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Monday 6 July 2020

Data Breaches Digest - Week 28 2020

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 6th July and 12th July 2020.

12th July

4 advantages businesses can get using virtual data rooms

7 Ways to Secure Your Data in 2020

A game of 'cat and mouse': Hacking attacks on hospitals for patient data increase during coronavirus pandemic

AI Changing Pen Testing Game Worldwide

Amid Security Fears, Wells Fargo Tells Employees To Remove TikTok From Phones

Cyber criminals' modus operandi

Detecting and Protecting Against Ransomware – Best Practice for 2020

Downloading South African banking apps – What you should know

FBI Investigating Spike in Fraudulent Unemployment Insurance Claims Related to COVID-19 Identify Fraud

Fintech Firms in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada being Targeted through Malware by Evilnum, an Online Threat Group

Hackers Hike Attacks On Hospitals Amid Pandemic

Home Computer Security

How to Avoid Becoming the Next Victim of a Data Breach

How to enforce the right policy to keep connected devices in hospitals safe

How to Keep Recorded Video Data Properly Secured and Encrypted

How to protect your bank accounts from hackers and fraudsters

How to work out if you’ve been hacked and what to do about it

India’s Google-Backed Delivery App Dunzo Hit By Data Breach

Is antivirus software necessary in 2020?

Know Real Value of EV SSL Certificates

New Ransomware Attacks APAC Region

Over 3,800 cybercrime complaints pending with Delhi Police

Phishing is top Philippines cybercrime during pandemic

'Relentless' fraudsters advertising fake government helpline number

Shopping more online? Take heed to these 7 simple safety tips

Staff Mental Health secrets leaked in data breach bungle at South East Coast Ambulance service

Switzerland: Jump in cyber attacks during Covid-19 confinement

Taiwan: Web site warns of voucher text fraud that asks people to fill out fake forms

The 7 best ways to send an encrypted email

The Number of Stolen Logins Circulating On Dark Web Increased By 300 Percent since the Year 2018

Top COVID-19 Cybersecurity Scams to Watch For – and How to Mitigate Them

US Secret Service Creates Finance-Related Cybercrime Task Force

Vietnam: Cyber attacks fall 27 percent in first half

VPNs: What Do They Do, and What Don’t They Do?

Yahoo Breach Payout Deadline Is In 1 Week - Here’s How To Claim

Your Passwords Might Be On Sale On The Dark Web

11th July

75% of UAE firms fall victim to cloud security issues in 2019

Android security flaw could let attackers imitate any app and steal your login details

Assess your cloud security risks and countermeasures

Australia: The unsettling facts about cybercrime + 5 pro tips to protect your business

Bank domain ID used to send fraudulent mail, told to pay phishing victim Rs 20 lakh

Cybersecurity, Modern Technology and Business Threats

Delivery startup Dunzo suffers data breach, numbers, emails leaked

Dunzo suffers data breach; users' phone numbers, email IDs exposed

Google Play Store kicks out 25 Android apps as they were caught stealing Facebook login info

Google-backed Indian delivery startup Dunzo suffers data breach

Hackers Are Selling 62,000 Active eToro Accounts on a Dark Web Forum

Just 18% of people could spot the fakes from 10 scam emails and texts they were shown: Would you outsmart the con artists?

LiveAuctioneers security breach puts users at risk

Magnitude EK attacks APAC region with ransomware arsenal

Major Data Breach At Religare Health Insurance, Cyble Warns Of Phishing

Online ID Verification – A Primer for Fintech Businesses

Philippines: DOJ wants to ramp up cybercrime units to check surge in online crimes

Police in Montville Ohio warn of Scam Calls targeting Apple Device Owners

Ransomware suspected in attack on Canada Defence Academy

Seattle Police Booby-Trapped a File to Catch Ransomware Actor

Securing the Digital Workplace Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Server Hosting Hacked Files Exposing US 'Police Intelligence Apparatus' Seized by German Police

Time to Secure Identities as SACCOs Evolve

TrickBot malware mistakenly warns victims that they are infected

US Convicts Russian Hacker in 2012 Data Breach

US Secret Service Creates New Cyber Fraud Activity Drive

US Secret Service Has Modernized Its Role in Tackling Financial Crimes in The Crypto Era

We Don’t Have to Sacrifice Students’ Privacy for Campus Security

Your Passwords Could Be For Sale on the Dark Web Right Now

10th July

4 Security Tips as the July 15 Tax-Day Extension Draws Near

6 Tips for Managing a Secure Computer Network

8 Reasons to Implement an MFT Strategy

41 Providers Reported Ransomware Attacks in First Half of 2020

A scary new scam is targeting work-from-home employees - here’s what you need to know

Amazon tells employees to remove TikTok from their phones due to security risk

Banking Phishing Campaign Tricks Victims with COVID-19, Family Leave Ruse

Banks’ cyber risks rise as Covid spurs digital trends: Moody’s

Best practises for safe and secure remote learning

Billions of passwords for sale on the Dark Web - this one was used 7 million times

Businesses must tackle at-home phishing crisis as remote work continues

Conti Ransomware Deemed a Possible Successor of Ryuk

COVID-19 tracker app scammers trying to steal money from public

eToro accounts peddled by the thousands on cybercrime forums

Everyone is struggling with cloud security

German government seizes huge cache of US government files

German Officials Seize Server With U.S. Police Files Stolen in Data Breach

Hack of Maine police data means hundreds, including suspects, must be notified about leak

Has Remote Working Facilitated More Malware Attacks?

How can we improve IoT device security for us and future generations?

How Hospitals Can Establish a Zero Trust Security Model

How the FBI used Instagram and Snapchat to track down an alleged conman in Dubai

IBM Settles With Pentagon on Long-Disputed Hacking Allegation

Illinois Auditor General finds ‘weakness in cybersecurity’ within IDES from 2017-2019

Instagram: How To Avoid The '3 Of Your Pictures' DM Scam

Job scams: 8 things to avoid while looking for jobs on LinkedIn and other online platforms

Lawsuit alleges $100 million payday for ex-CIA hackers who targeted Americans for Qatar

Malicious coronavirus domains capitalise on reopening economies

Microsoft warns Office 365 users of consent phishing dangers

Mitigating the Remote Work IT Risks for Small Firms Post Pandemic

Mobile App Fraud Jumped in Q1 as Attackers Pivot from Browsers

Mobile bank apps convenient for users, but can be vulnerable to hackers

More than half of Canadians have experienced a cyber crime

Municipalities Remain Ripe Targets for Cyber Attacks

National Defence assessing possible damage from RMC cybersecurity incident

New Zealand Advances New Privacy Bill

One in 2 Companies Unable to Cope with Remote Work Security Risks

Online Fitness Organization V Shred Hesitantly Locks Down Some PII After Exposure

Only 5% of Brits can accurately spot phishing attempts

Over 1,300 phishing kits for sale on hacker forum

Over half of firms suffered a cloud security incident last year

Pub-Goers at Risk of Cyber-Attacks as Lockdown Eases

Ransomware attacks increasingly accompanied by disclosure of data

Report Says DDoS Attacks Increased by Over 500% Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Scammers prey on the vulnerable in society

Sophos: 70% of Companies Report Cloud Security Incidents

Tech optimization: Fine-tuning cybersecurity defenses

The Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Are Still Making

The current state of consumers' cybersecurity awareness

The Disturbing Trend of Cyber Attacks Over the Past Decade

The Egregious 11: Examining the Top Cloud Computing Threats

The importance of data privacy in statistical process control

The Secret Service on monitoring Bitcoin and cybercrime

The Secret Service on tracking Bitcoin and cybercrime

The Secret Service Tried to Catch a Hacker With a Malware Booby-Trap

Thieves took advantage of pandemic to steal user data

Top 5: Security tips to protect your cryptocurrency wallets

Top 10 Security Issues for Businesses

U.S. universities at risk of back-to-school and Covid-19 email fraud

Ukrainian Hacker Caught Selling Government Databases for Crypto

US Secret Service creates new Cyber Fraud Task Force

What are the Advantages of Biometrics?

What is third-party remote access?

What’s Video Phishing and how do You Protect Yourself?

Which Social Media Services Are Best for You?

Whitehall departments reported 500 personal data breaches to ICO in FY20

Why coronavirus pandemic means you need to be investigating potential fraud in your car dealership

Why hackers are zeroing in on your manufacturing clients

Why ‘ji32k7au4a83’ Is A Remarkably Common Password

Why Segmentation is More Effective Than Firewalls For Securing Industrial IoT

Wikileaks-like organisation’s server exposing US police excesses seized in Germany

Your Passwords Could Be For Sale on the Dark Web Right Now

Zipmex warns of rise in cryptojacking during Covid-19

‘Zoom account suspended’ phishing scam aims at Office 365 credentials

9th July

5-point formula to schools for safe, secure e-learning

7 Types Of LinkedIn Connections You Must Not Accept

70% of organizations experienced a public cloud security incident in the last year

81% hit by payment fraud: How your company can stay safe

A scattered workforce creates ample targets for cybercrime

APT activity is targeting COVID-19 research

APT Group Targets Fintech Companies

Billions of Leaked Credentials Available on the Dark Web

Billions of stolen passwords for sale on the dark web

BitBay Warns Customers Against Rising Fraud Phone Calls

Clubillion Social Gambling App User Data Exposed in Unsecured Database

Common Cyber Threats That All Businesses Face Online

Conti ransomware shows signs of being Ryuk's successor

Conti ransomware uses 32 simultaneous CPU threads for blazing-fast encryption

Coronavirus: Review after third NHS Orkney data breach

Coronavirus has been a boon for cybercriminals

Cyber-Attack Downs Alabama County’s Network

Cyber Attackers Hit Bond Giant TCW, MetWest Funds

Cybersecurity Safeguards Should Extend to Supply-Chain Partners

DarkOwl Releases Research on Threats to Cloud Security from the darknet perspective

Dubai presses right keys on cyber security

Egyptian bus operator Swvl hit by data breach

Episcopal diocese warns members of phishing scam

EvilQuest malware 'is after your data, not your money'

EvilQuest Ransomware Decryptor for Apple macOS: SentinelOne Delivers

Facial recognition company that scrapes social media sites to be investigated by UK and Australia

Fake Outlook Credential Upgrade Campaign Phishes for Employee Credentials

Fake TikTok links spreading malware on WhatsApp - this how to spot them

Fight Phishing with Intention

Firms Must Test Cyber Resilience Plans, Policies

FormFactor (FORM) says it discovered data breach incident involving malware

Germany Seizes Server Hosting Pilfered U.S. Police Files

Germany seizes server hosting pilfered US police files

Hackers attack ride hailing app SWVL, access user information

Hackers created fake Outlook login page in phishing drive

Health Care Providers Continue to Be Hit with Ransomware and Phishing

Helsinki police probe €200k phishing scam in Posti's name

How can businesses prevent data risks in a BYOD society?

How expired domain names can redirect you to malicious websites

How To Improve Asset Management and Security

HSBC SMS Phishing Scam Targets UK Victims

Illinois Auditor General finds “weakness in cybersecurity” within IDES from 2017-2019

Indian Army asks personnel to delete 89 apps

Indian Army Asks Personnel To Delete 89 Apps From Smartphones To Curb Data Breach

Is a scammer collecting unemployment in your name? Here’s how to tell

Is Your Malware Detection Future-Proof? 7 Adaptable Technologies for Elusive Threats

Karnataka alerts all departments to be safe from Try2Cry ransomware

macOS 'ThiefQuest' ransomware found in the wild — here is a free solution

Manufacturers: Approach Cybersecurity Like Your Assembly Line

Microsoft goes after app-based consent phishing attacks in Cloud

Microsoft warns organizations of consent phishing attacks

Mind the Gaps! The Requisite Mindset to Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Threats

More pre-installed malware has been found in budget US smartphones

More than £15m in fraud and errors across Scotland’s public sector since 2018

More than half of Canadians polled say they have experienced a cybercrime

Motives unclear as cyber attack shuts down Royal Military College (RMC) network

New Dubai International Financial Centre Data Protection Law Comes into Effect

Nigeria: How We Tracked 'Woodberry' Via Iphone, Whatsapp, Bitcoin Transactions - FBI

One of the Leading Health Insurer “Religare” struck by hackers – 5Million+ records Leaked

Persuasive Office 365 phishing uses fake Zoom suspension alerts

Phishing, ransomware on the rise in South Africa due to lockdown

Pubs and restaurants failing on cyber fraud protection

Qatar banks investing in AI-powered protections to filter malware, phishing threats

Ransomware attacks on US public sector fell in 1H2020, but rising again

Ransomware hackers demanded $390,000 to release Knoxville data

Rapid7: Ransomware Playbook - understanding cyber risk

Researchers connect Evilnum hacking group to cyberattacks against Fintech firms

Researchers Discover New macOS Ransomware Downloaded From Pirated Torrent Sites

Risk of fraud has potential to increase during coronavirus crisis, says Scotland’s public spending watchdog

Security threats endanger tens of millions working from home

SMBs in South-East Asia at high risk of crypto-mining

Social engineering hacks weaken cybersecurity during the pandemic

Spoofed Domains Present Multifaceted, Growing Problems for Enterprises

State of college ransomware attack remains unclear

Successful Ransomware Attacks Decline in 2020

The 5 Best Mobile Security Applications for Android and iOS

The Ransomware Threat Facing Business Owners

This is how much your identity is worth on the Dark Web

This macOS malware can wipe your entire device

UK and Australian Information Commissioners to investigate Clearview AI

Unsealed indictment alleges Kazakh man is behind Fxmsp hacking group

Web application attacks rise as digital engagements increase

What is 2FA? Two-Factor Authentication explained

Why Cyber Resilience Planning Is Critical (Hint: Pandemic)

Xerox, Conduent Hit With Brazen Demand From Maze Hackers

8th July

5 dating apps in the US and Asia leaked millions of user records

2020 is on Track to Hit a New Data Breach Record

A third of employees in Latin America ignore the consequences of a cyberattack against the company in which they work

An Unfortunate Reality for Virtualized Systems

Apology after Aberdeen police officer's phone number published

As Cyberattacks Soar, US State and Local Government Entities Struggle to Keep Up

Banks' cyber risks rise as Covid spurs digital trends: Moody's

Billions of account details sold online: five tips to protect yourself and your data

Billions of passwords now available on underground forums, say security researchers

British Columbian health authority hit with ransomware attack

Brits need to up their identity fraud protection

Case Study: WannaCry Ransomware

Casino App Clubillion Leaks PII on “Millions” of Users

Chilton County is latest victim of ransomware attack

Citrix limits technical info on vulnerabilities and patches after exploits

Cosmic Lynx cyber crime group takes BEC to new heights

County computers down after incident

Court Documents Pin The ‘Invisible God’ Data Breach On Kazakh Citizen

Court Lets Microsoft Seize Web Domains Used in COVID-19 Phishing/BEC Scams and Fraud

Cyber Attacks in the Pandemic Era: More of the Same

Cyber criminals use fake TikTok app for phishing

Cybersecurity in the age of Coronavirus and beyond

Deepfakes and Synthetic Media in the Financial System: Assessing Threat Scenarios

Defence department still assessing cyber attack on leading Canadian military college

Digital Learning: Updating security levels while negotiating cyber space

Dutch DPA Releases 2019 Annual Report

DXC investigating ransomware attack at Xchanging

EDP confirms hackers stole company data via a ransomware attack

EDP Renewables Notifies Landowners of Ransomware Attack

EDP's North America Business Admits Ransomware Attack

Employee Surveillance: Who's the Boss(ware)?

Enabling transformation: How can security teams shift their perception?

Enel ransomware attack highlights the value of a top-down security culture

EvilQuest / ThiefQuest ransomware for macOS shows the importance of using independently tested Mac antivirus software

Explainer: What Is Machine Learning?

Fake TikTok links injected with malware being spread via SMS and WhatsApp, warns Maharashtra Cyber Police

FBI warns unemployment benefits fraud spiking; Friendswood man among victims

'Freddie Mac' Mortgage Loan Company Announces Data Breach

Gambling app Clubillion leaked data of millions of casino players

Gang uses Ako ransomware to hit Hamilton Brown creative design firm

Google removes 25 apps for phishing

Hamish Walker to step down over privacy breach

Hidden purpose of Mac ‘ransomware’ EvilQuest is data exfiltration, say researchers

Himachal: Cyber crime cases up 88%

Homeworking creating new opportunities for hackers, Aon warns

How COVID-19 changed the future of work

How the US caught flashy Nigerian Instagrammers 'with $40m'

How your Wi-Fi can be hacked to tell criminals if you’re away from home

Karnataka: All depts on alert as new ransomware infects computers

Kazakh Hacker Known as ‘fxmsp’ Faces 45 Years Behind Bars

LinkedIn copied evey keystroke & Reddit snoops too - new feature in iOS14 reveals

Manufacturers paid $6.9 million in ransomware attacks in 2019

Mass homeworking creates new openings for cyber criminals

Microsoft busts hackers who used Covid-19 as bait to lure customers

Microsoft Confirms Takedown of Phishing Domains

Mobile Apps meant for facilitation are now becoming a medium of cyber-crimes

MongoDB is subject to continual attacks when exposed to the internet

Nasty Cerberus banking trojan found on Google Play Store

New ransomware infecting user files in desktops and laptops: Karnataka puts all depts on alert

Niagara County Sheriff's Office warns of Amazon customer service scam

North American Renewable Energy Giant Confirms Data Breach After its Parent Company Discloses Ransomware Attack

Order Out of Chaos: Tackling Phishing Attacks

Passwords...mind over matter

Phishing alert: Hackers use fake TikTok Pro app to lure victims in India

Police Investigate Alleged Data Breach Filed by Tokopedia

Popular Gambling App Exposed Millions of Users in Massive Data Leak

Privacy office calls for data sharing fix

Ransomware Attack: Cybercriminals Hit EDP Renewables North America

Ransomware attacks appeared to decline as pandemic arrived

Ransomware Explained and How to Protect Yourself

RDP-Based Ransomware is Targeting School Districts; What Can You Do to Prevent It?

Resilience is as vital as it is difficult to achieve

Rising Interest in Cryptocurrency Makes the Government of the Philippines Keep a Close Eye

Russian BEC gang Cosmic Lynx fakes M&As to steal millions

SentinelOne Releases Free ‘EvilQuest’ Ransomware Decryptor to Defend macOS Environments

State of Ransomware in the US: Report and Statistics for Q1 and Q2 2020

The $6 trillion heist avoiding global attention

The 10 Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches of 2020, So Far

ThiefQuest ransomware found to be hiding a keylogger and more

Third NHS Orkney (NHSO) data breach prompts external review

Time to rethink your approach towards password change

Treasury Alerts New Jersey Residents to Unclaimed Property Scam

Try2Cry Ransomware Targets Windows PCs via USB Flash Drives

Unclaimed property texts show possible scam

US Secret Service Warns of Attacks on MSPs

Using Trademarks to Combat COVID-19 Related Phishing

V Shred exposes 1 million files with open S3 bucket

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) warns employees of cyber attack, no evidence data removed, misused

Vancouver Coastal Health's computers hit with cyberattack

Video Conferencing Security Tips You May Have Overlooked

Why enterprises should not over rely on AI for cybersecurity

Why Identity Management for Education Sector has Become Crucial

Why Leading Companies Are Implementing Risk Operation Centers

Why security awareness training is important

7th July

A Concerning Proliferation of SIM-Swapping Fraud in Europe

Accountant’s tax scam warning as elderly client conned out of £2k

Agari Identifies First-Ever Reported Russian BEC Cybercriminal Ring Targeting Executives

Agari Identifies First-ever Reported Russian BEC Cybercriminal Ring Targeting Executives in 46 Countries Across Six Continents

Better cybersecurity hinges on understanding actual risks and addressing the right problems

BEWARE: New Mac Ransomware ThiefQuest is so Sinister – Puts Your Device in Serious Danger

Bitcoin Scams: How You Can Avoid Them

Bus-sharing app Swvl hit with security breach; names, numbers of users compromised

Cerberus banking Trojan infiltrates Google Play

CISA Shares 5 Ways a Business’s Staff Could Reduce Their Cyber Risks

Court website hacked, redirects to portal for porn and prostitution

COVID-19: managing cyber risks arising from the pandemic

COVID-19 Cybercrime Capitalizing on Brazil’s Government Assistance Program

Cyber Resiliency Means Securing the User

Cybercriminals Are Taking Advantage Of COVID-19 With New Attack Methods

DOJ indict Fxmsp hacker for selling access to hacked orgs, AV firms

DXC subsidiary hit by ransomware attack

DXC subsidiary hit with ransomware

EDP Renewables Confirms Ransomware Attack

Elasticsearch security: Understand your options and apply best practices

Encryption is key

Energy company EDP confirms cyberattack, Ragnar Locker ransomware blamed

Energy company EDP Renewables confirms April ransomware attack

Fake emails about fake money from a fake COVID-19 fund

FBI Director Wray warns of Chinese hacking, espionage threats against American companies

FERPA Compliance & How to Obtain It

Fraud latest

Free decryptor available for ThiefQuest ransomware victims

Frost & Sullivan suffers from global data breach

GDPR: Three Ways the World Has Changed in the Privacy Law’s First Two Years

German authorities seize 'BlueLeaks' server that hosted data on US cops

Google removes 25 apps for stealing Facebook login credentials – Here is the complete list of apps

Google removes 25 apps from the Play Store for phishing Facebook log-in details

Hackers using MSPs as staging ground to launch ransomware attacks: US Secret Service

High Tech Learning Opens Up New Vulnerabilities For Schools And Businesses

How Covid-19 has added to 'insider threat' risks

How safe is Google's Covid-19 app?

How To Recognize The Most Common Online Scams And Reduce Your Vulnerability To Cyber Crime!

India: 200% rise in cyber incidents in last couple of months, says senior official

Is privacy a myth in India?

'Keeper' hacking group behind hacks at 570 online stores

Keeping data protected

Knoxville, Tennessee data published online after ransomware attack

LinkedIn, Reddit, Google News and other apps caught spying on iPhone users’ clipboards

Magellan Health Data Breach Victim Tally Reaches 365K Patients

Man Arrested for Malware Attacks on Gov't Websites

Managing the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape with a Standard Approach

Manufacturing Sector Paid Out 62% of Total Ransomware Payments in 2019

Microsoft Sues To Block 'COVID-19 Themed' Phishing Scheme

Modern Bank Heist: from smash and grab to hostage situation as cyberthieves evolve

MSP Xchanging attacked in ransomware incident

MSPs face intensified cyber threat, US secret service warns

Multiple retailers hit by new North Korea cyberattack

Navigating the changing landscape of enterprise cybersecurity

Nevada Census 2020 organizers warn of potential scams

New phishing scam targets college communities

New Zealand: National MP admits to sharing patient data

Newly discovered Mac malware combines ransomware and spyware into one

Nigeria: The Price Tag of Fraud - Hushpuppi and Associates

North Korean hackers are skimming US and European shoppers

North Korean Hackers Stealing Credit Card Info from U.S. Online Retailers

Over $15M Stolen from US Companies and Converted to Bitcoin May Not Be Recovered, FBI Says

Personal data blunder as personal phone numbers of sheriffs and Aberdeen police officer published online

Phishing attacks: This sophisticated new group has been operating undiscovered for at least a year

Protect Your Business And Your Remote Staff From Hackers With These 16 Strategies

Purple Fox Malware Targets More Vulnerabilities

Ransomware + Exfiltration + Leaks = Data Breach

Ransomware Attack on DXC Subsidiary Knocks Out Services Downstream

Ransomware Characteristics and Attack Chains – What you Need to Know about Recent Campaigns

Ransomware targets Internet Explorer users in APAC

Revealed: Middle East, Africa businesses most targeted by hackers

Royal Military College of Canada investigating cybersecurity attack

Shared responsibility is still elusive when it comes to cloud data protection

SMEs don't understand security risks, ACSC survey finds

Strategies for combating increased cyber threats tied to coronavirus

Survey: Many Filipinos vulnerable to cybercrime

The cyber-threat landscape amid Covid-19

The death of remote access VPN

The Japanese Automobile Industry Is Taking Next Steps for Cybersecurity Collaboration

The Only Constant Is Change - Rethinking Secure Access for a New Workforce

The US Secret Service Issues Ransomware Warning

Threat Intelligence in a Big Data World

Try2Cry Ransomware Targets Windows Systems As It Spreads Via USB Flash Drives

Two years on from GDPR: Has it driven growth in cyber security insurance?

UnityPoint Health settles lawsuit regarding data breaches

Warning issued over latest coronavirus-related 'phishing' scheme

What CISOs Should Tell the Board About Cybersecurity

What is next for cybersecurity during a pandemic

Why is Canberra splurging on cyber security?

Worried about cyber security? Buy an insurance cover to protect yourself

6th July

$2.5 billion lost over a decade: Nigerian princes lose their sheen, but scams are on the rise

3 Efficient Ways to Boost E-commerce Site Security During COVID-19

6 Ways AI and ML Together Transforming Endpoint security in 2020?

A Solid Network Needs Constant Caring, Watering, and Feeding to Remain Safe

Android Users Beware, Fakesky Malware is Back and is Dangerous Than Ever Before

Are You in Position to Avoid Being Held Hostage?

Arkansas Lost at Least $22.6M in 2019 Internet Crimes

Artificial intelligence and Cybersecurity: A necessary evil in the fight against malware systems

Beware of that email. Here's why state and federal officials say it might be a scam

Business Email Compromise - Who Bears the Loss?

Car cybersecurity companies move up a gear in preparation for new era

Check if your email was compromised with this simple search engine

CISA names top 3 threats to government systems

Combating Cyberthreats, Protecting Privacy

'Computer technician scam' preying on North Dakotans

Coronavirus aid: Germany investigating thousands of suspected fraud cases

Critical F5 Networks vulnerability under attack

Cyber crime has cost UK businesses £87 billion since 2015

Cybercriminals send ransomware to users of out-of-date web browser in APAC

Cybercriminals Targeting the Cloud

Cybersec needs more cash and more people

Cybersecurity: Timeline

Cybersecurity and compliance — are manufacturers covered?

Cybersecurity needs more cash and more people

Cybersecurity software sales and training in a no-touch world

Data exfiltration: The art of distancing

Data loss prevention: how it works and why you need it

Data Security Tips for Working Remotely

Do fintech services expose users to greater risks?

Don't get fooled by these Facebook hoaxes

Don't get tangled in the dark Web

DXC business targeted in ransomware attack

Early Covid-19 tracking apps easy prey for hackers, and it might get worse before it gets better

EDP energy giant confirms Ragnar Locker ransomware attack

Facebook malware threat unmasked

FBI Sees Spike in Fraudulent Unemployment Insurance Claims Filed Using Stolen Identities

Fighting Financial Crime In Silos Will Cause Failure

Google, Reddit, LinkedIn all caught SPYING on your iPhone with same dodgy trick as TikTok

Got an SMS to download TikTok Pro? Don't do it, it's a scam

Hackers selling personal data of 384k BMW owners in the UK

Haryana: Phishing emails now promise Covid treatment refund, cops caution people

Haryana Police cautions people against phishing emails promising COVID-19 treatment refund

Healthcare providers that underwent cyberattacks in 2020 so far

Helping merchants to better understand security

How Managed Security Services are Beneficial to Enterprises

How to avoid falling victim to scammers cashing in on coronavirus crisis

How to Safeguard Your Credit Card?

Hungary: Data Protection Authority Imposes Highest Post-GDPR Fine

Independence Blue Cross alerts members of data breach

Law Society spotlight: Risk and compliance

Lawsuits After Ransomware Incidents: The Trend Continues

Millions of records from dating sites found on misconfigured cloud storage

Nevada: Officials Warn Of 2020 Census Scams

North Korean hackers linked to web skimming (Magecart) attacks, report says

North Korean Hacking Infrastructure Tied to Magecart Hits

Phishing attack spoofs Twitter to steal account credentials

Premier league club targeted in £100 million BEC scam, accused extradited from Dubai

Ransomware attack on PEI government servers cost taxpayers over $900k

Scam Alert: Watch out for fake emails, text messages offering money from a fake COVID-19 fund

Securing India's Education Sector

Securing the network users inside and out

Should We Move to a New Definition of SIEM?

SIM swap attacks on rise

Sonic Can’t Dodge Banks’ Suit Over Consumer Payment Card Hack

Source Code of “ArisLocker” Ransomware Appears on the Dark Web

Ten things startups need to know about cybersecurity

Texas Bicycle Sharing Company Breached by Malware

Texas County Sheriff's Office Suffers Ransomware Attack

Thanos Ransomware Adds New Features

The key to stopping cyberattacks? Understanding your own systems before the hackers strike

These are the latest world's worst passwords — don't use any of them

Tokopedia Files Police Report over Alleged Data Breach

Tokopedia notifies authorities of third party over data breach

Toss vows to fully compensate for losses from any fraud cases

UK cybercrime has doubled in last five years – costing businesses £87bn since 2015

Unsecured servers leaked data of millions of users of dating sites and apps

Upgraded malware Fakesky is back in play, says cybersecurity firm Cybereason

US Secret Service reports an increase in hacked managed service providers (MSPs)

Using “Update.exe” as a Case Study for Robust OT Cybersecurity

Virtually preying on fear of the pandemic

Virus-Proof Your Computer with These Handy Hints and Tips

Visibility and Threat Detection in a Remote Working World

We May Be Overlooking OT Security

Why Organizations Must Deploy Phishing Protection Software?

You can't just delete an app to stop THIS latest Android smartphone threat