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Monday 13 July 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 29 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 13th July and 19th July 2020.

19th July

10 ways businesses can minimize the risk of identity theft

Amazon Prime phishing scam: The warning signs to look out for

Attackers use REvil ransomware to hit Texas retirement specialist

Beware of new swindles: COVID-19 scams, robocalls and life insurance

Chicago: Suburban Police Warn Against Unemployment Benefits Scam

Cybersecurity: How safe is any Jamaican?

Cybersecurity basics more important than ever in the new normal of remote work says Salesforce Chief Trust Officer

Data breach reports down for first half of 2020; other scam, fraud reports on the rise

Data stolen in ransomware attack on French telco Orange

Durham Radio Beats Back Ransomware Attack

Emotet botnet returns with new Microsoft Office phishing campaign

Explained: What is BlackRock Android malware and are you vulnerable?

Facial Recognition - The Road Ahead

How CEOs think

How to Know If You've Been Hacked - and What to Do About It

India's CERT issues warning about credit card scam on the internet

Investigators Stay Silent as Inside Job Rumors Emerge

Microsoft Defender ATP for Android: This security software can help protect your devices and data

NITDA warns Nigerians on cybercriminals actions to defraud unsuspecting victims

PSA: Hackers are trying to phish user credentials to LastPass...be careful!

Recovery from Covid-19 will be threatened if we don't learn to control big tech

Smart Home Security: Responsible Development

South Africa: No reason entities that manage people’s data should not implement Popia now

The Cashaa Hack: Investigators Stay Silent as Inside Job Rumors Emerge

The Return Of Cozy Bear: Russian Hackers In Crosshairs Of Western Intelligence Agencies – Analysis

'There is no sense to it': Russia's UK ambassador rejects coronavirus vaccine hacking claims

These are the worst areas for cyber crime across the UK

Three Trump officials have now hinted at a TikTok ban this month

Top 5 Cybersecurity Risks with Cloud Migration

Truth behind Carding fraud on Amazon

Twitter’s security questioned after data breach

Why Cybersecurity is Critical for the Healthcare Industry

Work from Home: Cyber security, contact-tracing apps are serious threats. What’s the way forward?

18th July

Arkansas vendor sued over data breach

Australia: New South Wales detectives charge second man over Landmark White data theft

Australian Businesses and Cybersecurity: How COVID-19 and Remote Working Increased Risks of Cyberattacks

BlackRock malware can steal password, credit card details from 337 Android apps

Chilton County tag, probate offices to reopen next week after ransomware attack

Chinese Hackers Are Targeting Android Phones Using a Fresh Piece of Malware

Cloud software firm Blackbaud says it paid ransom to protect customer data

COVID-19: Alert Issued For Contact Tracer Scam

Data Loss: Preventing Security Breaches

Delete this text NOW – scarily convincing iPhone scam lets hackers hijack your accounts

Dissecting The Twitter Hack With A Cybersecurity Evangelist

Drivers' licences, hacked accounts, bank details going cheap on dark web

Emotet Botnet Returns After Months-Long Hiatus

‘Going to get worse’: Millions targeted by ‘catastrophic’ scam

High-profile individuals and companies are getting hacked left and right on Twitter

How To Save Your Card Details And Passwords From Getting Stolen Online?

India: The Personal Data Protection Bill in the context of the Twitter hack

Iranian Hackers Accidentally Exposed Training Videos

New phishing campaign abuses a trio of enterprise cloud services

North Wales ranks as one of the worst areas for cyber crime in the UK

Philippines: Banks warns clients of various online scams

Remote work: Securing the home network during the COVID-19 pandemic

Royal Oman Police (ROP) cautions against cybercrimes, advises to not share financial data

Russian bears

Russian Hackers Seek to Heist COVID-19 Vaccine Research, Western Nations Claim

South America targeted by a crypto-stealing banking trojan

Twitter hack: 130 accounts targeted in attack

Twitter Promises Additional Security Measures

Twitter says some accounts had personal data stolen in massive hack

US: Hack Of 251 Law Enforcement Websites Exposes Personal Data Of 700,000 Cops

Using robust tools, cybercriminals accelerate their own digital transformation

Watch out! This fake Amazon email is an incredibly convincing scam

Why You Need Cloud-to-Cloud Backups for Your Office 365, Microsoft 365, and G Suite Data

Zero Trust: A Cybersecurity Buzzword?

17th July

3 things Twitter users should know about the bitcoin hack targeting Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others

4 things SMEs need to know about COVID cyber risks

5 RMM tools MSPs can use to bolster client IT infrastructure

A Banking Trojan That Steals Crypto Is Targeting Latin American Users

Alabama Hit By 2nd Ransomware Attack In As Many Months

Amazon Prime fraudsters are using coronavirus crisis to target victims in phishing scam as people spend more time online during lockdown, warns trade body

Amazon users warned about Music Key scam that could leave them paying a terrible price

Apple has finally embraced key-based 2FA. So should you

Are business covered if their service provider is hit by ransomware?

Are Chinese tech firms getting unequal treatment?

At Hospitals, Life or Death May Depend on Cyber Resilience

Aussies have been swindled out of $1.7m in Covid-19 related scams

Be wary of 'Coronamania' cybercrimes

Biomedical orgs working on COVID-19 vaccines open to cyber attacks

Bitcoin scammers hijack major Twitter accounts

Brazilian Banking Trojans Spread to Other Nations

CISOs discuss cybersecurity in the COVID-19 environment

Cloud provider stopped ransomware attack but had to pay ransom demand anyway

Coronavirus: Face masks scam as fraudsters imitate police

Coronavirus Vaccine Data Are Targets for Foreign Hackers

Cyberattack campaigns exploiting COVID-19 with global impact

Debrief expected on city hack

Delhi University (DU) data leak: Students lodge FIR yet feel unsafe and stressed

Diebold Nixdorf: ATMs in Europe Hacked

Django two-factor authentication plugin stored passwords in plain text

'Don't get hacked like Twitter did,' warns Darlington IT firm after cryptocurrency scam

Email Impersonation on the Rise as Workforce Grows Increasingly Distracted and Dispersed

Emotet botnet returns after a five-month absence

Emotet spam trojan surges back to life after 5 months of silence

Evil Corp’s WastedLocker Demanding Millions of Dollars for Decryption

FBI investigates Twitter attack on high-profile celebrities

Four steps to take right now to protect your accounts from hackers

Hack opens Twitter to potential fine from feds

Hacker sells details of 142 million MGM guests on the dark web

Healthcare And Cyber Security – The Time For Resilience Is Now

Heartland Counseling announces data breach, retraining employees on protecting information

Hong Kong diocese targeted by Chinese hacking attempts

How agencies can step up the fight against phishing

How Can Organisations Look Forward To Identifying Potential Gaps In Data Risk Management?

How hardsec can deliver next level of cyber defense

How to file for a piece of that $117.5 million Yahoo data-breach settlement

How to spot scam calls and protect yourself from fraudsters

How You Can Proactively Protect Your Business

If Remote Employees Work Anywhere, How Can You Protect Them Everywhere?

Importance of cyber resiliency in a global crisis

Iran state hackers caught with their pants down in intercepted videos

Iranian Hackers Accidentally Exposed Their Training Videos (40 GB) Online

Keeping Your Personal Identity and Finances Safe in the Digital Era

Leaked videos offer rare behind-the-scenes look at Iranian APT operation

Magento adds 2FA to protect against card skimming attacks

Microsoft warns of a massive and resurgent Emotet phishing campaign to steal banking info

More and more waves around our data after two years of GDPR

NCSC: Russian Spies Are Trying to Steal COVID-19 Vaccine Researches

New Android malware targets data on entertainment, social media apps

‘No end’ to cybersecurity threats during pandemic

Orange says ransomware attack compromised data of 20 enterprise customers

Personal Cybersecurity is Essential While Traveling

Phishing: Email fraudsters are impersonating colleagues, customers, and vendors, report says

Real and present danger: Spoofed political emails

Report Finds Serious Flaws in COVID-19 Vaccine Developers’ Systems

Research highlights which industries not prepared for cyber-attacks

Russian hackers APT29 accused of stealing vaccine research

Russian spies 'target coronavirus vaccine'

SEC alerts public companies of increase in sophisticated ransomware attacks

Second IT contractor charged over LandMark White data breach

Small Business Risks: Potential Exposures That Could Leave Your Business Vulnerable in 2020

Spain, Top 6 of the most cyber-attacked countries using the Coronavirus

The IRS’s 2020 “Dirty Dozen” List is Out. Future List of Enforcement and Compliance Priorities Forthcoming

Top robocall and robotext coronavirus scams

Twitter hack may bring fine for possible FTC accord

Twitter Latest Security Breach Reveals the Value of a Proactive Compliance Program

Twitter Security Flaws Pose a Unique Threat to Nuclear Diplomacy, Experts Say

Two ways your clients are most likely to get hacked during COVID-19

7 VPN firms with no-logs policy end up exposing 1.2 TB of user data

Warning issued over Amazon Prime phishing scam

What the Twitter hack revealed: An election system teeming with risks

Why your HR team is one of the best security firewalls

Zoom Fixes a Vanity URL Issue to Prevent Potential Phishing Attacks

16th July

6 ways of preventing a Ransomware attack

8 Signs of a Smartphone Hack

86% of UK businesses expect cyber attacks to increase in next 12 months

340 GDPR fines for a total of €158,135,806 issued since May 2018

Actors Engage in Social Engineering-Based Email and Voice Phishing Targeting Amazon Users

Amazon-Themed Phishing Campaigns Swim Past Security Checks

Australia: We could lose $30 billion in weeks from cyberwar. But the real loss is the erosion of public trust

Bazar backdoor linked to Trickbot banking Trojan campaigns

Bazar malware may be new tool in Trickbot arsenal

[BEWARE] New Android Malware Can Hack 337 Apps to Steal Passwords and Card Data: Here's How BlackRock Undetected

Bill Gates phishing campaign 'nearly identical' to Twitter attack

Brazil becomes the new banking malware hotspot

Breach and Attack Simulations: How to Find the Gaps in Your Cyber Defenses

California health plan email hack exposed info of nearly 36,000 members

Changing Tactics: Adversaries are Becoming More Brazen and Stealthy in Their Targeting

Coronavirus: Russian spies target Covid-19 vaccine research

Coronavirus shines spotlight on cyber security

Coronavirus-era fraud needs better biometrics than keystrokes

COVID-19 Is The Most Popular Email Subject In Fraud Test

#COVID19 Accounted for Massive Increase in Q1 Phishing Trends

Cyber crims use Windows Nefilim ransomware to hit Indian firm Indoco

Cybercriminals disguising as top streaming services to spread malware

Cybersecurity overconfidence leaves businesses at risk of bot attacks

Digital Shadows Researchers Say Over 15 Billion Stolen Passwords Are Circulating on the Dark Web

EU top court invalidates EU-US data transfer agreement over surveillance concerns

European court strikes down EU-US Privacy Shield user data exchange agreement as invalid

Fake Anonymous group CyberWare targets 2-spyware

Federman & Sherwood Investigates Twitter, Inc. Bitcoin Scam

Feds Point to Escalated Ransomware Attacks on Financial Institutions, Offer Guidance Based on Success Stories

Finance scams on the rise since Coronavirus pandemic

Fraud Fast Track: Tips to Avoid Payments Fraud and Social Engineering Scams

Hacker using dark web to sell MGM Resorts database

Harness the human mind to bolster cybersecurity

Here's another virus terrorising businesses and causing havoc: ransomware

Here’s why cyber security experts are concerned about remote learning

How Many Cyber Attacks Happen Per Day? [2020 Stats and Facts]

How ransomware attacks devastate consumer perception of retailers

How secure is your web browser?

Iranian Spies Accidentally Leaked Videos of Themselves Hacking

IRS Warns Lake Residents Of Possible Tax Scams

Mac users trying to trade cryptocurrencies targeted by Gmera Trojan operators

Major Flaws Open the Edge to Attack

Nefilim gang claims hit on subsidiary of France's Orange SA

New BlackRock Android malware can steal passwords and card data from 337 apps

New threat environment elements and global attack trends

New Zealand Police & research firm caught up in data breach

Orange confirms ransomware attack exposing business customers' data

Over Half of Canadians Victims of Cybercrime

People Impersonation Attacks Are On The Upswing In Email

Phishing, Fake Charities And IRS Impersonators Top 2020 Dirty Dozen Scam List

PonyFinal malware: What it is, how it works and how to prevent it

Purple Fox Malware

Push notifications detected on 100,000 devices

Ransomware and remote working: If Twitter can be breached, then every company must be vigilant

Ransomware criminals are targeting US universities

Russia’s APT29 targeting British coronavirus vaccine research, says NCSC

Russian Hack Alert Shows Scale of Health Care’s Cybersecurity Challenge

Russian hackers APT29 attacking British and US organisations working on coronavirus vaccine, security chiefs reveal

Russian hackers are targeting coronavirus scientists with phishing and malware attacks

SEC’s Examination Function Warns Its Registrants of Risks Associated with Dangerous Malware

Secret Service Alert: MSP-Targeted Ransomware Attacks Rising

Security researcher tells of 'reaching out' to Wellington company after finding data breach

Six ways the threat landscape is evolving

Sophos survey reveals 70% of organizations fall victim to Public Cloud Cybersecurity incidents

South Africa: What does POPIA mean for the communications industry?

The Key to Improving Medical Device Security is Collaboration, Visibility

This CTO Says Cybersecurity Threats Have Become Another Pandemic

Tips To Protect Yourself Against Social Media Scams

Twitter bitcoin scam: Blue tick accounts blocked after massive data breach

Twitter Employees Hacked In ‘Coordinated Social Engineering Attack’

Twitter Grapples with High-Profile Phishing Attack

Twitter Hack: Breach Compromises Many Public Figures Including Musk, Obama; Twitter Investigating Incident

Twitter Hackers Caught Using BitPay and Coinbase on Hack-Related Wallet

UK lockdown triggers increase in phishing scams

UnionBank: Securing online presence important

UnionBank exec shares steps in adopting digital hygiene to ensure secure online banking

US actor casting company leaked private data of over 260,000 individuals

Users are not concerned about their Personal Data on Dark Web, shows a new study

Walmart customer? You may be due a $750 payout following an alleged data breach

Walmart Sued Under CCPA After Data Breach

Watch out for these subject lines in email phishing attacks

Weathering the cybercrime wave

Webafrica stops emailing invoices for security reasons

Westpac customers in new phishing attacks

What to Know about the High-Profile Twitter Attack

Who Owns the ‘CryptoForHealth’ Domain Behind the Twitter Hacks?

Why anti-phishing exercises could 'alienate' employees in crisis

Working from home demands on Service Desk and IT cybersecurity

Zoom fixed a vanity URL issue that could have led to phishing attacks

15th July

13 percent of Q1 phishing attacks related to COVID-19

2020 Vendors to Know: Backup and Disaster Recovery

4 Dangerous Brazilian Banking Trojans Now Trying to Rob Users Worldwide

99% of UK organisations suffered security breaches in the past one year

After ban, India asks Chinese app makers to answer 77 questions on security, content

An Analysis of Sodinikibi: The Persistent Ransomware as a Service

APAC cyberthreats: Security needs to emulate process and risk management

Apple, Biden, Musk and other high-profile Twitter accounts hacked in crypto scam

Australia: Scary email you must delete immediately

Bank exec cites importance of securing online presence

Be aware of scams as you race to meet IRS tax deadline

Big Breaches, Down in First Half of 2020, Show Role of BAs; Increase May Be Coming

Bitcoin scams net $24 million so far in 2020

Brazil’s Banking Trojans Go Global

Chinese state hackers target Hong Kong Catholic Church

City of Lubbock warns about scam emails pretending to warn about COVID-19 exposure sites

Cofense Detects HMRC #COVID19 Tax Relief Scam

Cryptocurrency Scam As Crypto Influencers Tweet About “CryptoForHealth”

Cyber attacks are increasingly all about financial gain, report says

Cybercrime: Managing Data Breaches In Australia

Cybersecurity, business continuity: Five insights for Canadian companies

Data Breach at Texas Benefits Recovery Firm

Database of Indonesian store Bhinneka dumped with 1 million+ accounts

DIFC brings its new data protection law in accordance with international best practice

Digital Identity Takes On Medical Data Theft

Don’t be fooled by this new phishing attack hidden in online surveys

Dover’s Mid-Delaware Imaging Hit By Ransomware Attack, Warns Of Possible Data Breach

Email impersonations becoming pervasive, preying on a distracted and dispersed workforce

Focusing on the Fundamentals of Network Security

GDPR Fines Totalling €158 Million Issued in 340 Cases, Study by PrivacyAffairs Finds

Hacker Gains Control of Binance, Bitfinex and CoinDesk Twitter Accounts

Hackers are using coronavirus pandemic in cyberattacks against cities and towns for financial or privacy data; MassCyberCenter wants towns and cities to prepare ahead

Hawaii: HPD Warns of Uptick in Phone Phishing Scams

Here’s how international students can protect themselves from common scams

How councils can use deception to fight cybercrime

How Hackers Can Abuse Contact Tracing Apps

How to detect a Phishing Email

How to Improve Communication Security for Your Clients

How working on an unsecured system leads to theft of Bitcoins; highlights need of cyber security

India: 63 per cent unaware of cybercrimes

India facing more cyber attacks from China and Pakistan since nationwide lockdown

‘It was written in Mandarin’: Cybersecurity specialist analyses malware sources

Joker’ wants your money: Police probe origins of a new malware which has infected 11 Android apps

Kaspersky: Covid-19 has created a “perfect storm” for cybercriminals

LinkedIn requests and vacation policies: These are the top scam email subject lines used during the pandemic

LiveAuctioneers data breach: Millions of cracked passwords for sale, say researchers

Majority Will Take Custom Elsewhere Following Data Breach

Maryland Uncovers Unemployment Fraud Scheme

Maze Ransomware Attacks IT Staffing Firm Collabera

MGM Data Breach Magnitudes Larger Than First Reported, Up to 142 Million Guests

Microsoft patches critical 17-year-old DNS bug in Windows Server

Microsoft says its digital crimes unit thwarted a massive COVID-19 phishing scam

Mid-Delaware Imaging - Notice of Data Privacy Event

More Than a Tenth of Ransomware Attacks Now Involve Data Theft

NCH Healthcare Breach Case Sent Back to Florida State Court

Nearly a third of employees are handling more data according to survey

New Zealand: Cyber crime team investigates potential data hack of police contacts

New Zealand: Police investigate potential hack of their data

Now is the Time to Conduct a Security Risk Assessment. Here’s How

OCIE issues ransomware alert to financial services

Online payment security for everyday consumers

Over 50% of IT security professionals are experiencing burnout

Patching OpenSSL and GNU C Libraries Without Service Restarts

Philippines: BDO warns public against scammers trading SIM cards

Phishing attacks for the COVID-19 era: What to look out for

Phishing Campaign Used Chase Fraud Alert as Lure

Police investigation launched after possible hacking, data breach at Kiwi company

Police warn Zoom users about new email scam

Proof-of-concept (PoC) exploits released for SAP Recon vulnerabilities, patch now!

Protect yourself from online fraudsters

Q2 2020 KnowBe4 Finds Coronavirus-Related Phishing Email Attacks Spike

Ransomware accounts for a third of all cyberattacks against organizations

Ransomware attack halts X-FAB production in Lubbock, worldwide

Remote backup and recovery, protection changes that will stick

Remote but secure

SEC Issues Warning for Advisors and Broker-Dealers on Increased Ransomware Attacks

South East Coast Ambulance sees massive data breach

Stay vigilant against these 5 data security risks

Survey reveals 86% of UK businesses expect cyber attacks to increase in next 12 months

Ten measures to combat the threat of Ransomware

The Growing Threat from Fileless Attacks

The Latest Scam Emails and How to Avoid Them

The Texas Cybersecurity Act: What You Need to Know

Top Online Threats That Can Ruin Your Tech

TRAI Has Enough Power For Action Against Telemarketers: Paytm Tells Court

Understanding the Scenario of Cyberattacks on India

Walmart latest hit with CCPA-related lawsuit

Warning issued over ‘fake’ BT emails

Wattpad Data Breach: Personal Data of 271 Million Users Sold For Free in Hacking Forum

We have recorded a 260% rise in cyberattacks since the lockdown began: K7 Computing

What Are Keyloggers & How Can You Detect and Protect Yourself from Them? (All You Need to Know)

When It Comes To Data Breaches, Hindsight Is 2020

Why Compliance Certifications Demand a Strong Stance in Technology Business Continuity

Why The Best Fraud Defenses Need Artificial And Human Intelligence

Zero Trust in 2020: More Important Than Ever Before

14th July

5 Email Security Statistics and Facts You Need to Know to Protect Your Clients

6 Cloud Security Threats Healthcare Companies May Face – With Solutions

10 Security Tips for ‘Work From Home’ Enterprises During COVID-19

92% of Top Websites Provide Attackers with Access to Customer Data

A Hacker is Attempting to Sell a Las Vegas Hotel Database for Crypto

Alert! Thousands of inactive domains being used to redirect users to unwanted URLs, make money

Amid COVID-19 disruption, companies rush up to buy cyber insurance: Here's why

Backups are a crucial ransomware defense, but restoration is just as important

Belfast trust apologise for 'data breach' after sending confidential report about vulnerable pensioner to wrong family

Brazilian cybercriminals take the next generation of banking malware global

Caring for data in healthcare: why data security has never been more crucial – and the risks we need to mitigate

Challenges Facing Sensitive Sectors in Working Securely from Home

Chinese banks require clients to use tax programs laced with backdoors, report says

COVID-19 scam seizures top 840, says Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Cyberwarfare Requires Speed, Adaptability And Visibility To Win

Data breaches decline 33% in the first half of 2020

Fast, visible and secure: why cyber-security must be a priority for Australian enterprises rolling out complex new networks in the post-COVID era

Florida Orthopaedic Institute Victim of Ransomware Attack

For Sale: Hacked Data On 142 Million MGM Hotel Guests

Fraudsters aren't winning, but aren't going away either

Here’s How Anyone Can Orchestrate a Cyber Attack Using Hacking-as-a-Service

How to Reliably Safeguard the Enterprise Cloud Systems Against New Cyber-Attacks

How to stay cyber secure during the lockdown and beyond

How to Use a DNS Server to Increase Security and Work Around Geofences

How to Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to Change All of Your Bad Passwords

Importance of data security in healthcare – the push to safeguard patient data

India facing more cyber attacks from China and Pakistan since nationwide lockdown

IT services major Collabera suffers Maze ransomware attack

Live Auction Marketplace Confirms Data Breach After Bad Actor Puts User Database Up for Sale on The Dark Web

LiveAuctioneers Confirms Breach After Records Posted for Sale

Lt Col moves High Court against Indian Army's decision to ban officials from using social media platforms

MGM data breach was over 10x more extensive than first reported

Millions of Logins from UK Ticket Site for Sale on Dark Web

Multiple fraud complaints filed after strange unemployment claims sent to Nevada companies

‘Name-and-shame’ ransomware attacks increasing in prevalence

New data shows spike in COVID-19 scams

New ransomware targeting Asian nations using malvertising

Nigeria’s cybersecurity problem is worse than we thought

Paytm Criticises Telecom Giants For Inaction In Handling Phishing

Ransomware, then and now: The change in data theft behavior

Researchers Make Decryptor For ThiefQuest Ransomware Publicly Available

Returning to the Workplace and the Ongoing Threat of Phishing Attacks

Scam Hunting: How to Distinguish Cryptocurrency Fraudsters?

SEC Warning: Ransomware Targets Financial Networks

Secure Your Broadband Connection in 5 Simple Ways

Should You Worry About MGM's Latest Data Breach?

Social engineering: The human component of cyberattacks

South Africa: Now there is nowhere for companies to hide if they suffer a data breach

The New “Spox” Phishing Kit Makes Campaign Deployment Easier

Valimail Research Finds More Than 1 Million Domains Using Crucial Email Authentication Standard

Warning to Flintshire residents about 'Paypal' text scam

Westpac customers targeted in email phishing scam

What senior Australians need to know to avoid getting scammed online

What's Next for Remote Working Environments?

Why Your Cybersecurity Is At Risk: Google Detects 18M Covid-19-Related Malware Messages A Day

13th July

5 Best WordPress Security Tips to Protect Your Website

6 tips on how to detect the unknowing data breach accomplice

10 Practical Strategies to Secure Your Digital Life

93 percent of Indian organisations reported attacks on cloud infra in last one year: Sophos

6,500 missed opportunities to stop cybercrime in the UK each day

A game of 'cat and mouse': Hacking attacks on hospitals for patient data increase during coronavirus pandemic

Belgium Suffers First Jackpotting Attack

Billing Vendor Breach Affects 275,000

Breach database company DataViper allegedly hacked with billions of records offered for sale

Choosing the Best Risk Cyber Risk Quantification Method

Cyberattacks hit 93% Indian organisations in last one year

Cybersecurity at work - The bad, the worse, and the reckless

Cybersecurity Needs its Place in Emergency Management Now

Data insecurity on the rise

Data Sharing Practices Getting Consumers Anxious

Experts Predict Rise of Data Theft in Ransomware Attacks

Explained: Data Breach At Hyper-Local Delivery App Dunzo

Federal Privacy Commissioner Publishes Survey Of Canadian Businesses On Privacy Issues

Federal Trade Commission Aims to Ramp Up the Cybersecurity Efforts of Financial Institutions

Fintechs from UK, Europe, Australia, Canada targeted through malware by Evilnum

Google Backed Delivery Service Startup Dunzo Disclosed Data Breach

Google detecting 18 million malware and phishing messages per day related to Covid-19

Google-backed Dunzo suffers data breach

Hacker breaches security firm in act of revenge

Hackers using 'big game hunting' tactics to target businesses

Hacking 101: How to Know if You're Being Hacked in 2020

Health insurer Religare hit by data breach: How to check if your info is safe

How healthcare is vulnerable to cyber attacks, assassinations & geopolitical agendas

How to detect and avoid phishing scams

How to protect ERP data when access to corporate networks is both ubiquitous and for sale on the dark web

How to Stay Secure Online While Working Remotely

India: Cyber-crime cases jump by 67% amid Covid-19

India: Hyperlinks promising access to banned Chinese apps spell trouble

It’s coming home – securing the remote workforce

Keeping data protected as businesses in the Middle East embark on remote working journey

Microsoft Office 365 users targeted in SurveyMonkey phishing

Millions of LiveAuctioneers passwords offered for sale following data breach

Mozilla temporarily shuts down Firefox Send in response to malware sharing concerns

New AgeLocker Ransomware uses Googler's utility to encrypt files

New ransomware attacking APAC nations via malvertising

New report reveals countries most targeted by 'significant' cyber-attacks

New Zealand government gets a 'D' when it come to rolling out DMARC security

Nigeria: 86% of Organisations Fall Victim to Cybercrime

No silver bullet to deal with cyberattacks

Outsmarting ATO Threats

Pakistan: Cyber crime and prevention of electronic crimes bill

Paytm pulls up telcos, Trai for failing to curb phishing, says its users still being duped

Personal Data of the Average Brit Held by at Least 39 Different Organizations

Philippines: Phishing top cybercrime during quarantine

Phorpiex botnet: All about the rapidly-spreading email-based malware campaign

Ransomware continues to evolve, targets more victims

Reduce third-party risk and drive better business intelligence

RSA finds two-thirds of phishing attacks directed at Canada

Russian Found Guilty of Hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox

Salesforce And Hanna Andersson To Settle Data Breach Lawsuit

Scam calls linked to Squamish hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health says

Seattle Children's hacking attempts doubled in March, targeting info of newborns and children who die at hospitals

SEC Issues Ransomware Alert

Secret Service Alert Provides Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call for MSPs

Secret Service Creates Cyber Fraud Task Forces

Spox Phishing Kit Harvests Chase Bank Credentials

Strengthen cybersecurity defences to reduce losses

The Link Between Customer Loyalty and Ransomware Attacks

The Rise Of Remote Work: How To Use Technology To Engage, Connect And Protect Your Employees

TikTok Banned By More U.S. Organizations

TrickBot Malware Warning Victims of Infection by Mistake

UAE repelled over 100,000 cyber-attacks in June

US: Scammers hit residents with fraudulent unemployment claims

What's the Cyber Score? Akouto Offers Free Tool for Small and Medium Businesses to Check Cyber Defences

Why it is important for people to back up their digital life

Why military agencies must establish cybersecurity readiness now through Comply-to-Connect

X-FAB On Track to Resume Production After Cyber Attack

Xerox, US reseller hit with demands from maze hackers