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Welcome to DBD. 2023 has been the worst year on record for Data-Leaking Ransomware Attacks, and despite Law Enforcement gains, show no signs of slowing down. On a more positive note, our PRiSM platform continues to gain recognition and is now officially endorsed as a Ransomware Intelligence Resource by the SANS Institute. With that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your very much appreciated and continued support. Stay safe. :)

Monday 20 July 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 30 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 20th July and 26th July 2020.

26th July

4 signs your Android phone has hidden malware, and how to deal with it

Action Fraud warning over big increase in bogus PayPal emails being sent out

Blackbaud hack results in university data being compromised

Cryptojacking Attacks in Mexico On The Rise

Dave data breach affects 7.5 million users, leaked on hacker forum

Dealing with growing threat of cybersecurity breaches

Five essential tools and services to protect your identity

Gang says Spanish Govt telling porkies about REvil ransomware attack

Garmin Fenix smartwatches hit with GPS, run and activity saving glitch amid outage

Garmin's outage, ransomware attack response lacking as earnings loom

Hackers reportedly demand $10 million ransom from Garmin

Have you ever wondered what the success rate is for an online scam in South Africa?

Here's what the Twitter hack tells us about the potential security risks of working from home

Medical school pays computer hackers $1.4 million in bitcoin to return stolen data

Scammers Impersonating the Australian Government Increase During Tax Time

Tech unicorn Dave admits to security breach impacting 7.5 million users

US: Report suggests local election officials’ emails could be at risk for phishing attempts

You might live to regret opening that Microsoft Office document

25th July

1 in 2 Indian firms faced a cyber breach in past 2 years

5 of the Biggest Cybersecurity Trends in 2020

A hacker is sabotaging Emotet, one of the most active botnets, and exchanging its malware for animated GIFs

Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity

Australia: Scammers exploit Covid-19 - $1.2m lost in government impersonation fraud

Canadian Regulator Warns Against Crypto Site 'Set up in Order to Steal Money'

Chennai, Hyderabad record most malware infections among Tier-1 cities in Q1

Email Phishing and Spoofing Attempts in Thompson’s Station

Fake Crypto-ads: Google, Facebook are complicit, if not guilty

Garmin Connect is STILL down after possible ransomware attack

Garmin global outage caused by ransomware attack, sources say

Garmin ransomware attackers said to be demanding $10 million

Google Cloud Service Used in Phishing of Office 365 Logins

Homeless charity Crisis warns its thousands of supporters their data is in the hands of cyber criminals after it hackers struck global cloud software provider Blackbaud

If you receive this SMS about a Covid-19 test, delete it: it is Malware

IRS releases 'Dirty Dozen' list of tax scams

Lazarus Group Deploying Fresh Malware Framework

Microsoft Reported a Decrease in Cyberthreat Encounters in Malaysia in 2019

'On hold': Warning for 14 million Australians

OnePlus ‘accidentally’ exposes hundreds of customer emails

OnePlus leaks hundreds of users' email address as part of mass mailer: Know what is it

Plain Township investigating mysterious email attachments sent from its accounts

Punjab Police issues alert on phishing attack claiming to offer money

Punjab police issues alert over COVID-19 phishing attacks promising Rs 2,000 as relief package

Punjab police state cyber crime cell issues alert on phishing fraud linked to covid-19

Researchers Note a 105% Year-over-year Increase in US Ransomware Attacks

Russia’s GRU hackers hit US government and energy targets

ShinyHunters Leaked Seven Million User Records of ‘Dave.com’

Spanish Railway Infrastructure Threatened by Ransomware

Sydney strata management firm Strata Plus hit by Maze ransomware

Virus warnings for Macbook users

Warning: Scam email claiming to refund council tax

West Midlands victims hit in £26,000 tax scam

What happens when someone steals your identity?

24th July

5 Signs Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked

27% of consumers hit with pandemic-themed phishing scams

121 million ransomware attacks recorded in the first half of 2020

200 Police Department Fusion Centers Hacked in June

A question of trust: University and supplier on the hook for data breach

An inside look at the global battle with botnets

Are Businesses Unprepared to Fight Bot Attacks?

Australian TV Ratings Delayed by Ransomware Attack

Australian TV Ratings Knocked Out in Ransomware Surge

Brunel University London: Blackbaud response

Canada: 'Amazon Brushing' scam strikes a dozen families in Bruce County

Cat-themed hackers trashed a shady VPN's database of customer records

Celebrities Who Give Away Money on Twitter Are Setting People Up to Get Scammed

Charges laid in data breach at 407 ETR

Cyber threats against OT & IoT infrastructure growing in number and impact, says security firm

DNA companies vulnerable to phishing, privacy violations after attacks

Don’t be fooled: Your cloud-based office is not as safe as you once thought

Easy and effective ways to secure your home technology

FBI warns trucking of potential Electronic Logging Device (ELD) hackers

FBI warns US companies about backdoors in Chinese tax software

Garmin Connect ransomware attack – site still down after 24 hours

Garmin fitness tracking service goes down, frustrating users

Garmin Online Services Reportedly Hit With Ransomware Attack

Garmin outage raises fear of ransomware attack

Garmin services still down following ransomware attack

Garmin shuts down as ransomware attack causes outage

Garmin suffers major outage in ‘ransomware attack’

Garmin Systems Knocked Offline; Early Reports Suggest Targeted Cyber-Attack

Global Ransomware Attack Hits Universities in UK, US and Canada

Here’s why Garmin isn’t working and what services have been affected

How to Build a Security Culture

How To Keep Your Smartphone and Data Safe from Breaches in 2020

How to Think About GDPR as a Security Vendor

Information Commissioner to take no further action against Ceredigion Council

Instacart Blames Reused Passwords For Account Hacks

Instacart Denies Reported Data Breach Affecting 280K Users

Instacart insists it's probably your fault if your account got hacked

Instacart user data is reportedly being sold online, but the company denies there was a breach

Lazarus uses advanced toolset for espionage, ransomware

Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) says no known internal data breach driving fraudulent unemployment claims, warns of $600 payments expiring

NSA, CISA Warn of Threats to US Critical Infrastructure

NSA Issues Alert For Critical Infrastructure Operators

OnePlus’ latest security blooper is arguably its silliest one yet

Ransom Requested from British Football Club with Bitcoin

Ransomware Adopts a Game-Changing Blackmail Model for Information Theft

Ransomware attack on Blackbaud impacted ten major universities

Ransomware recovery: Moving forward without backing up

Remote control imperative for home workers

Safeguarding data privacy during the new normal: 5 major privacy regulations you need to know about

Scam artist posing as police officer steals $10,000 from Langford man

Smartphone Security: 8 Things That Makes You Future Ready

Smartwatch maker Garmin hit by outages after ransomware attack

Social media as a tool for malware propagation, cybercrime, and data loss

Spanish state railway company Adif hit by REvil ransomware attack

Study confirms companies with poor privacy practices are more likely to suffer data breach

Tech outfit Garmin reports possible ransomware attack after two days of disruption

Tessian Study Uncovers Extent of Human Error in Cybersecurity

The constant threat of social engineering attacks

The importance of cybersecurity for SMBs and SOHOs

The Importance of Security in the Information Age

The Infamous Twitter Attack And What Enterprises Can Learn From It

The pandemic has seen a spike in ‘bad actors’ garnering information, says NTT Senior Director

The Smartphone was a Turning Point for Multi-Factor Authentication

Threat highlight: Analysis of 5+ million unmanaged, IoT, and IoMT devices

Twitter Bitcoin Scam Resembles Similar Schemes on YouTube

Twitter Cyberattack Could Prompt Surge in Similar Hacks

U.S. Leads World in Number of Cyberattacks Since 2006

University and supplier on the hook for data breach

VA sending letter to 1,501 Montana vets about privacy breach

When a Premier League club was targeted by hackers, almost lost £1 million

Where to? And Who is Listening?

Why companies need a response plan to combat identity theft

Windows REvil ransomware used to attack Spanish Govt firm

23rd July

1 in 3 email hackers camp out in accounts for over a week

70-plus Brands Targeted By Fraudulent Social Media Ads

'375 new cyber threats per minute seen in Q1 globally' Says Report

Account Hijackers Often Stay For A Week Or More, Sell Data To Other Cyber Felons

Adif hit by cyberattack

Amazon Prime scam: This phone call is conning people

Amid Spike in Hospital Attacks, More Must Be Done To Safeguard Medical Devices

Apple laptop users, government has a virus warning for you: All details and how to stay safe

Athens, Alabama, Girds Systems After Attack on Neighboring City

Australian TV ratings delayed due to suspected cyber attack

Best ways to beat tax scams in 2020

Better digital identity verification influences three in four consumers towards adopting online service

BEWARE OF HACKERS: Email phishing on the rise as more people work from home

Blackbaud Hack: Universities lose data to ransomware attack

Breach at huge donor database firm hits home for Vermont nonprofits

British sports industry threatened by hackers

Business Email Compromise: What it is, and how to stop it

China escalates cyber warfare against India amid border tensions

China-Backed APT Group Reportedly Targets India, Hong Kong

Chinese hackers blamed for the spread of MgBot Trojan across India, Hong Kong

Chinese hackers targeted major UK companies as coronavirus raged

Cisco Systems Warns Cryptojacking Botnet Mining Monero (XMR) Is Also Stealing User Data

CISOs: Cyber Insurance Fails to Cover Modern Threats and Remote Workforces

Combat Phishing Attacks Using Modern Machine Learning Algorithms

CONFIRMED: Ransomware attack hits OzTam ratings

CouchSurfing investigates data breach after 17m user records appear on hacking forum

CouchSurfing Investigates Potential Data Breach

Covid-hit countries have high risk of cyber attacks

Cyber-criminals are deploying advanced malware for ransomware and data espionage attacks

Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the COVID-19 Era

Cybersecurity at risk after hackers try to sabotage Premier League transfer deal

Data Breach: University of York Staff and Student Records Stolen in Third-Party Cloud Service Provider Ransomware Attack

Detecting Ransomware and Other Threats from Malicious Bootloaders

Did you hear about the giant computer hack of 200 U.S. police departments? It’s called BlueLeaks

Did you order groceries online? Your info could be for sale on the Dark Web

DMs Raided in Twitter Hack that Saw Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama’s Accounts Accessed

DNA analysis service GEDmatch suffers breach exposing 1.3 million DNA profiles

DNA testing website claims data breach at rival company GEDmatch led to phishing campaign

Employee charged in 407 ETR data breach involving 60,000 customers

Evasive phishing campaign hid inside Google cloud services

Finance teams targeted as ‘email hijack attacks’ rise 22%

Financial scams are on the rise - What you need to know

Florida Tax Office Blames Data Breach on Virus

Four lessons from life-long ransomware expert Fabian Wosar

Garmin mobile app down amid possible ransomware attack

Garmin shuts down services after suspected ransomware attack

Google Will Show Authenticated Brand Logos in Gmail to Help Curb Scams

Hackers Are Reportedly Selling Instacart Customer Data On The Dark Web

Hackers dwell in compromised email accounts for more than a week

Hackers Steal Transfer Fees, Cripple Football Stadiums

Hackers take advantage of Covid as ransomware jumps 20% globally

Hackers target DNA profiles on major genealogy databases

Hackers targeting sports organisations with phishing and malware attacks

Hackers try to steal £1m transfer fee during football club cyber attack, report reveals

Hackers will lurk in your email for more than a week after breaking in

Has coronavirus ended ‘business as usual’ forever? - Digital identity will be key to success in the new normal

High-profile Twitter users' private messages hacked in cyber attack

How Better Planning Can Save Your Business From A Data Breach

How The Department Of Defense Is Fighting Hackers With New Frameworks

How to Keep Your Crypto Assets Safe From Hackers in 2020

How to Survive a Ransomware Attack Without Paying the Ransom

Human error: Understand the mistakes that weaken cybersecurity

Hundreds of thousands of Instacart customers impacted by data breach

IBM Verify Gateway vulnerability allowed remote attackers to brute-force their way in

Improving The Cybersecurity Of A Remote Workforce

Inbox suddenly filled with malicious spam? Here’s why

Indian Enterprises Witness a Sudden Increase in Ransomware Attacks

Indonesian businesses ramp up cybersecurity budget amid rampant attacks

Instacart denies security breach of customer data

Instacart denies widespread data breach affecting hundreds of thousands of customers

Instacart user data for sale on dark web at $2 per account

Instacart user data reportedly for sale on dark web at $2 per account

Instacart users’ personal data, including order history, is reportedly being sold online

Is Nigeria Sweeping A Data Leak Like South Africa’s Biggest Breach Under The Rug?

It Takes 48 Hours to Catch a Phishing Threat?

It’s time to say goodbye to the EU-US Privacy Shield

Lazarus group suspected of $81 Million Bangladesh bank heist persists in attacking banks globally

Lessons Learned from a Cyberattack on Florence, Alabama

Looking behind the Gedmatch data breach and law enforcement

Malware Attack Knocks NY Community College Offline

Malware is down, but IoT and ransomware attacks are up

Many Manufacturers and Distributors Neglect Cybersecurity Prevention Activities

Nearly half of employees admit to making mistakes that have had cybersecurity repercussions

Nearly half of employees have made a serious security mistake at work

Netwalker Ransomware Stole Data After Targeting Lorien Health Services

New cyber threats appeared at a rate of 375 per minute in Q1

New Report Finds IoT Botnets & Shifting Ransomware Are Raising The Stakes For Enterprises Worldwide

New Study Reveals That North Korean Hackers Are Focusing Heavily on Magecart Attacks

No Patching, No CISO? Premier League Club Saved by the Bank after Hackers Targeted MD

North Korean Hackers Spotted Using New Multi-Platform Malware Framework

One third of hackers dwell in hijacked email accounts for more than a week

Organizations with poor privacy practices 80% more likely to suffer data breach

Password Reuse to Blame for Fifth of Account Takeovers

Personal Information of Instacart Customer Is Being Sold On The Dark Web

Police charge Highway 407 employee in data breach

Premier League club almost loses £1million after cyber criminals hacked transfer deal, as teams told to tighten online security

Premier League club almost lost £1 million transfer fee to cyber criminals

Premier League membership nearly loses £1 million after cyber criminals hacked switch deal, as groups advised to tighten on-line safety

Protecting your workplace from online threats

Raft of Healthcare Breaches Continue

Ransomware attack locked a football club's turnstiles

Ransomware attack on Blackbaud leaks University of York students’ data

Ransomware attacks up in India as firms turn digital

RBS data breach row: Whistleblower claims she has highly sensitive details of 1,600 customers bank WON'T take back

Remote workers, SMMEs, health sector more at risk of cyber threats

REvil Ransomware Hits Spain’s State-Owned Railway Management Body

Running online classes? Steps you can take to protect your institute from cyberattacks

Russian Hackers Named 'Cozy Bear' Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccines

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System Reports Email Hack

SBA defends data exposure response

Sharp Spike in Ransomware in U.S. as Pandemic Inspires Attackers

Six universities among those hit by Blackbaud ransomware attack

SonicWall report: COVID-19 has created ‘boon’ for criminals

SonicWall’s Report Finds Malicious Microsoft Office Files On Rise, Ransomware Up in US, Globally

Sports industry urged to reform cyber security after £1m Premier League phishing scam

State employment agency hit in nationwide fraud scheme

SonicWall’s Mid-Year Cyber Threat Report Finds Malicious Microsoft Office Files On Rise, Ransomware Up in US, Globally

Telcos in the firing line as ransomware attacks hit new highs

The top cybersecurity challenges post-lockdown

Top Five Data Privacy Issues that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startups Need to Know

TV ratings delayed again by ransomware attack on Nielsen

TV Wrap Paused As Nielsen Deals With Ransomware Attack

Twilio’s SDK Compromised by Attackers

Twitter hackers accessed direct messages for 36 accounts

University of Leeds second in Yorkshire to confirm Blackbaud ransomware breach

University Ransomware Attack: Hackers Hit SUNY Erie

Who is behind APT29? What we know about this nation-state cybercrime group

Why employees are now weak link in cyber-security

Why end-to-end encryption laws matter to all of us

Your Instacart Information Might Be on the Dark Web

22nd July

5 Cyber Security Products to Replace Symantec

A Security Breach Exposed More Than One Million DNA Profiles On A Major Genealogy Database

Amazon Prime phishing scam returns - here's all you need to know

Are you cyber safe?

Australia: Scam 'govt' callers steal $1.3m from unwary victims in six months

Balbix Report Reveals the Major Concerns and Risks Hindering CISOs’ Ability to Strengthen Security Posture

Before you hit ‘Send’...

Best Identity Theft Protection Services 2020

Beware Of This Internet Cat’s Meow - It Destroys Databases

Biometrics: the key to tackling fraud and deepfakes?

British Gas 'unpaid bill' email scam: how to stay safe

Building a robust cyber defence: When good just isn’t good enough

CERT-In Spots Security Bugs In Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Urges Updates

CrowdStrike APJ Report Reveals Nearly 3 out of 4 Business Leaders See Cybersecurity as a Top Priority In COVID-19 Recovery

Cryptojacking and Ransomware Cases Grow in Mexico

Cyber fraud risk and recovery during covid-19

Cyberattack threat to health care providers on the rise

Cybersecurity risks to consider when the workforce returns

Cybersecurity teams are struggling with a lack of visibility into key security controls

DeepSource breach: Code analysis firm resets user login credentials after employee GitHub account compromise

Disabled Delawareans’ Personal Data Ends Up in Student Project

Distraction, stress and convincing fakes are why staff fall for phishing, study suggests

DNS Requests: DoH Can Help Balance Privacy, Control & Visibility

Emotet Malware Threat Actors Return with Massive Email Campaign

Erie Community College hit with ransomware attack

Flintshire residents warned about 'council tax' scam

French trial sought for alleged Russian bitcoin criminal

GEDmatch confirms data breach after users’ DNA profile data made available to police

Genesys Survey Finds Majority of UK Consumers Concerned Over Companies’ Use of Personal Data

German police can access Whatsapp messages whenever it wants, media reports

Google is rolling out this amazing feature to protect you from phishing attacks

Google will use authenticated logos to reduce Gmail phishing

Hackers concealing phishing attacks on Google Cloud Services, warn cybersecurity experts

HIPAA compliance in a big data world

Hotstar cites "data breach on other platforms", phases out email logins

How cybercriminals have exploited the coronavirus pandemic

How to Spot and Avoid COVID-19 Investment Fraud

Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) hit in nationwide fraud scheme

Is paid antivirus really worth it?

Lazarus Group Surfaces with Advanced Malware Framework

Lazarus hackers deploy ransomware, steal data using MATA malware

Leak Exposes Private Data of Genealogy Service Users

Lockdown & cyber attacks: Covid-19 sets the stage for hacking mayhem

Major European mobile operator hit by ransomware attack

Maharashtra Cyber Team issues advisory related to phishing kits on sale on hacker forums

Manufacturers and distributors neglect key cybersecurity activities, report finds

Many organizations did not do enough to stay cyber secure during lockdown

Massive surge in cyber criminal activity during Covid, says McAfee

MATA Malware Framework Latest Move for North Korean Hackers

Media Claims of Law Enforcement Agencies Purchasing Breach Data, How Serious Is It?

Multi-Platform Malware Framework ‘MATA’ Claimed Victims Worldwide

Nasty malware could be hiding on your Android. Here's how to spot it

New Data Privacy Report Reveals Grim Numbers for Organizations With Poor Privacy Practices: An 80% Increase in the Chance of a Data Breach

New ‘Meow’ attack has wiped dozens of unsecured databases

New Report from Nozomi Networks Labs Finds IoT Botnets and Shifting Ransomware are Raising the Stakes for Enterprises Worldwide

New York Regulator Charges First American Unit Over 2019 Data Breach

Nigeria: Navigating data privacy issues in targeted online advertising

No let-up in cyber attacks as lockdown eases

Ongoing Meow attack has nuked >1,000 databases without telling anyone why

Operational Technology (OT) security remains a challenge for leaders

Organizations Lack Visibility into Their Top Risks

Phishing attacks and ransomware are the most challenging threats for many organizations

Phishing Attacks Dodge Email Security

Phishing attacks on users of streaming sites growing, warn cyber security experts

Prometei botnet exploits Windows SMB to mine for cryptocurrency

Protecting Yourself From Cybersecurity Risks While Working From Home

Ransom paid to hackers who targetted the University of York

Ransomware attacks rising in India, says report

Ransomware attacks up in India as firms turn digital

Researchers discover phishing attacks concealed in Google Cloud services

Revealed! How Fraudsters Empty Bank Accounts Without ATM Card or Bank Details

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Announces College Has Been Hacked - Data Breach and Attempted Ransomware Attack

Securing the Human Layer – The First Sane Step Towards Achieving a Strong Cybersecurity Posture

Securing Travel and Transportation Operations

Security and the modern desktop

Security threats escalated due to COVID pandemic

Sibylline report warns organisations to prepare for escalating security threats

South Africa: Be wary of scam artists this tax season

State employment agency hit in nationwide fraud scheme

Surge in Consumer-Grade IoT Devices Undermining Enterprise Security

Telecom Argentina suffers ransomware attack; told to pay £5.8m to recover files

Telehealth and Cybersecurity: What You Should Know

The cyber-crime pandemic: Seven security steps to safeguard your business

THE DANGEROUS: BlackRock Android Malware

The fight against COVID-19 spam and smishing attacks

The Most-Ignored Data Security Practice: A Lesson From Twitter’s Data Breach Nightmare

The Urgency in Addressing the Human Factor in Cybersecurity

There are too many frauds in hacking on phishing hackers

Threat actors have evolved during the pandemic

To reduce security errors, employers must relieve stress and fatigue

Top Risks of 1H 2020: Ransomware, Mobile, Health Infrastructure

Top Tools And Software To Secure Your Devices In 2020

Twitter hack ‘proved bitcoin’s transparency’

University of York Confirms Recent Data Breach Was Caused by Ransomware

University of York data breach: Ransomware attack on CRM provider breaches allumni records

University of York data breach was kept quiet for two months

University of York discloses data breach, staff and student records stolen

University of York provider pays ransom after data breach of personal details

US Considers Banning TikTok on Government-issued Devices Over Data Breach Fears

US offers $2 million for info on Ukrainians charged for SEC hack

Use of IP Geolocation in Threat Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Vodafone Linked To Massive West Australian Data Breach

VPN breach of multiple services exposes millions of users' data: What to do

Wattpad notifies users, shares new details of reported data breach

What Is the Real Cost of a Data Breach?

What the Twitter hack says about us

What's new for North Korean hackers? Kaspersky says they're polishing tools, finding new targets

Why Indian SMBs need to approach cyber security more proactively

Why you should be using a VPN if you bank and invest online

Work From Home’s Cybersecurity Scares One Should Be Careful Of

21st July

4 Things SMEs need to know about COVID-19 cyber risks

AI Will Drive Tomorrow’s Data Breaches

Alabama County Offices to Reopen After Ransomware Attack

Alert! New flaw found in fast charger that can wreck your smartphones

Analysis of ransomware used in recent cyberattacks on health care institutions

Are the verification requirements for access and deletion requests the same under the CCPA as they are under the GDPR?

Argentine telecom company hit by major ransomware attack

Assisted Living Services Provider Discloses Data Security Incident

ATO and government scams skyrocketing

Australia: Thousands swindled by coronavirus scammers

Balbix Report Reveals the Major Concerns and Risks Hindering CISOs’ Ability to Strengthen Security Posture

Becoming Partners In Crime Prevention Can Help FIs Beat Fraud Rings

[BEWARE] 300 Apps at Risk From New Android Malware: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are Included

Businesses unprepared for bot attacks, despite awareness

Combating financial crime – Covid-19’s financial fallout

Companies with poor privacy practices are 80% more apt to suffer data breach

Complexity exacerbates cloud cybersecurity threats

Conti Ransomware Identified as Ryuk’s Potential Successor

COVID-19 Continues to Fuel Big Changes to Threat Landscape

COVID-19 fuels cyber attacks, exposes gaps in business recovery

COVID-19 scams continue to rise, totaling more than $74 million in losses

COVID-19 Scams Proliferating Online, Lawmakers Told

Cyber Attacks increasing at Alarming Rate in the Maritime Industry

Cyber criminals take advantage of COVID-19

Cybercrime and Pensions Administration

‘Cybercrooks exploit people working from home’

Data backup and recovery: why is it important to you

DeepSource resets logins after employee falls for Sawfish phishing

Digital frauds galore as work from home becomes new normal; here’s what may save privacy

Emotet is back and installing TrickBot trojan, researcher warns

EU GDPR two years in: What’s happened so far, and what’s in store for the future?

Europe's Largest Telco Targeted in Recent Ransomware Attack That Leads to Massive Data Breach

Experts Concerned Over Twitter’s Ability to Tweet on Behalf of Users

Family Tree Maker exposes records online via unsecured Elasticsearch database

Fearing cyber attack, Department of Telecom tells staff to secure systems

Five security tips for home working

Freddie Mac Caught in Fallout From Ransomware at Business Partner

Genealogy Software Maker Exposes Data on 60,000 Users

Global spending on cybersecurity to grow by almost 6%

Hackers are using Google Cloud services to conceal phishing attacks, warns Check Point

Hackers Are Using Google Cloud To Hide Phishing Attacks

Highpoint Foot and Ankle reports possible data breach

How to implement safe and secure remote working

India: Department of Telecommunications (DoT) asks websites to conduct security audit, upgrade systems amid rising Chinese cyber attacks

IRS reveals ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of tax scams for 2020

IRS unveils ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of tax scams for 2020; Americans urged to be vigilant to these threats during the pandemic and its aftermath

Is Security Awareness Becoming the Latest Cybersecurity Snake Oil?

Kremlin ALREADY inside Britain's security infrastructure - huge warning

Major concerns and risks hindering CISOs ability to strengthen security posture

Malaysians are too smart for online scammers, so they're targeting Singaporeans

Managing third party risks in post COVID-19 world

Maryland elderly healthcare provider hit by data breach impacting 47,000 individuals

Maryland-based nursing home announces ransomware attack affecting nearly 50,000 residents

Minor allegedly involved in Western Australia's medical record data breach

Mitigating risk and navigating the evolving cyber-threat landscape

National Cyber Security Centre launches tool to help keep data safe during pandemic

New Jersey ranks No. 15 among states for data breach victims

New phishing campaign targets enterprise cloud services

New phishing scam pretends to renew Microsoft Office 365

New Report from Nozomi Networks Labs Finds IoT Botnets and Shifting Ransomware are Raising the Stakes for Enterprises Worldwide

OT Security Remains A Challenge For Most Organisations

OTT platforms big target for cybercriminals who look to take advantage of streaming wars

Pandemic scams and how to not fall prey for them

Pandemics Create New Attack Opportunities in Travel and Hospitality

Phishing attacks concealed in Google Cloud Services

Phishing Has Been Around for a Long Time. Why Did Twitter Fall for It?

Ransomware attacks jump as crooks target remote working

Ransomware Attacks Rise Sharply Against Work-from-Home Workers

Ransomware responsible for 1 in 3 cyberattacks

Russia launched cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns on U.K., study says

Russia report: Cyber attack followed Salisbury Novichok poisonings

Russia sees UK as one of the top targets for hacking, lawmakers warn

Rwanda: Commonwealth Backs Online Safety Campaign in Rwanda

Scammers use fake websites, phony remedies to prey on fears during pandemic

Software firm leaks 25GB worth of subscription & Ancestry.com user data

STALKERWARE REMOVAL: How to Check if Your Devices Have One; A Quick Guide

Statement regarding reported health data breach in Western Australia

Telecom Argentina S.A Hit by Major Ransomware Attack, Criminals Demand $7.5M Worth of Monero

The Business Case for Protecting the Keys to the Kingdom

The Cyber Risks of Remote Workers Returning to the Office

TikTok under Scrutiny In Australia Over Issues Of Data Breach, User privacy

Trend Micro Research Uncovers the Business Infrastructure of Cybercrime

Twitter hack: Coinbase blocks $280,000 in Bitcoin theft

US: Election officials praised for sharing information, knocked for sharing passwords

US National Security Agency Issues Recommendations for Securing IPSec VPNs

Wattpad warns of data breach that stole user info

We know you’re addicted to Netflix during COVID, but don’t fall for the fake email scam

Why The Future of Cybersecurity Needs Both Humans and AI Working Together

Zoom fixes ‘vanity URL’ security issue that left users exposed to phishing exploits

20th July

1 Million e-learning student records found exposed on misconfigured cloud storage

4 things SMEs need to know about Covid-19 cyber risks

5 Steps to take after a live cybersecurity incident

7 VPN services leaked data of over 20 million users, says report

9 highly-important email security tips you must practice

10 methods services can lessen the threat of identification burglary

55% of UK consumers would continue using a company after a data breach

Amazon Advising Midlands People Not To Engage With Scam Callers

Argentinian telecom supposedly hit by a crypto ransomware

As Maritime Cyber-Attacks Proliferate International Ports Warned They Are Particularly Vulnerable

Automating IT security

Automating the fight against large scale cyber-threats during and post-pandemic

BadPower attack corrupts fast chargers to melt or set your device on fire

Best Practices for Data Backup and Quick Disaster Recovery

Bill & Melinda Gates foundation impersonated in Bitcoin phishing scam

BlackRock to Agent Smith: 5 Android malware you should know about

Breach Lawsuit Against Pediatric Dental Practice Dismissed

Celebrities' Twitter Hacked: How to Ensure Your Data Is Safe

Cloud Services Abused by Clever Phishing Campaign

Cloud Services Firm Stops Ransomware Attack, But Pays Anyway

Cloud Solutions Propelled Into The Spotlight Courtesy Of Covid-19

Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Continue To Make

Conquering without fighting in the field

COVID-19 Gives Cybercriminals New Ways to Attack

COVID-19 is giving cyberattackers an opportunity to hack universities

Cryptojacking 101: Definition, Detection, Prevention

Cyber Against Granny

Cyber attacks on hospitals during the Covid-19 crisis, a sad truth

Cyber scammers threaten 89-year-old via e-mail, demand payment in bitcoin

Cybercriminals take advantage of streaming wars to attack users

Cybersecurity Measures and Internal Controls Needed to Adapt for Remote Work Environments

Cybersecurity threats are expanding beyond large organizations

Cyprus Extradites Alleged Cyber-Criminal to the US

Data breach of free VPN providers exposes details of millions of users

Data breach reports down by one‑third in first half of 2020

During pandemic, cyber attackers leverage Darknet

Emotet-TrickBot malware duo is back infecting Windows machines

Feds Point to Escalated Ransomware Attacks on Financial Institutions, Offer Guidance Based on Success Stories

Fraud: Why Everything Old Is New Again

Got a ‘free OTT’ subscription offer? Accept it at your own risk

Health sector accounted for 20% of personal data breaches, says ICO

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