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Monday 12 July 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 28 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 12th July and 18th July 2021.

18th July

94% of organizations suffer insider data breaches

As Ransomware Surge Continues, Where Next for Government?

California Schools Proving Easy Targets for Growing Ransomware Attacks

Can IoMT Protect Healthcare Systems from Cyberattacks In 2021?

Comparis customers targeted by scammers after ransomware attack

Enterprise Environments, Exposed Endpoints, and the Best Practices for Threat Hunting

Experts warn of cyber threats to Olympics

Financial Services Must Turn to Employees to Tackle the Threat of Phishing

Got Bitcoin, Will Buy Intel: U.S. Government Offers Cryptocurrency Bounty In Radical New Approach To Fighting Cybercrime

How to protect Confidential Information in an Email?

Huge data leak shatters the lie that the innocent need not fear surveillance

India: Pay attention SBI account holders! Uninstall these apps or you may lose all your hard earned money from accounts!

International gang under watch for selling stolen credit details

Ireland: Longford services still affected by recent cyber attack on HSE

Israeli spyware is found on cellphones of journalists including at New York Times, CNN and AP, as well as politicians and members of royal families around the world

Just How Secure Are Biometrics?

Kaspersky: WhatsApp popular among phishing scammers

LinkedIn claims the alleged information of its users posted online is the result of data scrapping that is very difficult to control due to its sophistication, however, it is not a breach

Microsoft, DHL most imitated brands for phishing attempts

Misconfigured AWS bucket exposed 421GB of Artwork Archive data

New Leak Reveals Abuse of Pegasus Spyware to Target Journalists Globally

New Windows print spooler zero day exploitable via remote print servers

New Zealand: Kiwi firms may be among 'easy prey'

Not "If" but "When" —The Ever Increasing Threat of a Data Breach in 2021

Not just the money: Ransomware a growing political threat to U.S. interests

Password attacks on Microsoft highlight the need for Passwordless Zero Trust Systems

Plugging the online safety gap in schools

Ransomware hits law firm counseling Fortune 500, Global 500 companies

Report Reveals that Your Age Can Determine How Likely You Are to Get Targeted by Cybercriminals

Researcher Uncovers Yet Another Unpatched Windows Printer Spooler Vulnerability

Software company Kaseya, which was hacked to spread ransomware, had previously had a security flaw

Staff, patients concerned about data breach at university hospital

State Bank of India (SBI) Customers: Stay Away from These Apps to Avoid Online Frauds, Scamsters

US consumers have lost over $4 Billion just in 1 year as a result of online fraud

Virginia Tech says it was targeted in 2 recent cyberattacks

Warning: There's a new scam harassing UK mobile owners, here's what you need to avoid it

We lose control’: New law would leave Australians’ vital data in vulnerable overseas storage

What is Pegasus spyware and how does it hack phones?

What we know about the Kaseya ransomware attack that hit hundreds of businesses

Why Your Security Strategy Needs to Think More About the Browser to stop Ransomware

17th July

$10 million rewards bolster White House anti-ransomware bid

42% of UAE companies close down after falling victim to ransomware

75,000+ Customers Affected in CNA Ransomware Attack

Backup plans put your Office 365 data at risk from ransomware

China's New Law Requires Researchers to Report All Zero-Day Bugs to Government

CloudFlare CDNJS Bug Could Have Led to Widespread Supply-Chain Attacks

Consumer advice: How to reduce the risk from online scams

Crypto exchange Korbit charged for ‘excessive collection of customer data’

Cryptocurrency seizure of £300 million sends a strong message to “bad actors”

Cyber experts: Tulsa did the 'right thing' by not paying ransomware attackers

Ecuador's state-run CNT telco hit by RansomEXX ransomware

Facebook catches Iranian spies catfishing US military targets

Google issues patches for Chrome flaw for Windows, Mac and Linux

HelloKitty ransomware is targeting vulnerable SonicWall devices

‘Highly sophisticated’ ransomware attack sidelines Cloudstar

How cyberattacks threaten the region’s progress

Instagram Launches 'Security Checkup' to Help Users Recover Hacked Accounts

IT security: the number of zero-day attacks detected is increasing rapidly

Microsoft Edge is the most secure browser, according to a study

Phishing scammers increasingly targeting users through messenger apps

Ransomware task force to be set up by US government

Researchers Found Several Cryptographic Flaws in the Telegram App

Scary new malware that live streams your screen – Here’s what to look for

Skimmers: How to spot them and new ways to pay to avoid getting ripped off

SonicWall alerts customers of imminent ransomware attack

Spain arrests 16 hackers in crackdown on banking malware campaigns

State Bank of India (SBI) Warning To All Users: Uninstall These Apps Else You Will Lose All Your Money From Bank Accounts!

Telemarketing Scammers Who Made $4.5 Million Convicted in the U.S.

The biggest leak in 2020 reveals increased costs due to cloud security misconfiguration

The education sector hasn’t made the grade when it comes to ransomware protection

The Notorious REvil Ransomware Gang Go Offline

Tips to keep your social networks safe this summer: this is how they try to hack your Instagram

To My Fellow CEOs: Cyber Security is Your Business Too!

Trump hacker and friends on a mission to fix the internet

U.S. announces up to $10m bounty on nation-state hackers

U.S. to combat ransomware attacks with crypto tracing mechanisms

Under Attack: California Schools Face Ransomware Threat

Urgent warning over 'Amazon Rewards' email scam

US Blacklists 6 Russian Organizations Over Security Concerns

US Has Not Attributed Russian Government's Involvement In Kaseya Cyberattack - White House

What Is Cyber Extortion and How Can You Prevent It?

What the Dropbox Hack Can Teach You About the State of Web Security

White hat hacker saves $117,000 in crypto from MetaMask phishing attack

White House launches task force aimed at ransomware attacks

16th July

4 Future Integrated Circuit Threats to Watch

4 Mobile Cybersecurity Threats You Should Take Seriously

7 Key Cybersecurity Risks For 2022 and How to Prevent Them

9 Best Cybersecurity Practices

57% of reported incidents are caused by insiders

A Ransomware Attack in London Last Year Still Hurts

Achieving Zero Trust with Network Data

AI Goes Phishing

Allegan County warns of email scam regarding vaccine status

Artwork Archive cloud storage misconfiguration exposed user data

Attackers exploit zero-day flaws in Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer

Australia Called ‘Easy’ Target for Hackers

Banks now rely on a few cloud computing giants. That's creating some unexpected new risks

Bug bounty platform urges need for firms to have vulnerability disclosure policy

Campbell Conroy & O'Neil Provides Notice of Data Privacy Incident

Chinese APT LuminousMoth abuses Zoom brand to target government agencies

Cloudflare fixes CDN code execution bug affecting 12.7% of all sites

Cloudian 2021 Ransomware Victims Report Reveals Sophistication of Today’s Attacks

Colorado Becomes the Fifth U.S. State to Enact a Personal Data Protection Law

COVID-19 fraudster guilty of cyber scam

Crime and cryptocurrency in the wake of Covid-19

Critical Juniper Bug Allows DoS, RCE Against Carrier Networks

Cyber Insurers Might Be Making the Ransomware Problem Worse

Cyberattack on Moldova's Court of Accounts destroyed public audits

Cyberattacks In India Grew By 300% Due To Work From Home: How To Stay Safe

Cyberattacks increased 17% in Q1 of 2020, with 77% being targeted attacks

D-Link issues hotfix for hard-coded password router vulnerabilities

Desperate hacker puts stolen data on sale after EA torpedoes ransom demand

Education hit hardest by cyber attacks in 2020

Facebook Suspends Accounts Used by Iranian Hackers to Target US Military Personnel

Famous Smoke Shop website is operational again after cyber attack

Feds offer $10M in rewards for information about hackers, ransomware

Former NSA director: U.S. needs a new approach to ransomware response

Google patches 8th Chrome zero-day exploited in the wild this year

Government IT Decision Makers See Cybersecurity as Primary Obstacle

Hackers From Iran Used Facebook To Spy On US, UK & EU Military Personnel Says Firm

Hackers have started releasing parts of stolen EA data publicly

Hacking Back Isn’t the Answer, But You Can Still Take Action Against the Adversary With Active Defense Strategies

Hill County Sheriff's Office warning against new phone scam attempting to impersonate police

How Can Vulnerable Internet Users Be Protected from Scams?

How Iranian Hackers Targeted U.S. Military Personnel on Facebook

How Mespinoza Ransomware Group Hits Targets

How the cyber threat landscape is evolving

How your personal data is being scraped from social media

INTERPOL Calls for Global Action to Prevent ‘Ransomware Pandemic’

Iranian cyber-hackers posed as UK academics in bid to steal data

Irish hospital sued by cancer patient after ransomware attack

Is Australia a sitting duck for ransomware attacks? Yes, and the danger has been growing for 30 years

Is Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware Due for a Comeback?

Israel Launches Anti-Ransomware Campaign to Prevent Cyberattacks

Israeli Firm Helped Governments Target Journalists, Activists with 0-Days and Spyware

Israeli Spyware Vendor Linked With Microsoft Windows Zero-Day Exploits

Kaseya victim struggling with decryption after REvil goes dark

LinkedIn Explains Data Scraping Amid Reports of More Data Hacks and Breaches

Linux Variant of HelloKitty Ransomware Targets VMware ESXi Servers

London Borough of Hackney Struggles With Recovery Months After Ransomware Attack

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles warns customers about text phishing scam

May ransomware blight all the cyber stragglers and let God sort them out

Microsoft: New Unpatched Bug in Windows Print Spooler

Microsoft continues reign as most imitated brand for phishing

Microsoft points the finger at Israeli spyware seller for DevilsTongue attacks

New LinkedIn phishing campaign found using Google Forms

Northeast Radiology, Alliance sued over nine-month data breach

Nottingham City Transport Falls Victim to a Service-Disrupting Cyberattack

Passwords Security: Past, Present, and Future

Phishing a serious crime in Zimbabwe

Phishing Texts Making Rounds in Bossier

Physical threats increase as employees return to the office

Potential Use Cases of Blockchain Technology for Cybersecurity

Ransomware paralyzes IT at the Wolfenbüttel Clinic

Recent Attacks Lead to Renewed Calls for Banning Ransom Payments

REvil Ransomware Group Missing From Dark Web; Temporary Vacation, or Permanently Out of Business?

Russian cyber attack on HSE destroyed Covid-19 patient records

Russian Defense Ministry website targeted by foreign cyberattack

Searching for Microsoft website? Double-check before clicking

SolarWinds hackers exploited iOS 0-day to compromise iPhones

SonicWall alerts costumers of imminent ransomware attack

SonicWall warns of imminent ransomware attack

State Department Pays up to $10M for Information on Foreign Cyberattacks

Tennessee firms hit hard by surge in cyber-crime during pandemic digital upheaval

The number of false positive security alerts is staggering. Here's what you can do to reduce yours

The rise of ransomware: the multibillion pound hacking industry where no one is safe

To defeat ransomware attacks, build stronger partnerships

Toddler mobile banking malware surges across Europe

Top CVEs Trending with Cybercriminals

Traditional ransomware defences are weakening, Cloudian warns

U.S. Government sets up ransomware task force, offers $10 million reward for info

US agencies circulate warning about 'aggressive' Chinese hacking effort to steal secrets from a range of targets

US government offers $10 million reward for tips on nation-state hackers

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) warns of new driver license phishing scam

Virgin Islands Government Needs More Cybersecurity Investment

Volume of Crypto-related Crimes Reaches $1 Billion

What is Ransomware?

White House launches task force to fight ransomware attacks

White House Offers $10M Reward for Ransomware Perps

Windows 0-Days Used Against Dissidents in Israeli Broker’s Spyware

Windows Print Spooler hit with local privilege escalation vulnerability

Workers are still falling for obvious phishing attacks

Ypsomed ‘MyLife’ App Vulnerable to Low-Complexity Remote Attacks

Yukoners receive text scam offering cash to vaccine recipients

Zero Trust: Securing Your Operational Technology (OT) Environment

15th July

20 School Ransomware Protection Quick Tips for K-12 IT Leaders

22% of exploits for sale in underground forums are more than three years old

31% of US companies are forced to close down after a ransomware attack

As More Ransomware Attacks Hit, Kansas City Companies Step Up

Australia: Hold company directors liable for cyber attacks

Australia: Industry panel urges govt to adopt clear policy position on ransomware

Biden makes a new push in fight against ransomware, including a $10 million reward

Cancer patient to sue Cork's Mercy Hospital over cyber hack

China's Cyberspies Targeting Southeast Asian Government Entities

CISA Launches New Website to Aid Ransomware Defenders

Cisco Talos researchers find crypto mining detections have doubled in the last year

Cybercriminals customizing malware for attacks on virtual infrastructure

Cybereason vs. Prometheus Ransomware

Cybersecurity Threatscape: Ransomware Reigns, Accounting for 63% of Malware

Cybersecurity Worries Bleed into Outsourcing Universe

Detailed financial records exposed on financial services platform

Disrupting Ransomware with Advanced File System Techniques

Explosion of 0-day exploits: The bad news and the good news

Facebook says it disrupted Iranian hacking campaign tied to Tortoiseshell gang

Fake Zoom App Dropped by New APT ‘LuminousMoth’

Firm Hacked by Ransomware Criminals Had Previous Security Flaws

Google Details iOS, Chrome, IE Zero-Day Flaws Exploited Recently in the Wild

Healthcare data breach: 2.4m records potentially exposed at Forefront Dermatology

Healthcare suffering from DNS attacks more than other industries

Imminent ransomware campaign targeting older appliances

India: And now, a fake Police virus too!

India: Army officers' laptops targeted using German IP address

Instagram launches Security Checkup tool to help you secure your account after you get hacked

Kaspersky uncovers rare advanced threat campaign vs government entities in Southeast Asia

Linux version of HelloKitty ransomware targets VMware ESXi servers

Losses due to ransomware in 2021 already exceed 60 thousand bitcoins

Manufacturers Beware as Threat Landscape Evolves

Microsoft: Israeli firm used Windows zero-days to deploy spyware

Microsoft, DHL two most imitated brand for phishing attempts

Microsoft shares guidance on new Windows Print Spooler vulnerability

Microsoft Warns of New Unpatched Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability

Morgan Stanley’s Third-Party Data Breach Leaks Customers’ Sensitive Information via an Accellion Hack

Multi-cloud environments creating additional security challenges

Multimillion-dollar rewards bolster White House anti-ransomware bid

New Chinese APT Named ‘Luminous Moth’ Discovered and Profiled

New ransomware group is attacking US firms and educational establishments

Not "If" But "When" - The Ever Increasing Threat of a Data Breach in 2021

Nottingham City Transport: Bus operator hit by cyber-attack

Phishing Attacks On Social Media Explained: Dos and Don’ts

Phishing attacks via WhatsApp soar in India

Phishing continues to be one of the easiest paths for ransomware

Protect from cyberattacks via security and insurance

Ransomware attack at Comparis resulted in data breach

Ransomware attackers are growing bolder and using new extortion methods

Ransomware Attacks Targeting Unpatched EOL SonicWall SMA 100 VPN Appliances

Ransomware, Vulnerabilities and IoT Security Threats

REvil ransomware sites are down

Russian ransomware gang REvil goes offline

Safari Zero-Day Used in Malicious LinkedIn Campaign

Software maker removes "backdoor" giving root access to radio devices

SonicWall Releases Urgent Security Notice About Actively Targeted EOL Devices

SonicWall warns of 'imminent' SMA 100/SRA ransomware attacks

SonicWall Warns Firewall Hardware Bugs Under Attack

Sophos Delivers State Of Ransomware Education Report

Study provides insight into cybersecurity priorities among city and county leaders

Technical problems making it almost impossible for patients to contact DuPage Medical Group offices

Texarkana Water Utilities recovers from ransomware attack; customers encouraged to resume payments

The Biden administration is ramping up efforts to trace crypto used in cyberattacks and will offer bounties of up to $10 million for info

The FBI issues warning to cryptocurrency users over growing threat of cybercrime

The rise and risk of ransomware

This is why you should not pay ransomware

This LinkedIn phishing scam abuses Google Forms to siphon your personal details

This ransomware gang hunts for evidence of crime to pressure victims into paying a ransom

Threat group is running active cryptojacking campaign

To Pay or Not to Pay, Ransomware Attacks Dilemma

Traditional ransomware defenses are failing businesses

U.S. Government Launches First One-Stop Ransomware Resource at StopRansomware.gov

U.S Government launches new website to fight ransomware, help victims

Update Your Chrome Browser to Patch New Zero‑Day Bug Exploited in the Wild

US Fights Ransomware with $10 Million Reward

US Offering $10 Million Reward for Cyberthreat Information

US Offering up to $10 Million for Information to Combat Overseas Ransomware Attacks

Windows print nightmare continues with malicious driver packages

With ransomware attacks on the rise, US launches new site to combat the threat

WooCommerce fixes vulnerability exposing 5 million sites to data theft

Would Mandatory Reporting of Ransomware Payments Cause More Good or Trouble?

Zero-Day Attacks on Critical WooCommerce Bug Threaten Databases

14th July

4 Factors That Should Be Part of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

5 useful tools to combat ransomware attacks

6 Steps to Take to Defeat Ransomware

7 Cybersecurity Strategies to Prevent Ransomware Attacks and Account Takeovers

10 Mistakes Companies Make In Their Ransomware Responses

16 Cybercriminals Behind Mekotio and Grandoreiro Banking Trojan Arrested in Spain

54% of businesses now have a policy in place to deal with ransomware attacks

2021 a year of ransomware; financial companies need to be on toes for cyber resilience

A Click Too Far

Almost all organisations have suffered insider data breaches

Almost half of companies do not have a proper security policy in place

Australia is a sitting duck for ransomware attacks

BazarBackdoor sneaks in through nested RAR and ZIP archives

Business Email Compromise attacks – A rampant cyber risk

California Schools Face Rising Ransomware Threats

Chinese cyberspies’ wide-scale APT campaign hits Asian government entities

City of Tulsa launches online tool to see if personal data released on dark web

CNA finalises investigation into cyberattack

Companies Continue Increasing Cybersecurity Budgets, Entire Market to Hit $158.8B Value by 2023

Congress to examine ransomware threat as NERC, FERC call for 'continued vigilence' to secure electric grid

Connecticut’s Updated Cybersecurity Law Now Protects Patient Data

Covid-19 gave kickstart to cyber attacks

Cryptominer Farm Rigged with 3,800 PS4s Busted in Ukraine

Cybercriminals took advantage of WFH to target financial services companies, say financial bods

Dealing with security vulnerabilities on data center servers requires more skilled staff

Delete these texts! Phishing scheme targets New Yorkers; Here’s what you need to know

Did the REvil ransomware gang shut shop? Or was it nuked?

Does cybercrime impact cryptocurrency prices? Researchers find out

EA Hackers Are Releasing Stolen Data To Extort Ransom Pay

Education sector hardest hit by ransomware

Famous Smoke Shop Back Online After Ransomware Attack

Fashion retailer Guess announces data breach

Gmail update will go some way to eliminating phishing once and for all

Google: Russian SVR hackers targeted LinkedIn users with Safari zero-day

Google details recent malware campaigns amid uptick in zero-day attacks

Google's advanced Gmail security feature helps prevent phishing scams - here's how

Hackers Move to Extort Gaming Giant EA

How government, police and business are working together to protect Scotland

How to Handle Security Incidents and Data Breaches

If Ransomware Is A 9/11-Level Threat, Then It’s Time To Respond Accordingly

Indian call center seized over Amazon hacking scam against US citizens

Insider data breaches are running rampant

Internet fraud: 6 states where the most money was lost

Interpol: Ransomware Attacks are Surging Worldwide

Interpol calls for more action to prevent ‘ransomware pandemic’

Interpol secretary general warns of 'ransomware pandemic' and calls for combined action

Iranian APT Gang Phishes Middle East Experts

Israel launches anti-ransomware campaign as attacks become more daring

Kaseya Ransomware Group REvil Website Goes Dark

Kaseya releases patch, restores VSA servers after ransomware attack

Kaseya was warned of security flaws years before attack

Linux-Focused Cryptojacking Gang Tracked to Romania

LuminousMoth spearphishing campaign hit 1,500 targets in Asia

Millions of users were affected due to the cyber security disasters of these giant tech companies

More Than 40% of Manufacturers Have Experienced a Cyberattack

Morgan County Schools’ computers hit by holiday ransomware attack

Nearly half of UK business had a data breach

Ohio Legislation May Create Data Rights for Residents

One trend you don’t want to follow: Fashion brand hit by ransomware

Personal data compromises up 38%, according to new cybersecurity report

Philippines: Firm uncovers Chinese 'wide-scale' malware campaign vs Filipino internet users, government

Phishers Take Tide Once Again As Ransomware Touches Its All-Time High

Phishing Attacks Through WhatsApp, Telegram Rising Globally

Phishing attacks via WhatsApp, Telegram soar in India

Police seize illegal cryptomining farm using thousands of PS4s, GPUs

Proactive measures to secure utilities

Protecting from the cyber kill chain evolution

Ransomware captures attention of business leaders, as losses become real

Ransomware gang REvil's websites go offline, sparking speculation

Ransomware group disappears

Ransomware group REvil disappears from the internet

Rebuilding your security culture as employees return to the office

REvil ransomware crew drops offline, reasons murky

REvil Ransomware Gang Mysteriously Disappears After High-Profile Attacks

REvil ransomware group vanishes after mounting US pressure

Russia-Based Ransomware Gang Offline, Cause Unclear

Russian-based hacking group REvil disappears from the internet

Russian-linked hacking group REvil disappears from dark web after Biden warning

Security in the Age of Increasing Cyberattacks

Smart data privacy is the new norm in security

Social Engineering Tactics Behind Ransomware

SonicWall: ‘Imminent Risk’ Of Ransomware Attack

SonicWall releases urgent notice about 'imminent' ransomware targeting firmware

SonicWall warns of 'critical' ransomware risk to EOL SMA 100 VPN appliances

SonicWall Warns of ‘Imminent’ Ransomware Attack

State Bank of India (SBI) Alerts Against Phishing Links Offering Freebies

The hackers are out there. You could be next

The Ransomware Point of Attack is Sharper

The Use of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in Ransomware Attacks: Why Employers Should Care

These states saw the most hacks in 2020

This Company Was Hit With a Devastating Ransomware Attack - But Instead of Giving In, It Rebuilt Everything

This Is How Iranian State Actors Steal User Credentials From Their Targets

Thousands of PS4s seized in Ukraine in illegal cryptocurrency mining sting

Top 5 Information Security Threats and How to Prevent Them

Trend Micro warns of ransomware targeting industrial control systems

Trickbot Malware Rebounds with Virtual-Desktop Espionage Module

Trickbot still the most wanted malware

Trickbot updates its VNC module for high-value targets

Tulsa says network hack gained some Social Security numbers

U.S. Cyber Command Lawyer Calls for Military Takedowns of Transnational Hackers

Under attack: California schools face ransomware threat

Updated Joker Malware Floods into Android Apps

US charges Greek national for selling insider trading subscriptions in the Dark Web

Warning: The FBI Has Issued A Serious Bitcoin And Crypto Alert

We need a better defense — and tougher offense — to combat Russia's hacks

What Can Government Do as Cyber Insurance Costs Increase?

WhatsApp tops in phishing links, India at number 3

White House to announce ransomware task force — and hacking back is one option

Windows Hello Bypass Fools Biometrics Safeguards in PCs

Zero-Trust for the Post-Pandemic World

13th July

94% of organisations have suffered insider data breaches

600 million LinkedIn members scraped, data offered up for sale on hacker forum

A look at supply chain cybersecurity

A more dynamic approach is needed to tackle today’s evolving cybersecurity threats

Addressing the cybersecurity skills gap: Where do we go from here?

Adobe Patches 11 Critical Bugs in Popular Acrobat PDF Reader

Adobe updates fix 28 vulnerabilities in 6 programs

Albania to Launch Cyber Defense Unit to Tackle Growing Online Threats

Amazon customers hit by scam which accesses your bank account

Are Enterprise Companies Taking Cybersecurity Seriously Enough?

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) ‘soft target’ warning on ransomware

Average company faces 1000+ spoofed domain threats per year

Bad actor offers up for sale data from 600 million LinkedIn members scraped from the site

Beware of this phishing scam using Luno’s name

British Police Seize $250 Million Of Cryptocurrency In International Money Laundering Crackdown

‘Charming Kitten’ APT Siphons Intel From Mid-East Scholars

Chinese Hackers Exploit Latest SolarWinds 0-Day to Target U.S. Defense Firms

CISA orders federal agencies to patch Windows PrintNightmare bug

City Encourages People To Use Lookup Tool To See If Their Info Was Stolen In Ransomware Attack

City of Tulsa to provide update on ransomware attack

Critical Flaws Reported in Etherpad — a Popular Google Docs Alternative

Critical vulnerability in Schneider Electric Modicon PLCs can lead to RCE (CVE-2021-22779)

Cryptocurrency ransomware attacks in 2021 have netted over $32 million

Cybercriminals Driven By Profitability Of Ransomware Attacks - FBI Cyber Division

Cybercriminals using Marvel’s Black Widow movie to spread malware

Cybersecurity: Risk Moves Squarely to Operational Technology

Cybersecurity organizations announce new first responder credentialing program

Data breaches and cyber attacks quarterly review: Q2 2021

DLL Side-Loading Technique Used in the Recent Kaseya Ransomware Attack

Domain impersonation rife as organizations face an average of 1,100 potentially fake websites registered against them each year

Don’t Blame Bitcoin for Ransomware

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users warned of scam that promises to verify them for money

Fashion brand Guess hacked, DarkSide ransomware group the likely culprit

Fashion chain Guess suffers data breach following ransomware attack

Firm hacked to spread ransomware had previous security flaws

Gmail increases email security by adding support for BIMI

Guess announces breach of employee SSNs and financial data after DarkSide ransomware attack

Guess Fashion Brand Deals With Data Loss After Ransomware Attack

Guess, an American Clothing Brand Reveals About Data Breach; DarkSide Ransomware Most Likely the Culprit

Hackers use new SolarWinds zero-day to target US Defense orgs

How JustTech Recovered From The ‘Humungous’ Kaseya Ransomware Attack In 10 Days

How to Build a Cybersecurity Culture

If your company is held hostage, should you pay the ransom? Or should you be forced to tell the authorities?

Immediate action required to avoid ransomware pandemic says Interpol

Interpol calls for more action to prevent "ransomware pandemic"

Iran’s Transport Ministry website hacked, major ministry data likely to be compromised in cyberattack

Iranian hackers posed as British-based academic

Iranian Hackers Posing as Scholars Target Professors and Writers in Middle-East

Is Australia a sitting duck for ransomware attacks? Yes, and the danger has been growing for 30 years

Is Remote Desktop Protocol Secure? It Can Be

It takes more than Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to beat human hacking

Kaseya restores SaaS, then 'performance issues' force a do-over

Keeping up with the evolving threat from malicious emails

Lack of visibility is the biggest challenge for security leaders when safeguarding digital communications

Lessons For British Businesses From Didi’s Cybersecurity Review

Major Russian-speaking ransomware gang behind JBS and Kaseya attacks goes offline

Met Police seize record £180m of cryptocurrency in London

Microsoft Crushes 116 Bugs, Three Actively Exploited

Mint Mobile data breach compromises customers’ phone numbers and personal information

‘MobiKwik’ Says Forensic Audit Proves No User Data Was Ever Accessed

Modipwn: code execution vulnerability discovered in Schneider Electric Modicon PLCs

More users falling for security and HR-related phishing attacks

New BIOPASS malware live streams victim's computer screen

New Phishing Campaign Targets Individuals of Interest to Iran

New York warns of text message phishing scam

Phishing scams are taking advantage of crypto hype

Protect yourself against ransomware attacks

Ransomware: Only half of organisations can effectively defend against attacks, warns report

Ransomware: We need a new strategy to tackle 'exponential' growth, says Interpol

Ransomware gang REvil's websites become unreachable

Ransomware gang that hit meat supplier mysteriously vanishes from the internet

Ransomware Giant REvil’s Sites Disappear

REvil: Ransomware gang websites disappear from internet

REvil ransomware gang's web sites mysteriously shut down

REvil websites down after governments pressured to take action following Kaseya attack

Romanian Youngster Who Used Cloned Cards on ATMs Arrested in the U.S.

Russia-based ransomware gang offline but cause not clear

SolarWinds Issues Hotfix for Zero-Day Flaw Under Active Attack

SolarWinds patches zero-day exploited in the wild (CVE-2021-35211)

Supply Chain Ransomware Breach Affects 1.2 Million

Taiwan: Agencies hit by 525 cybersecurity threats last year

The stigma needs to be removed from cyberattacks

The world’s biggest ransomware gang just disappeared from the internet

These Iranian hackers posed as academics in a bid to steal email passwords

Trickbot Malware Returns with a new VNC Module to Spy on its Victims

Trickbot Strikes Back

Unpatched Critical RCE Bug Allows Industrial, Utility Takeovers

Websites repeatedly stalked by fraudulent copycats, say researchers

WFH fuels rise in cyber crime: Online attacks soar from 5,000 a week before Covid to 200,000 today as crooks take advantage of weaker home IT security

What is the cost of an insider data breach?

What it’s really like to negotiate with ransomware attackers

What Types of People Fall Prey to Scams?

When it comes to incident response, is your cyberinsurance carrier on your side?

Work from home fuelling cyber attacks, says global financial watchdog

Zero-Trust Model: The Modern Alternative to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

12th July

4 actions that can protect critical infrastructure from ransomware

79% of organizations identify threat modeling as a top priority in 2021

84% of organizations experienced phishing or ransomware attacks in the last year

2020's largest leaks reveal the escalating cost of cloud security misconfigurations

200,000 patients exposed after hackers tried to wire money from ClearBalance funds

A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Guide for Online Players

A New Critical SolarWinds Zero-Day Vulnerability Under Active Attack

A wireless carrier was just hit by a data breach – Check your email

Already a Record-Breaking Year for Ransomware, 2021 May Just Be Warming Up

An Analysis Of Recently Caught Phishing Kits

‘An attractive market’: policy vacuum on ransomware attacks leaves Australia vulnerable

Aussies have lost over AU$7 million to remote access scams already this year

Australia: US cyber expert backs ransomware notice scheme

BIOPASS RAT Uses Live Streaming Steal Victims’ Data

Cities Key in War on Ransomware, Neuberger Tells Mayors

CNA Discloses Breach Related to March Ransomware Attack

Could allowlisting reduce the impact of ransomware, cyberattacks on health care?

Could Counterterrorism Strategies be the Key to Stopping Ransomware Attacks?

Council data breaches saw 12% spike in FY21

Critical RCE Flaw in ForgeRock Access Manager Under Active Attack

Critical RCE Vulnerability in ForgeRock OpenAM Under Active Attack

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