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Monday 31 August 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 36 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 31st August and 6th September 2020.

Guest Post: Kindly provided by Stripe OLT
How to detect a Phishing Email

6th September

1 in 3 Employees Believe Their Company’s Cybersecurity is a Moderate or Major Problem

ASDA issue scam alert over fake emails - here's what to look out for

ASDA shoppers warned of gift card scam which could cost them thousands

Beware of delivery scams

Beware of fake helpdesk workers with scammer warnings, Dutch banks say

Beware of fraud, hacking, phishing

Companies in India responded well to increased cyberattacks after total chaos during lockdown

Electrum Bitcoin wallet still plagued by known crypto phishing attack

Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) out $300,000 after falling victim to online scam

From Tampa Bay to far away, scammers adjust their game for a pandemic

Gone phishing: Scam season is now upon us

How AI will automate cybersecurity in the post-COVID world

Israeli chipmaker Tower confirms cyberattack forced it to shut down system

Millions of WordPress sites are being probed & attacked with recent plugin bug

Netwalker ransomware hits Argentinian government, demands $4 million

New Zealand: Experts confident DDoS attacks will 'fizzle out' and attackers will be left out-of-pocket

Northern Ireland abuse survivors reject £1,500 compensation for identity leak

Phishing Scams Continue to Take Place With Electrum Wallet Users

Ransomware attack halts Argentinian border crossing for four hours

South African Fraudster Finally Charged After Scamming up to $28 million

The Race Against Cybercrimes In Nigeria

The State Of Identity Security, 2020

Tower proves there is no shame in being the victim of a cyberattack

Valley City State University (VCSU) Foundation Affected by Blackbaud Security Incident

5th September

Atrium Health alerts patients of ransomware data breach at one of the hospital’s vendors

Banks’ new checks in the war on card fraud

Be aware of fraudsters this National Phishing Week

Coronavirus support scam reported at Indiana University

Cybercrime on the rise during pandemic, caution urged

Data Security Tips for FinTech Companies Working Remotely

DVLA and council tax scam warning across Carmarthenshire

Evilnum group’s Python-based RAT impersonates legitimate programs

Evilnum Hackers are Now Utilizing Malicious Malware Scripts Written in Python to Goal Fintech Service Suppliers

Fake invoices for phony grants target PayPal customers

Has Microsoft Defender Antivirus Now Become A Windows 10 Security Risk?

Healthcare makes case for blockchain use despite challenges

How do you conduct a cyber risk assessment?

How Scammers Are Using Chadwick Boseman's Name to Target the ‘Black Panther' Actor's Fans

India: Schools responsible for ensuring cybersecurity

Malware gang uses .NET library to generate Excel docs that bypass security checks

New Instagram Phishing Scheme Aims At Hacking Profiles

Palo Alto Networks finds thousands of malicious cybersquatting domains

Protect Children From Cyber Phishing Attacks

QBot Trojan Comes Back With New Nasty Tricks – Active Campaigns Detected

Recent scams send a ‘you’re fired’ message

Scammers have stolen over $130 million in coronavirus-related schemes

Slack Patched A Critical RCE Flaw In Desktop Apps

Stay alert, stay safe from online fraud

Stolen Fortnite accounts sold on $1 billion black market

Telmate data breach leaked personal info for millions of prisoners

The Pandemic Is Contributing To Monetary Scams, And Era Z Is Particularly Susceptible

The text says 'We found your parcel.' Actually, they're hoping to find someone to dupe

US Virgin Islands: Water and Power Authority (WAPA) Urges Customers to Be Watchful When Carrying Out Financial Transactions

Visa warns of new Baka credit card JavaScript skimmer

Work-From-Home Cyber Security Risks: Three Ways to Protect Your Network

4th September

4 ways to achieve effective ‘cyber hygiene’ in a work-from-home world

5 Advantages of Using VPN

8 Sacramento State faculty accounts compromised in phishing attack

ASDA issue scam alert over fake emails - here's what to look out for

Assist Wireless caught out in major data breach

Attackers Steal Outlook Credentials Via Overlay Screens on Legitimate Sites

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) clocked nearly 60,000 cyber crime reports in FY20

Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) countered 2266 cyber security incidents last year

BEC Attack Payments Are on the Rise, Report Finds

Business unusual: Cyber threats amid the pandemic

Can I still be hacked with 2FA enabled?

Concern over leaked Experian data found online

Connecticut Audubon Society alerts donors to data security breach

Court finds Bithumb ‘partially liable’ for 2017 hack

Credit Card Skimmer Hits Over 1500 Websites

Cryptomining activity could be a sign your servers are under attack

Cyber attacks on virtual learning families at all time high

Cyber threat startup Cygilant hit by ransomware

Cyberattacks on state, local government up 50%

Cybersecurity Incidents Account for a Third of ICO Reports in 2020

Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Yourself Online

Cybersecurity Training: Maintaining Confidentiality in a Shared Home Office Environment

Data Breach At Northwestern Medicine Affects 56,000 Patients, Donors

Data Breach at Roper St. Francis Hospital Affects 6,000 Patients

Data Breach Reports Fall 45% in UK

Data Security: Telehealth's Achilles Heel?

DDoS Attacks on Education Escalate in 2020

DDoS Attacks on Virtual Education Rise 350%

Don't fall for this Netflix verification email scam

EdTech: Data Privacy And Big Technology

Education data leak in Australia traced to a 3rd-party service

Electoral Register Data Is Power, So Why Do Breaches Keep Happening?

Emotet Botnet: A Primer for Cybersecurity and IT Pros

Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) loses nearly $300K in phishing scam

Evaluating cybersecurity needs and justifying spend

“Facebook and Twitter need to do more to prevent cryptocurrency scams,” says CoinCorner CEO

FBI issues second alert about ProLock ransomware stealing data

FBI Warns of North Korea Cyber Bank Robbery Scheme

Feds after Massachusetts teen allegedly behind Twitter hack

Feds Propose ‘911’ Emergency Call for Reporting Security Flaws; Experts Warn It’s Easier Said Than Done

Finland's Social Insurance Institution (Kela) blames paper quality for potential data breach

Formby schoolboy, 16, is arrested after a six month investigation into online shopping fraud

Google Cloud Under Siege

Hacker Offered Russian-Speaking Tesla Employee for $1 Million to Execute Ransomware Attack

Hackers delete Bykea database, company avoids data loss due to backups

Here is the man accused of the Experian data breach

High-tech heist: why fending off ransomware attacks is more challenging than ever in 2020

How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Can Go From a Retailer’s Dream Into a CiSO’s Worst Nightmare

How Can Organisations Ensure Data Security

How cyber criminals cash out amid more attacks in South Africa

How to protect your online activity in 2020

In the face of ransomware, backup must become unbreakable – but how?

Incident Of The Week: Thwarted Ransomware Attack Against Tesla Serves As A Warning

India restricts use of over 100 Chinese apps in country amid serious border tensions

Is Tape Backup the Solution to Ransomware?

Managed Care Should Implement Cloud-Based Cybersecurity

Microsoft Defender antivirus can now download malware on Windows 10

Mitigating Cyber Attacks in the Financial Sector

Montrealers charged with hacking three major Canadian companies

Netflix verification scam: Don’t click on email link

'NetWalker' ransomware explodes thanks to 'as a service' expansion

New ransomware as a service (RaaS) “SMAUG” Wants to Take All the Ransomware Treasure

Northwestern Memorial data hacked, 56,000 individuals exposed

Once more for the folks at the back, cybersecurity is not just for IT

Personal information of South Africans posted online after major data breach – here’s what leaked

Phishing adds overlay on official company page to steal logins

Phishing attack baits victims by promising access to quarantined emails

Phishing attacks: 6 reasons why we keep taking the bait

Phishing scam targets Lloyds Bank customers

Phishing Trends In 2020: How To Adapt To Keep Hackers At Bay

Phishing tricks – the Top Ten Treacheries of 2020

Photo sharing message phishes for your Google password

Practice 'cyber hygiene': The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) reminds public as online scams surge

Prison communication app exposes database with millions of records

Prison phone service Telmate exposes messages, personal info of millions of inmates and their contacts

Ransomware Attacks During COVID-19

Ransomware attacks grow in sophistication, according to latest report from FortiGuard Labs

Ransomware attacks on South-east Asian SMEs fall in first half of 2020

Ransomware Attacks: How to Protect your Data With Encryption

Ransomware hits two state-run organizations in the Middle East and North Africa

Rewriting incident response plans in the light of the pandemic

Seeing ‘strong suspicion’ of fraud, California investigates unemployment mailings

SharePoint and OneNote Being Used to Harvest Credentials

Social Media: Thwarting The Phishing-Data Goldmine

SonicWall vulnerability fixed, but researchers say the patch took 17 days

Sophisticated Phishing Scam Targeting Lloyds Bank Customers

‘Sophisticated State-Based Actor’ Continues Cyberattacks on Australia

Spain: Don’t fall for it – Fake Correos scam!

Spoofed login pages growing quickly to become major cyberthreat

Subject: This Email Could Wreak Havoc on the 2020 Election

SunCrypt Ransomware shuts down North Carolina school district

Targeted Company’s Homepage Used in Message Quarantine Phish

Thanos Ransomware adds Windows MBR locker that fails every time

The People Principle in Security

The Security Risks of Third-Party Plugins

The ‘Warner Music Group’ Announced a Credit Card Data Breach

There’s a new online delivery scam that you need to be careful about

Top trends in OT security

Tracking the Targets of 'Cybersquatting' Attacks

UK, European Banks, Fintechs Being Targeted with Malicious Know Your Customer (KYC) Docs

University of South Carolina (USC) ransomware attack removed personal data

Unknown caller: Manitoba RCMP suggest reporting all attempted phone frauds

U.S. Department of Defense discloses critical and high severity bugs

US election: Two-thirds of typosquatted domains are non-malicious or parked sites

Vendor for University of Missouri campuses reports data breach

Warner Music Group Discloses Data Breach

What recent data breaches reveal about cyber security in South Africa

What SMBs and startups can learn from securing a presidential campaign

What’s the Fallout from the GEDMatch Genealogy Database Breach?

White House publishes a cyber-security rulebook for space systems

Why Internet Security is So Important in 2021

Windows 10's built-in antivirus can now be used to download viruses

Wire Fraud In A Real Estate Transaction

You can now download viruses employing Windows 10’s constructed-in antivirus

Zero trust is the way to secure the distributed workforce

3rd September

38 Million records linked to marketing company working with media found online

54,000 NSW driver licences exposed in data breach

56,000 Northwestern Memorial HealthCare Donors Impacted by Blackbaud Ransomware Attack

A Phishing Scam Is Targeting Instagram Users To Steal Email And Instagram Credentials

ASDA shoppers are receiving fake emails promising £1,000 gift cards - here’s what to do if you receive one

AlphaBay moderator Bryan Herrell gets 11 years in prison

American Payroll Association Forgets to Patch Web Portal, Hackers Skim Credit Cards and Passwords Off Site

Another Twitter Hack: This Time, India's Modi Targeted

Back to pen and paper? Key West City Hall computers have been shut down for a week

Bithumb found ‘partially liable’ for a 2017 hacking incident

Blockchain Data Suggests University of California San Fransisco (UCSF) Was Ransomed For $1.8 Million

Buffalo, New York, Area Hospitals Disclose Recent Data Breach

Canadian Immigration Lawyers Explain How To Protect Yourself From Canada Immigration Frauds

China awakens to digital privacy concerns

Chinese Hackers Use Fresh Trojan for Espionage

Cleaning up the Active Directory Forest

Cryptomining trojan malware discovered by ESET researchers

Cyber: The big 'back to school' risk that can't be overlooked

“Cyrat” Is a New Ransomware Strain Disguised as a DLL Fixer

Data protection isn’t just an IT issue

Despite its claims of containing a massive security breach, Experian info surfaces on internet

Didn’t hack Paytm Mall, claims ‘John Wick’

Digitizing your operations – perceived barriers and how to overcome them

Email error revealed names of 47 Pittsburgh diocese abuse claimants

Evilnum Hackers Change Tactics for Targeting Fintech Firms

Experts share cybersecurity tips as remote learning resumes for some and work from home continues

Extent of the QBot Trojan risk revealed

Facebook explains how it will notify third-parties about bugs in their products

Facebook to list all WhatsApp security issues on a new dedicated website

Fake Data and Fake Information: A Treasure Trove for Defenders

Fake TikTok app found stealing credentials

Five Cyber Security Strategies Your Customers Should Know About

Former IT director gets jail time for selling government's Cisco gear on eBay

Hackers hijack Indian PM Narendra Modi's Twitter account after breaching his website

Hardware Wallets Trezor And KeepKey Face Potential ‘Man-in-the-Middle' Ransomware Attacks

Houseparty – should I stay or should I go now?

How artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning change security's future

How project managers can help companies better navigate security risks from COVID-19

How Resilient is your Nonprofit to a Cyberattack?

How Should Zero Trust Apply to Phishing?

How To Get Out Of Security Debt

How to Protect Your Organization from Advanced Persistent Threats

How to tackle the human error data leaks conundrum

If you were 'king,' how would you defeat ransomware?

Important things to keep in mind before buying a Cyber Insurance policy

Inter: a ‘low bar’ kit for Magecart credit card skimmer attacks on e-commerce websites

It’s been 4 months & KeepKey’s hardware is still vulnerable to remote ransom attacks

Kenya Is Reportedly The Second Worst Hit in Africa By Cyber Attackers

Kenya ranked easiest target in Africa for cyber attackers

Marketing company leaks personal data of millions of US citizens

Massive data breach in South Africa: Did Experian do enough?

New Netflix Scam a Threat to Your Credit Card Info

New normal of remote working compounds enterprise security challenges

New Python-scripted trojan malware targets fintech companies

Northumbria University Campus Closed After Serious Cyber-Attack

One actor behind Magecart skimmer kit

Online scams capitalise on job losses, pandemic disruption

Patch now: Cisco warns Jabber IM client for Windows has a critical flaw

People Are Receiving Fake PayPal Donation Invoices For $35, The Payment Giant Acknowledged The Scams

Phipps Conservancy says members safe despite data breach that disclosed some info

Primark issues warning over scam offering £500 vouchers

Ransomware Attacks During COVID-19

Reported Data Breaches Decline in H1 2020

Royal Military College staff, students won't know until mid-September if personal info compromised in cyber attack

Russian hackers targeted as responsible for ransomware

Spy Games: How Insider/Outsider Threats Have Become the Newest Cybersecurity Legal Risk

Staying ahead of pandemic-related cybersecurity threats with automation

Tackle the growing number of IoT ransomware threats

Teen arrested for alleged cyberattacks on Miami-Dade schools

The Cyber Pandemic Survival Guide

The Energy-Sector Threat: How to Address Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

The quantum computing cybersecurity threat ‘cannot be underestimated’

The Ultimate Defense: What Is an Air Gapped Computer?

Threat Hunting: If You Stay Ready, You Won’t Have to Get Ready

Threat protection: The WastedLocker ransomware

Top 5 Ransomware Attacks to Watch Out for in 2020-2021

Top 6 Common Types of Cyberattacks in 2020

Under Attack: How Threat Actors are Exploiting SOCKS Proxies

Unity Bank have been hacked, they deny it, here’s a bigger problem

Virus warning for Mac and Windows users!

Vishing scams use Amazon and Prime as lures – don’t get caught!

Warner Music discloses months-long web skimming incident

Warning issued over email scam offering £500 Primark vouchers

We are looking at what approach the Indian government takes in cases of security breach

What is Predictive AI and How is it Being Used in Cybersecurity?

Which cybersecurity failures cost companies the most and which defenses have the highest ROI?

Which Cybersecurity Incidents Involve Misuse of Legitimate Services

WordPress File Manager plugin flaw causing website hijack exploited in the wild

2nd September

10 Top Tips to Detect fake email scams

10 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

12 Novel Advantages of Using a VPN While Working from Home

33% of companies expose unsafe network services to the internet

55% of Cybersquatted Domains Are Malicious or Potentially Fraudulent

A PCI DSS checklist for CIOs worried about work from home security

According to the concepts of the zone. ru: why ransomware bypass the Russian domain

American Payroll Association Hit With Credit Card Skimming Attack

Android security: Six more apps containing Joker malware removed from the Google Play Store

Android users urged to delete six dangerous apps

Are you still watching? Cyber crims hijack Netflix, Apple to target victims

Assist Wireless exposes customer licenses, passports and Social Security numbers

Attackers mimicking Netflix, Apple, Facebook domains to hoodwink victims

Attorney General's Office Warns of Scam Involving Fake Emails from Netflix

Australian firm Tandem Corp hit by Windows NetWalker ransomware

Authorities Identify Another Teen Perpetrator Behind July’s Massive Twitter Hack

Backdoors left unpatched in MoFi routers

BEC Wire Transfers Average $80K Per Attack

Bithumb ‘Partially Liable’ For a Customer’s Crypto Losses in 2017 Hack

China-based APT Debuts Sepulcher Malware in Spear-Phishing Attacks

Chinese Hackers Targeted European Officials in Phishing Campaign

Cobalt Strike: The New Favorite Among Thieves

Coming out of the COVID Depression with a Cloud Security Strategy

Construction firm Stefanutti Stocks hit by cyberattack

COVID-19’s impact on the data breach landscape

Credential harvesting — How Zoom opened the phishing floodgates

Cyber Security Concerns Grow As Many Students Start School Year Online

Cyber security NSW investigates drivers licence data breach

Cyber security safety for distance learning

Dashboards: An Effective Cybersecurity Tool

Data breach confirmed in ransomware attack on Haywood County Schools

Data breach: Experian believes clients' details on the internet

Data breach: Experian identifies files, criminal case under investigation

Data expert is caught up in Quebec government hack and gives response a failing grade

Don't click on that text! 5 ways to avoid delivery scams

Don't Forget Cybersecurity on Your Back-to-School List

Email scam spree on the back of COVID

Essential features of security automation for the AWS platform

Even the Best Laid Plans Forget This Security Gap

Exams cancelled after Northumbria University cyber attack

First City Monument Bank Loses N900 million Via Malware From Hackers

Fleets Face Increasing Cybersecurity Threats, Experts Say

Gartner expects more CEOs to be personally liable for cyber-physical security incidents

Get e-smart: 5 tips to keep you safe when booking and shopping online

Google removes Android app that was used to spy on Belarusian protesters

Government Departments at High Risk of Cyber Attacks

Hackers delete Bykea database, company unaffected due to backups

Healthcare’s Password Problem and The Need for Management, Vaults

Home office security: keeping your data safe

How to Detect and Respond to Cybersecurity Attacks Faster

How to keep your hybrid workforce safe in three easy steps

How to keep your information safe while learning online

HSBC warning: Customers targeted through scam texts - signs to look out for

Investigation continues after data breach confirmed in one mountain county school district

Large Australian education data leak traced to third-party service

Marriott facing class action over massive data breach

Microsoft Defender can ironically be used to download malware

Modernize Security with Zero Trust and Controlled Access Anywhere

Most consumers will trade their data for personalization

Navy CIO: ‘Malicious Cyber Actors’ Attacking Military Telework Infrastructure

New Report Sheds Light on the State of Cyber Security and Malware

Northumbria University locks down campus after major cyber-attack

Northwestel Inc. warns against scam

Organizations facing nearly 1,200 phishing attacks each month

Organizations facing surge in phishing attacks since the start of the pandemic

Phishing alert: See a tricky password-stealing scam in action

Phishing Artists Use Microsoft Logo and Dotloop Boilerplate, Retarus Says

Phishing Attacks Have Multiplied Since the Start of the Pandemic, Leaving Companies More Vulnerable and Strapped for Time

Phishing Attacks On Electrum Wallet Sees Over $16 Million Stolen From Unsuspecting Users

Phishing scam uses Sharepoint and One Note to go after passwords

Polymorphism: The most rapidly evolving cyber threat in 2020

Ransomware distress

Ransomware is on the rise during COVID-19: How small businesses can protect themselves

Remote learning and working from home are recipe for cyber security nightmares this fall

Rep. Farrington calls for ‘heads up’ courtesy with data breach notification legislation

Researchers Show How AI Could Stop Cyberattacks Messing With Hospital CT Scanners

Rocky Mount officials encourage residents to change, secure their passwords after cyber attack

Safeguarding operator networks against sophisticated international threats

Scammers posing as FCA send out Covid-19 impact survey to advisers

Scammers prey on vulnerable with 'You're fired!' email

Service NSW still waiting to notify on data breach after four months

Shifting Safely to Online Learning Means Investing in Cyber

Small businesses are underprepared for intensified cyber risk landscape

Smithsonian confirms that its donor data was potentially breached in ransomware attack

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research Team Identifies Fake TikTok App, stealing credentials

SOS Denies Russian 'Data Breach' Of Michigan Voter Info

St. Charles library issues scam attempt warning

Strong cybersecurity posture crucial for company success

Tesla presses charges against a ransomware attack of $1 million in Bitcoin

That text seemingly from FedEx, USPS or UPS could be a scam

The FBI Botched Its DNC Hack Warning in 2016 - but Says It Won’t Next Time

The mischievous Ryuk: Combatting the ‘Death Note’-inspired ransomware

The New Capabilities in Endpoint Security for Businesses

Twitter hack may have had another mastermind: A 16-year-old from Massachusetts

University of North Dakota (UND), NDSU foundations - security incident

Unknown commercial entity blamed for NSW driver's licence data breach

Unravelling encryption

Utah's computer systems are getting attacked 1.9 billion times a day

Virtual classes for Miami-Dade school district disrupted by cyberattack

Warning as names of councillors used for ‘spear phishing’ email scam

What we know about the attempted hacking of several ministers of Spain

Why Working from Home Could Take Down Your Business – Beware These Security Threats

1st September

8 lessons from the Garmin ransomware attack

9 Key Benefits Of Partnering With A Cybersecurity Provider

25 skimmers discovered at 16 Tampa Bay area gas stations in 2-day operation

AI and Machine Learning Algorithms are Increasingly being Used to Identify Fraudulent Transactions, Cybersecurity Professional Explains

Another Bitcoiner Claims He Lost $430,000 in Electrum Wallet Scam

APT-style mercenary groups challenge the threat models of many organizations

Australia: Survey shows need for cyber security education

Australian company Jands appears to have been hit by Windows ransomware

Australian Labor Party (ALP) calls for action after data breach affects 50,000 NSW drivers

Authenticating Consumers And Preventing Fraud In An Age Of Distraction

Average BEC attempts are now $80k, but one group is aiming for $1.27m per attack

Baton Rouge Clinic cyberattack may have compromised dozens of patients’ information

BEC Wire Transfer Losses Soar 48% in Q2 2020

Believe It or Not, Remote Workers Just Don’t Care About Cybersecurity

Big ransomware attacks overshadowing other alarming trends

Businesses Need to Take Precautions from Cyberattacks While Employees Work Remotely

Canadian Firm Canpar Express Becomes Ransomware Attack Victim

Catholic Health and its foundations notified of nationwide data breach

CISA and FBI say they have not seen cyber-attacks this year on voter registration databases

CISO: What the Job REALLY Entails and How It’s Evolved over the Years

City phone system restored in Lafayette after cyberattack

COVID-19 scammers are using data-breach fears to get information from Canadians

Credit Card Fraud Has Spiked During Pandemic

Credit card fraud is on the rise — are your customers safe?

Crypto miners arrested in Malaysia for stealing power worth $600,000

CWT Pays $4.5 Million US to Hackers

Cyber-Attack on Norwegian Parliament

Cyber attacks: due diligence essential prior to paying ransoms

Cyber-Criminals Mimicking Global Brand Domain Names to Launch Scams

Cybersecurity Best Practices to Keep Your Online Business Safe

Don’t become a victim of KYC, reward frauds

Driving licences of 54k Australians leaked via misconfigured S3 bucket

Elon Musk Confirms ‘Serious’ Russian Bitcoin Ransomware Attack On Tesla, Foiled By The FBI

Email reporting service receives over 1.7m reports of phishing

Estonia: Ministry of Justice has not informed people of data breach

FBI and Tesla Employee bust Egor Kriuchkov in malware plot

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns consumers about COVID-19 scams on Facebook and WhatsApp

Fresno, California, Schools Cancel Class Due to Ransomware

Germany: Rheinland-Pfalz data breach - Information on guest visits stolen, Trier also targeted

Gift Cards Requested in Two-Thirds of BEC Attacks, Report Reveals

Google Cloud Engineers Define First Steps For Cloud Migration

Great Horn Reveals Phishing Attack Landscape in 2020 Report

Greenville Tech says hackers' data breach is 'credible threat' that's a 'fluid situation'

Hackers Try To Knock Trump Campaign Offline Before Election

High-flying businesswoman who lost $2million after her company servers were hacked reveals her top tips to avoid being a victim of a cyber-attack

Holding critical infrastructure to ransom(ware)

Hospital data breach results in 'no further action'

How cyber criminals are targeting banks with multi-stage phishing attacks

In the shadow of COVID-19, a cyber health crisis looms

Iranian Hackers Advertise on Dark Web

Iranian hackers are selling access to compromised companies on an underground forum

Iranian hackers are selling access to corporate networks

Is Your Boardroom The Weakest Cybersecurity Link?

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)-listed Stefanutti Stocks hit by cyberattack, engages experts to investigate

Ledger CTO discusses the security issues concerning the popular hardware wallet

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in August 2020 – 36.6 million records breached

Maximum Lifespan of SSL/TLS Certificates is 398 Days Starting Today

Michigan denies hack after public voter information found on Russian online forum

Microsoft confirms why Windows Defender can’t be disabled via registry

Misinformation Campaigns Rise Thanks to COVID-19

More than 54,000 NSW driver’s licences exposed in data breach

Morgan Stanley Hit With $5 Million Data Breach Suit

New Malware Noticed within the Wild Can Assault Crypto Wallets

New Malware Spotted in the Wild That Puts Cryptocurrency Wallets at Risk

New research shows significant increase in phishing attacks since the pandemic began straining corporate IT security teams

New Threat Activity by Lazarus Group Spells Trouble For Orgs

New Windows ransomware DarkSide used to hit Canadian real estate firm

Northumbria University hit by large-scale cyber attack

Norway’s corporates want government to support ‘herd immunity’ to cyber attack

Norwegian Parliament discloses cyber-attack on internal email system

NSW driver’s licences, tolling data publicly accessible on Amazon server

Numerous Vulnerabilities Found In Pulse Secure VPN – Update Now!

Online scammers target UK festivals’ 2020 virtual events

Parliamentary officials warned of cyberthreat from Extinction Rebellion

Paytm Mall Denies The Data Breach; Says Data Is ‘Safe And Secure’

People will always be the weakest link

Personal information of over 54,000 NSW drivers exposed in massive data breach

Phishers Are Posing as Contract Partners to Access Company Data

Phishing Campaign Uses Hidden Text to Bypass Email Security

Phishing: Focus on detection, response and remediation

Pioneer Kitten APT Sells Corporate Network Access

Proofpoint expert on taking a people-centric approach to email protection

Proposed class action lawsuit launched against Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) over data breaches

Ransomware attacks continue to dominate the threat landscape

Report finds cybersquatting is on the rise and targeting major brands

Rocky Mount: Cyberattack blocks access to city records, systems

Safe domain: How to protect your enterprise from DNS hijacking

Safeguarding Investors Against Cybercrimes In A Digital World

Scammers are charging people to view free festival livestreams

Scammers target UK music festivals forced online by coronavirus

Securing Healthcare Data in a COVID World

Skimming Attack Hits American Payroll Association

Slack fixes a critical RCE bug in its desktop app

Slack users unwittingly phished with malicious payloads

Student Privacy Pledge delivers neither privacy nor enforcement

The ‘American Payroll Association’ Suffered a Catastrophic Data Breach

The lifecycle of data: from cradle to grave

The most popular brand websites that hackers use for typosquatting campaigns

The shift to telework: Advice and lessons learned

The State of Infrastructure Security Amidst this Pandemic

The Top Twenty Unspoken Automotive Cybersecurity Questions And Their Risks

Think 3,2,1 to protect your business against ransomware

Time To Rethink Your Enterprise Security Strategy

Top cyber threats: Prepare for attacks to avoid ransom demands

Trend Micro Research Finds Both On-Premise and Cloud-based Servers Compromised by Criminal Underground

Twitter hack: Another teenager may have played a 'significant role,' report says

Two Nigerian banks have been hacked, they deny it, here’s a bigger problem

Uber Criminal Complaint Raises the Stakes for Breach Response

University of Utah's ransomware attack is a wake-up call to Utah education, parents

Unquestioned Trust: How the Financial Industry Can Create Secure (and Seamless) Online Banking Experiences

US Department of Justice (DoJ) lays claim to stolen cryptocurrencies

US: Secretary of the state - No data breach, despite hacking claim

UT Health says May cyberattack saw patient names, addresses and phone numbers stolen

Value of Data Mountain Continues to Grow

What Is Two Factor Authentication Used For?

What to do in the event of a ransomware attack

31st August

5 Cyber Security Risks and Issues You'd Be a Fool to Ignore

5 Protective Measures Against the Increased Cyber Attacks from COVID-19

6 Ways to Protect Online Banking Information

AI: Enterprise security friend or foe?

American Payroll Association discloses credit card theft incident

Are you a target for 'vishing' scams? Find out and protect yourself

Beware the “Adult Star” texting scam

Botnet and Exploit Activity Goes Up as Cybercriminals Shift Focus, Report Shows

Bring your own PC (BYOPC) to reach mainstream in 5 years

Car Dealers, Lenders Play Whack-A-Fraudster

Charming Kitten Returns with WhatsApp, LinkedIn Effort

Class Action Lawsuit Questions Blackbaud's Hacker Payoff

Cloud Security: A Primer for Policymakers

Cloud technology great for security but poses systemic risks, according to new report

COVID-19 Phishing Scheme Spreads AgentTesla Trojan

COVID-19 related email threats pose huge risk in 2020

Cybercriminals Increasingly Exploitating Pandemic Trauma

Cybersecurity is a resilience and business-risk problem, says Rohit Ghai, President, RSA Security

Data breach costs South African companies R40.2 million average in 2020

Don't Waste Your Money: Be careful if you are Netflix user

Five critical cloud security challenges and how to overcome them

From Malware to Students Behaving Badly, Online Learning Has Challenges

GCSB warns cyber-attacks could get worse, issues advisory to all NZ businesses

Hackers Nab $16 Million In BTC By means of Bitcoin Pockets Exploit

How businesses can lift protection against mobile threats

How Hackers Can Challenge Your IAM Policies (You May Not Expect)

How Security Helps You Win the Race to Digital

How to easily spot one of the biggest online scams and stay safe

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