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Monday 3 May 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 18 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 3rd May and 9th May 2021.

9th May

Colonial Pipeline Latest Target In High-Profile Ransomware Attacks

Fears of a gas price surge after ransomware attack shuts pipeline between Texas and New Jersey that carries 45% of East Coast fuel: Experts call it 'the most significant assault on infrastructure to date in the US'

Largest US fuel pipeline system shut by ransomware attack

Major ransomware attack cripples largest gas pipeline in the US

Major US pipeline shut by ransomware attack

PayPal users urged to stay vigilant as scammers claim account 'has been suspended'

Ransomware Attack Forces Top US Gas Pipeline to Halt Operations

Ransomware attack on major US pipeline linked to criminal gang known as DarkSide

Ransomware Attack on US Crude Oil Grid; Colonial Pipeline Shuts Key Line

Ransomware Attackers Up Ante as White House Vows Crack Down

Ransomware just got very real. And it's likely to get worse

South Korea to clamp down on cryptocurrency phishing activity

8th May

A look at the data breaches that rocked India in 2021 on World Password Day

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on alert as myGov email scam makes the rounds

Blockchain tech has a solution to secure your email

Chaos means cash for criminals and cybersecurity companies

City of Tulsa experiencing difficulties due to ransomware attack

Colonial Is Just the Latest Energy Asset Hit by Cyber-Attack

Colonial Pipeline Confirms Ransomware Causing Disruptions

Colonial Pipeline cyberattack shuts down pipeline that supplies 45% of East Coast's fuel

Cryptocurrency Scammers Have Hijacked Twitter Account of Argentinian Politician

Hermes text latest 'smishing' scam following others from delivery companies Royal Mail, Yodel, DHL and DPD

Is Your Android System Update a Remote Access Trojan?

Largest U.S. pipeline shuts down operations after ransomware attack

Major US pipeline halts operations after ransomware attack

Malspam Campaign Uses Hancitor to Download Cuba Ransomware

MENA DDoS and Ransomware Attack Levels Sky-High; Finds State of the Market Report 2021

Pipeline halts operations after ransomware attack

Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Massive East Coast Gasoline Pipeline

Ransomware gangs have leaked the stolen data of 2,100 companies so far

Researchers Find 19 Petabytes of Data Exposed Online and Accessible by Anyone

Surge in Hermes and Royal Mail text scams

The Colonial Pipeline Hack Is a New Extreme for Ransomware

Top Pipeline System Shuts Down Amid Ransomware Attack

Twitter scammers impersonate Saturday Night Live in Elon Musk cryptocurrency scams

US and UK Issue Joint Alert on Russian Cyber Activity

Why the Biggest Threat Facing Supply Chains is on the Inside

7th May

3 Ways to Reduce the Cost of a Government Data Breach

51% of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by a third-party

ATC Transportation: Notice of Data Security Incident

Australians targeted by fake myGov email phishing scam

Bot Attacks a Top Cybersecurity Concern

California Ranked as Most Vulnerable to Cybersabotage

CaptureRx ransomware attack reports rise

Chorley Council accused of data breach involving thousands of residents

CISA Alert Describes FiveHands Ransomware Threat

Cisco publishes solutions to SD-WAN and HyperFlex software security vulnerabilities

City of Chicago employees’ emails stolen in hack on outside law firm

Consumer views and behaviors on creating and using passwords

#COVID19 Researchers Lose a Week's Work to Ryuk Ransomware

Creating A Culture Of Privacy Awareness

Cuba Ransomware partners with Hancitor for spam-fueled attacks

Cyberattack on Scripps Health has scary, broad implications

Cybercrime: Insurance giant Axa to stop covering ransomware payments in France

Cybercriminals potentially accessed data of 10,000 people in Brevard School Board breach

Cybersecurity warning: Russian hackers are targeting these vulnerabilities, so patch now

Data leak marketplaces aim to take over the extortion economy

Defending Against Web Scraping Attacks

Despite Mobile Device Management (MDM), Financial Services Plagued by Phishing, Malware

DNS vulnerability spotted by InternetNZ in 2020, now fixed

Enterprises in the Crosshairs of Nation-State Attacks

Foxit Reader bug lets attackers run malicious code via PDFs

Google is making everyone add ‘two-step login’ to accounts as passwords too easy to hack

Health department breaches expose troves of personal info in Pennsylvania, Wyoming

Healthcare’s Email Problem: Insider Threats, Data Retention, Phishing

Hermes text latest 'smishing' scam following others from delivery companies Royal Mail, Yodel, DHL and DPD

How bad is ransomware? One insurer has dropped coverage for extortion payments

Incident Of The Week: DC Police Department Hit with Ransomware; Hackers "Quit"

Isle Of Man: Majority of 'suspicious' mail reported contained malicious material

Keeping health and data safe during the pandemic

Lawsuit Filed Over Contact Tracing Data Breach

Massive hack exposes emails from top Lightfoot officials

Microsoft: Business email compromise attack targeted dozens of orgs

Microsoft may have discovered the least convincing phishing scam yet

Microsoft Warns About New BEC Campaign Making Money Through Gift Card Scams

Millions of Households at Risk from Outdated Routers

Misconfigurations are Mistakes: Eliminate the Biggest Vulnerability in Cloud Services

Misconfigured Database Exposes 200K Fake Amazon Reviewers

NCSC Sets Out Security Principles for Smart Cities

New Moriya rootkit stealthily backdoors Windows systems

New South Wales readies its own data breach notification scheme for state agencies

New Study: Consumers Will Now Drop A Merchant Over A Single Data Breach

New workloads are driving data protection modernization

'Panda Stealer' Malware Targets Cryptocurrencies like BTC, Ether to Loot via Clickable Links in Discord, Emails

Peloton's API exposes riders' private data

Pittsburgh-Area Attorneys Criticize Pennsylvania Health Department And Global Insight Over Contact Tracing Data Breach

Privacy is just for crooks, says enlightened government agency

Qualcomm chip vulnerability found in millions of Google, Samsung, and LG phones

Ransomware, supply chain attacks show no sign of abating

Ransomware recovery costs increase as businesses are hit hard

Russian state hackers switch targets after US joint advisories

San Diego Family Care Center Discloses Possible Data Breach

Scripps Health's Cyber Outage Caused By ‘Ransomware Attacks'

Southeast Asia (SEA) businesses exposed to highest rate of data breaches globally

Smart cities are a tempting target for cyberattacks, so it's time to secure them now

Spy bosses warn of cyber-attacks on smart cities

Students and alumni petition for greater security from UC following data breach

The basics of backup: How to avoid disaster

The growing security problem of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The latest defence against banking scams: Your voice

The majority of businesses will go passwordless in 2021

The obvious and not-so-obvious data you wouldn’t want companies to have

The Security Industry is Protecting the Wrong Thing

Three Affiliated Tribes Hit by Ransomware Attack, Holding Tribal Information Hostage

Three Marylanders Indicted Over BEC Scam

U.S. Federal Agencies Unite to Mitigate Ransomware Menace

UK Consumer Protection Organization Publishes List of Vulnerable Routers

UnitingCare Queensland says it was hit by Windows REvil ransomware

US Physics Laboratory Exposed Documents, Credentials

VISA issues warning as Britons targeted by dangerous scams

Well-Intended Hackers Broke Into Fermilab’s Network and Accessed Sensitive Data

What is the consequence of organisations continuing to underestimate the damage of cyberthreats and how can this be avoided?

Zimbabwe: Cybercrime threat to national security

6th May - World Password Day

5 Top Cloud Security Threats and Tips to Mitigate Them

6 Best Practises that can help safeguard your organisation from data breaches

7 things every CISO must know about ransomware

7 top password tips to help keep you secure

9 warning signs that your identity has been stolen

A Flaw in Qualcomm’s Modem Component Affects 30% of All Smartphones Out There

A student pirating software led to a full-blown Ryuk ransomware attack

Android phones may be vulnerable to security flaw in Qualcomm chip

Are NFTs safe? 3 things you should know before you buy

Belgian companies suffer more ransomware attacks, but spend least on security

Best practices during World Password Day

CaptureRx Data Breach Impacts Healthcare Providers

CISA Alerts to New Ransomware, Trojan Using Public Pen Testing Tools

Cloud native adoption increasing security concerns

College cyber-attack is still causing problems

Colombian Police Communications Leaked Amidst Internet Disruptions and Social Unrest

Covid-19 vaccine scams intensify

Cybercrimes: A Safe way out for non Tech-Savvy Folks

Cybersecurity: Don't blame employees - make them feel like part of the solution

Cybersecurity Is Not A One-Stop-Shop

Data leak implicates over 200,000 people in Amazon fake product review scam

Department of Defense (DOD) Expands Hacker Program

Design Phishing Tests for Teaching, Not Tricking

DHS Secretary: Small Businesses Hard-Hit by Ransomware

EE issues critical email warning that customers can't afford to ignore

Email security is a human issue

Financial Firm Reports Puzzling 30% Drop in Breaches as Incidents Rise

Financial sector saw a 125% increase in mobile phishing attacks during 2020

Financial Services Experience 125% Rise in Exposure to Mobile Phishing

Financial services experienced 125% surge in exposure to mobile phishing attacks in 2020

Google wants to enable multi-factor authentication by default

Half of UK Manufacturers Suffered a Cyber-Attack Last Year

Here’s the breakdown of cybersecurity stats only law firms usually see

House Hearing Floats Strategies for Disrupting Ransomware Attacks, Business Model

How attackers are using targeted spear-phishing to evade cybersecurity defenses

How To Secure Your Work From Home Clients

Inside look at the Genesis Market, a cybercriminal market

Insurer AXA halts ransomware crime reimbursement in France

Is your password safe?

Knowledge of security risks hasn't fixed the password problem

Lawsuit Filed Against Pennsylvania Department Of Health, Global Insight Over Contact Tracing Data Breach

Massive WHO scam busted - 'DarkPath Scammers' group suspected

Millions at security risk from old routers, Which? warns

Millions of older broadband routers have these security flaws, warn researchers

Nearly 50% of ransomware-hit organisations are US-based

New Moriya rootkit used in the wild to backdoor Windows systems

New technology has enabled cyber-crime on an industrial scale

New TsuNAME DNS bug allows attackers to DDoS authoritative DNS servers

Over half of organizations have experienced a third-party data breach

Pakistan: Country witnesses massive jump in cybercrime cases

Password protection needs a fundamental change

Password Reuse: Rampant and Risky

Passwords a Threat to Public Infrastructure

Pennsylvania Department of Health Facing Class Action Lawsuit For Contract Tracing Data Breach

Qualcomm vulnerability impacts nearly 40% of all mobile phones

Ransomware: There's been a big rise in double extortion attacks as gangs try out new tricks

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Scripps Health

Ransomware gangs becoming 'more bold and brazen'

Researcher Claims Peloton APIs Exposed All Users Data

Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) operations handcuffed after ransomware attack

Royal Mail scam warning; 'incredibly sophisticated' fraudsters target customers - be aware

Ryuk ransomware finds foothold in bio research institute through student who wouldn’t pay for software

San Antonio health tech company hit with data breach; notifies people weeks later

Scripps Health suffers a ransomware attack, suspends critical operations

Security researchers found 21 flaws in this widely used email server, so update immediately

ShinyHunters leak database of Indian wedding portal WedMeGood

State regulator watching Scripps Health ransomware attack closely

The Evolution of Ransomware Attacks

The latest methods cyber-criminals are using

The Microsoft Exchange Server hack: A timeline

Troy Hunt: Organizations Make Security Choices Tough for Users

Ultima warns CEOs of huge security threat from employees returning to work

US defense contractor BlueForce apparently hit by ransomware

World Password Day: Computer credentials are just as important as passwords - protect them, too

World Password Day: Five Tips to Make Passwords Secure AND Convenient

World Password Day: Password protection needs a fundamental change

World Password Day: Why Waving Goodbye to Passwords is Still the Best Password We Can Use This Year

5th May

3 Important Steps to Take When Your Instagram Account Is Hacked

21 vulnerabilities found in Exim, update your instances ASAP!

61% of cybersecurity teams are understaffed

80% Indian companies struggle with staff’s cybersecurity

180+ OAuth 2.0 cloud malware apps detected

A Wave of New ‘Panda Stealer’ Strain Infections Troubling Crypto-Holders

Amazon scam tricks user out of more than $2,000 — how to spot imposters

Americans turn to VPNs to prevent online fraud and hacking

Authorities take down scam campaign impersonating the WHO

Banking Trojan evolves from distribution through porn to phishing schemes

BazarBackdoor phishing campaign eschews links and files to avoid raising red flags

Beware: This dangerous new malware can steal your passwords and your cryptocurrency

Beware cyber hitmen: Become more resilient by understanding attackers

Biden administration, Congress unite in effort to tackle ransomware attacks

Businesses are feeling the financial hit from tackling cyberattacks

Cisco bugs allow creating admin accounts, executing commands as root

Closing Network Pathways to Sensitive Data to Help Secure Medical Devices

COVID-19 A Year Later: Cybersecurity Best Practices At Home Haven’t Improved

Cryptocurrency Stealer Panda Stealer Spreads Malware Through Phishing Emails, Discord Servers

Cyber-Attack on Belgian Parliament

Cyberattack knocks Alaska courts offline

Data breach involves patient information from Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare in New Hartford

Data breach reports to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) down 30% despite UK cyber incidents increasing 56%

Defeating typosquatters: Staying ahead of phishing and digital fraud

'Definitely a scam' HSBC issues urgent warning as criminals try to get bank details

Dell Releases Fix for Decades-Old Vulnerability Affecting 100 Million PCs

Department of Defense (DOD) expands its bug hunting programme to networks, IoT and more

Does Multifactor Authentication Keep Your Remote Workers Safe?

Domain-name scams on the rise, ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) warns

Enterprises Misplace Trust in Partners, Suppliers

Europe’s $2b Amazon rival Glovo breached; Hacker selling customer accounts

Fake COVID-19 vaccine registration SMS can trick you into installing malicious app, steal your contacts to inflict more damage

Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare faces data breach; potentially exposing information on thousands of patients

Feds Shut Down Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Phishing Website

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) data breach reports down 30% despite UK cyber incidents increasing 56%

Five high-severity flaws fixed in Dell Windows firmware update driver

Five takeaways from the FBI 2020 Internet Crime Report

Global Phishing Campaign Drops New Malware Trio

Hackers leak confidential documents from NSW Labor Party in cyber attack

Homecoming Queen Hacker to be Tried as an Adult

How modern workflows can benefit from pentesting

How one phony vaccine website tried to capture your personal information

How timely intervention stopped a ProxyLogon attack

Improving Data Security in Schools: Remote Learning Increases Security Threats

Iowa has logged 37,000 fraudulent pandemic unemployment claims

Irish cybercrime rates are growing – so why is cyber confidence growing just as fast?

Is it OK to publish PoC exploits for vulnerabilities and patches?

Justice Department seizes fake COVID-19 vaccine website stealing info from visitors

Leaky Peloton API Allowed Anyone to Access Private User Data

Major EU country hit by crippling DDoS attacks

Malicious Office 365 Apps Are the Ultimate Insiders

Many data breaches are being caused by misconfigured clouds

Melbourne-based Telstra dealer hit by Windows Avaddon ransomware

Microsoft Exchange follows in Gmail's footsteps with important phishing protection feature

'Millions' of Dell Windows PCs Contain 'Critical' Driver Vulnerability

Misconfigs and Unpatched Bugs Top Cloud Native Security Incidents

Multi-cloud requires impeccable digital hygiene

N3TW0RM ransomware suspected of targeting Israeli firms

New Study Warns of Security Threats Linked to Recycled Phone Numbers

Norway Publishes Intention to Fine Disqus €2.5 million

Not only the US: Chinese hackers attack Russian defense contractor

NRG/Lanctôt latest victim of ransomware attack

NSW Labor takes a hit from Windows Avaddon ransomware

Panda Stealer dropped in Excel files, spreads through Discord to steal user cryptocurrency

Panda Stealer Targets Crypto Wallets

Pandemic accelerating need for insider risk management

Peloton's Woes Continue With Leak Exposing Private User Data

Pennsylvania Contact Tracing Breach Impacts Private Info of 72K People

Privacy concerns and fraudulent activities online: how are market leaders tackling them

‘Ransom’ Mega-hackers Are Russian, Say Israeli Cybersecurity Firms

Ransomware Hackers Attack Illinois Attorney General

Ransomware Hits Australian Telecom Provider Telstra’s Partner

Ransomware recovery cost Philippine companies over P40 million

Ransomware shutdown continues to be a problem for Scripps Health

REvil ransomware to blame for UnitingCare Queensland's April attack

Royal Mail, Hermes, DVLA, Amazon and PayPal scams to be aware of

Scammer Used Fake Court Order to Take Over Dark Web Drug Market Directory

Security teams plan a new pandemic quarantine for BYOD devices headed back to the office

Shoppers Choose Guest Checkouts Over Security Fears

SmileDirectClub: Attack Taking Big Bite Out of Revenue

Surge in cybercrime across Merseyside

Synthetic Identity Theft: What It Is and How to Protect Yourself

Telegram Crypto Scam: 10 Things to Know About How These r/WallStreetBets Investors Lost $2M

The 2021 Cloud Native Landscape

The challenge of ensuring effective protection against DNS attacks

The Conti Group Claims to Have Stolen the Data of ‘Mission Imprintables’ Clients

The Role of Translation in Cyber Security and Data Privacy

The U.S. Justice Department’s new ransomware task force

The vaccination cyberthreat: Kaspersky reports intensified scamming activities around COVID-19 vaccines in Q1 2021

This malware was rewritten in Rust programming language to make it harder to spot

This massive DDoS attack took large sections of a country's internet offline

Three Keys to a Reliable Ransomware Defense Strategy

US Govt Agency Suffered From Data Breach After Falling For a Phishing Attack

USPS Warns Of Email And Text Message Scams

VMware fixes critical RCE bug in vRealize Business for Cloud

Was your data stolen in an Austin police hack? Department shares tool to look it up

What the Facebook Data Breach Can Teach Us?

Why HTTPS isn’t as secure as it seems - and what that means for your company

World Password Day: How to keep yourself and your company data secure

World Password Day: (Pass)words are free, it's how you use them that may cost you

‘You have 240 hours to co-operate’: Cyber attackers demand ransom from NSW Labor

4th May

51% of Organizations Have Experienced a Data Breach Caused by a Third-party, New Report Finds

80% of Indian firms struggle to educate employees on cybersecurity

Apple fixes four zero-days under attack

Apple Fixes Three Zero-Day Flaws That Are Under Active Exploitation

Avaddon hackers steal SIM card data from Telstra service provider

Contact tracing data breach in Pennsylvania warrants investigation, lawmakers say

Cyber attacks cause insurance premiums to go viral

Cyber leaders say penetration testing is not foolproof

Data analyst warns other companies about possible cyber attacks after Virgin Active falls prey to hackers

Data breaches spike

Dell is issuing a security patch for hundreds of computer models going back to 2009

Department of Defense (DOD) expands bug disclosure program to all publicly accessible systems

Experian API Leaked Credit Scores

Extortionists give Presque Isle police more time to pay ransom

Feds seize fraud domain claiming to provide COVID-19 vaccine

Financial institutions experiencing jump in new pandemic-related threats

Global Phishing Attacks Spawn Three New Malware Strains

Greater demand for modern data protection, disaster recovery as COVID sees increase in attacks

Healthcare organizations implementing zero trust to tackle cyberattacks

How to Protect Your IoT Device from Security Hacks or Breaches

Improve Security Effectiveness and Efficiency by Validating Security Tools

Iran's Military Reportedly Backs Ransomware Campaign

Is Clubhouse spilling the beans?

Jackson County Health Department Warns of Data Breach

Learn The Utmost Importance Of IT Infrastructure And Cyber Security

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2021 – 1 billion records breached

MetaMask warns of new phishing bot

Microsoft's new open-source tool could stop your AI from getting hacked

Modernizing patching in response to today’s business landscape

National Security Agency (NSA) releases cybersecurity advisory on ensuring security of operational technology

New FluBot Android Banking Trojan Spread Via SMS Phishing

New Windows 'Pingback' malware uses ICMP for covert communication

Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) did not tell privacy watchdog about recent data breach

Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) probes online data breach

Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) yet to file data breach notification before privacy commission

Patch issued to tackle critical security issues present in Dell driver software since 2009

Phony coronavirus vaccine site shut down by federal agents

Pulse Secure Patches Critical Zero-Day Flaw

Pulse Secure Urges ‘Connect Secure’ VPN Users to Patch Immediately

Ransomware at Its Worst: The Rise of Double Extortion and How To Stop Them at the Front Door

Ransomware targeting Asean SMEs drops

Ransomware-as-a-Service: How It Works & How to Prevent It

Scripps Health Knocked Offline by Ransomware

Secure your cloud: Remove the human vulnerabilities

‘ShinyHunters’ Is Sharing the Entire WedMeGood Stolen Database for Free

Singapore: What can I do if my personal information has been leaked?

Suspected Iranian Ransomware Group Targets Israeli Firms

Task Force Report: It’s Time to Crack Down on Ransomware

Telstra service provider hit by cyber attack as hackers claim SIM card information stolen

Testing Cyber-defenses: Does the ‘New Normal’ Mean We Need to Up the Stakes?

The Death Star’s Demise: Can You Trust Your IoT Vendors?

The REvil Ransomware Gang Lists Three New Engineering Makers as Victims

Third Parties Caused Data Breaches at 51% of Organizations

Third-wave AI has Proven More Effective than Traditional Cybersecurity Platforms and Methodologies

This malware has been rewritten in the Rust programming language to make it harder to spot

Three new malware families found in global finance phishing campaign

U.S. Agency for Global Media data breach caused by a phishing attack

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the World Business Alliance for Secure Commerce Organization (WBO) issue joint statement on enhanced supply chain security

UK’s NCSC Warns of Flubot Malware

Use longitudinal learning to reduce risky user behavior

Users increasingly putting password security best practices into play

Virgin Active South Africa Suffers Cyber-Attack

Vulnerable Dell driver puts hundreds of millions of systems at risk

Whitehall apprentices’ details exposed on dark web after cyberattack

Worldwide phishing attacks deliver three new malware strains

3rd May

3 steps to promote a human-centric security awareness culture

5 Tips To Ensure Network Security Of Internal IT Infrastructure

12 things you should never do if you use online banking

58% of orgs predict remote workers will expose them to data breach risk

A Rust-based Buer Malware Variant Has Been Spotted in the Wild

Action Urged Over Ransomware ‘National Security Threat’

Alarming Cybersecurity Threats and Remediation Trends in 2021 and Beyond

Apple fixes 2 iOS zero-day vulnerabilities actively used in attacks

Articulating DMARC as a key defence against phishing

British Gas scam sees hundreds receive fake refund emails 'designed to steal' bank details

Businesses Must Secure Their Devices Now to Safely Embrace Arrival of Hybrid Working

Chinese hackers targeting Russian nuclear submarine design firm with PortDoor malware

Contact Tracer Breach Hits the Keystone State

Covid contract tracing patient data leaked by employees via personal Google accounts

COVID-19-Related Bulk Domain Registrations: A Possible Case of DNS Abuse?

Cyber Risks Facing Financial Services Organizations in 2021 and Beyond

Cybersecurity contingency planning needs a face-lift

Cybersecurity control failures listed as top emerging risk

Cybersecurity is too big a job for governments or business to handle alone

Data breach alerts in Singapore up on new reporting rules, more cyber threats

DDoS attackers stick to their target even if they are unsuccessful

Deepfake Attacks Are About to Surge, Experts Warn

Department of Homeland Security (DHS), White House turn spotlight on ransomware

Department of Justice (DoJ) Launching Four-Month Effort to Re-Assess Cyber Threat Strategy

Does HTTPS Protect Data in Transit?

eCommerce fraud losses to surpass $20 billion this year

Eliminating man-in-the-middle attacks

Establishing a Baseline for Healthcare Security Metrics

Experts Record Increase in Number of Attacks on Trade Enterprises

Fresh Royal Mail scam warning issued to millions of Brits

Gifford Health Care says vendor had data breach

Global cybersecurity market is poised to reach nearly $420 billion by 2028

Government, industry push bitcoin regulation to fight ransomware scourge

Hacker leaks 150 million user records from Iranian Raychat app

Health care giant Scripps Health hit by ransomware attack

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Plugs Critical Bug in Edge Platform Tool

Home Office Cybersecurity Best Practices

How do I select a DLP solution for my business?

How To Leverage Existing ICS Security Investments to Effectively Reduce Cyber Risk

How to Protect Yourself From Phishing Emails?

Iran suspected of being behind ransomware attacks against Israeli organizations

Large-Scale ‘Instacart’ Hacks Pushing Gig Workers in Despair

Lawyers Encouraged to Vet Tech Vendors Carefully

Ministry of Advanced Education shuts down B.C. student loans websites after apparent hack

N3TW0RM ransomware emerges in wave of cyberattacks in Israel

New Buer Malware Downloader Rewritten in E-Z Rust Language

New MetaMask Phishing Scam Preys on Users Seeking Support

New Ransomware Trends Causing Fear in 2021

Northern Cape municipality battles devastating ransomware attack

Personal info of at least 72,000 Pennsylvania residents may be compromised after COVID-19 contact tracing data breach

Philippines Solicitor General data breach flagged by security firm

Phishing attack detected following the data breach on Passwordstate

Phishing fraudsters fish for victims with national security law in Hong Kong

PoC exploit released for Microsoft Exchange bug dicovered by NSA

Popular Turkish Software Site ‘Gezginler’ Appears to Have Been Breached

Privacy authorities urge greater vigilance amid rise in scams

Pulse Secure fixes VPN zero-day used to hack high-value targets

Ransomware Attack On Midwest Transplant Network Affects More Than 17,000

Ransomware shutdown continues to be a problem for Scripps Health

Researchers Explore Active Directory Attack Vectors

Researchers Uncover Iranian State-Sponsored Ransomware Operation

Risk-based vulnerability management has produced demonstrable results

Securing the Financial Sector Now and Into the Future with XDR

Shlayer Malware Exploited macOS Zero-Day To Bypass Apple Security

Social Engineering: Watch Out for These Threats Against Cybersecurity Experts

Social Media Safety Awareness Tips

Social media users in SEA want to keep financial data offline

Spike in data breaches sends firms scrambling for cybersecurity cover

Spike in digital fraud cases amid second wave of Covid pandemic

Survey Data Details Ongoing Reliance on Weak Password Security

The 083 number scam plaguing Irish phone owners with multiple warnings

The average ransomware attack costs a South African company over $6.4 million

The Cyber Cold War Is Here

The United Kingdom’s New Vision of Cyber Power

These breached "Star Wars"-themed passwords need more than the force to save them

Toronto reveals potential cyber breach

TurgenSec finds 345,000 files from Filipino solicitor-general's office were breached

UAE organisations faced dramatic increase in cyberattacks in 2020

UK residents warned to beware of new Android spyware FluBot

Verify First, Trust Later

Why Providers Must Prepare for a Ransomware Attack

Why The Dwell Time Of Cyberattacks Has Not Changed

XDR defined: Giving meaning to extended detection and response