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Monday 10 August 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 33 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 10th August and 16th August 2020.

16th August

300,000 links taken down in crackdown on investment scams with bogus celebrity endorsements

Business technology giant Konica Minolta hit by new ransomware

Canada suffers cyberattack used to steal COVID-19 relief payments

CactusPete hackers go on European rampage with Bisonal backdoor upgrade

COVID-19 and the rise in global cyberattacks

‘Dharma’ ransomware attacking SMBs, average loss is Rs 6.4 lakh

Give A Man A Phish, And You Entertain Him For A Day

How to negotiate with cyber terrorists during a pandemic

Jack Daniel’s manufacturer was the target of apparent ransomware attack

Japan: Experts warn post-holiday cyberattacks

Lawsuit: ‘Alarming’ data breach at Coastal Prep Academy exposed sensitive personal data

Letters warn Cooke County residents of potential compromised personal information

Rethinking endpoint security in the ‘New Normal’

Sensitive Data Breach Possible as Germany’s Bundeswehr Transport Service Hacked

Suspected data breach at online bookstore leads to 230 scams

Use A Smart Lock? Get In The Sea, 73% Of Security Professionals Say

Why You Should Never Pay Ransom to Hackers

15th August

10 cybersecurity myths you need to stop believing

Australia: Privacy - into the breach

Avaddon ransomware affiliates may now carry attacks on behalf of their operators

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) hit by two cyberattacks affecting thousands of accounts

Council Tax warning: New scam could hit Britons in the pocket - look out for this email

Criminals Hijack Tor Exit Nodes to Rewrite Bitcoin Mixer Deposit Addresses

Cyber threats are rising for sports organisations

Cybersecurity Expert Warns Of Cyber Attacks On eLearning Students

Do I really need antivirus for Windows 10?

Emporia State University alumni data exposed in ransom attack

Gun Owners Beware - 240,000 Hacked Database Records Offered On Dark Web

How to avoid a spear-phishing attack. 4 tips to keep you safe from timeless scams

How to Negotiate With Cyber Terrorists During a Pandemic

IcedID Malware Revamped With Avoidance Capabilities

Most Dangerous Text Scams of 2020

One in six Australians victims of cybercrimes during COVID-19 lockdown

Protect your endpoints

Punjab warns of online fraudsters promising free smartphones

Scams on the rise! 1 in 6 Aussies fell victim to cybercrime amid lockdown

Six tips to protect your Gmail account from hackers

Tea at the Ritz soured by credit card scammers

Tesla will implement a security measure that (surprisingly) its vehicles do not yet have

‘Twitter misused user data for targeted advertising’

U.S. spirits and wine giant hit by cyberattack, 1TB of data stolen

Why India needs a national cybersecurity strategy

Why India needs a strong cybersecurity policy soon

XCSSET Malware targets macOS by infecting Xcode developer projects

14th August

4 Ways to Protect ePHI Beyond HIPAA Compliance

6 Tips to Reduce Contractor Account Compromise

2020 saw a surge in malware, ransomware and botnets

$100,000 Worth of Ethereum Tokens Stolen from Ledger Located in Safe. How Is This Possible?

300,000 links taken down in crackdown on investment scams with bogus celebrity endorsements

Alert: Russian Hackers Deploying Linux Malware

Amazon Alexa Skills Found To Leak Banking History, User Names, Phone Numbers

Are VPN Apps Worth the Money?

Army Corps, CISA take distinct approaches to cyber priorities amid remote workforces

ASDA scam warning: Facebook-based phishing attack targets 'women born in October' with '£1,000 gift card offer' that tricks users into giving away their bank details

Be on a campaign to avoid political fundraising scams

'Blackmailers stole our Instagram account'

Bletchley Park Codebreaking Museum Hit in Blackbaud Hack

Building a country’s digital defence

Canon data leaked online after company refuses to negotiate with ransomware attackers

Canon information leaked online after company rejects to discuss with ransomware attackers

Canon Suffers a Maze Ransomware Attack Leaking Terabytes of Data

Canon USA's stolen files leaked by Maze ransomware gang

Capital One to Pay $80 Million Fine for 2019 Data Security Hack

CIOs prioritizing IAM over endpoint security and security awareness training

Consumers Share 'Specific' Personal Data With Brands - That May Change When They Discover Data Trusts

Contactless Technology Attacks Threaten Individuals, Businesses

Cyber risk as much about comms as IT

‘Cyber Storm’ drill for critical infrastructure focuses on corruption of key IT services

Cyber-security experts warn of ‘tsunami’ of fraudulent texts

Cybersecurity in healthcare sector – Q&A on data breaches in relation to medical devices

Denial-of-Wallet attacks: How to protect against costly exploits targeting serverless setups

DHS CISA Warns of Phishing Emails Rigged with KONNI Malware

Email security in pandemic: How can companies protect themselves from phishing attacks

Emotet malware strikes U.S. businesses with COVID-19 spam

Emporia State University alumni data exposed in ransom attack

FBI warns of phishing email attempting to rip-off SBA loan recipients

FBI warns of schemers using coronavirus to try and gain personal information

Fighting fraud in the era of COVID-19

For six months, security researchers have secretly distributed an Emotet vaccine across the world

Hack-and-Leak Operations and U.S. Cyber Policy

How Dharma Ransomware-as-a-Service Model Works

How to protect your child’s computer from viruses

How Working Remotely May Have Helped Twitter’s Hackers

How Your Unemployment Checks Are At Risk From Russian Cyber Thieves

Identify thieves inflict tears, losses on Nigerians

In predicting AI crimes of the future, UK academics have revealed the biggest threat

Incident Of The Week: Garmin Pays $10 Million To Ransomware Hackers Who Rendered Systems Useless

Investment scams with celebs

Jack Daniel’s Manufacturer Was Target of Apparent Ransomware Attack

Lifespan Pays $1M to Settle HIPAA Case Over Stolen Unencrypted Laptop

Looting Causes Data Breach at Walgreens

Mac Users Targeted by Spyware Spreading via Xcode Projects

Mail.ru Group’s Vladimir Dubrovin: Why bug bounties should be ‘part and parcel’ of the security process

Massive Data Breach Exposes Intel’s Intellectual Property for Its Flagship CPUs and SpaceX Sensors

Maze delivers on threat to publish data stolen from Canon

Medical Debt Collection Firm R1 RCM Hit in Ransomware Attack

Multiple compromise of NHAI’s internal IT system; suspicious logins made from IP addresses in Taiwan & Hong Kong

Naples 2019 spear phishing attack still under investigation, city says

New report finds 1 in 6 Australians fell victim to cyber crime during lockdown

Newly-discovered APT group RedCurl offering hack-for-hire services, report warns

North Korean Hackers Wage Job-Themed Spear-Phishing Attacks

NSA and FBI expose Russian previously undisclosed malware “Drovorub”

Okanagan Similkameen regional district targeted by ransomware attack

Oracle and Salesforce hit with GDPR class action lawsuits over cookie tracking consent

Osterman Research Finds Cyber Crisis Preparation Failing to Adapt to Modern Threats

Over 25% of all UK universities were attacked by ransomware

Over 43,000 Phishing Emails Slip Through NHS Security Filters

Phishing Scam Targets ASDA Shoppers

Protection strategies against hacking and APT attacks in blockchain ecosystems

Public urged to be wary of scams using fake celebrity endorsements

Public warned over investment scams using fake celebrity endorsements

Punjab Free Smartphone Scheme: Education Minister Issues Phishing Alert

Re/insurers must evolve alongside cybersecurity landscape

Recover your Data from a Back-up, not with a Ransom

RedCurl Emerges as a Corporate Espionage APT

Remote work increases exposure to cybersecurity threats

Remote working and the increased cyber-risks

Research Casts Doubt on Value of Threat Intel Feeds

Research finds that cyber crisis preparation is failing to adapt to modern threats

Safeguarding Health Care Services During COVID-19

SANS shares details on attack that led to their data breach

Scammers are stealing identities to redirect Canadian Emergency Response Benefits (CERB) payments, experts warn

Scamwatch: Trying to buy face masks online? Beware of scammers

Six Practical Tips for Practicing Cyberhygiene in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

SMBs imperiled as low-end RaaS grows more powerful

Sophos deconstructs Dharma, the 'fast food franchise' ransomware

St. Joseph School Notifies Donors of Data Security Event

Targeted BEC attacks steal business data in six countries, posing as HR

Texas investigating identity theft cases for unemployment benefits

The future of hacking: COVID-19 shifting the way hackers work and who they target

Verizon scam steals account logins — how to protect yourself now

War On Digital Borders

What is your “minimum viable company”?

When artificial intelligence facilitates crime

Wichita Falls Police Department (WFPD) warns of local phone scam

Yukon government websites appear to have been hacked

13th August

A financially-motivated attack group is getting better at using this banking trojan

After ransomware, DDoS attacks rose three times during coronavirus pandemic

Agent Tesla malware now steals data from browsers and VPN clients

Another School Ransomware Attack in Kansas

APT Group “RedCurl” Has Been Stealing Sensitive Data for Three Years

Back to Basics: Valuable Reminders from Capital One's Data Breach

Back-to-School Online Learning Creates New Security Threats

Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers tips to avoid phishing scams while working from home

Beware! Cyber Attackers Now Disguise In Legitimate Tools

Black Hat USA 2020 Shines Spotlight on the Mental Challenges of Cybersecurity

Bletchley Park Trust among high-profile victims of Blackbaud ransomware attack

CactusPete Targets Eastern European Military

Canadian firm among those targeted by corporate espionage group

CI Security Releases 2020 H1 U.S. Healthcare Data Breach Report

CIBanco SA Got Allegedly Struck by REvil Ransomware Operators

CISA Alerts to Phishing Campaign Spoofing COVID-19 Loan Relief Site

CISA Warns of Phishing Campaign with Loan-Relief Lure

City falls victim of ‘phishing’; Hamilton staffer allegedly swiped funds

Combating the threat landscape in the public sector

Coronavirus: Fall in healthcare data breaches could be due to ‘pandemic distraction’

Cyber criminal hacks Bishop Museum’s database provider. Museum says visitors’ data is safe

Cyber crisis response failing to adapt to modern threats

Cyber Resilience, Agility and Innovation in the New Normal

Cyber Security a Big Concern of Local and County Government Technology Leaders

Cybersecurity Audit Shows Positive Changes for North Carolina College

Cybersecurity Risks to Consider When the Workforce Returns

Data breach exposes donor information

Data breach impacts John Ball Zoo donors

Deal triple damage against ransomware with these 3 ultimate strategies

Delete this SMS: Your WhatsApp can be stolen

District Attorney Warns Residents of New Unemployment Benefit Scams and I.D. Thefts

Endpoint Security and Phishing: What to Know

Fawn police email account hacked, recipients should disregard messages

FBI Warns of Cybercrime Threat to Online Students

FINRA Alerts Members of Copycat Phishing Website

Flaw in Find My Mobile app exposed Samsung users to hacking attacks

Hacker leaks data for U.S. gun exchange site on cybercrime forum

Hackers combine two unpatched Microsoft zero-days in attack on South Korean firm

Hackers grab data about Harvard, Emerson, and Boston University students and donors

Health Data Breach Tally Surges

How business can lift protection against mobile threats

Identifying COVID-19 Phishing Scams

In cybersecurity, it’s time to go on the offensive

In one click: Amazon Alexa could be exploited for theft of voice history, PII, skill tampering

Irish SMEs - Securing help as cyber-attacks surge

IRS reveals the ‘Dirty Dozen’ tax scams circulating in 2020

Is free antivirus enough for my computer?

Making Infosec Jobs Easier: Preventing Ransomware

Maryland officials warn gun dealers about phishing scams

Medical Software Database Exposes Personal Data of 3.1M Patients

Metropolitan Community College hit by ransomware attack

Missouri Health Care System Sued Over Data Breach

Most security pros are concerned about human error exposing cloud data

Navigating The Top Five Marketing Challenges Of The Cybersecurity Industry

Nevada Named Catfishing Capital of USA

New Global Threat Landscape Report Reveals ‘Unprecedented’ Cyberattacks

New Ponemon Institute Report Indicates Major Consumer Privacy Gap

New Zealand: Council on West Coast caught out by phishing scam

Norway's Offshore Safety Regulator Targeted by Phishing Attack

Not Just Logistics Businesses Under Threat from Cyber Crime as INTERPOL Reports

Number of claims on cyber insurance policies rising steeply

Online fraud is skyrocketing. Can you guess where most of it comes from?

Optiv Releases 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Estimate Exploring Vulnerability, Attack Method and Vertical Industry Trends

Over 5.3m passwords discovered on the dark web in just three months

Over half of the world's phishing attacks in Q1 2020 targeted Canadians

Philippines: Work-from-home Pinoys are under attack

Philippines firms’ data protection still lacking

Phishing attacks more targeted and diverse during pandemic

Phishing in a Pandemic: How to Combat Social Engineering Attacks

Phishing Tactic Targets Verizon Users' Credentials

Protect Remote Teams From Cybercrime With These 14 Strategies

Protect Your Pharmacy’s Online Presence

Ransomware attacking SMBs

RedCurl APT Group Hacks Global Companies for Corporate Espionage

RedCurl cybercrime group has hacked companies for three years

Safeguarding your identity in the middle of expanding electronic disorder

SANS Institute breach proves anyone can fall victim to a ‘consent phishing’ scam

SANS Institute suffers data breach due to phishing attack

Serious phishing scam affects Zoopla and Lettingweb

Severe TeamViewer Vulnerability Let Attackers Steal System Password

Sophos Deconstructs Dharma Ransomware-as-a-Service Attacks on Small and Mid-Sized Businesses During Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Surge in cyber attacks targeting open source software projects

Text message scam involving package information circulating again

The Fidelis TRT Assesses Increased Malware Attacks Against QNAP NAS Devices

The Importance of Endpoint Security

The Prescription for Thwarting Cyberattacks

The realities of ransomware: Five signs you’re about to be attacked

There are 10 Covid-19 scams doing the rounds - here's what you need to watch out for

This Ransomware Comes With Its Own Affiliate Program

Tips on preventing computer intrusions

Tips To Protect Against Hackers During Remote Schooling

Top 3 tips and tricks for cyber threat mitigation in 2020

Top Cyber Security Experts Report: 4,000 Cyber Attacks a Day Since COVID-19 Pandemic

U.S. stock broker regulator FINRA warns of copycat phishing site

Victims Of Cyberattacks Have Much To Teach Us About The Early Warning Signs Of Intruders

Vulnerabilities in Amazon Alexa could have exposed user data to hackers

Walgreens Discloses Data Breach Impacting Personal Health Information of More Than 72,000 Customers

We need to rethink cybersecurity for a post-pandemic world. Here’s how

Weak and infrequent cyber-crisis training is leaving companies vulnerable, new research says

Why partnerships between the CDO and CISO strengthen your brand

Working Virtually: Avoid Phishing Scams

12th August

6 practices hit by data breaches in 2020

A Third of UK Universities Hit By Ransomware in Last 10 Years

Avaddon Ransomware Joins Data-Leaking Club

Be on a campaign to avoid political fundraising scams

Bletchley Park's software supplier's computer system is hacked in data breach ransomware attack

Brand Phishing Report for Q2 2020 Reveals That Google, Amazon, and WhatsApp/Facebook Are Now The Most Imitated Brands for Phishing

Canon hit by major incident - websites and employee emails disabled

Cary-based Cornerstone Building Brands confirms ransomware attack

COVID-19 is shattering cyberattack records

Cyber Security Today – U.S. city a victim of ransomware, FBI warning on security updates and the latest patches

Cyberattacks hit 95% of Saudi businesses last year, says study

Cybersecurity: These two basic flaws make it easy for hackers to break into your systems

Email Phishing Scam Targets Maryland’s Firearms Dealers

Flintshire Council apologises to those affected by serious data breach and refers itself to Information Commissioner

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), NCH among several hit with data breach to donor info

Florida nears top of list for number of data breaches

Google App Engine, Azure App Service Abused in Phishing Campaign

Half of CIOs Are Increasing IT Budgets, 43% Focused on Identity and Access Management, Hitachi ID and Pulse Survey Shows

Hospital stillbirth data breach: what happens next

How Dharma ransomware became an effective services business

How to Keep APIs Secure From Bot Attacks

How to prevent ransomware with smart IT operations

How to protect sensitive data in the era of virtual communications

Incident Response Exercises Not Taken Seriously by Business Leaders

Is Hiring a Cybersecurity Consultant the Right Approach for Your Business?

Israel says it foiled hackers targeting defense industry

It could happen to anyone...

Maximizing data privacy: Making sensitive data secure by default

Maze Reportedly Posts Exfiltrated Canon USA Data

Medical records exposed in data breach at Illinois healthcare system

Mobile Phishing, the Next Battleground

NHS hit with wave of scam emails at height of COVID-19 pandemic

NHS targeted with over 40,000 phishing emails during Covid-19 outbreak

North Korean Hacking Group Attacks Israeli Defense Industry

Osterman Research Finds Cyber Crisis Preparation Failing to Adapt to Modern Threats, Leaving Nearly 40% of Security Leaders Without Confidence in Responders

Parishioners’ personal information was accessed in database breach in Northern Michigan

People Are Losing $$$ to a Fake UniSwap Google Ad Phishing Seedphrases

Personal details of staff released in Social Protection IT breach

Philippines: Landbank warns public vs. online phishing, scams

Phishing attacks grow in Israel due to coronavirus, as global trends fall

Proliferating Ransomware attacks threaten organizations as Indian critical infrastructure landscape grows more precarious

Ransomware: Why one city chose to the pay the ransom after falling victim

Ransomware gangs using social pressure to extort victims: Sophos researcher

Ransomware victim Travelex forced into administration

Ransomware victim Travelex forced into bankruptcy

Refund emails from City of White Rock a ‘phishing’ scam

Reports suggest spike in vaccine-related phishing campaigns

Safe networks, secure data

SANS Institute Phishing Attack Leads to Theft of 28,000 Records

SANS Institute, which drills cyber professionals in defense, suffers data breach

Security in the 'new normal': Passwordless is the way forward

Seek apologises for 'internal technical issue' that exposed user details

Smart Lock vulnerability can give hackers full access to Wi-Fi network

Sophos: Dharma Ransomware-as-a-Service Targets SMBs

Steps taken to ensure security of patient information after data breach in Lethbridge

Twitter’s Crypto Hacking Scandal: A Wake-Up Call for Security

When A City Had To Pay Ransom To Cyber Criminals!

Why Personal Data Is a National Security Issue

11th August

3 steps to mitigating cybersecurity risks in remote learning

4 signs you’re being scammed by spear phishing. What to look for and how to protect yourself

10 cybersecurity risks to consider when transitioning back to the office

95% of Saudi organizations have experienced one business-impacting cyberattack in past 12 months

Attackers misuse legitimate tools

Australia: Ransomware Breaches Up 150pc

Australian citizen sentenced to 2 years in prison for stealing $300,000 worth XRP

Bank of Ireland backs down belatedly on cybercrime-hit clients

Banks upping spend on cybersecurity and ready for the challenge

Billions of passwords available on underground forums

Camera maker Canon hit by Maze ransomware, website down

Canon suffers data breach in ransomware attack

Catholic archdiocese shares information about data security breach

Cornerstone Building Brands (CNR) says it detected ransomware attack

Coronavirus: Phishing lures pivot to exploit vaccine hopes

Countering Cybersecurity Attacks through Accountability

COVID crisis an opportunity for CISOs, panel told

COVID relief phishing emails spoof Small Business Administration (SBA)

Covid-19 pandemic is being amplified by a financial fraud crisis

COVID-19 pandemic sparks 72% ransomware growth, mobile vulnerabilities grow 50%

Cyber Criminals “King of The (Data Breach) Jungle”: 61% of All Data Breaches Caused by Malicious or Criminal Attacks, According to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) Report

Cybersecurity and Privacy Concerns Fuel Raft of New Regulations

Data Breach at Illinois Healthcare System

Data breaches and POPI: Nowhere to hide

Emotet back after a five-month respite

Ensure your software provider is protecting your data

Estate agents 'hacked by scammers' to post fake Edinburgh flats on Zoopla

Fake Security Advisory used in cPanel Phishing Attack

GDPR 2020: Where Compliance Lands Now

Gone phishing! Organizations don’t have to be reeled in to malicious attacks

Hackers exploit legitimate admin tools in 30% of successful cyber attacks

Half of CIOs Are Increasing IT Budgets, 43% Focused on Identity and Access Management, Hitachi ID and Pulse Survey Shows

Here’s Why You Need an iPhone VPN

How cybersecurity has changed since the coronavirus outbreak began, and what it means for businesses

How to Help Spoil the Cybercrime Economy

How to Manage WFH Risks Through COVID-19 and Beyond

How to Protect Your Mac From Ransomware

How to spot a phishing attack...before it’s too late

How Twitter's recent hack can help your organisation overcome social engineering attacks

India: Central GST superintendent loses Rs 1.92 lakh in phishing fraud

Infected UNESCO Website Spreads Banking Malware

IRS Urges Tax Preparers to Use VPNs when Working Remotely

IT expert warns about cyber attacks

Keep your browser and VPN safe from Agent Tesla

LiveAuctioneers Hacked, 3.4 Million Users’ Info For Sale To Highest Bidder On Web

Malta: PN Will Take Serious Data Breach Of Tesserati Contact Numbers To Data Protection Commissioner

Maynooth University graduates' personal data may have been stolen in cybercriminal ransomware hack

Michigan State University Discloses E-Skimming Attack; Credit Card Information on 2,600 Customers Stolen

More ransomware victims are paying up, even when data recovery is possible

More than 20GB of Intel Corporation Source Code And Proprietary Data Leaked Online

Netflix warning: Phishing scams have increased by 646% over lockdown - how to spot them

Network intruders selling access to high-value companies

Not Enough Organizations Using BYOD Anti-Malware Software Protection

Office 365 will now allow businesses to run phishing simulations

Phishing emails tempting people with fake coronavirus vaccines

Ransomware: These warning signs could mean you are already under attack

Remote control: how an attacker’s actions are manipulated by deception

SANS infosec training org suffers data breach after phishing attack

Securing human resources from cyber attack

SentinelOne uncovers IoT vulnerabilities enabling remote takeover and network intrusion

Shining a spotlight on operational resilience and cyber-risk in financial services

SMS firewalls can reduce fraud messages by 75 per cent within five years

Take care of your websites

“The time is now for outsourced security services” – ThreatQuotient expert

Threat actors behind Smaug ransomware are advertising their RasS platform on the Dark Web forum

Troy Hunt open-sources Have I Been Pwned engine

Twitter Hack Apparently Masterminded by Group of Kids as Young as 17

University Investigates Skimming of Credit Card Data

Verizon: The impact of COVID-19 on data breaches

Walgreens Reports Data Breach Affecting 72K Individuals

10th August

93% of security professionals lack the necessary tools to detect security threats

6,600 organizations bombarded with 100,000+ BEC attacks

A mysterious group has hijacked Tor exit nodes to perform SSL stripping attacks

Anatomy of a healthcare data breach dissected at Black Hat 2020

Android update fixes major security flaws

Application Vulnerabilities Spike, .NET Applications Appear in the Attack Crosshairs

Are banks prepared for employees to work off-site indefinitely?

Avaddon ransomware launches data leak site to extort victims

BEC Phishing Campaigns Bypass MFA, Target Office 365 Executive Accounts

Canada: More fraud in the midst of pandemic - Emergency funding scam

Canon says its cloud service can't restore users' lost videos or full-size images

Capital One fined $80 million for 2019 data breach

Capital One fined $80 million in data breach

Digital payment through biometric identification for a cash-free world

Endpoint Protection Best Practices to Block Ransomware

FBI says an Iranian hacking group is attacking F5 networking devices

Games, not shame: Why security awareness training needs a makeover

Get Ready For Deepfakes To Be Used In Financial Scams

Google and Amazon overtake Apple as most imitated brands

Hacked government, college sites push malware via fake hacking tools

Hacking It as a CISO: Advice for Security Leadership

How Multi-Factor Authentication Can Protect Your Business

How phishing attacks have exploited the US Small Business Administration

How secure remote access is like going to the airport

How Was Reddit Defaced?

‘If You Are a Target, They Will Hack You’: Cyber-Hygiene Increasingly Important for In-Home Care Agencies

Information on QEII Foundation donors may have been accessed by hacker

Iranian Hacking Group Attacking F5 Networks. The FBI Is Watching

Labour investigates data breach after members’ information was stolen

Lazarus hackers maybe planning something very big

McAfee report shows threat actor evolution during pandemic

Michigan State University discloses credit card theft incident

More than 400,000 hit by data breach at online exam site - what to do

Nearly 34,000 patients' info exposed after email hack at University of Maryland Medical Center faculty practice plan

Netflix and YouTube users warned about massive rise in data scams

Office 365 will let you manage phishing simulation emails

Phishers Send Out Fake cPanel Security Vulnerabilities Advisory

Phishing Campaign Uses Internal Email to Trick Employees into Sharing Office 365 Credentials

Ransomware: 5 Signs That an Attack Is Imminent

Ransomware Hackers Post Data From 2 Providers, Device Manufacturer

Ransomware Reportedly Hits Ventilator Maker

Reddit Hack Follows Twitter Pattern

Retailer Monsoon allegedly exposing data via Pulse Connect server

San Antonio hospital accidentally posts information of 1,200 patients online

Seniors Beware: Scam Artists Want Your Money

The Simple, Cost-Effective Way to Give Your VPN - and Network - a Zero Trust Security Boost

Tips to safeguard your Service coming from Cyberattacks in the Digital Grow Older

Travelex driven into financial straits by ransomware attack

Travelex Forced into Administration After Ransomware Attack

US: State Department Dangles $10 Million Award for Election Meddling Information

Volume of scam calls rising in Canada including British Columbia as pandemic persists

Whatever the cause, Intel leak still stings

Work from home securely