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Monday 17 May 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 20 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 17th May and 23rd May 2021.

23rd May

A pair of TPG TrustedCloud customers were breached

Air India Data Breach: Hackers Access Personal Details Of 4.5 Million Customers

Amex fined £90,000 for sending 4 million spam emails in a year

Biden's plan for cyber is a day late and a dollar short

Breach of Air India data: Cyber experts caution against phishing, carding attacks

Cyber Attackers are now leveraging Google and Microsoft to spread malicious content

Cyber-Security Disasters Like Colonial Pipeline’s Happen By The Hundreds Every Day

Cyberattack: ‘High risk’ stolen patient data may be released tomorrow, HSE chief says

Data loss prevention strategies for hybrid working

Domino's India suffers data breach, details of 18 crore orders on sale

German cyber security chief fears hackers could target hospitals

How to Choose the Optimum Cyber Insurance Coverage

HSE cyberattack: ‘Real risk’ stolen patient data will be published online

Insurance Giant Reportedly Pays Hackers $40 Million Ransom

LittleBigPlanet Servers Taken Down Again Thanks To Cyber Attack

Majority of UAE CISOs feel unprepared for a cyber-attack

One of the biggest US insurance companies reportedly paid hackers R558 million ransom after a cyberattack

Ransomware victims have paid $81M this year

Security Shutdown Stops Hack of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Computer System

The Colonial Pipeline attack should be a wake-up call for hardening our cyber defenses

Tulsa computer system hacks stopped by security shutdown

Verizon Data Breach Report Details How Threat Actors Commit Cybercrimes

What to do if your details are leaked in a data breach

Why Are Remote Workers More Likely to Fall for Viruses and Scams?

22nd May

27% of Indian organisations suffered at least one data breach in the past year

Air India cyber-attack: Data of millions of customers compromised

Air India data breach: SITA says cyber attackers 'accessed some systems for 22 days at Atlanta centre'

Air India Hacked and the Data of 4.5 Million Passengers Leake

Air India says February’s data breach affected 4.5 million passengers

API vulnerability triggers Experian data leak: What is to be done?

Australian hospitals and universities need enhanced cybersecurity

Bermuda: Gateway Systems Provides Cybersecurity Tips

Bizarro banking malware targets 70 banks in Europe and South America

Chinese hackers infiltrate computers in 103 countries

Conti Ransomware Operation Buffing, FBI Issues Urgent Warning

‘Could’ve clicked!’ NatWest scam worries Britons as many targeted by suspicious text

Cyber attack: When will the Irish health service get a resolution?

Cyberattack: Years of fraud, extortion attempts could follow if HSE data published, gardaí fear

Cybersecuring Work From Home: How to start ensuring data security in an organization with WFH

Data breach victim Clic Santé website

Domino’s Pizza Had 13 TB of Its Order Data Stolen and Leaked by a Hacker in India

FBI warns Against Spear Phishing in the Name of Truist Bank

Firm tracked DarkSide gang ransomware payments and the massive sums paid

Gas prices begin to steady after last week's Colonial Pipeline shutdown

German cyber security chief fears hackers could target hospitals

Hackers may have handed over key to unlock HSE files to show they 'can be trusted'

Hear ye, DarkSide! This honorable ransomware court is now in session

HSE hack explainer: Should I be worried about my data and how can I protect it?

Indonesia: MPR chairman urges government to probe alleged population data breach

Is cybersecurity in rail more important now than ever?

Isle of Man: Police warning over census 'fraudsters'

Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) on Origin of the Data Breach on the Clic Santé website

Most Indian Firms Witness Data Breach In Past 1 Year

Public will be ‘deluged’ by scams for years if HSE data sold on to other crime gangs

Ransomware Moves from 'Economic Nuisance' to National Security Threat

Resort Municipality of Whistler sues Pique over ransomware coverage

Some HSE IT systems returning as decryption tool tested

Steps taken to stop further leak of social security data: Indonesia

Tackling cryptocurrency is key for governments seeking to switch off ransomware

The 6 most common investment scams in South Africa

The latest WhatsApp, Royal Mail and supermarket scams you need to know about

Today’s Cyber Risk Landscape for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Tulsa computer system hacks stopped by security shutdown

Types of Cyber Security and Cyber Security Threats

Verizon details cloud cybercrime roots in data breach report

Watch out as fake ransomware attack infects PCs with StrRAT

Wormable Windows HTTP vulnerability also affects WinRM servers

21st May

5 Unique Online Scams and How to Defend Against Them

12,000 Jordan Valley Community Health Center patients affected by big nationwide data breach

A warning to users receiving external email

Air India data breach impacts 4.5 million customers

Air India reports mega data breach, credit cards, passport details and more hacked

Air India says February's data breach affected 4.5 million passengers

Building SIEM for Today’s Threat Landscape

Businesses are getting better at security. But they're still forgetting one big risk

C-level cybersecurity attitudes as enterprises embrace the everywhere workplace

CaptureRx data breach compromised 1.6M individuals' data: 13 hospitals, healthcare providers affected

CISA, FBI Release Joint Cybersecurity Advisory Following Major DarkSide Ransomware Attack

Cloud Misconfiguration Exposes 100M+ Android Users

Colonial Pays Millions in Ransomware Attack on Pipeline

Colonial Pipeline CEO will testify in June 9 hearing on cyberattack

Could the ransomware crisis force action against Russia?

Cyber insurance premiums rise as ransomware, hacks continue, Government Accountability Office (GAO) finds

Cybersecurity, emerging technology and systemic risk: What it means for the medical device industry?

DarkSide affiliates claim gang's bitcoins in deposit on hacker forum

DarkSide Getting Taken to ‘Hackers’ Court’ For Not Paying Affiliates

Data breach exposes Adirondack Health patient information

Data of more than 100 million Android users exposed by mobile app developers

Domino's Data Breach: Customers' Location, 18 Cr Mobile Numbers Allegedly Leaked On Dark Web

Domino’s data breach explained: Leaked data now available through search portal on the dark web, over 13TB of data leaked

E-commerce giant suffers major data breach in Codecov incident

Email Campaign Spreads StrRAT Fake-Ransomware RAT

Fake Amazon order emails lead to vishing

FBI: Conti ransomware attacked 16 US healthcare, first responder orgs

FBI: Conti Ransomware Gang Behind Ireland Attack Also Hit 16 U.S. Health and Emergency Networks

FBI Issues Conti Ransomware Alert as Attacks Target Healthcare

FBI says Conti ransomware gang has hit 16 U.S. health and emergency networks

Florida water treatment plant was involved in second security incident before poisoning attempt

Global Credential Stuffing Attempts Hit 193 Billion in 2020

Government's cyber risks can lead to credit risks

How much economic damage would be done if a cyberattack took out the internet?

If you get a voicemail about a recent Amazon purchase you didn’t make, ignore it

Indonesia summons state health insurer over alleged data leak

Indonesian government says social security data breach much smaller than claimed

Insecure Protocols: SMBv1, LLMNR, NTLM, and HTTP

Irish court issues injunction against Conti hackers to stop health service data exposure, sale

Irish cyber-attack: Hackers bail out Irish health service for free

Kela warns customers of phishing scam

LinkedIn Security Warning: Malware Sent via Fake Job Offers

Microsoft Warns About the Evolution of the ‘Phorpiex’ Worm

Mobile stalkerware is on the rise

New Report Profiles Ransomware Cybergangs

New survey finds that password hygiene amongst cybersecurity leaders is lacking

Organizations in India, Austria and the US are most hit by ransomware

Phorpiex and the Versatility of Botnets

QNAP confirms Qlocker ransomware used HBS backdoor account

Ransomware Gang Gifts Decryption Tool to HSE

Ransomware Gangs 'Playing Games' With Victims and Public

Ransomware Susceptibility Index Spells Trouble for Pharma

Report Shows Global CISOs Failing to Practice What They Preach

Securing data in a hybrid work world

Sierra College Computer System Shut Down by Ransomware

Sierra College responding to ransomware attack during finals week

Sierra College victim of ransomware attack

Social Security Data Breach Exposes Virtually All Indonesians to Digital Fraud Risks

Stale sessions, Machine Learning (ML) poisoning among 2021's top security threats

The D.C. Police Department Won’t Say If They Took Any Steps To Prevent The Recent Ransomware Attack

The Future of Cybersecurity is User Experience

The Irish Health Services Received the Ransomware Decryption Key for Free

These Popular Android Apps Are Putting User Data at Risk

This ransomware-spreading malware botnet just won't go away

Three smart ways SMBs can improve cybersecurity

Top application security challenges: Bad bots, broken APIs, and supply chain attacks

Turkish exchange BtcTurk admits to 2018 data breach affecting over 500K users

U.S. Government Calls for Information on EtherDelta Hack

UK Government to Step Up Supply Chain Security following US Presidential Executive Order on Cybersecurity

US Chamber Asks Government To Get More Involved In Ransomware Defense

US insurance giant CNA Financial paid $40 million ransom to regain control of systems

Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report Released

Visalia families left 'completely in the dark' after cyberattack

When will America protect itself against EMP, cyber and ransomware attacks?

Why are Companies Still Struggling to Support Safe Remote Working?

WP Statistics Bug Allows Attackers to Lift Data from WordPress Sites

Zero-trust security: Assume that everyone and everything on the internet is out to get you – and maybe already has

20th May

3.4 billion credential stuffing attacks hit financial services organizations

23 Android Apps Expose Over 100,000,000 Users' Personal Data

100 Million Android Users Hit By Rampant Cloud Leaks

661 fines issued since GDPR became enforceable, totaling €292 million

1,000 appointments per day cancelled in Galway due to ransomware attack

2021 Attacker Dwell Time Trends and Best Defenses

2021’s Most Successful Phishing Ploys (So Far)

A Small Set of Android Apps Exposed the Data of Over 100 Million Users

A UK recruitment firm exposed sensitive applicants data for months

An immutable architecture is key to protecting backup data against attack

Android apps exposed data of millions of users through cloud authentication failures

Annual Report Finds Phishing Dominates Public Sector Breaches

Apple Exec Calls Level of Mac Malware ‘Unacceptable’

Application level data protection hindered by misperceptions and complexities

Aussies losing less money to scams but SMS Phishing on the rise

Beware this phishing scheme that could instantly compromise your smartphone

Cambridge Imprint: ‘Instagram ransomware attack was terrifying’

Chatbots, Maintenance and Monitoring: Security Automation

City of Tulsa working to restore online services after ransomware attack

CNA Financial Paid $40 Million in Ransom After March Cyberattack

Cobalt Strike Becomes a Preferred Hacking Tool by Cybercrime, APT Groups

Collaboration between network access brokers and ransomware actors deepens

Colonial CEO Reportedly Confirms $4.4 Million Ransom Payment

Colonial CEO “uncomfortable” paying $4.4m for rubbish ransomware key

Colonial Pipeline CEO: Paying DarkSide ransom was the ‘right thing to do for the country’

Colonial Pipeline CEO confirms $4.4 million ransomware payment

Colonial Pipeline confirms it paid $4.4 million to hackers

Comcast now blocks BGP hijacking attacks and route leaks with RPKI

Conti ransomware gives HSE Ireland free decryptor, still selling data

Criminal Crypto Miners Are Stealing Your CPU

CrowdStrike Co-Founder: Ransomware Even Bigger Threat Than Nation-States

Cyber attack on Irish health service a 'major disaster'

DarkSide Earned $90 Million in Just 9 Months

DarkSide Ransomware Group Retires with over $90 million

Data breach at GP surgery as postbox stolen with prescriptions inside

Data Brokers Are Selling User Details of 300 Turkish Betting Sites

Data of 100+ million Android users exposed via misconfigured cloud services

Dissecting the Colonial Pipeline Incident

Domain Group says phishing attack targeted site users

Domain hit by cyber attack, warns users to be careful with rental inquiries

Don’t Vilify Insurers Over Ransomware Attacks

Exchange Server Attackers Launched Scans Within Five Minutes of Disclosure

Fake ransom scams targeting families of missing persons

Feds investigate ransomware attack against Rockland schools

Feds track down organization responsible for City of Tulsa ransomware attack, systems slowly coming back

Financial Services Continues Getting Bombarded with Credential Stuffing and Web Application Attacks

Finolex Suffers Data Leak Following Conti Ransomware Attack

Four Android Bugs Being Exploited in the Wild

Fraudsters employ Amazon ‘vishing’ attacks in fake order scams

Gardai scam warning asks people not to do one thing amid 083 calls plaguing phone users

Gatineau man facing extradition on ransomware charges denied release

GEICO at center of new scam

Google warns: These four Android flaws are now under attack

Gumtree South Africa warns of phishing scam doing rounds locally

Hackers hit IT systems at Glasgow Caledonian University

Hackers often spend over 250 hours undetected in networks

Healthcare organizations in Ireland, New Zealand and Canada facing intrusions and ransomware attacks

Hermes scam warning as fake text makes the rounds

HMRC Investing Heavily in Cybersecurity Training for Staff, Official Figures Show

HMRC spends £250k training staff to be hackers

HMRC spends a £260k training staff to be hackers

How a single click led to Waikato hospitals chaos

How one Aussie company beat a ransomware attack

How sophisticated security methods can help in the battle against online fraud

How to keep your cybersecurity test from going off the rails

How To Prevent Critical Infrastructure Business Disruption From Ransomware Attacks

How to reduce the threat of cloud ransomware

How to shore up cyber-defences of financial institutions for the future

How your personal data may be exposed by misconfigured mobile apps

HSE CEO Paul Reid refuses to confirm Government will not pay off Russian hackers after ransomware attack

HSE ransomware attack may cost lives

HSE ransomware crooks: Hand over $20m in bitcoin or we publish all Irish private medical data

Install Russian keyboard to prevent ransomware attacks and hacks

Ireland: Gardaí issue warning on bizarre phone scam from 083 number

Irish healthcare system's recovery from cyberattack to take weeks, cost tens of millions

Irish High Court issues injunction to prevent HSE data leak

Irish Hospitals Are Latest to Be Hit by Ransomware Attacks

It’s Time to Surge Resources Into Prosecuting Ransomware Gangs

Kominfo Investigates Alleged Major Citizenship Data Breach

Malicious scans for at-risk systems start minutes after disclosure

Maintaining Secure and Resilient Clouds in Turbulent Times

Manufacturers are newest targets for ransomware attacks, study finds

Microsoft: Massive malware campaign delivers fake ransomware

Microsoft 365 and Gmail Targeted for Phishing Attacks Against New Cloud Organizations

Microsoft releases SimuLand, a test lab for simulated cyberattacks

New Ransomware Model Presumes Honor Among Thieves

Nine's real estate site Domain hit by phishing attack

One of the US’s largest insurance companies reportedly paid $40 million to ransomware hackers

Panda Crypto Stealer – Beware

Patient data from HSE hack has appeared on the dark net, Minister confirms

Pennsylvania Health Department Firing COVID-19 Contact Tracing Company After Data Breach

Pennsylvania to end contract with contact tracing vendor involved in data breach exposed by Target 11

Phishing kits ‘Kr3pto’ and ‘Ex-Robotos’ target UK banks and corporate employees

Pipeline CEO Admits to Paying $4.4m to Ransomware Hackers

Qlocker ransomware gang shuts shop after extorting owners of QNAP NAS drives

Qlocker Ransomware Shutdown Operations After Earning Over $350,000 in Just a Month

Ransomware: Should paying hacker ransoms be illegal?

Ransomware 2.0: How Malware Has Evolved And Where It's Heading

Ransomware attack shut down Northern California community college’s computer system

Ransomware Attacks Are Getting More Specialized Lately

Ransomware Attacks Are Spiking. Is Your Company Prepared?

Ransomware Boom Forces More Companies to Cut Deals With Criminals

Ransomware Hack Brings Down Sierra College Online Systems

Researchers Uncover Another DarkSide Ransomware Variant

'Russian keyboard' could protect you from potential cyber hack, expert says

Scammer jailed for sending fake NHS text messages to people waiting for Covid-19 vaccination

Scams linked to HSBC, Royal Mail and HMRC you need to be aware of

Security Threats Around Cloud Is Now A Global Concern Across Enterprises

Senators introduce a new bill to protect consumer data privacy

SolarWinds CEO Says Intrusion Goes Much Further Back Than Initially Estimated

Synthetic Data Removes Data Privacy Risks

The 3 elements of a sound threat intelligence program

The Gig Economy Creates Novel Data-Security Risks

The pandemonium of the pandemic: How working from home has changed the cybersecurity formula

To pay or not to pay?

Top 5 Attacks in Commonly Used SaaS Apps

US government denies disrupting Russian ransomware ring that hacked Colonial Pipeline

Vishing attacks spoof Amazon to try to steal your credit card information

Waikato DHB enters third day affected by cyber attack

'We apologise:" One Call finally admits cyber attack as investigation deepens

Web App Bugs Drove Multiple Breaches Per Firm in 2020

Why passwordless is not always passwordless

Why Ransomware Poses a Threat to Both Providers & Patient Health

19th May

5 Dangerous Beliefs Companies Hold About Cybercrime

10 Ways the Ransomware Task Force’s New Report Could Impact the Private Sector

Betenbough Companies victim of ransomware attack

Biden Administration Takes First Step in Energy Cybersecurity Strengthening With $22 Billion Funding

Biden administration wants to massively boost cybersecurity spending following attacks

Bizarro banking Trojan surges across Europe

Canadian Insurance Company Hit by Cyberattack

Chelan-Douglas Health District Hit by Two Separate Cyber Attacks

Chrome on Android will alert, fix your compromised password

Cloud Security Breaches Surpass On-Prem Ones for the First Time

Colonial Pipeline boss confirms $4.4m ransom payment

Colonial Pipeline CEO Confirms Company Paid $4.4M Ransom to Hackers

Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack proves yet again that cybesecurity is paramount: Why companies don’t take cybersecurity seriously

Cyber attack on Glasgow Caledonian University not thought to be ransomware

Cybercrime to Top $6 Trillion in 2021, According to Cybersecurity Ventures

Cybercriminals scanned for vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers within five minutes of news going public

Cybersecurity: Ransomware attack on Virgin Active is a wake-up call we all need

DarkSide Gang Retires on $90m

DarkSide hackers have raked in more than $90 million in Bitcoin

Directors fear home working has increased cyber threat

Endpoint security: How to shore up practices for a safer remote enterprise

FBI sees record complaints for online scams and investment fraud

Geico says its recent breach may have led to an unemployment benefit scam

Hacked Patient Data May Have Been Posted Online, Irish Minister Says

Hackers Offer Decrypt Key to Irish Health Service With a Catch

Hackers scan for vulnerable devices minutes after bug disclosure

Hackers Threaten to Release Irish Patient Data After Attack

Hetzner cloud server provider bans cryptocurrency mining

How Ransomware Encourages Opportunists to Become Criminals

How to deal with ransomware attacks

ICO fines contact-tracing service for using personal data for marketing

India facing 213 weekly ransomware attacks per organisation

Information stolen in ransomware attack on Ireland’s health service shared online

International Student Health Insurer Breached

Ireland: State spending on cybersecurity criticised as ‘paltry’

Ireland’s Healthcare System Works to Rebuild After Ransomware Hit

Manufacturers are newest targets for ransomware attacks, study finds

Microsoft, Google Clouds Hijacked for Gobs of Phishing

Millennial and Gen Z Demographic Found To Be Most Susceptible To Phishing Emails, Data Reveals

More than 290 enterprises hit by 6 ransomware groups in 2021

MountLocker ransomware uses Windows API to worm through networks

MPD Identifies Person of Interest in Sharing of Hacked Police Data

New Banking Trojan ‘Bizarro’ Circulating Around Europe and South America

New research shows how security teams can avoid cyberattacks by utilizing the right data and artificial intelligence

New Zealand health service hit by cyber attack

Oldsmar Water Treatment Facility Hackers Used ‘Watering Hole’ Website to Gain Access

Packaging vendor Ardagh admits cyber-attack disrupted operations

Passwords and phishing attacks are going to be obsolete by the end of the next decade, predicts Google

Phishing Attacks on the Financial Sector Increased 45% in 2020

Pipeline hack a wake-up call to insurers

PowerShell is Top Attack Vector for Critical Security Threats

Protecting the enterprise against state-sponsored attacks

Qlocker ransomware shuts down after extorting hundreds of QNAP users

Ransomware attack responsible for internet issues at Tigerton schools

Ransomware attack takes Visalia Unified's computer systems offline, school district says

Ransomware attacks are not a matter of if, but when

Ransomware Attacks Hit AXA’s Asia Units, New Zealand Health Provider

Ransomware hits near pre-Colonial Pipeline levels, data suggests

Ransomware variants? Inside the dark underbelly of cyber attacks

RDP Hijacked for Lateral Movement in 69% of Attacks

Recruiter’s Cloud Snafu Exposes 20,000 CVs and ID Documents

Regulator Fines QR Code Provider Which Spammed Customers

Remote-working leaves businesses increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, say experts

Report highlights top 10 threat detections seen across Microsoft Azure AD and Office 365

Scripps Health Employees Regaining Access to Internal Systems Hit By Cyberattack

Security doesn’t always require immediacy

Service disruptions at Letterkenny University Hospital (LUH) expected to continue for rest of week

Stolen health data reportedly appears online after HSE cyberattack

Surge of SMS scams impersonating meal kit delivery companies

‘TeamTNT’ Has a New Credential Harvester Targeting Cloud Services on the Loose

The 5 Worst Cryptocurrency Hacks and How Much They Stole

The dangers of ransomware

The Expanding Scope and Complexity of Credentials Phishing

The zero trust security market continues to grow

Third-party cyber risks: a blind spot for pharma industry

This is how long hackers will hide in your network before deploying ransomware or being spotted

This is how the Cobalt Strike penetration testing tool is being abused by cybercriminals

Trail Appliances B.C. hit by cyberattack

UK firms are being let down by their business security

Universal Health Services (UHS) Data Breach Lawsuit Proceeds

University of South Australia (UniSA) cyber attack hits staff email

US introduces bills to secure critical infrastructure from cyber attacks

Verizon Data Breach Report 2021: Pandemic Has Caused Major Surge in Phishing, Ransomware and Web App Attacks

Why is Ransomware Still So Successful?

Windows 10 Has Ransomware Protection: What You Need to Know

Your Old Venmo Profile Photos Were Never Deleted and There’s No Way to Hide Them

18th May

3 ways to reduce fraud risk in a changing cybercrime landscape

Accellion Data Breach Highlights Third-Party Risk

After just 9 months, Darkside ransomware gang brings in $90 million in Bitcoin

Allergy Partners: Data Stolen During Ransomware Attack, EHR Outage

Android stalkerware detection rates surged over 2020

Asia division of cyber insurance company AXA hit with ransomware attack

AXA Faces DDoS After Ransomware Attack

AXA faces ransomware demand after suspending ransom coverage to victims

AXA ransomware attack comes just days after insurer pulled coverage for cyber-attack class in France

Beware: French tax reimbursement email is a phishing scam

Chrome now automatically fixes breached passwords on Android

Codecov hackers gained access to Monday.com source code

Commercial third party code creating security blind spots

Consumers Warned About Surge in Meal Kit Delivery Scams

Conti ransomware gang to blame for Irish public health system cyberattack

DarkSide Ransomware Group Raked In an Estimated $90 Million

DarkSide ransomware group suffers setbacks following Colonial Pipeline attack

Detecting attackers obfuscating their IP address inside AWS

Do consumers now feel more exposed than ever to the risk of fraud?

Double-extortion ransomware attacks on the rise

Elon Musk impersonators earn millions from crypto-scams

Emsisoft CTO ridicules claims that Russian keyboard setting could stop ransomware

Enterprise leaders now see cybersecurity as a business advantage

Experts warn hospitals, universities, government departments vulnerable to ransomware

Families of Missing Persons Receive Fake Ransom Demands

FBI receives record level of complaints for online scams, investment fraud

‘Government has a strong position against paying ransoms to cybercriminals’

Hackers are leveling up and catching healthcare off-guard

Healthcare Faces the Wrath of Ransomware Hackers: is it Worse Than the Pandemic?

Healthcare Facilities Remain a Top Target for Data Breaches

Healthcare’s next emergency: Ransomware follows in the footsteps of the pandemic

Here's what you can do about ransomware

HP finds remote work is creating a growing cybersecurity risk

Identifying and addressing critical OT asset vulnerabilities in 24/7 industrial operations

India most hit by ransomware attacks in 2021

Investing in next-generation SOC skilling solutions results in better utilization of enterprise security tools

Ireland’s national health service offers situation report after ransomware attack knocked systems offline

Irish Health Service Says It Will Take Weeks and Tens of Millions of Euros to Get Back Online

Is Adding a Russian Keyboard Layout on Windows Enough to Keep You Safe From Malware Infections?

Labor Systems Taken Offline As Ransomware Group Attacks

Lessons from the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware

Mexico School District victim of phishing scam, loses access to district's Facebook page

Micheál Martin: Ireland's cyber security 'under continuous review'

NVIDIA cripples cryptocurrency mining on RTX 3080 and 3070 cards

Oregonian Indicted Over International Streaming Fraud

Over $80 million lost to cryptocurrency investment scams since October

Q1 2021 Sees 2.9 Million DDoS Attacks Launched

RaaS gangs go “private” after stirring a hornet’s nest

Ransomware: Patient data could be 'abused' after health service attack, warns Irish government

Ransomware: What you need to know

Ransomware is booming as a business model: "It's like eBay"

Ransomware So Nice It Encrypts Your Data Twice

Rapid7 victim of a software supply chain breach

Scared of ransomware attacks? Try Windows 10's built-in 'Ransomware protection' feature

Security in the Cloud: Where Your Responsibility Begins and the Cloud Provider's Ends

Services Australia has reported five data breaches since July 2019

SolarWinds hack: Russian denial 'unconvincing'

Sophos: 81% of attacks last year involved ransomware

Spear-phishing campaign using fake Truist banking app delivers malware

Supply chain hacking attacks: Government eyes new rules to tighten security

The 5 biggest ransomware pay-outs of all time

The hacker group takes up arms in the dark side

The Rise of Ransomware: How Fleets are Fighting Back

Turkish Crypto Exchange Admits To Data Breach Mid-2018

UniSA disables computers, applications after 'cyber attack'

Visalia Unified announces ransomware attack, IT outages

Visalia Unified hit by a Ransomware attack, investigation under way

Waikato hospitals hit by cyber security incident

Welcome to the new world of triple extortion ransomware

What’s the key to mitigating cyber risk?

Who are 'Wizard Spider'? The cyber criminals behind Ireland's HSE ransomware attack

Why Web Application Security Is Important

Your data held hostage: worrying increase in ransomware attacks is a stark reminder for the industry

17th May

85% of breaches involve the human element

A Phishing Scam On Twitter Takes The Appearance Of A DMCA Copyright Strike

After ransomware outage, fuel supplies on way to normal

AXA Hit by Ransomware Attack in Asia

‘Citygate Global’ Exposed Hundreds of Thousands of Customer Records

Conti ransomware also targeted Ireland's Department of Health

Cross-browser tracking vulnerability compromises user anonymity

Cyber investigations, threat hunting and research: More art than science

Cyber-crime: Irish government briefed by cyber security authorities

Cybercrime Forum Bans Ransomware Activity

Cybersecurity: How talking about mistakes can make everyone safer

Cybersecurity spending to hit $150 billion this year

Dealing with ransomware attacks: What options do you have?

Double ransomware attack targets Irish healthcare system

Exploit released for wormable Windows HTTP vulnerability

FBI spots spear-phishing posing as Truist Bank bank to deliver malware

Hacker gangs show few signs of slowing after pipeline attack

Hackers could publish HSE patient data online, says Minister

How are North Carolina community colleges preparing for the next cyberattack?

How Biden's executive order on cybersecurity may impact vendors and developers

How penetration testing can promote a false sense of security

How prepared is the intelligence community to tackle possible threats?

Ireland's health department under ransomware attack

Lorenz Ransomware – One More Threat To the Enterprise Security

Microsoft warns Aviation sector about malware campaign

Most organizations fail to fix cloud misconfiguration issues in a timely manner

Phishing attacks surge amid rise in remote work

Pipeline Ransomware Attack Stirs Debate on Whether Insurance Attracts Hackers

Privacy regulations making cloud migration complex

Ransomware: 'We won't pay ransom,' says Ireland after attack on health service

Ransomware Attack Threatens D.C. Police Officer Records

Ransomware hits AXA units in Asia, hurts Ireland healthcare

Ransomware victim shows why transparency in attacks matters

Ransomware’s Dangerous New Trick Is Double-Encrypting Your Data

Sensitive alumni data made available in Pembroke College telethon leak

Student health insurance carrier Guard.me suffers a data breach

Toshiba Business Reportedly Hit by DarkSide Ransomware

Try This One Weird Trick Russian Hackers Hate

Two-thirds of CISOs Unprepared for Cyber-attack

UK Government May Force MSPs to Follow Security Standards

UK government seeks advice on defending against supply-chain cyberattacks

Under Pressure, Ransomware Gangs Claim They’re Shutting Down

Uprooting Webshells Is Key in Dealing With Compromised Exchange Servers

Vulnerability in popular browsers could be used to track, profile users online

Why You Should Start Caring About Oversharing