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Monday 11 March 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 11 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 11th March and 17th March 2024.

17th March

Are Law Enforcement Crackdowns Fueling a Ransomware Gang War?

AT&T says leaked data of 70 million people is not from its systems

Bank of Tanzania warns of sharp rise in digital theft

Cyber Threats Escalate Ahead of Global Elections

New acoustic attack determines keystrokes from typing patterns

Scranton School District faces system outages following ransomware attack

South African Post Office warns of rise in phishing scams

StopCrypt Ransomware Utilizing Multi-Stage Shellcodes To Attack Windows

Threat actors leaked 70,000,000+ records allegedly stolen from AT&T

16th March

A major cyberattack has caused a Pittsfield medical practice to run out of money. Staff are continuing to treat patients

Change Healthcare cyber attack: Metro Atlanta therapists suffer financially

Elections in Russia: Putin's party reports having suffered a cyber attack

France Travail data breach impacted 43 Million people

French government ‘weathered 48-hour cyber attack’

Google Chrome To Roll Out Real-Time URL Protection For Malware & Phishing Attack

Hackers Claim Accessing 740GB of Data from Viber Messaging App

Hackers exploit Aiohttp bug to find vulnerable networks

Hackers Using Cracked Software on GitHub to Spread RisePro Info Stealer

Indonesia: Communication Ministry Demands Clarification from Biznet Amid Alleged Data Breach

Is your Roku safe? Massive data breach exposes thousands of accounts

Mediaworks investigating after hacker alleges to have stolen data on 2.4 million people

MSP raises concerns following NHS Dumfries and Galloway cyber attack

Nissan Discloses Massive Data Breach Affecting 100,000 Individuals

Russia: Putin’s bogus elections ‘hit by cyber attack’ as Russians target polling stations across the country

Sadiq Khan’s policing watchdog reprimanded for data breach disclosing details of hundreds of people

Scranton School District in Pennsylvania suffered a ransomware attack

The Future is Now: Enterprises Must Adapt Data Management and Security Strategies for the AI Revolution

Underinvestment In Cybersecurity Fuelling Cyber Attacks In SMEs Sector

15th March

43 Million Possibly Impacted by French Government Agency Data Breach

90% of exposed secrets on GitHub remain active for at least five days

94% of IT Leaders Rely on Immutable Storage for Ransomware Protection

A new version of the most widely-used ransomware today has been spotted - and it's even better at avoiding detection

Admin of major stolen account marketplace gets 42 months in prison

After LockBit’s takedown, its purported leader vows to hack on

Anonymous Sudan DDoS attacks impact Alabama government sites

Bank of America (BofA), Fidelity and TIAA get hit by ransomware attack on Infosys

Bernalillo County Responds To Ransomware Attack

British Library warns ransomware gangs that the British state will not pay ransom

Bug bounties and the case for secure disclosure

Canada: Bandits behind cyber-attack on Barrie health clinics still unknown

Canada: Hamilton refuses to pay hackers 'huge' ransom in wake of cyberattack

Canada: Town of Ponoka’s year-end audit delayed due to data breach

Change Healthcare Cyber Attack: Lessons Learned

Change Healthcare Hack: What You Need to Know

Cyberattacks on Higher Education Rose Dramatically Last Year, Report Shows

Dark Web Intrusion: Indonesian Energy Giant Targeted in Cyber Attack

DarkGPT – AI OSINT Tool to Detect Leaked Databases

Data breach at French unemployment agency exposes 43 million people

Disruption Expected As Cyber attack Hits NHS Dumfries and Galloway

District of North Vancouver victim of ‘attempted’ ransomware attack

Emerging Threat: Rabbit Hole Ransomware Group Unveiled

Encina Wastewater Authority Allegedly Becomes Latest Victim of BlackByte Ransomware

FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Report Highlights Business Email Compromise (BEC), Ransomware

Fidelity Data Breach Impacts More Than 28,000 Customers

Financial services firm WeRize becomes the victim of a data breach

Foreign states, ransomware threaten U.S. ports, says maritime security analyst

Former telecom manager admits to doing SIM swaps for $1,000

From Origins to Double-Extortion: The Evolution of Ransomware Tactics

GhostRace Attack: Major CPU and Software Giants Flaw Let Attackers Steal Passwords

GhostRace - New Data Leak Vulnerability Affects Modern CPUs

Gitgub Campaign Attacking GitHub Users To Steal Login Credentials

Google Chrome gets real-time phishing and malware protection with upgraded Safe Browsing feature

Google Introduces Enhanced Real-Time URL Protection for Chrome Users

Government Websites in 49 Countries at Risk: ‘Hell Paradise’ Claims to Expose Vulnerabilities

Greece: Fallout from data breach scandal escalates

Hacker sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison, pay back $860K

Hackers Abuse Venmo Payment Service to Steal Login Details

Hackers potentially have obtained personal files from NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Hackers Unveiled Notorious Android Brata RAT Tool Features

Hamilton refuses to pay hackers 'huge' ransom in wake of cyberattack

Hamilton says it didn't pay ransom to cyberattackers - but won't say how much was demanded

Health board fears hackers have stolen patient data

Health board hit by cyber attack with ‘significant quantity’ of data at risk

Health Service Executive (HSE) Misconfiguration Exposed Over a Million Irish Citizens’ Vaccine Status

HHS to investigate Change Healthcare's response to a BlackCat ransomware attack

How Can State & Local Governments Fight Ransomware?

Human risk factors remain outside of cybersecurity pros’ control

International Monetary Fund (IMF) says February cyberattack involved compromise of 11 email accounts

International Monetary Fund email accounts hacked in cyberattack

Is your Roku safe? Massive data breach exposes thousands of accounts

Key MITRE ATT&CK techniques used by cyber attackers

Lazarus Group hackers appear to return to Tornado Cash for money laundering

Lockbit Strikes Back After FBI Takedown With New Ransomware Attack Details

London Mayor’s Office reprimanded over data breach

Lurie Children's Hospital begins restoring patient MyChart access after January cybersecurity breach

Malicious Ads Targeting Chinese Users with Fake Notepad++ and VNote Installers

Manchester United in court action after HR data breach

Manchester United sued over HR data breach

Massive Data Breach at France Travail Exposes 43 Million Citizens’ Information

Massive Data Breach Exposes Info of 43 Million French Workers

Moldovan national sentenced in E-Root cybercrime marketplace case

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) vs Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Which Is Best for Your Business?

Multistage RA World Ransomware Exploits Group Policy Infrastructure

Nations Direct Mortgage Notifies Over 83k of Recent Data Breach

NetMind's AI Token Plunges After Hacker Minted $5M+ NMT Tokens

New Malware “BunnyLoader 3.0” Steals Credentials and Crypto

NHS Dumfries and Galloway: Health board hit by cyber attack

NHS Dumfries and Galloway hit by cyber attack with patient and staff data at risk

NHS health board breach may include patient data

NHS health board hit by cyber attack as patients warned of possible disruption

NHS Scotland hit by ‘ongoing’ cyber attack amid fears hackers have stolen patients’ personal data

Nissan Cyberattack: Over 100,000 Customers Notified After December Security Incident

Nissan Oceania to reach 100,000 affected individuals in data breach

NIST National Vulnerability Database Disruption Sees CVE Enrichment on Hold

North American manufacturing subjected to Ande Loader malware compromise

Officers at Kent Police and Dover Harbour Board reprimanded following data breach via WhatsApp and Telegram

Pennsylvania’s Scranton School District dealing with ransomware attack

Phishing attempts increased by 40% in 2023

Pro-Palestinian hackers claim to have hacked Viber

Ransomware attack on Change Healthcare pegged as “most significant” in sector history

Ransomware Strikes District Attorney Offices in New Mexico

Safeguarding Digital Assets: Strategies to Combat Phishing Attacks in the Crypto Space

Scottish health board has been hacked in 'focused and ongoing' cyber attack

Scottish health board target of 'focused and ongoing' cyber attack

Scottish health board targeted in 'focused and ongoing' cyber attack

Scottish health service says ‘focused and ongoing cyber attack’ may disrupt services

Scranton School District computers hacked, infected with ransomware

Sophos reveals ransomware still top cyber threat to small businesses

Stanford University hit by ransomware: 27,000 affected in data breach

Stealthier StopCrypt ransomware emerges

STOP ransomware, more common than LockBit, gains stealthier variant

StopCrypt Ransomware Evolved: Most Widespread Threat Now Avoids Detection

The British Library looks to the future as it reveals the incalculable damage of its ransomware attack

Third-Party ChatGPT Plugins Could Lead to Account Takeovers

Uncovering ShadowSyndicate Group’s Exploitation of Aiohttp Vulnerability

UnitedHealth Group (UHG) Identifies Attack Vector Used in Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack

US moves to recover $2.3 million from "pig butchers" on Binance

Why DDoS Threat Actors Are Shifting Their Tactics

Why UnitedHealth, Change Healthcare were targeted by ransomware hackers, and more cybercrime will hit patients, doctors

Xplain Data Breach Hackers Leaked 65,000 Swiss Government Files

Yacht retailer MarineMax reports a major cyber attack affecting internal systems

14th March

15,000 Hit in Roku Data Leak During Customer Service Update

100,000 affected in Nissan Australia cyber attack

A ransomware stole the data of 27,000 people from Stanford last year

Acer Philippines confirms employee data breach through third-party vendor

AI platforms, messaging apps, social media and crypto platforms most exploited in 2023

AI-Powered Scams, Human Trafficking Fuel Global Cybercrime Surge

Akira’s breach of Nissan impacts 100K people

Alabama Confirms DDoS Attack, Officials Silent on Hacker Identity

Alleged Data Breach: 15,500 Mexican Debit/Credit Cards Sold on Dark Web

Amid paralyzing ransomware attack, feds probe UnitedHealth’s HIPAA compliance

Ande Loader Malware Targets Manufacturing Sector in North America

Another English city, another cyberattack, British government to blame say critics

Are You A Victim Of The Recent Nissan Australia Cyber Attack? Here’s What You Should Do

Bradford-Scott says May data breach compromised the data of over 88k individuals

Businesses leaving their Kubernetes containers exposed to ransomware

CCM Health Notifies Patients of April 2023 Data Breach

Chile: TV company exposes over 100K users

City of Chetek recovers $2.6M stolen in phishing scam

Class suit filed against UnitedHealth Group for ransomware attack

Cyber attack/data breaches hailed as top business risk for firms in India

Cybersecurity skills gap and boardroom blindness invite hacker havoc

DarkGate Malware Exploited Recently Patched Microsoft Flaw in Zero-Day Attack

Data breach, Cyber attack among top risks for businesses in India

FBI 2023 Internet Crime Report: Cybercrime Rose to $12.5 Billion, Record Number of Complaints Logged as Ransomware Roars Back

Federal investigation into Change Healthcare attack commences

Fidelity data breach affects 28,000+ customers

Fortinet Patches Critical Bug in FortiClient EMS

Fortinet Warns of Severe SQLi Vulnerability in FortiClientEMS Software

Four practical applications of phishing-resistant authentication

French Employment Agency Data Breach Could Affect 43 Million People

French unemployment agency data breach impacts 43 million people

Google Paid $10m in Bug Bounties to Security Researchers in 2023

Government Launches Probe Into Change Healthcare Data Breach

HHS investigating ‘unprecedented’ Change Healthcare ransomware attack

India braces against phishing, ransomware surge and alert fatigue, Urging swift adoption of AI, and automation for security operations

Inside the Schneider Electric Ransomware Attack

IT leaders think immutable data storage is an insurance policy against ransomware

It’s a Human Crisis: Fulton County Residents Share Plight After Cyberattack

Kaspersky reports phishing attacks grow by 40 percent in 2023

LockBit admin faces imprisonment, extradition

LockBit Ransomware Hacker Ordered to Pay $860,000 After Guilty Plea in Canada

LockBit ransomware kingpin gets 4 years behind bars

Loophole enables data brokers to bypass GDPR

Lurie Children's Hospital MyChart coming back online after ransomware cyberattack

Malawi recovers 'hijacked' passport system following cyber-attack

Massive cyberattack affects 43 million French workers

Millions in France affected by new data cyber attack

Mitigating Cyber Liability with Smarter Ransomware Recovery

Navigating Application Security in the AI Era

Nearly 100K impacted by Nissan Oceania cyberattack

New Report Suggests Surge in SaaS Assets, Employee Data Sharing

Nissan: About 100,000 people in Australia, New Zealand affected by recent cyberattack

Nissan Confirms Data Breach Affected 100,000 Customers and Employees

Nissan confirms ransomware attack exposed data of 100,000 people

Nissan Data Breach Affects 100,000 Individuals

Nissan Oceania data breach impacted roughly 100,000 people

Nissan to let 100,000 Aussies and Kiwis know their data was stolen in cyberattack

Notorious LockBit affiliate sentenced to 4 years in prison, to fork out $860k

Only 13% of medical devices support endpoint protection agents

Over $2 million in Ethereum stolen in sophisticated phishing scheme

Prince George’s school district says 2023 ransomware attack impacted over 215,000 staff and students

Proof of Concept (PoC) for critical Arcserve UDP vulnerabilities published (CVE-2024-0799, CVE-2024-0800)

Ransomware Hits Hamilton: City Shifts Focus to Recovery

Record breach of French government exposes up to 43 million people's data

RedCurl Cybercrime Group Abuses Windows Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) Tool for Corporate Espionage

Report reveals 13,000 detected and blocked false investment domains

Research uncovers vulnerabilities in ChatGPT plugins

Researchers Detail Kubernetes Vulnerability That Enables Windows Node Takeover

Researchers Find Flaws in OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Gemini

Rhysida ransomware gang claims it sold data from Lurie hospital hack

Security vulnerabilities discovered in ChatGPT plugins, prompting patch rollouts

SIM swappers now stealing phone numbers from eSIMs

Skilled hackers are on the move from LockBit to Akira

Sophos 2024 report reveals top cybersecurity threats to SMBs

Stanford failed to detect fall cyberattack for 4 months

Stanford University Reports Data Breach That Impacted 27,000 Individuals

StopCrypt: Most widely distributed ransomware now evades detection

The Simulator Advantage: Strategies for Effective Phishing Security Testing

Threat Actor Alleges US Cuyahoga Election Data Breach Ahead of 2024 Election

UK: Sadiq Khan's police watchdog reprimanded for 'completely avoidable' data breach

US Government to Investigate Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack

What Roku users need to know following massive data breach

White House Meets with Healthcare Community to Discuss Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack Mitigations

13th March

11,000 cyber incidents linked to Medibank cyber attack discovered by Australian police

Acer employee data stolen in third-party cyber attack

Acer Philippines disclosed a data breach after a third-party vendor hack

Akira ransomware went undetected on Stanford University systems for more than four months

Alabama State Government Websites Face Denial of Service Attack: No Data Breach Reported

Alert: Cybercriminals Deploying VCURMS and STRRAT Trojans via AWS and GitHub

American Express data breach exposes customer names, card numbers, more

Anonymous Sudan Unleashes InfraShutdown: Alabama Government Agencies Targeted

Are Military Cyber Defenses the Next Step for Regulated Industries?

Aussie RSL group falls victim to 8Base ransomware attack

Australia: Impact of Latest Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) Data Breach Report on Victorian agencies and councils

Benefit payments delay as cyber attack could lead to fortnight of disruption for Leicester City Council

Billion-dollar boat seller MarineMax reports cyberattack to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Bitcoin Fog mixer operator convicted for laundering $400 million

Bitcoin Fog operator barred for laundering $400M

British Library opens up over ransomware attack to help others

British Library shares lessons from cyber attack

Canada: Barrie clinics partially crippled by 'cyber-security incident'

Canada jails LockBit affiliate for four years

ChatGPT Plugins Exposed to Critical Vulnerabilities, Risked User Data

ChatGPT plugins prone to threat actors, says study

Class action lawsuits pile up over UnitedHealth data breach

Cloud Account Attacks Surged 16-Fold in 2023

Congress must understand that there’s no patient safety without strong cybersecurity

Crypto Phishing Scams: How Hackers Stole Millions and How to Protect Yourself

Cryptocurrency Phishing Scams: February Sees $47 Million in Losses, Ethereum Hit Hard

Cyber attack on IT company that manages Klagenfurt Wohnen customer data

Data and Credential Theft Malware were Top Two Threats against SMBs in 2023

Data breach at Eastern Radiologists exposes 866,000 patient records

Data Breaches up 72% From Record High: Cyber Incident Readiness Must be Top of Mind

Data leak at Spanish home rental service exposes three million customers

DDoS attacks reach critical levels in 14 seconds

'Denial of Service' attack hits Alabama State Government Offices

Department Of Health Investigating UnitedHealth After ‘Unprecedented’ Cyber Attack

Duty Free Americas claimed by Black Basta ransom group

Duvel and Boulevard Brewing attackers post passports

EquiLend Employees Data Breached After January Ransomware Attack

EquiLend says ransomware attack compromised employees' sensitive personal information

Feds seize $1.4 million of tech support scam proceeds with the help of crypto firm

Fidelity Investments Life Insurance’s Third-Party Breach From Infosys Subsidiary Impacts Nearly 30,000 Customers

Florida Legislature Passes Bill Providing Companies with Immunity from Data Breach Lawsuits

Fortinet warns of critical RCE bug in endpoint management software

Four-year sentence for hacker of LockBit ransomware group

Gerson Lehrman Group Recently Discovers November 2023 Data Breach Leaking 152k Consumers’ SSNs

Google paid out $10 million in bug bounties to security researchers in 2023

Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) data breach: Second time lucky for the hackers?

Hackers Abuse Dropbox In Phishing Attack To Steal Logins

Hackers exploit Windows SmartScreen flaw to drop DarkGate malware

Hamilton shifts from cyberattack response to 'rebuilding'

Healthcare’s Ransomware Epidemic: Why Cyberattacks Hit the Medical Sector With Alarming Frequency

HHS launches probe into UnitedHealth over ransomware attack on subsidiary

HHS to Investigate Change’s Security in Wake of Crippling Cyberattack

HHS to investigate UnitedHealth and ransomware attack on Change Healthcare

HHS Urges Quick ID and Implementation of Solutions to Change Healthcare Ransomware Debacle

How AI helped in a 40% rise in phishing attacks in 2023

Huntsville hit by cyber attack

Huntsville Town Hall has reopened following a cyber attack

Huntsville Town Hall reopens Wednesday, March 13, with limited services after cyber attack

Info of Acer employees reportedly compromised in data breach

Interpol: Criminals Increasingly Use AI, Crypto and Online Scams

Investment Scams Grow, 13,000 Domains Detected in January 2024

JetBrains Blasts Rapid7 Over ‘Reckless’ Vulnerability Leak, Triggering Global Security Firestorm

JetBrains Says Rapid7’s Fast Release of Flaw Details Harmed Users

Kaspersky Finds Up To 40 Percent Increase In Phishing

Key Member Of Lockbit Ransomware Gang Gets Jail Sentence And $860K Fine

Keyloggers, spyware, and stealers dominate SMB malware detections

Latest Report Reveals Ransomware Attack Drains $100 Million Daily from Healthcare Providers

Leading EV Charging Firm Spills Trove of Customer Info in Server Leak

Leicester Council responding to a cyber attack that disrupted phone lines and IT systems

Liverpool Airport Targeted in Alleged Cyberattack by Anonymous Collective Hackers

LockBit administrator sentenced to almost four years in prison after guilty plea

LockBit Affiliate Sentenced to 4 Years in Canada, Faces Extradition

Lockbit Affiliate Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

LockBit Member Mikhail Vasiliev Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

LockBit ransomware affiliate gets four years in jail, to pay $860k

LockBit Ransomware Affiliate Sentenced to Prison in Canada

LockBit Ransomware Resurgence After Law Enforcement Takedown

Malaysia: Department of Personal Data Protection confirms no personal data breach in Maxis cyber attack

Massive data leak in Irish Health Service Executive uncovered

Microsoft Patch Tuesday 2024: Critical Vulnerabilities Addressed in Latest Security Update

Microsoft's March Updates Fix 61 Vulnerabilities, Including Critical Hyper-V Flaws

Multi-Billion Dollar Ransomware Attack Targets Three Giant Corporations

Nearly 13 Million Secrets Spilled Via Public GitHub Repositories

New Phishing Campaign Delivers Remote Access Trojans (RATs)

New Research Exposes Security Risks in ChatGPT Plugins

New wave of phishing: Attackers use Adobe InDesign

Over 15,000 Roku accounts hacked in data breach

Over 15,000 Roku accounts were breached. Here's what you need to do

Patient Data Exposed in Phishing Attack on UC San Diego Health

Phishing Scammers Stole $47 Million From 57,000 Victims in February Alone

Phishing Threats Rise as Malicious Actors Target Messaging Platforms

Phishing, Scams, and Hacks: How to Recognize and Avoid Online Threats

PixPirate Android Banking Trojan Using New Evasion Tactic to Target Brazilian Users

PixPirate Android malware uses new tactic to hide on phones

QNAP systems announces patches for several vulnerabilities

Ransomware attackers claim they sold Lurie Children's Hospital data for $3.4 million on dark web

Ransomware attacks are a growing threat for businesses in Kenya

Ransomware jeopardises Hong Kong logistics and financial services, report finds, amid surge of attacks in 2023

Ransomware Threat Growing for Kenyan Businesses

Ransomware threatens SMBs as attackers steal information

Researchers Highlight Google's Gemini AI Susceptibility to LLM Threats

Roku admits data breach on 15,000 streaming accounts

Roku data breach

Roku Data Breach Exposes Users Credit Card Info & More

Roku faces a data breach with over 15,000 accounts hacked

Roku is reeling from a data breach that exposed user credentials

Roku Suffers Data Breach, Hackers Sell Credentials of Hundreds of 15,000 Stolen Accounts

Russia claims US and 'Western countries' are trying to hack its presidential election

Russian-Swedish national behind $400 million crypto mixer convicted of money laundering

Sharp Increase in Akira Ransomware Attacks Following LockBit Takedown

Single RCE Bug Features Among 60 CVEs in March Patch Tuesday

South Africa: Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) concerned about pension fund data leak in ransomware attack

South African pension fund attack admitted by LockBit

Stanford University announced that 27,000 individuals were impacted in the 2023 ransomware attack

Stanford University Data Breach Impacts 27,000 Individuals

Stanford University Confirms Data Breach, Hackers Access Information of 27,000

Stanford University failed to detect ransomware intruders for 4 months

Stanford University Hack Exposes Over 27K People’s Data

Stanford University ransomware attack impacts 27K

Stanford University says data of thousands was stolen in ransomware attack

Startling revelation in data breach exposing personal data of every South African government employee

Streamer Roku Announces Data Breach of More Than 15,000 Accounts

Streaming TV giant Roku discloses security breach: Over 15,000 accounts hijacked

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) reports data breach affecting thousands in East Texas

The 10 Most Common Website Security Attacks (and How to Protect Yourself)

The effects of law enforcement takedowns on the ransomware landscape

The Growing Threat of Application-Layer DDoS Attacks

Third-party breach impacts Acer Philippines

Thousands of popular TV streaming stick owners warned their accounts were HACKED in major data breach - take action now

Town of Huntsville Confirms Cyberattack, Investigation Launched

Trezor Data Hacker Resurfaces to Capitalize on Bitcoin Boom

'Unprecedented': French Government Hacked in Cyber-Attack Ahead of Summer Olympics in Paris

US government probes if ransomware gang stole Change Healthcare data

US health department opens probe into UnitedHealth hack

What is Cybersecurity? Navigating the Complexities of Digital Protection

What to do if you've been caught in the Nissan Australia cyber attack

Xehook Stealer: Evolution from Cinoshi Project to an Advanced Crypto-Stealing Malware

12th March

Acer confirms Philippines employee data leaked on hacking forum

Agency in charge of US cybersecurity breached

BianLian ransomware crew exploiting bugs in JetBrains’ TeamCity platform

Change Healthcare says it restored affected systems following £18.3m ransom payment allegations

CISA undertakes new efforts to fortify open source ecosystem

Convicted cybercriminal from Bradford, Ontario, sentenced for global ransomware scheme

EquiLend Ransomware Attack Leads to Data Breach

European Commission violates data protection laws when using Microsoft 365

FakeUpdates Malware Campaign Targets WordPress - Millions of Sites at Risk

Financial company leaks user passports

French State Under Siege: Cyberattacks of ‘Unprecedented Intensity’ Reported

Hackers leverage 1-day vulnerabilities to deliver custom Linux malware

How advances in AI are impacting business cybersecurity

Image-based phishing tactics evolve

JetBrains is still mad at Rapid7 for the ransomware attacks on its customers

JetBrains vulnerability exploitation highlights debate over 'silent patching'

Lawmakers Slam UK Government’s “Ostrich Strategy” for Cybersecurity

Leicester City Council’s IT System and Phones Down Amid Cyber Attack

LockBit takes credit for February shutdown of South African pension fund

Lurie Children's Hospital investigating claims that stolen data was sold online

Malware Campaign Exploits Popup Builder WordPress Plugin to Infect 3,900+ Sites

March 2024 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft fixes critical bugs in Windows Hyper-V

Mexican Financial Group Banregio Hit by Alleged Data Breach, Project Attachments Compromised

Mitigating Lurking Threats in the Software Supply Chain

New Cloud Attack Targets Crypto CDN Meson Ahead of Launch

New Vcurms Malware Targets Popular Browsers for Data Theft

Over 12 million auth secrets and keys leaked on GitHub in 2023

Phishing campaign leverages AWS and GitHub to launch RATs

Ransomware groups warned there is no money in attacking British state

Ransomware remains biggest threat to SMBs, says Sophos Threat Report

Ransomware Talent Surges to Akira After LockBit's Demise

Remote ransomware attacks on SMBs increasing

Roku Data Breach: What to Know if You Have an Account

Roku data breach compromises 15,363 accounts. Here's what to know

Roku Discloses Data Breach: 15,000 Accounts Compromised

R00TK1T Hacker Group Issues Warning to Nestle in Dark Web Post

Russian independent media outlet Meduza faces ‘most intense cyber campaign’ ever

Security leaders discuss Microsoft's stolen source code

South Korean Citizen Detained in Russia on Cyber Espionage Charges

Stanford University: Data of 27,000 people stolen in September ransomware attack

Stanford University attack exposes data of 27K people

Stanford University says data from 27,000 people leaked in September ransomware attack

Streaming Platform Roku Faces Data Breach

Study Reveals Top Vulnerabilities in Corporate Web Applications

Tax-related scams escalate as filing deadline approaches

Tech solutions giant Bradford-Scott says data breach impacted over 40k Wellness Federal customers

The Rise of AI Worms in Cybersecurity

Thousands of Roku accounts hacked in credential stuffing attack

Three-Quarters of Cyber Incident Victims Are Small Businesses

UK council yanks IT systems and phone lines offline following cyber ambush

US Intelligence Predicts Upcoming Cyber Threats for 2024

UT Southwestern Reports Data Breach Affecting More Than 2,000 Texans

Victims Lose $47m to Crypto Phishing Scams in February

Watch Out: These PyPI Python Packages Can Drain Your Crypto Wallets

11th March

$47 Million Lost to Phishing Scams in February

78% of MSPs state cybersecurity is a prominent IT challenge

2,000 Texans affected by UT Southwestern data breach

Belgian village whose brewery was hit by cyberattack faces another on its coffee roastery

Beware of OpenAI and ChatGPT-4 Turbo in Healthcare Orgs’ API Attack Surface

BianLian group exploits JetBrains TeamCity bugs in ransomware attacks

BianLian Ransomware Strikes Lindsay Municipal Hospital: Another US Institution Under Attack

BianLian Threat Actor Shifts Focus to Extortion-Only Tactics

BianLian Threat Actors Exploiting JetBrains TeamCity Flaws in Ransomware Attacks

British authorities have never detected a breach of ransomware sanctions - but is that good or bad news?

British Library pushes the cloud button, says legacy IT estate cause of hefty rebuild

British Library says reliance on complex legacy infrastructure hampered cyber attack recovery

Bulgaria: Banking Deception - Large Sums of Leva Disappear in Phishing Scam

Child protection among critical services affected by cyberattack on English council

Crypto Phishers Stole $47M Last Month from 57,000 Victims

Crypto phishers stole $47M last month, impersonators on X to blame

Crypto Phishing Attacks Over $1 Million Drop By 75% In February

Crypto Phishing Attacks Over $1 Million See A Drop of 75% In February

Crypto Scam: 57K Victims Lost $47M to Crypto Phishing Scams

Cyber attack expected to cripple Leicester City Council systems until 'at least midweek'

Cyber attack forces changes in health insurer practices

Cyber Infiltration and Influence: Baltic States in Russia’s Crosshairs

Cyber-attack: production at all Duvel Moortgat plants restarted

Cybercrime Cost to Jump In the Upcoming Years

Cybercriminals Hacking Systems with 10+ Legitimate Data-Extraction Tools

Cybersecurity Experts Admit Lack of Knowledge Prompted Mistakes at Work

Cybersecurity in the Age of AI: Exploring AI-Generated Cyber Attacks

Data breach facilitated by QEMU emulator

DeFi Trading Platform Unizen Exploited For $2 Million, Offers 20% Bounty

Department of Justice’s crackdown: A brief look at hacker group takedowns

Driving fast or braking hard? Your connected car may be telling your insurance company

Dropbox Abused in New Phishing, Malspam Scam to Steal SaaS Logins

Eastern Radiologists Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting over 886,000 Patients

Enhancing Collaboration: Incident Response Teams and Law Enforcement

Equilend warns employees their data was stolen by ransomware gang

Estonian government institutions targeted in largest cyber attack in country’s history

Fake Leather wallet app on Apple App Store is a crypto drainer

Federal government steps in to help pay Maryland medical providers following cyber attack

French government agencies hit by cyberattacks of ‘unprecedented intensity’

French government hit with cyberattacks of 'unprecedented intensity'

French state services hit by cyberattacks of 'unprecedented intensity'

Hamilton, Ontario confirms it was hit by ransomware attack affecting online services

Hamilton's website back online after crash due to cybersecurity measures, officials say

Health care was biggest victim of U.S. ransomware attacks last year

How Personalized Phish Training Can Thwart Evolving Cyberattacks

How the Belarusian Cyber Partisans are fighting a digital war against two dictators

Is the LockBit brand finished or will the gang rise again?

It turns out that Russian government hacker "Midnight Blizzard" had access to Microsoft's source code and internal systems

Italian Data Protection Authority fines UniCredit $3M over data breach GDPR lapses

LockBit Locked Down

Magnet Goblin Exploits Ivanti Vulnerabilities

Magnet Goblin Hacker Group Leveraging 1-Day Exploits to Deploy Nerbian RAT

Magnet Goblin Hackers Using Ivanti Flaws to Deploy Linux Malware

Microsoft: Russian hackers accessed internal systems, code repositories

Microsoft Reveals Depth of Midnight Blizzard Cyber Attack in SEC Filing

Navigating an evolving landscape of threats and the rise of the encryption-less data breach

Nebula Hackers Claim to Disrupt Russian Election Infrastructure, Call for Action Against ‘Sham’ Election

New Banking Trojan CHAVECLOAK Targets Brazilian Users via Phishing Tactics

New DoNex Ransomware Observed in the Wild Targeting Enterprises

Nicklaus Companies Face Cyber Threat as LockBit Ransomware Group Strikes

Notorious Bitrue Drainer Strikes Again, Liquidating $16.34 Million of ETH

Okta says data leaked on hacking forum not from its systems

Orsini Specialty Pharmacy Notifies Patients of January 2024 Data Breach

Over $46m lost to crypto phishing in February, social media impersonations at fault

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Russian spies claims the US is trying to meddle in Putin's presidential election and even plotting a cyber attack on voting systems

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