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Monday 27 May 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 22 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 27th May and 2nd June 2024.

2nd June

7 Ways Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) Governments Are Boosting Cybersecurity

A Comparative Look at Cybersecurity Regulations Across the Middle-East, Turkey, and Africa (META) Region

AI platform Hugging Face says hackers stole auth tokens from Spaces

Chinese Hacker group targeting Africa and Caribbean in cyber espionage campaign

Cyber Attack Destroyed 600,000 Routers In The U.S.

Hacker Bricks 600,000 Routers In Just 72 Hours

Live Nation reveals data breach at Ticketmaster that may have affected millions of customers

Ransomware attacks on the rise! Nearly 2900 assaults by 85 telegram hacktivist groups between January-March

Santander Bank Has Faced a Massive Data Breach Affecting Millions of Customers and Employees

T-Mobile Data Breach Mastermind John Binns Arrested in Turkey After Selling Millions of Users’ Data

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Data of QuoteWizard and Lending Tree for $2,000,000

Ticketmaster confirms data breach

Ticketmaster Data Breach May Affect More Than 500 Million Customers. What to Know

Ticketmaster hit by cyber attack that compromised user data

Ticketmaster hit by cyber attack which has compromised the data of 560 million customers

UAE Leads the Charge: Top Cybersecurity Trends Shaping the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) Region

1st June

AI Company Hugging Face Detects Unauthorized Access to Its Spaces Platform

Chinese Hacker Arrested in Takedown of World’s Largest Botnet

Data leak at Ticketmaster, over 560 million customers affected

Entertainment giant Live Nation confirms data breach via Ticketmaster

Essex school unable to open on first day after half term after 'significant cyber attack'

Germany: CDU Suffers Cyber Attack; Office for the Protection of the Constitution Intervenes

Germany: Major cyber attack targets the CDU organization; authorities probe for possible security violations

Germany: Severe cyber attack hits CDU according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior

Hacker group puts data of 560 million Ticketmaster customers up for sale

Illinois Secretary of State's Office Hit by Phishing Scam, Pushes for $200M Cybersecurity Overhaul

Iranian Pilgrims Data Compromised by Hacker Group

Kaspersky releases free tool that scans Linux for known threats

Live Nation Confirms Data Breach in SEC Filing

Live Nation confirms data breach via Ticketmaster

Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster data breach that could affect 560M users: What to know

Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster is investigating a data breach of customer information

Live Nation investigates Ticketmaster data breach, customer data offered on dark web

Live Nation probing Ticketmaster hack amid user data leak concerns

Live Nation reveals data breach at its Ticketmaster subsidiary

Live Nation Says Hacker Is Trying to Sell User Data on Dark Web

Live Nation says that a hacker is trying to sell Ticketmaster data on the dark web

Live Nation took 11 days to confirm the massive Ticketmaster data breach

Live Nation waited 11 days to report data breach affecting 560M Ticketmaster customers

Massive criminal records leak exposes 70M Americans' personal information

Massive Data Breach Hits Ticketmaster, Affecting 560 Million Customers

Microsoft warns of gift card fraud, shares tactics of one of the world's most dangerous hacker group Storm-0539

Millions of Aussies are affected by Ticketek data breach as new warning on internet use issued

Patient struggles with delayed tests and uncertainty after cyber attack on Ascension Hospitals

School facing 'critical incident' after cyber attack

Snowflake denies breach, blames data theft on poorly secured customer accounts

Snowflake Massive Breach: Ticketmaster User Data Among Those Stolen by Hackers

The Ticketmaster Data Breach May Be Just the Beginning

Threat Actor Claims to Have Leaked Riyadh Airport Employee Database

Ticketek Australia data breach: Names, birthdays and email addresses potentially accessed

Ticketek Australia urges vigilance against scams and phishing attempts in warning to customers amid data breach fallout

Ticketek Data Breach: What You Need to Know

Ticketek issues 'sincere apology' to customers after data breach

Ticketmaster confirm data breach following post from well-known hackers

Ticketmaster confirms data breach as 560 million users data stolen with hackers threatening to sell info

Ticketmaster confirms data breach impacting 560 million customers

Ticketmaster Confirms Data Breach Potentially Impacting 560 Million Customers

Ticketmaster customer data breach confirmed by parent company

Ticketmaster cyber attack confirmed by parent company

Ticketmaster hack may affect more than 500 million customers

Ticketmaster hit by cyber attack - with hackers 'offering to sell customer data on dark web'

Ticketmaster hit by cyber attack that compromised user data

Ticketmaster hit by cyber attack with hackers allegedly offering to sell customer data on dark web

Ticketmaster hit by data breach, millions of customers affected

Ticketmaster hit by data hack that may affect 560m customers

Ticketmaster investigating 'cyber attack' as personal details of 560 million customers stolen

Ticketmaster investigating data breach after cyber attack

Ticketmaster owner Live Nation confirms data breach

31st May

25,000 individuals affected in BBC Pension Scheme data breach

30,000,000 Customers’ Data Allegedly Exposed and on Sale After Trillion-Dollar Bank Suffers Massive Data Breach

560 Million Ticketmaster Customers Impacted by Recent Data Breach, Includes Financial Information

560 million Ticketmaster customers’ personal details allegedly stolen by hacker group

A Major Industrial Cybersecurity Threat: Living off the Land Attacks

A Threat Actor Claims to Have Leaked Database of Banco de Crédito del Perú

Adaptive DDoS Defense’s Value in the Security Ecosystem

AI Must Prove its Trustworthiness

Akira Ransomware Group Has Announced 4 new Victims on its Blog Site

Alleged Data Leak from V12 Software Exposes Millions of Records

Andariel APT Using DoraRAT and Nestdoor Malware to Spy on South Korean Businesses

Another blockbuster data breach as Ticketmaster the latest victim

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) probe into arrested Chinese ‘hacker’ launched

Australia: Victoria’s largest childcare organisation discloses data breach, ID document scans stolen

BBC Pension Scheme Breached, Exposing Employee Data

Beyond Threat Detection - A Race to Digital Security

Big Cyber Attack Overthrows Hundreds Of Thousands Of Internet Routers In US Central Region

Billericay School hit by 'critical' cyber attack

Check Point VPN zero-day exploited since beginning of April (CVE-2024-24919)

Chinese hacker Wang Yunhe’s arrest brings fresh scrutiny of Singapore wealth flows

CISA warns of actively exploited Linux privilege elevation flaw

CL0P Ransomware Targets Financial Cooperative Unicred, Exfiltrating Sensitive Documents

Cloud company Snowflake denies that reported breach originated with its products

Connecticut warns of phishing scam targeting users of state's eLicense system

Copilot+ Recall is ‘Dumbest Cybersecurity Move in a Decade’

Copilot‘s screen-snapping Recall data stored in plain text

Cyberattacks targeting US and allies having 'strategically consequential effects'

Data breach impacts Everbridge corporate systems

Data Leak Exposes Business Leaders and Top Celebrity Data

Data of 30M Santander customers for sale, ShinyHunters take the spotlight

Debt collection agency Financial Business and Consumer Solutions (FBCS) says data breach compromised over 3.2 million customers' information

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reverses course, allows Change Healthcare to file breach notifications for others

Dissecting the Criminal Mind: Why They Target Company Data

DMM Bitcoin warns that hackers stole $300 million in Bitcoin

Dovetail drawer maker hit with cyberattack

Drop in Emergency Department (ED) visits, admissions seen in hospitals targeted by ransomware

Elk Grove medical school facing another lawsuit. This time for a data breach

Europol identifies 8 cybercriminals tied to malware loader botnets

Ferry ransomware attack remains unsolved

First American Financial Corporation says December cyber attack impacted 44,000 individuals

Former Professor Suing California Northstate University Over Data Breach

Hacked, leaked, exposed: Why you should never use stalkerware apps

Hacker Links Ticketmaster and Santander Data Leaks to Snowflake Breach

Hacker Sells Apparent Santander Bank Customer Data

Hackers steal $305M from DMM Bitcoin crypto exchange

Hawk Eye App Data Breach in India: Personal Data of Thousands Exposed in Telangana State

Illinois Secretary of State office impacted by data breach

International Malware Takedown Seized 100+ Servers

Lack of skills and budget slow zero-trust implementation

Law student ‘unfairly disciplined’ after reporting data breach blunder

Live Nation confirms Ticketmaster was hacked, says personal information stolen in data breach

Live Nation Says It Was Victim of Cyber Attack, “Criminal Threat Actor” Selling Alleged User Data

Live Nation says that a hacker is trying to sell Ticketmaster data on the dark web

Major data breach in Spain: Police probe ‘selling’ of information relating to millions of drivers following cyberattack of DGT traffic authority

Malouf Companies Notifies Consumers of February 2024 Data Breach

Massacre of WiFi routers leaves 600,000 American families offline

Massive Data Breach Hits Santander: Hackers Target Millions of Customers and Staff in Spain, Chile, and Uruguay

Microsoft Warns of Surge in Cyber Attacks Targeting Internet-Exposed OT Devices

More than 600,000 routers knocked out in October by Chalubo malware

Multiple Vulnerabilities Reported in LenelS2 NetBox Entry Tracking and Event Monitoring Tool

Mysterious Cyber Attack Took Down 600,000+ Routers in the U.S.

New Pegasus spying cases found in Eastern Europe

NIST Hires External Contractor to Help Tackle National Vulnerability Database Backlog

NoName Ransomware Claims Cyberattacks on Spain and Germany, But Evidence Unclear

OpenAI Exposes AI-Powered State Actors in Global Influence Operations

Over 25,000 BBC employees affected in pension scheme data breach

Pirated Copies of Microsoft Office Used to Distribute Frequent Malware in South Korea

Polish news agency probably hit by Russian cyberattack, minister says

Privacy is the leading concern regarding AI smartphones, study finds

Qiulong Ransomware Group Claims Breach of Indigo ENT Group, Exposes Sensitive Data

Ransomware against healthcare and manufacturing on the rise: What to know, how to respond

RedTail Cryptominer Evolves with Palo Alto PAN-OS CVE-2024-3400 Vulnerability

Researchers Uncover New Data Theft Campaign of Advanced Threat Actor ‘LilacSquid’

Russian hackers blamed for fake news posted on Polish state media

Russian Hackers Target Europe with HeadLace Malware and Credential Harvesting

Russian Hacktivist Group UserSec Opens Recruitment Drive for Hackers

Santander confirms '30 million customers hit by data breach' after 'hack'

Santander customers’ private data put up for sale for $2m by hackers

Santander data breach: 30 million account and credit card details up for sale on dark web

Santander data breach exposes 30 million customers in major cyberattack

Santander explains three types of customer affected by 'hackers stealing data'

Santander staff and customer data stolen in major cyber attack

Sav-Rx data breach affects 2.8M individuals

Seattle Public Library says ransomware attack disrupted online services and access to e-books

Senator Blames UnitedHealth CEO for Installing Inexperienced CISO Amid Ransomware Attack

Senator Calls for FTC, SEC Probe Into UnitedHealth’s ‘Negligence’ in Breach

ShinyHunters claims Santander breach, selling data for 30M customers

ShinyHunters is selling data of 30 million Santander customers

Snowflake account hacks linked to Santander, Ticketmaster breaches

Snowflake compromised? Attackers exploit stolen credentials

Spanish police probe Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) hack, millions of driver's info exposed

St. Cloud, Florida, Warns Residents After Cyber Attack

The Evolution of Security in Containerized Environments

The mysterious tale of an alleged breach at Ticketmaster

Thousands of internet-facing devices vulnerable to Check Point VPN zero-day

Threat Actor Claims to Be Selling Windows Local Privilege Escalation (LPE) 0-Day Exploit for $120,000

Threat Actor Claims to Sell Unauthorized VPN Access to a European Country’s Ministry of Rural Development and Food

Ticketek Australia: Customers have personal details hacked in major data breach

Ticketmaster Acknowledges Data Breach After Hacker Claimed Stealing Info From 560 Million Customers

Ticketmaster Breach Exposes 560M Users as Data Surfaces on BreachForums

Ticketmaster confirms massive breach after stolen data for sale online

Ticketmaster data breach: 560 million users reportedly affected. What to know

US senator claims UnitedHealth's CEO, board appointed 'unqualified' CISO

Voice cloning of political figures is still easy as pie

Why Cybersecurity is Critical for the 2024 Paris Olympics

30th May

4 Arrested as Operation Endgame Disrupts Ransomware Botnets

7 New Pegasus Infections Found on Media and Activists’ Devices in the EU

59% of public sector apps carry long-standing security flaws

A 35-year-old Chinese man has been tagged as the alleged mastermind behind a gargantuan botnet used to steal billions from zombie computers

AI Will Increase the Quantity - and Quality - of Phishing Scams

Akira ransomware gang claims scalp of Sydney law firm

Analygence chosen as company to help NIST address backlog at National Vulnerability Database (NVD)

Analysis Uncovers Raft of Identity Issues in the Cloud

Australia ranks among top 10 global sources of phishing attacks

BBC Data Breach: Over 25,000 Employee Records Compromised, Investigation Underway

BBC employees exposed after pension scheme hack

BBC pension cyber attack: Hackers steal personal data of more than 25,000 current and former staff

BBC pension scheme data breach exposes more than 25,000 current and former employees

BBC suffers data breach impacting current, former employees

Best Buy was the top most impersonated brand in 2023

CISA Alerts Federal Agencies to Patch Actively Exploited Linux Kernel Flaw

Colossal Ticketmaster leak appears legit, millions affected

Cooler Master confirms customer info stolen in data breach

Cooler Master hit by mega data breach - PC equipment maker sees customer info stolen

Cyber Espionage Alert: LilacSquid Targets IT, Energy, and Pharma Sectors

Data of 560 million Ticketmaster customers for sale after alleged breach

Data on 10,300 at Risk in Chicago Hospital Phishing Incident

Do VPNs Change or Hide Your IP Address?

Europol Shuts Down 100+ Servers Linked to IcedID, TrickBot, and Other Malware

Europol-Led Operation Endgame Hits Botnet, Ransomware Networks

Everbridge warns of corporate systems breach exposing business data

Exiled Russian, Belarusian opposition journalists targeted with Pegasus spyware

Family-Owned Woodworking Company Western Dovetail Hit by Akira Ransomware Attack

FBI urging deletion of MaskVPN, DewVPN, PaladinVPN, ProxyGate, ShieldVPN, and ShineVPN

First American Reveals Data Breach Impacting 44,000 Individuals

FlyingYeti Exploits WinRAR Vulnerability to Deliver COOKBOX Malware in Ukraine

Fortinet FortiSIEM Vulnerabilities Expose Systems to Remote Code Execution

Four arrested as international police operation takes down ransomware networks

From Phishing to Fraud: How AI Can Safeguard Your Customers

Hacker claims massive Ticketmaster breach

Hacker group claims to have obtained the personal data of 500 million Ticketmaster customers

Hackers claim data breach at Ticketmaster - Live Nation

Hackers claim Ticketmaster data breach, offer info of 560 million customers for sale

Hospital Allegedly Skirting Ransomware Death Suit Settlement

Hunt3r Kill3rs Announced Cyberattacks on Israeli Government and Military Infrastructure

Identity-related incidents becoming severe, costing organizations a fortune

Impact of Hospital Ransomware Attacks on Neighboring Hospitals

Important details about Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act (CIRCIA) ransomware reporting

Information Commissioner issues statement on Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) laptop data breach

International operation takes down ransomware networks

Internet Archive Defends Against Cyberattack Amid DDoS Assault

Japanese Man Arrested for GenAI Ransomware as AI Jailbreak Concerns Grow

Johnson & Johnson Reports Data Breach Potentially Linked to Massive Cencora Breach

Klein ISD Student Faces Felony Charge for Cyberattack Disrupting State Testing for 24,000 Students

LockBit Ransomware Group Allegedly Strikes Heras UK in Cyberattack

macOS version of elusive 'LightSpy' spyware tool discovered

Major malware droppers disrupted, four suspects arrested

Malicious Firmware Update Destroyed Over 600,000 Routers Across ISP

Malware botnet bricked 600,000 routers in mysterious 2023 attack

Massive international police operation takes down ransomware networks, 4 arrested

Massive international police operation takes down ransomware networks, arrests 4

Massive police sweep across Europe takes down ransomware networks and arrests 4 suspects

Mother slams Passport Office for 'concerning' data breach after receiving six strangers' confidential documents in the post

New ‘SpiderX’ Ransomware Emerges as Successor to Notorious Diablo

Newfoundland television station hit by ransomware attack, data breach

Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) investigating 40 financial sector operators over data breach

NIST says National Vulnerability Database (NVD) will be back on track by September 2024

Norfolk and Norwich hospital in £47k data breach payout

Okta Warns of Credential Stuffing Attacks Targeting Customer Identity Cloud

Okta’s shared login access system attacked

One Phish, Two Phish, Red Phish, Blue Phish

Operation Endgame - Largest Ever Operation Against Multiple Botnets Used to Deliver Ransomware

Over 100 malware servers shut down in 'largest ever' operation against botnets

Pirated Microsoft Office delivers malware cocktail on systems

Police dismantle international ransomware network

Police seize over 100 malware loader servers, arrest four cybercriminals

Pop Culture Passwords Most Likely to Get You Hacked

Proofpoint’s CISO 2024 Report: Top Challenges Include Human Error & Risk

Ransomware spike spurs cyber insurance boom in New Zealand

Ransomware Statistics, Facts, and Trends in 2023

RedTail Crypto-Mining Malware Exploiting Palo Alto Networks Firewall Vulnerability

RedTail Malware Abuses Palo Alto Flaw in Latest Cryptomining Campaign

Researchers Uncover Active Exploitation of WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities

Russian hacker opens bidding on 18,000 lines of Australian bank account details

Russian hackers go after Ukraine’s allies ‘to sow fear and discord,’ says US cyber ambassador

Seattle Public Library Recovers Key Services After Ransomware Attack

Seattle's 27 public libraries knocked out in ransomware attack

Scammers are playing college kids with free piano offers

ShinyHunters Claims Santander Bank Breach: 30M Customers’ Data for Sale

Smith and Caughey's hit by cyber attack as closure looms

Smith and Caughey's stores still closed after cyber attack

South Africa: Justice department denies cyber attack, blames insiders

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Unauthorized Access to Swarovski Admin Portal for 800€

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Unauthorized FTP Access to an American Healthcare Company

Ticketmaster customer data accessed in cyber attack

Ticketmaster customers caught in alleged data breach

Ticketmaster cyber attack 'sees hackers steal details of 560 million customers'

Ticketmaster data breach: 560 million users' info allegedly for sale by hacking group

Ticketmaster data breach? Hackers claim over 500 million users compromised

Ticketmaster Data Breach Impacts 560 Million Customers

Ticketmaster hit with class action suit over massive data breach

Ticketmaster reportedly hacked, hacker group claims to have millions of users’ information

Ticketmaster yet to confirm if data breach has occurred or if customers in Australia impacted

Toshiba America Data Breach: Customers and State Authorities Notified

TRAM Barcelona Hit by DDoS Attack: NoName Group, Cyber Army of Russia Claim Responsibility

U.S. Dismantles World's Largest 911 S5 Botnet with 19 Million Infected Devices

Unauthorized Access to Crypto Platform Allegedly for Sale for $50,000

Understanding Penetration Testing

Union Petitions Ascension to Take Steps to Improve Patient Safety Following Ransomware Attack

UnitedHealth leaders 'should be held responsible' for installing inexperienced CISO, senator says

University of Chicago Medical Center reports data breach impacting employees and patients

US-Led Operation Takes Down World’s Largest Botnet

What Is ShrinkLocker? New Ransomware Targets Microsoft BitLocker Encryption Feature

What we know about the 'remarkably devious' ShinyHunters hackers allegedly behind the Ticketmaster data leak

Why Credential-Based Attacks Need Modern Solutions

Why Open Source May Hold the Key to Tackling National Vulnerability Database (NVD) Overreliance

Worried you may have been impacted by the Ticketmaster hack? Here's what to do

Zero-day flaw in Check Point VPNs is ‘extremely easy’ to exploit

29th May

3% of public sector applications are flaw free

90% of organizations experienced an identity incident this past year

911 S5 Botnet - Likely the World’s Largest Botnet Ever, Dismantled

A Quest Gone Awry: Hackers Disrupt Bring Me The Horizon’s Hidden M8 Artificial Reality Game

ABN Amro discloses data breach following an attack on a third-party provider

Advance Fee Fraud Targets Colleges With Free Piano Offers

Anyone can tap into your WiFi location data to track you, researchers find

Ascension Saint Thomas Health patient files class action lawsuit over data breach

Avoiding the cybersecurity blame game

Ban Ransomware Payments, Say Desperate Cybercrime Fighters

BBC data breach exposes details of 25,000 current and former employees

BlackSuit Claims Dozens of Victims With Carefully Curated Ransomware

Brazilian Banks Targeted by New AllaKore RAT Variant Called AllaSenha

BreachForums Breached? Forum’s Return Sparks Fear Among Cybercriminals

BreachForums Returns Just Weeks After FBI Seizure - Honeypot or Blunder?

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Database on Sale Again: Dark Web Actor Claims to Compromise Over 15 Undisclosed Asian Telecom Organizations

Botnet down and administrator arrested in 911 S5 case, FBI says

Check Point releases emergency fix for VPN zero-day exploited in attacks

Check Point VPN zero-day exploited in attacks since April 30

Check Point Warns of Zero-Day Attacks on its VPN Gateway Products

Christie’s Auction House Hacked, Sensitive Data from 500,000 Customers Stolen

Church app developer exposes data of nearly a million Brazilians

CISA D-Link Router Vulnerabilities Being Actively Exploited

Cooler Master allegedly breached, members exposed

Cooler Master hit by data breach exposing customer information

Critical Cacti Vulnerabilities Addressed in Latest Update

Cybercriminals Abuse Stack Overflow to Promote Malicious Python Package

Cybercriminals pose as "helpful" Stack Overflow users to push malware

Data breach exposes details of 25,000 current and former BBC employees

Doral, Florida, Data Breach Involves City Council Members

Double Trouble: Following Ticketmaster Cyberattack, Hackers Target Parent Company Live Nation

Dual Ransomware Attacks Could Cripple K–12 Schools

Everything known about Ticketmaster data breach so far

First American Data Breach: 44,000 Affected After December Cyberattack

Free Piano phish targets American university students, staff

Hacker group claims responsibility for Christie’s cyberattack

Hackers claim Ticketmaster in attempt to boost revived forum’s popularity

Hackers claim Ticketmaster/Live Nation data breach, more than 500m compromised

Healthcare and finance were prominent cyberattack targets in 2023

How fraudsters stole $37 million from Coinbase Pro users

How the Department of Justice (DOJ) is using a Civil War-era law to enforce corporate cybersecurity

Indian police arrest five accused of trafficking people into scam compounds

Insurance giant First American confirms data breach affected thousands of users

Internet Archive Disrupted by Sustained and “Mean” DDoS Attack

Ireland: Video of medical records posted on TikTok in Health Service Executive (HSE) data breach

‘It’s putting patients’ lives in danger’: Nurses say ransomware attack is stressing hospital operations

Louisiana School District Notifies Data Breach Victims After News Investigation

Malicious PyPI Package ‘Pytoileur’ Targets Windows and Leverages Stack Overflow for Distribution

Massive Google Leak Exposes Search Algorithm Secrets

Microsoft Uncovers 'Moonstone Sleet' - New North Korean Hacker Group

Millions download apps with banking malware from Google Play

Moonstone Sleet: A new North Korean threat actor

National Records of Scotland data released after NHS Dumfries and Galloway cyber attack

New malware to steal money from European ATMs

New North Korean attacker group fakes tank games

New North Korean Hacking Group Identified by Microsoft

New PyPI Malware “Pytoileur” Steals Crypto and Evades Detection

NIST expects to clear backlog in vulnerabilities database by end of fiscal year

NIST Struggles with National Vulnerabilities Database (NVD) Backlog as 93% of Flaws Remain Unanalyzed

North Korea building cash reserves using ransomware, video games

North Korea’s ‘Moonstone Sleet’ using fake tank game, custom ransomware in attacks

North Korean Threat Actor Deploying New FakePenny Ransomware

Nurses at Ascension hospital in Michigan raise alarms about safety following ransomware attack

Okta warns of credential stuffing attacks targeting its CORS feature

Phishing with Cloudflare Workers: Transparent Phishing and HTML Smuggling

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) exploits for critical FortiSIEM command execution flaws released (CVE-2024-23108, CVE-2023-34992)

PyPI crypto-stealer targets Windows users, revives malware campaign

RansomHub Cyberattack Targets Serbian Gas Firm PSG BANATSKI DVOR, Disables SCADA Systems

Ransomware attack forces Seattle Public Library systems offline

Ransomware in the finance sector: Emerging threats

Reported data breach in Walton County

Scammers Build Fraud Campaigns Around Free Piano Offers

Seattle Public Library disrupted by ransomware attack

Security leaders discuss Large Language Models (LLMs) that may present security concerns

Shell Data Breach: Hacker Group 888 Claims Responsibility for Alleged Cyberattack

Shell’s customer data claimed to be leaked

Smith and Caughey’s hit by cyber attack on day it announced proposal to close

Sree Hotels Files Notice of Data Breach Leaking an Unknown Number of SSNs

StucxTeam Claims to Have Breached Data from Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos

Surge in Discord Malware Attacks as 50,000 Malicious Links Uncovered

Suspected Cyberattack on DU Emirates: Over 360 GB of Data Allegedly Stolen and Up for Sale

The anatomy of a phishing attack: how cybercriminals target corporate email

The Blackout Ransomware Group Has Announced MCM Telecom on The Victim List

This new hacker group is targeting software developers with phony job offers and fake projects

Threat Actor 888 Claims to Have Leaked Data from Shell, Affecting 80,000 Individuals

Threat Actor Allegedly Selling Unauthorized Citrix Access to American Insurance Company with $10 Billion in Revenue

Threat Actor Offers Database of DU.ae for Sale at $3200

Ticketmaster data breach exposes half a billion users’ information

Ticketmaster data breach? Hackers claim over 500 million users compromised

Ticketmaster hacked. Breach affects more than half a billion users

Ticketmaster Hacked, Personal Data of 560 Million Customers Leaked, ShinyHunters Claim

Toshiba email compromise reveals Social Security numbers

U.S. Sentences 31-Year-Old to 10 Years for Laundering $4.5M in Email Scams

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Chinese Nationals Behind Billion-Dollar 911 S5 Botnet Fraud

US dismantles 911 S5 botnet used for cyberattacks, arrests admin

US sanctions cybercrime network operating residential proxy botnet service

Veracode Research Reveals Government Applications at Heightened Risk of Cyber Attack: 59% Have Flaws Left Unfixed for More than a Year

What Does Possible Ticketmaster Hack Mean for 560 Million Customers' Info?

Why did ransomware hackers target Seattle Public Library?

Why healthcare data is often the target of ransomware attacks

Windows Defender Bypass Tool Shared on GitHub

28th May

2.8 million affected in Sav-Rx data breach

2.8 million+ records exposed in data breach at prescription management company Sav-Rx

5 Tips To Spot A Phishing Email

25-Year-Old Develops Ransomware With Help From AI - Arrested for Cybercrime

34% of organizations lack cloud cybersecurity skills

70% of CISOs feel vulnerable to a material cyberattack in 2024

A Threat Actor Claims to Have Leaked Database of AC Propulsion Company; Exposes Over 29 Million User Records

ABN Amro on alert as supplier hit by ransomware attack

Affiliated Dermatologists says ransomware attack impacted over 370,000 patients and employees

African country Eritrea thwarts massive cyber attack on Independence Day

AI-driven phishing scams, attacks increase in Australia

Alleged Cyberattack Strikes Allied Telesis: LockBit Ransomware Suspected

Analyzing the $80K Bitcoin Exploit on BNB Chain: White Hat Hacker or Malicious Intent?

Anatsa Banking Trojan Found in PDF and QR Code Reader Apps on Google Play Store

Ascension hospitals make progress in ransomware attack recovery

Ascension says ransomware attack recovery efforts are in the final stage

Attackers are probing Check Point Remote Access VPN devices

Auction house Christie’s confirms criminals stole some client data

Australia among top 10 sources of phishing attacks in global report

Australia is the No.10 most targeted country for phishing attacks

Black Basta Ransomware Attack: Microsoft Quick Assist Flaw

BNB Chain faces $80K Bitcoin exploit. White hat hacker or ongoing exploit?

BNB Chain Faces $80K Bitcoin Exploit - White Hat Hacker or Malicious Attack?

Breach Forums Return to Clearnet and Dark Web Despite FBI Seizure

Celebrity memecoin scam hacker busted! A spectacular investigation by internet detectives

Cencora Data Breach Far More Widespread than Earlier Thought

Center Line schools suffer ransomware attack, classes resume Wednesday

Check Point Urges VPN Configuration Review Amid Attack Spike

Check Point VPN Fix Released After Researchers Observe Malicious Access

Chinese nationals sanctioned for botnet used to steal ‘billions’ in COVID-19 relief funds

Christie’s confirms breach after RansomHub threatens to leak data

Christie’s Confirms Data Breach After Ransomware Group Claims Attack

Christie’s Cyber Attack: RansomHub Claims Responsibility For Disrupting Spring Auctions

Christie’s given Friday ransom deadline after threat group claims responsibility for cyber attack

Christie’s hackers say data of 500K clients stolen

Cops Are Just Trolling Cybercriminals Now

Courtroom Recording Software Vulnerable to Backdoor Attacks

Crypto Whales Rinsed By Latest Phishing Scam - Here’s How to Avoid $6.9M Losses

Data breach at pharma partner Cencora puts sensitive patient information at risk

DDoS cyber-attack targeting Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine

Decathlon Hit by Major Data Breach: Over 6,600 Employees’ Information Allegedly Leaked

Exploit released for maximum severity Fortinet RCE bug, patch now

Fake Antivirus Sites Spread Malware Disguised as Avast, Malwarebytes, Bitdefender

Fake HR emails are the top choice for phishing scams, research reveals

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Finalizes Order Against Blackbaud Over Data Breach

First American December data breach impacts 44,000 people

From Origins to Operations: Understanding Black Basta Ransomware

From Phish to Phish Phishing: How Email Scams Got Smart

GlaxoSmithKline Patient Health Info Leaked in Lash Group Data Breach

Greece’s Privacy Agency Issues Fines Over MEP’s Campaign Data Breach

Greek Personal Data Protection Authority (PDPA) Fines Ministry of Interior and MEP Asimakopoulou in ‘Email-Gate’ Scandal

Hacker Claims Ticketmaster Data Breach: 560M User Details and Card Info at Risk

Hacker Group Takes Credit for Christie’s Cyberattack

Hackers Claim Ticketmaster Data Breach: 560M Users’ Info for Sale at $500K

Hackers Target Check Point VPNs, Security Fix Released

Hacktivist Group GlorySec Targets Venezuelan Websites

High Society Alliance Claims Hacks on Spanish FTP Servers and Senator’s Control Panel

How to combat alert fatigue in cybersecurity

How to improve ransomware attack outcomes

HP Report Surfaces Shifts in Cyber Attack Tactics

HR & IT emails top phishing attacks, KnowBe4 report reveals

Indian National Pleads Guilty to $37 Million Cryptocurrency Theft Scheme

LockBit Black Ransomware Bot Sprays “Millions of Messages”

Major Pharmaceutical Companies Hit by Data Breach Linked to Cencora Cyberattack

Major Russian delivery company down for three days due to cyberattack

Manitoba health worker dismissed for unauthorized access to patient records

Medication benefits provider Sav-Rx says data breach impacted over 2.8 million individuals

Microsoft links North Korean hackers to new FakePenny ransomware

Millions of US customers have social security numbers stolen in major Sav-Rx data breach

National Records of Scotland data stolen in NHS Dumfries and Galloway hack

Nearly 3 million affected by Sav-Rx data breach

Optus fails to keep report into cyber attack out of class action

Optus loses bid to hide Deloitte report on data breach

Over 90 malicious Android apps with 5.5M installs found on Google Play

Pakistan Backed Hacker Group Targeted Indian Defence Sector

Pakistan’s Islamabad’s Safe City Authority Online System Down After Hack

RansomHub claims attack on Christie’s, the world’s wealthiest auction house

RansomHub Claims Responsibility for Christie’s Cyberattack

RansomHub posts Christie’s Auction House data sample, claims 500k customers affected

RansomHub threatens to leak data of Christie’s auction house clients

Ransomware Attack Compromises Data at Medical Device Manufacturer LivaNova

Ransomware attack on Seattle Public Library knocks out online systems

Ransomware gang claims Christie's hack

Researchers Warn of CatDDoS Botnet and DNSBomb DDoS Attack Technique

Rock band’s hidden hacking-themed website gets hacked

Russian indicted for selling access to US corporate networks

Sav-Rx Data Breach Affects Social Security Numbers of Over 2.8m Consumers

Sav-Rx data breach exposes personal info of 2.8 million people

Sav-Rx Discloses Data Breach: 2.8 Million Users Affected

Seattle Public Library goes offline after ransomware event

Security leaders respond to ransomware attack on the city of Wichita

Someone tried to take down the site that remembers the whole internet

South Africa: Justice Department refutes claims of cyber-attack on payment system

Spyware maker pcTattletale says it’s ‘out of business’ and shuts down after data breach

Strengthening Cyber-Resilience in Manufacturing Amidst Rising Ransomware Threats

Sumitomo Pharma America Announces Data Breach, Possibility Related to Incident at Cencora

TeaBot Banking Trojan Activity on the Rise, Zscaler Observes

The Lash Group Notifies Consumers of Massive Data Breach Leaking Their Sensitive Medical Information

The Rise of Generative AI is Transforming Threat Intelligence - Five Trends to Watch

The shifting landscape of phishing attacks

The State of Ransomware in Manufacturing and Production 2024

Thousands of Klarna customers are currently at risk

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers of BSNL State Owned Indian Telecom Data for $80,000

Threat Actor Claims to Sell BreingAir User Data Including Client, Employee, and Admin Credentials

Top 10 biggest crypto hacks that recovered millions

TP-Link Gaming Router Vulnerability Exposes Users to Remote Code Attacks

TP-Link Resolves High-Stakes Vulnerability in Archer C5400X Gaming Router

TRC Talent Solutions Data Breach Affects Social Security Numbers of More than 158k Consumers

US government sanctions cybercrime gang behind massive 911 S5 botnet

US Prescription Company Sav-Rx Suffers Data Breach, Warns 2.8 Million Customers

Watchdog fines Greek Interior Ministry, MEP over diaspora email data breach

WD Associates announces data breach

Websites exposing over a million secrets, leaving visitors at risk

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What is an Infosec Audit and Why Does Your Company Need One?

Why Human Risk Management is Cybersecurity's Next Step for Awareness

Will Australia Ever Dig Itself Out of the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage?

Widespread data silos slow down security response times

WordPress Plugin Exploited to Steal Credit Card Data from E-commerce Sites

XSS Vulnerabilities Found in WordPress Plugin Slider Revolution

Zscaler ThreatLabz Report Finds Australia is a Phishing Hotspot

27th May

11 big pharma firms affected in Cencora cyber attack

A new ransomware is hijacking Windows BitLocker to encrypt and steal files

Alleged Sale of Live Nation and Ticketmaster Data: 560 Million Users’ Information on the Dark Web

Amazon Secures pcTattletale Spyware AWS Infrastructure After Hack Reveals 17TB of Data

American who hacked T-Mobile in 2021 arrested in Turkey, faces extradition

Banco Santander’s Third-Party Data Breach Exposes Customer and Employee Info Across Countries

Beware the dangers of data breach fatigue

Cencora cyber attack affects 11 major pharmaceutical firms

City of Helsinki Data Breach: What You Need to Know

Cortina Watch ordered to undergo cyber security audit after major data breach

Court Orders Optus to Release Data Breach Report to Lawyers

Cyber Attacks Hit DeFi Protocols for a Combined $25 Million

Data breach at medical giant Cencora exposes info from multiple drug companies

Digital ID adoption: Implementation and security concerns

Electronic Prescriptions Provider MediSecure Leaks Sensitive Data After a Ransomware Attack

Ethereum (ETH) Exploit Sends NORMIE Down 98%, Hacker to Return Funds?

Federal Court Denies Optus Appeal to Withhold Deloitte Report on 2022 Cyberattack

Greece: SYRIZA, PASOK react to Ιnterior Μinistry’s data breach

Hacker group says it carried out Christie’s cyberattack

‘Hacker’ identified in celebrity memecoin scams, says crypto sleuth Roxo

Hacker Outfit RansomHub Claims Credit for Christie’s Auction Week ‘Technology Security Issue’

Hackers target Check Point VPNs to breach enterprise networks

Hackers use the Greatness Phishing-as-a-Service (PaaS) tool to Steal Microsoft 365 login credentials

Hacktivists strike Africa’s North Korea in “massive” cyber attack

Hajj Pilgrimage Hit by Extensive Phishing and Data Theft Scams

Heard of phishing scams? Now ‘quishing’ is the new scam to watch out for

How to Identify Apple Phishing Emails and Avoid Getting Scammed

Human error still perceived as the Achilles’ heel of cybersecurity

Indonesian Anon Black Flag Group Announces Intent to Attack Indian Government and Companies

Klein ISD student accused of orchestrating cyber attack that disrupted STAAR testing

Lewisham Residents Caught in 11 Month Data Breach

Major US drug distributor breached, health information stolen

Memecoin Hack: Normie Negotiates with Hacker to Recover Stolen Funds

Millions of Alibaba-owned marketplace users exposed

Moroccan Cybercrime Group Steals Up to $100K Daily Through Gift Card Fraud

New Ransomware Threat Detected on Forums: SpiderX Ransomware

New Tricks in the Phishing Playbook: Cloudflare Workers, HTML Smuggling, GenAI

Normie crypto plummets 90%: What happened and what’s next?

Normie Hacker Doubles Down on Refund Conditions Post 99% Crash

Normie Meme Coin Suffers Exploit, Vows to Relaunch After Negotiating Hacker Bounty

Normie memecoin team mulls hacker demands after token falls 99%

NORMIE Team Mulls Hacker Demands After 100% Price Fall

Normie Token Plummets 99% After Smart Contract Exploit

Optus loses appeal to keep Deloitte cyber attack report secret

Pakistan-linked Hackers Deploy Python, Golang, and Rust Malware on Indian Targets

Pakistan’s Islamabad’s Safe City Authority Online System Down After Hack

Pakistani hackers target ‘Make in India’ defence programs

Pulse Connect Secure VPN RCE 0-Day Allegedly for Sale

Ransomware: the main threat trend of 2023

Ransomware attack hits medical device manufacturer

Ransomware Gang Threatens to Leak Data on Christie’s Clients After Major Hack

Ransomware group RansomHub claims recent cyber attack on Christie’s - 500k clients potentially affected

Russian Cyber Army Claims Alleged Cyberattack on Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company

Russian Hackers Use Legit Remote Monitoring Software to Spy on Ukraine and Allies

Sav-Rx Data Breach Affects 2.8 Million Individuals

Sav-Rx data breach impacted over 2.8 million individuals

Sav-Rx Data Breach Potentially Compromised PII and Health Data of 2.8M Individuals

Sav-Rx data incident affects 2.8M people

Sav-Rx discloses data breach impacting 2.8 million Americans

SingCERT Warns Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Multiple WordPress Plugins

Threat Actor Chucky Claims to Leak Astagiudiziaria.com Database

TP-Link fixes critical RCE bug in popular C5400X gaming router

Victim who lost $7M in Ethereum re-staking exploit gets funds back

Western Sydney University discloses data breach, 7,500 ‘impacted individuals’ notified