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Monday 20 February 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 8 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 20th February and 26th February 2023.

26th February

4 Emerging Cybersecurity Threats and How to Prevent Them

ChromeLoader campaign lures with malicious VHDs for popular games

Crypto-mining malware attacking Apple Mac with pirated software

Cyber security risks on the rise

Data exfiltration: Another cybersecurity issue to add to your list

Dish Network services remain offline today following suspected cyberattack

Ethical hacker among 3 arrested for blackmail and ransomware attacks

German minister warns of ‘massive’ danger from Russian hackers

How a Toronto-area police force helped take down a Russian-linked ransomware group

How Telegram became the battlefront of the Russia-Ukraine cyberwar

Incentives and threats: How to avoid scammers 'phishing' for money, personal information

It's not just you: Cybercriminals are also using ChatGPT to make their jobs easier

‘Limited number’ of News Corp employees sent breach notification letters after January cyberattack

Passkeys: the Solution to Our Password Problem?

Platypus DeFi Attackers are Currently in French Police Custody

Remote working and the data privacy challenge

Sri Lanka: Hackers target local corporates for ‘Phishing’

University at Buffalo (UB) Box Office’s third-party vendor reports data breach

When Low-Tech Hacks Cause High-Impact Breaches

Why slowing down will help you to avoid online scam

25th February

6 Ways to Simplify Your Cybersecurity Efforts

Arrests imminent in Belize phishing scams

Canada: Data breach could include Huskie ticket sales

Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) warns customers of fake email that is being circulated

ChatGPT – Cyber criminals create fake apps that steal users’ personal information

Crypto-mining scheme run from US school crawl space

Cyber attack on the server of the northern health network in Cali

Dish Network goes offline after likely cyberattack, employees cut off

'Ethical hacker' among ransomware suspects cuffed by Dutch cops

Fake ChatGPT Clones Spread Malware to an Ample Windows and Android Devices

Fruit shortages could be on the way following Dole ransomware attack

FTX Hacker Has Started Dumping His Ether Holdings For Bitcoin, On-Chain Data Reveals

Hackers deface over 32 Russian websites with Kremlin on fire video

Hackers deface over 32 Russian websites, leaves 'Kremlin on Fire' video

Hackers Deface Russian Websites on Ukraine Invasion Anniversary

How to avoid falling victim to an online scam – research says slow down

Jump Crypto and Oasis.app ‘counter exploits’ Wormhole hacker for $225M

Jump Crypto Just Paid $140 Million to Counter-Exploit Wormhole Hacker

PureCrypter malware hits govt orgs with ransomware, info-stealers

Russian Ransomware Projects Rebranded to Avoid Western Sanctions

Sainsbury's and Argos issue warning about online air fryer scam

Serial hacker suspected of stealing psychotherapy patient records extradited to Finland

SMB Protocol: How It Works and What Makes It Vulnerable

Telus source code, staff info for sale on dark web forum

What churches need to know about avoiding cyber scams

You Vs. Cyber Attacks

24th February

5 healthy cyber habits to practice in 2023

7 Metaverse Crimes to Watch Out for in Virtual Worlds

10 Cyber Risks and Realities We’re Seeing This Year — And Beyond

A Year of the Russia-Ukraine War: Seven Types of Cyberattacks Used Against Ukraine

A year of wiper attacks in Ukraine

Adult content, streaming, and video hosting sites have the most security threats

After GoAnywhere MFT hack, HHS again warns of Clop ransomware threat

AI-generated content appears in LinkedIn phishing scams, but can users spot it?

Arkansas health system faces lawsuit regarding its November data breach

Asia-Pacific Faced the Highest Share of Cyberattacks in 2022

Australia retailer's customer data compromised in third-party breach

Centric Health fined €460,000 over 2019 ransomware attack

ChatGPT, ransomware “services” up the ante in the escalating battle between cybercriminals and their victims

Chinese national accused of 2022 mass data leak

CISA Calls For Increased Vigilance One Year After Ukraine's Russian Invasion

CISA Sounds Alarm on Cybersecurity Threats Amid Russia's Invasion Anniversary

Cleveland Brothers Holdings, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting Thousands of Social Security Numbers

Commonwealth University notifies 2,158 physician assistant portal users affected by data breach

Cork headquartered cybersecurity firm warns of rise in phishing attacks

Cryptojackers Deploy Trojanized Mac Apps on The Pirate Bay

Cyber scams are exploiting Türkiye-Syria earthquake relief efforts. Here’s what to know

Cybersecurity in the Age of Technology: Protecting Your Business Against Digital Threats

Cybersecurity in this era of polycrisis

Defenders on high alert as backdoor attacks become more common

DeFi Protocol Platypus Announces Major Compensation after $9M Hack

Digital forensics and incident response: The most common DFIR incidents

Disney+ scam warning over fake emails offering yearly subscription for £2

DLL sideloading and CVE attacks show diversity of threat landscape

DNA Diagnostics Center to pay $400,000 fine for 2021 data breach

DNA testing service to pay $400k for data breach it ignored

Dole operations briefly paused in North America after ransomware hit

Dutch Police Arrest Three Ransomware Actors Demanding €2.5 Million

Dutch Police arrest three ransomware actors extorting €2.5 million

Employees bypass cybersecurity guidance to achieve business objectives

Emtec, Inc. Reports Data Breach Affecting Over 7,000 People Following Cyberattack

Even Top-Ranked Android Apps in Google Play Store Provide Misleading Data Safety Labels

Experts predict how AI will energize cybersecurity in 2023 and beyond

FedEx, DHL, and Apple – Top Phishing Scams of the Week

Firms Who Pay Ransom Subsidise 10 New Attacks

Five Cybersecurity Threats Affecting Businesses in February 2023

Food giant Dole hit by ransomware

Hacker group defaces Russian websites to display the Kremlin on fire

Hacker used phishing attack to breach gaming giant Activision's internal systems

High-profile data leaks in Australia add a new level of urgency to cybersecurity protections

How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks?

How to spot 'legitimately scary' phishing scams, according to a chartered accountant

How to Use AI in Cybersecurity and Avoid Being Trapped

IBM report reveals vulnerable UK energy system among top targets for cybercriminals

Incident management vs. incident response explained

Indigo says ransomware attack breached data of current and former employees

Injunctions – a valuable tool in data breach toolkit

Investment Scams Drive $9bn in Fraud in 2022

IT admins notified as Microsoft revokes previously recommended Exchange antivirus exclusions

LockBit reduces ransom demand by half to £33m, but Royal Mail refuses to budge

Malicious actors push the limits of attack vectors

Malware and ransomware biggest threat to Thai businesses

Medibank bleeds $26 million in cyber costs following hack

Microsoft: Here's how our technology disrupts ransomware and phishing attacks

Microsoft announces automatic BEC, ransomware attack disruption capabilities

Microsoft grows automated assault disruption to cover BEC, ransomware campaigns

More than 1.5 million Good Guys customers impacted by cyberattack

Namecheap Email System Hacked to Send DHL and Metamask Phishing Emails

'New Class of Bugs' in Apple Devices Opens the Door to Complete Takeover

New Healthcare H2 2022 Data: Reported Breaches Trend Down, But Individuals Affected Skyrocket by 35% to Nearly 29 Million

News Corp says state hackers were on its network for two years

Oakland says 311, business license systems still down, but National Guard is helping

Ohio’s largest oil producer says ‘no impact’ seen after cyberattack

Okta Report Surfaces Progress on Shift to Zero-Trust

Paying ransomware gangs could fund up to ten additional attacks

Phishing attacks on businesses jumped by 60% last year

Platypus Finance divulges its plans for recouping

Privacy Concerns Raised Over Android Apps' Data Safety Labels

Ransomware 3.0 strikes on the rise

Ransomware attack cripples Oakland’s 311 system as winter storm hits region

Ransomware attack forces Irish food production giant Dole to pause North American operations

Ransomware part of attack that compromised 2,000 LA student records

Research predicts major cybersecurity workforce shifts in coming years

Revenue Cycle Management Company Reports Healthcare Data Breach Impacting 250K

Rockler Companies, Inc. Announces Data Breach Impacting More than 8,600 Individuals

Royal Mail appears to call LockBit’s ransomware bluff – loses gigabytes of data

Royal Mail stands firm as LockBit leaks data and renews ransom demand

Russian cybercrime is starting to rebound after war disruption

Russian hacker behind NLBrute malware extradited to US

Russian IT “Brain Drain” Decentralizes Cybercrime

Should we Make Ransomware Payments Illegal?

Sobeys sends letter to employees regarding cyber attack in fall 2022

Some Indigo employee data was stolen in ransomware attack, retailer now says

Stanford University discloses data breach affecting PhD applicants

Stanislaus State Restoring Network After Unusual Activity

Stay ahead of cyberattacks: A guide to cybersecurity

Telus says it’s investigating claims employee information was posted on ‘dark web’

Ten social engineering techniques used by hackers

The Good Guys targeted in historic data breach

The Implications Of ChatGPT On Cybercrime

The Latest Victims of Tech Layoffs? Ransomware Hackers

Threat Groups Using Translation Tools in Phishing Attacks

Three arrested in massive hacking, data theft and blackmail probe

True Health New Mexico settles lawsuit over 2021 ransomware incident

Twitter’s January Data Leak Left 200 Million Users Exposed

University of Saskatchewan (USask) alerted about third-party data breach

URLs 4X More Likely than Phishing Attachments to Reach Users

Warning as Microsoft PC users are flooded with dangerous spam emails

23rd February

3 Ways to better manage and protect data in a hybrid data center

4 Great Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

Activision Responds To A Data Breach That Might Have Compromised Future Call Of Duty Information

Americans lost $8.8 billion to fraud in 2022 after 30% surge

Anonymous: Russian Radio Stations Hacked with Fake Missile Alerts

Attackers reduce complexity to catch more potential victims

Attorneys General Bring Multistate Data Breach Settlement Against DNA Testing Lab

Brock University alerted to third-party data breach involving event ticket sales

Charlottesville City Schools dealing with spike in email scams

Clasiopa hackers use new Atharvan malware in targeted attacks

Clever Scam is Costing Disney-Loving Consumers Big Bucks

Code alert: GoDaddy’s data breach revealed

Cyber criminals are coming for your data – here’s how to stop them

Cyber criminals targeting younger Canadians, survey says

Cyber insurance is a hot topic for banks - here’s how to make sure it doesn’t become a hot potato

Cyber Sanctions: An Effective Weapon or Just Posturing?

Data breaches cost an average $9.44m in the US last year

Data Loss Prevention Best Practices For K-12 Education

DeFi Protocol Platypus to Repay at Least 63% of User Funds After $9M Hack

Disturbing Disney+ Scam Steals Thousands From Fans

Do these things to keep your home network safe from cyberattack

Dozens of Malicious 'HTTP' Libraries Found on PyPI

Experts Sound Alarm Over Growing Attacks Exploiting Zoho ManageEngine Products

FINRA Warns of Ongoing Fake-Email Scam

Food producer Dole confirms ransomware attack

Fruit giant Dole suffers ransomware attack impacting operations

Hacker attack on Italy after Meloni’s visit to Kiev: government sites, businesses, carabinieri and banks hit

Hacker Circulates Mac Malware Via Pirated Software Torrents

Hackers Are Using Open AI’s ChatGPT to Launch Cyberattacks

Hackers use ChatGPT phishing websites to infect users with malware

Hackers Use S1deload Stealer to Target Facebook, YouTube Users

Hackers Using Trojanized macOS Apps to Deploy Evasive Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Hutchinson Clinic Posts Notice of Data Breach Affecting Sensitive Patient Information

ICO Calls on Accountants to Improve SME Data Protection

India: IRCTC-Approved Ticketing App Hacked - Sensitive Data Of 3.1 Cr Passengers On Sale

Lazarus Group Likely Using New WinorDLL64 Backdoor to Exfiltrate Sensitive Data

Lehigh Valley Health Network Hit By BlackCat Ransomware Attack

Lessons in cybersecurity: Control the breach narrative

Lettuce Is Disappearing From Grocery Store Shelves - Here's Why

LockBit leaks 44GB of Royal Mail's data and sets fresh £33 million ransom

LockBit ransomware group targets Portuguese water utility company, demands a ransom

Los Angeles Unified Hack Exposed 2K Student Records, Officials Say

Microsoft urges Exchange admins to remove some antivirus exclusions

More Royal Mail data leaked by LockBit as international dispatch resumes after ransomware attack

Multiple Lawsuits Filed Against Regal Medical Group Over 3.3 Million-Record Ransomware Attack

Mysterious ‘Nevada Group’ Launches Mass Ransomware Attack

National Security Agency (NSA) best home network practices

Nearly 80% of Google Play Store apps have discrepancies in privacy reporting

Nearly 5,000 businesses hit by ESXiArgs ransomware attack

New Hacking Cluster 'Clasiopa' Targeting Materials Research Organizations in Asia

New S1deload Malware Hijacking Users' Social Media Accounts and Mining Cryptocurrency

North Korean hackers move $3.2M from Gate.io 2018 hack

Oakland ransomware attack stretches into 3rd week

Phishing Sites and Apps Use ChatGPT as Lure

Phishing Techniques CIOs should be aware of in 2023

Pirated Final Cut Pro infects your Mac with cryptomining malware

Popular IBM file transfer tool vulnerable to cyberattacks, CISA says

Proven Techniques for Effective Email Spam Filtering

PureCrypter targets government entities through Discord

Python Developers Warned of Trojanized PyPI Packages Mimicking Popular Libraries

Ransomware Gang Conti Has Re-Surfaced and Now Operates as Three Groups

Report Details Increasingly Sophisticated Phishing Attacks and Proxies Targeting Students

Research Reveals LockBit Ransomware Surges While Android Droppers Emerge as Top Business Threat

Researchers find hidden vulnerabilities in hundreds of Docker containers

Researchers Warn of Cyber Attacks Targeting Data Center Providers Globally

Royal Mail cyber attack: Russian hackers claim data has been published after ransom refused

Royal Mail restores global shipping weeks after LockBit ransomware attack

Russia-linked ransomware group claims continued health care attacks

Russia-Ukraine: New Norms in Cyber Warfare Emerging

Russian accused of developing password-cracking tool extradited to US

Russian covert influence operations have become ‘low-quality,’ says Meta

Russian Invasion Sparks Global Wiper Malware Surge

Russian Malware Developer Behind NLBrute Extradited to US

Russian malware developer behind NLBrute hacking tool extradited to US

Saudi social media app leaks user info and pictures

Singapore saw a record number of scams and cybercrime cases in 2022: Lost over half a billion dollars

Snapchat hacker being investigated for Gaylord High School threat

Stress will drive a quarter of cyber defenders out the door

TELUS investigating leak of stolen source code, employee data

The Good Guys customers possibly affected by data breach at former third-party provider My Rewards

The Importance of Trust in your Insider Risk Program

The potential pitfalls of open source management

The Secret Vulnerability Finance Execs are Missing

This ransomware group wants you to double-cross your insurer

This Year’s Top Cybersecurity Threats And How To Protect Your Business

Threat Groups Using Translation Tools in Phishing Attacks

Trellix Finds LockBit Ransomware Gang Most Apt to Leak Stolen Data

Ukraine says Russian hackers backdoored government websites in 2021

Users looking for ChatGPT apps get malware instead

Valve “honeypot” used to ban 40,000 Dota 2 players using cheat

Valve's Anti-Cheat Measures in Dota 2 Lead to 40,000 Account Bans

Warning over 'Argos' air fryer scam which steals card details and empties bank accounts

Weak Credentials, Unpatched Flaws, Reliance on Tools Plagued Orgs in 2022

What are the Benefits of Implementing VPNs Against Cyberattacks?

What is Website Spoofing?

Why Healthcare Organizations Desperately Need Incident Response (And The Technology To Support It)

Why Organizations Should Not Rely on the New EU US Privacy Framework in the Long-Term

WinorDLL64 Backdoor Linked to Lazarus Group

22nd February

3 Steps to Automate Your Third-Party Risk Management Program

$3.8 Billion in Crypto Stolen Last Year, Mostly by North Korea

5 top threats from 2022 most likely to strike in 2023

14 Essential Steps To Take To Secure Household IoT Devices

2022 yields the most threat activity in history

Activision Suffers Data Breach, Call of Duty Plans Stolen

Android voice chat app with 5m installs leaked user chats

Apple Bug Could Allow Attackers Access to Photos and Messages

Apple Warns of 3 New Vulnerabilities Affecting iPhone, iPad, and Mac Devices

Are your details being traded on dark web by scammers? Britons urged to remain vigilant

As it recovers from ransomware attack, Rackspace tops quarterly earnings forecast

Attackers Flood NPM Repository with Over 15,000 Spam Packages Containing Phishing Links

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to get tough on cyber attack disclosure

Bahraini Hackers Target Israeli, Bahraini Websites, Claim Cyber Attack, Voice Opposition To Israeli Presence In Bahrain, Support For Bahraini Opposition

Beware of this Disney+ impersonation email which leads to a phishing website

BlackCat ransomware gang targets Lehigh Valley Health Network, demands a ransom

Brand Impersonation Online is a Multidimensional Cybersecurity Threat

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks Persist

Call of Duty Developer Confirms Phishing Attempt but Not Breach

CentraState Medical Center Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over December 2022 Ransomware Attack

City of Oakland says ransomware attack 'contained' as services slowly come back online

Cybersecurity: sectors and regions most at risk

Data Security For Governments: Current Challenges And The Way Forward

Debunking conventional wisdom: increased security improves performance and customer experience

DNA Diagnostics Center Reaches $400K Settlement After Healthcare Data Breach

Dutch intelligence: Many cyberattacks by Russia are not yet public knowledge

Employees at Gaming Giant Activision Hit by SMS Phishing Attack

Estonia: Police warn of phishing scam which uses alarming phone text message

Five ways to protect your business from cyber scams in 2023

FortiGuard Labs Reports Destructive Wiper Malware Increases Over 50%

Gcore Thwarts Massive 650 Gbps DDoS Attack on Free Plan Client

GoDaddy says it suffered multiyear data breach

Hackers Advertising New Info-Stealing Malware on Dark Web

Hackers now exploit critical Fortinet bug to backdoor servers

Hackers use fake ChatGPT apps to push Windows, Android malware

Hackers using AI to write malicious codes

Highmark class action alleges preventable data breach affected at least 30K patients

Hope Finance Loses $2 Million Of User Funds To A Hacker

How Chatbots Will Change Phishing Attacks

How the gaming industry is risking its most vulnerable users

How to conduct incident response tabletop exercises

Hydrochasma: New Threat Actor Targets Shipping Companies and Medical Labs in Asia

Hydrochasma Group Targets Asian Medical and Shipping Sectors

Hydrochasma hackers target medical research labs, shipping firms

IBM: Most ransomware blocked last year, but cyberattacks are moving faster

IBM Report: Ransomware Persisted Despite Improved Detection in 2022

IBM report finds ransomware persisted in 2022 despite improved detection

IBM Security Finds Ransomware Attacks Take Less Than Four Days

Indigo admits cyber attack was ransomware, employee data accessed

January 2023 Healthcare Data Breach Report

Lehigh Valley Health Network discloses ransomware attack, refuses to pay

LinkedIn: The first-ever AI-generated phishing campaign hits the platform

Local ISPs warn of rising ransomware attacks

Mac & Windows owners have to contend with different kinds of malware

Manufacturers Are the Top Target for Ransomware Attacks

Most vulnerabilities associated with ransomware are old

Never Trust Your Application’s Supply Chain with Security

New research finds only 7.8% of US colleges are protected against phishing emails

New S1deload Stealer malware hijacks Youtube, Facebook accounts

New Stealc malware-as-a-service targets web browsers, crypto wallets, email clients

Npm Packages Used to Distribute Phishing Links

NPM repository flooded with 15,000 phishing packages

NSA shares guidance on how to secure your home network

Open Source Flaws Found in 84% of Codebases

Over 31m user records stolen from Indian rail ticketing site RailYatri published on the dark web

Phishing, king of compromise, remains top initial access vector

Phishing Fears Ramp Up on Email, Collaboration Platforms

Phishing Scammers Attack Fake Ethereum Denver Website Again

Phishing still the leading way attackers breach security controls

Preparing A Response Plan Will Help Mitigate Damage of a Data Breach

Preparing for Supply Chain Cyberattack

Public Safety Organizations are Unprepared for Cyberattacks

Putin Speech Interrupted by DDoS Attack

Ransomware attack: some city of Oakland services are back online while recovery work continues

Resecurity warns about cyber-attacks on data center service providers

Rocky Mountain Bank (RMB) Issues Phishing Phone & Text Scam Alert

Royal Mail Reinstates International Services Following Cyber-attack

Russia blames hackers as commercial radio stations broadcast fake air strike warnings

Russian Malware Developer Arrested And Extradited To The United States

Russian Media Hacked During Putin's Speech, Pro-Ukraine Hackers Claim Responsibility

Russian radio stations play out 'fake' air raid warning after 'hack', Kremlin officials claim

Russian Wrecking Crews Go Phishing with Worms and Wipers

Shield your router so that it is not the gateway to a cyber attack

SMS Phishing Attack: What is Smishing, types of smishing attacks, how to prevent, and other related queries

The Ransomware Threat & Other Security Challenges to Resilience Management in the Post-COVID Era

The state of cybercrime and what CXOs must do to improve cyber resilience

The Top 6 Cyberthreat Actors: Today’s Most Active Groups

The top security threats to GraphQL APIs and how to address them

This Android security risk is often overlooked. Google wants that to change

Threat Actors Adopt Havoc Framework for Post-Exploitation in Targeted Attacks

Time Taken to Deploy Ransomware Drops 94%

Top Russian Cybercrime Forums in 2023

Trellix Finds LockBit Ransomware Gang Most Apt to Leak Stolen Data

Trove of L.A. Students’ Mental Health Records Posted to Dark Web After Cyber Hack

True Health New Mexico data breach class action settlement

Tusla to contact 20,000 people affected in 2021 HSE cyber attack

U.S. Cybersecurity Agency CISA Adds Three New Vulnerabilities in Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog

Urgent Dublin Credit Union fraud warning over phishing scam targeting members

US: 2 local schools send memos to parents about cyber incidents

Valve waited 15 months to patch high-severity flaw. A hacker pounced

VMware patches critical injection flaw in Carbon Black App Control (CVE-2023-20858)

VMware Patches Critical Vulnerability in Carbon Black App Control Product

VMware warns admins of critical Carbon Black App Control flaw

Vulnerable UK energy system among top targets for cybercriminals

Washington State city allegedly hit by ransomware

What Are Living off the Land (LOTL) Attacks?

What is Cybersecurity? Definition, Meaning, and Purpose

Who is responsible for cybersecurity in the home?

Why retail is increasingly targeted by cybercriminals

Why Zero Trust Isn’t a Silver Bullet for Security

Widespread virus affecting companies and individuals in Kuwait

You’ve Been Phished! But What Happens Next?

21st February

59.7 Million patient records were breached in 2022: 7 things to know

Activision confirms data breach exposing employee and game info

Activision did not notify employees of data breach for months

Activision employees reportedly found out about data breach on social media

Activision suffered a data breach; Hackers steal games and employee data

An Overview of the Global Impact of Ransomware Attacks

Bad actors are using generative AI to perfect social engineering schemes. Here’s what you need to know

Belfast construction firm targeted by group behind Royal Mail ransomware attack

Call of Duty content schedule leaked as part of alleged Activision hack

CentraState Data Breach – Can you sue the hospital?

ChatGPT is bringing advancements and challenges for cybersecurity

Check your phone: Spyware found in apps impersonating WhatsApp, Facebook

Civil liberties groups call for EU-wide ban on spyware

Clop Ransomware Breaches 130 Organizations, Steals 1 Million CHS Healthcare Patients’ Records

Coinbase Employee Falls for SMS Scam in Cyber Attack, Limited Data Exposed

Coinbase explains how ‘0ktapus’ hacker accessed corporate directory

Coinbase says some employees’ information stolen by hackers

CommonSpirit Health Ransomware Attack Leads to $150M in Losses To Date

Companies House email scam: what it is, how it works, UK fraud explained - is it a phishing attack?

Complexity, volume of cyber attacks lead to burnout in security teams

Containment measures prevented spread of cyber attack across Virgin Media Television servers

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Details SMS Phishing Attack

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Details SMS Phishing Attacks

Cyber attack strikes Virgin Media TV

Cyber attack targets FBI field office in New York

Cyber in 2023 so far

Cyber security training: Insights for future professionals

Cybercrime, Crypto Scams on the Rise in Portugal, Say Prosecutors

Cybersecurity Burnout – Human vs Machine

Cybersecurity, the New Normal

Dark web threats are rising. Should small businesses be concerned?

Data privacy violations are the new cyber threats for insurers

DeFi hackers are making bank this year - it’s February

DNA Diagnostic Center fined $400,000 for 2021 data breach

ESXiArgs Ransomware Has Spread to 500 New Targets in Europe. Will there be More?

Ethereum Denver fell victim to a Phishing Attack

Even hackers are getting laid off: As companies beef up cybersecurity, one hacker group reportedly let go of 45 telemarketers tricking people into inviting ransomware

Even hackers are reportedly getting laid off by organized crime groups

Exploit released for critical Fortinet RCE flaws, patch now

Fifth of Brits Have Fallen Victim to Online Scammers

Folkestone: Rocksalt customers' data at risk after restaurant targeted by scam

GoDaddy Confirms Multi-Year Data Breach with Stolen Source Code and Customer Data

Google will boost Android security through firmware hardening

Guidance on staying cyber-secure when you’re out of the office

Hackers Exploit Privilege Escalation Flaw on Windows Backup Service

Hackers steal Activision games and employee data

Hackers steal Activision's upcoming Call of Duty (COD) games, 'employee data'

HMRC issues new scam warning to every taxpayer with an email account

How South African businesses can start the financial year digitally secure

How to Build a Robust Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Startup

How to reduce the risks of email attacks

How to secure your business against cyber threats

Imperva releases its Global DDoS Threat Landscape Report 2023

Internal data breach in Husbanken

Ireland Set to Notify 20,000 More Health Data Breach Victims

Irish TV broadcaster says attempted hack will affect programming

Is blockchain really secure? Here are four pressing cyber threats you must consider

Israel's Top Tech University Targeted by DarkBit Ransomware

KFI Engineers pays $300k ransom, Black Basta ransomware group

Kim Kardashian Twitter hacker to be extradited to US

Koreans lost nearly W1.7 Trillion to phishing scams over past 5 years

Largest Exit Scam on Arbitrum: Hope Finance Drained for $2M

Lehigh Valley Health Network and MKS Instruments Recovering from Ransomware Attacks

Lessons From a Ransomware Attack: The Importance of Partnership & Collaboration

Login Details of Tech Giants Leaked in Two Data Center Hacks

LockBit gang takes credit for attack on water utility in Portugal

Mideast governments accused of using fake dating profiles in arrests of LGBT people

Multi-Factor Authentication Is Crucial for IoT Security

MyloBot Botnet Spreading Rapidly Worldwide: Infecting Over 50,000 Devices Daily

New Jersey hospital facing lawsuit for data breach that affected 671,000 patients

New Privilege Escalation Bug Class Found on macOS and iOS

New Report from RiskLens Finds Government, Healthcare Sectors Face Highest Financial Loss Exposure from Cybersecurity Incidents

New report reveals Britons are ‘phishing’ bait for online criminals

No-win, no-fee lawyers circling Arnold Clark over data breach

Oakland ransomware attack: Here's a look at how other cities solved their cyberattacks

Phishing attacks: The phisherman, the phish, the bait and the hook

Platypus to work on compensation plan after $8.5M attack

PoC exploit, IoCs for Fortinet FortiNAC RCE released (CVE-2022-39952)

Political motive behind hacking RailYatri data: Hacker

Porsche South Africa suffers ransomware attack

Putin silenced by Pro-Ukrainian hackers during DDoS attack on Russian media

RailYatri Data breach – Over 31 Million Users Data Exposed

Ransomware attack on semiconductor giant Applied Materials’ supplier will cost $250 million

Ransomware Attacks, Payments Declined In 2022

Ransomware Gang Seeks to Exploit Victims' Insurance Coverage

Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services data breach class action settlement

Researchers Discover Numerous Samples of Information Stealer 'Stealc' in the Wild

Researchers Uncover New Information Stealer 'Stealc'

Researchers Warn of ReverseRAT Backdoor Targeting Indian Government Agencies

Royal Mail resumes full export service after cyber attack

Royal Mail resumes overseas deliveries via post offices after cyber-attack

Russian state TV ‘hit by cyber attack’ during Putin’s speech

Selling Cybersecurity: Five Ways to Get to Yes

Sensitive US military emails spill online

South Africa: First National Bank (FNB) home loan applicants' personal info exposed in app data breach

South Korea: Phishing scams cause $1.28 billion in damages over past five years

The Dark Side of Technology: Navigating the Threat of Cybercrime

The Most Pressing Cybersecurity Challenges of 2023

The ultimate guide to malware

This fake Linkedin ad could be one of the first AI-generated phishing campaigns

This tricky ransomware uses your insurance company against you

Threat Hunting: What it is and 5 key challenges

Threat-Informed Response: Accelerating Investigation and Recovery

Three-quarters of businesses braced for ‘serious’ email attack this year

Too many SMBs continue to pay ransomware crooks - exacerbating the problem

Twitter hacker to be extradited

Ukraine’s largest charity wants to raise $1.3 million for ‘cyber offensive’

Ukrainian hackers claim disruption of Russian TV websites during Putin speech

What can we learn from the latest Coinbase cyberattack?

Why 2022 was a good year for cyber insurers

Why Security Culture Is Key To Cybersecurity Resilience

Zero trust builds on identity management

20th February

5 security tips to avoid malware on the internet in 2023

7 essential tips for safe online shopping

Activision allegedly hacked, future Call of Duty content supposedly leaked online

Activision got hacked in December, with internal documents exposed through phishing

Activision reportedly hacked with Call of Duty content leaked online

Activision was said to be hacked and Call of Duty’s content reportedly led to a leak on the internet

Aker Solutions Provides Update on Cyber Attack

Atlassian Claims Data Breach Linked to Third-Party Workplace Platform Envoy

Banks, financial institutions should safeguard security against cyber threats

CentraState Healthcare System Announces Data Breach Impacting as Many as 617k Patients

CEO Fraud Busted – Hacker Group Stole €38M in a Few Days

Chinese security researchers claim to have identified ‘Against The West’ hackers

CIA seeing ‘a lot of effort’ from Russia to close down US intelligence visibility

City of Aurora suing insurer for coverage after paying more than $233K to fraudster

Coinbase Attack Linked to Group Behind Last Year’s Twilio, Cloudflare Hacks

Coinbase cyberattack targeted employees with fake SMS alert

Coinbase Employees Targeted by SMS Phishing Attack

Concept of radical transparency

Crypto Sleuth ZachXBT Unmasks Scammer Behind The Kumaleon NFT Phishing Attack

Cyber Espionage Group Earth Kitsune Deploys WhiskerSpy Backdoor in Latest Attacks

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