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Monday 5 September 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 36 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 5th September and 11th September 2022.

11th September

Albania: Durres Port Still Without TIMS System Due to Cyber Attack

Albania: TIMS System Restored in Rinas, Kapshtica

Argument for Multi-Factor Authentication

Business Email Compromise: Important things you should know & how to avert BEC scams

Fake Minecraft updates pose threat to users

Fake SingPost website turns out to be phishing scam, requires users to make payment

Firmware bugs in many HPE computer models left unfixed for over a year

Five energy scams to look out for as criminals exploit cost of living crisis

Five years on: The shadow of WannaCry and NotPetya

How scammers harvest user information

In response to a recent data breach, Samsung is facing a class action lawsuit

Increased Mortality Rates Linked to Cyber-Attacks Against Healthcare Organizations

Indonesia: Presidential Secretariat Clarifies No Presidential Data Leak Occurred

Iran-linked APT42 is behind over 30 espionage attacks

Iranian APT42 Launched Over 30 Espionage Attacks Against Activists and Dissidents

Ireland's position in the world does not protect it from attacks by other countries

Lawsuit filed against 49ers over ransomware attack that hacked identities of 20,000

Learn technology but protect your mobile device from hackers, please

Numerous people have infected PCs as a result of fake Minecraft updates

OakBend Medical Center hit by ransomware; Daixin Team claims responsibility

Over Three-Quarters of Retailers Hit by Ransomware in 2021

Philippine Airlines' Mabuhay Miles suffers data breach

Ransomware attacks targeting school districts, hospitals

Ransomware Groups are Adopting ‘Intermittent Encryption’ for Better Results

The Problem With Big Data

The ransomware problem won't get better until we change one thing

US Condemns Iran's Cyber Attack on Albanian TIMS System

Ventura County water providers urged to improve cybersecurity in wake of attacks

Vulnerability in WordPress BackupBuddy Plugin Exploited By Hackers

10th September

Albania blames Iran for renewed cyber attack

Beware grandparent scams in South Africa – perhaps the worst of them all

Bill Murray loses about $200,000 in cryptocurrency to a hacker

British Gas alert as energy bill refund scam circulates - ‘delete it straight away!'

Democrats caution that Facebook and Instagram are “breeding grounds” for cryptocurrency scams

Emotet virus is returning and could be even more dangerous than before

Fresh US sanctions on Iran’s ministry over cyberattack on Albania

Hack Microsoft Teams with a GIF? It’s possible, the proof

How to avoid the new scam on Instagram that promises the blue tick but steals your account control

How to Recognize and Dispose of Malicious Emails

Iran Strongly Condemns US Sanctions Over Albania Hacking

Is the Monti Ransomware Conti's Successor or Doppelganger?

Ransomware gangs switching to new intermittent encryption tactic

Ransomware uptick driving cyber price increases

Samsung’s data breach is why you shouldn’t have to sign in to smart TVs

Shiba Inu quietly leaked key identifying information last month

Suffolk County continues investigation into possible cyber intrusion

The latest scams being used by fraudsters to con people out of their cash or personal details

The Philippines: Smishing scams may have used e-wallet, messaging apps to identify users

U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran Over Cyberattack on Albania

US Seizes $30 Million in Stolen Cryptocurrency From North Korean Hackers

Wartime phishing alert, do not send donations to Georgianlegion.net; requests cybersecurity

What Are Threat Actors and What Do They Want?

Why Phishing Attacks Are on the Rise in the Remote Age

9th September

5 best tips for ransomware recovery

5 Most Common Online Payment Frauds in India That You Must Know

6 Top API Security Risks! Favored Targets for Attackers If Left Unmanaged

49ers sued by Atlanta Falcons employee over Super Bowl week data breach

77% of retail organizations targeted by ransomware in 2021

A Research Publication Reveals That Organizations Are Becoming More Aware of Potential Cybersecurity Threats That Can Be Encountered

Action Fraud warn people to remain vigilant over scam emails

Alabama Women’s Health Center Suffers Data Breach, 34K Impacted

Albanian police search Iranian embassy after staff expelled over cyber attack

An increase in cyber attack fines highlights firms’ need to tighten security

Are GIFs Stealing Your Data on Microsoft Teams?

Bill Murray raised nearly $200,000 worth of crypto for charity - a hacker stole it almost immediately

CISA warns against actively exploited Chrome and D-Link security flaws

CISA warns of active exploitation of Chrome, D-Link flaws

Cognitive Overload: The hidden cybersecurity threat

Conti virus gang suposedly linked to Russian hackers targeting Ukraine

Criminal syndicate claims credit for LAUSD hack; authorities won’t say whether it’s true

Critical manufacturing was the most targeted sector for ransomware attacks in the first half of 2022

Cyber security threats on the rise: how should organisations react

Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks for the Construction and Real Estate Industries

Data for 150,000 People Potentially Exposed in Medical Facility Leaks in New Hampshire

Data tracking poses a 'national security risk' Federal Trade Commission (FTC) told

DaVita Inc. Confirms Recent Data Breach Leaked SSNs and Health Information

Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) warns of Facebook message phishing scams

Direct line between hospital cyberattacks and patient mortality, report shows

Don’t fall victim to fake text messages – Phishing attempts are at a high

Evolving Security for Protecting Today’s Financial Services Networks

Fake Minecraft updates are leaving thousands with infected PCs

Fake websites are posing as crypto exchanges to drain victim wallets

FBI: Americans lost nearly $7 billion to cybercrime last year

Feds freeze $30m in cryptocurrency stolen from Axie Infinity

GRU-backed cyberattacks: What they are, how to defend against them

Hackers Attack The Sandbox’s Social Accounts And Try To Rent NFTs

Hackers Exploit Zero-Day in WordPress BackupBuddy Plugin in ~5 Million Attempts

Hackers stole NATO secrets from Portuguese military servers and sold them on the dark web

High-risk ConnectWise Automate vulnerability fixed, admins urged to patch ASAP

Holiday Inn bookings tank after suspected ransomware attack

How to Protect Your Customers from “Credential-Stuffing” Attacks

How Vulnerable is my Startup Business to Data Breaches?

Impact of Samsung’s most recent data breach unknown

India: Will the Data Protection Bill make online transactions secure?

Iranian APT42 Deploys Custom Android Spyware to Spy on Targets of Interest

Is There a Russian Election Security Risk in 2022?

Keeping your distance to keep secure

LA school district was warned of ransomware threat before recent shutdown

Lampion malware returns in phishing attacks abusing WeTransfer

Law firm informs 255K of HIPAA data incident 10 months after hack

Lazarus Hackers Exploiting Log4j Vulnerabilities to Target U.S. Energy Companies

LockBit, ALPHV & Other Ransomware Gang Leak Sites Hit by DDoS Attacks

Lubbock Heart & Surgical Hospital announces July data breach, patient hotline

Major UK bus operator hit by cyber attack

MetaMask, USPS, Netflix, Costco, PayPal, and MORE - Top Phishing Scams of the Week

Microsoft Dives Into Iranian Ransomware APT Attacks

Monti, the New Conti: Ransomware Gang Uses Recycled Code

Most educational institutions store sensitive data in the cloud. Is it safe?

National Critical Infrastructure Under Attack: Clop Ransomware

North Face Credential Stuffing Attack Accesses Nearly 200,000 Accounts

Open Redirect Attacks: What Are They And How To Avoid Them

Over Half of Global Firms’ Supply Chains Compromised by Ransomware

Philippine senate probes large-scale phishing scams

Presidio employees data breach class action lawsuit settlement

Ranked: The Top Cyberattacks Against Businesses

Ransomware attack knocked a Kentucky city-operated ISP offline before holiday

Ransomware continues to cost consumers

Repeated cyberattacks across the Western Balkans highlight need for an organized approach to security

Researchers discover new Iranian state-sponsored hacking group, APT42

Rising cyber insurance premiums haven’t scared away most companies

Samsung America cyber attack and data leak may result in class action lawsuit

Samsung class action alleges data breach compromised personal information of customers

Samsung Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Recent Data Breach

Scammer Is Using Texas Attorney General’s Name To Access Information

Scammers mail emails in the name of the office environment MFP

Scammers use AI-powered deepfakes of crypto exchanges to steal bitcoin wallets

School District of Elmbrook victim of cyber attacks

Sensitive NATO Data Stolen in Cyberattack on Portugal’s Armed Forces

Servicers say data breaches hit combined 4 million borrowers

SN Servicing Corp. data breach $900K class action settlement

South Carolina health care provider reports data breach

Stolen NATO documents surface on dark web

The Cyberattack Spectrum – Who Is More Vulnerable To What?

The future of cyber security

The Plex data breach reminds us of how important cybersecurity is

These hackers used Log4Shell vulnerability to target US energy firms

These types of pages usually have viruses and you should avoid entering

U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran over cyber activities, cyberattack on Albania

U.S. sanctions Iran intelligence over Albania cyberattack

U.S. Seizes $30 Million in Cryptocurrency from North Korean Hackers

U.S. Seizes Cryptocurrency Worth $30 Million Stolen by North Korean Hackers

Uber exec accused of disguising data-breach extortion as “bug bounty”

Ukraine Invasion Growing “A Tsunami of Cyberattacks”

US announces new Iran sanctions over Albania cyber attack

US hits Iran with fresh sanctions following Albania cyberattack

US imposes sanctions on Iran over cyber activities, cyber attack on Albania

US sanctions Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence over Albania cyberattack

Vice Society claims LAUSD ransomware attack, theft of 500GB of data

Vulnerability exploits, not phishing, are the top cyberattack vector for initial compromise

Wake-up call: why it's urgent to deal with your hard-coded credentials

What Is a Data Breach?

When in doubt, don’t click: Protect yourself from phishing attacks

Why You Need to Be Serious About Cybersecurity for Your Business

Wilson’s Gun Shop, Inc. Announces Data Breach

You should know that most websites share your in-site search queries with third parties

8th September

3 most prominent ransomware gangs CIOs and CISOs need to watch out for

5 Key Findings from Recent Data Breach Investigations Report

75% Indian firms hit by ransomware in the last 3 years

A Summer of Security? It Can Only Be Done With a Zero-trust Approach

APAC accounts for 1/4 of global malicious emails in 2022

“Bad faith, misunderstanding, or indifference?” Why do ransomware teams falsely insist victims have “revenue?”

Bumblebee malware adds post-exploitation tool for stealthy infections

California's largest public school district Los Angeles Unified suffers a ransomware attack

Car Dealers need to beware of ransomware attacks rather than hackers wanting data, warns expert

CBC Group, Inc. Files Official Notice of a Data Breach Compromising Consumers’ Social Security Numbers

Chaos Continues After Ransomware Hits UK’s NHS

China accuses the U.S. of cyber attacks – at what scale?

Chinese Hackers Target Government Officials in Europe, South America, and Middle East

CISA orders agencies to patch Chrome, D-Link flaws used in attacks

Cisco Releases Security Patches for New Vulnerabilities Impacting Multiple Products

City of Bardstown confirms internet, email service outage due to ransomware cyberattack

Classified NATO documents stolen from Portugal, now sold on darkweb

Cloud cybersecurity necessitates automation

Colorado Urology Practice Resolves Healthcare Data Breach Lawsuit With Settlement

Cost of living: Warning over fake Ofgem energy bill refund scam

Customers affected by Capital One data breach have limited days to file a claim

Cyber Attacks Having Direct Impact on Patient Care

Cyberattacks against U.S. hospitals mean higher mortality rates, study finds

Cyberattacks lead to higher mortality rate in hospitals

Cybersecurity Woes, Lax Patching Put Media Companies At Risk

Data breach exposes records of 2.5 million student loan borrowers

Dutch cyber security organisations to join forces

Eurocell employee details exposed in major cyber attack

EvilProxy service allows hackers to utilize advanced phishing tactics

Former Conti Ransomware Members Join Initial Access Broker Group Targeting Ukraine

Genesis Health Care, Inc. Reports Data Breach Following Period of Unauthorized Access

GIFShell attack creates reverse shell using Microsoft Teams GIFs

Hackers gain access to staff bank account details at Derbyshire's Eurocell

Hackers hit Queensland government agencies with phishing emails

Hackers Repeatedly Targeting Financial Services in French-Speaking African Countries

Have You Been Hit by the Coinbase Email Scam?

Healthcare fintechs targeted by cybercriminals

Hive Ransomware goes public on Massy Stores infiltration

Hospice cyberattack leaves staff unable to access patient records

How Healthcare Cyberattacks Can Impact Patient Safety, Care Delivery

How many times was Stratford University hacked?

India & UK Conducts Counter Ransomware Exercise for 26 Nations

Intercontinental Hotels Group cyberattack disrupts business operations

Is Your IT Security Actually Putting Your SMB at Risk?

IT executives claim supply chain partners expose them to ransomware

Japan: Government site hit by apparent cyber-attack; pro-Russian hackers claim responsibility

Jordan: SMS-phishing on the rise, public urged to exercise caution

Layer 7 DDoS Attacks on the Rise

LockBit gang leads the way for ransomware

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) not out of woods with cyberattack, security experts say

Malware stealing credentials and credit card details targets gamers in the Middle East

Microsoft: Iranian hackers encrypt Windows systems using BitLocker

Microsoft Warns of Ransomware Attacks by Iranian Phosphorus Hacker Group

Nation-state attacks are a growing threat to video conferencing

National Insider Threat Awareness Month 2022

NATO-Member Albania Cut Ties With Iran Over Cyber-Attack

New Vulnerabilities Reported in Baxter's Internet-Connected Infusion Pumps

No, the Christchurch hot pools weren’t ‘hacked’ - the council just messed up

North Korea’s Lazarus hackers are exploiting Log4j flaw to hack US energy companies

North Korean Lazarus hackers take aim at U.S. energy providers

North Korean Lazarus Hackers Targeting Energy Providers Around the World

NSO Group's Recent Difficulties Could Shape the Future of the Spyware Industry

Orange Cyberdefense suffers data leak of sensitive information in France

Over 10% of Enterprise IT Assets Found Missing Endpoint Protection

Over 80% of the top websites leak user searches to advertisers

Philippine senate probes large-scale phishing scams

Portugal government cyber attack allegedly leaks “hundreds” of classified NATO documents

Rachel Dillon’s fitness app exposes users after major data breach

Ransomware: The trend is to attack Linux servers

Ransomware as a Service

Ransomware Attack on L.A. Schools Could Signal Larger Threat, Warn Cyber Experts

Ransomware attacks on retailers rose 75% in 2021

Ransomware Campaigns Linked to Iranian Govt's DEV-0270 Hackers

Ransomware Has a Larger Impact on Retail Organizations Than Most

Ransomware Variant Continues to Limit Colorado County

Rapid7 Discusses SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump and WiFi Battery Vulnerabilities

Recent data breach gets Samsung hit with a class action lawsuit

Researchers Reveal New Iranian Threat Group APT42

Return of Russian ransomware group REvil

Robinhood's $20 Million Data Breach Settlement: How Much Money Could You Be Owed?

Samsung is getting sued over the recent cyberattack and data leak

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) suffers data breach, 'limited number' of current and former students, employees impacted

Shopify Fails to Prevent Known Breached Passwords

South Africa's banking and insurance sectors are overwhelmed by cyber attacks

Stealthy Linux Malware Shikitega Deploying Monero Cryptominer

Survey of SMBs Reveals Sharp Increase in Cyberattack Quantity and Sophistication, Creating Unprecedented Opportunities for MSPs

Suspected Ransomware Attack on InterContinental Hotels Affected Over 4,000 Guests

Thai firms face rising cyber threats

The 10 worst ransomware attacks ever

The Hacker Group Anonymous Hits Russia With Cyber Attack, Creating a Massive Traffic Jam in Moscow

The North Face Warns of Major Credential Stuffing Campaign

The Philippines: Privacy body says names in spam, scam texts unlikely from data breach

The Russia-Ukraine War Exemplifies the Rise of Hybrid Conflicts: Latin America Should Pay Attention

Types of Malware You Should Be Aware of

Ukraine is under attack by hacking tools repurposed from Conti cybercrime group

Ukraine Shutters Two More Russian Bot Farms

Warning after Ofgem scam emails

Warning issued about Vice Society ransomware gang after attacks on schools

What Is Ransomware & How Does Ransomware Work?

Where financial institutions must shore up their cybersecurity

Why the Telecom Industry Must Prioritize Cybersecurity

Why Today's Businesses Need To Focus On Digital Trust And Safety

Why we need a cyber-resilient public sector

With cyber insurance costs increasing, can smaller firms avoid getting priced out?

Zyxel Format String Flaw Let Attackers Execute Unauthorized Remote Code

7th September

5 steps to prevent a ransomware attack

49ers Data Breach May Have Exposed Personal Data of Thousands

96% Could Have Prevented Their Identity Breach

200,000 North Face accounts hacked in credential stuffing attack

A cyberattack hits the Los Angeles School District, raising alarm across the country

Action Fraud warning over energy rebate scam emails

Additional Orgs Report Aftermath of OneTouchPoint Data Breach

Albania blames Iran for July cyberattack, severs diplomatic ties

Albania cuts Iran ties over cyberattack, U.S. vows further action

Albania severs diplomatic ties with Iran over cyber-attack

Ancora Holdings Group, Inc. Announces Data Breach

As Cybersecurity Week begins, Beijing claims US attacked University doing military research

Australia: Hackers target 1300 public servants, forcing some to log back in after hours

Authorities Shut Down WT1SHOP Site for Selling Stolen Credentials and Credit Cards

Authorities Take Down Prolific WT1SHOP Cybercrime Marketplace

Awareness training is key to a better security posture

BianLian hits a community services organization for adults with serious disabilities

California Regulators Hit Sephora with $1.2M Fine

China’s online learning classes reportedly hacked; teaching material replaced with vulgar content

Cisco won’t fix authentication bypass zero-day in End-of-Life (EoL) routers

Cloud-Based File Systems as a Ransomware Defense

Cobalt Strike servers linked to former Conti gang members attacked

Compromised Identities and The Importance of a Zero Trust Strategy

Computer hacker steals sensitive information from 20,000 Christchurch hot pools customers

Corporate Treasurers Face A Shifting Cyber Insurance Market

Critical RCE Vulnerability Affects Zyxel NAS Devices - Firmware Patch Released

Cyber Agency Investigates Major Data Leak Compromising 105 Million Indonesians

Cyber attack takes down hotel giant IHG's booking systems

Cyber Attacks: A Real Threat to NGOs and Nonprofits

“Cyber Insurance Gap” Growing as 80% Of Business Coverage Below Median Ransomware Payment Demand

Cyber insurance needs an industry-wide security standard

Cyber Risks in the Education Sector - Why Cybersecurity Needs to Be Top of the Class

Cyber threats to Europe’s grid: Utilities rethink strategy

Cybercrime is on the rise, is your business prepared?

'DangerousSavanna' Hackers Targeted Financial Institutions in Africa For Two Years

Data Breach Takes Down IHG Hotel Group Booking System, Impacting Holiday Inn, Kimpton And More

Details of 45 million Batik Air customers leaked in 2019 reportedly resurface online

Details of more than 200 million users of TikTok leaked, personal information stolen

Don’t fall for this tech support email scam

EvilProxy Phishing Service Threatens MFA Protection of Accounts

Evri text scam: how to spot and report the latest fake delivery text messages

FBI issues cyber attack warning for schools nationwide

FBI issues cyber security advisory for same hacking group that hit Linn-Mar

FBI K-12 Ransomware Warning as LAUSD is Hit

FBI seeks Bitcoin wallet information of ransomware attackers

FBI, DHS Warns That Ransomware Attacks Against Schools Are Rising

Feds anticipate ransomware attacks against schools could increase as new year begins

Fighting Ransomware Takes an Army: Our Public & Private Sector Soldiers Join Forces

Former Conti cybercrime gang members now targeting Ukraine

Former Conti ransomware gang members helped target Ukraine, Google says

Fremont County cyberattack from ransomware variant continues to limit services

Genesis Health Care, Inc. Reports Data Breach Following Period of Unauthorized Access

Global companies say supply chain partners expose them to ransomware

Global cybersecurity report notes rise in awareness

Holiday Inn hotels hit by cyber attack affecting bookings and reservations

Hotel group IHG confirms cyber attack after two-day outage

Hotmail and Gmail users targeted by bogus British Gas refund scam - don't be next

How financial institutions can mitigate business email compromise risks

How Penetration Testing can help prevent Ransomware Attacks

How to Protect Your Backups against Ransomware Attacks

HP fixes severe bug in pre-installed Support Assistant tool

If you flew Air India, your data could be compromised

India, UK perform virtual drill to counter ransomware attack for 26 nations

InterContinental Hotels Confirms Cyber-Attack After Two-Day Outage

InterContinental Hotels Group confirms cyber attack, experts suggest ransomware

InterContinental Hotels Group suffers cyberattack

Japan Government Websites Hit By Cyber-Attacks, Killnet Suspected

Japan investigates potential Russian Killnet cyber attacks

Kaspersky reports 52% decrease of attacks against remote desktop protocols in the Middle East in Q2 2022

La Fonda Holdings says unauthorized third-party accessed company data

LAUSD Cyber Attack a Cautionary Tale for Other Districts

London Bus Cyber-attack: What We Know

Mirai botnet resurfaces with MooBot variant to target D-Link devices

Mirai Variant MooBot Botnet Exploiting D-Link Router Vulnerabilities

Montenegro Blames Slowed Court Processes on Cyber-Attacks

Most IT leaders think partners, customers make their business a ransomware target

Most IT pros think a company breach could threaten national security

Most organizations remain unprepared for ransomware attacks

New Iranian hacking group APT42 deploys custom Android spyware

New Stealthy Shikitega Malware Targeting Linux Systems and IoT Devices

New wave of data-destroying ransomware attacks hits QNAP NAS devices

North Korean Hackers Deploying New MagicRAT Malware in Targeted Campaigns

Online scam warning as fraudsters get away with more than £1m

Orgs Report Mixed Progress on Ransomware Defense

Outsourcing Cyber Risk: Why an Integrated Approach is Critical

Plex Data Breach Forces Password Reset for Millions of Users

Practice Resources data breach leads to class action lawsuit

Protect Yourself From Student Loan Forgiveness Scams

QNAP battles yet another DeadBolt ransomware campaign, issues patch for NAS devices

Rachel Dillon’s fitness app Move With Us hit by data breach

Radiant Logistics, Inc. Announces Data Breach That May Have Stemmed from Ransomware Incident

Ransomware gang's Cobalt Strike servers DDoSed with anti-Russia messages

Remote learning revolution makes universities a target for cybercrime

Retail organisations pay significantly less in ransomware attacks

Samsung Alerts Customers to a Security Breach

San Francisco 49ers ransomware attack exposes 21,000

Savannah College of Art and Design Reportedly Experienced Ransomware Attack Exposing Current and Former Students’ Sensitive Information

Second-largest US school district falls to ransomware attack

SF Fire Credit Union Reports Data Breach That Leaked Member’s Card Information

Software vulnerabilities remain the most popular cyber attack method

Some Members of Conti Group Targeting Ukraine in Financially Motivated Attacks

Stay cyber-healthy: Tips and tricks to avoid being infected by ransomware

Storage Vulnerabilities: The Neglected Cybersecurity Frontier

The Advantages of Threat Intelligence for Combating Fraud

The Connected Car Is The Next Attack Vector

The Cost of a Data Breach for Government Agencies

The Deadly Risk of Cyber Attacks on Hospitals

The nation’s second-largest school system was just hit by a cyberattack. Why do attackers target schools?

The Three Social Engineering Hacks your Company Should Prevent Now

There is no secure critical infrastructure without identity-based access

This stealthy Linux malware starts off small but gradually takes control

TikTok data breach denied by company despite hackers’ claims

Top Common Targets for Hackers

Uber’s ex-security chief faces landmark trial over data breach that hit 57m users

Uber’s former security chief goes on trial for data breach cover-up

UK condemns Iran for reckless cyber attack against Albania

UK Privacy Regulator Fines Halfords for Spam Deluge

Ukraine dismantles more bot farms spreading Russian disinformation

US blames Iran for 'reckless and irresponsible cyber attack' on Albania

US school year opens with reading, writing, and ransomware

Using Backups to Turn the Tables on Ransomware

What to Do Right Away If You Click a Phishing Link

WT1SHOP: Authorities Seize Online Marketplace Selling Stolen Login Credentials and Other PII

WT1SHOP Cybercrime Market Seized by US and Portuguese Authorities

You're a ransomware victim: Here's 5 things you should do

Zyxel Patches Critical Vulnerability in NAS Firmware

6th September

4 Ways Organisations Can Protect Themselves Against Ransomware

12 Arrested as Interpol Takes Down Transnational Sextortion Ring

45 million Malindo Air passenger records allegedly obtained from data breach appear on online forum

49ers data breach may have exposed more than 20,000 people to ID theft, documents say

62% of consumers see fraud as an inevitable risk of online shopping

Battle in the Cloud: Preventing DDoS Attacks

BlackCat ransomware gang targets Italian energy company GSE, steals 700 GB of data

BlackCat Ransomware Linked to Italy's Energy Services Firm Hack

Brighton bus and train company uncovers cyber attack

Can you afford a Business Email Compromise (BEC)? We think not

Chinese PII Breach: It Hits Differently There

Cloud Servers Most Common Entry Method for Cyber-attacks

Data breach may have affected over 15,000 student loan borrowers in Maine

DeadBolt is hitting QNAP NAS devices via zero-day bug, what to do?

EvilProxy Commodifies Reverse-Proxy Tactic for Phishing, Bypassing 2FA

EvilProxy phishing-as-a-service with MFA bypass emerged on the dark web

FBI warns of Vice Society ransomware attacks on school districts

Game-Related Cyber-Threats: Almost 100k Malicious Files Last Year

Gateway Diagnostic Imaging Reports Data Breach Impacting Security of Patients’ SSNs and Protected Health information

Go-Ahead battling cyber-attack

Go-Ahead cyberattack might derail UK public transport services

Go-Ahead hit by cyber attack but says no impact on trains

Go-Ahead hit by cyber security 'incident' before takeover process completes

Go-Ahead struck by cyber attack but London buses and Thameslink operator says rail services are 'operating normally'

Government guide for supply chain security: The good, the bad and the ugly

Hackers infiltrate second-largest US school district in growing trend

Hackers steal KeyBank customer data in a third-party data breach

Half of Firms Report Supply Chain Ransomware Compromise

Healthcare and education remain common ransomware targets

Healthcare ransomware attacks are increasing – how to prepare

Holiday Inn hotels hit by cyber-attack

How can companies keep up with social engineering attacks?

How can we define the futures of Cybersecurity

How practical is Lloyd's cyber mandate?

How to Improve Mean Time to Detect for Ransomware

Impersonation, Fraud and the Future of Deepfakes

Instagram: Meta hit with €405 million over children’s data breach

Instagram fined 405 million euros by Irish regulators for data breach

InterContinental Hotels Group cyberattack disrupts booking systems

Interpol Busts Asian Sextortion Syndicate

Internet fraud on the rise, police warn of phishing or spoofing

Ireland: Concerns raised after alleged PSNI data breach

Irish regulators fine Instagram 405 million euros for data breach

IRS data leak: Was your private information exposed?

Is Zimbabwe ready for cyber-warfare? Is country at risk of cyberattacks over its Russia support?

London's biggest bus operator Go-Ahead hit by cyber attack

London's Biggest Bus Operator Hit by Cyber "Incident"

Los Angeles school district reports ransomware attack

Major UK transport company Go-Ahead battles cyberattack

Meta Fined $400m in Ireland For Children's Privacy Breach

Minecraft is hackers’ favorite game title for hiding malware

Moobot botnet is coming for your unpatched D-Link router

Most organizations remain unprepared for ransomware attacks

National Insider Threat Awareness Month: Take Steps to Keep Your Business Safe

New EvilProxy Phishing Service Allowing Cybercriminals to Bypass 2-Factor Security

New Linux malware evades detection using multi-stage deployment

New Worok cyber-espionage group targets governments, high-profile firms

Newcastle based transport company Go-Ahead Group suffers cyber attack

Nigeria, others battle state-sponsored cyber threats

Parsing Samsung’s data breach notice

QNAP NAS customers told to update now to protect against attack

QNAP Warns of New DeadBolt Ransomware Attacks Exploiting Photo Station Flaw

QNAP warns of zero-day vulnerability in latest DeadBolt ransomware campaign

Radiology Ltd. Announces Data Breach Affecting Patients’ SSNs and PHI

Ransomware attack hits Standard-Examiner, delays Tuesday paper

Ransomware attack on leading Georgia art college leads to data leak

Researchers Find New Android Spyware Campaign Targeting Uyghur Community

Samsung confirms it was hit by a data breach

Samsung Hacked! Private Data Of ‘Some’ US Customers Compromised, Samsung Admits

Samsung reports second data breach in 6 months

San Francisco 49ers data breach affects 20k individuals

Second largest U.S. school district LAUSD hit by ransomware

TA505 Hackers Using TeslaGun Panel to Manage ServHelper Backdoor Attacks

Thailand Cybersecurity Report Calls for Organizational Readiness

The drivers behind persistent ransomware - and defense tactics to deploy

The Lessons to Learn from Nomad Crypto Hack

The second-biggest school district in the US was hit with ransomware

This overlooked cybersecurity risk could create an ocean of trouble for us all

Threat of Go-Ahead bus disruption as company manages 'cyber security incident'

TikTok denies data breach compromising ‘2 billion data records’

TikTok hacked, over 2 billion user database records stolen

Transport company Go-Ahead suffers cyber attack

US government warns ransomware attacks on schools may increase

US seizes WT1SHOP market selling credit cards, credentials, and IDs

Warning as criminals exploit cost of living crisis to target the public with energy rebate scams

What Is Cybersecurity Management, and Why Is it Important?

What Is Ethical Hacking, and Why Is It Important?

Worok Hackers Target High-Profile Asian Companies and Governments

Zyxel releases new NAS firmware to fix critical RCE vulnerability

5th September

75% increase in ransomware attacks targeting Linux systems in 2022

A new malware has been mimicking Google Translate

A new ransomware group BianLian on the rise

A Webb Telescope image is being used to push malware

Alleged TikTok Breach Could Expose Two Billion Data Records

Anonymous trolls Russia by causing major traffic jam in Moscow

Attacker Posts Fake XRP Giveaway on PwC Venezuela Twitter Account

Australia: Clear laws, 'threat actor' consequences needed on ransomware

Australians warned over ‘malicious’ new email scam using NASA photo to hack your device

Bank and Payment Scams: Bitcoin PayPal, M&T, and Zelle

BlackByte ransomware attack on San Francisco 49ers claimed over 20K victims

British Gas energy bill refund scam warning

Can a VPN Protect You From Ransomware?

China accuses United States of hacking top space and aviation university

China Accuses US of Repeated Hacks on Polytechnic University

Email malware evolving into a dangerous attack source: what your organization needs to know

Evidence shows US’ NSA behind attack on email system of Chinese leading aviation university

EvilProxy Phishing Toolkit Spotted on Dark Web Forums

EvilProxy Phishing-As-A-Service With MFA Bypass Emerged In Dark Web

Expert issues warning over new PayPal scam emptying bank accounts

Fake Antivirus and Cleaner Apps Caught Installing SharkBot Android Banking Trojan

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