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Monday 24 January 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 04 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 24th January and 30th January 2022.

30th January

Can Data Breaches Be GOOD For Some Corporate Brands?

China's Olympic apps may have security flaw

Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Americans lost $770 million from social media fraud surge

FirstWatch reports sudden, sharp increase in cyberattacks against public safety

Health care sector's cybersecurity threats

How to protect yourself as data breaches hit record levels

Key Features Of Threat Intelligence Platforms

LandBank welcomes National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) probe on alleged phishing scam

OCBC reimburses SMS scam victims S$13.7 mil in goodwill payouts

OCBC says S$13.7 million lost in phishing scams, up from S$8.5 million

Pakistan: How to leap forward in data protection

Ransomware attack took down R2 trillion investment company for five days

Researchers use GPU fingerprinting to track users online

Russia cyber attacks warning: UK at risk from meddling linked to Ukraine conflict

Russian hackers may have private information after Gloucester Council cyber attack

The LockBit group claims to have stolen data from the Ministry of Justice of France

The Philippines: The war against cybercrime

UK told to brace itself for Russian cyber attacks as Ukraine tensions escalate

Urgent Microsoft warning: New bug lets strangers take complete control of your emails

What Is a Software-Defined Perimeter?

29th January

5 Reasons Why Email Is the Top Attack Vector

6 ways to protect your personal devices

32 new ransomware families in 2021, a 26 per cent YoY increase

Are iPhones more secure than Android phones?

Aspire Credit Union in Minot warns clients of fraudulent website

Country's biggest double glazing installer Safestyle UK is hit by a cyber attack as spies warn of a threat from Russian hackers linked to fears of military action against Ukraine

Covid-19 pandemic a trigger for bank scam epidemic

Covid-related email scams spike with the rise in Omicron cases

Criminals Laundered $8.6 Billion Worth of Crypto in 2021: Chainalysis Report

Cybercriminals increasingly utilizing Excel add-in files to spread malware

Designing security to mitigate growing ransomware threats

Epidemic of scams: Singapore victims lost over $712 million in 5 years

Five cybersecurity trends we’ll see in 2022

How to insulate against cyber-attacks

How to Protect Your Business From Cyber-Attacks in 2022

Importance of Security in the Digital World

In Israel, ransomware attacks against private companies pose a new kind of national security threat

Iranian ‘honey trap’ sites try to enlist spies to ostensibly work for Israel

'It Was A Serious Blow': Ex-Belarusian Railways Worker Says Officials Downplaying Consequences Of Cyberattack

LandBank to cooperate with National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in probe into alleged phishing victimizing teachers

Nearly $1 billion lost by scam victims in Singapore since 2016

New Mexico prison forced offline due to ransomware attack

North Korean hackers launch attack using Windows Update and GitHub

One in three phishing websites disappears within the first 24 hours

Over 20,000 data center management systems exposed to hackers

Singapore victims lost over $712 million in 5 yrs

What Is a Human Firewall? Can It Protect You Against Cyberattacks?

What Is Patch Management and How Can You Implement It?

Why Businesses Should Follow Government In Adopting Zero Trust Cybersecurity Strategies

Windows vulnerability with new public exploits lets you become admin

Zimbabwe criminals go hi-tech

28th January - Data Privacy Day

4 data privacy predictions for 2022 and beyond

4 MSP Best Practices for Protecting Customers

5 Things to Know about Integrating Perimeter and Internal Defenses

7 ways K-12 cybersecurity leaders can secure school data

2022 Cybersecurity Predictions

A blueprint for cyber supply chain risk management

A Former Hacker’s Guide to Boosting Your Online Security

A Look Back at an Unprecedented Year in Ransomware

Are Macs safer than Windows laptops?

Attacker-controlled devices can launch lateral phishing attacks, Microsoft warns

Banking scams are soaring, and victims are not getting their money back

BlackCat ransomware targeting US, European retail, construction and transportation orgs

Businesses Should Look Out For These Three Payment Fraud Trends in 2022

Buy now, pay later scammers are sharing their exploits and secrets on Telegram

Colorado Department of Human Services Vendor Reports Potential Data Breach

Combating the Ransomware Epidemic Comes Down to Prevention, Detection, and Response

Conti, DeadBolt Ransomwares Target Delta, QNAP

Covid test-related email scams surge 500% with rise in Omicron

Cyber Pandemic: The very real threat

Cyberattacks in Albuquerque remind Doña Ana County officials of constant threat

Cybercrime center says Smartmatic system ‘compromised’

Cybersecurity Is About Tech – but Also Trust, User Experience

Dark Web Chatter Exposes Cybercriminals’ Arrest Fears After Russian FSB Detained REvil Ransomware Gang Members

Data Breach Alert: Aditi Consulting

Data Breach Alert: Marietta Area Health Care, dba Memorial Health System

Data Breach Alert: Morley Companies, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Nuna Baby Essentials, Inc

Data Privacy Day 2022: How Can AI Help in the Fight Against Ransomware?

Data Privacy Week: Raising awareness and encouraging compliance

Data Privacy Week: The Rise of Ransomware and the Evolving Threat Landscape

DeFi platform Qubit Finance begs hacker to return $80 million in stolen funds

Delta Electronics, $9B supplier to Dell, HP, struck by ransomware; was it “destined to get hit”?

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo warns of potential Russian cyberattack

E-Commerce Fraud up by 178% over the Holidays: Trends and Predictions

Energy Sector Still Needs to Shut the Barn Door

EU to create pan-European cyber incident coordination framework

Excellus, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) Reach Settlement Following 2015 Data Breach

Facebook users warned to watch out for $750 Cash App scams – how to stay safe

FBI Issues Warning Over Iranian Cyber Company

Fife Council customers affected by US data breach

Finland warns of Facebook accounts hijacked via Messenger phishing

Finnish diplomats’ phones infected with NSO Group Pegasus spyware

Google Play app dropped Vultur banking Trojan on Android handsets

Government pledges all public sector bodies will be resilient against common cyberthreats by 2030

Hacker predictions for 2022: The future of cybersecurity industry revealed

Hackers are taking over CEO accounts with rogue OAuth apps

Hackers are targeting unpatched systems, supply chain networks

Hackers Using Device Registration Trick to Attack Enterprises with Lateral Phishing

Healthcare industry most common victim of third-party breaches last year

Here are the biggest threats on the internet

Hijacked Instagram Accounts are being sold over the internet for $40K

HMRC issues scam warning as three million yet to file tax return

How Much Data Is in the World (And How Do You Secure It)?

How to avoid an open source security nightmare

HP Finds Cybercriminals Excel‐Ing at Tricking Users

Ireland: Data breach probe launched into 'family photos' appearing across Council devices

IT and DevOps teams are as likely to click phishing emails as everybody else

IT Staff as Likely to be Hooked by Phishing Attacks as Other Staff

It’s not just OCBC and Singapore, scammers are ripping off people across Asia

Kaspersky stopped more than 30,000 attempts to use the Log4Shell exploit in January

Killware: The Most Dangerous Evolution of Ransomware?

Lazarus APT Uses Windows Update to Spew Malware

LockBit gang claims it stole data from French Ministry of Justice

Log4j Exploit Hits Again: Vulnerable Unifi Network Application (Ubiquiti) at Risk

Malicious hybrid cloud campaign uses 0Auth apps to target C-level executives

Memorial Health System sued after ransomware attack exposed 216,500 patients' info

Microsoft Azure customer hit by largest ever 3.47 Tbps DDoS attack

Microsoft Outlook RCE zero-day exploits now selling for $400,000

Microsoft unveiled hackers process of infecting devices via phishing

Millions of routers and IoT devices at risk from this vulnerability

Minimize the impact of ransomware attack

Most Ransomware Infections are Self-installed

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) probes phishing scam that targets teachers

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) alerts UK orgs to brace for destructive Russian cyberattacks

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Wants Additional Cybersecurity Measures in UK: Multi-Factor Authentication and More

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Warns UK Organizations to Prepare for Russian Cyber-Attacks

Navigating Nobelium: Lessons From Cloud Hopper & NotPetya

New Bedford Police Department hit with ransomware attack

New Trojan Targets E-Banking Users in Brazil

North Korean Hackers Return with Stealthier Variant of KONNI RAT Malware

North Korean hackers use Windows Update and GitHub in spear phishing attack

North Korean Hackers Using Windows Update Service to Infect PCs with Malware

OCBC phishing scam: Police say they rushed to take down fake bank websites, trace lost cash

Oh Canada – Foreign Affairs Ministry Gets Hacked

Omicron Fear: Covid Test Related Email Scams Up 500%

Outlook bug bounty payout increases to $400,000, but only for a limited time

Over 50% of internet-connected medical devices vulnerable to cyberattacks

Ozzy Osbourne's NFT project shared scam link that drained crypto from investors' wallets

Phishing campaign could become international business after discovery in Iran

Phishing subjects cater to different regions

Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime

QNAP force-installs update after DeadBolt ransomware hits 3,600 devices

QNAP users angry after NAS drives are updated to combat DeadBolt ransomware

Qubit Finance suffers $80 million loss following hack

Ransomware families becoming more sophisticated with newer attack methods

Remote Work, Return to Travel Increase Cyber Attacks in 2022

Researchers Unearth SMS-Based Android Malware Called ‘Dark Herring’

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) asks people to follow safe digital banking practices amid rising cyber frauds

Russian Cyberattacks against the U.S. Could Focus on Disinformation

Russian invasion of Ukraine could redefine cyber warfare

Scammers target us on social media now more than ever

Scammers Using Pop Culture Trends to Lure Victims

Securing adequate business data privacy means security and compliance

Storage Vendor QNAP Forces Update After Ransomware Hits 3600 Devices

Technological Advances Bring New Cyber Risks. Here's How to Mitigate Them

Technology, people and processes to improve cybersecurity

Telecom Outlook: Rising cyber threats a cause for concern, as well as a source of success

The future of work: Employee privacy

The Return to the Office: How to Protect Your Customers’ Cloud

This phishing attack lets hackers read and send emails from your account

UK security centre urges companies to boost their defences after cyberattacks on Ukraine

UK warned to bolster defences against cyber attacks as Russia threatens Ukraine

United Arab Emirates: DEWA urges residents to beware of 30th anniversary promotional scam

US: Urgent tax warning as experts reveal exact ways you can tell if your forms have been hacked

US government’s ‘zero trust’ roadmap calls time on perimeter-based paradigm

Use of AI to fight insurance fraud hits all-time high

WARNING: Thailand Pass spoof email with malicious links

Water Utilities Get 100-Day Cybersecurity Plan

Weeks after county and school ransomware attacks, the 'Dark Web' is quiet

What can I do to protect myself from SMS phishing scams?

What Is Phishing? How To Protect Yourself From It?

What You Need to Know About Data Encryption Right Now

When it Comes to Stopping IoT Security Camera Breaches, Focus on Procurement

White House begins zero trust rollout for federal agencies

White House Releases Zero Trust Strategy for Federal Government

Who Wrote the ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Strain?

Windows Update hijacked to infect PCs with malware

Your personal data is valuable, and dangerous in the wrong hands. It's time to protect it better

Zerodium Spikes Payout for Zero-Click Outlook Zero-Days

27th January

2FA App Loaded with Banking Trojan Infests 10K Victims via Google Play

5 notes from federal agencies on healthcare cyberthreats

7 Ways to Protect Your Business From Phishing Scams

65% of organizations continue to rely on shared logins

105 million Android users targeted by subscription fraud campaign

Active Ransomware Recovery: Five Steps for Success

Android Users Across Europe and Australia Suffer Devastating New Malware Attacks

Attackers add rogue PC to victims' networks in this sneaky phishing campaign

Attackers connect rogue devices to organizations’ network with stolen Office 365 credentials

Avoid These $750 Cash App Facebook Scams

Banking scams and phishing attacks – new measures should apply to other business sectors

BotenaGo Botnet Code Leaked to GitHub, Impacting Millions of Devices

Butler County Community College (BC3) Provides More Details On Ransomware Attack

BYOD and WFH: Securing Your Business in 2022

California Most Targeted State For Ransomware Attacks

Canadian officials take down dark web marketplace, issue $300,000 in fines

Corporate Employee Snooping: How to Address This Threat?

Covid test-related email scams surge 500% with rise in Omicron

Crypto.com Hack Originating From 2FA Bypass Exceeds $30 Million Forcing Refunds and New Security Measures

Cybercriminals laundered $8.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021

Cybersecurity considerations for electric vehicle chargers

Data Breach Alert: American Osteopathic Association

Data Breach Alert: Day-Lee Foods, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Midland University

Data Breach Alert: Spencer Gifts, LLC

Data Breach Alert: True Health New Mexico

Data Breach at Drug Screening Lab

Data breach at Greensward Academy

Data Breach at True Health New Mexico Prompts Investigation into Class Action Lawsuit

Data Privacy Day: Security experts' tips for 2022

DeepDotWeb admin imprisoned for advertising illegal dark web markets

DeepDotWeb operator sentenced to eight years behind bars

Digital IDs under attack: How to tackle the threat?

EyeMed agrees $600,000 settlement over 2020 data breach

EyeMed Settles with New York Attorney General for $600,000 Over 2020 Data Breach

FBI warns over Iranian cyber group, tells organizations to up their defenses

Feds Publish Zero Trust Plan

Hacker Flags Flaw in Swiss Railway System

How AI can help security teams detect threats

How to Create Strong Passwords

How to Prevent Fraud With Your Bank Account

How would zero trust prevent a Log4Shell attack?

Infamous ransomware group claims it hacked France’s Justice Ministry

IT and DevOps Staff More Likely to Click on Phishing Links

Konni remote access Trojan receives 'significant' upgrades

Lawsuit: 'Negligence' Led to Memorial Health System Attack

Lazarus hackers use Windows Update to deploy malware

Lessons learned from notable third-party data breaches of 2021

Linn County Still Down Due to Ransomware

LockBit ransomware gang targets VMware ESXi servers

LockBit ransomware hits French Ministry of Justice & European firms

Malware resets Android devices after performing fraudulent wire transfers

Marietta Area Health Care Inc. (Memorial Health Systems) Data Breach Prompts Investigation into Class Action Lawsuit

Microsoft mitigated a record 3.47 Tbps DDoS attack on Azure users

Microsoft Mitigated Record-Breaking 3.47 Tbps DDoS Attack on Azure Customers

Microsoft warns of multi-stage phishing campaign leveraging Azure AD

Names, Social Security numbers compromised after data breach

Nearly $9bn Laundered in Cryptocurrency in 2021

New Bedford Police Department victim of Ransomware Attack

New York Attorney General Releases Guide on Credential Stuffing Attacks

North Korea Loses Internet in Suspected Cyber-Attack

Novel phishing campaign highlights need for MFA, says Microsoft

Omicron-themed phishing attacks add insult to injury

Patch Now: A newly discovered critical Linux vulnerability probably affects your systems

Patching the CentOS 8 Encryption Bug is Urgent – What Are Your Plans?

Philippines: Department of Justice (DOJ) orders National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) probe into phishing scheme victimizing teachers

Phishing continues to create problems for people all around the world

Phishing scam uses Zoom invite to steal Microsoft Outlook credentials

Phishing Simulation Study Shows Why These Attacks Remain Pervasive

QNAP: Act Now to Mitigate DeadBolt Ransomware

QNAP warns NAS users of DeadBolt ransomware, urges customers to update

QNAP Warns of DeadBolt Ransomware Targeting Internet-Facing NAS Devices

Ransomware: More Families, More Vulnerabilities, More Weaponry Dominate 2021

Ransomware claims: behind the scenes

Red Cross Data Breach Update: Hackers Directly Targeted ICRC’s Servers

Russian APT29 hackers' stealthy malware undetected for years

Scary Android trojan can factory reset your phone after stealing your money

Securing one of our most valued assets on Data Privacy Day

Shipment-Delivery Scams a Fav Way to Spread Malware

Six key UK fraud trends to watch out for in 2022

Small Business Best Practices for Email Security

Staying Safe in 2022: Our Cyberthreat Predictions Throughout the Year

Stealthy Excel malware putting organizations in crosshairs of ransomware gangs

Survey reveals why phishing scams in Australia go unreported

Taiwanese Apple and Tesla contractor hit by Conti ransomware

Take These 4 Steps to Get Rid of Passwords For Good

Teamwork, trust and threat sharing key to cybersecurity

There's been a big rise in phishing attacks using Microsoft Excel XLL add-ins

These critical security bugs put Linux servers at risk of attack

This phishing attack uses an unusual trick to spread further

Unpacking the rise of BlackCat ransomware: High victim count, high payouts, customized features

Unpatched vulnerabilities most exploited by ransomware gangs

US Department of Defense staffer with top-secret clearance stole identities from work systems to apply for loans

Verizon Data Breach 2022: 6000 TracFone Users Exposed

What makes achieving cyber resilience difficult?

White House instructs agencies to adopt zero trust approach to cybersecurity

White House, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) release 100-day cybersecurity plan for water utility operators

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Top of Mind in 2022

Why ransomware makes zero trust model necessary

Widespread FluBot and TeaBot Malware Campaigns Targeting Android Devices

26th January

Another BioPlus Pharmacy Suit Filed After Data Breach Impacts Unknown Number of Patients

Apple Fixes 2 Zero-Day Security Bugs, One Exploited in the Wild

Apple Releases iOS and macOS Updates to Patch Actively Exploited 0-Day Vulnerability

Buy now, pay later fraud, romance and cryptocurrency schemes top the list of threats this year

Chaes banking trojan hijacks Chrome with malicious extensions

COVID-19 vax most popular topic for phishing attacks in 2021

Crypto money laundering rises 30%, report finds

Cybercriminals exploiting COVID-19 tests in phishing attacks

Cybercriminals laundered at least $8.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021

Cybercriminals Love Supply-Chain Chaos: Here’s How to Protect Your Inbox

Cybercriminals Using QR Codes to Steal Financial Info, FBI Warns

Cybersecurity: White House rolls out zero trust strategy for federal agencies

Cybersecurity’s challenge for 2022 is defeating weaponized ransomware

‘Dark Herring’ Billing Malware Swims onto 105M Android Devices

Data Breach Alert: Electromed, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Rockingham Mutual Group, Inc

Data Privacy Week: Online Trackers Can Detect 80% of Users' Browsing History

Data Privacy Week: Prioritize Data Protection to Safeguard Consumer Privacy

DazzleSpy: macOS backdoor delivered through watering hole attacks

DazzleSpy: Pro-democracy org hijacked to become macOS spyware distributor

DeadBolt ransomware targeting QNAP NAS storage devices

Deceptive financial ransomware variant ‘White Rabbit’ emerges in banking

Escalation on Ukrainian border leads to spike in ransomware and data leaks against Russia and Belarus

Experts Reveals 29% Surge in Bugs Used by Ransomware Actors

EyeMed Fined $600k Over Data Breach

Files obtained from Butler County Community College (BC3) in November ransomware attack

German government warns of APT27 hackers backdooring business networks

Government Trials Effort to Make Bug Scanning Easier

'Hack One, Breach Many' Is Here to Stay: How to Secure Your Third-Party Risks

Hackers Using New Evasive Technique to Deliver AsyncRAT Malware

Home Working Drives 44% Surge in Insider Threats

How Poor Security Culture Leads to Insider Risk

How to achieve greater cyber resiliency

Initial Access Broker Involved in Log4Shell Attacks Against VMware Horizon Servers

IT pros say privacy regulations are more helpful than harmful

Lessons Learned from Ireland’s Healthcare System Ransomware Attack

Linux Bug in All Major Distros: ‘An Attacker’s Dream Come True’

Linux version of LockBit ransomware targets VMware ESXi servers

Log4J: BlackBerry finds Prophet Spider access broker exploiting VMware Horizon

Maestro Says Hoteliers Must be Diligent to Protect Against Ransomware

Memorial Health Faces Lawsuit After Hive Ransomware Cyberattack

Merck claims victory in NotPetya ransomware dispute

Merck wins $1.4B lawsuit over NotPetya attack

Microsoft warns of phishing campaign targeting OAuth tokens

More than 90% of enterprises surveyed have been hit by successful cyberattacks

Most IT executives and employees in the US have been asked to assist in ransomware attacks

New DazzleSpy malware infects macOS devices through hacked websites

New FluBot and TeaBot campaigns target Android devices worldwide

New Year, New Threats: 4 Tips to Activate Your Best Cyber-Defense

Nobel Foundation site hit by DDoS attack on award day

Philippines: National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to probe phishing scam targeting teachers

Phishing: what is it and what can we do if we fall victim to it?

Phishing emails in Q421 focused on everyday tasks

Phishing May Have Compromised Health Data in Spokane, Washington

PolKit vulnerability can give attackers root on many Linux distros (CVE-2021-4034)

QNAP warns of new DeadBolt ransomware encrypting NAS devices

Ransomware attackers are targeting inside help

Ransomware is still the biggest security worry for business, but it's not the only headache

Ransomware Payments: How Pennsylvania Legislation May Impact MSSPs, MSPs

Rising Above Complexity to Secure IoT Devices

Securing business email accounts from malware threats

The Log4j flaw hasn't led to massive hacking attacks. But that doesn't mean the threat is over

Threat Actors Blanket Androids with Flubot, Teabot Campaigns

TrickBot Crashes Security Researchers’ Browsers in Latest Upgrade

TrickBot malware now crashes researchers’ devices to evade analysis

Trickbot will now try to crash researcher PCs to stop reverse engineering attempts

UK government security center, i100 publish NMAP scripts for vulnerability scanning

UK organisations have experienced a 62% increase in cyber threats since 2020

US healthcare company EyeMed reaches settlement following 2020 data breach

Windows ransomware LockBit makes the jump to Linux

White House wants US government to use a Zero Trust security model

Why Organizations are Failing to Manage Rising Bot Attacks

25th January

3 Common Cloud Misconfigurations to Avoid

4 financial scams to watch out for in 2022

12-Year-Old Polkit Flaw Lets Unprivileged Linux Users Gain Root Access

53% of medical devices have a known critical vulnerability

AdSanity, AccessPress Plugins Open Scads of WordPress Sites to Takeover

Amendments proposed to Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act

Are Fashion Businesses Ready to Deal with Cybersecurity Attacks?

As IoT Attacks Increase, Experts Fear More Serious Threats

Belarus Activists Fire Ransomware at State Railway

Belarusian activists launch ransomware attack against railway in protest of dictatorship, Russian troop surge

Bernalillo County ransomware attack still felt weeks later

Beware of fake tax apps pushing malware

BRATA Android Trojan Updated with ‘Kill Switch’ that Wipes Devices

California public office admits Covid-19 healthcare data breach

Canada's foreign affairs ministry hacked, some services down

Canada's foreign ministry hacked

Canadian government investigating hacking incident

Check Point Research reveals how hackers run token scams and 'Rug Pull' money - and how to avoid them

Cumbria Trading Standards warn people of Fake McAfee emails

Cyber Essentials Overhauled for New Hybrid Working Era

Cyber insurers feel the pinch of ransomware epidemic

Cyber struggles for finance sector may get worse in 2022

Cyber-Attack on Global Affairs Canada

Cyber-Partisans hackers hit Belarus railroad system with ransomware attack

Cyberattacks on Squid Game Minecraft Tourney Take Down Andorra’s Internet

Cybercriminals hack servers of Hyderabad bank, transfer Rs 12 crore

Dark Souls 3 Online bug leaves you exposed to cyber attacks

Data Breach Alert: Jim Koons Automotive Company

Data Breach Alert: StarTek, Inc

Data Privacy Week: Data Privacy vs. Visibility - The Security Consideration

DDoS attacks on Minecraft event crippled the internet of a European country

Don't Fall for This Instagram Hijacking Scam

Eight Cybersecurity Predictions To Brace For In 2022

Estate agency apologises for email hack and urges ‘caution’ if transferring funds

Excellus BCBS reaches tentative settlement over data breach

Experts Call for More Open Security Culture After VW Sacking

Fake COVID-test emails are scams to steal your credit card info

Fashion designer, Moncler, suffers data breach after ransomware attack

Feds: Health sector bad actors 'actively leveraging' Log4J vulnerabilities

Go First’s Twitter Hacked As Airline Becomes 2nd Largest In India

Google Drive now warns you of suspicious phishing, malware docs

Hackers breached library system earlier than initially known

Hackers Exploited MSHTML Flaw to Spy on Government and Defense Targets

Hackers hijacking Instagram accounts of companies and influencers, demanding ransom

Hackers Infect macOS with New DazzleSpy Backdoor in Watering-Hole Attacks

Here's why tape could be your best shot at defeating ransomware

Inquiry into two cyber-attacks at Gloucester City Council in decade

It’s time that the world learns from the past security breaks

Italian fashion brand Moncler struck by AlphV/BlackCat ransomware attack on Christmas Eve

Keeping Your Data Safe: Ransomware, Crashes, and Backups

Linn County affected by ransomware attack, 'several systems are offline'

Linux kernel bug can let hackers escape Kubernetes containers

Linux system service bug gives you root on every major distro

LockBit Ransomware Variant Targets VMware ESXi Servers

MacOS Malware ‘DazzleSpy’ Used in Watering-Hole Attacks

Many businesses are still clueless when it comes to cybersecurity

Microsoft issues urgent warning to billions of people about 'online scams and attacks'

Microsoft warns about this phishing attack that wants to read your emails

Mirai splinter botnets dominate IoT attack scene

New DazzleSpy malware targets macOS users in watering hole attack

New DeadBolt ransomware targets QNAP devices, asks 50 BTC for master key

New research reveals impact of cyber threats on digital transformation in Middle East

New York fines EyeMed $600K after data breach investigation finds security flaws

Omicron variant testing-related phishing attacks poses threat to businesses

Ozzy Osbourne NFTs Used to Bite Off Chunk of Crypto Coin

Parents warned after 'data breach' at secondary school

Protect your data center from ransomware attacks

Ransomware Gangs Pivot to DDoS

Ransomware hackers' new tactic: Calling you directly

Ransomware to overtake phishing as top cause for data compromises, report says

Recent SMS phishing scams in Singapore shed light on digital bank security – what more can be done?

Regional Cyber Conflicts Could Lead to Infrastructure Attacks in 2022

Russia arrests leader of “Infraud Organization” hacker group

Russian Forces and Belarus Railway Get Disrupted: Pro-Democracy Hacktivist Group Claim the Ransomware Attack

Segway Hit by Magecart Attack Hiding in a Favicon

Segway store hacked to steal customers' credit cards

Sophisticated Ransomware Criminals Pose Growing Threat to Law Firms

Staff negligence is now a major reason for insider security incidents

Striking a Balance Between Cybersecurity Awareness and Anxiety

Strong security starts with the strengthening of the weakest link: passwords

Supply Chain Attacks on the Rise - How can they be Prevented?

Tax scam emails are alive and well as US tax season starts

The 2021 Kaseya Attack Highlighted The Seven Deadly Sins Of Future Ransomware Attacks

The Imminent Death And Rebirth Of Cyber Insurance

The key steps for SMBs to stay safe from cyberattacks

The Most Imitated Brands in Phishing Attempts

This cruel Android malware wipes phones after stealing money

This sneaky ransomware is now targeting Linux servers, too

Threat Actors Shift Tactics, Targets As Ransomware Evolves

Top 3 quarterly trends in internet security

Top Tips to Protect Your Organization Against the Biggest Security Threats of 2022

Trellix finds OneDrive malware targeting government officials in Western Asia

TrickBot Malware Using New Techniques to Evade Web Injection Attacks

TrickBot now crashes researchers' browsers to block malware analysis

UK Government Announces New Cyber Strategy to Protect Public Sector

UK government releasing Nmap scripts to find unpatched vulnerabilities

VMware: Patch Horizon servers against ongoing Log4j attacks!

Vulnerability Disclosures Rise to Meet Federal Requirements

'We're losing control of our data' as breaches reach an all-time high

What Is a Hacker?

Which industries are most likely to fall for phishing emails?

24th January

3 Reasons Why DDoS Protection Fails

4 Cyber Security Best Practices For SMBs

33% of third-party data breaches in 2021 targeted healthcare orgs

A Level-Set on Russia-Borne Cyber Threats

Absa informs more customers of data leak, 15 months later

Android malware BRATA wipes your device after stealing data

API Security, Ransomware Top 2022 Threats

Attackers now actively targeting critical SonicWall RCE bug

Avoid Turning One Data Breach into Two

Beware of fake emails and texts from Isle of Wight and Town and Parish councillors

BHUNT password stealer targets crypto wallets through cracked software

Biggest cybersecurity challenges to watch out for in 2022

Biggest Lessons You can Learn from Crypto.com’s Latest Data Breach

Canada: Federal government investigating cyber attack amid tensions with Russia

Check Point Research details key attacks in its 2022 Security Report

Check Point Software’s 2022 Security Report: Global Cyber Pandemic’s Magnitude Revealed

China accused of hijacking Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison's WeChat account

China’s MY2022 App Could Do More Than Trace COVID-19 Exposure

Control Web Panel (CWP) bugs allow code execution as root on Linux servers, patch now

Council bosses must be 'more transparent' over cyber attack

COVID test related scam emails still highly popular among cybercriminals

COVID-19 Omicron Variant Causes Surge in Related Scams: How to Avoid Fake Tests and Phishing Attacks

Cybersecurity: 5 Easy Ways to Safeguard Yourself Against Fake Websites

Cybersecurity: 11 steps to take as threat levels increase

Dark Souls 3 Servers Shut Down Due to Critical RCE Bug

Dark Souls PC servers down amid hacking fears

Dark Souls servers taken down to prevent hacks using critical bug

Data Privacy Week: The Best Kept Secrets About Data Privacy

Deciding Whether to Pay in a Healthcare Ransomware Attack

Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Americans should be prepared for potential Russian cyberattacks

Embracing Security by Design in Development

Enterprises reluctant to report cyber attacks to authorities

Fraud detection is great, but you also need prevention

Hackers Creating Fraudulent Crypto Tokens as Part of 'Rug Pull' Scams

Hackers hijack smart contracts in cryptocurrency token 'rug pull' exit scams

Hackers say they encrypted Belarusian Railway servers in protest

Hackers Using New Malware Packer DTPacker to Avoid Analysis, Detection

Has your Gmail been secretly hacked? How to keep your data safe

Health Care Is Gold Mine For Hackers

How Businesses Can Put Privacy First

How Companies Can Protect Confidential Documents From Leaks

How To Evaluate Your Cyber Insurance

Identity Theft Will Get Worse

Improved security for laptops is critical in today’s hybrid world

India: Why the Personal Data Protection Bill is bad news for business

India dismisses CoWIN vaccination data leak

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) warns of tax reimbursement phishing scam website

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to Require New ID Verification

Jefferson Health hit with data breach impacting more than 9,000 patients

Landbank: Teachers who lost money fell victims to phishing scam

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