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Monday 5 July 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 27 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 5th July and 11th July 2021.

11th July

At long last: Kaseya restores VSA services shelved after ransomware row

Biden urges Putin to crack down on cybercriminals

Cisco on ransomware attacks: To pay or not to pay?

Data theft from Meals on Wheels reveals gap in provincial privacy legislation, expert says

Disconnected? LinkedIn suffers data breach

Former Employees: Kaseya Was Aware of Security Flaws Before REvil Hack

Holding The World To Ransom: Top 5 Online Gangs

How can you protect your personal, sensitive data online?

Iran’s Transport Ministry hit by cyberattack

Kaseya patches VSA vulnerabilities used in REvil ransomware attack

Kaseya Releases Patches for Flaws Exploited in Widespread Ransomware Attack

Mint Mobile data breach allows hackers to port phone numbers

New Website Aims To Shine A Light On Where Ransomware Payments Go

On blockchains, privacy-preserving computing might avoid data leaks

Pakistani group targets India’s critical infrastructure, cybersecurity firm warns of phishing attack

Ransomware attack is over, at a cost of €300,000

Ransomware shows the power and weakness of the web

REvil ransomware attack illustrates IT systems need for epidemiological investigation

Second cyberattack reported at Iranian Transportation Ministry

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges dark web user of insider trading, money laundering

Tech company estimates recovery for 90 percent of clients by Monday night after massive cyber attack

The U.S. should treat cyberattacks as a national disaster

Washington Silent On Latest Ransomware Attack, Kremlin Says

What Do You Do If Your Business Experiences a Data Breach?

10th July

An Post or any couriers Phishing SMS/email scams and how to check if legit

Beware: Hacked verified Twitter accounts of journalists used for phishing attacks on others, several become victims

Biden asks Putin to crack down on Russian-based ransomware gangs

Biden urges Russia to act against ransomware attacks

Binance To Expand Compliance Team Amid Regulatory Backlash, Says It Helped Demolish a $500,000,000 Ransomware Ring

"Cyber disruption" stops websites of Iranian ministry

Cyber security too often takes back seat in C-Suite

How bitcoin and Putin are enabling the ransomware crime spree

Interpol Calls For New Ransomware Mitigation Strategy

Iran Says Transportation Ministry Hit By Cyberattack

Kaseya was warned about security flaws years ahead of ransomware attack

Lowdown on major data breaches

Mint Mobile hit by a data breach after numbers ported, data accessed

New York City launches cyberdefense center amid major ransomware attacks

Ransomware rattles cyber insurance market

Rural German district declares disaster after cyberattack

Russia must crack down on cybercrims: US

Singapore: New variant of phishing scams emerges, bank victims lost $1m from Jan to May

The Ultimate Security Guide for Cryptocurrency Investors

Threatening text scam related to major Canadian bank targeting some residents in Mississauga and Brampton

Top 10 Cyber Security Risks for Businesses

‘We expect them to act’: Biden presses Putin on ransomware groups, hints at retaliation

Who Will Insure the Cyber Insurers?

Year-long Phishing Campaign Targets Energy Firms

You could be a target for ransomware

9th July

A massive string of devastating hacks makes cybersecurity a national security issue

A third of data breaches involve a company insider

Air India flyer seeks Rs 30 lakh for damage caused due to data breach

Asked if US will deliver 'consequences' to Russia for ransomware attacks, Biden says 'yes'

Australian construction sector targeted in BEC scams

Biden Tells Putin Russia Must Crack Down on Cybercriminals

Biden warns Putin during call that 'we expect him to act' on Russian ransomware attacks

Biden Will Take ‘Any Necessary Action’ Against Ransomware Attack

Bug bounties: Here's how much Microsoft paid out to security researchers last year

CISA Analysis Reveals Successful Attack Techniques of FY 2020

CISA publishes malware analysis report and updates alert on DarkSide ransomware

Cisco BPA, WSA Bugs Allow Remote Cyberattacks

Classic Football Shirts warns customers of scam

CNA warns customers it suffered a major data breach

Colorado becomes latest state to pass data privacy law

COVID-19 sent cybercriminals into overdrive - how to protect your personal finances

Critical Flaws Reported in Philips Vue PACS Medical Imaging Systems

Cryptomining Scam Apps, ‘Stealer’ Trojans Culled from Google Play

Data Breach Impacts Patients, Employees of South Carolina Dermatology Practice

Data of 1.2M patients stolen prior to third-party vendor ransomware attack

District council declares Germany's first-ever 'cyber-catastrophe'

Don’t be a ransomware victim

Don’t be that employee: How to avoid ransomware attacks at work

Don’t Let a Personal Device Be the Entry Point for Cyberattacks

Dotty’s Confirms Data Breach, Gaming Company Latest Cyberattack Victim

Escalating ransomware attacks place greater focus on zero-trust network access

FBI warns cryptocurrency owners, exchanges of ongoing attacks

File security violations within organizations have spiked 134% as the world reopened for business

Five important tips to protect your social media accounts from cybercrime

Fraudulent content has a direct impact on consumer loyalty

Hackers disabling Macro security warnings in new malspam campaign

He spent 24 years building his business. A ransomware attack blew it to smithereens

How AI And Machine Learning Can Address Banks’ Fraud-Fighting Weaknesses

How Dangerous Is Malware? New Report Finds It's Tough to Tell

How stopping lateral movement can defend against ransomware

How to prevent ransomware attacks with a zero-trust security model

How Your Business Can Avoid Paying Ransomware Attacks

I Smell a RAT! New Cybersecurity Threats for the Crypto Industry

ICO: UK residents see increase in scam and fraud calls, but trust in data security is unchanged

In call, Biden presses Putin to act on ransomware attacks

‘Increased threat’ of serious cyber attack at council facing regular phishing attempts

Insurance giant CNA reports data breach after ransomware attack

IoMT Devices: Healthcare Systems Should Be Aware of Vulnerabilities - Here's How to Protect Them

'It was my life’s savings': How hackers use email phishing scams to steal billions

It's in the Game (but It Shouldn't Be)

Joe Biden urges Vladimir Putin to ‘take action’ against ransomware hackers

Kaseya ransomware attack underlines vendor accountability

Kaseya ransomware attack updates: Your questions answered

Kaseya warns of phishing campaign pushing fake security updates

Law Enforcement Facing Global Surge In Ransomware Attacks And Organized Crime Violence

Lazarus Targets Job-Seeking Engineers with Malicious Documents

Magecart Hackers Hide Stolen Credit Card Data Into Images for Evasive Exfiltration

Malware hits Hive OS cryptomining users; steals funds from wallets

March data breach exposed Peoples Community Health Clinic patient information

Microsoft: PrintNightmare security updates work, start patching!

Microsoft Office Users Warned on New Malware-Protection Bypass

Microsoft's PrintNightmare patch is now causing problems for some printers

Millions of easyjet customers could be owed up to £2,000 compensation

Ministry of Health suffers data breach exposing details of 100,000 people in Madrid – ‘including King and Sanchez

Missouri City Government Launches Ransomware Investigation

Morgan Stanley data breach: Client info stolen in supply chain hack

‘Network security incident’ shuts down Joplin city computers

New SaaS Security Report Dives into the Concerns and Plans of CISOs in 2021

New York City is going all-out to tackle cyberattacks

New York City opens cyber operations center

New York City Opens First-of-Its-Kind Cyberattack Defense Center

New Zloader malware technique makes it harder to spot phishing emails

Official Suggests Consequences Coming to Russia for Ransomware

Pakistani group launches widespread phishing attack on Indians

Philippines: Supermarket warns customers of phishing attempts using brand name, logo

Ransomware: Banning victims from paying ransoms might reduce attacks, but it won't stop them

Ransomware: Five Reasons Why Victim Organizations Pay Up

Ransomware attack against Florida-based company ‘a big focus’ of Biden call with Putin

Ransomware attack hits Swiss consumer outlet Comparis

Ransomware Attackers Are Likely To Hit Again

Ransomware attackers demand $400,000 from Swiss website

Ransomware attacks: Biden urges Putin to crack down on cybercriminals

Ransomware attacks: The cryptocurrency problem

Ransomware gangs seek people skills for negotiations

Reevaluating Your Breach Prevention Strategy

Researchers spot opportunistic phishing attacks in wake of Kaseya VSA ransomware

Russia’s U.S. Embassy Distorts What Happened in Republican Party Cyber-Attack

Russian ransomware

Scam artists exploit Kaseya security woes to deploy malware

Scammers Are Impersonating Nearly Every Illinois State Department In Phishing Schemes, And People Are Falling For It

State Bank of India (SBI) customer Alert! Don't click on malicious links to update KYC - know how hackers are operating

Texas resident jailed for role in $2.2 million romance, business email scams

The Business of Ransomware: Specialists Help Boost Profits

These Companies' Data Breaches Impact Their Users the Most

The Importance Of Model-Driven Security

These phishing emails want to deliver password-stealing malware to energy companies and their suppliers

This crowdsourced payments tracker wants to solve the ransomware visibility problem

Three security lessons from a year of crisis

Too many workers are still falling victim to phishing attacks

Ukraine says Russian-linked hackers attacked its navy's website

Updating your IT disaster recovery strategies to address the ransomware threat

US Has No New Information That Russian Government Directed Ransomware Attacks - White House

US urges mayors to confer with states on cyber posture, but can more be done?

US Will Act Against Perpetrators Of Ransomware Attack If Russia Does Not - White House

Warning: 1 in 3 employees are likely to fall for a phishing scam

What Is a DMARC and How Does It Help Prevent Email Spoofing?

White House says Biden warned Putin on ransomware attacks

Why hackers rely on Bitcoin for ransom payments

Will the ransomware surge impact Biden's cyber EO?

York veterinary practice hit by ransomware attack

8th July

3 tips for balancing data security and usability

4 steps to combat ransomware in schools

5 tips for incident response management success

$70 Million Ransomware Demand Shocks the World

80% of Firms That Paid Off Ransomware Attack Suffered Another

170 Android cryptocurrency mining scam apps have stolen $350,000 from users

1500 Companies Victims Of The Largest Ransomware Attack In History

A Growing Dilemma: Whether to Pay Ransomware Hackers

Air India Sued With Rs 30 Lakh Lawsuit Over Data Breach Of 45 Lakh Passengers

Android app users targeted with cryptomining scams

Another ransomware attack could escalate US-Russia tensions

Are You Ready for the Perfect Operational Security Storm?

Attacks on Kaseya Servers Led to Ransomware in Less Than 2 Hours

Aussies warned not to open fake Australia Post email scam

Australia: Logistics and utilities providers agree to help from Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) in the event of a cyber incident

Australia: Tech giants say government cyber assistance would simply cause more problems

Biden administration under fire for lack of public action on ransomware attacks

Biden pressured to act on 'Russian' ransomware, hacking

"Black Widow" digital premier a cover for malware and scams, says Kaspersky

Brazilians fear for the security of their data

British Airways Settles Case Brought By Customers And Staff Affected By 2018 Data Breach

British Airways settles claim for massive data breach

Can Smart Buildings Outsmart Hackers?

Chinese hackers target State Bank of India (SBI) customers with fake KYC link, free gift scams

Consumers trust organizations less after receiving scam messages claiming to represent them

Conti Unpacked: Understanding Ransomware Development As a Response to Detection

Could Ransomware Become a Geopolitical Weapon?

Coursera API vulnerabilities disclosed by researchers

Coursera Flunks API Security Test in Researchers’ Exam

Critical Flaws Reported in Sage X3 Enterprise Management Software

CTOs Keeping Quiet on Breaches to Avoid Cyber Blame Game

Cyber-security threats against schools on the rise, report finds

Cybercrime Costs Organizations Nearly $1.79 Million Per Minute

Cybersecurity insurance rates likely to rise amid escalating ransomware attacks

Data breaches from insiders can cost as much as 20% of annual revenue

Does It Ever Make Sense for Firms to Pay Ransomware Criminals?

Email claiming Kaseya patch drops Cobalt Strike malware

Everything to know about REvil, the group behind a big ransomware spree

Experts Uncover Malware Attacks Targeting Corporate Networks in Latin America

File security violations within organizations have spiked 134%

Former Hacker Issues Grave Warning – The U.S. Is Not Prepared

Fraudsters target medical suppliers

Germany not sufficiently prepared to tackle ransomware threats

Get updating: Microsoft delivers PrintNightmare patch for more Windows versions

GOP allegedly hacked by APT29, known as Cozy Bear

Hackers Use New Trick to Disable Macro Security Warnings in Malicious Office Files

Healthcare, finance, information industry have most data breaches

How Biden can strike back against Russian hack attacks

How Can You Prevent Ransomware Attacks?

How Fake Accounts and Sneaker-Bots Took Over the Internet

How health tech can secure patient data post-CURES Act

HSE hackers cut off communication link in mid-June

ICO sees a rise in insider risk driving data breach increases

Kaseya cyberattack: Company informed of vulnerabilities in April

Kaseya cyberattack: Company informed of vulnerabilities in April

Kaseya ransomware attack was apparently coded to avoid Russia

Kroger reaches $5M settlement with breach victims, as Supreme Court defines ‘actual harm’

Latest hack to test Biden's vow for consequences for Russia

Latest ransomware attack prompts cybersecurity questions

Launching a Ransomware Attack Against a Nation Is Far Easier Than You Think

Many IT decision-makers guilty of keeping cyberattacks secret

Microsoft patches remaining versions of Windows against PrintNightmare flaw

Microsoft Warning: PrintNightmare Zero Day Exploit

Morgan Stanley announces breach of customer SSNs through Accellion FTA vulnerability

Morgan Stanley reports data breach after vendor Accellion hack

Most disaster recovery solutions are not tested on a regular basis

New Data Shows How Healthcare Suffered from Cyberattacks More than Other Industries During Pandemic

New PrintNightmare Patch Can Be Bypassed, Say Researchers

NSA and GCHQ Warn That Russian Hackers Frequently Brute Force Passwords at Scale Using Kubernetes Clusters

NSW Department of Education struck by cyber attack

Oil & Gas Targeted in Year-Long Cyber-Espionage Campaign

Ransomware as a service: Negotiators are now in high demand

Ransomware attackers demand $400,000 from Swiss website

Ransomware recovery: Plan for it now

Regulator Probes Former Health Secretary's Use of Private Email

Researchers Discovered 170 Scam Apps That Stole $350,000 From Their Users

REvil victims are refusing to pay after flawed Kaseya ransomware attack

Royal data breach: Panic as Spanish King's health info exposed in major security alert

Security Awareness Training is Broken. Human Risk Management (HRM) is the Fix

Security vendors weigh in as fallout of Kaseya cyber attack continues

SideCopy Hackers Target Indian Government Officials With New Malware

Singapore sees spikes in ransomware, botnet attacks

The Accellion data breach continues to get messier

The hidden costs of ransomware

The High Cost of Phishing in K-12 Schools

The Unfixed Flaw at the Heart of REvil’s Ransomware Spree

This Crowdsourced Ransomware Payment Tracker Shows How Much Cybercriminals Have Heisted

Top Three IT Risks in 2021 and Before

Ukraine Arrests 6 Clop Ransomware Operation Suspects

Using IoT-as-a-Service to Fight Cyberattacks in Manufacturing

Viral cyber attacks: a threat to human health

Why are insurance companies being targeted by hackers?

Year-long spear-phishing campaign targets global energy industry

7th July

5 Big Things To Know About The Synnex Hack

5 cybersecurity issues that the public sector faces and how to protect it

5 key considerations when choosing an email security platform

170 fraudulent Android apps scamming cryptocurrency enthusiasts

Are You Prepared for a Ransomware Attack? How to Shore Up Your Defenses

Attacks on Operational Technology From IBM X-Force and Dragos Data

Biden: U.S. damage appears minimal in big ransomware attack

Biden has 'range of options' to respond to Russian cyberattacks

Biden to meet with national security experts on ransomware defense

Biden White House under pressure to ramp up response to escalating ransomware attacks

Bitcoin (BTC) Ransomware Attacks Have Increased Tenfold

British Airways Settles Data Breach Claim

Can Machine Learning Hardware Really Detect Ransomware? Colonial Pipeline Says Yes

Chambers takes on cyber-blackmailers in High Court

Charting a Path Out of an Epidemic of Hidden Breaches

China reportedly warns local tech companies of increased cybersecurity oversight

Chinese hackers target State Bank of India (SBI) users via phishing, free gift scams

CISA Warns About Easily Exploitable RCE Flaws on Philips Vue PACS

Cloud Cryptomining Swindle in Google Play Rakes in Cash

Code in huge ransomware attack written to avoid computers that use Russian, says new report

Critical infrastructure cyberattacks signaling the importance of prioritizing security

Critical Sage X3 RCE Bug Allows Full System Takeovers

Crypto mining scams targeting tens of thousands of victims using hundreds of android apps

Cyber insurance report declares ransomware a ‘digital pandemic’

Data Breach Exposes One Medical Customer Email Addresses

Dozens of Vulnerable NuGet Packages Allow Attackers to Target .NET Platform

Email fatigue among users opens doors for cybercriminals

Fraudsters Are Having Their Day, but Fraud Prevention Plans Can Stop Them in Their Tracks

GETTR, a Trump Adjacent Media App, Is Immediately Hacked

Holding the world to ransom: the top 5 most dangerous criminal organisations online right now

Hospitals Urged to Strengthen Cybersecurity Systems With Attacks on the Rise

How dentists can protect themselves from the cyberattack epidemic

How to mitigate Print Spooler vulnerability on Windows 10

How to mitigate ransomware attacks

How to stop accruing technical debt and reduce cybersecurity risks

Insider breaches the top cause of cyber incidents according to latest ICO data

Install immediately: Microsoft delivers emergency patch for PrintNightmare security bug

Intelligence agencies investigate ransomware: CIA tools can fake cyberattack origins, blame Russia or China

Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit customers are victims of phishing

Is cyber insurance costing you 30% more?

Joe Biden weighs a response to ransomware attacks

Kayesa CEO Says Latest Ransomware Attack Affected Up To 1,500 Businesses

Kaseya IT target of ransomware attacks, strikes hundreds of businesses

Kaseya offers pre-patch instructions for on-prem VSA customers

Kaspersky Password Manager caught out making easily bruteforced passwords

Kaspersky Password Manager Was Generating Easily Guessable Passwords

Kremlin Hackers Reportedly Breached Republican National Committee

Lookout Unearths Android Crypto Mining Scams

MacOS Targeted in WildPressure APT Malware Campaign

Microsoft: PrintNightmare now patched on all Windows versions

Microsoft issues emergency patch to fix PrintNightmare vulnerability

Microsoft rolls out emergency patch for critical PrintNightmare flaw

Microsoft's Emergency Patch Fails to Fully Fix PrintNightmare RCE Vulnerability

Microsoft's incomplete PrintNightmare patch fails to fix vulnerability

Moroccan cops nab suspected hacker Dr Hex

Most businesses now have a ransomware payout policy

Most Insider Data Breaches Aren't Malicious

Multiple Southern Maryland Towns Hit By Ransomware Attack; Facing Lofty Demands

New Ryuk ransomware strain targets web servers

New security feature aims to help hospitals ward off threat of ransomware

Online brands prioritizing speed over security

Online Education Provider Hit by Data Breach

Over 170 Scam Cryptomining Apps Charge for Non-Existent Services

Phishing campaign looks to leverage Kaseya VSA fears

Ransomware: US warns Russia to take action after latest attacks

Ransomware attack on revenue cycle vendor exposes 1.2 million patients, employees

Report shines light on REvil's depressingly simple tactics: Phishing, credential-stuffing RDP servers...the usual

Rural Alabama electric cooperative hit by ransomware attack

Russia ‘Cozy Bear’ breached GOP as ransomware attack hit

Scammers exploiting Kaseya ransomware attack to deploy malware

Second Southern Maryland Town Hit in Ransomware Attack

Should Kaseya pay REvil ransom? Experts are torn

SideCopy cybercriminals use new custom Trojans in attacks against India's military

South Africa: How safe is your data on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS)?

Southeastern Alabama Utility Hit By Ransomware Attack

Suspected ‘Dr HeX’ Hacker Busted for 9 Years of Phishing

Suspected hacker Dr HeX arrested over cybercrime, bank fraud impacting thousands

Talking to your board about ransom payments? Here’s how

The ransomware-attack leaderboard

Tens of thousands scammed using fake Android cryptomining apps

The 6 Types of Hackers You Should be Aware of

The medical data breach letter you received is not a scam

The rise and rise of ransomware as a service

The Rise of Initial Access Brokers

U.S. RNC Breach Traced to Russia-Linked Hacking Group

UK Information Commissioner launches probe into private email use at Department of Health

UK's data watchdog probes use of private email to discuss government business at the Department of Health

US: We May Take Unilateral Action Against Russian Cyber-Criminals

US to challenge Moscow as Russian hackers hold businesses hostage

Washington state data breach compromises personal information

What are the most common cybersecurity challenges SMEs face today?

What to do before, during, and after a ransomware attack

White House Takes Ransomware Strategy to Mayors as Policy Percolates

White House urges mayors to meet with state cybersecurity officials on ransomware

White House urges mayors to review local governments’ cybersecurity posture

WildPressure APT Emerges With New Malware Targeting Windows and macOS

6th July

1 in 4 employees say they still have access to accounts from past jobs, survey finds

1 Million ransomware attacks, hackers demand $70M

Babuk ransomware source code now publicly available

British Airways Settles Class Action Over 2018 Data Breach

British Airways settles over 2018 data breach

British Airways Settles with Data Breach Victims

British Airways settles with victims of 2018 data breach

Brits Lose Over £1bn in Fraud So Far This Year

CISA-FBI Guidance for MSPs and Their Customers Affected by the Kaseya VSA Supply-Chain Ransomware Attack

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Firms Are Ripe for Ransomware Attacks

Critical flaws in Windows Print spooler service could allow for remote attacks

Cyber insurance failing to live up to expectations

Cybersecurity in 2021: 4 Trends to Watch in the Second Half

Cybersecurity posture confidence high, yet incidents are increasing too

Data breach at third-party provider exposes medical information of US healthcare patients

Diavol Ransomware Allegedly Developed by Wizard Spider

Fallout Continues from Biggest Global Ransomware Attack

Fallout proceeds from ransomware attack

FBI seeks info on compromised systems after ransomware supply chain attack

Good-bye, trust-based security – WFH may usher in the age of zero trust

Gulf of Mexico Fire May Continue To Burn After Fireboats Computers Hijacked by Ransomware Gang

Hacker dumps private info of pro-Trump GETTR social network members

Hackers demand $70M in ransomware attack: Motivations could be political, says expert

Has your Facebook login been STOLEN? Rogue apps caught snooping on passwords

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) says 111 bank customers hit by phishing attacks in first half of 2021

How can a business ensure the security of their supply chain?

How to improve your organization’s Active Directory security posture

Industry Must Drive Forward International Collaboration on Cyber

Infographic: Recent worldwide ransomware attacks

Interpol Arrests Moroccan Hacker Engaged in Nefarious Cyber Activities

Interpol arrests Moroccon hacker over global phishing, malware scam

Japan Looks to Boost Military Cyber Experts Amid Security Threat

Kaseya: Roughly 1,500 businesses hit by REvil ransomware attac

Kaseya: Up to 1,500 Organizations Hit in Ransomware Attack

Kaseya CEO at Center of Massive Ransomware Attack Says 'It Totally Sucks'

Kaseya CEO says thousands of firms may be affected by ransomware attack

Kaseya hack floods hundreds of companies with ransomware

Kaseya Patches Imminent After Zero-Day Exploits, 1,500 Impacted

Kaseya ransomware attack: 1,500 companies affected, company confirms

Kaseya Ransomware Attack by REvil Gang Is Global in Scale

Kaseya Rules Out Supply-Chain Attack; Says VSA 0-Day Hit Its Customers Directly

Kaseya supply chain attack impacts more than 1,000 companies

Lazarus hackers target engineers using malware-laced job ads

Linux-based Malware Requires Linux Focused Cybersecurity Strategy

Microsoft pushes emergency update for Windows PrintNightmare zero-day

No One is Safe From The Data Breach Epidemic

Number of victims in major ransomware attack still unclear

Official Formula 1 App Hacked

One of the oldest Bitcoin websites on the net was hit by ransomware, and hackers want their payment in Bitcoin

Operation Lyrebird Leads to the Arrest of Moroccan Hacker “Dr. Hex”

Palo Alto and Other Cybersecurity Shares Rise After Kaseya Ransomware Attack

Philippines: Shell warns public against new phishing scam

Phishing the Most Common Cause of Ransom Attacks

Ransomware attack: Cybercriminals demand $70 million to decrypt 1 million affected devices

Ransomware attack didn't hit critical U.S. infrastructure

Ransomware attack on networking provider affects 1,500 businesses

Ransomware attack strikes rural Alabama utility service

Ransomware hackers demand $70m after attack on US software firm Kaseya

Ransomware hackers lower demand to $US50m

Ransomware is a threat to businesses of all sizes, it doesn’t discriminate

Reaction to Social Engineering Indicative of Cybersecurity Culture

REvil Attack on ‘Kaseya’ Compromised Tens of Hundreds With Ransomware

REvil Group Demands $70 Million for 'Universal Decryptor'

Shielding universities from ransomware with cloud backups

South Korea: More ransomware attacks reported this year

South Korea Faces Increasing Ransomware Attacks This Year

Still unclear how many businesses hit in biggest ransomware attack on record

Suspected Cyber-Criminal "Dr Hex" Tracked Down Via Phishing Kit

The Devastating Effect of Ransomware Attacks on Businesses

Up to 1500 businesses affected by Kaseya supply chain ransomware attack

Up to 1,500 businesses compromised by latest ransomware attack, Kaseya CEO says

Up to 1,500 businesses hit in Kaseya ransomware attack

Up to 1,500 businesses infected in one of the worst ransomware attacks ever

Up to 1,500 firms hit in Kaseya ransomware attack

US warns of action against ransomware gangs if Russia refuses

Waikato school confident threat has been removed after global ransomware attack

Website of Mongolian certificate authority served backdoored client installer

Western Digital Users Face Another RCE

What should New Zealand be doing to fight ransomware cyber-attacks?

White House reaching out with assistance to latest ransomware victims

5th July

$70 Million Demanded As REvil Ransomware Attackers Claim 1 Million Systems Hit

2021: The Year of Ransomware Attacks

Amateur Critical Infrastructure Attacks Growing in Frequency, Relative Severity

App Stores Remove Ride-Hailing Giant Didi Chuxing

Attackers strike with another supply chain ransomware attack

Attacks on UK Firms Fall for First Time in Three Years

Australia: Many farmers unprepared for cyber attacks

Bitcoin cyber attacks surge following rising demand and increasing price of bitcoin

British firms were among millions targeted by Russian hackers REvil who are demanding $70MILLION ransom, experts confirm as the UK government launches an investigation into biggest global ransomware attack on RECORD

CISA, FBI share guidance for victims of Kaseya ransomware attack

Coop, other ransomware-hit firms, could take weeks to recover, say experts

Cybersecurity companies impacted by ransomware attack

Didi barred from China appstores amidst government cybersecurity review

Gang behind huge cyber-attack demands $70m in Bitcoin

Global cyber attack affects hundreds of Dutch companies

Global ransomware attack: Details emerge how Kaseya software company was exploited by Russian REvil gang

Hackers ‘demand US$70 million’ after mass ransomware attack

Hackers demand $70 million to restore data held by companies hit in cyberattack

Hackers suspected of global ransomware attack make $70m dark web demand

Healthcare Ransomware Attack Targets Practice Management Vendor

How To Approach Budgeting as a CISO

How to Use 'Have I Been Pwned' to See If Your Data Was Compromised

Howden declares a ‘digital pandemic’ as ransomware attacks rise 170%

In Crosshairs of Ransomware Crooks, Cyber Insurers Struggle

In Private Conversation, Hackers Behind Ransomware Outbreak Lower Demand to $50 Million

IT firm Kaseya hires cybersecurity company FireEye to help deal with ransomware outbreak

Kaseya Attack Fallout: CISA, FBI Offer Guidance

Kaseya ransomware attack: US launches investigation as gang demands giant $70 million payment

Kaseya ransomware attackers demand $70 million, claim they infected over a million devices

Kaseya ransomware supply chain attack: What you need to know

Massive ransomware attack hits hundreds of organisations in 17 different countries

No contact from Washington over latest ransomware attack, Kremlin says

Organizations increasingly reluctant to pay ransomware demands

QNAP fixes critical bug in NAS backup, disaster recovery app

Ransomware attack: Can companies protect themselves?

Ransomware Defense: Top 5 Things to Do Right Now

Ransomware group demands $70 million for Kaseya attack

Ransomware Group REvil Strikes Again, Demands $70M in Bitcoin From 200 US Firms

Reduce your risk of being hit by a ransomware attack

REvil ransomware attack: How bad is it? It’s very bad

REvil ransomware asks $70 million to decrypt all Kaseya attack victims

REvil ransomware increases ransom to $70M in Kaseya attack

Risk of downtime and data theft as ransomware targets Industrial Control Systems

Russian-speaking hackers claim major ransomware attack which has hit hundreds of US companies

Scale, details of massive ransomware attack emerge

Silverfish UK affected by US ransomware attack

The Evolution of Ransomware: How Did We Get Here?

The Food Industry May Be Finally Paying Attention To Its Weakness To Cyberattacks

The Importance of Understanding Attacker Target Selection

TrickBot Botnet Found Deploying A New Ransomware Called Diavol

US Spy Agencies Investigate Kaseya Supply Chain Attack

Vishing: What is a phishing scam and how to protect yourself?

What to Do if Your Business or Employees Are Hacked

While you're shopping online, e-skimmers are going after your credit card number

Why companies shouldn’t pay ransomware