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Monday 12 September 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 37 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 12th September and 18th September 2022.

18th September

Authorities chase down Bjorka, Indonesia's most-wanted hacker

AWS misconfiguration exposes the data of Indian government and universities including Banaras Hindu University

Bangladesh is at serious risk of cyber crimes

CERT-In issues new advisory for smartphone users as cybercrime cases rise

ClearBalance, Bricker & Eckler settle data breach lawsuits involving patient data

Deleted popular hotel chain’s data ‘for fun,’ claims hacker couple

Do not pay anything online if you do not do this to protect yourself

Elder fraud is real. Tell your parents, grandparents and friends about these scams

Employees exposed to rogue apps & BOTS daily

Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker Claims He Also Hacked Into Uber

Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker has access to source code, shares 10K lines of code

GTA 6 source code and videos leaked after Rockstar Games hack

Hacker couple erased hotel group's data for fun

Hacker Couple Who Erased Hotel Chain Data Mock Terrible Password

Hacker leaks dozens of ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ gameplay videos

Hackers launch cyber-attack on UK hotel chain for 'fun'

Indonesia hunts for Bjorka, hacker selling 1.3b SIM card users' data, taunting officials

Ireland: An Post issue major warning to customers over new text scam – three tips to avoid falling victim

Large cache of Grand Theft Auto 6 development footage may have leaked online

Lloyds Bank issues alert on council tax scam targeting 'anyone with an email account'

Malvertising: How to avoid falling for these malware-infested ads

Microsoft Teams deemed unsafe to use by security researchers

More than 4,000 accounts were impacted by an Indiana Department of Workforce Development data breach

Piracy Advertising Researchers Fall Victim to Ransomware Attacks

RiskLens Fast Facts on Cyber Risk in Manufacturing – Ski-Doo Maker BRP

Starbucks Singapore’s Database Gets Breached

Staying ahead of scammers an opportunity for Singapore to boost its financial reputation

TeamTNT hijacking servers to run Bitcoin encryption solvers

The Storage Manager’s Quick-Guide to Ransomware Resiliency

Top Phishing and Social Media Threats: Key Findings from the Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report

Uber Data Breach: Company Says No Private Users' Data Compromised

Uber Hack Update: Was Sensitive User Data Stolen & Did 2FA Open Door To Hacker?

Uber responding to “cyber security incident” following reports of significant data breach

Uber says services are operational following data breach

Watford Community Housing denies scam calls due to data breach

What Is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

What is Sova virus? All you need to know about the new mobile banking virus

What is the potential financial damage of cyberattacks?

What to do if you were a corporate hack victim

Young hacker tricks way into Uber’s system

17th September

3 held for aiding hacker gain unauthorised access to payment gateways of companies

330,000 Singapore Starbucks customers' data leaked, info sold online for $3,500

A new phishing attack on Steam puts gamers at risk

Antivirus warning: What to do if you see this warning from McAfee

Bank scams: Five expert tips to protect yourself from phishing scams

Be careful, pirates take advantage of the death of Elizabeth II to launch new attacks

CISA Expands Vulnerabilities Catalog With Old, Exploited Flaws

Continuous Data Protection (CDP): A priority in the evolution of ransomware recovery

Couple deletes Holiday Inn data for fun after ransomware attack fails

Emotet botnet now pushes Quantum and BlackCat ransomware

Financial Costs of a Ransomware Attack and Breaking the Attack Chain: Collateral damage and data loss

Go North East bus drivers' pay hit after cyber attack on Go Ahead

Google, Microsoft can get your passwords via web browser's spellcheck

Hackers Demanding Ransom Leak Files in Suffolk Cyberattack

Hackers Had Access to LastPass's Development Systems for Four Days

IHG hack: 'Vindictive' couple deleted hotel chain data for fun

In the past year, 54% of organisations had their security breached by outsiders

India: Centre issues hacker warning for Google Chrome for desktop users

LastPass revealed that intruders had internal access for four days during the August hack

LastPass was hacked, but it says no user data was compromised

Microsoft Teams authentication tokens being stored in plain text

New Spear Phish Methodology Relies on PuTTY SSH Client to Infect Systems

New York ambulance service discloses data breach after ransomware attack

Securing the business is a process

Serious data breach at Uber spotlights hacker social deception

Starbucks Singapore hit by data breach

The Importance Of Cybersecurity: What Every Business Needs To Know

Uber Claims No Sensitive Data Exposed in Latest Breach...But There's More to This

Uber Data Breach is Worst Case Scenario

Uber Downplays Data Breach Impact, Claims No Sensitive Data Stolen

Uber suffers massive breach from phishing attack

US Sanctions IRGC-Affiliated Hackers on Ransomware Charges

16th September

3 ways to protect your business from ransomware

5 FBI recommendations for medical device cybersecurity

A Cyber Attack On LAUSD Makes Life At Venice High A Struggle

A hacker reveals an unpatcheable bug on PS4 and PS5: will piracy reach these consoles?

Akamai Mitigated Record-Breaking DDoS Attack Against European Customer

Allies Warn of Iranian Ransom Attacks Using Log4Shell

Anonymous hacker, who bragged about exploits on TikTok, says he was raided by Canadian police

Are Atlantic Canadians overly confident about online security?

Are Phishing Scams Likely to Go Away Anytime Soon?

Attackers Began to Embed Keyloggers in Phishing Pages

Bell Canada subsidiary hit by Hive ransomware attack

Bitdefender releases free decryptor for LockerGoga ransomware

Bitdefender, Europol, Swiss police publish decryptor for LockerGoga ransomware

‘BlackCat’ group claims responsibility for ransomware attack on Suffolk County, begins publishing stolen documents on dark web

Canadian police investigating ransomware attack on Bell subsidiary after employee data stolen

CISA orders agencies to patch vulnerability used in Stuxnet attacks

Cloudflare Thinks India Needs More Awareness on Data Security

Crypto Scams Soar as Domains Surge 335%

Cyber attack prevents revelations of alleged sexual abuse cover-ups at the French Football Federation (FFF)

Cyber security for fintech enterprises

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities: The Race to Patch

Don’t reply to all: Scammers now talk amongst themselves to find new victims

EU and US authorities move to strengthen cyber-security protections

EU puts smart device manufacturers on the hook for cyber security

Fake cryptocurrency giveaway sites have tripled this year

Farm protection from cyberattacks almost non-existent

FBI and CISA Responded to a Cyber Attack and Ransomware Incident on Los Angeles School District (LAUSD)

Four cloud security lessons from the Wegmans data breach

Genomics company reaches $12.5M settlement for 2020 data breach

Graph-Fueled Defense-in-Depth Can Strengthen Security Posture

Hacker sells stolen Starbucks data of 219,000 Singapore customers

Hackers Targeting WebLogic Servers and Docker APIs for Mining Cryptocurrencies

How Hackers Hack and the Tools They Use

How serious are organizations about their data sovereignty strategies?

How to improve public sector’s security strategy?

Indonesia: Police name one suspect in government data breach

IoT: Europe readies cybersecurity rules for smart devices - with big fines attached

Japan: Ransomware damage reports surge in January-June

Japan sees 87% increase in ransomware attacks in 1st half of 2022

KeyBank mortgages hit with data breach

LastPass says hackers had internal access for four days

Laval city shuts down online services after ‘targeted’ cyber attack

NCSC warns about Queen-related phishing scams

North Korean Hackers Spreading Trojanized Versions of PuTTY Client Application

Pirate sites pose malware risk

Ransomware attacks up 87 percent in Japan

Ransomware gang threatens to expose one million sensitive medical records online

Ransomware is a business resilience issue, not an IT problem – be data ready to reduce risk and recover

Real Estate Phish Swallows 1,000s of Microsoft 365 Credentials

Researchers Find Link between PrivateLoader and Ruzki Pay-Per-Install Services

Sea Mar data breach $4.4M class action settlement

Self-Storage Operator U-Haul Notifies Customers of Data Breach

Serious breach at Uber spotlights hacker social deception

Smaller firms are becoming bigger targets for cyber criminals

Starbucks Singapore hit by data breach involving customers’ names, emails and mobile numbers

Starbucks Singapore says customer data illegally accessed in data leak

Suffolk County struggles to recover from BlackCat ransomware attack

Texas hospital confirms patient data theft amid network outage from ransomware attack

The Physicians’ Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists of Georgia Reports Data Breach, Possible Ransomware Attack

The Springs Living, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach After Unauthorized Party Accesses the Company’s IT Network

This Hacker Stole Data From 200M Americans. Now He’s Infiltrating Scam Gangs

Uber cyber attack: protecting against social engineering

Uber Data Breach: Hacker Used Social Engineering to Break Into Multiple Internal Systems

Uber Hack – Ride-hailing Giant Investigating Large-Scale Data Breach

Uber hacked, attacker tears through the company’s systems

Uber hacked, internal systems breached and vulnerability reports stolen

Uber Hacker May Have Compromised Secret Bug Reports

Uber investigates 'cybersecurity incident'

Uber investigating security breach of several internal systems

Uber Is Looking Into Massive Security Breach As Teen Hacker Posts Sensitive Screenshots

Uber probing data breach incident involving ‘internal systems’

Uber responds to possible breach following hacker taunts

Uber Says It's Investigating a Potential Breach of Its Computer Systems

Uber suffers major cyber attack

Uber's Had A Data Breach, And We Don't Know How Bad It Is Yet

Welsh city council hit by cyber attack

What can be Done to prevent a Data Breach Nightmare from Becoming a Reality?

What does a doomsday level cyber attack look like?

What is phishing? Meaning of email scam term, what is ‘spear phishing’, online malware attacks explained

What to do if you were a corporate hack victim

Your personal data isn't safe - here's why

15th September

5 Ways to Mitigate Your New Insider Threats in the Great Resignation

77% of Global Retail Organisations Hit by Ransomware in 2021

Akamai stopped new record-breaking DDoS attack in Europe

Australia: Watchdog calls for mandatory data breach notification laws in Victoria

Auth Token Mining Weakens Microsoft Teams Security

Average Data Breach in U.S. Costs $9.4 Million

Avoiding inertia with 7 steps to a zero trust architecture

Backlogs larger than 100K+ vulnerabilities but too time-consuming to address

Bot attacks in 2022 and how companies can protect themselves

Bricker & Eckler data breach $1.9M class action settlement

Businesses still losing mission-critical company data

C-suite executives say software supply chain hacks have become a 'chief concern'

Can Hardware Wallets Be Hacked? You Are NOT That Safe With A Hardware Wallet!

Canada targeted by dozens of cyberespionage attacks since 2010, study shows

Cisco Won’t Fix Flaw in Routers, Citing End of Life

Conti Ransomware Gang Hit with Data Leak

Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Devices That Provide WiFi on Airplanes

Cyber Attack by Russian Hackers Disrupted 20 Japanese Government Websites

Cybercrime Forum Admins Steal from Site Users

Cyber insurance - A changing of the guard

Don't take the bait

Dozens of cyberespionage operations perpetrated against Canada since 2010

Empress EMS hit by Hive ransomware

EU wants to tighten cybersecurity rules for smart devices

Excess privilege in the cloud is a universal problem, IBM says

Federal cybersecurity laws can improve private sector security

Five Myths About Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

GRIT Ransomware Report: August 2022

Hackers have found a new technique to trap you even better

Hackers trojanize PuTTY SSH client to backdoor media company

Hive ransomware claims cyberattack on Bell Canada subsidiary

How does data governance affect data security and privacy?

How SOCs distribute cybersecurity alerts to avoid burnout

How to Improve Data Backup & Resiliency Plan

In the Battle Against Ransomware, Organizations Need to Enhance their Data Protection Capabilities

Indianhead Credit Union Warns Of Phishing Attack

Indonesia: Police HQ Comment on Alleged Arrest of Hacker Bjorka

Information Security vs Cyber Security: The Difference

Iran steps up its cybercrime game and Uncle Sam punches back

Italian ministry's Twitter account hacked

Japan saw 87% increase in ransomware attacks in first half of 2022

Linux variant of the SideWalk backdoor discovered

Man In The Middle Phishing Attacks That Can Bypass OTP

Managing security compliance with a hybrid workforce

Massive Uptick in Cyber Attacks Puts Student Data in Grave Danger

Microsoft Edge’s News Feed ads abused for tech support scams

Moved lately? U-Haul breach leaks 2.2M driver’s license numbers

NATO Documents Stolen in Breach of Portuguese Armed Forces, Found for Sale on Dark Web

New malware bundle self-spreads through YouTube gaming videos

New Mobile Banking Virus Prowling In Indian Cyberspace

New mobile banking virus SOVA prowling in Indian cyberspace

Notepad++ Plugins Allow Attackers to Infiltrate Systems, Achieve Persistence

Piracy to Ads to Ransomware: Investigation Finds $121 Million in Dangerous Malicious Ads on Piracy Sites Designed to Trick Users into Infecting Their Devices

Pro-Russia hackers claim to have temporarily brought down Japanese government websites

Ransomware franchising: How do groups get started?

Recent Cyber Attacks Highlight Need for Municipal Data Governance and Security

Researchers Warn of Self-Spreading Malware Targeting Gamers via YouTube

Russia Slips from Center Stage as UN Cybercrime Treaty Negotiations Forge Ahead

Russian Gamaredon Hackers Target Ukrainian Government Using Info-Stealing Malware

Russian hackers use new info stealer malware against Ukrainian orgs

Scam webpages look like Land Bank’s website but they’re not

Slam! Anatomy of a Publicly-Available Ransomware Builder

SMBs are hardest-hit by ransomware

Some Critical Data Breach Statistics And Facts For People To Be Well Prepared To Fight Against Cybercrime

Suffolk To Pay Nonprofits By Check In Wake Of Cyber Attack

Taiwan watchful as China unleashes its cyber war

Telltale signs of a network compromise: A step-by-step analysis

Texas-based OakBend Medical Centre suffers a ransomware attack, loses over 1m records to hackers

The Effects of Ransomware on Science & Its Researchers

The Global DDoS Threat Landscape – September 2022

The Importance of Security Control Validation in Breach Damage Minimization

The Problem of Badly Configured Web Application Firewalls

Three ZTNA Considerations When Replacing Cloud-based VPNs

Transparency, disclosure key to fighting ransomware

U.S. Charges 3 Iranian Hackers and Sanctions Several Others Over Ransomware Attacks

U.S. Treasury Department Sanctions Bitcoin (BTC) Addresses Linked to Ransomware

Uber security breach 'looks bad', potentially compromising all systems

UK’s financial sector faces new wave of brute force DDoS attacks

US Charges 3 Iranian Hackers Over Ransomware Attacks

US government software suppliers must attest their solutions are secure

US senator reveals how US Customs has amassed data from Americans' devices

US, UK, Canada and Australia Link Iranian Government Agency to Ransomware Attacks

User Alert as Phishing Campaigns Exploit Queen's Passing

Webworm Attackers Deploy Modified RATs in Espionage Attacks

Webworm Hackers Using Modified RATs in Latest Cyber Espionage Attacks

Webworm hackers modify old malware in new attacks to evade attribution

When It Comes to Security, Don’t Overlook Your Linux Systems

Why Artificial Intelligence is Must for Cybersecurity

YouTube Users Targeted By RedLine Self-Spreading Stealer

14th September

3 Iranian citizens charged in broad hacking campaign in US

4 ways organizations fail to address cybersecurity risk

5 Most Common Cybersecurity Threats When Working From Home

$12.25M settlement reached in Ambry Genetics health data breach lawsuit

49ers Data-Breach Lawsuits Expose Risks of Monetizing Information

50+ Alarming Cybersecurity Statistics 2022 Facts and Trends That Users Need To Know

A busy morning for those tracking ransomware in the healthcare sector

Albania suffers second cyber attack in two months, blames Iranian agencies

Android Phone Security Issues: How To Stay Safe

Attackers mount Magento supply chain attack by compromising FishPig extensions

Bandai Namco confirms to have suffered a ransomware attack

Central banks security an uncomfortable unknown as cyberattacks increase

Chief Financial Officers' overconfidence in cybersecurity can cost millions

Chinese hackers create Linux version of the SideWalk Windows malware

CISA orders agencies to patch Windows, iOS bugs used in attacks

Cloud security pros expect elevated risk for serious data breaches

Could ID Management Limit Cyber Attacks on K-12 Districts?

Data is Being Exfiltrated by Employees

DDoS Attacks on UK Firms Surge During Ukraine War

Death of Queen Elizabeth II exploited to steal Microsoft credentials

DNS Protection: A Logical First Line for Security Defenses

Don’t Get Schooled: How MSPs and Security Teams Can Catch a Phish

Dutch man suspected of laundering ‘tens of millions’ worth of bitcoin

Emotet Resurfacing as Power Player in Ransomware Wars

FBI: Hackers steal millions from healthcare payment processors

FBI says farmers should beef up security systems to protect data before harvest

FormBook Knocks Off Emotet As Most Used Malware in August

Former Conti Ransomware Members, Tools Linked To Initial Access Broker Targeting Ukraine

Four-Fifths of Firms Hit by Critical Cloud Security Incident

Fraudsters aim to capitalize on student loan forgiveness confusion

Fremont County, Colorado, Extends Cyber Attack Emergency Declaration

Gay hookup site typosquatted by 50 domains to push dodgy Chrome extensions

‘Hacktivist’ polarizes Indonesian netizens after data breach spree

Henderson & Walton Women’s Center, P.C. Files Notice of Data Breach Following Hacked Employee Email Account

How to Do Malware Analysis?

Iran-Sponsored Cyberspies Using New Techniques For Phishing

Iranian cyberspies use multi-persona impersonation in phishing threads

Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Affiliated Cyber Actors Exploiting Vulnerabilities for Data Extortion and Disk Encryption for Ransom Operations

LA schools and the mystery of the missing ransom note

Lorenz Ransomware Exploit Mitel VoIP Systems to Breach Business Networks

Malaysia saw 282% year-on-year jump in ransomware attacks in 1H22

Microsoft Fixes Two Zero-Days This Patch Tuesday

Microsoft Teams stores auth tokens as cleartext in Windows, Linux, Macs

Microsoft's Latest Security Update Fixes 64 New Flaws, Including a Zero-Day

Montana Department of Agriculture lost more than $344K to phishing scam, auditors say

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Warns of Potential Phishing Activity During Queen’s Mourning

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warns public of potential Queen-related phishing attacks

New Lenovo BIOS updates fix security bugs in hundreds of models

New Linux Malware Shikitega Can Take Full Control of Devices

Newly unsealed indictment accuses three Iranian nationals of ransomware attacks against hundreds of U.S. victims

North Korean cyberespionage actor Lazarus targets energy providers with new malware

Over 280,000 WordPress Sites Attacked Using WPGateway Plugin Zero-Day Vulnerability

Phishers take aim at Facebook page owners

Phishing Triggers Majority of Cyber Claims in 2022 First Half

Phishing page embeds keylogger to steal passwords as you type

PowerShell used by Iran’s Cobalt Mirage in June ransomware attack

Ransomware Attack on Medical Associates of the Lehigh Valley Affects 75K Patients

Ransomware Attacks on Agriculture Potentially Timed to Critical Seasons

Ransomware gang DEV-0270 now using Windows BitLocker function to encrypt devices

Ransomware gang threatens 1 million-plus medical record leak

Ransomware Roulette with Consumer Trust – The Link Between Loyalty And Attacks

Reel in phishing attacks with Zero Trust Network Access

Report finds 12 percent of ads on piracy websites involve malware to target users

Researchers Detail OriginLogger RAT - Successor to Agent Tesla Malware

Retail industry suffers as ransomware attacks rise by 75%

SMBs hardest hit by ransomware

Software Supply Chain Security Takes Center Stage in Washington

SparklingGoblin APT Hackers Using New Linux Variant of SideWalk Backdoor

SparklingGoblin APT Targeted Hong Kong University With New Linux Backdoor

Strong Authentication Considerations for Digital, Cloud-First Businesses

Students warned to watch out for common online scams

Texas hospital still bringing systems back online after Sept 1 ransomware attack

The Future of Hybrid Work and Cybersecurity Risks

The Global State of Cybersecurity Is Not Good

The Role of Cloud Services in the Hybrid War in Ukraine

Thwarting attackers in their favorite new playground: Social media

TIC International Corporation Reports Data Breach Following Conti Ransomware Attack

Top 3 data security risks facing businesses

Treasury Sanctions IRGC-Affiliated Cyber Actors for Roles in Ransomware Activity

U.S. Accuses Three Iranians Of Carrying Out Cyberattacks, Issues Sanctions Against Them

U.S. charges three Iranians for ransomware attacks on women's shelter, businesses

U.S. government takes sweeping action against Iranian hackers accused of ransomware spree

U-Haul hack: Names and driver’s licenses exposed in data breach

US charges three Iranians for ransomware attacks on companies, women’s shelter

US government sanctions ten Iranians linked to ransomware attacks

Vulnerabilities Found in Airplane WiFi Devices, Passengers' Data Exposed

Why Are You Under Cyberattack?

Why Cloud Fax Is Better For Secure Data Exchange Than Email

13th September

6 tips to avoid being a victim of cyber banking scams

Albania: New Details Unveiled over Cyber Attack on TIMS System

Albania: Prosecution Starts Investigations over Cyber Attack on TIMS System

Albania Drops Diplomatic Ties With Iran in First-Ever Severance of Relations Due to a Cyber Attack

Albania says it has repelled renewed Iranian cyber attack that rattled border system

Apple fixes actively exploited zero-day in macOS, iOS (CVE-2022-32917)

Apple Releases iOS and macOS Updates to Patch Actively Exploited Zero-Day Flaw

Asian Governments and Organizations Targeted in Latest Cyber Espionage Attacks

Beef up your Cyber Protection with Multi Factor Authentication

China reveals new details of US cyber-attack

China says NSA used multiple cybersecurity tools in attacks against Chinese university

Cisco: Yes, Yanluowang leaked our data. No, it's not serious

Cisco confirms data breach following Yanluowang ransomware attack in May

CrowdStrike threat report: Intrusions up, breakout time down

Cyber criminals increasingly relying on ransomware-as-a-service, report says

Cyber-crooks prey on Nigeria in phishing attacks

Cyberattack on Long Island Disrupts Government Agencies

Cybersecurity threats finance sector facing more cunning

Cyberspies drop new infostealer malware on government networks in Asia

FBI Warns of Drastic Implication of Unpatched/Outdated Medical Devices

Finland: Three Vastaamo employees suspected of data protection offences

Five of the most dangerous RansomOps attacks

Gloucester planning site still disrupted after 2021 cyber attack

GPS jammers are being used to hijack trucks and down drones: How to stop them

Hackers breach software vendor for Magento supply-chain attacks

Hackers now use ‘sock puppets’ for more realistic phishing attacks

Hackers Steal Steam Credentials With 'Browser-in-the-Browser' Technique

Hong Kong’s electoral office finds ‘gross misconduct of negligence’ at heart of breach of 15,000 electors’ personal data

How Can Businesses Improve Their Cyber Resilience?

How Defence in Depth Can Help Organisations Tackle Complex Cyber Security Risks

How does Australia stack up to other countries when it comes to authentication and identity safety?

How prepared are organizations to tackle ransomware attacks?

How to Stop Ransomware

Implent Cloud Security Tools Now, Not Later

Information warfare against India - the China angle

Indonesia: Government Downplays Data Breach Fiasco, Claims 'Insignificant' Data Was Spread

Institutionalising best cybersecurity practices in modern businesses

Iranian Hackers Launch Renewed Attack on Albania

Iranian Hackers Target High-Value Targets in Nuclear Security and Genomic Research

Lorenz Ransomware Intrusion: How a VoIP Vulnerability Was Leveraged for Initial Access

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) approves emergency declaration after cyber attack

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board to consider emergency declaration after cyber attack

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Ransomware Attack: Action Too Little, Too Late?

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Ransomware Attack Foreshadowed By 2021 Intrusion

Medical billing company faces lawsuit after ransomware attack

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 64 new vulnerabilities, including five critical ones

Modernizing data security with a zero trust approach to data access

Montenegro falls victim to Russian cyberattack

Napa Valley College Alerts 8,000 About Possible Data Breach

Napa Valley College ransomware attack caused possible data breach

New PsExec spinoff lets hackers bypass network security defenses

Online payment fraud has doubled over the past seven years

Orca Security Reports Widespread Cloud Security Issues

Organizations should fear misconfigurations more than vulnerabilities

Patch your Mitel VoIP systems, Lorenz ransomware gang is back on the prowl

Police arrest man for laundering tens of millions in stolen crypto

Police warn public in regards to callback phishing scams

Privacy compliance and cyber security asset management

Ransomware Gang Hacks VoIP for Initial Access

Ransomware Insurance Cover Set to Die Out – What’s Going On With Cyber-Insurance? – Part 1

Researchers Warn of 674% Surge in Deadbolt Ransomware

ShadowPad-Associated Hackers Targeted Asian Governments

Should you pay ransom settlements?

‘Smishing’ and other forms of cyber attack on the rise

Solar technology company, Canadian Solar has been hacked by LockBit 3.0 ransomware

Steam accounts are being stolen by this devious phishing attack

Steam Accounts are Being Stolen Using a Browser-in-the-Browser Phishing Technique

The emerging role of cybersecurity in the automotive sector

The impact of a data breach

The Importance of Protecting Work From Anywhere Employees Against Cyber Attacks

The Insidious Political Consequences of Cyberattacks

The Major Types of Phishing Attacks & How to Identify Them: The Definitive Guide

The scary future of the internet: How the tech of tomorrow will pose even bigger cybersecurity threats

Trend Micro warns of actively exploited Apex One RCE vulnerability

U-Haul reports data breach, customers’ info exposed

U-Haul says customer names, driver's license numbers exposed in data breach

Vitalik Buterin impersonators ramp up ETH phishing ahead of The Merge

What You Can Learn From The SEC Fining Top Companies For Failing To Safeguard Against Identity Theft

Why is healthcare a top target for cybersecurity threats?

12th September

5 actions to help state and local agencies gain visibility and improve IT hygiene

6 trends driving hardware cybersecurity innovation

After Possible Cyberattack, Suffolk Deploys Manual Record-Keeping

Apple fixes eighth zero-day used to hack iPhones and Macs this year

APT groups use spam emails to launch attacks

Bad bots are coming at APIs! How to beat the API bot attacks?

Be careful, these exchange sites are the target of a vast phishing campaign!

Billions stolen each year by internet, cryptocurrency fraud. How to avoid scams

Can you afford to cut back on web application security?

Central New York (CNY) medical billing company faces lawsuit after ransomware attack

Chaos continues as district tries to recover from systems hack

Check before you click and fight the phish

China Accuses NSA's TAO Unit of Hacking its Military Research University

Cisco confirms Yanluowang ransomware leaked stolen company data

Cisco Data Breach Attributed to Lapsus$ Ransomware Group

Cops Raid Suspected Fraudster Penthouses

Cyber Attack on IHG Impacted Hotel Booking System and Mobile Apps; Exposes Unknown Quantity of Data, Causes Extended System Outage

‘Cyber insecurity’ in healthcare is leading to increased patient mortality rates

Cyber security: five top tips

Cyber warfare trends in the wake of Russia-Ukraine war continue to evolve

Cybercriminals Use Cloud for DDoS Attacks

Digital attacks from the IT army: more than 2400 paralyzed online resources in 2 weeks

Eagle Mountain accidentally pays cyber-hacker over $1 million

Exhausted IT Security Teams Battle Rise of Deepfakes, API Attacks

Expect ‘Fluidity’ From Threat Actors Ahead of the Midterm Elections

Extortion Group 'Vice Society' Targeting Public Schools

FBI recommends action to protect vulnerable medical devices from cyberattacks

FBI warns hackers are targeting K-12 schools and potentially your student’s personal data

Finland: National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) suspects 3 of gross negligence in therapy firm's data breach

Five years after the Equifax data breach, how safe is your data?

Former members of Conti ransomware group repurposing tools to attack Ukraine

Google Play Store Introduces Data Breach Alerts For Compromised Accounts

Growing technology usage comes with greater cybersecurity threats

Hackers Compromise Employee Data at PVC-Maker Eurocell

Hackers steal Steam accounts in new Browser-in-the-Browser attacks

Hackers Utilising Encryption Technique Putting Users at Risk

Hacktivist Group GhostSec Compromises 55 Berghof PLCs Across Israel

Has your password been leaked? Here's how to quickly find out

High Severity Vulnerabilities Found in HP Enterprise Devices

High-Severity Firmware Security Flaws Left Unpatched in HP Enterprise Devices

Homeworkers putting home and business cyber-safety at risk

How has COVID-19 affected cybersecurity?

How to Identify Scammers on Freelancing Sites

Identity protection is key to metaverse innovation

Improve your privacy by disabling the webcam when you’re not using it

Infoblox’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Report highlights smishing and vulnerabilities in WordPress websites

Investigators Seize $30m in Stolen Crypto from North Korea

Iranian Ministry of Intelligence sanctioned after Albania cyber attack

Kaspersky shares a guide to top ransomware techniques

Lawsuit Filed Against 49ers After Ransomware Attack

Lorenz ransomware breaches corporate network via phone systems

Malware vs spyware vs ransomware - what’s the difference?

Many health care organizations lack resources to fend off cyberattacks

Mediant Communications data breach class action settlement

MFA is Powerless Against This Vicious New Hacking Tool

Montenegro defends massive cyber attack by Russia

MSPs and cybersecurity: The time for turning a blind eye is over

Multiple ransomware campaigns linked to Iranian threat actor DEV-0270

Napa Valley College ransomware attack caused possible data breach

New approach to ransomware encryption threatens to undermine cyber security strategies

New GIFShell Attack Targets Microsoft Teams

NHS cyber attack: Health board warns of no quick fix to dealing with incident

North Korean Lazarus Group Hacked Energy Providers Worldwide

Numerous HP business laptops and desktops vulnerable to publicly disclosed security bugs

One Medical, Inc. Reports Data Breach that Leaked Social Security Numbers and Health Information

OpenAPIs and Third-Party Risks

Oxeye Discovers Several High Severity IDOR Vulnerabilities in Harbor

Pharming: another reason to think before you click

Philippine Airlines Suffers Cyberattack With Frequent Flyer Program

Popular YouTuber Scuba Jake’s channel hacked to run crypto scam

Prior to Black Friday, delivery phishing schemes had already increased

Protect yourself from cybercrime with these simple tips

Public warned over cost of living scams targeting bank accounts and those struggling financially

Ransomware Actors Embrace Intermittent Encryption

Ransomware attacks on retail increase, average retail payment grows to more than $200K

Ransomware gangs using clever new technique to dance past security protections

Ransomware makes use of intermittent encryption to bypass detection algorithms

Ransomware Trends in 2022H1: State-Sponsored Ransomware, New Popular Targets and Evolving Extortion Techniques

Recent Cyber Attacks Confirm Personal Digital Lives are a Risk to Enterprise Security

Russian sovereign internet creates cyber risks for re/insurers

Samsung hit with class action lawsuit following data breach

San Francisco 49ers data breach affects 20K fans

Scammers defraud hundreds of victims from prison

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