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Monday 3 January 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 01 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 3rd January and 9th January 2022.

9th January

Beware! Flubot Android Malware is Back

Crypto criminals stole $14 billion in 2021

Cybersecurity crucial for ongoing digitisation of banking industry

FBI warning: FIN7 gang sends USB sticks containing ransomware

FBI warns hackers are sending USBs infected with ransomware to businesses

Finland's biggest bank reports cyberattack

Google docs malware warning as cybercriminals send bogus links to users in spear-phishing scam

Gullible users, lack of regulation, spur crypto cybercrimes in India

Lancashire residents warned to watch out for NHS Covid passport scam

Medical Review Institute of America Notifies Patients of Data Breach

Pakistan Calls Out Binance as Investors Fall Victim to New Massive Crypto Scam!

Patchwork APT Hackers Score Own Goal in Recent Malware Attacks

QNAP issues ransomware warning to users: secure your devices or disconnect unprotected NAS

Ransomware: 10 Important Questions for Businesses Answered

Ransomware attack shuts school websites

Ransomware attack shuts school websites globally

Ransomware Group Claims Successful Hack Of Broomfield Cybersecurity Firm

Rebalancing the cybersecurity equation to mitigate ransomware risks

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) data breach linked to file wrongly stored on employee's hard drive, unions told

Scheduling platform Flexbooker hacked, 3.7 million users’ data stolen

Seven tips to avoid losing money with the most common virtual scam

The benefits of ransomware in terms of data transformation

The hunt for electronic signature continues. Poles among the victims

Thieves steal NFTs collection valued at $2.2 million

Warning: “Lots of reports about scam NHS Covid Pass text message” says North Wales Police Cyber Crime Team

8th January

7 Highly Effective Ways To Prevent Those Unexpected Zero-Day Attacks

Be aware of this password stealing banking malware

Crime related to cryptocurrency increases nearly 80% in 2021

Cyber scams: Australians lost $33 billion to online criminals

Cybersecurity crucial for ongoing digitisation of banking industry

FBI warns hackers are sending USBs infected with ransomware to businesses in the ‘transportation and defense industries’

FBI warns of hackers mailing malicious USB drives to spread ransomware

Five techniques cybercriminals use to steal your passwords

FlexBooker says sorry for a data breach that exposed 3.7 million user details as well as partial credit card details

Flubot Android malware is back, popularized as fake flash players

How Your Digital Footprint Is Used, and How to Reclaim Your Privacy

Insider vs. Outsider Threats: Which Is Worse?

Kuwait webs in grip of hackers

Martin Lewis warning: Millions of people are making the same mistake when receiving scam emails

Nordic Choice Hotels Changes Windows to Chrome OS After Ransomware Attack

Online scam academies are offering classes on how to defraud people

Plugging the holes: How to avoid data breaches in 2022

Protecting Supply Chains from Highly Contagious Attacks

QNAP warns of ransom attack: NAS users need to act swiftly

Ransomware attack shuts thousands of school websites globally

Ransomware uses popular remote management program to infect machines

The positive side of ransomware for data transformation

Trojanized dnSpy app drops malware cocktail on researchers, devs

Warning from Martin Lewis over mistake when dealing with scam emails and texts

What is a crypto airdrop? Why investors ought to be wary of these lucrative giveaways

7th January

3.7 Million FlexBooker Records Dumped on Hacker Forum

6 tips to avoid falling for the fake electronic card scam

Albuquerque impacted by ransomware attack

Are you really cyber attack ready?

CES 2022 Puts Spotlight On How Governments, Businesses Can Prevent Cyberattacks

Crypto crime hit record $14bn in 2021

Cyber Security: How to protect yourself in 2022

Cyber-Attack on New Mexico County

Cyberattackers Hit Data of 80K Fertility Patients

EHR Vendor QRS Faces Lawsuit After Healthcare Cyberattack

Facebook and WhatsApp users warned to change passwords after rise in phishing scams

FBI: Hackers use BadUSB to target defense firms with ransomware

FBI warns cybercriminals have tried to hack US firms by mailing malicious USB drives

Finalsite Ransomware Attack Details and Cyberattack Recovery Timeline

FinalSite ransomware attack shuts down 5000 school sites

FlexBooker apologizes for breach of 3.7 million user records, partial credit card information

FluBot malware now targets Europe posing as Flash Player app

Global cyber security landscape – what to expect in 2022

Grass Valley reveals extent of data breach

Hackers exploit Google Docs comment feature in new phishing campaign

Hotel Chain Converts Windows PCs To Chrome OS After Ransomware Attack

How to speak to C-Suites about ransomware in a language they understand

Lancashire residents given warning about Covid passport scam

Log4j flaw: Attackers are targeting Log4Shell vulnerabilities in VMware Horizon servers, says NHS

Log4J-Related RCE Flaw in H2 Database Earns Critical Rating

Log4Shell-like Critical RCE Flaw Discovered in H2 Database Console

Majority of Americans say ransomware attacks should be considered terrorism

Martin Lewis explains mistake millions of us are making when we delete scam emails

Martin Lewis issues important scam warning to people across the UK

Medical Review Institute of America Notifies Patients of Data Breach

New York OAG notifies 17 companies of security breaches

NHS warns of hackers exploiting Log4Shell in VMware Horizon

Nordic Choice Hotels Changes Windows to Chrome OS After Ransomware Attack

NoReboot attack fakes iOS phone shutdown to spy on you

Norwegian Media Company Amedia Suffered a Serious Cyber Attack That Left Newspapers Unprinted

OG department store customers' personal details leaked in data breach

Online scam cheats victims from alleged Amazon cryptocurrencies

Pupils receive each others' Covid results in school data breach

Puzzling phishing attacks on the book industry: suspect arrested

QNAP: Get NAS Devices Off the Internet Now

QNAP warns of ransomware targeting Internet-exposed NAS devices

Ransomware attack affected websites of 5,000 schools

Ransomware attack on FinalSite still disrupting email services at thousands of schools

Recent Settlements and Penalties Show Perils of Data Breaches

Report shows how cyber attacks pose ‘significant’ risk to Connecticut utilities

Researchers Warn of New Log4Shell-Like Java Vulnerability

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) employees vote no confidence in management after massive data breach

Scheduling Platform FlexBooker Discloses Data Breach Affecting 3.7 Million Accounts

Simon & Schuster employee denies stealing bestseller manuscripts

Simple Active Directory tweak helps block BlackMatter ransomware attacks

Skimmer supply chain attack targets 100 Sotheby’s real estate sites

Stealing money on someone else’s name – compatriots in fear

Supply chain cybersecurity: Pain or pleasure?

Thousands of Schools Impacted After IT Provider Hit by Ransomware

Three ways to simplify the data breach notification process

Town Hall ‘still working to recover data’ more than a year after ‘devastating’ cyber attack

Urgent warning issued to anybody with a Facebook or WhatsApp account

US counterintelligence shares tips to block spyware attacks

Why Holistic Ecosystems Will Be Central to Future Cybersecurity

Zero Trust Is More Important Than Ever, Security Practitioners Warn

6th January

$2.2 billion in cryptocurrency stolen from DeFi platforms in 2021

3 types of national security risk to monitor

Apple iOS bug makes your iPhones vulnerable to ransomware attacks

Apple iPhone Malware Tactic Causes Fake Shutdowns to Enable Spying

Attackers Exploit Flaw in Google Docs’ Comments Feature

Beware new breed of scammers offering classes in how to defraud people

Broward Health Data Breach Affects 1.3 Million Individuals

Building a Security Culture in Your Organization: How to Do It Successfully?

Company used for school website, software design finds ransomware in system

Counties in New Mexico, Arkansas begin 2022 with ransomware attacks

COVID Test Data Breach at British School

Credential Stuffers Compromised 1.1 Million Accounts

Crypto Firm Pulls the Rug from Under Investors with $10m Scam

Cyber attack on UK Defence Academy causes “significant” damage

Cyber police prevents theft of over $720,000 from account of medical company

Cyber risk landscape looks set to change in 2022

Cyber threats are not going away - but there are things you can do to manage and reduce their impact

Cyber-Attack on Fertility Centers of Illinois

Cyberattack insurance: companies expect spike in interest following Impresa hack

Cybercriminals are targeting the world’s wealthy: here’s how to protect yourself

Cybersecurity: What To Watch In 2022

Cybersecurity in 2022: End of passwords, cybersecurity education and the compromised home

Cybersecurity Outlook 2022: Third-party, Ransomware and AI Attacks Will Get Worse

Cybersecurity Trends for 2022: 4 Issues IT and Security Pros Should Know

Data Breach Alert: Career Group, Inc

Data Breach Alert: Forward Air Corporation

Data security is a mainstay in the hospitality industry

Deposits to illicit crypto addresses nearly doubled in 2021

Did you get a message saying your State Bank of India (SBI) account has been blocked? It's a scam

Experts uncover Elephant Beetle, an organized financial-theft operation

FBI warns about ongoing Google Voice authentication scams

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to issue major fines to companies that fail to patch Log4j

FinalSite ransomware attack shuts down thousands of school websites

Five tips on how to stay (cyber)secure in a hybrid work world

FlexBooker discloses data breach, over 3.7 million accounts impacted

Gardaí pursuing 'definite lines of inquiry' after a spate of phishing and smishing fraud

Google Docs commenting feature exploited for spear-phishing

Google Voice Authentication Scam Leaves Victims on the Hook

Hackers are sending malicious links through Google Doc comment emails

Hackers exploit Google Docs in new phishing campaign

How Ransomware Hurts Your Bottom Line (And What To Do About It)

Illinois fertility clinic, online pharmacy giant Ravkoo report data breaches

India: Phishing cases rise as cyber frauds ‘offer’ Covid testing, booster doses

Indonesia: Health Ministry probes alleged leak of six million patients' data

Insecure Amazon S3 bucket exposed personal data on 500,000 Ghanaian graduates

Investigation Launched into Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) Data Breach

JFrog researchers find JNDI vulnerability in H2 database consoles similar to log4shell

Kronos outage latest: Attackers took down connection to backups; Log4j not involved

Log4j flaw hunt shows how complicated the software supply chain really is

Man Pleads Guilty to $50m Investment Fraud Scheme

Microsoft warns of continued Log4j attacks

New Mexico County Hit by Suspected Ransomware Attack

New Trick Could Let Malware Fake iPhone Shutdown to Spy on Users Secretly

New York Attorney General flags 1.1 million online accounts compromised by credential stuffing attacks

Night Sky is the latest ransomware targeting corporate networks

North Korean Hackers Start New Year with Attacks on Russian Foreign Ministry

Partially Unpatched VMware Bug Opens Door to Hypervisor Takeover

Personal details of OG department store customers leaked in data breach

Posts promoting Amazon cryptocurrency are a scam

Ransomware attacks will be more targeted in 2022: Trend Micro

Remote Work and the New Normal for Enterprise Cybersecurity

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) data breach raises questions about who else has access to data

Rising cyber exposure in Asia maritime shipping

Samoan Meteorology Service (SMS) website may have suffered cyber attack

Securing E-Commerce: What Retailers Need to Know to Prevent Fraud

SEGA Europe S3 bucket left unprotected

SOCs: Marrying the business and security

The Colonial Pipeline Attack Eight Months On

The Log4j debacle showed again that public disclosure of 0-days only helps attackers

There Are Over 1,200 Online Phishing Toolkits According to This Study

This sneaky hacking group targets old Java applications to break into networks

Tips for safeguarding against ransomware attacks

UK Police Seize £322m of Cryptocurrency in Past Five Years

US arrests suspect who stole unpublished books in phishing attacks

US online pharmacy Ravkoo links data breach to AWS portal incident

When Software Bugs Go Nuclear: Testing a Digital Arsenal

Your cybersecurity training needs improvement because hacking attacks are only getting worse

5th January

1.1 Million Compromised Accounts Found at 17 Major Companies

3 Steps for Tackling Cybersecurity This Year

5 ways hackers steal passwords (and how to stop them)

6 Tips for Wireless Security

6 Types of Cybercriminals and How They Operate

9-year-old Windows flaw abused to drop ZLoader malware in 111 countries

40 streamers arrested in Twitch money laundering scam

70 investors lose $50 million to fraudsters posing as broker-dealers

Abu Dhabi forms Cyber Eye to protect its digital assets against cyber threats

AI Progress in Security is Impressive Enough Without Embellishment

API security: Understanding the next top attack vector

'Be on the lookout!' Warning issued as shoppers hit with delivery scam texts

Bernalillo County closes most buildings after suspected ransomware attack

Bernalillo County reports suspected ransomware attack

Biggest Hacks and Leaks in the Crypto Industry

Breaking the habit: Top 10 bad cybersecurity habits to shed in 2022

Broward Health: A New Data Breach, an Old Story

Broward Health data breach affected 1.3m patients, staff

Broward Health Suffered Data Breach That Exposed Personal Info Of Patients, Employees

BTC-Alpha Is Back On Coinmarketcap After a Ransomware Attack

Capital Region says patient information accessed in data breach

Cloud video platform abused in web skimmer attack against real estate sites

Covid testing data breach at Evesham school

Crypto platform ARBIX flagged as a rugpull, transfers $10 million

Cyber Security Trends around Ransomware and Cyber Insurance in 2022

Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

Data Breach Alert: American Freight, LLC

Data Breach Alert: Destination Maternity

Data Breach Alert: Ibex Global Solutions, Inc

Defending Against Modern Ransomware Tactics

Despite Mitigation Efforts, Cyber Attacks and Insurance Rate Hikes to Continue in 2022

Do the Legal Rules Governing the Confidentiality of Cyber Incident Response Undermine Cybersecurity?

Don’t fall for phishing scams, follow these tips

East Bay Dasher loses earnings, gets kicked off DoorDash after hackers take over his account

‘Elephant Beetle’ Lurks for Months in Networks

‘Elephant Beetle’ spends months in victim networks to divert transactions

FBI Arrests Suspect in Unpublished Book Manuscript Phishing Scam

FBI Email Account Abused to Send Out Warnings of Fake Cyberattacks

Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Patch Log4j Now or Risk Major Fines

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settles with data analytics firm after millions of Americans’ mortgage files exposed

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to Go After Companies that Ignore Log4j

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to US Companies: Patch Log4J Flaw or Face Legal Action

Fighting fraud in the supply chain with blockchain

Franklin Park Conservatory experiences data breach; notifying affected patrons

Going Back to Basics to Fix Our Broken Approach to Cybersecurity

Google Releases New Chrome Update to Patch Dozens of New Browser Vulnerabilities

Government regulation is the answer to addressing cyber-threats

How ransomware gangs went pro

How ransomware is destabilising cyber insurance – and what to do about it

How to make strong passwords and protect them: A simple guide

Indians among 2,170 hacked via Microsoft signature verification

Info-Stealing Malware Hits 100+ Countries

Internet restored after cyber attack against Rowan-Salisbury Schools

iOS malware can fake iPhone shut downs to snoop on camera, microphone

Jio warns users of a cyber fraud through which hackers get access to Aadhaar, bank details

Kansas Gets 17 Critical Cybersecurity Recommendations

Latin American Governments Easy Prey for Ransomware During COVID-19

MalSmoke attack: Zloader malware exploits Microsoft's signature verification to steal sensitive data

‘Malsmoke’ Exploits Microsoft’s E-Signature Verification

Malsmoke hackers abuse Microsoft signature verification in ZLoader cyberattacks

McAfee Antivirus Email Scam Investigated By Vienna Police

McMenamin’s Employee Data Compromised from Last Century

McMenamins Reports Data Breach

Microsoft code-sign check bypassed to drop Zloader malware

Millions of mixtape fans could be at risk of being hacked

Minimise risk by securing data with better controls

Morgan Stanley agrees to $60 million settlement in data breach lawsuit

Morgan Stanley Agrees to Data Breach Settlement

New Malware Exploits Microsoft’s e-Signature Verification

New York Attorney General alerts 17 companies to 'credential stuffing' cyberattacks impacting more than 1.1 million consumers

New York State Office of the Attorney General (NY OAG): Hackers stole 1.1 million customer accounts from 17 companies

New Zloader Banking Malware Campaign Exploiting Microsoft Signature Verification

Operators have begun to rebrand, as ransomware assaults have decreased

Passwordless Authentication Methods and Examples

Paycheck problems: Following cyber attack, some UMass Memorial Health employees aren't getting paid for correct hours

Plan for tomorrow by implementing cybersecurity on your network

Portugal's Major News Websites Remain Offline After Attacks

Prosecutors file additional charges against former Uber security chief over 2016 data breach ‘cover up’

Protecting the crown jewels: Cybersecurity resilience in the UK public sector

Purple Fox rootkit discovered in malicious Telegram installers

Putting Ransomware Gangs Out of Business With AI

Ransomware Attacks Are Not Increasing In Sophistication

Ransomware in 2022: You May Be Screwed, but Without Insurance It Could Always Be Worse

Reports Of Medical Imaging Scan Cancelations Possibly Linked To ‘Security Incident’

Researchers Uncover Hacker Group Behind Organized Financial-Theft Operation

Smart Cybersecurity Budgeting in the Age of Ransomware

SMBs should consider new approaches for increasing their cybersecurity posture

Some Medical Licenses Are Delayed Due to Health Department’s Cyber Attack

Sophos discovers AvosLocker, a new ransomware that uses AnyDesk in Safe Mode to launch attacks

Tech Vendor Email Breach Affects Dozens of Health Entities

The 10 biggest cyber threats facing the financial services industry

The sophistication of underground eCrime laid bare

This SMS was not sent by the operator, it is a SCAM!

U.S. ransomware attack spells pay woes for London hospital cleaners

Uber Bug, Ignored for Years, Casts Doubt on Official Uber Emails

Urgent Instagram warning for BILLIONS of users that could see accounts locked

Victim blaming prevents consumers from coming forward and reporting fraud

VMware Patches Important Bug Affecting ESXi, Workstation and Fusion Products

Warning against bank scams: these two entities are being attacked in 2022 by cybercriminals

What to Do in the Aftermath of a Data Breach

Why Business Leaders Need to Keep a Close Eye on GDPR and UK Data Protection Laws

Why it’s time for accounting firms to address mounting cybersecurity challenges

Why the insider threat will motivate cyber and physical teams to collaborate more than ever in 2022

4th January

3-2-1 cybersecurity for 2022: It’s all about data backups

5 Actionable Tips to Stay Protected from Frauds and Scammers on the Internet

6 Common Security Vulnerabilities in enterprise databases that should be on your radar

6 significant changes to online fraud we saw in 2021

2021 Left Unfinished Cybersecurity Business

Asia needs strong risk-awareness culture to mitigate cybercrime

Avoid being held captive by ransomware with secure, reliable backups

Billing Error Causes PHI Breach at Illinois Health System

Care New England has to manually pay workers after cyber attack

Clinic Notifies 212,500 About 2020 Breach Involving Fraud

Credential Stuffing and Account Takeover Attacks Continue to Rise

Credential Stuffing Examples and Keys to Detection

Crypto projects are increasingly airdropping free tokens⁠ - but investors should be cautious

Cyber attack ‘caused a mess’ with Crawford County computer systems

Cyber Attack Hits Agency That Oversees Illinois Insurance

Cyber Authority Warns Israelis of Widely Distributed WhatsApp Message Hack

Cyberattack against UK Ministry of Defence training academy revealed

Cyberattacks decreased in Q3 2021 claims Positive Technologies

Cyberattacks Targeting Mobile Devices on Upward Trajectory

Cybercrimes Can Only Be Reduced With A Better Investigation System In Place

Cybercriminals Can Breach 93% Of Company Networks and Trigger Unacceptable Events in Under a Month, Study Finds

Cybersecurity at the Forefront of Industry Concerns in Early 2022

Data Skimmer Hits 100+ Sotheby’s Real-Estate Websites

Defence Academy suffered ‘significant’ cyber attack

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pursue companies that expose customer data due to not patching Log4j

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns companies to secure consumer data from Log4J attacks

Feds Step Up Cybersecurity Support for State Governments

Florida's Broward Health Hit by Data Breach of 1.3M Patients' Records

Going Back to Basics to Fix Our Broken Approach to Cybersecurity

Hackers breached Florida health care system, potentially exposing data on 1.3 million people

Hackers hit Broward Health network, potentially exposing data on 1.3M patients, staff

Hackers target Portugal’s Impresa group, taking major sites down

Hackers Target Real Estate Websites with Skimmer in Latest Supply Chain Attack

Hackers use video player to steal credit cards from over 100 sites

Have I Been Pwned warns of DatPiff data breach impacting millions

How APAC firms can stay ahead of cyber threats

Human error can result in Mac security breaches

Illinois Office of the Special Deputy Receiver Hit by $6.8 Million Cyber Attack

Insider threat does not have to be malicious, so how do you protect your organization?

Is the C-Suite Ready to Approach Ransomware Attacks

Keeping your guard up: Python-based ransomware attacks

LastPass issues statement on credential attack

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in December 2021 – 219 million records breached

Log4j flaw attack levels remain high, Microsoft warns

Malicious Telegram installers are distributing malware

Malware vs Viruses: What Are the Differences?

McMenamins Data Breach Affects 12 Years of Employee Info

Microsoft Sees Rampant Log4j Exploit Attempts, Testing

Microsoft Warns of Continued Attacks Exploiting Apache Log4j Vulnerabilities

Mobile Application Security: 2021's Breaches

Montreal tourism agency confirms cyber attack

Morgan Stanley agrees $60 million settlement in data breach lawsuit

Morgan Stanley To Pay $60 Million To Resolve Data-Breach Lawsuit

NFT hack sees collector lose $2.2 million of ‘Bored Ape’ pictures

North Wales Police Cyber Crime Team warning about fake Currys email

Officer accuses ‘enemy foreign country’ of cyber attack

Over 20 years of employee data leaked during McMenamins ransomware attack

Patient Info Exposed After Data Breach at South Florida Hospital System

Portugal Media Giant Impresa Crippled by Ransomware Attack

Posts promoting Amazon cryptocurrency are a scam

Preventing document fraud in a world built on digital trust

Protecting the Most Crucial Software Supply Chain Targets

Protecting Your Data From a Unique Threat: Misinformation

Purple Fox Rootkit Dropped by Malicious Telegram Installers

Ransomware – The data recovery challenge

Ransomware attacks are rampant, what should enterprises do?

Ransomware Attacks Spur Biden Administration to Take Aggressive Approach to Cybersecurity

Ransomware has massively increased in 2021 and a new report reveals some concerning insights about it

Researchers Detail New HomeKit 'doorLock' Bug Affecting Apple iOS

‘Ruthless’ Vice Society claims responsibility for Spar ransomware attack

SEGA’s Sloppy Security Confession: Exposed AWS S3 Bucket Offers Up Steam API Access & More

Serious Vulnerability Allows Phishing Emails to Be Sent From Uber.com Domain

Should banks ditch passwords and move to voice authentication?

Should businesses be concerned about APT-style attacks?

SlimPay fined €180k after 12 million customers' bank data publicly accessible for 5 years

The Biggest CyberSecurity Threats to be Aware of in 2022!

The Greatest Cyber Threats To Your Organization May Already Be Inside

The Year of the Defender – 2022 Predictions for OT/IoT Security

Threat actors behind SolarWinds compromise are still active, warns Mandiant

Top 10 Security Challenges for 2022

UK Defence Academy Attack Forced IT Rebuild

UK’s Defence Academy in Oxfordshire hit by damaging cyber attack, ex-military chief reveals

UK's Defence Academy suffered damaging cyber attack last year

Urgent warning to check Gmail and Hotmail for ANY email from Uber right now

US retailer PulseTV warns of apparent credit card data breach

UScellular discloses data breach after billing system hack

Want to prevent a second ransomware attack? Here are five questions security teams should ask

Ways to protect your online privacy, payments, and data

What About Cyber Attacks Makes It A Bigger Threat Than Physical Attacks Among Countries?

What Is Social Engineering? Human Hacking in 2022

What will happen to cybersecurity in 2022?

Why antivirus software isn’t enough to protect your business in 2022

Your Law Firm Has Been Breached: Who Are You Going To Call?

3rd January

4 cybersecurity threats that organizations should prepare for in 2022

4 Most Challenging Cyber Threats and Attacks Every Business Should Know

5 steps to avoid becoming the next victim of a ransomware attack

6 Ways to Delete Yourself From the Internet

6 Ways to Minimize Ransomware Damage

A Cyber-Attack Is A Disaster

According to a survey, 60% of information security specialists in the United States feel ransomware is as dangerous as terrorism

Accounting Firm Faces Lawsuit Over Healthcare Data Breach

Apple iOS vulnerable to HomeKit 'doorLock' denial of service bug

Are Medical Devices at Risk of Ransomware Attacks?

Argos scam warning after Scot ‘bought Dyson hairdryer for £1.78 on Facebook’

Beware of Fake Telegram Messenger App Hacking PCs with Purple Fox Malware

Breaking the habit: Top 10 bad cybersecurity habits to shed in 2022

Broward Health discloses data breach affecting 1.3 million people

Broward Health hit with data breach on patients, staff

Combating Ransomware for a New Era of Work

Cyber vulnerabilities could impact municipal finance

Data breach: Broward Health warns 1.3 million patients, staff of 'medical identity theft'

Data Protection: What Needs to Be Protected?

Detecting Evasive Malware on IoT Devices Using Electromagnetic Emanations

Does Your Cyber Insurance Policy Look More Like Health Insurance?

Don't copy-paste commands from webpages - you can get hacked

Employees of McMenamins Dating Back to 1998 Had Personal Data Stolen During Ransomware Attack

Here’s how businesses can navigate the cyberthreat landscape

Here's what to do if data belonging to a deceased loved one was stolen in the Newfoundland and Labrador cyberattack

How Access Monitoring Protects Providers From Health Data Breaches

How security leaders manage account fraud

How to protect your Google Chrome saved passwords from hackers targeting remote workers

How To Solve Your Organization’s Password Woes

How to use WHOIS to analyse scams

IoT for Healthcare Security: Opportunities and Challenges

Is Someone Selling Data from Local Tennessee Commerce Chamber?

IT workers believe ransomware is as serious as terrorism

Japan: Ministry to issue guidelines against ransomware attacks on hospitals

Jerusalem Post and Maariv hacked on General Soleimani’s death anniversary

Massive Security Hole Lets Anyone Send Emails From Uber's Official Domain

Morgan Stanley agrees to pay millions to settle data breach claims

Morgan Stanley to Pay $60 Million to Settle Data-Breach Claims

Portugal's Impresa media outlets hit by hackers

Portuguese media group Impresa crippled by ransomware attack

Purple Fox malware distributed via malicious Telegram installers

Ransomware attacks decrease, operators started rebranding

Ransomware attacks reportedly hit two out of every three Spanish companies in 2021

Ransomware Groups Continue to Blame Affiliates for Clumsy Hits

T-Mobile: Some Customers Affected by SIM Swap Data Breach

Ten cybersecurity resolutions for a safer 2022

These will be the worst cybersecurity threats in 2022

This is how crypto scammers are duping Indian public

This New Year, why not resolve to ditch your dodgy old passwords?

Top 5 Data Security Predictions 2022

Top 5 trends for endpoint security In 2022

Top Cybersecurity Trends To Consider For The New Year

Top Remote Security Risks for Businesses

Uber lets you send anyone an email claiming to be from Uber.com

Visalia Unified financial, health information compromised following cyberattack

Which cyber threats will rise to prominence in 2022

Why does Spam keep reaching your email?

Why Insider Threat Risk Increases in the Cloud

Why the UK’s energy sector is fragile and ripe to cyber attacks