landscape

The British Library suffered a cyber attack last year - here’s why it was so impactful

The email phishing scams to look out for in 2024

The Magnet Goblin group is leveraging one-day vulnerabilities

U.S. Sanctions Russians Behind 'Doppelganger' Cyber Influence Campaign

UK council won't say whether two-week 'cyber incident' impacted resident data

UK’s information watchdog launches probe into Kate Middleton's medical data breach

Unpatched Zephyr OS Expose Devices to DoS Attacks via IP Spoofing

Unsaflok flaw can let hackers unlock millions of hotel doors

US: House unanimously passes bill to block data brokers from selling Americans’ info to foreign adversaries

US airlines’ privacy protection practices to get Department of Transportation (DOT) review

US Legislation Targets Data Sharing With Foreign Adversaries

US sanctions two Russians for impersonating media outlets

US Treasury Targets Russian Entities in Cyber Influence Campaign

Vans customers warned of potential fraud after data breach at parent company

Vans Cyberattack: No Financial Info Breached, But Fraud Risk Remains

Vans warns customers of scammers following ALPHV data breach

Why Browser Security Matters More Than You Think

Yacht dealer to the stars attacked by Rhysida ransomware gang

20th March

1% of users are responsible for 88% of data loss events

15% of adults have been targeted by inheritance scams

A new report predicts the threats that will be most prevalent in 2024

A Note of Caution: Data Breach Reports May be Discoverable

AceCryptor malware has surged in Europe, researchers say

AI adoption by hackers pushed financial scams in 2023

Anonymous Sudan claims "massive cyber-attack" on US Department of Justice (DoJ)

APAC Employees Are Choosing Convenience, Speed Over Cyber Security

Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Hacker Says They Did It “Just For Fun” And To Force Respawn To Fix The Vulnerability They Exploited

Apex Legends hacker said he hacked tournament games ‘for fun’

API environments becoming hotspots for exploitation

Are Your Medical Records Safe? Royal Data Breach Raises Privacy Concerns

Biltmore attackers steal user credit card details

Care retailer of Belgian health insurance provider victim of data breach

Catherine, Princess of Wales data breach: Three staff reportedly under investigation

Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack: 4 Lessons for Tech Professionals

Change Healthcare ransomware attack disrupting industry nationwide

CISA Warns Critical Infrastructure Leaders of Volt Typhoon

Closing the False Positives Gap for SOC Efficiency

Crinetics Confirms Cyberattack: Third-Party Experts Engaged, Security Tightened

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals cyberattack under investigation

Critical Infrastructure Alert: CISA Releases Fact Sheet on Volt Typhoon Cyber Threats

Crypto Scams and Ransomware Target Elderly, FBI Warns of Soaring Losses

Cyber ring in Ukraine caught stealing 100 million email, Instagram accounts

Data Breach at Nations Direct Mortgage Exposes 83,000 Individuals

Data leak at Editorialist affects thousands of shoppers

Deep fakes, phishing attacks, misinformation could mislead the electorate

Document publishing sites leveraged in phishing attacks

FBI says crypto scams cost more money than ransomware

'Fluffy Wolf' Spreads Meta Stealer in Corporate Phishing Campaign

Football Australia Experiences Data Breach That Exposes Fans’ Personal Details And Players’ Contracts

Fraud risk for Vans customers after data breach

From Ransomware to Pig Butchering, Visa Report Shows Top Scams Impacting Consumers and Businesses Globally

Fujitsu confirms cyberattack with potential data breach

Growing AceCryptor attacks in Europe

Guardian Breached: Ivanti Vulnerability Exploited to Breach US Cybersecurity Agency CISA

Hacker Exploits Flaw in Dolomite Project, Steals $1.8M in USD Coin (USDC)

Hacker ‘Lifelock’ pleads guilty to computer fraud

Hackers claim to have breached Israeli nuclear facility’s computer network

Hackers Group TOXINBIO Recruiting New Members After Law Enforcement Crackdown

Healthcare Providers Sue UnitedHealth Group Over Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack

Hong Kong privacy watchdog probes data breach at South China Athletic Association

Hospital in alleged Kate data breach says all disciplinary steps will be taken

Hospital to take 'investigatory and disciplinary steps' after staff tried to access Kate's records

How MSPs and Resellers Should Approach Cybersecurity

International freight tech firm isolates Canada operations after cyberattack

International Monetary Fund (IMF) investigating the hacking of 11 internal email accounts, denies suffering a breach

Ivanti fixes critical Standalone Sentry bug reported by NATO

Kate 'data breach' hospital says all disciplinary steps will be taken

Kate hospital privacy breach claims being 'assessed' by watchdog

Kate hospital says any privacy breach would be investigated

Kate Middleton: Hospital releases statement after 'data breach'

Kate Middleton: probe launched after claims staff at The London Clinic breached Princess of Wales' private medical record

Kate Middleton medical data breach: Probe launches against London Clinics where Princess admitted for surgery

Kate Middleton medical data 'breach' update as The London Clinic breaks silence

Kate’s Data Breach Sparks Urgent Call for Enhanced Security Measures

King Charles’ medical records not accessed during ‘data breach’ of Princess Kate’s notes at the London Clinic

London Clinic breaks Kate Middleton silence after alleged data breach by medical staff

London Clinic breaks silence over Kate Middleton medical data breach claims

Medibank data breach linked to 11,000 cybercrimes

Mintlify Confirms Data Breach Through Compromised GitHub Tokens

Mintlify data breach exposes customer GitHub tokens; prompts bug bounty program

NetSupport RAT distributed in novel phishing campaign

New BunnyLoader Malware Variant Surfaces with Modular Attack Features

New Details Emerge: Server Compromise, Not RCE, Behind Apex Legends Hack

New 'Loop DoS' Attack Impacts Hundreds of Thousands of Systems

New ‘Loop DoS’ attack may impact up to 300,000 online systems

New Loop DoS Attack Threatens Hundreds of Thousands of Systems

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Running As Normal After Cyber Attack

Office 365 NetSupport RAT Exploitation: The Evolution of Cyber Threats

Open-source ransomware, RATs deployed on compromised TeamCity servers

Paying the price of political ransomware

Personal data of 70,000 at risk after South China Athletic Association (SCAA) cyber attack

Princess of Wales: Watchdog investigating if hospital delayed data breach report

Privacy probe launched over Kate Middleton’s medical data breach

Private hospital in alleged Kate Middleton data breach says disciplinary steps will be taken

Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) groups increasing efforts to recruit affiliates

Ransomware at Regional One Health Exposes Memphis OB/GYN Patients' Data

Ransomware attack recovery roadmap released by City of Hamilton

Ransomware can hide in the websites you upload files to

Ransomware Recruitment Efforts Following Law Enforcement Disruption

Ransomware surges as compliance falters

Regulatory measures boost cybersecurity industry

Roku data breach impacts 15,000+ customers

Russia-linked hackers use Smokeloader malware to steal funds from Ukrainian enterprises

Scott+Scott Takes Action: Lawsuit Filed Against Change Healthcare After Cyberattack

Scranton School District investigating major ransomware attack that caused a network outage

Spa Grand Prix email account hacked to phish banking info from fans

Study Uncovers 27% Spike in Ransomware; 8% Yield to Demands

Suspected hackers apprehended in Ukraine, guilty plea entered by Lifelock hacker

TeamCity Flaw Leads to Surge in Ransomware, Cryptomining, and RAT Attacks

The Change Healthcare attack points out the real need to modernize healthcare cybersecurity

The False Economy of Deprioritising Security

The most prevalent malware behaviors and techniques

Timeline of the Change Healthcare Attack

Trezor's X account compromised, hacker promotes fake Solana token

Two Russians sanctioned by US for alleged disinformation campaign

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Forms Task Force to Protect Water Systems from Cyberattacks

UK: Kate Middleton hospital says any privacy breach would be investigated

UK Government: 75% of UK Businesses Experienced a Cyber Incident in 2023

UK privacy watchdog launches probe into Kate Middleton’s medical data 'breach'

UK watchdog addressing data breach at hospital where Princess Kate had abdominal surgery

UK watchdog to assess Princess of Wales medical record breach claim

Ukraine Arrests Hackers for Selling 100 Million Email, Instagram Accounts

Ukraine Arrests Trio for Hijacking Over 100 Million Email and Instagram Accounts

Ukraine Hacker Arrested For Selling 100M+ Internet Users Data

Ukrainian Police Arrest Suspected Brute-Force Account Hijackers

Ukrainian police detain cybercriminals trying to sell millions of stolen email and Instagram accounts

UnitedHealth Group: Unable or Unwilling to Disclose Materiality of Cyber Attack?

US officials warn of hackers disrupting the “critical lifeline” of drinking water

Valley Oaks Health Notifies Patients of Recent Data Breach

Vans customers warned of data breach risk

Vans warns customers of fraud risk after data breach

Western security agencies jointly warn of Chinese Volt Typhoon group

Whistleblowing, Fake Attacks And Cyber Swatting: Cyber Extortion Reaches A New Low

White House Calls on States to Boost Cybersecurity in Water Sector

White House Convenes States to Discuss Water Sector Breaches

19th March

A newly uncovered phishing campaign that spreads remote access trojans

A third of web attacks targeted APIs in 2023, threatening the expanding API economy

AI and the automation of spear phishing

Another Microsoft vulnerability is being used to spread malware

APIs Drive the Majority of Internet Traffic and Cybercriminals are Taking Advantage

Center for Creative Leadership announces data breach

China-linked hackers target governments and more in Southeast Asia with new backdoors

CISA shares critical infrastructure defense tips against Chinese hackers

Criminal investigation into Leicester City Council cyber-attack

Criminal investigation under way as effect of Leicester City Council cyber attack continues

Crypto scams more costly to the US than ransomware

Cybercriminals Beta Test New Attack to Bypass AI Security

Data Breach at French Unemployment Agency May Span 20 Years, 43 Million Benefit Recipients

E-Root Marketplace Admin Sentenced to 42 Months for Selling 350K Stolen Credentials

Earth Krahang campaign compromised government servers in 23 countries

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) looking to create water sector cyber task force to reduce risks from Iran, China

Estonia expels Russian diplomat accused of leaking court documents to social media

Famous Indian brands exposed in massive marketing firm data leak

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns scammers are impersonating its employees to steal money

From Deepfakes to Malware: AI's Expanding Role in Cyber Attacks

Fujitsu confirms cyberattack, fears possible data breach

Fujitsu confirms cyberattack, potential data breach sparks concern

Fujitsu confirms data breach after finding malware on systems

Hackers Exploiting Popular Document Publishing Sites for Phishing Attacks

Health board 'running as normal' after cyber attack

How Ivanti’s Vulnerability Led to CISA Breach?

How MFA-Based Phishing Campaigns are Targeting Schools

Humiliation for town hall in southern Spain after losing €450,000 to ‘phishing’ scammers

Keyboard strokes may reveal your password

‘Lifelock’ hacker pleads guilty to extorting medical clinics

Lockbit ‘cyber-terrorist’ sentenced to 4 years in prison

Manchester United in court after HR data breach

MediaWorks Data Breach: 2.5 Million Records Allegedly Exposed, Hackers Demand Ransom

Mintlify Data Breach Leads to Exposure of Customer GitHub Tokens

Misconfigured Firebase instances leaked 19 million plaintext passwords

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Publishes Security Guidance For Cloud-Hosted SCADA

Nations Direct Mortgage Data Breach Impacts 83,000 Individuals

New AcidPour data wiper targets Linux x86 network devices

New Phishing Attack Uses Clever Microsoft Office Trick to Deploy NetSupport RAT

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Faces Cyberattack, Patient Data at Risk

NHS Dumfries and Galloway says hackers stole a significant amount of data from its network

NIST’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD) has encountered a problem

No easy solutions to the ransomware threat despite takedowns

Outsmarting cybercriminal innovation with strategies for enterprise resilience

Pharmaceutical development company investigating cyberattack after LockBit posting

Prolific Chinese Threat Campaign Targets 100+ Victims

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) exploit for critical Fortra FileCatalyst MFT vulnerability released (CVE-2024-25153)

Research Shows IT and Construction Sectors Hardest Hit By Ransomware

Researchers Uncover New “Conversation Overflow” Tactics

Saint Louis University says email data breach impacted over 90,000 staff and students

South China Athletic Association: Hong Kong privacy watchdog probes data breach involving loss of 70,000 members’ personal information

Stanford University Ransomware Attack Exposed PII of 27,000 Individuals

Suspected Russian Data-Wiping 'AcidPour' Malware Targeting Linux x86 Devices

TeamCity Vulnerability Exploits Lead to Jasmin Ransomware, Other Malware Types

Tech Giant Fujitsu Confirms Data Breach After Malware Infects Work Computers

Ukraine arrests hackers trying to sell 100 million stolen accounts

Ultra Intelligence & Communications Notifies Consumers of November 2023 Data Breach

UnitedHealth Group Allocates Over $2 Billion for Change Healthcare Data Breach Fallout

Unverified Claims: Russian Hackers Target US Defense Agency Website

US Defense Dept received 50,000 vulnerability reports since 2016

‘We know they’re on the network,’ CISA official says of nation-state actors infiltrating U.S. critical infrastructure

White House and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warn of hackers breaching water systems

White House cyber official urges UnitedHealth to provide third-party certification of network safety

Your data, their profit: the data brokers you know nothing about

18th March

6 Reasons Your Business Should Have Ransomware Plan

43 million workers potentially affected in France Travail data breach

87% of UK Organizations Vulnerable to Costly Cyber-Attacks

‘Apex Legends’ NA Finals Postponed Amidst Major Hacking Incident

Apex Legends players worried about RCE flaw after Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) hacks

APT28 Hacker Group Targeting Europe, Americas, Asia in Widespread Phishing Scheme

British Library hailed by UK cyber agency for its response to ransomware attack

Cayman Islands: Attempted cyber attack foiled so quickly it ‘left no breadcrumbs’, say government officials

Chinese Earth Krahang hackers breach 70 orgs in 23 countries

CISA Adds JetBrains TeamCity Vulnerability To Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog

Cyber attack hits NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Cyberattack knocks out Pensacola city government phone lines

Dark Web Tool Arms Ransomware Gangs: E-commerce & Aviation Industries Targeted

Data breach at French government unemployment agency affected over 43m people

D#NUT ransomware gang claims Ready or Not dev Void Interactive as a victim

Decreasing ransomware attacks: two strategies to consider

Everything we know so far about the NHS Dumfries and Galloway cyber attack

Fortra Patches Critical RCE Vulnerability in FileCatalyst Transfer Tool

Fujitsu confirms cyberattack with potential data breach

Fujitsu discovers breach, warns of data leak

Fujitsu finds malware on company systems, investigates possible data breach

Fujitsu found malware on IT systems, confirms data breach

Fujitsu hack raises questions, after firm confirms customer data breach

Fujitsu Hacked – Attackers Infected The Company Computers with Malware

Fujitsu Hacked - Attackers Stolen Personal Information

Fujitsu says it discovered malware on ‘multiple work computers’ that may expose customer data

Fujitsu Scrambles After Malware Attack: Customer Data Potentially Breached

Hacker gives out 70 million stolen AT&T user records

Hackers drop RisePro info stealers through GitHub repositories

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