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Monday 24 May 2021

Data Breaches Digest - Week 21 2021

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 24th May and 30th May 2021.

30th May

As COVID cases rose, so did hospital hacks in France

Attacks On Healthcare Sector Are On The Rise

Beware of patriotic-themed scams on Memorial Day

Beware this banking scam saying South African Revenue Service (SARS) owes you tax money

Can you spot a scam? Tips to avoid being hooked by phishing fraudsters

Canada Post customer records stolen following cyberattack on supplier

Celebrating 3 years of GDPR - A look at the present and future

Cyberattacks are getting bigger, smarter and faster

Data breach probe after names and addresses found discarded by side of the road in Easter Ross

‘Digitalization further exposes banks to cybersecurity risks’

Don’t blame crypto for ransomware

Dozens of Stormont mobile phones and laptops reported lost or stolen in recent years

Dubai Coin cryptocurrency was never approved by any official authority

Five scams happening in Worcester that you need to be aware of

How hackers exploited Microsoft and Google to send millions of malicious messages

HSE confirms first of its data hack incidents that is yet under investigation

Interpol intercepts $83 million fighting financial cyber crime

Lawmakers weigh up how to address the menace of ransomware

Let's Reminisce: What is 'ransomware'

Malware: A new email scam is stealing your passwords

New cryptocurrency dubaicoin jumps in value by 1000 per cent

One group that’s embraced AI: Criminals

Ongoing disruption at Portiuncula hospital after ransomware attack

Phony charity targets Uighurs

Safeguarding Payments Security In A Digitally Connected World

SentinelLabs uncovers threat group using ransomware to carry out espionage in Israel

'Sextortion' emails: how to protect yourself from crude scam

Should insurers (and others) be banned from making cyber ransom payments?

'They hit you hard': How DarkSide became powerhouse of ransomware attacks

Top 5 Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

Watch out: These unsubscribe emails only lead to further spam

Your money or your data! Counting the costs of ransomware

29th May

5 Ways to Avoid Cyber Threats on Mobile

6 scams that are circulating and what you need to look out for

9 Ways Utilizing Technology Can Lead To Security Issues

American Soldiers Expose the U.S. Nuclear Missile Bunkers Secrets in Europe Through FlashCard Apps

Beware: Walmart phishing attack says your package was not delivered

Cyber attack fallout: DHBs can't be trusted with our data, so let's take it away from them

Cyber Command chief stresses need for U.S. to stay ahead in cybersecurity

Despite Colonial Pipeline attack, likelihood of utilities sector hack has increased

Here’s Yet Another Reason Ransomware Victims Shouldn’t Pay The Ransom

How to Keep Your Amazon Account Secure

HSE effort to rebuild systems after ransomware attack is 'gaining momentum'

Ireland: Gardai warn of the 5 key things not to do if called by 083 scammers

Is It Possible to Hack the Blockchain?

It’s time to make stringent cybersecurity for infrastructure companies mandatory

Kaspersky Says 2020 Most Productive Year For Ransomware 2.0 In Asia Pacific

Massive Database Belonging to ‘Fractal Analytics’ Offered for Purchase

Mexican Lottery Blocks Access to Foreign IPs Following Avaddon Ransomware Attack

Microsoft: Russian hackers used 4 new malware in USAID phishing

New Epsilon Red ransomware hunts unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers

New Ransomware Variant Targets US Hospitality Sector

New Report Reveals Phishing Attacks Have Increased in the First Quarter of 2021 Compared to the Last Years’ Quarter

Nigeria: National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) warns against file encrypting computer virus ‘IGVM Ransomware’

Organizations lose millions of dollars each year due to cloud account breaches

Recall Dunleavy data breach: Names, signatures, drivers license info revealed from petitions being mishandled

SolarWinds hackers found conducting widespread spear-phishing campaign

Sweden headquartered company Klaren’s alleged data breach accident

28th May

5 Top Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses

2020 most productive year for Ransomware 2.0

Air India data breach exposes personal information of 4.5 million people

Application security not a priority for financial services institutions

APT actors exploiting Fortinet vulnerabilities to gain access to local governments

Avaddon Ransomware: What Cyberattack Victims Should Do

Azusa police computers hit by ransomware attack

Bank transfer scammers steal £700,000 a day from UK victims

Belgium’s Interior Ministry Faces Cyber Attack

Building Multilayered Security for Modern Threats

Canada Post Announces Data Breach Affecting Almost 1 Million Customers

Canada Post says 950,000 customers potentially exposed to supplier data breach

Caravus Informs Individuals of Potential Data Security Incident Involving Service Provider

Chinese cyberspies are targeting US, EU orgs with new malware

CNA Hardy allegedly paid $40m to ransomware attackers

Cybercriminals go corporate as hacking hacking becomes a business

Dubai Coin relaunch an ‘elaborate phishing scam,’ government says

DubaiCoin cryptocurrency 'never approved', website promoting it is 'elaborate phishing campaign': Dubai Government

FBI Alert Warns About Fortinet VPN Flaws and Urges for Immediate Patching

FBI Issues Fortinet Flash Warning

FBI says hackers hit US local government through Fortinet VPN

FBI to share compromised passwords with Have I Been Pwned

Fujitsu’s SaaS Hack Affects Japanese Government

Hackers Launch Cyberattack via U.S. Aid Agency Email Accounts

Hospital services at Letterkenny University Hospital (LUH) still affected by ransomware attack

How businesses can protect their brands and bottom lines against damage from illegal robocalls

Identity crime victims struggling with financial, emotional and physical impacts

Impact of HSE ransomware attack ‘exhausting’ for frontline workers

Incident Of The Week: Irish Healthcare Data for Sale on the Dark Web

Keeping Phishing Simulations on Track

Klarna Users Report Being Able to Access Other People’s Accounts and Data

Malicious Insider Threats By Remote Workers Should Be On Your Radar

Mexico walls off national lottery sites after ransomware DDoS threat

Microsoft: SolarWinds hackers target govt agencies from 24 countries

Microsoft warns of current Nobelium phishing campaign impersonating USAID

NCSC: Act Now to Protect Streaming Accounts

Needed: A Secure Shopping Experience Across All Channels

New Email Campaign From ‘NOBELIUM’ Indicates the Actor’s Development

New Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security directive is a needed shock to the system

Nobelium Phishing Campaign Poses as USAID

Online bill pay restored after ransomware attack

Phishing prevention post-pandemic: 7 ways to recognize and avoid phishing scams

Ransomware: Don’t let bad digital hygiene paralyze your computer

Ransomware: Five steps every business should take

Ransomware As A Service

Ransomware gangs' slow decryptors prompt victims to seek alternatives

Reporting cybersecurity breaches in India – Is it time to overhaul the law?

Researchers find four new malware tools created to exploit Pulse Secure VPN appliances

SAC Health System, CareSouth Carolina patients bring Netgain ransomware victims to 820,000: 7 hospitals, healthcare providers affected

Scripps' EHR back online nearly 4 weeks after ransomware attack

SolarWinds Hackers Go Phishing

SolarWinds hackers resurface to attack government agencies and think tanks

SolarWinds Hackers Targeted 150 Organizations with Phishing, Microsoft Says

SolarWinds Hackers Targeting Government Agencies Via Email

SolarWinds Hackers Used Constant Contact Email Service In Phishing Attack

SolarWinds hackers using NativeZone backdoor against 24 countries

SonicWall urges customers to 'immediately' patch NSM On-Prem bug

Strategies for improving enterprise network management and security

Suspected Iranian Ransomware Gang N3tw0rm Starts Another Cyber Attack Wave Against Israel

The Misaligned Incentives for Cloud Security

The Principles and Technologies Heralding the Next Cybersecurity Revolution

Three-Quarters of Infosec Pros Concerned About Next SolarWinds

UPS loses package storing PHI of 4,500 California lab patients

US says agencies largely fended off latest Russian hack

USAID Hit With Russian Cyberattack, Spear-Phishing Campaign

What Microsoft Officials Know About Russia's Phishing Hack Targeting USAID

27th May

5 best practices for securing a remote workforce

5 Efficient Ways to Prevent Fraud in Fintech

6 Tips For Controlling Third-Party App Ransomware Threats In K-12

22 people indicted on malware, credit card fraud charges

67% of utility applications have serious vulnerabilities

87% Of UK Consumers Believe Their Devices Are Being Listened To Without Permission, And Half Don’t Know How To Op-out Of Data Sharing

100 Days To Stronger Cybersecurity For The US Electric Grid: A Good Start, But More Is Needed

Adding complexity through simplification: Breaking down SASE

Aiding the Healthcare Industry in the Fight Against Cybercrime

Apple Inexplicably Delays Fixing a WebKit Flaw That Has Available Patch and Exploit

Are takedowns the most effective solution to tackling online threats?

Average cost of cloud account compromises reached $6.2 million over a 12-month period

‘BazaFlix’ Fakes Movie Streaming Service to Distribute Malware

Belgium Investigating Attack on Interior Ministry Network

Bose Ransomware Assault Uncovered Staff’ Knowledge Together with Social Safety Quantity, Firm Discloses

Bose Reveals Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

Bose Says It Suffered Ransomware Attack

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) shuts down Public Health Activities, Surveillance and Tracking (PHAST) portal over fears of data breach

Canada Post discloses data breach after malware attack

Canada Post hit by data breach after supplier ransomware attack

Canada Post reveals supplier data breach involving shipping information of 950,000 parcel recipients

Chinese Hackers Caught Using UN Website to Target Uyghur Muslims

Chinese Phishing Attack Targets High-Profile Uyghurs

CISA: VMware Patches Critical Server Flaw, Warns of Ransomware Threat

Colleges could be prime targets for cyber-attacks this fall

Colonial Pipeline attack used to justify Australia's Critical Infrastructure Bill

Criminals love cryptocurrencies. Should you?

Cyber attack will likely cost HSE over €100 million

Cyber security firm says 'even chance' it could break Waikato DHB ransomware

Cybersecurity Executive Order Aims to Uplevel Protections Across Agencies

Data Breach at Canada Post

Data Wiper Malware Disguised as Ransomware Targets Israeli Entities

Defence engineering and threat intel - no stone left unturned

DHS Announces New Cybersecurity Requirements for Critical Pipeline Owners and Operators

DHS mandates pipeline companies report breaches within 12 hours

DHS releases new cybersecurity guidelines for pipelines after Colonial attack

Debunking infosec purity and other security myths in the wake of recent attacks

Eastern Hancock still investigating ransomware attack

Enterprise networks vulnerable to 20-year-old exploits

Everyone Wants to Build a Cyber Range: Should You?

Fake human rights organization, UN branding used to target Uyghurs in ongoing cyberattacks

FBI: APT hackers breached US local government by exploiting Fortinet bugs

FBI issues warning about Fortinet vulnerabilities after APT group hacks local government office

Fortinet expert on the threats impacting education cybersecurity

Fujitsu SaaS Hack Sends Govt. of Japan Scrambling

Hackers Accessed Fujitsu’s ProjectWEB Used by Japanese Government

Hackers used macOS 0-days to bypass privacy features, take screenshots

Hackers using StrRAT ransomware to infect Windows PCs

Half of U.S. companies hit with privileged credential theft, insider threats in last year

Health Data Breach Tally's 2021 Surge Continues

Homeland Security unveils new cybersecurity requirements for pipeline operators

HPE fixes critical zero-day vulnerability disclosed in December

HSE ‘very nervous’ about restarting record-sharing system between hospitals

In Wake Of Colonial Attack, Pipelines Now Must Report Cybersecurity Breaches

Japan government agencies hit by data breach via unauthorized access

Japanese government agencies suffer data breaches after Fujitsu hack

Klarna battles serious data breach, with reports of leaked user info

Klarna mobile app bug let users log into other customers' accounts

Malware, Stalkerware And Crashing Video Calls: The Need To Break The Cybercrime Pandemic Chain

Massive Ransomware Attacks Breach Volunteer Service Abroad and Belgium Ministry's ENTIRE Computer System

Microsoft uncovered a massive malware e-mail campaign - How to avoid it

National Guard To Take Over COVID-19 Contact Tracing After State Fires Vendor Over Data Breach

New BazaFlix attack pushes BazarLoader malware via fake movie site

New report finds 67% of applications in the utility sector have serious vulnerabilities

NHS England to share sensitive healthcare data with third-party database

Number of Breached Records Soars 224% Annually

Ottawa ‘grateful’ for Ransomware Task Force’s recent work

Philadelphia data breach that impacted health employee emails also hit other departments

Phish in a barrel

Prevention Is the Only Cure: The Dangers of Legacy Systems

Ransomware Detection and Mitigation Strategies in OT/ICS Environments

Ransomware extortion attacks now commonplace

Rising hospital ransomware attacks could endanger patients, hit bottom lines hard, Moody's says

Scripps Health still grappling with impact of May 1 ransomware attack

Should the Release of Ransomware Decryptors be Revealed to the Public?

Siegfried, Brenntag, and Symrise hit by cyberattacks

Six Key Characteristics of a Modern ZTNA Solutions

South Africa: Data breaches in terms of POPIA, what you need to know

Space-Based Internet Powered By The Commercial Small-Sat Industry Could End The Threat Of Ransomware

SunStar Cebu warns readers of phishing links disguised as its articles

The evolution of the modern CISO

The Importance Of A Strong Security Culture And How To Build One

The Ransomware Problem Is a Bitcoin Problem

The state of enterprise preparedness for ransomware attacks

This phishing attack is using a call centre to trick people into installing malware on their Windows PC

Three Things Holding Back Cloud Security

Triple extortion: The new ransomware threat

U.S. to require energy pipelines report computer hacks or face fines

UK police forces suffered more than 2,000 data breaches in 2020

US announces new security directive after critical pipeline hack

Various Japanese government entities had data stolen in cyber attack

Volunteer Service Abroad hit by ransomware attack but no data taken

What is cyber security awareness and why is it important?

Why it’s Time to Adopt a CISO Code of Conduct

26th May

11 UK Banking Brands Hit by Phishing Kits According to Akamai’s Security Report

22 Americans Indicted Over Card-Skimming Scam

207K Rehoboth McKinley Patients Tied to Conti Ransomware, Data Leak

A Peek Inside the Underground Ransomware Economy

A Prequel to Ransomware

Apple just fixed a security flaw that allowed malware to take screenshots on Macs

Apple Patches Zero-Day XCSSET Exploit

Asia Pacific remains the most targeted region for Ransomware 2.0 attacks in 2020, says Kaspersky

Australia: Government considers new crypto and ransomware laws

BazaLoader Masquerades as Movie-Streaming Service

Belgium’s Interior Ministry uncovers 2-year-long compromise of its network

Bluetooth bugs open the door for attackers to impersonate devices

Bose Corporation suffers a ransomware attack, refuses to pay a ransom

Bose Reveals Ransomware Attack Impacting Staff

Bose victim of ransomware attack

Cisco Talos Finds Nearly 70% Of Ransomware Attacks Result From Cybercrime Tools Widely Available For Purchase

City of Tulsa won’t pay ransomware demand

Clover Park School District investigating possible ransomware attack

Cyber-criminal Gang Targets Texas Unemployment System

Cybersecurity leaders lacking basic cyber hygiene

Cybersecurity Outsourcing: Unnecessary Cost or Clever Investment?

Data breach hits 44 big Canada Post shippers, exposing nearly 1M customers

Egress Report Reveals How 90% Of Security Leaders Are Concerned About Data Breach Litigation

Enhancing cyber resilience in the oil and gas industry

Everything You Need To Know About Ransomware

Hacker Claims to Be Holding Databases Stolen From Tezpur University

How do we decide whether or not to trust AI systems?

How Hidden Vulnerabilities will Lead to Mobile Device Compromises

Ireland: We need a radically different approach to ransomware and cybercrime

Irish Health Service Operator Still Struggling With Ransomware Attack

Is it really the Wild West in cybercrime? Why we need to re-examine our approach to ransomware

Measuring impact beyond a single incident

Microsoft Discovers New Android Ransomware Activates When Pressing Home Button - Poses as Law Enforcement Message

Moody's message to hospitals: Brace yourself for more ransomware attacks

New Iranian Threat Actor Using Ransomware, Wipers in Destructive Attacks

NHS to Share Patient Data with Third Parties, Fueling Privacy and Security Fears

PDF Feature ‘Certified’ Widely Vulnerable to Attack

Poisoning Attempt was a Second Cyber Attack on Florida Water Plant

‘Privateer’ Threat Actors Emerge from Cybercrime Swamp

Ransomware: Dramatic increase in attacks is causing harm on a significant scale

Ransomware Attack Still Disrupting IT Systems of New Zealand Hospitals

Ransomware attacks can be stopped, especially if sensitive data is stored in database applications

Ransomware attacks cost Philippine firms P40 million on the average in 2020

Ransomware attribution: Missing the true perpetrator?

Ransomware Trends: Six Notable Ransomware Attacks from 2021

Russian admin of cybercrime marketplace Deer.io jailed in US

Russian national jailed for running stolen data, hijacked account seller platform deer.io

Ryuk Ransomware Operators Shift Tactics to Target Victims

Scripps CEO says attack was ransomware

Scripps Ransomware Attack Nears Fourth Week, Some Systems Still Down

Statistics Show Ransomware Attacks Are On The Rise

TeamTNT Has Compromised Nearly 50,000 Vulnerable Kubernetes Endpoints

This weird memory chip vulnerability is even worse than we realised

U.S. to issue first cybersecurity regulations after Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack

UK Police Suffered Thousands of Data Breaches in 2020

U.S. to issue first cybersecurity regulations after Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack

VMware fixes critical vCenter Server RCE vulnerability, urges immediate action (CVE-2021-21985)

VMware Sounds Ransomware Alarm Over Critical Severity Bug

Volunteer Service Abroad targetted by 'sophisticated' ransomware attack

Why is patch management so difficult to master?

Why the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack is a sign of things to come

25th May

After Ireland, massive ransomware attack now shuts down New Zealand hospitals

Apple Releases macOS Fix to Plug Zero-Day Flaw Exploited by the “XCSSET” Malware

Attack that held U.S. pipeline hostage could happen in Canada

Audio equipment giant Bose hit by ransomware attack, data breach

Bose Admits Ransomware Hit: Employee Data Accessed

Bose Hit By Ransomware, Refuses To Pay Ransom

BPJS Kesehatan Denies Misconduct in Data Breach Allegation

Combatting Insider Threats with Keyboard Security

Consumers ID theft concerns only growing

Consumers jittery after data breach at Domino’s Pizza

Conti ransomware attacks impact healthcare and first responder networks

Cryptocurrency Crackdown Won’t Stop Ransomware, CISA Official Says

Cryptojacking surges as miners get exploited

Cyber-Insurance Premiums Surged by Up to 30% in 2020

Cyber premiums rise as insurers struggle to assess risk

Cybersecurity experts question CERT-In inaction on rampant data breaches

Data Breach: Activists may drag Cybersecurity regulator to court

Data Stolen From the ‘CEFCO’ Gas Station Chain Appear in “Marketo Leaks”

Domino's India discloses data breach after hackers sell data online

Double extortion attacks causing significant business disruption

E-tailers See Surge in Automated Fraud

Eastern Hancock hit with ransomware attack

Experts warn Canada susceptible to cyber attack

GDPR Anniversary: Security Leaders More Concerned About Litigation Than Fines

Happy birthday GDPR: IoT impact and practical tips for compliance

How Hydra, a Russian dark net market, made more than $1 billion in 2020

How to boost your long-term immunity against ransomware

How to deal with a data breach at your company

In 2020, cybercriminals tried to break the bank

Insurance Firm CNA Pays $40m To Ransomware Criminals

Iranian hackers hit Israel with disk wiper in disguise of ransomware

Iranian hacking group Agrius pretends to encrypt files for a ransom, destroys them instead

It’s ransomware, or maybe a disk wiper, and it’s striking targets in Israel

Japanese Dating App ‘Omiai’ Hacked and User Data Stolen

Massive Data Breach at Domino’s; Information of 180 Million Users Available on Web

Microsoft Discovers New STRRAT Malware Infecting Windows Devices Using Compromised Emails: How to Avoid This Scheme?

Minimizing threats from employees as they return to work

Montana Focuses on Ransomware Defense, Shifting to Zero Trust

New Trojan Found to Impersonate Ransomware

Not as complex as we thought: Cyberattacks on operational technology are on the rise

Only Two-Fifths of UK Firms Report Data Breaches On Time

Over 65% of Australians across all age brackets worry about privacy in new tech

Protecting the Hybrid Cloud With Zero-Trust

Pulse Secure VPNs Get Quick Fix for Critical RCE

Ransomware: Two-thirds of organisations say they'll take action to boost their defences

Ransomware, other cyber threats mount as medtech industry tries to adapt

Ransomware attack compromises RCMP's ability to issue pay stubs

Ransomware Attack Reported at Insurance Giant AXA One Week After It Changes Cyber Insurance Policies in France

Ransomware attacks rose 11% in 2021

Ransomware note found on Cork hospital's private computer system

Russian dark web marketplace Hydra cryptocurrency transactions reached $1.37bn in 2020

Russian to be deported after foiled Tesla ransomware plot

Scripps enters fourth week of ransomware attack

Scripps Health Admits Weeks-Long Computer Outage Due to ‘Ransomware’

Security must become frictionless for companies to fully secure themselves

SolarWinds, Exchange attacks revive calls for mandatory breach notification, better information sharing

Suspected Iranian hackers pose as ransomware operators to target Israeli organizations

Ten days after ransomware attack, Irish health system struggling

The average ransomware demand is now $170K. Here's how we can fight back

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware hackers had a secret weapon

The Operator of Deer.io Was Sentenced to 30 Months in a U.S. Prison

Thoughts on Biden’s cybersecurity Executive Order

Threat Actor ‘Agrius’ Emerges to Launch Wiper Attacks Against Israeli Targets

Three Years Later: Tips for Sustaining GDPR Compliance

Three Years of GDPR: The Journey So Far and the Road Ahead

Three-Quarters of CISOs Predict Another SolarWinds-Style Attack

Trend Micro Bugs Threaten Home Network Security

UC Santa Cruz Students Petition for More Protection After Data Breach

UK Insurer Recovering From Ransomware Attack

US healthcare non-profit reports data breach impacting 200,000 patients, employees

US to Regulate Pipeline Cybersecurity

Victims lose millions to healthcare related eCrime

VMware warns of critical bug affecting all vCenter Server installs

Waikato DHB cyber attack: Medical files may have been taken

Walmart apologizes for offensive, racist registration emails

What you should do if you've been a victim of a data breach or had your ID stolen

Why system backups no longer shield against ransomware

Why your company should never pay the ransomware ransom

24th May

4 steps to reducing ransomware damage

Air India: Supplier Breach Hit 4.5 Million Passengers

Air India Among Victims of SITA Data Leak of 4.5 Million Users

Air India data breach affected 4.5m passengers

Air India discloses data of 4.5m passengers were stolen in SITA cyber attack

Amex Fined After Sending Over Four Million Spam Emails

Apple fixes three macOS, tvOS zero-day bugs exploited in the wild

Audio maker Bose discloses data breach after ransomware attack

Avaddon Ransomware Becoming More Prominent, Aggressive

Biden executive order bets big on zero trust for the future of US cybersecurity

Bluetooth flaws allow attackers to impersonate legitimate devices

BPJS Watch React to the Alleged Social Security Data Breach

Businesses need proper security investment to stem cyber attacks

Can Web Security Tools Prevent Data Breaches?

Can zero trust kill our need to talk about locations?

Colonial’s Ransom Payment Indicates Severity of Threats

Conti ransomware spree draws FBI attention

Crypto miners look beyond China as government threatens crackdown

'Dearthy Star' pleads guilty to selling info of 65K health care employees

Defective Android apps to have leaked personal data online

Dog daycare business in Dubai says client details stolen in data breach

Domino’s 180M order data breach is now a searchable portal

Domino's data breach: Details of 18 crore orders, 10 lakh credit cards compromised

Dominos Data Breach: name, address, other details of over 18 crore orders leaked

Don’t Count on Cybersecurity Data

Eight arrests in Royal Mail text scam investigation

FBI Employee Indicted Over Illegal Document Removal

FBI identifies 16 Conti ransomware attacks striking US healthcare, first responders

FBI intelligence analyst indicted for theft of cybersecurity, counterterrorism documents

FBI Logs Rapid Increase in Email Scams, Investment Fraud

FBI warns of Conti ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations

Hack of Leading Japanese Dating App Could Expose Personal Data of 2 Million Users

Has Ransomware Gotten Your Attention Yet?

Hermes scam: Shoppers urged to watch out as fake messages circulate

HMRC urges savers to take action on tax scams - emails, texts & calls must be reported

How data manipulation could be used to trick fraud detection algorithms on e-commerce sites

How do cyber attacks affect your organisation?

How to implement cybersecurity for modern application connectivity

How to Spot the Most Common Types of Social Engineering Attacks?

How To Steer Clear of a Ransomware Attack

Indonesia: Massive Data Breach Calls for Urgent Personal Data Protection Law

Indonesian government blocks access to RaidForums hacking forum after data leak

Insurance Giant Reportedly Paid $40 Million Ransom

Insurer CNA Paid Hackers $40M for Ransomware Decryption

Insurer One Call falls victim to ransomware attack from DarkSide gang

Irish government ‘aware’ stolen health data may be made public

Is There Hope for ICS and Supply Chain Security?

Job seeker humiliated after Domino's applications shared and mocked online

Kaspersky sheds light on the ransomware ecosystem

Logistics giant exposes customer data, Lolz at researchers when alerted

Michigan Man Admits Selling UPMC Employee Data

Misconfigurations are the Biggest Threat to Cloud Security: Here's What to Do

North Korean hackers behind CryptoCore multi-million dollar heists

Only 1 in 5 say critical infrastructure organizations should pay ransom if attacked

Phishing is the worst thing for your business. Just ask Colonial Pipeline

Ransomware Attack Takes Sierra College Off-Line

Ransomware attackers gain access long before demands are made

Ransomware Hit: Tulsa Promises Recovery, Not Ransom Paying

Ransomware Victims Should Get Help From Negotiators, Expert Says After MPD Hack

Returning to the office? Time to reassess privileged access permissions

Smishing: Police make arrests in crackdown on scam text messages

SolarWinds, Exchange attacks revive calls for mandatory breach notification, better information sharing

The Air India Data Breach: Expert Commentary for Enterprises

The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack is a (another) call for zero trust and resilience in industrial companies

The Colonial pipeline ransomware hackers had a secret weapon: self-promoting cybersecurity firms

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Online Gambling Industry

This massive phishing campaign delivers password-stealing malware disguised as ransomware

University of California Santa Cruz students seek more protection after data breach

Waikato DHB making 'good progress' in bringing systems back online, says Chief Executive

What Does the Biden Administration’s Cybersecurity Executive Order Mean for Your Organization?

Zeppelin ransomware comes back to life with updated versions