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Monday 6 February 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 6 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 6th February and 12th February 2023.

12th February

4 misconceptions about data exfiltration

15 ways to spot online shopping scams

Council Rock Cautions Against Phishing Scam Using District's Logo

Cyber deterrence

Cybersecurity: the dilemma of Russian hackers

Data breach forcing companies to hike service charge

Data leak: Social media Slick exposed children’s user data

Devs targeted by W4SP Stealer malware in malicious PyPi packages

Florida Supreme Court, US, Europe hit by ransomware attacks

Hackers create ChatGPT-driven Telegram bots that can write malware

Hackers target Israel’s Technion demanding huge sum in Bitcoin

Iranian President Raisi’s Speech Briefly Hacked On 44th Anniversary Of Islamic Revolution

Ireland: Thousands waiting for letter to find out if they were impacted by HSE cyber attack

Irish university confirms data posted on darkweb after cyber attack

Munster Technological University (MTU) confirms stolen data has been made available on 'dark web'

Munster Technological University (MTU) confirms data has been published on the dark web following ransomware attack

Munster Technological University (MTU) data appears on dark web after cyber attack

NameCheap's email hacked to send Metamask, DHL phishing emails

Pakistan media blames Indian group for foreign ministry data hack

Phishing scam scares users into sharing Facebook passwords

Ransomware attacks hit US courts, European universities

Reddit hacked in sophisticated, highly-targeted phishing attack

Seoul Sanctions North Korea Over Crypto Theft

South African Hacker Group Cheats Microsoft and Salesforce of Millions of Dollars in Resources to Mine Crypto

The number of reported ransomware attacks in Calgary fell 41% last year

The Philippines: Your online transaction may be a scam

Theft & Scam Alert: First they steal your iPhone and then they use Phishing to fool you into giving up your Apple ID and Password

Using the blockchain to prevent data breaches

11th February

America’s Vulnerable Energy Infrastructure Is A Threat To National Security

Best email security practices to protect your data privacy

Better intel sharing will help us combat scams, says Singapore minister

Case of Russian accused of hacking US companies sent to jury

Change Your LastPass Password Manager, Before It's Too Late

CISA Warns of Active Attacks Exploiting Fortra MFT, TerraMaster NAS, and Intel Driver Flaws

Clicking on Google Search Results Could Cost You All Your Passwords

Criminals will soon use ChatGPT to make scams more convincing, experts warn; only 'a matter of time' before Singapore hit

Crypto Scams of the Week: WalletConnect and Hickmirelimited

Cyber emergency at Tallahassee Memorial

Cybercriminals bypass ChatGPT restrictions to make malware worse, phishing emails better

Cybercriminals target fans of The Last of Us with recent malware and phishing scams

DeFi Protocol dForce Exploited of $3.65 Million by Hacker

Enigma, Vector, and TgToxic: The New Threats to Cryptocurrency Users

Greece: E-fraud soars 790% in 3 years

Hacker uses new 'Screenshotter' malware tool to target organisations

Has OpenAI Already Lost Control of ChatGPT?

India: Cyberciminals hacked AIIMS’ servers, encrypted 1TB-plus hospital data

Iranian State TV Hacked During President’s Speech on Revolution Day

Ireland: Credit Union issue urgent warning over latest scam that could see your account wiped

KeePass isn’t as safe as we once thought. Here’s why

More Dangerous Than ‘Spy Balloons’, US Identifies Chinese Cyber Threat As Bigger Challenge For Washington

Munster Technological University (MTU) Blackmailed by Russian Hacking Group

Munster Technological University (MTU) Centre of Cyber Attack

New ESXiArgs Ransomware Variant Emerges After CISA Releases Decryptor Tool

Online romance scams on the rise as Valentine’s Day approach

Only 2% of employees report possible email attacks

Pakistan Foreign Ministry Data Allegedly Hacked By Indian Hackers, Claims Report

Play Ransomware Lists A10 Networks on its Leak Site

Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) criticised for failing to recover from cyber attack two months later

Ransomware attack hits Oakland

Ransomware crooks steal 3m+ patients' medical records, personal info

Reddit hacked in a ‘sophisticated phishing’ attack; says no user data stolen

Reddit hacked in phishing attack; how to secure your account

Reported ransomware attacks in Calgary dropped 41% last year

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital responds to cyber attack by attacking workers

The hack attack? Perhaps a diversion that hides a more complex strategy

Tor And I2P Networks Embraced Multiple DDoS Attacks

Website Security: How to Protect Your Site from Cyber Attacks

What Happens if you Open a Phishing Email?

Why passkeys from Apple, Google, Microsoft may soon replace your passwords

10th February

3 Overlooked Cybersecurity Breaches

2022: DDoS Year-in-Review

A Look Ahead to 2023: 4 Identity Security Predictions

A10 Networks confirms data breach after Play ransomware attack

Amazon Web Services (AWS) malvertising campaign a “potent threat” to users, researchers warn

AmerisourceBergen data breach: Lorenz ransomware gang claims attack on pharma giant

An email attack can end up costing you over $1 million

Beware charity scammers preying on Turkey and Syria quake disasters

Beware of these fake OneNote files used by hackers to steal your information

Beyond ransomware: Evolving cybersecurity trends in 2023

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks surged 81% in 2022, 98% employees failed to report threat

California medical group data breach impacts 3.3 million patients

California Medical Group's Ransomware Breach Affects 3.3 Million

Cashtab[.]info, Coca-Cola, Costco, and Walmart – Top Survey Scams This Week

City of Oakland Hit With Ransomware Attack

City of Oakland hit with ransomware attack, but says ‘core functions’ are intact

City of Oakland systems offline after ransomware attack

Clop ransomware claims it breached 130 orgs using GoAnywhere zero-day

Clop ransomware has backdoors to allow Linux users to decrypt data

Cyber Incident Disrupts Modesto, California, Police Department

Cyber threats on the rise for resource industries

Cyberattack on ION Derivatives Unit Had Ripple Effects on Financial Markets

Dallas Central Appraisal District Confirms it Paid $170K to Hackers After Ransomware Attack

Data Breaches Often Start with Insecure Authentication

December ransomware attack leads to massive data breach from California health network

DeFi Protocol DForce Loses $3.6M in Reentrancy Exploit

Education Department reminds colleges of deadline for following cybersecurity rules

Edmonds School District says sensitive information could have been exposed in data breach

Endpoint security getting easier, but most organizations lack tool consolidation

Essential Practices for Defense Against Social Engineering Attacks

Event cybersecurity at the Super Bowl

Fifth of Industrial Control System (ICS) Bugs Have No Patch Available

Fraudsters Abuse Dynamic DNS Subdomains for Phishing

Geo Targetly URL Shortener Abused in Phishing Scam

Grocery delivery service Weee! confirms hack involving customer data

Hacker Exploits Flaw in Dota 2 to Create Malicious Custom Games

Hackers target US telecommunications firms, leak consumer data

HanesBrands' employee information was exposed during ransomware attack in 2022, lawsuits allege

How Cyberattacks Are Reshaping Modern Warfare

How much 5 health systems are paying to settle data breach lawsuits

Incident of the Week: Source code stolen in Reddit phishing attack

Indigo’s website and services still down for third day after cyber attack

Intesa Sanpaolo says most operations restored after ION ransomware attack

Ireland: What are obligations of a firm that has experienced a cyber security attack?

Kimmel Center, Philadelphia Orchestra websites hit by cyber attack

LockBit Leaps Conti as Top Ransomware Gang

Malicious Npm Package Uses Typosquatting, Downloads Malware

Malvertising: What is it and How Can it Lead to a Ransomware Attack?

Many Africans still believe cybercrime won’t affect them

Military Organizations in Pakistan Targeted With Sophisticated Espionage Tool

Millions of passwords stolen from LastPass earlier than company disclosed

More than 18,500 ESXi servers still vulnerable to VMware bug behind initial ransomware spree

New birthday phishing tactic could target 900 million people

New Jersey hospital admits data breach involving thousands of patients

New Threat Group Reviews Screenshots Before Striking

North Korea targets US, South Korean hospitals with ransomware to fund further cyber operations

North Korean Hackers Targeting Healthcare with Ransomware to Fund its Operations

North Korean ransomware attacks on healthcare fund government operations

Over 4 million users globally at risk from hardcoded Shopify tokens

Phishing attacks are easy for criminals. This is how expensive they could be for you

Rainbow Families' website in Italy forced to shut down following cyber-attack

Ransomware Group Claims It Attacked New York City Bar

Reddit breached: Internal docs, dashboards, systems accessed

Reddit cyber attack: Security upgrade warning for users after 'sophisticated' scam targets forum's staff

Reddit Data Breach Leaks Code, Internal Data

Reddit Hacked After Employee Bites on Phishing Scam

Reddit hacked in phishing attack; how to secure your account

Reddit hacked in sophisticated, highly-targeted phishing attack

Reddit Hit By Phishing Attack, Source Code Stolen

Reddit Suffers Security Breach Exposing Internal Documents and Source Code

Reddit suffers ‘sophisticated and highly targeted’ phishing attack, exposing source code

Reddit was hacked in a phishing attack targeting its employees

Reddit was hit with a phishing attack. How it responded is a lesson for everyone

Refund and Invoice Scams Surge in Q4

Researchers Uncover Obfuscated Malicious Code in PyPI Python Packages

Rise in scams prompts consumer warning from financial institutions

Royal ransomware spreads to Linux and VMware ESXi

Russian Charged With Laundering Ransomware Proceeds in Crypto Pleads Guilty in US

Russian hackers are trying to break into ChatGPT, says Check Point

Samsung Galaxy User’s, Update Your App Store, or Fall Victim to This Malware

Security and privacy concerns in digital payments

Seven Russian ransomware criminals sanctioned in joint UK/US crackdown on international cybercrime

Smishing: The elephant in the room

Social media platform Reddit breached in phishing attack

South Korea issues first-ever cyber sanctions against North Korea

Teaching to resume on Munster Technological University (MTU) Cork campuses following ransomware attack

The dangers of unsupported applications

The Dark Detectives: How to Defeat Reconnaissance-as-a-Service

This Amazon phishing scheme is stealing passwords

TrickBot ransomware gang members sanctioned by UK and US

Tucson USD gets most of its systems back online following cyber attack

U.K. and U.S. Sanction 7 Russians for TrickBot, Ryuk, and Conti Ransomware Attacks

U.S., South Korean Agencies Partner to #StopRansomware Threat from North Korea

UK government cracks down on hackers following rise in ransomware attacks

US school district cancelled Monday classes after suffering a major cyber attack

US Warns Critical Sectors Against North Korean Ransomware Attacks

VMware ransomware evolves to evade data recovery, reinfects servers

Weee! grocery startup says customer data stolen in data breach

Why SME Owners Need to Invest in Staff Cybersecurity Training

Why threat modeling can reduce your cybersecurity risk

Will access to 3rd-party apps for Apple users create security risks?

You Don’t Need To Be In IT To Understand A Supply Chain Hack

9th February

1 in 8 Brits who use internet dating have been targeted by romance scam

4 Types Of Crypto Phishing Attacks And How to Combat Them

2023: Complexity Reigns in Cybersecurity as Existing Threats Adapt and New Technologies Emerge

A Hackers Pot of Gold: Your MSP's Data

African tech is struggling with a surge in digital fraud

Arizona Hospital Pays $1.25 Million in HIPAA Settlement After Cyber Attack

As threat actors embace ChatGPT will Bard be more secure?

Banner Health Pays $1.25 Million for 2016 Data Breach, HIPAA Violations

Britain and US make major move against ransomware gangs by sanctioning seven individuals

Britain sanctions seven Russians over cyber crime

C-suite execs expect cyberattacks targeting financial data to increase this year

Canadian book giant Indigo limited to cash sales by cyberattack

Cayman Islands: Cop and telecoms staffer charged in data breach case

ChatGPT can be hacked to offer illicit AI-generated content including malware

ChatGPT could create super malware

ChatGPT will amplify today’s cybercrime

Cloud Credentials Phishing - Malicious Google Ads Target AWS Logins

Could the metaverse lead to a spike in cybercrime?

Critical Infrastructure at Risk from New Vulnerabilities Found in Wireless IIoT Devices

Cyber Insurance: The Policy Changes Needed To Save the Industry

Cybercriminals exploit volatile job market for targeted email attacks

Dark Web Market Revenues Sink 50% in 2022

Darknet market revenue plummeted to $1.3 billion in 2022

Derriford Hospital admits data breach as patient sent list of complaints against hospital

FBI’s ransomware takedown: one Hive down, a colony to go

Few Victims of Healthcare Data Breaches Take Advantage of Free Credit Monitoring Services

From dating to defrauding: Online romance scams surge as criminals cash in on lonely South Africans

Geotargeting tools are allowing phishing campaigns to home in on potential victims

Gootkit Malware Adopts New Tactics to Attack Healthcare and Finance Firms

Hacker attacks via Adobe Acrobat Sign on Youtubers, with ransomware and other Trojans

Hacker develops new 'Screenshotter' malware to find high-value targets

Hacker Gained Access To 14,000 Toyota Email Accounts Last Year

Hackers breach Reddit to steal source code and internal data

Hackers use fake crypto job offers to push info-stealing malware

Happy phishing day to you!

Health Service Executive (HSE) cyber attack: 32,000 notified of stolen data

Hong Kong: Thousands affected by Institute of Bankers data leak

How IT jobs and recruiting on the dark web might trick you

Inadequate cybersecurity investments leave rail industry at risk

Indigo’s website and services still down for third day after cyber attack

Irish university MTU cancels all classes for two days after an IT breach

It might be impossible now to recover data from VMware ransomware attacks

Kaspersky finds growing number of parents experiencing ransomware attacks on children's schools

Largest Canadian bookstore Indigo shuts down site after cyberattack

LockBit claims ransomware attack on power electronics company Phihong

Lockbit reaches new lows by targeting an Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) clinic

Maine government says state systems were not breached despite hacking group’s claims

Malicious Google ads sneak AWS phishing sites into search results

Michigan Attorney General warns of cybersecurity risks after data breach of gaming sites

Mount Saint Mary College confirms December ransomware attack

Munster Technological University (MTU) Cork confirms it suffered ransomware cyber attack as campus remains closed

NCC-CSIRT Issues Advisories to Protect Nigerians against Threat Actors

Network visibility and security gaps due to remote work challenge IT

New hacking group targets Pakistan’s Navy and maritime industry

New Info-Stealer Discovered as Russia Prepares Fresh Offensive

NewsPenguin Goes Phishing for Maritime & Military Secrets

NewsPenguin Threat Actor Emerges with Malicious Campaign Targeting Pakistani Entities

Nigeria: ‘Do not open unknown files’, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) issues cyberthreat to phone users

Novel phishing campaign takes screenshots ahead of payload delivery

OpenSSL Fixes Multiple New Security Flaws with Latest Update

Orion Hacker Steals $3M, Wants to Give It Back

Over SGD600 million lost to scams in 2022, with young adults most likely to fall victim

PayPal and Twitter abused in Turkey relief donation scams

Phishing up 36 percent in the last quarter of 2022 as attack tools get more sophisticated

Poland, Lithuania and UK warn of data-collection scam against Ukrainian refugee

Quell Ransomware And Malware Through Cyber Storage Resilience

Ransomware attacks took slight dip in 2022

Ransomware becoming growing problem for government, including police departments

Ransomware criminals sanctioned in joint UK/US crackdown on international cyber crime

Ransomware has hit 3,800 servers, but CISA says this tool might help

Ransomware Revolution: 4 Types of Cyber Risks in 2023

RDP and Cloud Databases Most Common Targets of Threat Actors

‘Real arms race' on defending Irish health system against cyber attacks

Russia’s cyberattacks aimed at ‘destabilizing’ Moldova, PM says

Russian hackers linked to HSE cyber attack sanctioned by UK government

Ryuk Ransomware-Related Money Laundering Committed by Russian Hacker

Ryuk, Conti ransomware members hit with UK sanctions in latest crackdown

SaaS Security Best Practices: Safeguard Consumer Data

Schools Out for Ransom: Education Under Attack

Securing manufacturing

Security vulnerabilities make the education sector a risky business

Seven Russians sanctioned over ransomware cyber-crime

Shocking Study Exposes Lax Security Of Online Stores Entrusted With Your Data

Singapore scam victims lost S$660.7 million in 2022

SNP MP Stewart McDonald says Russia-linked hackers hacked his private email account

Steps To Planning And Implementation Of Data Privacy

System Analysis Program (SAP) cyber resilience is not a one-and-done procedure

T-Mobile Leaks Customer Data in Another Data Breach: 37 Million Accounts Affected

The impact of Russia’s Ukraine invasion on digital threats

There's been a big rise in phishing attacks. This one worked

Threat Hunting Practices and Tools to Secure Your Network

Tor Network Hit By a Series of Ongoing DDoS Attacks

Trust Wallet Comes Clean On Rumors Regarding $4 Million ‘Hack’

U.S. and U.K. sanction TrickBot and Conti ransomware operation members

U.S. imposes cyber-related sanctions on Trickbot hacking gang

U.S., Britain impose sanctions on Russia's Trickbot hacking gang

U.S., UK impose cybersecurity sanctions on Russian group

UK and US sanction seven Russian cyber criminals over ransomware actions

UK cracks down on ransomware actors

UK imposes ‘first of their kind’ sanctions on Russian hackers who attacked British firms, schools and hospitals

UMass Memorial Health Center settles data breach suit for $1.2M

United States and United Kingdom Sanction Members of Russia-Based Trickbot Cybercrime Gang

US and South Korea accuse North Korea of using hospital ransoms to fund more hacking

US and UK sanction Conti, Ryuk, and Trickbot developers

US and UK sanction Russian cybercriminal gang accused of infecting millions of computers worldwide

US and UK Sanction Seven Russian Cyber-Criminals

US, South Korea Warn of North Korean Ransomware Threats

US, UK jointly sanction Russian Trickbot hackers

US, UK Sanction 7 Russians for Running Infamous Trickbot Malware

US, UK sanction Russia-based cybercrime gang

Weee! Grocery Service Hacked, 1.1m Accounts Leaked

Welcome To 2023 - A Year In Which Everyone Is Still Worried About Ransomware

What is a Pentester, and Can They Prevent Data Breaches?

What Is Biometric Authentication? Uses, Benefits & How It Works

What is business email compromise?

Why Cybersecurity Professionals Need To Understand A Hacker’s Perspective

Why VPN is Critical for Online Privacy and Security

8th February

4 security threats for 2023

4 Types of Cyber Attacks and How You Can Identify Them

7 things to do after a hacker breaks into your computer

20 Million Customers Affected After Background Check Service Hacked

98% of Organizations Use a Vendor That Had a Data Breach in the Past 2 Years

A Deep Dive Into the Growing GootLoader Threat

Alleged Crypto Money Launderer Tied to Ransomware Attacks Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charge

AmerisourceBergen MWI Animal Health hit by Lorenz; Company investigating

Apple ID scam email: Warning issued over impersonation scam

Are we finally seeing the end of passwords?

Auto dealers are prime targets for hackers, warn researchers

Blue Star detects cyber attack in their systems at certain locations

California County Issues Warning After Phishing Attempt

Canadian hospital declares Code Grey cyber security incident, some systems offline

CERT-UA Alerts Ukrainian State Authorities of Remcos Software-Fueled Cyber Attacks

CERT-UA Warns Ukrainian Authorities On Remcos Cyberattacks

ChatGPT Is A Hacker’s Dream. Will Google’s Bard Do Better?

Check Point 2023 Security Report: Cyberattacks reach an all-time high in response to geo-political conflict, and the rise of ‘disruption and destruction’ malware

CISA Offers Recovery Tool for ESXiArgs Ransomware Victims

CISA publishes recovery script for ESXiArgs ransomware as Florida courts, universities reel

CISA releases ESXiArgs-recovery tool for VMware ransomware victims

CISA releases ESXiArgs ransomware recovery script

CISA Releases Recovery Tool for VMware Ransomware Victims

Combating the Ever-Increasing Cyber Attacks in 2023

Cybercrime and ChatGPT – A New Challenge

Cybersecurity trends for 2023 and what to expect

Dallas appraisal district paid $170K in ransomware hit

Data Breach at UC Health

Dealerships must put cybersecurity plans in place for Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance

Do You Need EDR if You Already Have a Firewall?

Drug distributor AmerisourceBergen confirms security breach

Entelgy Innotec Security analyses cybersecurity risks and trends in 2023

Estonian intelligence: Russia underestimated Ukraine’s cyber resilience

Financial Institutions Face Increased Cybersecurity Risks

Google Fi Data Breach: A Lesson in Cloud Visibility

Government Accountability Office's Critical Infrastructure Cyber Recommendations Go Largely Unaddressed

Grocery delivery platform Weee! confirms data breach

Hackers are selling a service that bypasses ChatGPT restrictions on malware

Hackers bypass ChatGPT restrictions via Telegram, generate malicious content

Hackers used fake websites to target state agencies in Ukraine and Poland

Hong Kong Police Disrupt International Phishing Syndicate

How Does a Ransomware Negotiation Work?

How safe is your banking app?

How To Implement Phishing Attack Awareness Training

How to Use Cloud Access Security Brokers for Data Protection

India becomes 2nd most hacked country globally

India highest attacked country by hackers in Asia, 2nd globally in 2022

ION brings clients back online after ransomware attack

Last year's data breaches shook Australian businesses

Legacy VMware Hypervisors Suffer Global Ransomware Attack - Are You Patched?

Lessons Learned on Ransomware Prevention from the Rackspace Attack

Lindsay hospital initiates 'Code Grey' procedures after possible cyber attack

List of Proxy IPs Exposed to Block Killnet’s DDoS Bots

LockBit group threatens to publish stolen Royal Mail data tomorrow

Malicious Dota 2 game mods infected players with malware

Medibank faces data breach class action

Meet the prolific Russian espionage crew hacking spymasters and lawmakers

Microsoft OneNote Attachments Increasingly Used to Deliver Infostealer RATs

Money Lover for Android & iOS leaked email addresses, transactions

Netflix scam email warning: fake ‘account suspended’ message

New Analysis Reveals Number and Severity of Known Data Breaches in 2022 is Nearly Double What’s Been Reported

New cybersecurity data reveals persistent social engineering vulnerabilities

New ESXiArgs ransomware version prevents VMware ESXi recovery

New info-stealing malware used against Ukraine organizations

Nigerian Communications Commission’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT) issues advisories against increasing threat of phishing

‘No evidence of malicious access,’ Toyota says about serious bug exploited by outside researcher

North Korean hackers stole record virtual assets

North Yorkshire County Council: 259 data breaches from 2021 to 2022

Novel face swaps emerge as a major threat to biometric security

Password managers can be your safety net during data breaches, here's why

Phishing scam causes brief headache for Tehama County

Rackspace class action alleges company negligence caused data breach

Ransomware: ESXiArgs Campaign Snares at Least 2,803 Victims

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Operations at MKS Instruments

Ransomware attack may have caused IT breach that shut all four Cork MTU campuses

Ransomware attack on ION Trading shows markets' vulnerability to hackers

Regulator Halts AI Chatbot Over GDPR Concerns

Researcher successfully hacked Toyota’s global network

Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Linked to Ryuk Ransomware

Russian Hackers Using Graphiron Malware to Steal Data from Ukraine

Russian hackers using new Graphiron information stealer in Ukraine

Russian hacking group Seaborgium targets SNP MP Stewart McDonald

Russian threat group suspect uses screenshotting to observe victims before striking

Russian ‘WhisperGate’ hackers are using new data-stealing malware to target Ukraine

Scottish MP Admits Hack Of Personal Email, After National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Warning

Scottish MP Stewart McDonald fears emails hacked by Russia-linked group

Should You Cancel Your Credit Card After a Data Breach?

Singapore hit by growing cybercrimes, clocks $501 Million in losses from scams

SNP MP Stewart McDonald falls for phishing scam with Russian-backed hackers suspected

Stroke Scan, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting 50k Consumers

Sydney Man Sentenced for Blackmailing Optus Customers After Data Breach

The rights and wrongs of ransomware

The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Ransomware Protection: How enterprises Can Leverage the Latest Technologies to Protect Themselves

Third-Party Breaches Grow More Destructive

Third-Party Data Breach Victims Double, Healthcare Most Targeted

Threat group targets over 1,000 companies with screenshotting and infostealing malware

Top 8 Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges

Top Android Phones From China Are Packed With Spyware, Research Finds

Tor and I2P networks hit by wave of ongoing DDoS attacks

Toyota Global Supply Chain Portal Flaw Put Hacker in the Driver's Seat

UK High Court allows Bahraini activists to sue government over spyware

UK Politician's Email Hacked by Suspected Russian Threat Actors

UK’s Royal Mail Faces Threat From Ransomware Group LockBit

UMass Memorial Health data breach $1.2M class action settlement

Unpatched Security Flaws Disclosed in Multiple Document Management Systems

Unsophisticated ransomware campaign targeting VMware ripe for copycats

VMware Disputes Old Flaws at Root of ESXiArgs Ransomware Attacks

VMware ESXi ransomware wave hits courts and universities

Ways healthcare organisations can improve their data security

Weee! grocery service confirms data breach, 1.1 million affected

What's going on at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH)? Experts say incident has telltale signs of a ransomware attack

Why Switching to a Paid Email Provider Is Better for Online Privacy and Security

Why the Cybercrime Industrial Complex is Targeting Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

You Won’t Believe How Much Cybercriminals Make: A Shocking Study

7th February - Safer Internet Day

3 Organizations Report Recent Healthcare Data Breaches

7 Facts You Should Know About Hacking

A new Linux variant of Clop ransomware has major flaws, researchers say

Actively exploited GoAnywhere MFT zero-day gets emergency patch

All classes canceled at Irish university as it announces ‘significant IT breach’

Amazon S3 to apply security best practices for all new buckets

Attackers are searching for online store backups in public folders. Can they find yours?

Backdoor in Dingo Cryptocurrency Allows Creator to Steal (Nearly) Everything

Banks strike back at cybercriminals

Blow to Morgan Advanced Materials as cyber-attack to cost millions to deal with

Blue Star detects cyber attack at certain locations, but says no impact on operations

Cardiovascular Associates Files Notice of Data Breach, Leaking Patients Confidential Information

Challenges in Protecting Cyber Critical Infrastructure

ChatGPT’s potential to aid attackers puts IT pros on high alert

CISA releases recovery script for ESXiArgs ransomware victims

CISA says Killnet DDoS attacks on U.S. hospitals had little effect

Clop ransomware flaw allowed Linux victims to recover files for months

Consumers More Concerned About Financial Data Compromise Than Healthcare Data Breaches

CoW Swap hacker milks over 550 BNB using ‘solver’ exploit

Currys scam warning: fake Currys Smeg kettle giveaway

Cyber Attacks Targets Suicide Helpline

Cyber Insurance, A Must-Have for Small Businesses

Cybercriminals Bypass ChatGPT Restrictions to Generate Malicious Content

Cybercriminals Use These Types of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs)

Cybersecurity awareness is no longer a generic exercise for business

Cybersecurity in a post-pandemic working world

DeFi Hacker Milks Over $180,000 Worth of Crypto from CoW Swap DEX

Disney+ scam emails: fake ‘technical incident’ warning

Drugs Labs Busted After Encrypted Chat App Takedown

Education, self-awareness critical to curb cyber attacks

Eliminating SOC fatigue in today’s distributed, hybrid workplace

Encrypted Messaging App Exclu Used by Criminal Groups Cracked by Joint Law Enforcement

ESXiArgs Ransomware Launches Massive Attacks on VMware ESXi Servers

Excel Update to Fix XLL Download Risks in March: Here's How to Stay Safe Until Then

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) bars GoodRx from sharing consumer information for advertising

First Linux variant of Clop ransomware targeted universities, colleges but was flawed

Florida state court system, US, EU universities hit by ransomware outbreak

Four ways to maximize a cybersecurity budget

Fraud alert! That WhatsApp message from your boss might be a phishing campaign

Fresh start: Time to reset passwords and rethink your password management strategy

Fresh, Buggy Clop Ransomware Variant Targets Linux Systems

Hackers actively exploiting VMware bug in ransomware campaign

Hackers Exploit Vulnerabilities in Sunlogin to Deploy Sliver C2 Framework

Häfele IT systems down after cyber attack

Hidalgo County Adult Probation Center hit by cyber attack

Highmark, Inc. Announces Data Breach Affecting an Estimated 300k Patients

How financial firms are fending off ransomware

How Machine Learning is Solving Fraud Detection in Finance

How to avoid scams and fraud: Best practices for your business

How to scale cybersecurity for your business

How to Spot a Nefarious Cryptocurrency Platform

In 2022, critical infrastructures provided for more than half of ransomware assaults

Insider Risk Facts You Can't Afford To Ignore

ION Trading UK Prepares to Bring Clients Back Online After Cyber Attack

Linux Variant of Clop Ransomware Spotted, But Uses Faulty Encryption Algorithm

LockBit cartel finally claims Royal Mail ransomware attack

LockBit ransomware gang claims Royal Mail cyberattack

LockBit ransomware group threatens to publish stolen Royal Mail data

Massive ransomware operation targets VMware ESXi: How to protect from this security threat

Medusa botnet returns as a Mirai-based variant with ransomware sting

Metaverse adds new dimensions to Web 3.0 cybersecurity

MKS Instruments falls victim to ransomware attack

'Money Lover' Finance App Exposes User Data

More lawsuits filed over Knox College ransomware attack

New Banking Trojan Targeting 100 Million Pix Payment Platform Accounts

New QakNote attacks push QBot malware via Microsoft OneNote files

North Korea Crypto Theft at Record High in 2022

North Korea Using Unpatched Zimbra Devices to Spy on Researchers

Ongoing VMware ESXi Ransomware Attack Highlights Inherent Virtualization Risks

Online banks servicing UK's SMBs found to have 'serious' security flaws

Over 12% of analyzed online stores expose private data, backups

PeopleConnect data leak exposed the data of 20 million TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate customers

Persistent phishing to push passkeys past passwords

Phishing Attacks: What You Need to Know

Police crackdown Exclu App in the fight against criminal chatting

Protecting Your Data When it’s in the Hands of a Third-party

Ransomware: UK, Germany and France among most attacked nations

Ransomware outbreak hits Florida Supreme Court, U.S. and European universities

Record-breaking 2022 for North Korea crypto theft

Released: Decryptor for Cl0p ransomware’s Linux variant

Remcos software deployed in spying attempt on Ukraine’s government

Researcher breaches Toyota supplier portal with info on 14,000 partners

Retail Sector Ransomware Attacks Grow by 67% in 2022

RSAWeb battles to restore services after cyber attack

Russian e-commerce giant exposed buyers' delivery addresses

Russian man pleads guilty to laundering Ryuk ransomware money

Ryuk-Linked Russian Pleads Guilty in US Court

Saolta confirms data breach at Letterkenny University Hospital (LUH)

Safer Internet Day is a reminder of the perils of cyber attack

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Suspected ransomware attack hits Ross Memorial Hospital

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6th February

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UScellular Customer Data On Hacker Forum

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VMware ESXi servers targeted in ransomware wave

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