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Monday 24 August 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 35 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 24th August and 30th August 2020.

30th August

Australia: MyGov SMS scam making the rounds, don’t get fooled

Bitcoin Grows Up: How Companies Involved in Blockchain Are Going Through a Security Maturity Curve

College students are bait for scammers

Cybersecurity researchers warn of espionage campaign; India among the most affected nations

Danger: Watch Out For These Covid-19 Scams

DNS attacks threaten global supply chain

Google Play apps promised free shoes, but users got ad fraud malware instead

How to avoid a cyber pandemic during the Covid pandemic

Ledger CTO discusses wallet’s safety after multiple security setbacks

Paytm Mall data breach: No security lapses found, all data completely safe and secure, says company

Paytm Mall suffers data breach, ransom demanded by hackers

Philippines: Department of Health (DOH) urges respect for COVID patients’ privacy

Philippines: Only health authorities allowed to access Covid-19 patients list

Preventing cyberattacks an increasing challenge for academic institutions

Scammers try to con PC with threat of arrest warrant

Slack pays stingy $1,750 reward for a desktop hijack vulnerability

Tesla Targeted in Failed Ransomware Extortion Scheme

Warning over ‘Netflix’ and ‘DHL’ scams targeting Norfolk people

What is a Nation-State Attack? Why you should be very afraid

Working From Home? Follow These Safety Protocols To Keep Hackers At Bay

29th August

Breach exposes data of more than 100K patients at Utah Pathology Services

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Was Hacked: Are You 1 of 5,600 Canadians Affected?

Cyberattacks get more nuanced as Covid drags on

Cybercrime up 330 per cent as working from home creates 'perfect environment' for scammers

Emotet malware's new 'Red Dawn' attachment is just as dangerous

Failed ransomware attack on Tesla: Elon Musk Confirmed

It’s never the data breach — it’s always the cover-up

Lack of MFA May Have Caused Sendgrid Account Compromise

Project STAMINA Uses Deep Learning for Innovative Malware Detection

Ransomware During Covid-19

Scams on social media, email and coronavirus to guard against

Tesla targeted in a failed ransomware extortion scheme

Tesla worked with the FBI to block a million dollar ransomware attack

Tesla's Nevada facility targeted in failed ransomware extortion scheme

The U.S. Is Taking Its Crypto Back from North Korea

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges two companies for running crypto Ponzi schemes

Voice phishing scams are on the rise as more people work from home

What Happens in a Ransomware Attack?

28th August

47 names of clergy abuse victims part of accidental email leak

A 2020 threat for Mac users: Macro Virus

An Post warns customers about a new phishing scam

An Post warns of smishing scam

Beware! Text message delivery scams are back and sneakier than ever

Cisco engineer resigns then nukes 16k WebEx accounts, 456 VMs

Closing security gaps in mobile apps with source code protection

COVID-19 causing cyber concerns

Cyberbullying in higher education: Causes, implications, and preventive measures

Data Privacy and COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Data protection critical to keeping customers coming back for more

Defeat Emotet Malware with SSL Interception – No Mask Needed

Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O) coverage issues arising from increased cyberattacks, shareholder suits

Don’t be a victim of these scams when filing your taxes

DVLA email scam: This new fraud message could see their criminals access payment details

Ecuador: How To Protect From Data Thieves?

Elon Musk confirmed a Russian national tried to bribe a Tesla employee with $1 million in a bungled ransomware attack

Elon Musk confirms Russian hacking plot targeted Tesla factory

Elon Musk confirms Tesla was target of foiled ransomware attack

Experian cyber breach was a “socially engineered” disaster

Experts warns of impending global ‘Cyber Pandemic’

Fake Login Page Detections Top 50,000 in 2020

FBI and Tesla thwart $4 million Bitcoin ransomware plot

First half of 2020 led to nearly 800 disclosed vulnerabilities

Five steps to securing healthcare data and assuring continuity through crisis

Flaws expose DVB-T2 set-top boxes to botnet & ransomware attacks

Former engineer pleads guilty to Cisco network damage, causing Webex Teams account chaos

From Barrotes to WannaCry – a 30-year retrospective of cyber attacks

Government has an important advisory to protect your banking account from fraud

Greenville Technical College thwarts data breach from hackers who sought ransom, spokesperson says

Hackers for hire costing business millions and helping keep cybersecurity unemployment at 0%

Hackers want money to release North Carolina school district files

Here's how to protect your money from scammers - and the scams you need to be aware of

Here's What We Can Do To Reduce The Risk Of A Ransomware Attack

How Campaigns Can Prioritize Cybersecurity Heading Into The 2020 Election

How hackers used WhatsApp, LinkedIn to target human rights activists

How to protect your business from Cyber Attacks in 2020 and Beyond

How to reduce cybersecurity risk during the hybrid work transition

How, and when, to divvy consequences to employees for breaching security policy

Incident Of The Week: Social Media Data Scraped And Found Unprotected Online

Indian Military, Government Data Faces Threat from Notorious Cyber Espionage Group

Infamous Lazarus Group targets Cryptocurrency Firms

Instagram ‘Help Center’ Phishing Scam Pilfers Credentials

Ireland: Department of Social Protection and An Post issue warnings over scam test messages

Ireland: Department of Social Protection warns about ‘sophisticated’ phishing scam which dupes punters into giving bank details

Ireland: Department of Social Protection warns members of the public over sophisticated phishing scams

It’s never the data breach - it’s always the cover-up

Lazarus Group linked to phishing attacks on cryptocurrency sector

Major Data Broker Exposes 235 Million Social Media Profiles in Data Leak

Malicious npm package caught trying to steal sensitive Discord and browser files

Misconfiguration on the Cloud is as Common as it is Costly

Morgan Stanley Is Sued Over Data Breaches Tied to Missing Equipment

New ransomware threats leave victims scrambling to know how to respond

New Zealand Stock Exchange Restored After Four Day DDoS Attack

New Zealand Stock Exchange suffers day four disruption following DDoS attacks

NZX back online as Government assists in helping it address cyberattacks

Over 1,000 customer data missing in CryptoTrader.Tax breach

Over 54,000 scanned NSW driver's licences found in open cloud storage

Phishing Attack Payloads Leaving Employees Vulnerable as Remote Work Trends Continue to Evolve

Privacy Perils: Data Breach Strikes Cybersecurity Training Company

Pros Strengthen Cybersecurity with Federal Workers at Home

QBot operators change tactics to infect victims via hijacked email

Ransomware Attacks Demanding Larger Payouts from Local Governments

Ransomware expert suggests suspect in Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) cyber attack

Ransomware Red Flags: 7 Signs You're About to Get Hit

Reasons You Should Install SSL On Your Website

REvil Ransomware Operators Claim Valley Health Systems as New Victim

Rise of ransomware attacks on North Carolina schools hinder virtual learning

Ritz Hotel Data Breach Allowed Scammers to Make Expensive Purchases With Stolen Credit Card Information

Russian Attempt to Attack Tesla a Stark Warning to Enterprises

Russian hacker tried to bribe Tesla employee, Elon Musk confirms

Selma Unified School District hit with ransomware attack

SendGrid Hit With Account Takeovers, Passwords Sold To Spammers

Sendgrid Under Siege from Hacked Accounts

Single & penniless: FBI warns of $475M lost to romance scams

South Africa: Don’t let scammers trick you into parting with your hard-earned money

Strengthen information security while working remotely

Tesla employee bribed with US$1 million helps FBI arrest Russian hackers

Tesla Employee Thwarts Attempted Ransomware Attack

Tesla Gigafactory worker in Nevada targeted by Russian in failed ransomware attack

Tesla was the target of "serious" ransomware attack

The 10 riskiest Internet of Things devices in health care

The Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) will not keep us safe online

The global cost of cybercrime per minute to reach $11.4 million by 2021

The healthcare challenge: Protecting patient data privacy during a global pandemic

The perfect storm: Finding new ways to navigate and mitigate the cybersecurity pandemic

The UK is in desperate need of cybersecurity professionals

Transparent Tribe APT group targeting 30 countries with Android spyware, India among most hit

Trend Micro Releases 2020 Midyear Cybersecurity Report

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority Warns That Fund Managers Are at Increased Risk of Cyber Attacks

UltraRank hackers steal credit cards from hundreds of stores

University of Alaska (UA) Foundation announces data breach, maintains no sensitive foundation data accessed

University of Utah Pays Half a Million Dollars to Avoid Data Leak

Urgent warning over council tax email scam

Vietnam tops list of the most cyberattacks in region

Weaving Privacy And Security Into Cloud Migration Is Not Negotiable

What every company should know about a data breach

Why security doesn’t need to take a holiday

Why we should avoid fraud shaming breach victims

Why You Should Update All Your Software

Windows Computers Account for 83% of All Malware Attacks in Q1 2020

With exposure to multiple devices, cyber bullying, identity theft on the rise

With many federal employees working from home, cybersecurity experts look to beef up defenses

27th August

3 simple steps to protect data from human error

60 Seconds In Cybersecurity: Here’s What Happens In Just One Malicious Internet Minute

91% of cybersecurity pros want stricter internet measures to tackle misinformation

A Tesla Employee Thwarted an Alleged Ransomware Plot

After Florida was hacked in 2016 election, state got millions for election security. Here's how it was spent

All data is important

Are You Exposed? Protect Yourself from Pitfalls Before Providing Telehealth Services

Australia: What everybody ought to know about scams

Blackbaud Faces Class Action Lawsuit After Data Breach

Blocked 438 million email-borne threats in India in H1 2020

Bring Your Own PC security to transform businesses within five years

Britain’s cyber spy chief targeted by lockdown phishing email

Code-execution bug in Pulse Secure VPN threatens patch laggards everywhere

Company sued over poor cyber security

COVID-19 Pandemic Drives Sharp Uptick in Misinformation, Fake Domains

COVID-19 PPE Phishing Campaign Delivers Agent Tesla RAT Malware

Credential Harvesting Attacks Take Aim at Video Meeting Apps

Credit Information of Millions of South Africans and Businesses Leaked in a Massive Experian Data Breach

Cyber attack disrupts operations at several Leeds colleges

Cyber attacks on healthcare responders mirror the rate of Covid-19 infections

Cybersecurity Is The Future Of Customer Acquisition

Data Hosting Company For College Of The Canyons (COC) Foundation Faced With ‘Ransomware’ Attack

Data#3 says it has been hit by a non-notifiable cyber incident

DeathStalker: an APT that spies on SMEs

Disaster Recovery vs. Cloud Backup. What is the difference?

Double extortion ransomware attacks and how to stop them

Employee awareness key to reducing cyber risk amid the new normal

Everything You Need to Know About Phishing

Fact check: No evidence to suggest text scam is linked to sex trafficking

Hesitancy to Share Data Could Crimp COVID-19 Contact Tracing

How is Machine Learning being Developed to Prevent Phishing Attacks?

How online scam 'brushing' works and why COVID-19 is to blame for its resurgence

How state and local governments can better combat cyberattacks

How to Identify and Avoid the Latest PayPal Scams

How to Protect School Systems from Ransomware Attacks

How to spot a COVID-19 scam

Implications for CSOs of Charges Against Joe Sullivan

Increase in IT security threats as attackers target remote teams

India: Health ID data privacy - Patients to be able to withdraw consent ‘any time’

Internet browser vulnerability and user security

Iranian hackers impersonate journalists to set up WhatsApp calls and gain victims' trust

Kaspersky: 1.6 Million more phishing almost infected SEA SMBs in H1 2020

Lawsuits pile on after ITAD vendor’s data mismanagement

Local governments continue to be the biggest target for ransomware attacks

Local Government Organizations Most Frequently Targeted by Ransomware

Lombard Insurance engages South African authorities after data breach

Malicious Attachments Remain a Cybercriminal Threat Vector Favorite

Managing ransomware risks in private equity investments

Maze ransomware 'cartel' expands with new members

NASA doesn't know what's on its network

Nasty email hack can steal your personal data - what to do

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) departing boss reflects on China, Russia and trust in tech

New version of Qbot Trojan can hijack Microsoft Outlook email threads

North Carolina school system closes after ransomware attack

North Korean hackers seeking to rob banks across the globe, US and UN warn

Over 50% of illegal content users are victims of hacking, viruses

Phishing Scammers Target Thunder Bay

QakBot Banking Trojan Returned With New Sneaky Tricks to Steal Your Money

Qatar's banking sector remains ‘heavily targeted’ sector for cyberattacks

Qbot trojan hijacking email threads to carry out phishing campaigns

Ransomware attacks in India doubles in 2nd Quarter

Ransomware attacks 'raising the bar' as cities struggle to respond

Ransom Payments Rise Amid Jump in Attacks

Recent Ransomware Attacks: Latest Ransomware Attack News in 2020

RiskIQ Unveils “Evil Internet Minute” Report for 2020

Security in the spotlight as the US heads into elections

Singapore: $82 million lost in six months through 10 main types of scams

Singapore: Victims lose $82 million to Top 10 scams in first half of 2020

Smartphone users SIM swap alert! Your phone number can be used for fraud – Stay safe, just do this

SSL247 breach: Misconfigured AWS bucket leaked data of 350,000 users

Stolen Fortnite credentials are big business in underground marketplaces

Takedowns, Arrests No Deterrent to Growing DDoS-for-Hire Attacks

The disappearing perimeter and the rise of identity management

The Volkswagen Group Has Been Hit by “Conti” Ransomware

Today’s Jesse James: 21st Century Bank Heists

Trojan operator using colorful and elaborate lures to infect victims

Uber CSO’s Hack Cover-Up Shows Breach Discoveries Can Lead to Tough Action

US: Georgia ranks number 1 for reports of identity theft

Virtual credit cards provide online shoppers extra security

'Vishing’ emerges as new cyber threat: What is it?

Vishing is getting more popular, more sophisticated

Why are people still getting phished?

Why “Vishing” is the Bad Word of the Week

26th August

2X surge in ransomware attacks during the April-June quarter

6 requirements for choosing a new endpoint security platform

6 things supply chain managers must know about avoiding ransomware

9 health system malware, ransomware and phishing incidents this month

15 Expert Tech Tips For Remote Workers

90% of OT leaders have experienced at least one intrusion in the past year

Anti-Phishing Testers Put Themselves on the Hook

As Classes Resume, Schools Face Ransomware Risk

Avaddon ransomware operators having a go at double extortion

Behavioral Health Network Notifies Over 129,000 Patients of a Potential Data Breach

Beware of “We Found a Package Owed to You” Text Message Scam

Binance cleaned over $1M in Ryuk ransomware proceeds

Binance Fails to Prevent Hackers from Laundering Stolen Cryptocurrency Funds

Browser-based cryptojacking is back as attacks spike 163%

Canadian Courier Companies Suffer Ransomware Attack

Carnival ransomware attack exposes guest and employee information

Covid-19-led digital adoption leading to rise in cyber frauds

Cyberattack at Dynasplint Systems exposes data on 102,800 customers

Cybersecurity at a crossroads: Moving toward trust in our technologies

Cybersecurity: 4 Common Misconceptions That Put Organizations At Risk

Data Breach May Have Affected Some Rochester YMCA Accounts

Data Breach: Instacart Shoppers Warned of Security Incident after Third-Party Contractors ‘Review’ Too Many User Profiles

'Dirty, rotten, lowdown scoundrels' responsible for cyber attack, superintendent says

Experian Vows To Bring Hacker To Justice After Data Breach

Fraudsters are on the rise - and now may be the perfect time to freeze your credit

Fraudsters target airlines under cover of pandemic

Freepik Company Discloses Data Breach Affecting More Than 8 Million Users

G Suite flaw mitigated after disclosure, but Google Drive still vulnerable

Higher Education CISOs Share COVID-19 Response Stories

How a cyberattack on a Canadian insurance courier affected brokers and carriers

How to kickstart a simple and effective cybersecurity plan

India: As lockdown life goes digital, cybercrime shoots up in state

India: Increase in phishing scams, malware campaigns, fraudulent websites associated with Covid-19

Is Capital One Safe After the Data Breach Last Year?

Jamtara is back, this time in a new e-SIM phishing racket

Key Needs for a Resilient Healthcare Information Security Program

Kiwis lose $7.8m to cyber attacks; incident reports soar

Lazarus Group Uses Spear Phishing to Steal Cryptocurrency

Lazarus is using LinkedIn to send phishing emails and attack crypto firms

MetroHealth Foundation responds to Blackbaud ransomware attack

Nasty code execution vulnerability discovered in Pulse Secure VPN

New Privitar Survey Reveals Business Opportunity to Build Consumer Loyalty Through Data Privacy

Nine in ten cybersecurity pros say stricter Internet measures are needed to prevent surge in misinformation and fake domains

North Korean hacking group using LinkedIn to attack crypto firms

Online fraud against businesses drops, increases against consumers during reopening

Over 7 lakh RailYatri users’ UPI, card details, and other personal data leaked

Pandemic giving ransomware 'greater attack surface' as tactics shift, ex-FBI agent says

Phishing Scam Targets PPP Loan Applicants

Ransomware attacks have doubled year-on-year in April-July, says cybersecurity firm Seqrite

Ransomware Has Gone Corporate - and Gotten More Cruel

Russian arrested for trying to recruit an insider and hack a Nevada company

Scoot assures no data breach from mass email glitch

Singapore: Banking-related phishing scams spike more than 2,500% in first half of 2020

Smart cities — a cybersecurity wildfire waiting to happen?

Sole Society Confirms Emails Threatening Legal Action Were a Phishing Scam

SunCrypt Ransomware sheds light on the Maze ransomware cartel

The Dark Web: DDoS Attacks Sell for As Low As $10 Per Hour

Top election officials warn election systems being 'scanned' for vulnerabilities by adversaries

TransUnion research shows that fraudsters decrease online schemes against companies

TV Licence warning: Thousands targeted in dangerous scam - key signs to look out for

Twitter takes down 'Dracula' botnet pushing pro-Chinese propaganda

Uber’s Former Security Chief Has Been Charged With Allegedly Covering Up a Data Breach

Understanding Carnival's ransomware attack, hitting two different data types

University of Utah Pays Nearly £500K to Ransomware Gang to Recover Data

Unsophisticated Iranian hackers armed with ransomware are targeting companies worldwide

Utilities face growing ransomware threat as hackers improve strategy, execution

Vietnam suffers most phishing attacks on small businesses in Southeast Asia

Want to create loyal customers? Get on the bleeding edge of data security

Why Higher Education Should Prepare for Uncommon Malware Attacks

Work from home set to transform security

25th August

15-year-old Merseyside boy arrested for hacking UK PayPal accounts

A pandemic and remote working: Cyber security under the microscope

ACT Fibernet Could Have Revealed User’s Email ID, Address Due to A Security Flaw

AI Considered an Essential Tool for Beating Cyberattacks

Attacker’s behaviour shaped by systemic factors, not COVID

Beyond Antivirus: 5 cyber security products charities should consider

Brookfield Residential admits suffering a data security incident

Building Cyber Resilience Post-COVID-19

Cybercrooks exploit virus to fleece people

Cyber threats on the rise for industrial control systems, new research finds

DarkSide Ransomware hits North American real estate developer

Delhi fashion blogger's Instagram account hacked, hackers seek ransom in bitcoins

Details about previously undisclosed company targeted by ransomware group come to light

Does the Easyjet cyber attack prove increasing ‘breach fatigue’ in business?

Eight Million Freepik Users Suffer Data Compromise

Federman & Sherwood Initiates an Investigation of the Data Breach of Filters Fast, LLC

FBI, CISA Alert of Surge in Vishing Cyberattacks on Remote Workers

Fortinet research demonstrates enterprises must adapt to address telework security challenges long-term

Fraud prevention tips for you and your business

Global pandemic opening up can of security worms

Hacker Stole CryptoTrader.Tax’s Customer Information

How AI Could be Used to Facilitate Crime

How Digital-First Banks Can Effectively Authenticate Customers, Stamp Out Cybercrime

How the pandemic has made its mark on cybersecurity

How to lighten the load for IT teams in a remote-working future

Improving Home Workers' Online Security Behavior

‘Increase In Cyber-Attacks Focused On Covid-19’

Indian train ticketing vendor RailYatri downplays data breach incident

IoT botnets: Smart homes ripe for a new type of cyberattack

Iranian hackers targeting companies in India, China

Japan Sees its First Crypto Seizure As Binance Helps Take Down Money Laundering Group

Keeping your clients' information secure

Lazarus group strikes cryptocurrency firm through LinkedIn job adverts

Lazarus Group Targets Cryptocurrency Firms Via LinkedIn Messages

Low-Skilled Iranian Hackers Spotted Using Dharma Ransomware

Never recycle old passwords, security experts warn

New data reveals correlation between cyber attacks and work from home initiatives

Outlook users beware! This security notice is a trick

People, not technology key to organisational security

Philadelphia transit system recovering from apparent cyberattack

Phishing alert! This Google Drive feature has a security flaw, can fool you into installing malware

Police investigators blame Algerian for coronavirus-themed phishing attacks

Qatar: Special squad busts huge phishing scammers who stole around QR10 million

Ransomware Hackers Using Binance to Exchange BTC for Cash

Scoot says ‘human error’ caused email on Covid-19 testing to be mistakenly sent to customers not on Guangzhou-bound flight

Scoot: No data breach in e-mails mistakenly sent for Guangzhou flight

Securing Remote Operations with Digital Identity Management

Security: Hackers Target Critical Infrastructure

Security researcher discloses Safari bug after Apple delays patch

Survey highlights significant business impacts related to Active Directory outages and attacks

Tactical Literacy: How We Can Overcome Ignorance In Cybersecurity

There But Not There: Phishing Emails Using Invisible Text

Three places for early warning of ransomware and breaches that aren’t the dark web

University Of Utah Suffered Ransomware Attack – Paid Ransom To Recover

What Is Malware? 10 Types of Malware & How They Work

Will cyber attacks increase as we return to the office?

24th August

5 Digital Security Tips for Small Businesses

5 Ways Your Business Can Optimize Its Network Security

6 tips for thwarting cyberthreats

19 common antivirus terms explained

24 million customers impacted by data breach disclosed by Experian South Africa

8.3 million Freepik users exposed in recent databreach

8.3 Million records of Freepik and Flaticon users stolen in SQL injection attack

84% Of Organizations Report That the Impact of an Active Directory Outage Would Be Significant, Severe, or Catastrophic in the Latest Semperis Study

A Security Flaw In ‘Manage Versions’ Feature Of Google Drive Could Allow Malware Attackers Trick Victims Into Installing Rogue Code

A PCI DSS Checklist for CIOs Worried About Work from Home Security

Africa's people are under cyber attack and why we need more cyber security awareness and training on the continent

Amazon: Scam warning after shoppers sent suspicious 'free' parcels

Android and Apple users warned of apps with hidden subscriptions that could cost them hundreds of pounds

APT Group’s Worldwide Targeting of Small and Medium Businesses Revealed

Assessing cyber risks in ports

Attackers Use Unicode & HTML to Bypass Email Security Tools

Average Cost of a Data Breach in 2020: $3.86M

Beware of Voice Phishing Campaigns; FBI and CISA Warn Against Surge in 'Vishing' During Pandemic

Breach of nonprofit vendor including clients worldwide also ensnares MultiCare

Brookfield Residential admits suffering a data security incident

Brute-force cyberattacks on the rise in Brazil

Cyberattacks on smart devices rise post Covid-19 outbreak

Cyberpolice of Ukraine Investigates Three Defendants in Alleged $42 Million Crypto Laundering

Cybersecurity expert talks online safety as people work from home, kids learn online

Cybersecurity experts issue warnings as schools begin remotely, businesses continue work online amid COVID-19

Dark Web’s Empire market down for days after massive DDoS attack

DeathStalker ATP Group: Here's What MSSPs Need to Know

DoppelPaymer: The latest ransomware innovation is all about distribution

Ex-Uber exec charged over data breach cover-up

FBI and CISA Warns About 'Vishing' and Now Rampant Because of Mass Shifting To WFH

FBI, CISA warn of increase in ‘vishing’ attacks

FBI Investigates COVID-19 Patient Data Breach in South Dakota

FBI investigating COVID-19 data breach in South Dakota

FBI Warns of Phony Election Website Scam

Files from TFI’s Canpar leak after ransomware attack

Five steps toward a stronger security posture

Four ways IT can better support and secure remote workers

Fraud Watch: Scammers turning up the heat

Fraudsters abuse WhatsApp number verification tool to scam people

Freepik data breach: 8.3m users’ emails and hashed passwords compromised

Google Drive users beware, hackers can use this flaw to trick you into installing malware

Group of unskilled Iranian hackers behind recent attacks with Dharma ransomware

Hackers may exploit a weakness in Google Drive to spread malware

Hackers use information from Equifax data breach to file unwanted unemployment claims

Hackers want money to release Haywood County school district files

Haywood County Schools closed after Ransomware attack

Here are the 10 cybersecurity myths you need to stop believing

HMRC and TV licensing scams to be aware of

How Can a Supply Chain Attack Be Prevented?

How GDPR influences the behaviour of cybercriminals and the tactics they use

How has COVID-19 impacted business security?

How phishing can lead to a shipment of headaches

How schools can ensure data remains safe in the age of digital learning

Inky spots new phishing attack with clever tricks

Iranian hackers used RDP to hit businesses with Dharma ransomware

Is a Ransomware Attack a Reportable Data Breach?

Is the Binance Crypto Exchange Safe?

#LeakAlert: RailYatri exposes personal data of over 700,000 passengers

Lucifer botnet now infecting Linux-based systems

Malware Attack Forces Rialto Unified To Suspend Online Learning

Massachusetts Town Navigates Cyberthreats Amid Remote Work

Mental Health Partners reports client, employee data breach

Microsoft says the pandemic has changed the future of cybersecurity in these five ways

New ransomware hacker group targets billion-dollar Toronto company

New wave of voice phishing attacks targets VPN credentials

Northeast Ohio institutions react to ransomware attack on Blackbaud

Nuspire Research: More Than 26 Million Exploit Attacks in 2Q20

Office 365 now opens attachments in a sandbox to prevent infections

Philippines: BSP tells banks to ramp up security amid rise in text-based fraud

Phishing attacks became more targeted this year

Q2 2020 KnowBe4 finds coronavirus-related phishing e-mail attacks spike

Ransomware Attack Impacts Medical Debt Collections Firm R1 RCM

Report claims a popular iOS SDK is stealing click revenue from other ad networks

Report suggests $1 million of ransomed Bitcoin was cashed out on Binance

Remote working is here to stay but security needs addressing

Rialto school district collecting devices for distance learning after malware attack

Ryuk Creators Withdraw Over $1M in Bitcoin via Binance

Security Advisory: Mitiga Recommends All AWS Customers Running Community AMIs to Verify Them for Malicious Code

Security Awareness: Preventing Another Dark Web Horror Story

SEPTA malware attack has stifled operations and exasperated frustrated employees: ‘I think about quitting every day’

SMEs Especially Vulnerable to Pandemic Security Challenges

So, what is the safest password policy? It’s complicated

South Africa's regulator battles to cope with increasing data breach incidents as funding dries up

The Best Anti-Phishing Approach?

The cyber threat is real

The Dangers of Data Scraping: Do You Know What’s Out There?

The hidden dangers of data in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process

The New Bank Robbers – Ransomware’s Rise in Financial Services

The rise of cybercrime in the accounting profession continues

Top exploits used by ransomware gangs are VPN bugs, but RDP still reigns supreme

UK Cybercrime on the rise amid global disruption

US: Recent Enforcement Of Data Breach And Cybersecurity Violations - Is Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Storage The Answer?

Vulnerability on RailYatri server exposed sensitive information of 7 lakh users

Workplace fluidity leads to growing cyber vulnerabilities

Your Comprehensive Guide to Prevent Email Spoofing