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Monday 19 September 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 38 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 19th September and 25th September 2022.

25th September

3-2-1-1-0 rule to stay ahead of ransomware

Attackers impersonate CircleCI platform to compromise GitHub accounts

Australia: Cyber-attack on wireless firm exposes data belonging to 40% of this country's population

Australia: Federal government to unveil new security measures following massive Optus data breach

“BlackCat” attempts to up the pressure on Suffolk County; starts to leak data?

Covid antigen test results of 1.7m Indian and foreign nationals leaked online

GTA 6 and Uber hacker reportedly caught by London police

GTA 6 hack: UK police confirm they’ve charged teenager linked with breach

How Malware Hides in Images and What You Can Do About It

Metador: A New Hacking Group Hiding in Telecoms and ISPs For Months

New hacking group ‘Metador’ lurking in ISP networks for months

Noberus ransomware gets info-stealing upgrades, targets Veeam backup software

Optus data breach: Cybersecurity reforms expected to enable companies to rapidly inform financial institutions

Optus data breach: Hacker demands $1.5 million ransom, customer info leaked on dark web

Optus faces a customer exodus, calls for compensation amid anger over leaked data

Optus Under $1 Million Extortion Threat in Data Breach

Personal details of stars including Sir David Attenborough & Sarah Ferguson leaked after Russian cons hack organic shop

Ransomware data theft tool may show a shift in extortion tactics

The UK government has tightened its cybersecurity rules, your business should too

Tips for How to Avoid Identity Theft at Casinos

UK Police nab alleged 'GTA VI' footage leaker

Warning over scam Ofgem emails claiming to offer energy bill rebate

What is SIM Swapping and the best tips to avoid falling for this scam

24th September

15 Year Old Python Bug Let Hacker Execute Code in Code 350k Python Projects

American Airlines learned they were breached from phishing targets

Australia's Optus contacts customers caught in cyber attack

Criminals are using QR codes to target victims - how to avoid 'most insidious' scam

FBI Busts Russian-Linked Cybercrime Group Behind Colonial Pipeline Attack

Hackers Actively Exploiting New Sophos Firewall RCE Vulnerability

Israel Bolsters Digital Defense Amid Iran Cyber Threat

Landbank warns of phishing scam via Google Ads search

London Police Arrested 17-Year-Old Hacker Suspected of Uber and GTA 6 Breaches

Microsoft SQL servers hacked in TargetCompany ransomware attacks

Multi-Factor Authentication Fatigue Key Factor in Uber Breach

OneTouchPoint data breach investigation: Who’s affected?

Optus confirms customer data breach, says passport data may be affected

Optus hacking reminds us of digital danger

Optus issues data scam alert to customers

Personal data of celebrities including Jeremy Clarkson, the Duchess of York, and Sir David Attenborough is leaked on the dark web after Russian ransomware attack on luxury organic farm shop

Ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations have devastating results for providers & patients

Some Questions answered by the GTA 6 Leaks and others left hanging

Take-Two confirms cyber attack on 2K Games

TAP cyberattack: Portuguese president's personal data stolen

UK Teen Arrested Amid Uber and GTA 6 Hacking Saga

Watch out for this clever LinkedIn phishing attack

What is a cyber insurance policy? Should you buy one?

23rd September

9 Ways IT Can Do Proactive Cybersecurity

84% of U.S. citizens have experienced social engineering attacks

Accused Russian RSOCKS Botmaster Arrested, Requests Extradition to U.S.

Alleged Teenage ‘TeaPot’ Uber Hacker Arrested In England

Android Banking Users Targeted With Fake Rewards Phishing Scam

APT41 spear-phishing, supply chain campaigns target pharma, healthcare

As Cyberattacks Intensify, Orgs Don’t Report Incidents

Birth of Ransomware

Bjorka, the Online Hacker Trying To Take Down the Indonesian Government

British Columbia regional government acknowledges cyber attack

British police arrest teenager over “Grand Theft Auto” hack

Canada joins condemnation of Iran’s cyber attack on Albania

CISA Warns of Hackers Exploiting Recent Zoho ManageEngine Vulnerability

Colonial Pipeline ransomware group using new tactics to become more dangerous

Critical ManageEngine RCE flaw is being exploited (CVE-2022-35405)

Crypto Scams of the Week: Theta Network Scams & MetaMask Phishing

Cyber attack secrecy must end

Cyber Mercenary Group Void Balaur Continues Hack-For-Hire Campaigns

Data breach leaves Optus customers vulnerable

Data of millions of users exposed in Australia’s 2nd-largest telecom firm breach

Details of Over 300,000 Russian Reservists Leaked, Anonymous Claims

Fake Indian Banking Rewards Apps Targeting Android Users with Info-stealing Malware

From phishing emails to call centres and beyond...

Google’s Mandiant finds evidence of Russia coordinating with hackers

GTA 6 Hacker Possibly Arrested In London

Hackers Deploy Malicious OAuth Apps to Compromise Email Servers, Spread Spam

Hackers Using Fake CircleCI Notifications to Hack GitHub Accounts

Hackers Using Malicious OAuth Apps to Take Over Email Servers

How does identity crime affect victims?

How Technology Can Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks To Infrastructure

How to find out if you will get anything from T-Mobile’s $350 million data breach settlement

How To Protect Your Startup Against Cyber Attacks?

How to secure your hybrid workforce

Humana Announces Reports Third-Party Data Breach Involving Data Security Incident at Choice Health

Landbank warns clients, public vs. phishing scam using Google Ads

Legacy technology undermines ransomware response

LinkedIn Smart Links are being used to send users to phishing sites

Malicious OAuth applications used to control Exchange tenants in sweepstakes scam

Microsoft Issues Out-of-Band Patch for Flaw Allowing Lateral Movement, Ransomware Attacks

MIT Report Validates Impact Of Deep Learning For Cybersecurity

Mitigating the cybersecurity crisis for the school year ahead

Multi-million dollar credit card fraud operation uncovered

New ransomware variants, tactics rattle financial industry

New security vulnerability in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure discovered

New Spam Attack Abusing OAuth Apps to Target Microsoft Exchange Servers

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) advises users on Zoom’s data breach

No agency '100 per cent safe' from cybercrime, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) warns after Optus hack

npm packages used by crypto exchanges compromised

NSA and CISA: Here's how hackers are going after critical systems, and what you need to do about it

NSA Reveals "Hackers' Playbook" for Operational Technology (OT) Attacks

Optus cyber-attack: how do you know if your identity has been stolen and what will happen to your data?

Optus Cyber-attack - What You Need to Know

Optus cyber-attack could involve customers dating back to 2017

Optus cyber-attack leaves customers feeling ‘powerless’ over risk of identity theft

Oxfordshire teen arrested in police hacking investigation

Payday lender Cash Express reports data breach affecting 100,000 customers

Phishing Campaign Targets GitHub Accounts: Cybercriminals are Impersonating CircleCI

Phishing For A Victim; Avoid Falling Prey To Scams

Phishing scams steal private information from unsuspecting students

Portsmouth Guildhall website crashed by 'malicious' cyber attack as Mickey Flanagan tickets go on sale

Researchers Uncover New Metador APT Targeting Telcos, ISPs, and Universities

Risk management focus shifts from external to internal exposure

Scam warning to Revolut customers after cyber attack

Scammers stole tens of millions since 2019 using online credit card scheme

Seven-Year Mobile Surveillance Campaign Targets Uyghurs

So you think cross-site scripting isn’t a big deal?

Sophos warns of new firewall RCE bug exploited in attacks

Successor to ransomware used in Colonial Pipeline attack observed using new tools

The Top Questions Every Agribusiness Should Be Asking About Cyberattacks

The value of an adversary-focused approach to cybersecurity

This 17-year-old hacker arrested in the UK may have been behind Grand Theft Auto VI leaks

U-Haul class action accuses company of neglect that led to data breach

Uber hack challenges popular login security practices

Uber investigates huge data breach

UK Police arrests teen believed to be behind Uber, Rockstar hacks

Ukraine: The SBU neutralized a hacker group that “hacked” almost 30 million accounts of Ukrainian and EU citizens

Ukraine dismantles hacker gang that stole 30 million accounts

Void Balaur Hackers-for-Hire Targeting Russian Businesses and Politics Entities

Warning: Watch out for fake texts offering you help with your energy bills - it's a scam

What Cyberattacks Do Businesses Commonly Face?

What is Data Privacy & What Can You Do About It?

Why Are Small Businesses Suffering for Steep Cyber Insurance Premiums?

Why MFA matters: These attackers cracked admin accounts then used Exchange to send spam

Wintermute Asks Hacker To Return Stolen Funds — Or Face Legal Action

22nd September

15-Year-Old Unpatched Python Vulnerability Potentially Affects Over 350,000 Projects

350,000 open source projects at risk from Python vulnerability

Account takeover attacks on the rise, impacting almost 25% of people in the US

ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware family becoming more dangerous

Are QR Codes a Great Invention or a Cybersecurity Threat?

Australia phones cyber-attack exposes personal data

Authorized Push Payments Surge to 75% of Banking Fraud

Bayern rewards hacker for exposing club website flaws

BlackCat ransomware’s data exfiltration tool gets an upgrade

CircleCI, GitHub Users Targeted in Phishing Campaign

CISA warns of critical ManageEngine RCE bug used in attacks

Colonial Pipeline hackers add startling new capabilities to ransomware operation

Criminals are using QR codes to scam people in restaurants with 'QR phishing' on the rise

Critical Magento vulnerability targeted in new surge of attacks

Customers’ personal data stolen as Optus suffers massive cyber-attack

Cyber-attack cost Safestyle UK £4m and underlying profit

Cybersecurity expert raises alarm over increasing data leaks in Malaysia

Data Stolen: TAP Air Portugal Suffers Cyberattack

Denver Suburb Says ‘No Deal’ to $5M Ransomware Demands

Developer Leaks LockBit 3.0 Ransomware-Builder Code

Email blunder sees school send details of vulnerable children to all pupils

Fake Banking Rewards Apps Install Info-stealing RAT on Android Phones

Financial firms increasingly held hostage by advanced ransomware attacks

Google Chrome users looking to download pirated software at risk of new malware infection

Grant County email hit by phishing attack

Hackers stealing GitHub accounts using fake CircleCI notifications

Hackers Targeting Unpatched Atlassian Confluence Servers to Deploy Crypto Miners

HC3 Alerts Healthcare Sector of Monkeypox-Themed Phishing Scheme

How to have fun negotiating with a ransomware gang

How to Prevent Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) Attacks

Iranian Hackers Hid in Albanian Networks for Over a Year

IT Security Takeaways from the Wiseasy Hack

Laws questioned after Optus cyber attack

LinkedIn’s Smart Links abused in phishing attack targeting Slovakian users

Lithuanian Watchdog Launches Probe Into Revolut Data Breach

Los Angeles school district receives ransom demand from Labor Day weekend cyberattacker

Los Angeles school official says hackers targeted district in ransomware attack

Malicious NPM Package Caught Mimicking Material Tailwind CSS Package

Microsoft Exchange servers hacked via OAuth apps for phishing

Morgan Stanley Fined $35m By SEC For Data Security Lapse

National Security Agency (NSA) shares guidance to help secure OT/ICS critical infrastructure

Nelnet loan service data breach: What you should know

Netflix-style Ransomware Makes Your Organisation’s Data The Prize In A Dark Subscription Economy

New Report Highlights Surprising Ransomware Trends

Nigerian Authorities Raid Cybercrime Training Centers

OpIran – Anonymous Hits Iranian State Sites, Hacks Over 300 CCTV Cameras

Optus attack exposes customer information

Optus customer data hit in cyber attack

Optus data breach: who is affected, what has been taken and what should you do?

Optus Hit By Cyber-Attack, Breach Affects Nearly 10 Million Customers

Optus says it has been hit by a cyber attack that has compromised customer information

Optus warns cyberattack may have exposed Australian client details

Optus, Australia’s second largest telco, says customer data exposed in data breach

Preventing the Recruitment of Insider Threat Actors

Python tarfile vulnerability affects 350,000 open-source projects (CVE-2007-4559)

Ransomware operators might be dropping file encryption in favor of corrupting files

Researchers Disclose Critical Vulnerability in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Researchers Uncover Years-Long Mobile Spyware Campaign Targeting Uyghurs

Revolut data breach exposes data of 50K+ clients

Russia-Based Hackers FIN11 Impersonate Zoom to Conduct Phishing Campaigns

SMBs vs. large enterprises: Not all compromises are created equal

TAP Air Portugal hit by cyber attack, passenger data stolen

The fake phishing websites stealing your Crypto

The tools and strategies schools need for ransomware defense

Threat actors have their insider threats, too

Three Iranian Nationals Charged in Critical Services Scheme

Twitter Password Reset Bug Exposed User Accounts

Uber hack reveals key security lapses; here’s how firms can avoid them

Up to 9 million Aussies affected in major Optus data breach

US Agency Broke Into China’s Telecom Networks, State Media Says

US' NSA infiltrates China's telecom infrastructure in attack on leading Chinese aviation university

Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) lawyer clarifies police timeline in cyber attack

Westchester EMS Provider Hacked in One of the Largest U.S. Healthcare Ransomware Attacks of 2022

What could be the cause of growing API security incidents?

What Happens if the Rockstar Hacker Leaks the Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA6) Source Code

What you need to know about Evil-Colon attacks

What’s the worst that could happen in a data breach? Lessons from the Okta data breach

21st September

2K Games Discloses Startling Security Breach, Tells Players Not To Open Support Emails

2K Games Support Desk Hacked, Phishing Emails Sent To Certain Players

2K Warns Customers Of Security Breach And Phishing Scam

2K warns of cyber attack of its customer support

20/20 visibility is paramount to network security

350K Open-Source Projects At Risk of Supply Chain Vulnerability

Aliens Closer to Home Than Desired – Malware Discovered in James Webb Telescope Images

American Airlines confirms data breach exposing some customers’ data

American Airlines Says Data Breach Affected Some Customers, Employees

American Airlines suffers data breach

‘Anonymous’ hackers knock Iran state websites offline amid nationwide protests

AttachMe - Oracle Patches “Severe” Vulnerability in its Cloud Infrastructure

Behind the priorities of tech and cybersecurity leaders

Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC Reports Data Breach Following Compromised Employee Email Account

Best practices to bolster software supply chain security

Biometric authentication use in US businesses tripled over 3 years to tackle cyber threats

ChromeLoader, what took you so long? Malvertising irritant now slings ransomware

Companies Without Zero Trust Could Lose $1M More During a Data Breach

‘Convincing’ Phishing Campaign Impersonates Government Agencies

Critical Remote Hack Flaws Found in Dataprobe's Power Distribution Units

Crypto Market Maker Wintermute Hacked, $160 Million Stolen

Crypto Trading Firm Wintermute Loses $160 Million in Hacking Incident

Domain shadowing becoming more popular among cybercriminals

Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco admits "possibility" customer details exposed in July hack

FBI: Iranian hackers lurked in Albania’s government network for 14 months

Former Uber security chief details hunt for hackers behind 2016 data breach

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Publisher Take-Two's Awful Week Gets Worse With Another Disastrous Hack

Great Cyber Hygiene Starts with a Culture of Security Awareness

Hackers using monkeypox phishing scheme to target healthcare organizations, HHS warns

How DKIM records reduce email spoofing, phishing and spam

Intercontinental Hotels Group class action claims hotel giant let hackers access company network

Iowa Eye Clinic Adds 543K to Eye Care Leaders Data Breach Tally

Iran’s central bank target of cyber attack amid nationwide protests

Iranian State Actors Conduct Cyber Operations Against the Government of Albania

LinkedIn Smart Links abused in evasive email phishing attacks

LockBit ransomware builder leaked online by “angry developer”

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) receives unspecified ransom demand over cyber attack

Michigan School District Cancels Classes After Cyber Attack

Microsoft Learns a Lesson From Cybercrime Sting

Microsoft office 365 phishing campaign impersonates U.S. agencies

Morgan Stanley to pay $35M after hard drives with 15M customers’ personal data turn up in auction

Multiple Vulnerabilities Discovered in Dataprobe's iBoot-PDUs

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC): British Retailers Need to Move Beyond Passwords

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) publishes cyber guidance for retailers

New York Racing Association confirms hack by Hive ransomware group

New York Racing Association Reports Data Breach Following Hive Ransomware Attack

Ninety Percent of Organizations Struggle with Ransomware

Okta: Credential stuffing accounts for 34% of all login attempts

Open Source Repository Attacks Soar 700% in Three Years

Optus security breach compromises customers' passport details

Over 39,000 Unauthenticated Redis Instances Found Exposed on the Internet

Pay-per-install services provide access to thousands of compromised computers

Protecting Healthcare Organizations from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware: The Latest Chapter

Ransomware Groups Turn to Intermittent Encryption to Speed Attack Times

Ransomware is (slightly) on the decline, cyber insurance company claims

Record DDoS Attack with 25.3 Billion Requests Abused HTTP/2 Multiplexing

Revolut data breach exposes information for more than 50,000 customers

Revolut falls victim to “highly targeted” cyber-attack

Scammers using QR codes to target people with restaurant menus among ways to be caught by them

SEC fines Morgan Stanley Smith Barney $35 million over failure to secure customer data

Security lessons to learn after the Uber data breach

Social media account takeovers increased over 1000% in 2021

South Redford Schools closed again after cyber attack

Southwell confirms cybersecurity incident after report claims it negotiated with ransomware group

Stolen single sign-on credentials for major firms available for sale on dark web

Suffolk County services crippled by cyber attack

Suffolk County Will Notify Anyone Whose Data Was Compromised In Cyber Attack

Survey Reveals the Severity of Cloud Security Challenge

T-Mobile data breach $350M class action settlement

Take-Two says hacker accessed 2K Games' help desk

Technical Analysis of Crytox Ransomware

The cybersecurity lifecycle: how to put security first at every step

The Multi-Cloud is The New Normal, But Creates Key Security Challenges

The rise of ‘PhaaS’ - and a roadmap to mitigate ‘Phishing-as-a-Service’

Third-party risk: What it is and how CISOs can address it

Two-Fifths of US Consumers Suffer Personal Data Theft

U-Haul Data Breach Exposed Sensitive Customer Data of More Than 2 Million Clients Over 5 Months

Uber links cyber attack to LAPSUS$, says sensitive user data remains protected

Unpatched 15-year old Python bug allows code execution in 350k projects

Untrained Employees Pose Major Risk to Organizations Due to Uncertainty of Security Reporting

Video Game Publisher Admits Helpdesk Was Hijacked

What is a phishing text message?

What Is Cryptojacking? How It Works and How to Protect Against It

What Is Ransomware? A Guide to Ransomware Prevention and Removal

Whether You’re A Startup Or Large Enterprise, Know How To Defend Your Data

Who Attacked Montenegro? The Moral And Strategic Hazards of Misassigning Blame

Why humans are the top gateway to cyber compromise

Why Manufacturing Struggles With Cloud Security

Why You Should Level Up The Security Of Your Business-Critical Systems

20th September

2K game support hacked to email RedLine info-stealing malware

2K Games says hacked help desk targeted players with malware

2K warns of phishing scam

A Ransomware Defense Is Not Enough: Organizations Also Need a Recovery Strategy

American Airlines Breach Exposes Customer and Staff Information

American Airlines hit by data breach

American Airlines says data breach affected some customers, employees

Canada: Police now investigating school board cyber attack

Cash Express, LLC Files Notice of Data Breach Following Unauthorized Access to the Company’s IT Network

City Furniture, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach

Critical Vulnerability in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Allowed Unauthorized Access

Cyber Threat Detection: The First Layer of Defence in Depth

Digital Bank Revolut's Data Breach May Have Affected 50,000 Customers

Europol and Bitdefender Jointly Release LockerGoga Decryptor

Game developer 2K’s support site hacked to push malware via fake tickets

Grand Theft Auto Publisher Rockstar Games Hacked

Grand Theft Auto VI footage leaked by hacker

Hackers Admit Destroying InterContinental Hotels Group's Data 'For Fun'

Hackers steal $162 million from Wintermute crypto market maker

Healthcare Ransomware Attacks are Increasing: How to Prepare

HHS alerts health sector to monkeypox-themed phishing campaign

Hive ransomware claims attack on New York Racing Association

How To: Defend the Legal Sector from Insider Threats

How to Detect a Cyber Attack

How to Dodge New Ransomware Tactics

Imperva mitigated long-lasting, 25.3 billion request DDoS attack

Indonesia finally passes personal data protection law

Kiwi Farms Website Hacked! Admin Warns of Data Leak

Latest Uber Data Breach Caused by Hacker Tricking Worker

MFA Fatigue: Hackers’ new favorite tactic in high-profile breaches

Open-source software usage slowing down for fear of vulnerabilities, exposures, or risks

Organizations Lack Visibility Into Cloud Access

Phishing attacks targeting US government have evolved in sophistication, Confense reports

Ransomware as a Service: A new wrinkle on an old threat

Ransomware attacks have nearly doubled since 2020, according to GetApp

Ransomware is growing despite company investments

Ransomware is (slightly) on the decline, cyberinsurance company says

Revolut Breach May Have Hit 50,000+ Customers

Revolut data breach: 50,000+ users affected

Ripple effects of ransomware attack against Suffolk County continue more than a week later

Russian Sandworm Hackers Impersonate Ukrainian Telecoms to Distribute Malware

Social Engineering: How A Teen Hacker Allegedly Managed To Breach Both Uber And Rockstar Games

SpyCloud Report: Despite Increased Spend on Ransomware Mitigation, 90% of Companies Affected in the Last Year

Survey Shows CISOs Losing Confidence in Ability to Stop Ransomware Attacks

Take cybersecurity out to where employees and data are coming together

The Types of Phishing Attacks and How to Dodge All of Them

Third-Party Risk in the Cloud

This Microsoft 365 phishing campaign is using some crafty US government lures

Thousands of customers affected in Revolut data breach

Uber Blames Lapsus$ for Breach

Uber Blames LAPSUS$ Hacking Group for Recent Security Breach

Uber exposes Lapsus$ extortion group for security breach

Uber pins security breach on Lapsus$ ransomware group

Uber says Lapsus$ gang is behind the recent breach

Uber Says Lapsus$-Linked Hacker Responsible for Breach

While Hackers Eye Small Businesses, Ransomware Attacks Decline

Why More Users Mean More Problems With Ransomware Attacks

Wide-Ranging Philippines Phishing Scams Are Sending Out Millions of Messages, SIM Card Registration Bill Proposed as a Solution

19th September

Akamai APJ Ransomware Report H1 2022 - Summary

American Airlines discloses data breach after employee email compromise

Been hit by LockerGoga ransomware? A free fix is now out

Bosnia and Herzegovina investigating alleged ransomware attack on parliament

ChromeLoader can overload systems with malware and lead to ransomware attack

Cisco admits that the Yanluowang ransomware gang stole data from its network

Countering the Future Growth of Ransomware

Critical Infrastructure Takes Center Stage

Crypto giveaway scams continue to escalate

Emotet Botnet Started Distributing Quantum and BlackCat Ransomware

Empress EMS Announces Data Breach Leaking the Sensitive Information of 318,558 People

Europol and Bitdefender Release Free Decryptor for LockerGoga Ransomware

Google, Meta FINED about US$72 million in South Korea for data breach

Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker May Be Trying To Make A Deal With Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 in-development footage leaked, hack still unconfirmed

Grand Theft Auto VI footage leaked after hack, developer Rockstar confirms

GTA 6 leaked: Hacker leaks over 90 gameplay videos showcasing alleged build

Hackers targets gamers in South Africa, Kenya

High severity vulnerabilities found in Harbor open-source artifact registry

How to Know if You’ve Been Caught up in a Data Breach, and What You Can Do About It

How to protect your organization’s single sign-on credentials from compromise

Hunt on for hacker who leaked over one billion Indonesians’ data

Indonesia hunts for Bjorka, hacker selling 1.3 billion SIM card users’ data, taunting officials

It’s 2022 – Are Passwords Still Important?

LastPass publishes details of the cyber attack it received

LastPass Says No User Data Compromised in Cyberattack

Microsoft 365 phishing attacks impersonate U.S. government agencies

Microsoft Teams' GIFShell Attack: What Is It and How You Can Protect Yourself from It

Microsoft Warns of Large-Scale Click Fraud Campaign Targeting Gamers

Most critical security gaps in the public cloud

No More Ransom Offers Free Decryptor to LockerGoga Ransomware Victims

Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) cautions on mailing list scam

Prevention remains best strategy when dealing with cyber risks

Revolut Bank reveals that it has suffered a data breach on its data security

Revolut hack exposes data of 50,000 users, fuels new phishing wave

Rockstar Games Confirms Hacker Stole Early Grand Theft Auto VI Footage

Russian Sandworm hackers pose as Ukrainian telcos to drop malware

SaaS Security Issues Driven by Sprawl, Lack of Visibility

Some residents' personal information possibly compromised in Quincy cyberattack

Starbucks Singapore involved in data breach

The benefits of digital trust

The Security Awareness Of People Is The Important Firewall In IT

Trend Micro warns of attack surge, targets more sectors

Uber blames security breach on Lapsus$, says it bought credentials on the dark web

Uber Hacker Claims To Have Hacked Rockstar Games, Releases GTA 6 Videos

Uber Hacker Targets Rockstar Games, Leaks Trove of GTA 6 Data

Uber ‘in contact with the FBI’ over potential GTA 6 hacker

Uber links breach to Lapsus$ group, blames contractor for hack

Uber says compromised credentials of a contractor led to data breach

VMware, Microsoft warn of widespread Chromeloader malware attacks

What do SOC analysts need to be successful?