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Monday 17 January 2022

Data Breaches Digest - Week 03 2022

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 17th January and 23rd January 2022.

23rd January

40 percent emails constitute a threat; says a report by Hornetsecurity

An attacker causing trouble since 2020 found to be linked to Innefu labs in India

Attackers use public cloud providers to spread RATs

Cyber risk alert for banks

Cybersecurity recommended for employees amid study suggesting 32% Nigerian firms favour remote work

Emotet Now Using Unconventional IP Address Formats to Evade Detection

Enovos issues warning for phishing attempts

FBI issues warning about 'smishing' scams

FBI warns of malicious QR codes used to steal your money

Free credit-monitoring to be offered amid federal fraud investigation of Pennsylvania unemployment

High-Severity Rust Programming Bug Could Lead to File, Directory Deletion

How to Spot a Fraudulent Website

Is That The Moon Worming Its Way Into Your BIOS?

Israel: Police Used NSO Malware to Spy on Three Mayors

More than 40 billion records exposed worldwide in 2021

'No database yet to hack': Namfrel backs Comelec on alleged breach

OCBC phishing attacks were 'fast and furious' and 'well-strategised', says group CEO

OCBC ups security measures following spate of SMS phishing scams

Top 5 Cloud Security Data Breaches in Recent Years

Will the Ukraine Conflict Lead to More Global Cyber Attacks?

22nd January

5 easy ways to keep your devices and data safe: Fortify your passwords, back up your files

Adapt to a culture of cyber security

Are embedded devices the next ransomware target?

Brazil: Central Bank reports data leak of 160,100 Pix keys

CISA adds 17 vulnerabilities to list of bugs exploited in attacks

COVID-19 data leaked online, government denies data breach from Cowin portal

Covid-19 related data of thousands of Indians leaked online

Crypto Hackers Using This to Trap Victims

Crypto.com CEO responds to complaints of login issues after $31 million hack

Crypto.com finally admits losing $30 million in hack

Data breaches continue to pile up in Brazil

Don’t scan that QR code! Hackers are using them to steal your info and money

Dutch cybersecurity agency warns of lingering Log4j risks

Experts Find Strategic Similarities b/w NotPetya and WhisperGate Attacks on Ukraine

How SMS phishing scams have affected OCBC customers and put text messaging security in focus

Jefferson Health data breach affects 9,000 patients

Magniber: All About Ransomware

Make Data Protection Compliance Part of Your Business Strategy

Microsoft warns of large 'Upgrade' phishing campaign

Molerats Hackers Hiding New Espionage Attacks Behind Public Cloud Infrastructure

Multichain hack: Hacker returns $1 million, keeps $150k as bug bounty

One third of ‘phishing’ websites usually disappear within 24 hours

OpenSubtitles Hacked- Data Breach Affected 7 Million Subscribers

Sacramento County phishing scam data breach exposed health and personal information

School District reports a 334% hike in cybersecurity insurance costs

‘SIM Swapping’ Explained - What’s SIM Swapping and Why Is It So Dangerous?

Simple malware is draining millions in crypto from retailers

Someone Appears to Have Hacked the USDA’s Website to Share Pirated Movies

What is a cyber incident and how to prevent our computers and mobile phones from being attacked?

21st January

2FA compromise led to Crypto.com hack

3 Priorities for Securing Operational Technology (OT) Network Infrastructure

14 Members of REvil Ransomware Gang Arrested in Russia

20K WordPress Sites Exposed by Insecure Plugin REST-API

65% Of Surveyed Executives And Employees Have Been Asked By Hackers To Help In Ransomware Attacks

After ransomware arrests, some dark web criminals are getting worried

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) patients possible victims of data breach

ALPHV revealed as most advanced threat actor yet while ransomware attacks on the decline

Amazon fake crypto token investment scam steals Bitcoin from victims

Apple patches Safari bug that leaked user data

Attackers use public cloud providers to spread RATs

Attorneys say Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) could not find inmates for hearings, meetings

Better preparing the workforce for cybersecurity threats

Centre denies reports claiming CoWIN data breach, says Covid-19 information safe on digital platform

Chinese APT deploys MoonBounce implant in UEFI firmware

Chinese Hackers Spotted Using New UEFI Firmware Implant in Targeted Attacks

Compliance Isn’t Enough: Security Is Key

COVID19 Phishing Emails Surge 500% on Omicron Concerns

Critical Bugs in Control Web Panel Expose Linux Servers to RCE Attacks

Crypto hackers using fake Amazon digital token as bait to lure victims

Crypto.com confirms 483 users hit in attack that saw over $31m in coins withdrawn

Cryptocurrencies and hybrid work will be targets of cyberattacks in Latin America

Customs and Border Protection provides phone scam warning

Cyber attacks remain a 'constant threat' at Sheffield Council

Cyber Security in 2022: What Should You Know?

Cybersecurity industry trends from 2021 bound to shape this year’s threat landscape

Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

Data Breach! Time to Tell the Regulators

Data Breach Alert: ExecuSearch Holdings, LLC

Data Breach Alert: Strategic Benefits Advisors, Inc

Data Breach Notification: The Legal and Regulatory Environment

DataHEALTH, Inc. Begins Notification of Cybersecurity Incident

Does My Business Need Cyber Insurance?

Emotet Spam Attacks Use Hexadecimal, Octal IP Addresses

Exposed records exceeded 40 billion in 2021

FBI warning: This new ransomware makes demands of up to $500,000

FBI warns that hackers are corrupting QR codes to conduct phishing attacks

Federal Authorities, Patient Safety Experts Warn of Risks

Google Drive starts warning users about suspicious files

Hackers Planted Secret Backdoor in Dozens of WordPress Plugins and Themes

Hackers Utilizing Unsophisticated Malware to Trap and Rob Individuals

How a Russian cyberwar in Ukraine could ripple out globally

How Behavioral Analytics Can Prevent New Account Fraud

How do IT leaders plan to overcome remote work security challenges?

How to protect your PC from ransomware using Windows’ built-in protection

How to start implementing passwordless authentication today

How to Stay Safe in DeFi: Red Flags and Risks You Need to Know

How You Can Prevent Data Loss When You're Facing These Data Security Trends

Is Your Hospital Safe From A Cyber Attack? Probably Not, Report Warns

Jefferson Health data breach exposed billing info of 9,000 patients

Log4J: Attackers continue targeting VMware Horizon servers

Log4J: Microsoft discovers attackers targeting undisclosed SolarWinds vulnerability

Looking Beyond Biden's Binding Security Directive

McAfee Agent bug lets hackers run code with Windows SYSTEM privileges

Memorial Health System alerts patients to possible data breach

Memorial Health System Confirms Data Breach

Merck Awarded $1.4B Insurance Payout over NotPetya Attack

Merck Wins $1.4bn NotPetya Payout from Insurer

Microsoft disables Excel 4.0 macros by default to block malware

Millions of dollars are being stolen by cryptojacking malware

Nasty Linux kernel bug found and fixed

National Security Agency (NSA): Securing Cloud-related PDFs shouldn’t mean sacrificing usability

New Study Reveals the Top 3 Small-Business Cyber Threats You've Probably Never Heard Of

Not an “act of war” rules US judge over Merck’s NotPetya ransomware attack

Number and cost of cyberattacks continue to grow, new survey says

Over 90 WordPress themes, plugins backdoored in supply chain attack

Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT project shared a scam link, and followers lost thousands of dollars

Patient data stolen ahead of Memorial Health ransomware attack, EHR downtime

Pennsylvania Approves Ransomware Bill

Pennsylvania Senate Passes Ransomware, Data Breach Bills

Phishing impersonates shipping giant Maersk to push STRRAT malware

Protecting healthcare from the growing threat of cybercrime

Puerto Rico government loses $2.6 million to phishing scam

Pulling The Cyber Trigger: The Human Cost Of Ransomware

Ransomware: An Enterprise Risk for the Unprepared

Ransomware and phishing: Google Drive will now warn you about suspicious files

Ransomware remains crucial threat in 2022

Red Cross cyberattack compromises 515,000 people

Red Cross Data Breach Affects 515,000 Vulnerable People

Safari bug fixed in iOS 15.3 RC, Apple to address user data leak

Scammer Made And Canceled Reservations, Changed Hours And Made Life Miserable At New Logan Square Restaurant, Owner Says

Singapore banks act to tackle spate of SMS phishing scams

Some members getting alerted about a September ransomware attack, Charlotte YMCA says

SonicWall shares temp fix for firewalls stuck in reboot loop

Stealthy firmware bootkit leveraged by APT in targeted attacks

Tackling Misconceptions of Mobile-Based Authentication

The Fierce Jaws of Cybercriminal and How to Protect Ourselves Against It

The New Amateur Hackers: How Professional Hackers Are Enabling a New Wave of Novices

Two-Fifths of Ransomware Victims Still Paying Up

U.S. Sanctions 4 Ukrainians for Working with Russia to Destabilize Ukraine

Ubuntu has a pretty serious security flaw, so patch now

Was COMELEC hacked? Philippines Commission on Elections casts doubt on data breach claims

What is opening EV charging stations to cyberattacks?

Why Your Business Strategy Needs to Include Cyber Resiliency in 2022

Will ransomware gangs see flow of cash throttled by Russia cryptocurrency restrictions?

20th January

2FA Bypassed in $34.6M Crypto.com Heist: What We Can Learn

3 Measures to Stifle the Ransomware Crisis

483 Crypto.com accounts compromised in $34 million hack

2021 Malware, Ransomware Levels Already Surpassed 2020 Levels By End Of Q3

‘Anomalous’ spyware stealing credentials in industrial firms

Australia, UK to jointly target state-based actors and ransomware groups

Biden Signs Memo to Boost National Cybersecurity

Biden signs memo to boost US national security systems’ defenses

Biden threatens 'cyber' response after Ukraine says computers wiped during attack

Biden’s cybersecurity policies praised despite persistence of ransomware

Cheap malware is behind a rise in attacks on cryptocurrency wallets

CISA warns - upgrade your cybersecurity now to defend against "potential critical threats"

Cisco bug gives remote attackers root privileges via debug mode

Cisco Issues Patch for Critical RCE Vulnerability in RCM for StarOS Software

Critical Cisco StarOS Bug Grants Root Access via Debug Mode

Crypto.com confirms $35M lost in cyber attack

Cyber risks top worldwide business concerns in 2022

Data Breach Alert: LendUs, LLC

Data breaches and cyber attacks in 2021: 5.1 billion breached records

Data breach in Malta: 65.000 € fine for C-Planet

Defense strategies for ransomware

Eleven Arrested in Bust of Prolific Nigerian BEC Gang

Endpoint malware and ransomware detections hit all-time high

FBI links Diavol ransomware to the TrickBot cybercrime group

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Proposes Stricter Regulations for Data Breach Disclosure

Fortune favours the breached: Crypto.com admits 400 users hit in hack

Google Details Two Zero-Day Bugs Reported in Zoom Clients and MMR Servers

Half of All Ransomware Attacks Target Americans

Hundreds of Crypto.com accounts hacked after it was hit by major data breach

In Israel, ransomware attacks against private companies pose a new kind of national security threat

Indonesia's central bank confirms ransomware attack, Conti leaks data

International Red Cross hack exposes half a million vulnerable people

Interpol Busted 11 Members of Nigerian BEC Cybercrime Gang

Locations and contact data on 515,000 vulnerable people stolen in Red Cross data breach

McAfee Bug Can Be Exploited to Gain Windows SYSTEM Privileges

Microsoft: Attackers Tried to Login to SolarWinds Serv-U Via Log4j Bug

Microsoft RDP vulnerability makes it a breeze for attackers to become men-in-the-middle

More than half of medical devices found to have critical vulnerabilities

Multichain token hack losses reach $3 million

New MoonBounce UEFI malware used by APT41 in targeted attacks

New SolarWinds Serv-U vulnerability exploited in Log4j-related attacks

Nurses Demand Accurate Pay One Month After Ransomware Attack

Older people targeted by ransomware while young adults fall for TikTok scams

Pembroke Pines hit by ransomware attack, city says

Pervasive Apple Safari Bug Exposes Web-Browsing Data, Google IDs

Phishing-as-a-Service Brings Cybercrime to the Masses

Ransomware – how secure are your protection relays?

Ransomware Accounted for 27% of Third-Party Attacks in 2021, According to Black Kite's Annual 'Third- Party Breach Report'

Ransomware attacks dropped 37% in December, claims NCC

Ransomware group exploits Parler’s hands-off approach to shake down victims

Red Cross: Supply Chain Data Breach Hit 500K People

Red Cross "appalled" by data breach targeting 515,000 vulnerable people

Red Cross Begs Attackers Not to Leak Stolen Data for 515K People

Red Cross cyberattack compromises 515,000 people

Red Cross cyberattack sees data of thousands at-risk people stolen

Russia Arrests Suspected Members of REvil Ransomware Gang

SEC Filing Reveals Fortune 500 Firm Targeted in Ransomware Attack

'Serial' romance fraudster jailed for trying to scam 670 people in the UK

Singapore police warns of ad scams targeting Google search users

Software supply chain attacks jumped over 300% in 2021

Spyware Blitzes Compromise, Cannibalize ICS Networks

Teardown: Fake Ransomware Targeting Ukrainian Government

The evolution of security analytics

US to reply with cyber attack if Russian hackers hit Ukraine

When protecting and managing digital identities, orchestration and automation are critical

White House issues memorandum to bolster national security systems

Why Are Online Scams Called ‘Phishing’?

WordPress plugin bug puts thousands of sites at risk of attack

WordPress plugin flaw puts users of 20,000 sites at phishing risk

19th January

3 growing trends in cybersecurity

2021 Q4 phishing report shows top phishing email subjects

2022 Cybersecurity Landscape: Nigerian companies’ll pay huge ransom on ransomware

A Midsize Company’s Guide to Ransomware Protection

Aditya Birla Fashion says back after data breach; hackers say site still vulnerable

Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Resolves Ransomware Attack

Beijing Olympics App Flaws Allow Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Box 2FA Bypass Opens User Accounts to Attack

Bugcrowd reports increase in critical vulnerabilities found in 2021

CISA urges US orgs to prepare for data-wiping cyberattacks

Cloned Department of Labor Site Hawks Fake Government Contracts

Cloud Security Best Practices: Stop Making Your Cloud Rain Shells

Conveyancing cyber-attack ‘served a very harsh lesson to all’

Cultivating a security-first mindset for software developers

Cyber incident strikes Gloucester City Council as residents suffer service outages

DBS Bank warns of SMS phishing scam 'actively targeting' customers

Destructive Wiper Targeting Ukraine Aimed at Eroding Trust, Experts Say

DHL most imitated brand in phishing scams

DoNot Hacking Team Targeting Government and Military Entities in South Asia

Donot Team APT will strike gov't, military targets for years - until they succeed

Endpoint Malware and Ransomware in First Three Quarters of 2021 Topped All of 2020

Endpoint malware and ransomware reach new highs

FBI: Hackers Are Compromising Legit QR Codes to Send You to Phishing Sites

FBI – Malicious QR codes stealing login and financial data

FBI warning: Crooks are using fake QR codes to steal your passwords and money

Fewer ransomware attacks against state and local government in 2021, but still a 'banner year'

FIN8 Hackers Spotted Using New 'White Rabbit' Ransomware in Recent Attacks

Financial businesses should be planning for after ransomware attacks

International Olympic Committee (IOC) defends China Olympics app after 'devastating flaw' revealed

Interpol and Nigerian police bust cybercrime BEC ring

Interpol arrests 11 BEC gang members linked to 50,000 targets

Is cloud the solution to optimized data privacy?

Marketing giant RRD confirms data theft in Conti ransomware attack

Microsoft: SolarWinds fixes Serv-U bug exploited for Log4j attacks

Minnesota family clinic data breach affects 200,000 patients

Moncler confirms ransomware attack and data breach

Multi-Cloud Security in 2022

New BHUNT malware targets your crypto wallets and passwords

New laws proposed to strengthen the UK’s resilience from cyber attack

Office 365 phishing attack impersonates the US Department of Labor

OpenSubtitles Data Breach Affects 6.7 Million Users

Phishers go after business email credentials by impersonating U.S. Department of Labor

Phishing attack spoofs US Department of Labor to steal account credentials

Phishing-as-a-Service: The commercialization of cybercrime and the risk to your organization

QNAP NAS Devices Being Targeted by Qlocker Ransomware Again

Ransomware Attack on Moncler

Ransomware scourge hits home for SRT users

Red Cross cyber attack exposed data on 515,000 vulnerable people

Red Cross cyberattack exposes data of 515,000 people seeking missing family

Red Cross hit with cyberattack that compromised data of 515,000 'highly vulnerable people'

Researchers Hack Olympic Games App

Russia Raids Ransomware Group REvil, Seizes $7 Million

Russian Hackers Heavily Using Malicious Traffic Direction System to Distribute Malware

Should You File a Claim in a Data Breach Settlement?

Singapore: New measures announced to boost digital banking security amid spate of SMS phishing scams

Singapore: Supreme Court warns public about phishing emails by 'Supreme Judiciary Council'

Singapore pushed to introduce security measures amidst online banking scams

This Fake Chrome and Microsoft Edge ‘Update’ is Actually Ransomware

This new ransomware comes with a small but dangerous payload

This super ambitious phishing campaign impersonated the US Department of Labor

Thousands of US Public Sector Ransomware Victims in 2021

Trends that will shape the security industry in 2022

U.S. is top target of phishing attacks worldwide

UK incident reporting laws updated as ransomware attacks rise

UK Proposes New Laws to Strengthen National Cyber-Resiliency

UK’s Cyber Security Center publishes new guidance to fight smishing

Ukraine Government Websites Weather Cyber Attack Campaign, Strongly Suspected to Come From Russia

US Organizations Urged to Improve Cybersecurity

Watching Your Wallet: Ransomware payments reach $400M globally

What Is Phishing?

Why Active Directory Attack Paths are the Secret to Many Successful Ransomware Attacks

Why Zero Trust is the Best Defence for our Digital Food Supply Chain

Zoom vulnerabilities impact clients, MMR servers

18th January

3-Step Ransomware Recovery Strategy for Healthcare Organizations

4 common cybersecurity flaws in healthcare organizations

10 nations coordinate shutdown of ransomware VPN service

185% increase in high-risk vulnerabilities within financial sector

A small number of Crypto.com users reported suspicious activity on their wallet

Active archiving boosts cybersecurity protection

Aditya Birla Fashion confirms data breach, but says no sensitive info was compromised

AI and ML implementation in cybersecurity programs pushes for a change in people’s mindset

Almost 6 billion accounts affected in data breaches in 2021

ASEAN cyberthreat outlook 2022

Brazilian Ministry of Health recovers systems over a month after cyberattack

Bug in Safari browser leaks personal identifiers and browsing activity

Criminal network service used for ransomware attacks taken down in international operation

Critical ManageEngine Desktop Server Bug Opens Orgs to Malware

Cyberattacks 2021: Phishing, Ransomware & Data Breach Statistics From the Last Year

Cybercriminals Actively Target VMware vSphere with Cryptominers

Data Breach Alert: Southern Orthopaedic Associates

Data Breach Customer Relations: What NOT To Do

DDoS IRC Bot Malware Spreading Through Korean WebHard Platforms

DHL Most Imitated Brand in Phishing Attacks in Q4 2021, WhatsApp, Google, and Apple in Top 10: Check Point Research

DHL overtakes Microsoft as the most imitated brand in phishing attacks

DHL takes top spot as most imitated brand in phishing attacks

Digital economy firms faced 270 cyberattacks on average in 2021, each ‘success’ cost $3.6 million

Don't Use Public Wi-Fi Without DNS Filtering

Earth Lusca Hackers Aimed at High-Value Targets in Government and Private Sectors

European Regulators Hand Out €1.1bn in GDPR Fines

Europol shuts down VPN service used by ransomware groups

Europol Shuts Down VPNLab, Cybercriminals' Favourite VPN Service

‘Fake’ attacks on Ukraine add a new dimension to the ransomware fight

Fashion giant Moncler confirms data breach after ransomware attack

Financial services companies vulnerable to ransomware for another 2 years

Governments struggle to deliver secure online citizen services

How Buy Now, Pay Later is being targeted by fraudsters

How you can secure your crypto investments from thefts and scams

Human-operated ransomware: why health and life sciences organizations should pay attention

In Ukraine, almost all government sites hit in cyber attack resume operation

India’s Retail Industry Most Vulnerable to Ransomware

Jackson Hospital IT thwarts ransomware attack

Joint Law Enforcement Action Takes Down VPN Service

Less Than a Fifth of Cyber Leaders Feel Confident Their Organization is Cyber-Resilient

Managers think their systems are unbreakable. Cybersecurity teams aren't so sure

Microsoft Edge Users Beware! This Fake Update Installs Ransomware

Microsoft Warns of Malware Designed as Ransomware that Deletes User Files

National Crime Agency (NCA): Kids as Young as Nine Have Launched DDoS Attacks

New White Rabbit ransomware linked to FIN8 hacking group

North Korean Hackers Steal US$400mn in Cryptocurrency in 2021

Organizations Face a ‘Losing Battle’ Against Vulnerabilities

Pakistan: Telcos deny data breach

Parasol's sister firms, SJD Accountancy and Nixon Williams, confirm cyberattack

Phishers’ favorite brands in Q4 2021

Phishing emails lure DePaul community into false opportunities

Phishing reported cases on the rise in Cyprus, police warn

Police take down VPN linked to multiple ransomware hits

Ransomware: 2,300+ local governments, schools, healthcare providers impacted in 2021

Ransomware actors increasingly demand payment in Monero

Ransomware attack on Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) is now resolved

Ransomware attacks surge by 151% in first half of 2021 as global digital economy thrives

Reported Comelec Data Breach Provides Attackers With Inside Information on Philippines Election Systems; Election Body Claims Nothing Happened

Researchers Bypass SMS-based Multi-Factor Authentication Protecting Box Accounts

Russia using ransomware groups as a bargaining chip, cyber experts warn

Russian Authorities Say They’ve Dismantled REvil Ransomware Group at US Request

SEA manufacturing industry prime target for cyberattacks

Should you pay to retrieve hijacked data?

SIAE does not pay the ransom: the personal data of artists and employees have been published

Singapore monetary authority threatens action on bank over widespread phishing scam

Six ways insurers can reduce ransomware risk

SRT email service restored

Staying Safe Against Data Breaches

Telegram is a hotspot for the sale of stolen financial accounts

The Cyber Security Attack Divide: Grandparents Targeted By Ransomware, Young Adults By TikTok Scams

The official Beijing Winter Olympics athlete app reportedly has some mega security flaws

The security of devices held by public sector employees

This VPN service used by cyber criminals to deliver ransomware has just been taken down by police

Ukraine: Recent Cyber Attacks Part of Wider Plot to Sabotage Critical Infrastructure

Union Bank opts out use of website links in promotions amid cyber threats, frauds

VPNLab.net Shut Down for Helping Hackers Spread Ransomware

Washington City Loses $280,309 to Successful Phishing Scam

What you need to know about cybersecurity in 2022

What’s next for Cyber Insurance?

‘White Rabbit’ Ransomware May Be FIN8 Tool

Who gets to decide to pay the ransom in a ransomware attack?

Zero Trust: a priority from the boardroom down

17th January

2G's security weaknesses are still a problem, even for modern phones

3 ways to improve your website security

5.9 Billion Accounts Targeted In Data Breaches Last Year

10 cognitive biases that can derail cybersecurity programs

Accellion Reaches $8.1m Data Breach Settlement

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd faces data breach, company says investigation underway

Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) students to return to classrooms Tuesday

Australia: State Government takes action against payroll provider over data breach

Big disparities in health organizations when it comes to data breaches

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Faces Lawsuit Over Healthcare Data Breach

Bug in WebKit's IndexedDB implementation makes Safari 15 leak Google account info...and more

Campaign Uses Public Cloud to Spread RAT Payloads

Celebrations over REvil ransomware arrests in Russia may be premature

Clarins reports data breach; Singaporean customers may be affected

Comelec open to 'hacking' probe, denies data breach anew

Could your CEO be the reason you fall victim to a cyber attack?

Criminalizing cybercrime and raising the risk for cyberattackers

Crypto scam sites continue to draw Indians in droves

Crypto.com confirms suspicious activity after users report stolen funds

Crypto.com pauses withdrawals and resets 2FA following suspicious activity

Cyber criminals wreaking havoc in Nigeria

Cyber espionage campaign targets renewable energy companies

Cyber leak is timely reminder to boost online security in 2022

Cyber threats ‘growing faster than ability to prevent and manage them effectively’

Cybercrime: Rising Concern to Cyber World

Cybersecurity: Innovations to Look Out for in 2022

'Dangerous' NHS scams are tricking people into sharing personal details and what to do if you get one

Dark Web's Largest Marketplace for Stolen Credit Cards is Shutting Down

DHL dethrones Microsoft as most imitated brand in phishing attacks

DHL, Microsoft, WhatsApp top phishing list of most imitated brands

Digital Fraud And Shared Responsibility

Don’t get scammed by fake QR codes

Doubts Face UK Businesses Looking to Get Proactive About Cybersecurity

Doxbin Leak Includes Criminals' Data, Could Boost Hacking

Drivers warned by DVLA of rise in scam texts – what to watch out for

EHR Vendor Faces Legal Action Over Data Breach

Ellen DeGeneres Facebook Scam Promises $750 in Cash App

Email outage resolved for Buckeye Broadband customers

Even the most experienced cyber professionals agree: We can’t prevent all breaches

Experts warn of attacks using a new Linux variant of SFile ransomware

Family Medicine Practice Notifies Patients of Data Breach 1 Year Later

Fines for breaches of EU privacy law spike sevenfold to $1.2 billion, as Big Tech bears the brunt

Former Inspector General Pleads Guilty to Software Theft

Global cyber crime damages to exceed $10 trillion

Goodwill claims it was hit by data breach

Google Drive and other popular cloud data storage apps under hot water as bad actors are leveraging these platforms to distribute malware

Hackers attack Parasol and Brookson, leaving umbrella contractors unpaid

Hackers holding data hostage demand extortion in digi coins

High-Severity flaw in 3 WordPress plugins impacts 84,000 websites

How Can We Ensure That Online Data Remains Private?

How does a SOC as a Service work and what advantages does it have?

India’s Retail Industry Most Vulnerable to Ransomware

IT firm C-Planet fined €65,000 over massive voter data breach

Jackson Hospital fends off recent ransomware attack

Jazz and Telenor Denies Alleged Data Breach Circulating on Different Platforms

Know your enemy

Kyiv blames Belarus-linked APT UNC1151 for recent cyberattack

Linux malware is on the rise. Here are three top threats right now

Malware Alert! Don't Download These Updates From Google Chrome And Microsoft Edge

Many Canadian, U.S. SMB websites vulnerable to spoofing, clickjacking and sniffing, says vendor

Many users don’t know how to protect their broadband Wi-Fi routers

Meeting the healthcare sector’s unique cybersecurity challenges

Microsoft: ‘Destructive malware’ fakes ransomware to target Ukrainian orgs

Microsoft Defender Exclusions List Can Be Read by Attackers in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge users beware: this fake Edge update downloads malware onto your PC

Microsoft warns full scope of Ukraine cyber attacks ‘not fully realised’

Microsoft warns of destructive disk wiper targeting Ukraine

Microsoft Warns of Destructive Malware Campaign Targeting Ukraine

Mitigating Cloud Security's Greatest Risk: Exposure

More cybercrime, less theft in Netherlands last year

Most dangerous emails you can receive – and even WhatsApp is on the list

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) ‘convinced’ no hacking in Comelec system

NatWest issue scam warning to customers - what you need to know

New Ransomware Attacking Organisational Networks Discovered

New York City school platform outage complicating COVID-19 tracing efforts

Nigeria: Cyber Criminals Wreaking Havoc in Nigeria

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Alerts Nigerians To New Ransomware Attacking Organisational Networks

Nintendo warns of spoofed sites pushing fake Switch discounts

Norfolk medical secretary gets hoax email 150,000 times

Nurses Short on Overtime, Bonus Pay After Cyber Attack on Scripps Health's Payroll Provider

Protecting yourself in the new era of cybercrime

Ransomware: Why only the bravest businesses will survive

Ransomware isn’t always about gangs making money. Sometimes it’s about nations manufacturing mayhem

Record Number of Major Health Data Breaches in 2021

Russian government arrests REvil ransomware gang members

Safari bug leaks your Google account info, browsing history

SIM card swap scams on rise in Tamil Nadu, police unearth modus operandi

Singapore central bank considers action against OCBC for phishing scam

Singapore cops arrest 10 during anti-scam operation targeting those fraudulently registering SIM cards

Supposed Microsoft Edge Update is Actually Ransomware

Tackling the Biggest Threat to Cyber Security: Your Staff

Teaching Council fined €60,000 after teacher data leaked in phishing scam

The eight key benefits that MFA can deliver your organisation

The Philippines: Online financial fraud cost consumers P540 million in 2021

The sneaky Apple scam targeting iPhone, iPad and iMac users by email in Ireland

The State of Credential Stuffing Attacks

The Supply Chain Needs Better Cybersecurity and Risk Management

The Top Three Tips on How to Stay Safe Online When Playing Casino Games

This Ransomware Is Actually Malware That Will Delete Your Files

Top three questions about the Log4j vulnerability

TTPs used by DEV-0586 APT Group in WhisperGate Attack Targeting Ukraine

Ukraine: Wiper malware masquerading as ransomware hits government organizations

Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Cyberattacks Targeting Multiple Government Websites

Ukraine blames Belarus for PC-wiping 'ransomware' that has no recovery method and nukes target boxen

Ukraine points finger at Russia over destructive cyber attack

Umbrella company Parasol Group confirms cyber attack as 'root cause' of prolonged network outage

Update on Ubiquiti Data Breach: Insider Suspected

US Must Get Tougher to Deter Russian Cyberattacks

Using Zero-Trust to Secure Dissolving Network Boundaries

Warning to change these WhatsApp settings now or ‘you could be RUINED financially’

Watch out for these SMS, it’s a phishing attempt!

Why cyber defense in Japan is so unreliable

Why is intergenerational collaboration critical in advancing zero trust security progress?

Zoho fixes a critical vulnerability (CVE-2021-44757) in Desktop Central solutions

Zoho patches new critical authentication bypass in Desktop Central

Zoho Releases Patch for Critical Flaw Affecting ManageEngine Desktop Central