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Monday 27 February 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 9 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 27th February and 5th March 2023.

5th March

5 Multi-Factor Authentication Vulnerabilities and How to Resolve Them

Benefits of cybersecurity investments may be hard to see, but they are crucial

Comprehending the top future cyber risks for businesses

Customers of these banks are most likely to fall victim to fraud, according to new study

Cyberattacks put spotlight on weak Canadian laws, says cybersecurity expert

Cybersecurity: challenges facing SMEs

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ban BetterHelp from sharing mental health data with advertisers

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India’s Twitter account hacked

How to avoid billion-dollar fines due to unsecured messaging apps

Indigo says hacked employee data may appear on ‘dark web’ this week, won’t pay ransom

Internet scam affected 7% of Nigerian users

Maritime Cybersecurity: A Potential Threat to India’s National Security

Phishing, tech support and lottery scams

South Korea cracks down on voice phishing linked with digital currencies

These ‘Fun’ and ‘Harmless’ Social Media Quizzes Can Make You Easy Prey to Hackers

4th March

5 cybersecurity trends people who work from home need to know

8.7% people in Africa suffer phishing in 2022

2023 DeFi Hack Losses Surge to $20.7 Million in February

A year of wipers: How the Kremlin-backed Sandworm has attacked Ukraine during the war

Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Attention! This type of cyberattack has increased by about 80% in Portugal

Australia: Cyber attacks more than double

Brazilian construction giant Andrade Gutierrez suffers major data breach

Chick-fil-A Data Breach Could Affect Many Louisiana Customers

Cybersecurity Threat: Oakland Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack by Play Ransomware Group

Dark Web criminals plot ChatGPT takeover — with 625% rise in ‘bot hacking’ posts

Don't get burned by fraudsters' airfryer scam, warn consumer experts

Hackers Can Turn Microsoft’s Bing AI into a Scammer That Asks for Credit Card Info

Hackers Steal Public-school Student Data and Use Ransomware to Terrorize Families

Ireland: HSE warns 52,000 people over data stolen in cyber attack but THOUSANDS still to be contacted

Kuwait: Ministry of Commerce foiled hacking bid

LastPass releases new security incident disclosure and recommendations

New FiXS ATM Malware Targeting Mexican Banks

New TPM 2.0 flaws could let hackers steal cryptographic keys

PayPal Sued Over Data Breach that Impacted 35,000 users

Phishing Campaign Targets Job Seekers, Employers

Preventing data breaches

Ransomware gang leaks data stolen from City of Oakland

Ransomware hackers release some stolen Oakland data

Researchers expose security issues in popular pet apps

Sim boxes new tool in scammers' arsenal

Stop Home Network Hackers: Top 10 Tips to Protect Your Wi-Fi Security

Teaching the education sector about the risk of security vulnerabilities

The linchpin of your digital identity: Keeping your email safe

US introduces new rules to protect water systems from hackers

WH Smith discloses data breach following cyberattack

3rd March

6 Top Targeted Industries for Cyber Attacks

8.7% of users encountered phishing attacks in Africa in 2022, global number of attacks exceeds 500 million

13 incident response best practices for your organization

A connected Africa becomes a playground for hackers

Aloha Nursing Rehab Centre Reports 2022 Data Breach Affecting More Than 20k Patients

Apple Fixes Exploitable Zero-Day Vulnerability

Around 500,000 people potential victims to phishing scam in India

At Least 30% of "Cyber-Criminals" Are Women

Attackers are developing and deploying exploits faster than ever

Authorization Oversight: The Data Security Pitfall Keeping You at Risk

Be careful if you open a QR with your mobile! They are stealing passwords with that simple gesture

Beware of fake CEOs: Report warns against rising phishing scams

BidenCash market leaks over 2 million stolen credit cards for free

Chick-fil-A: 71,000 customers had financial information stolen during cyberattack

Chinese Hackers Targeting European Entities with New MQsTTang Backdoor

Chinese Hackers Unleashes MQsTTang Backdoor Against Government Entities

Chip supplier reports $200M revenue hit after ransomware attack halted operations

CISA Warns Against Royal Ransomware in New Advisory

CISA Warns That Royal Ransomware Is Picking Up Steam

Crucial role of data protection in the battle against ransomware

Cyber Attack Breaches Sun Pharma Systems; Firm Isolates Affected Assets

Cyber Gangster’s Retirement: Monkey Drainer Crypto Scam Ceases Operation

Cybercrime site shows off with a free leak of 2 million stolen card numbers

Dark Web Marketplace Leaks Over 2 Million Credit Cards

Data breach of Denver Public Schools (DPS) computer servers affects all district employees, officials say

Data breach? Here's what you should do immediately

Death By Social Media: Are TikTok and WeChat Easy Marks for Attackers?

Deposit Theft And Phishing Emails Among The Casino Scams To Be Aware Of

Dish Network Finally Acknowledges Huge Hack After Days Of Not Answering Questions

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) takes steps to address cybersecurity weaknesses at water utilities

EPA unveils cybersecurity oversight for public drinking water systems

Expert tips to avoid broadband scams

Experts Warn of "SMS Pumping" Fraud Epidemic

FBI, CISA Warn of Royal Ransomware Targeting Critical Infrastructure

FBI and CISA warn of increasing Royal ransomware attack risks

Five tips for maximizing data security and ensuring HIPAA compliance

Frankenstein malware stitched together from code of others disguised as PyPI package

Fraud: is your firm ready for the downturn upsurge?

Gemini assures customers of secure accounts despite third-party breaches

Gone spear phishing: how to protect from email threats

Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Oakland Cyberattack, Says It Will Leak Data

Hackers Can Turn Bing's AI Chatbot Into a Convincing Scammer, Researchers Say

Hackers claim Oakland ransomware attack, leak 'confidential' data

Hackers use phishing, malware to target job seekers amid layoffs

Have any crypto? That data breach email is fake!

How ChatGPT is changing the cybersecurity game

How to detect and prevent Royal Ransomware attack

How to protect your dental practice from cyberattacks

Incentives and threats: How to avoid scammers ‘phishing’ for money, personal information

Incident of the Week: US Marshals Service suffers ransomware attack

India: Cybercriminals Target Taxpayers and Banking Customers with Phishing Campaign and Malicious Application

Known Vulnerabilities Drove Most Cyberattacks in 2022

LockBit has published the data stolen in La Segunda: there are judicial files, expert reports and medical data

New Backdoor MQsTTang Attributed to Mustang Panda Group

New Flaws in TPM 2.0 Library Pose Threat to Billions of IoT and Enterprise Devices

New White House cyber strategy picks a fight with ransomware

Nintendo takes WiiU games Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 1 offline

Oakland officials say ransomware group may release personal data on Saturday

Organizations Struggle With CCPA, CPRA, GDPR Compliance

Over 50% of personal devices were exposed to a mobile phishing attack

PayPal Pixel Scam Email Explained

Personal Data Exposed in Cyber Attack on Modesto, California, PD

Phishing emails, a promised prize? Three big scams happening now

Play ransomware claims disruptive attack on City of Oakland

Prepare For The AI Phishing Onslaught

Preparing employees to win the battle against social engineering

Protecting Your Organization's Crown Jewels From Digital Minefields

Ransomware hackers stole city of Oakland files, plan to leak sensitive data

Ransomware Payments Decreased in 2022 as Criminals Used Other Extortion Tactics

Return of Blind Eagle in a Phishing Operation against Colombian Industries

Royal ransomware attacks spreading across critical infrastructure

Scam Alert! 'Your HDFC account will be closed today': HDFC customers receive fraudulent messages from scammers

Settlement Reached in Preferred Home Care Data Breach Lawsuit

South Africa: Minister Thulas Nxesi condemns ransomware attack at Public Service Bargaining Councils

Suspected hacker attack on Rome municipality website

Tenable Research Reveals APAC at the Epicentre of Global Data Breach Incidents in 2022

The Dangerous Role Personal Email Plays In Account Takeovers

The Most Common Cyber Attacks Everyone Should Know About

The role of human insight in AI-based cybersecurity

The Sandbox Users Targeted Through Phishing Emails After Security Exploit

'This War Exists in Cyberspace': How the Russia-Ukraine War Led to the National Cyber Strategy

U.S. Cybersecurity Agency Raises Alarm Over Royal Ransomware's Deadly Capabilities

U.S. government warns of Royal ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure

U.S. unveils new cybersecurity strategy with tighter regulations

Veris Residential, Inc. Notifies Victims of Recent Data Breach

Vulnerabilities of years past haunt organizations, aid attackers

What Is an Ethical Hacker and Why We Need Them More Than Ever

What Is Phishing-Resistant MFA and How Can You Implement It?

What is spear phishing and how it’s used to dupe even professionals

White House Cybersecurity Strategy Pivots To Regulation

White House cybersecurity strategy stresses software safety

Will there be more disclosures of compromises from GoAnywhere MFT zero-day?

Zero Transfer Scammer Steals $2M from Crypto User; Here’s How to Avoid It

2nd March

8 of the Biggest Ransomware Attacks in Recent History: A Look Back

2023 Browser Security Report Uncovers Major Browsing Risks and Blind Spots

2023 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report Casts New Light on Shifting Front Lines, Threat Actor Behavior

Action Fraud warn residents to be cautious about BT fake emails

Annuity Issuer Parent Company Fights Ransomware Attack

API Security Flaw Found in Booking.com Allowed Full Account Takeover

As Hacker Sophistication Increases, Confidence in Basic Cybersecurity Defenses Falters

Attackers increasingly using transfer.sh to host malicious code

Best and worst data breach responses highlight the do's and don'ts of Incident Response (IR)

Better Together: Cybersecurity And Fraud Prevention

BidenCash Market Leaks 2 Million Credit Cards in Birthday Blitz

Billions of Android and iPhone users need to check texts now for ‘wrong number mistake’ that could cost you everything

BlackLotus bootkit bypasses UEFI Secure Boot on patched Windows 11

BlackLotus UEFI bootkit disables Windows security mechanisms

Blockchain Game The Sandbox Warns of Phishing Email After Security Breach

Bluebugging: What It Is and How to Stay Safe From Bluetooth Exploits

British retail chain WH Smith says data stolen in cyberattack

Canadian Bookstore Chain Indigo Says Employee Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack

Chick-fil-A confirms accounts hacked in months-long "automated" attack

Chinese state-backed hackers Iron Tiger target Linux devices with new malware

College of the Desert data breach possibly compromised 800 people

Critical Flaw in Cisco IP Phone Series Exposes Users to Command Injection Attack

Critical Vulnerabilities Allowed Booking.com Account Takeover

Cyber Dost guidelines can help you to not fall prey of cyber fraudster and data breach

Cyber Essentials is Updating its Technical Requirements

Cyber resilience in focus: EU act to set strict standards

Cyber-attack on WH Smith targets personal staff details

Cybersecurity Breach Compromises U.S. Marshals Information

Data breaches are still ongoing

Dish Blames Ransomware Attack for Disruptions of Internal Systems, Call Center Services

Don’t be fooled by a pretty icon, malicious apps hide in plain sight

Examples of Ransomware: A Cautionary Tale

Experts Identify Fully-Featured Info Stealer and Trojan in Python Package on PyPI

Global Phishing Attacks Over 500 Million

Hackers Exploit Containerized Environments to Steals Proprietary Data and Software

Hatch Bank discloses data breach after GoAnywhere MFT hack

How Much Protection Does Cyber Insurance Really Give Businesses?

How Tech Leaders Can Better Identify Security Issues

India: Beware! Scammers sending fraud messages to HDFC customers, do not click on the link

Indianapolis Housing Authority class action claims agency failed to safeguard user data

Indigo employees may see personal data on dark web

Indigo refuses to pay ransom, warns stolen employee data may be posted to dark web

Indigo says hacking group with Russian ties responsible for breach, won't pay ransom

Job-themed emails have become prime target for cybercriminals

Law firms targeted in GootLoader and FakeUpdates malware campaigns

Major Phishing Campaign Targets Trezor Crypto Wallets

Medibank data breach: third-party IT provider’s stolen credentials used by hackers

Microsoft releases Windows security updates for Intel CPU flaws

Millions of personal data stolen by ethical hacker still floating around dark web

More than £40,000 defrauded from Luton Borough Council during cyber-attack

Moving target defense must keep cyber attackers guessing

New Cryptojacking Campaign Leverages Misconfigured Redis Database Servers

No Programming Skills? Chatbots Will Help Inexperienced Hackers

One year on from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where does the ‘cyberwar’ stand?

Phishing in Crypto - How to Ensure Top Email Security

Poland blames Russian hackers for cyberattack on tax service website

Preferred Home Care data breach class action lawsuit settlement

Ranking Top Cyber Risks to Healthcare Companies with Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ)

Ransomware attacks likely to rise this year, Kaspersky warns

Ransomware attacks ravaged big names in February

Ransomware group behind Indigo hack says it released stolen employee data, but nothing has appeared yet

Research finds UEFI bootkit capable of bypassing security measures

Retail Giant WH Smith Cyberattack – Employee Data Stolen

Retailer WH Smith reports cyberattack, says employee data compromised

South Korea financial regulator to clamp down on voice phishing involving cryptocurrencies

Stop Ransomware: Royal Ransomware

SysUpdate Malware Strikes Again with Linux Version and New Evasion Tactics

Tennessee State, Southeastern Louisiana universities hit with cyberattacks

The National Cybersecurity Strategy - How the US Government Plans to Protect America

These Three Hacking Techniques Can Snatch Crypto From Your Wallet

This year's newest and most dangerous cyber attack techniques

Top 5 security improvements to protect against public sector cybercrime

Trezor warns users of new phishing attack

Uganda: Cyber security is an asset customers trust

UK sees 35% increase in mobile phishing exposures

Unpatched old vulnerabilities continue to be exploited

US government puts cybersecurity at forefront with newly announced National Strategy

West Virginia University (WVU) officials explain, respond to data breach

WH Smith cyber attack targets company data and information of current & former employees

WH Smith Discloses Cyber-Attack, Company Data Theft

WH Smith hit by cyber attack as hackers access employee information

WH Smith hit by cyber attack as hackers gain access to private company data

WH Smith hit by cyber attack involving employee data

WH Smith hit by cyber attack with hackers accessing company data

WH Smith hit by cyber attack, current and former staff data accessed

WH Smith hit by cyber security attack

WH Smith investigates hacking attack after employee data stolen

WH Smith reveals it has been the target of a cyber attack

WH Smith says hackers accessed the data of current and former employees

WH Smith staff data accessed in cyber attack

WH Smith staff data hit by cyber-attack

WH Smith suffers cyber attack as hacks on retailers rise

WH Smith targeted by cyber attack with hackers accessing data on current and former employees

WH Smith workers’ information accessed as retailer is hit by cyber attack

White House Launches National Cybersecurity Strategy

White House National Cybersecurity Strategy: Software Firms Liable for Breaches

White House pushes for mandatory regulations, more offensive cyber action under National Cyber Strategy

White House releases ambitious cyber strategy calling for more regulation of vulnerable sectors

White House releases new U.S. national cybersecurity strategy

WHSmith breach exposes current and former employee data

WHSmith targeted by hackers accessing data on current and former employees

1st March

50 Million Password Heist Shows Info-stealing is on the Rise

Anatomy of a cyberattack — How a 'Russian Mafia group' took Saint John hostage

APAC at Epicentre of Global Data Breach Incidents

Are You Prioritizing Digital Identity Management?

Aruba Networks fixes six critical vulnerabilities in ArubaOS

As cybercrimes rise 150%, businesses must check what their insurance actually covers

Attacker Breakout Time Drops to Just 84 Minutes

Attackers deploying exploits faster than ever

BlackLotus Becomes First UEFI Bootkit Malware to Bypass Secure Boot on Windows 11

Businessman convicted of Experian data breach skips sentencing, court issues warrant for his arrest

Canadian book giant says employee data was stolen during ransomware attack

CISA: Tech industry 'shouldn't tolerate' Patch Tuesday, unsecured software

CISA Shares Advice to Improve Networks' Monitoring and Hardening

Cisco patches critical Web UI RCE flaw in multiple IP phones

CISOs Are Stressed Out and It's Putting Companies at Risk

Covert cyberattacks on the rise as attackers shift tactics for maximum impact

Crystal Bay Casino Notifies 86,291 Individuals of Recent Data Breach

Cyber crime on rise in Canada, and it's proving costly

Cyber Security Risks In Real Estate

Cybercriminals eye passwords and cloud vulnerabilities with a sharp rise in attacks expected in 2023

Cybercriminals Targeting Law Firms with GootLoader and FakeUpdates Malware

Dangerous BlackLotus bootkit can be used to hijack Windows 11 PCs

Developers can make a great extension of your security team

Dish confirms cyber attack behind extended outage; data stolen

Dish Network Confirms Outage Was Due To Ransomware Attack

Dish Network Confirms Ransomware Outage

Dish Network Hacked – Ransomware Attack Causes Multi-Day Outage

DNS abuse: Advice for incident responders

Dormant accounts are a low-hanging fruit for attackers

Dutch police recover 90% of victim decryption keys in ransomware scam

Education Accounts for 7.3% of Cybersecurity Incidents Across Industries in 2022, Up from 2.8% in 2021

Email and ransomware attacks dominated the cybercrime space last year

Fortifying Your Retail Operations in the Face of Growing Cyber Threats

Fraud losses in Canada hit new all-time high

Google Cloud Platform allows data exfiltration without a (forensic) trace

Group 1001 Insurance Units Resume Full Operations after Ransomware Attack

Hacker leaks stolen Activision data on a dark web forum

Hackers access T-Mobile accounts more than 100 times in 2022: Tips to counter SIM-swapping

Hackers leak Activision employee data on a hacking forum

Hatch Bank Announces Third-Party Data Breach at Cybersecurity Firm, Fortra

How a cyber resiliency platform benefits business

How Cambodia-based scammers made an estimated $3 million in ‘pig butchering’ scheme

How Hybrid Work Poses Major Cybersecurity Risks

How long will it take a hacker to crack your password?

How Modern Manufacturing Plants Can Protect Against Ransomware, Cyberattacks

How to ensure iPhone configuration profiles are safe

How to Prepare for a ChatGPT Cyberattack

How to protect your personal data online

How To Reduce Security Risks Posed by Cloud Identities?

India ranks 2nd on list of data breaches exposed worldwide in 2022

Irish Authorities Levy GDPR Fine in Centric Health Breach

Iron Tiger hackers create Linux version of their custom malware

LastPass Devs Were Phished for Credentials

LastPass Issues Update on Data Breach, But Users Should Still Change Passwords

Latin America the target of over 360 billion cyberattacks attempts in 2022

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in February 2023 – 29.5 Million Records Breached

Little Rock School District seeks cyberattack guidance

Looking Back at the Mega Breaches Trends of 2022

Malicious attacks leading source of data breaches

MKS optimistic on $200M ransomware recovery

Mobile Users More Susceptible to Phishing Attacks than Two Years Ago

Multi-Year Spearphishing Campaign Targets the Maritime Industry Likely for Financial Gain

News Corp Hackers Hid Inside the Network for Two Years

Online attackers increasingly target school districts across the nation

Parallax RAT Targeting Cryptocurrency Firms with Sophisticated Injection Techniques

Phishing bait: Scamsters hijack search engine's business listings

Poland: Russia behind cyberattacks on government site

Public SaaS Assets Are a Major Risk For Medium, Large Firms

Ransomware attack compromises sensitive US Marshals Service data

Ransomware Attacks Are on the Rise: How AI, Data & Automation Can Help Keep Your Business Safe

Ransomware attacks dip but don’t let your guard down

Record Number of Mobile Phishing Attacks in 2022

Report warns of dangerously low cyber risk awareness in Africa

Research found 53% gap between best and worst email security solutions

Researchers Release MortalKombat Ransomware Decryptor

South American Cyberspies Impersonate Colombian Government in Recent Campaign

South Korea: Banking Industry Takes Actions to Prevent Voice Phishing

Southeastern Louisiana University 'Likely' Suffered Cyber Attack

Streaming service Plex unaware ‘of any unpatched vulnerabilities’ following LastPass report

Tennessee State University temporarily shuts down internet access after ransomware threat

The Importance Of Cybersecurity Highlighted In Recent Cyber-Attack On VMware Systems

The Secret, Insecure Life Of Security Cameras

Thirty-one percent of former employees still have company SaaS access

Top 10 Open Source Software Risks of 2023

True Health New Mexico Proposes Settlement to Resolve Class Action Data Breach Lawsuit

Unpatched, known vulnerabilities still key driver of cyberattacks

US Marshals computer system hit by ransomware attack

US Marshals Service Suffers Ransomware Attack, Sensitive Law Enforcement Data Compromised

Video Marketing Software Animker Leaking Trove of User Data

Washington state public bus system confirms ransomware attack

West Virginia University (WVU) provides notice of data breach involving limited patient information

What Are the Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks in the 2020s?

What is a ransomware attack? An expert explains

What to Do if Your Information Is Found on the Dark Web

Why People Are the Weakest Link in the Cybersecurity Chain

“You are at risk of a cyber attack”: A data breach expert shares what startups can do better

Your Biggest Cybersecurity Risks Could Be Inside Your Organization

28th February

10 US states that suffered the most devastating data breaches in 2022

26.6 million login credentials obtained by cybercriminals since 2018

2023 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report Casts New Light on Shifting Front Lines, Threat Actor Behavior

Another Texas school district with a data breach?

ANZ customer finds out about data breach while watching evening news

APT-C-36 Strikes Again: Blind Eagle Hackers Target Key Industries in Colombia

Australian organisations lodged 497 data breach notices in back half of 2022

Avoiding rather than just insuring is the way to beat the hackers

Beware! This online mistake can reduce your bank balance to zero

Bitdefender Releases Free Decryptor for MortalKombat Ransomware Strain

Bitdefender Releases Free MortalKombat Ransomware Decryptor

Can a Cybersecurity Awareness Course Keep You Safe Online?

Canadians continue to be hit by cyberattacks, some lose money

Chatbot Wars and the Battle Between Good and Evil

CISA Issues Warning on Active Exploitation of ZK Java Web Framework Vulnerability

CISA warns of hackers exploiting ZK Java Framework RCE flaw

Closing The Gaping Hole In Ransomware Defense

Combatting Zero Trust fatigue: 5 ways federal agencies can shift from buzzword to action

‘Counter-Exploit’ Claws Back $202M From Hacker

Despite Cybersecurity Investments, Breaches Increasing

Dish Network confirms ransomware attack behind multi-day outage

DISH tells SEC that ransomware attack caused outages; personal info may have been stolen

Each Payment to Ransomware Attackers Subsidizes Nine Future Attacks

Experts Spot Half a Million Novel Malware Variants in 2022

Fake ROBLOX and Nintendo game cracks drop ChromeLoader malware

Hacker Breached LastPass by Installing Keylogger on Employee's Home Computer

Hackers Claim They Breached T-Mobile More Than 100 Times in 2022

How Does a Data Breach Take Place in an Organization?

How to Create a Hacker Proof Password

How To Prevent The Three Most Common Cyber Threats To Building Systems

It only takes one over-privileged identity to do major damage to a cloud

Known Vulnerabilities Pose Greatest Threat to Organizational Security

LastPass breach: Hacker accessed corporate vault by compromising senior developer’s home PC

LastPass breach: Hackers put malware on engineer's home computer to steal their password

LastPass Data Stolen in August 2022 Breach Used For December Attack

LastPass Employee PC Hacked with Keylogger to Access Password Vault

LastPass Reveals Second Attack Resulting in Breach of Encrypted Password Vaults

LastPass says attacker hacked employee’s home computer to access corporate vault

London Honeypots Attacked 2000 Times Per Minute

Mind these five mistakes when responding to infosec threats

More Cybercriminals Ditching Ransomware To Focus On Data Extortion

New EX-22 Tool Empowers Hackers with Stealthy Ransomware Attacks on Enterprises

New MortalKombat ransomware decryptor recovers your files for free

Nine Danish hospital websites suffer cyberattack from ‘Anonymous Sudan’

Online ticket platform reports cyber incident

Pen testing report: IT budgets should focus on entire security stack

Phone Attacks and MFA Bypass Drive Phishing in 2022

Privileged access: Understanding security inside out

Proofpoint’s 2023 State of the Phish Report: Threat Actors Double Down on Emerging and Tried-and-Tested Tactics to Outwit Employees

Ransomware Attack Hits US Marshals Service

Ransomware attack on US Marshals compromises sensitive information

Ransomware threat surges as Brits suffer millions of attacks in 2022

SCARLETEEL hackers use advanced cloud skills to steal source code, data

Security teams have no control over risky SaaS-to-SaaS connections

Snatch ransom gang claims Ingenico scalp, says analyst

South Korea: Financial Services Commission (FSC) to crack down on crypto phishing schemes

Start thinking like an attacker

State-sponsored hackers are diversifying tactics, targeting small businesses

Stealthy EX-22 post-exploitation tool linked to LockBit ransomware

The Cybersecurity Hype Cycle of ChatGPT and Synthetic Media

The Department of Justice (DoJ) Disruption of the Hive Ransomware Group Is a Short-Lived Win

The future of cyber security in financial services

The Good Guys customers involved in data breach

Top seven hacks and cyber security threats in APAC

Two of The Worst Healthcare Data Breaches in US History Happened Last Year

U.S. Marshals Service had data on criminal investigations stolen by ransomware group

U.S.-based Dish Network hit by ransomware attack

US Marshals computer system hit by ransomware attack

US Marshals Service becomes latest law enforcement agency hit by hackers

US Marshals Service Hit By Major Ransomware Attack

US Marshals Service hit with ransomware attack

US Marshals Service struck by ‘major’ ransomware attack

US Marshals Service target of 'major' cyber-attack

Victims of MortalKombat ransomware can now decrypt their locked files for free

What's the best way to ensure your privacy with a web browser?

27th February

3 Things To Seek In A Managed Security Services Solution

4 Trends To Expect From The Cyber Landscape In 2023

13 Tech Experts Explain Essential Facts About Data Privacy And Data Protection

Absa warns customers of rise in phishing scams

Advanced Health Media Reports Leaked Social Security Numbers Following Recent Data Breach

All In One SEO WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Affects Up To 3+ Million

Alvaria, Inc. Announces Data Breach Following Hive Ransomware Attack

An industry under attack: What can retail learn from JD Sports?

As MedusaLocker ransomware targets RDP, HHS urges brute force defense

Attackers publish Beeline’s Jira database, exposing customers

Australian retailer’s customer data exposed in breach

Burton’s Online Store Has Been Shut Down For 2 Weeks Because of a Cyber Attack

Can Tech Layoffs Increase Insider Threats?

Challenges and Benefits of Threat Intelligence for MSSPs

ChromeLoader Malware Poses as Steam, Nintendo Game Mods

ChromeLoader Malware Targeting Gamers via Fake Nintendo and Steam Game Hacks

Critical flaws in WordPress Houzez theme exploited to hijack websites

Crum & Forster Announces Data Breach

Cyber Insurance Market Back From Brink After Onslaught of Ransomware Attacks

Cyberattack on Boston union results in $6.4M loss

Cybersecurity During a Recession

Danish hospitals hit by cyberattack from ‘Anonymous Sudan’

Data Breaches Reported by The Hutchinson Clinic & 90 Degree Benefits

Data protection regulations aren’t enough to safeguard your data

Department of Public Safety (DPS) sent at least 3,000 driver’s licenses to organized crime group targeting Asian Texans

Dish hit by multiday outage after reported cyberattack

Dish multi-day outage rolls on as ransomware fears grow

Dish Network ‘hit by cyber attack’

DISH says ‘system issue’ affecting internal servers, phone systems

Dutch Police Arrest 3 Hackers Involved in Massive Data Theft and Extortion Scheme

Emerging cyber risks in the fine art and specie market

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reveals alarming increase in scam activity, costing consumers billions

Five Ways to Fortify Your Cyber Attack Response Plan

France Arrests Two Suspected of Hacking Platypus Finance

Governments Targeted by Discord-Based Threat Campaign

Hacker Claims Telecom Provider Data Including Source Code, Employee Data Stolen

Hacker leaks alleged Activision employee data on cybercrime forum

Hackers exploit Namecheap email system in phishing campaign

Hackers of Crypto Platform Lendhub Move $3.85 Million Into Tornado Cash

Hackers target Facebook, Instagram, Spotify accounts most often, data show

Hackers use ChatGPT to infect people with malware

Healthcare Most Hit by Ransomware Last Year, FBI Finds

Here’s what to do if you are victim of a phishing scam

How ChatGPT Can Help Cybersecurity Pros Beat Attacks

How digital banks can combat cybersecurity challenges for themselves and their customers

How New Cybersecurity Regulations Are Shaping the Medical Device Industry

How To: Accelerate Detection and Response in the Cloud

How to avoid falling victim to an online scam

How To Avoid the High Costs of Ransomware

How to Prepare for a Data Breach before it Happens

How to Prevent Malware

How to stay safe from bluebugging, know here

How to use zero trust and IAM to defend against cyberattacks in an economic downturn

Inside Data and Cyber Security issue in Barbados

LastPass: DevOps engineer hacked to steal password vault data in 2022 breach

LockBit 3.0 remains the most active threat actor as ransomware attacks drop in January

LockBit leaks Royal Mail's data, renews ransom demand

Los Angeles school district confirms sensitive student data leaked

Maturing criminal marketplaces present new challenges to defenders

Media Giant News Corp Discloses New Details of Data Breach

MedusaLocker Ransomware Leveraged In Healthcare Cyberattacks

Microsoft and Twitter’s protections against ransomware attacks are ‘disappointing,’ U.S. cyber chief says

Microsoft Exchange admins advised to expand antivirus scanning

Minneapolis Public Schools still investigating what caused ‘encryption event’

More trouble from an APT with Colombia and Ecuador on its mind

Nation-State Cyberattacks Have No Norms, And We Should Be Concerned

New Exfiltrator-22 post-exploitation kit linked to LockBit ransomware

New ransomware threat with ties to Russia targets healthcare providers

News Corp: Hackers sat undetected on its network for 2 years

News Corp Reveals Two-Year-Long Breach

Password Management: Why the Cybersecurity Community is Sending the Wrong Message to Consumers

PlugX Trojan Disguised as Legitimate Windows Debugger Tool in Latest Attacks

Police Arrest Trio in Multimillion-Dollar Extortion Case

Preventing mobile payment fraud

Pro-Ukraine Hackers Hacked 32 Russian Websites, Posting A Video Of Kremlin On Fire

PureCrypter Malware Targets Government Entities in Asia-Pacific and North America

PureCrypter Malware Targets Governments Through Discord

Ransomware attack against U.S. Marshals results in ‘major’ security breach

Ransomware Attack Brings Dole Operations to a Temporary Halt

Ransomware attack on US Marshals Service affects ‘law enforcement sensitive information’

Ransomware attacks show continued rise in K-12 schools

Researchers Discover Nearly 200,000 New Mobile Banking Trojan Installers

Researchers Share New Insights Into RIG Exploit Kit Malware's Operations

Resecurity identified the investment scam network Digital Smoke

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