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Monday 19 July 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 29 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 19th July and 25th July 2021.

25th July

51 Percent Of Malware Exploits Sold On Dark Web For Microsoft Products

62% of financial malware attacks in Egypt targets corporate employees

Australian Commissioner rules Uber interfered with the privacy of 1.2 million app users

Australian Companies Are Sitting Ducks for Ransomware Attacks

Bye-bye Bitcoin: It's time to ban crypto currencies

Child tax credit 2021: IRS warns of scammers impersonating agency to help sign up, speed up payments

Cyber attackers could weaponise tech to kill humans by 2025

Cyber Cold War: US pussyfoots around alleged cyberattacks by Russia and China

Cyber-insurance costs skyrocket amid onslaught of attacks

Experts weigh in on Clubhouse Data Leak, call it fake

Eye Spy much before Pegasus

Fake Windows 11 installers infecting devices with adware, malware

Florida Heart Associates recovering from ransomware hack

How to easily recognize phishing

How to set practical time frames to remedy security vulnerabilities

More cybersecurity graduates needed to tackle more valuable crimes than drug trafficking

Nearly 38% of financial malware attacks in UAE aimed at corporate users in 2021

New crypto malware targeting Windows, Linux systems

Nigeria, others record increase in financial malware

Olympic Games the new hotspot for cybercriminals

Pegasus: Time to focus on advanced cyber forensics

Ransomware Reality is Biting, so How do Businesses Bite Back?

Sony has issued a PS5 and PS4 warning, urging PSN users to take precautions to secure their accounts

Spain in world’s top 20 countries most affected by phishing attacks

Tackling the new deepfake threat: how to fight an evil genie

The most common types of fraud in the UK revealed

There has been no data breach, says Clubhouse

Think you can spot a phishing email? Take our quick quiz to find out

US Senator Launches Investigation Into 'How Cryptocurrencies Facilitate Cybercrimes'

24th July

5 LinkedIn Scams to Watch Out For

Antivirus vs. VPN: Do you need both for online privacy and security?

Calls for tougher stance toward Russia grow louder as ransomware attacks rage

CISA, White House Leaders Seek Cyber Incident Disclosure Policies

Compromised credentials: A bane to cloud security

Cumbria Trading standards warn public on scam emails

Experts Say Cyberattacks Likely To Result In Blackouts In U.S.

Fake Windows 11 Installers Distributing Malware to Hopeful Users

FBI on High Alert on Olympic Games Potential Cybercriminal Attacks After Massive Data Breach

Florida DEO warns of unemployment data breach affecting nearly 58,000

Guntrader.uk Hacked and User Details Shared for Free on Forums

Here's what we do and don't know about the cyberattack on Brockton police

Homeland Security orders pipeline operators to strengthen cybersecurity to protect fuel supply chains

House Passes Five Cybersecurity Bills; Legislation May Influence MSSP Strategies

Kaseya has working REvil decryption key

Kaspersky identifies new APT campaign

Kaseya Is Making Its Customers Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to Obtain Ransomware Decryption Key

Microsoft shares mitigations for new PetitPotam NTLM relay attack

Middle East Oil Giants Grapple With Cyberattacks

More and more malware is using Discord's CDN for abuse

New Facebook Messenger Phishing Campaign: It All Begins With an Invitation to Watch a Video

Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office issues warning about text messaging scam

Phishing scams targeting writers and Goodreads extortion scams

Privacy Is A Myth: The Pegasus Sways

UK National Lottery Community Fund Suffered a Catastrophic Data Breach

US accuses China of “malicious” cyberattacks, including Microsoft hacks

US Loses $4.2B to Online Scams: Five to Be Aware of Right Now

You just cannot ignore this Windows 11 warning; don't make this mistake

23rd July

3 Pillars of an Effective Cyber Intelligence Strategy

5 Steps to Improving Ransomware Resiliency

5 tips to mitigate and prevent ransomware attacks

6 Foolproof Ways to Secure Sensitive Company Data

6 things to do to maintain your store privacy

16 Strategies To Ensure A Phishing Exercise Has A Strong And Lasting Impact

40% fell victim to a phishing attack in the past month

44% of education institutions targeted by ransomware in 2020, survey finds

46K emails exposed in Aging Partners data breach

Apple fixes bug that breaks iPhone WiFi when joining rogue hotspots

Attackers deploy cryptominers on Kubernetes clusters via Argo Workflows

Average ransomware payment declined by 38% in second quarter of 2021, new Coveware report says

Beware the homoglyph: Microsoft warns about the malicious use of imposter domains

Chinese Researchers Hid Malware Inside AI Without Affecting Its Functions

CISA launches StopRansomware.gov to host resources

Companies Face Growing Legal Risks Over Ransomware Data Leaks

Components of An Effective SaaS Security Audit

Congress Focuses on Industrial Control System Security

Conti ransomware responsible for attack on Irish health service

Creative attacker steals $76,000 in RUNE by giving out free tokens

Cryptocurrency Technology Is ‘The New Engine’ for Cybercrime, Argues Israel’s Check Point

Discord CDN and API Abuses Drive Wave of Malware Detections

Dutch Police Arrest Two Hackers Tied to "Fraud Family" Cybercrime Ring

Dutch Police Arrested Members of the “Fraud Family” Phishing Scheme

Dutch police bust alleged 'Fraud Family' phishing service members

Emma Willard School hit by ransomware attack

EU takes aim at ransomware with plans to make Bitcoin traceable, prohibit anonymity

EU to counter cyber threats

Even after Emotet takedown, Office docs deliver 43% of all malware downloads now

Fake Windows 11 installers now used to infect you with malware

Fear patient data may have been stolen from Auckland DHBs

FIN7’s Liquor Lure Compromises Law Firm with Backdoor

Financial Watchdog Says Home-Based Work Fuels Cyberattacks

Google Chrome takes another step to protect its users from data theft and phishing

Government IT decision makers worried about security risks related to cloud migration

Growing cyberattacks on hospitals may soon hit bottom lines, patient care

Hackers Exploit the COVID-19 Pandemic for Cyber Scams

How Taiwan is trying to defend against a cyber 'World War III'

How the U.S. Is Spearheading Efforts to Thwart Chinese Cybercrime

How to Ensure Your Cyber Safety When Working Remotely

How to help protect your school from ransomware attacks

In the Pegasus world, only the cyber-paranoid survive

Kaseya Attack 2021 – Are Ransomware Attacks Inevitable?

Kaseya gets master key to unlock networks

‘Kaseya’ Got a Master Decryption Key From REvil and Restoration Is Underway

Kaseya Now Has A Master Decryptor To Aid Victims Of REvil Ransomware Attacks

Kaseya Obtains Universal Decryptor for REvil Ransomware

Kaseya obtains universal ransomware decryptor

Kaseya obtains universal REvil decryptor

Kaseya says it has acquired ransomware decryption key 'from trusted third party'

MacOS malware steals Telegram accounts, Google Chrome data

Major news sites serve porn after vid.me domain takeover

Manufacturers turning to zero trust to better secure their networks

Microsoft 365: Business Users Are Phishing Targets

Microsoft Knocked Out Of No. 1 Spot As Most Impersonated Brand In Phishing Emails

Microsoft warns over this unusual malware that targets Windows and Linux

More than half of all Aussies continue to encounter forms of cyber scams in 2021

Nasty macOS Malware XCSSET Now Targets Google Chrome, Telegram Software

Nearly 140 phishing incidents observed by CERT-In during H1 2021

New PetitPotam attack allows take over of Windows domains

New research shows 97% still unaware of crucial container security principles that underline the urgency for runtime controls

Password-Stealing Windows Malware has been Discovered

Pay that man in the hoodie his ransom money!

Phishing attacks: staff shortages leading to longer remediation times

Phishing attacks get smarter as targets struggle to keep up

Pro-Trump MAGACOIN crypto launch marred by website data breach

Proposed ‘Hack-Back’ Bill Tells DHS To Study Allowing Companies To Retaliate

Ransomware: Kaseya says it has now got the REvil decryption key - and it works

Ransomware Attacks Evade Strong Cyber Defenses While Phishing Remains an Easy Initial Entry Point Despite Employee Training

Ransomware Hits Saudi Aramco, but Nobody is Immune

Ransomware is affecting more businesses than ever this year

Ransomware key to unlock customer data from REvil attack

Researchers find new attack vector against Kubernetes clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances

Retired TransLink employees file class action over 2020 cyberattack

Saudi Aramco Confirms Data Breach After $50m Ransom Demand

Sign of increasing cooperation? Since Biden's inauguration, Russia & US have held four discussions on cybersecurity, Moscow says

Software company's unveiling of decryption key comes too late for many victims of devastating ransomware attack

State Warns Of Driver’s License Phishing Scam

States Weigh Bans on Ransomware Payoffs

Tech firm hit by giant ransomware hack gets key to unlock victims’ data

The 10 Biggest Data Breaches Of 2021 (So Far)

The 25 most dangerous software vulnerabilities to watch out for

Transnet suffers systems outage

Transnet Undergoes Apparent Ransomware Hack

Trump fans sign up for ‘magacoin’ cryptocurrency – but users’ emails and passwords quickly hacked in website data breach

Twitter reveals surprisingly low two-factor auth (2FA) adoption rate

Uber found to have interfered with privacy of over 1 million Australians

UK gun owners urged to be ‘vigilant’ after Guntrader data breach

UK National Lottery Community Fund data breach impacts grant applicants

US media: Tokyo Olympics targeted by Russian hackers

US municipalities suffer data breach due to misconfigured Amazon S3 buckets

User data privacy decisions can be easily manipulated

Wake up! Identify API Vulnerabilities Proactively, From Code Back to Production

'We just got caught up in a broader attack': UVM Medical Center details $50M ransomware strike

West Virginia Center’s Health Data Breach Includes Patients’ PHI

What Companies Need To Know About Modern Ransomware Attacks And How To Respond

What Is An Email Tracking Pixel? How Do Companies Use Them to Access Your Private Data?

What is malware - and how can you protect yourself from it?

What Will It Take to Defend Drinking Water from Cyber Attacks?

Why making companies disclose ransomware payouts may be a good idea

World's Largest Oil Producer Confirms Data Leak Following $50 Million Ransomware Attack

Your Information May Have Been Compromised in Yale New Haven Health's Data Breach

Zero Trust architecture: key tips for protecting health data and IoT

22nd July

51% of Mid-Sized Businesses Targeted by Cyber Fraud: Trader Defense Advisory (TDA) Provides Prevention Strategies and Fund Recovery

740 ransomware victims named on data leak sites in Q2 2021

1,000 GB of local government data exposed by Massachusetts software company

Another Hacker Arrested for 2020 Twitter Hack and Massive Bitcoin Scam

Apple Issues Urgent iPhone Updates; None for Pegasus Zero-Day

Apple Publishes List of Fixes for iOS 14.7 Along With macOS and iPadOS Updates

Apple security updates: iOS 14.7 fixes WiFiDemon flaw

APT Hackers Distributed Android Trojan via Syrian e-Government Portal

Atlassian asks customers to patch critical Jira vulnerability

Attacks on critical infrastructure are dangerous. Soon they could turn deadly, warn analysts

British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) sounds alarm after hackers steal personal info of firearm owners

Biden Offers Vague Bounty for Identity of Ransomware Operators, If You Get the Right Ones

Bulletproof Your Enterprise Cybersecurity Against State-Sponsored Attacks

CERT-In observes nearly 140 phishing cases during H1 2021

Chainalysis finds 2021 ransomware payouts are outpacing 2020's bumper year

China behind data breach against Finnish parliament

Cloud security in 2021: A business guide to essential tools and best practices

Cloudstar Ransomware Highlights Multiple Issuer Exposure Potential

Connecticut Gives Partial Data Hack Protections to Businesses

Credential Phishing: What is It and How Does DMARC Prevent It?

Cyber-attacks: what is hybrid warfare and why is it such a threat?

Cyber Incident and Risk: Calculating the Costs to IT and Security

Data resilience has potential to turn the heat down on rising ransomware cyber insurance costs

DDoS attacks are up, with ever-greater network impact

Dutch Police Arrest 2 Tied to Phishing Operation

Education Is The Most Targeted For Ransomware

Education sector worst hit by cyber attacks

Emory Healthcare, St. Peter's added to Elekta 170 health system victim toll

FBI: Cybercriminals Eyeing Broadcast Disruption at Tokyo Olympics

FBI Issues Cyber Attack Alert Against Tokyo Olympics Service Providers

FBI warns of increase in ransomware, cyberattacks on businesses

Financial services accounting for nearly 40% of all phishing URLs

Firm Hit by Mass Ransomware Attack Obtains Universal Decryptor

Five Ways to Protect Against Third-Party Data Breaches

Gun owners' fears after firearms dealer data breach

Hackers Access Personal and Call Information and Port Numbers in Mint Mobile Data Breach

Hackers reportedly demand $50m from Saudi Aramco over data leak

House passes several new bipartisan cybersecurity bills

How (and Why) Hacker Forums Self-Moderate

How Can Congress Aid Healthcare Cybersecurity, Fight Ransomware?

How cyberattacks exploit known security vulnerabilities

How the military-derived “cyber kill chain” model can help health systems fight cybercrime

ICO imposes £25,000 fine on Mermaids charity for data protection breach

Industrial Networks Exposed Through Cloud-Based Operational Tech

Ireland: Gardai warn public over bank phishing scam

Is Instagram safe? Here’s what the experts say

Is Pegasus spyware a security nightmare for mobile devices?

Joe Biden administration to determine whether to sanction China over ransomware

Kaseya Gets Universal Decryptor to Help REvil Ransomware Victims

Kaseya obtains decryption key for victims of massive ransomware attack

Kaseya Obtains Decryption Tool After REvil Ransomware Hit

Kaseya obtains universal decryptor for REvil ransomware victims

Kaseya obtains universal decryptor key for recent REvil ransomware attacks

Linux kernel bug 'Sequoia' allows attackers to gain root-level privileges

Microsoft issues security advisory on Windows 'SeriousSAM' zero-day bug

Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Workaround Fix for ‘SeriousSAM’ Bug

Microsoft just published a workaround for this important Windows 10 flaw

MITRE updates list of top 25 most dangerous software bugs

Modi government accused of spying on critics and opponents using Pegasus spyware

New Malware Family “Coper” Spreads Among Colombian Android Users

North London man scammed victims out of almost £200k with fake Covid grant texts

NSO Stuck in the Eye of the Tornado Pointing the Finger to Its Clients

On Chinese Hacking, Biden Gets It Right

Oracle Warns of Critical Remotely Exploitable Weblogic Server Flaws

Pegasus: Who are the alleged victims of spyware targeting?

Pegasus spyware seller: Blame our customers not us for hacking

Peloton Breach Reveals A Coming IoT Data Winter

Questions that help CISOs and boards have each other’s back

Ransomware: Hackers demand $50 million in Crypto from Saudi Aramco

Ransomware Attack Targets Protected Health Information at Law Firm

Ransomware Attacks Rise Dramatically

Ransomware Checklist For K-12 Schools Using Google and/or Microsoft 365

Ransomware gang breached CNA’s network via fake browser update

Reduce End-User Password Change Frustrations

Saudi Aramco confirms data breach following demand for $50m cyber ransom

Saudi Aramco denies breach after hackers hawk stolen files

Saudi Aramco says its operations, system safe after contractor's data breach

Scammers offer streaming services, giveaways and a fake cyber currency to cash in on the Olympic Games

Security and safety top the list of education facility priorities

Senators introduce cyber incident notification act

Six years' worth of personal data at risk in National Lottery Community Fund data breach

Small Breaches Leading to Big Consequences

Story behind the ransomware attack on the City of Tulsa

Systemd can't seem to catch a break: New vulnerability found

Technology-Savvy Terrorist Groups Seen Embracing Cryptocurrency

The Authorities Arrested Fourth Person Involved in 2020 “Twitter Bitcoin Hack”

The Kaseya Ransomware Nightmare Is Almost Over

The ransomware risk management calculus is changing for OT, ICS and critical infrastructure

The world's top ransomware gangs have created a cybercrime "cartel"

Tokyo 2020 reportedly suffers data breach from ticketholders

Tokyo Olympics’ ticket booking credentials posted by hackers on the dark web

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announces new cybersecurity regulations for critical pipeline owners and operators

Trump-loving Republicans snatch up "magacoins" — and quickly fall victim to data breach

US Senate mulling bill on data breach notifications

Wall Street CEOs Worry that Cyberattacks Could Take Down the Financial System

What are the key challenges facing employees when it comes to phishing attacks?

What is Maze Ransomware?

Who is responsible for improving security in the software development environment?

Why Understanding Cyber Criminals Behavior and Tools is Vital

Why you need to update your iPhone and iPad now

Windows "HiveNightmare" bug could expose system files to non-admin users

21st July

22-Year-Old UK Citizen Arrested for 2020 Twitter Hack Affecting Apple

$49 malware receives major upgrade to strike both Windows and macOS PCs

51% of exploits sold on underground forums are for Microsoft products

A Hospital Employee Stole The Identities Of Dying Patients To Steal Covid Benefits, Feds Claim

A unified approach is the future of data backup

Africa experiencing cyberattacks comparable to other parts of world

Are You Under A Ransomware Attack? Here Are 6 Steps to Follow

As Cyberattacks Rise, Cyber Insurers Are Rethinking Their Business

Beware where you browse – Phishing ops use COVID-19 as a lure

Beyond Ransomware: Four Threats Facing Companies Today

Biden Administration Tries New Tack in Battle Against Ransomware Attacks: Bounties Offered on Identification of Major Players

Bipartisan bill would require critical infrastructure operators to report cyberattacks

British man arrested in Spain over Twitter hack

China dismisses Exchange attribution and accuses US of whitewashing its cyber heists

China rejects hacking accusations

Chinese Hackers Breached 13 US Gas Pipeline Operators in Two Years

Chinese state hackers breached over a dozen US pipeline operators

CISA warns of stealthy malware found on hacked Pulse Secure devices

Cyber-attacks: what is hybrid warfare and why is it such a threat?

Cyber crime growing: Phishing emails and robocalls

Cybersecurity lags behind as IoT devices proliferate, according to a new report

Cyberthieves say they have ‘moral principles’

DDoS attacks increased 33% in H1 2021

Despite good defensive measures, ransomware continues to get in

Easily exploitable, unpatched Windows privilege escalation flaw revealed (CVE-2021-36934)

Feds detail alleged Chinese cyberattacks on American pipelines starting in 2011

Fortinet plugs RCE hole in FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer (CVE-2021-32589)

France warns of APT31 cyberspies targeting French organizations

French Launch NSO Probe After Macron Believed Spyware Target

Google Cloud beefs up security following surge in ransomware attacks

Hack me not: Here's how to ensure your device is safe from possible data breach

Hackers co-opt Microsoft’s anti-phishing feature for phishing attacks

Hackers put Aramco’s data for sale

Half of ransomware attacks begin with phishing

How prioritizing data protection leads to greater strategic advantage for financial institutions

How to Check if a Website Is Safe to Use

Image encryption technique could keep photos safe on popular cloud photo services

Indictments, Attribution Unlikely to Deter Chinese Hacking, Researchers Say

Infections of Commodity Malware on macOS on the Rise Again

Japanese government official says Olympic ticket data leaked

Joker billing fraud malware found in Google Play Store

Kaseya ransomware attack highlights cyber vulnerabilities of small businesses

Kaspersky Report Parses African Cybercrime Trends

Kubernetes Cloud Clusters Face Cyberattacks via Argo Workflows

MacOS Being Picked Apart by $49 XLoader Data Stealer

Malaysia: Need multi-layered cybersecurity defence system to avoid ransomware

Malicious NPM Package Caught Stealing Users' Saved Passwords From Browsers

Malware Distributors Abuse URL Shortener Services to Spread Dangerous Apps

Malware on employee’s company computer led to cyber attack on UVM Medical Center

Microsoft Exchange email server hack blamed on China

Microsoft shares permissions fix for new Windows 10 zero-day

Millions Of Apple Users Warned To Delete ‘Very Malicious’ Hidden Files

Millions of LinkedIn users have reported that their email, phone number, and home address have been leaked

Mississippi Cancer Center Joins List Affected by Elekta Data Breach

More users are falling for phishing attacks

MosaicLoader malware targets software pirates

Moving Operational Technology (OT) to the cloud means accounting for a whole new host of security risks

Multiple Modem Routers Vulnerable to Unauthenticated Attacks

New Cybersecurity Requirements for Pipeline Operators

New research shows growing risk of data exposure

NPM package steals Chrome passwords on Windows via recovery tool

NPM Package Steals Passwords via Chrome’s Account-Recovery Tool

Over 80 US Municipalities suffered massive data breach

Overcoming common email security misconceptions

Oxford City Council apologies for potential data breach

Patch now: Linux file system security hole, dubbed Sequoia, can take over systems

Pegasus: Princess Latifa and Princess Haya numbers 'among leaks

Pegasus scandal: Are we all becoming unknowing spies?

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Push Department Of Health For Answers About COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Breach

Pennsylvania lawmakers will hold 2 hearings on contact tracing data breach

Potential biometric data exposure from ransomware incident prompts law firm notification

Ransomware attack takes down ticket machines

Ransomware attacks may be far more common than we think

Ransomware reality is biting businesses

Scammers Phish For Personal Data By Targeting Utah Drivers

Scammers use messaging apps in phishing attacks

Senate Leaders Introduce Bill To Require Companies To Report Cyberattacks

Senators introduce bill requiring some critical groups to report cybersecurity incidents

Sensitive medical data of cancer patients at Jefferson Health potentially breached following third-party hack

Several New Critical Flaws Affect CODESYS Industrial Automation Software

Should we use AI in cybersecurity? Yes, but with caution and human help

This Chat is Being Recorded: Egregor Ransomware Negotiations Uncovered

This password-stealing Windows malware is distributed via ads in search results

TikTok, Snapchat account hijacker arrested for role in Twitter hack

Tokyo 2020 ticket holders’ login IDs and passwords LEAKED in huge data breach as Olympic chiefs launch investigation

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) updates cybersecurity directive after Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack

UK national arrested in Spain after DOJ indictment for Twitter hack

US: New bill would make some companies report cyberattacks to the government

US House terminates deal with iConstituent after company waited days to raise ransomware alarm

Why Identity Is The New Perimeter For Security

XLoader malware steals logins from macOS and Windows systems

XLoader Windows InfoStealer Malware Now Upgraded to Attack macOS Systems

20th July

16-Year-Old HP Printer-Driver Bug Impacts Millions of Windows Machines

16-year-old bug in printer software gives hackers admin rights

16-Year-Old Security Bug Affects Millions of HP, Samsung, Xerox Printers

A New Security Paradigm: External Attack Surface Management

Adversaries continue to abuse trust in the supply chain

Almost All Organisations Suffered At Least One Data Breach in Past 18 Months, The State of Cloud Security Report Found

Are mobile phones the enemy within?

Aruba Notified Customers Regarding a Data Breach After Two Months

Australia: Act now to defend against vicious cybercriminals

Beware the crypto scammers: Fraudsters fleece British couple of £15,000 in NINE minutes through phishing scam

Biden administration debating whether and how to sanction China for ransomware attacks

Biden official: ‘We don’t know exactly why’ ransomware gang vanished from the web

Browser Hijacking, Malware Pop-Ups, and “Legit-Looking” Phishing – It’s a Wild Web

Brunswick County town falls victim to series of ransomware hacks

Bug hunters asked to probe Microsoft Teams mobile apps, can earn up to $30k

Calling out China for cyberattacks is risky — but a lawless digital world is even riskier

China Flatly Denies Hacking Allegations and Calls the U.S. ‘Irresponsible’

China hits back at ‘fabricated’ US hacking allegations

China rejects hacking charges, accuses US of cyberspying

China says Microsoft hacking accusations fabricated by US and allies

Combating deepfakes: How we can future-proof our biometric identities

Companies are losing the war against phishing as attacks increase in number and sophistication

Cryptocurrency is Better for Anti-Money Laundering than You Might Think

Cyberattacks in Africa comparable to other parts of the globe, says Kaspersky

Cybersecurity in the age of AI

Data breach over Pegasus snooping reported months ago

Deepfakes: The Next Big Threat

DHS escalates cybersecurity mandates for key US pipelines in wake of ransomware attack

DHS releases new mandatory cybersecurity rules for pipelines after Colonial ransomware attack

Does Phishing Happen in Cryptocurrency?

Elekta Health Data Breach Strikes Jefferson Health, Disclosing PHI

Elekta Health Data Breach Victim Count Grows

Even highly skilled IT professionals fall prey to phishing attacks

Facebook Copyright Violation Scam on the Rise, Warns Security Researcher

Fatigued IT Teams And Ill-Prepared Employees Are Losing The War On Phishing

FBI: Threat actors may be targeting the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

FBI investigating cyber attacks on computer systems in Geneva

FBI warns of hackers potentially interfering with Olympics

Flash May Be Dead, but ‘Shlayer’ Campaigns Are Still Using It as a Disguise

Fortinet fixes bug letting unauthenticated hackers run code as root

Fortinet's security appliances hit by remote code execution vulnerability

GDPR 3 years on: 43% of UK organisations reported to the ICO for a data breach

Geneva, Ohio discloses ransomware attack

Google Cloud rolls out new security tools as threat landscape heats up

Google is using machine learning to stop DDoS attacks

Hacker behind LinkedIn scraping did it "for fun"

Hacker behind LinkedIn scraping grabbed 700m profiles 'for fun'

Hackers Put 1 TB of Saudi Aramco Stolen Data for Sale

How a few basic principles can help protect critical IIoT systems

How Data Discovery and Zero Trust Can Help Defend Against a Data Breach

How do I select a data recovery solution for my business?

HP patches vulnerable driver lurking in printers for 16 years

Hundreds of thousands of user details exposed in Raffle House breach

Hundreds of touchscreen ticket machines are offline after a ransomware attack

‘Illicit gain’: Australia accuses China of criminal cyber attacks

In the fight against ransomware, Microsoft must do more

Insurers Are Rethinking How They Cover Hacks With Cyberattacks on the Rise

Insurers Tighten Coverage For Cyberattacks

IoT malware attacks rose 700% during the pandemic

iPhones compromised by NSO spyware

IT defenses fail to prevent ransomware attacks

Judson ISD Paid Ransom To Regain Access To IT Systems After Last Month’s Cyber Attack

Law Firm to the Fortune 500 Breached with Ransomware

Microsoft heads to court to take on imposter, homoglyph domains

Microsoft tops list for most imitated brands for phishing attempts

MosaicLoader Malware Delivers Facebook Stealers, RATs

Most financial services mobile apps still rely on passwords, even with added friction

Nasty Linux systemd security bug revealed

New Linux kernel bug lets you get root on most modern distros

New MosaicLoader malware targets software pirates via online ads

New Survey Reveals Extensive Devastation in the Aftermath of Ransomware Attacks

New Windows 10 vulnerability allows anyone to get admin privileges

New Windows and Linux Flaws Give Attackers Highest System Privileges

Northern's ticket machines hit by ransomware cyber attack

Orlando Family Physicians Experiences Email Phishing Incident

Over 68K Advocate Aurora Patients Impacted by Elekta Health Data Breach

Over 80 US Municipalities’ Sensitive Information, Including Resident’s Personal Data, Left Vulnerable in Massive Data Breach

Parliamentary expenses watchdog being sued by MP staffers over ‘serious data breach’

Pegasus: French President Macron identified as spyware target

Providing Security as a Service in the Wake of a High-Profile Ransomware Attack

Rail operator Northern shuts all ticket machines following a ransomware attack

Ransomware: International cooperation is needed to curb these cybersecurity threats, says expert

Ransomware: Piracy on the IPs

Ransomware Attack At Corporate Law Firm Potentially Exposed Clients' Personal Data

Ransomware Attack Hits UK Northern Railway Ticketing Terminals

Ransomware attack scalps well-known U.S. law firm Campbell Conroy & O’Neil

Ransomware Attacks – Is There Harm Even When Nothing Is Stolen?

Ransomware Attacks Spur Insurers to Rethink Cyber Business

Ransomware fallout is devastating and could often be avoided, study finds

Ransomware Is Now More Than Just Data Encryption

Ransomware prevention tactics keep businesses healthy

Redefining Home Security

Researchers: NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware Should Spark Bans, Apple Accountability

Researchers flag 7-years-old privilege escalation flaw in Linux kernel (CVE-2021-33909)

Rising Threats Target Cloud Providers, Virtual Infrastructure

Saudi Aramco Loses 1TB of Data Following Data Breach

Sophos Home Survey: Consumer Cybersecurity Concerns Increase Amidst Pandemic, but Security Practices Fall Short

Spanish Users Targeted by Novel Campaign Using an Old Malware Strain

Suspect someone of hacking the US government? There’s $10M in reward money on the line

The Android apps on your phone each have, on average, 39 security vulnerabilities

The growing threat of ransomware

The growing threat of ransomware attacks on hospitals

The ICO Investigate Alleged Data Breach on Department of Health and Social Care CCTV

The peculiar disappearance of REvil ransomware hackers

This New Malware Hides Itself Among Windows Defender Exclusions to Evade Detection

Top 5 things to know about supply chain attacks

Transgender charity Mermaids fined £25k for data protection breach

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) pushes more cybersecurity mandates on critical pipeline owners, emphasizing ransomware

Turning Up The Heat: A Ransomware Attack On Critical Infrastructure Is A Nightmare Scenario

Update Your Printer Now to Fix a Dangerous 16-Year-Old Privilege Escalation Bug

US formally accuses China of Microsoft hack

US Government Offers Crypto Bounty To Combat State-Sponsored Cybercrimes

US legal eagles representing Apple, IBM, and more take 5 months to inform clients of ransomware data breach

What is data protection and why is it important?

What is phishing?

What To Do When Your Organization Become the Victim of a Phishing Attack

Why Your Business Needs a Long-Term Remote Security Strategy

WifiDemon – iPhone Wifi bug exposed devices to remote attacks

WYDOT Warns Wyoming Drivers About Text Message Phishing Scam

You Have Been Hacked!

Your iPhone and the Pegasus spyware hack: What you need to know

Zero-Trust is an Adjective Without a Noun

19th July

7 Ways AI and ML Are Helping and Hurting Cybersecurity

79% of survey respondents identify threat modeling as a top priority in 2021

Acting director of CISA discusses ransomware attacks

Agencies ramp up ransomware defenses

Airlines are increasingly becoming targets for cyber attacks

Anatomy of Ransomware Attack: Chat Support, a Discount and a Surcharge for Bitcoin

Application security tools ineffective against new and growing threats

Aruba waited months to notify customers regarding a recent data breach

ASX-listed company hit by ransomware

Biden Accuses Chinese State Actors of Ransomware, Cryptojacking Attacks

Biden administration: Microsoft Exchange email server hack caused by China

Biden battles Russian hacking groups with restrictions on IT firms

Biden condemns China for 'accommodating' cyber criminals after administration confirmed they were behind hack of 30,000 Microsoft Exchange servers and a string of ransomware attacks in the US

Biden Warns Putin The U.S. Will Take Any Necessary Action Against Russia For Ransomware Attacks

Brand Phishing Attacks: How to Spot Them and Stay Safe Online

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