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Monday 6 May 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 19 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 6th May and 12th May 2024.

12th May

As of May 2024, Black Basta ransomware affiliates hacked over 500 organizations worldwide

Ascension: 'Systems Are Being Restored' After Cyberattack

Cyber attack on Ascension Healthcare affecting USA Health Providence Hospital

Largest non-bank lender in Australia warns of a data breach

Mortgage lender Firstmac falls victim to cyber breach after major ransomware attack involving 500GB-plus data leak

North Korea hackers stole data from South Korea court computers

Over 59% Organisations Hit By Ransomware Receive Help From Law Enforcement

Pro-Russia hackers targeted Kosovo’s government websites

Source Code Sale, A threat Actor Offers INC Ransom Source Code for Sale at $300,000

US health system under cyberattack

11th May

Black Basta ransomware breached over 500 organizations worldwide

Boeing Refuses to Pay $200 Million Dollar Ransom Money for Stolen Data

Data of 49 Million Dell Users Compromised in Cyber Attack - Experts Unhappy with Dell’s Late Response

Dell says 49 million customers were allegedly affected in recent data breach

Educators beware: How to identify phishing emails in academic environments

Europol confirms web portal breach, says no operational data stolen

FIN7 Hacker Group Leverages Malicious Google Ads to Deliver NetSupport RAT

How long does it take a hacker to crack one of your passwords in 2024?

Latvian TV Channels Hacked to Broadcast Russian Victory Day Parade

LockBit Leader Revealed: Most Active Hacking Ransomware Gang Ever

Notorius threat actor IntelBroker claims the hack of the Europol

Ohio Lottery data breach impacted over 538,000 individuals

The Post Millennial hack leaked data impacting 26 million people

Threat Actor “303” Allegedly Offers Unauthorized Access to Telecom Argentina, Exposing Sensitive Data

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Unauthorized Access to South Korean Telecom Giant

What is SQL Injection and How to Prevent SQL Injection

10th May

$71M Bitcoin Scammer Refunds Victim After Likely Negotiation

500,000 Impacted by Ohio Lottery Ransomware Attack

After Ascension ransomware attack, feds issue alert on Black Basta group

As EU referendum looms, Moldova finds itself in Russian digital army’s crosshairs

Ascension has 'no timeline' for restoration of systems following cyber attack

Ascension Hospitals in Michigan Victims of Cyber Attack

Ascension redirects ambulances after suspected ransomware attack

Boeing confirms 2023 $200m ransomware demand

Boeing refuses $200 million ransom demand amidst LockBit ransomware attack

British Columbia Cyber Attack: Investigation In Progress

British Columbia Discloses Multiple ‘Cybersecurity Incidents’ Impacting Government Networks

Central Florida Expressway Authority Warns E-PASS Users of Active Phishing Scam

Chrome Zero-Day Alert - Update Your Browser to Patch New Vulnerability

Claimed by hackers, Zscaler says there’s no impact or compromise

Combatting domain phishing in the New Age economy

Criminal Society Emerges: New Alliance Targets Israel and Allies in Retaliation for Gaza Conflict

Cyber attack disrupts operations for Ascension Healthcare Network

Cyberattack hits Ascension mega-health system, disrupting hospitals in the US

Cyberattack Paralyzes 4 Quebec CEGEPs: Classes and Exams Cancelled

Cybercriminals are getting faster at exploiting vulnerabilities

Data Leak: Threat Actor Allegedly Breached Data of Rushd Bookstore

Dell admits to data breach: sensitive user data in peril

Dell API abused to steal 49 million customer records in data breach

Dell confirms data breach affecting 49 million people

Dell Confirms Database Hacked - Hacker Says 49 Million Customers Hit

Dell Data Breach: 49 Million Customers Hit, Data Put on Sale

Dell data breach: Company confirms personal user data including physical addresses leaked online

Dell data breach affects 49 million customers

Dell Data Breach Could Affect 49 Million Customers

Dell data breach exposes data of 49 million customers

Dell data breach involves customers’ physical addresses

Dell Data Breach Underscores Rising Cost of Cybersecurity Complacency

Dell Discloses Data Breach As Hacker Sells 49 Million Customer Data

Dell Hacked - 49 Million Customers Data Affected

Dell Investigates Data Breach Involving 49M Customer Records

Dell Reports Major Data Breach with 49 Million Customers’ Details Exposed: How to Protect Yourself

Dell Suffers Data Breach; 49 Million Customers Reportedly Affected

Dell Warns Customers of Data Breach: Threat Actor Claims 49M Records Compromised

Dell warns of data breach affecting 49 million customers

Dell warns of user data breach - 49 million customers affected in security incident, here's what we know

Dell warns users of data breach that impacted around 49 million customers

“Do more” - UK authority issues vague call to bolster cyber defenses

Europol Hacked? IntelBroker Claims Major Law Enforcement Breach

Experts Highlight Novel Cyber Threats and Tactics

FBI Issues New Warning As 2024 Gift Card Hackers Blitz Retailers

Federal agencies helping Catholic health network amid cyberattack

Firms must do more to combat threat of cyber attacks, UK data regulator warns

Four ways to get proactive about ransomware

Google fixes Chrome zero-day with in-the-wild exploit (CVE-2024-4671)

Google fixes fifth Chrome zero-day exploited in attacks this year

Government concerned over data breach reports in Sri Lanka’s visa system

Hacker Makes Rare Move to Refund Stolen $71 Million In Crypto

Hacker returns $47 million in ETH to scam victim

Hackers Claim Dell Customer Data Breach, But Company Says Relax

Hong Kong: IT experts called to probe Lukfook data breach

Hong Kong jewellery chain investigates claims hacker is ransoming data of 5 million customers

How Can Businesses Defend Themselves Against Common Cyberthreats?

How might Ministry of Defence (MoD) data breach affect 'worried' forces veterans, MP asks

How secure is the “Password Protection” on your files and drives?

INC ransomware group leaks children's mental health data stolen from NHS Dumfries and Galloway

IntelBroker Allegedly Breaches Europol, Exposing Classified Data

Kansas City’s official website is back after it was down all week. Was it a cyber attack?

Kosovo’s government reportedly faces Kremlin-backed cyberattacks

LockBit admin wrongfully identified, claims LockBitSupp

LockBit group claims major ransomware attack on the City of Wichita

LockBitSupp Denies Identification of Group ‘Admin’, Opens Contest to Find Named Dmitry Yuryevich

Major government tech supplier SSCL faces probe after Ministry of Defence (MoD) data breach

Malicious Android Apps Pose as Google, Instagram, WhatsApp to Steal Credentials

May 2024 Patch Tuesday forecast: A reminder of recent threats and impact

Monday.com removes feature after it was abused in phishing attacks

Navigating the conundrum of ransomware payouts with the power of cyber resilience

New LLMjacking Attack Lets Hackers Hijack AI Models for Profit

NHS Dumfries and Galloway working with NCSC after 3TB data leak

No evidence of personal data compromised during cyber attack: British Columbia minister

North Korean Hackers Deploy New Golang Malware 'Durian' Against Crypto Firms

Northern Ireland: Another PSNI data breach as sensitive details revealed to loyalist Jamie Bryson

Ohio Lottery ransomware attack impacts over 538,000 individuals

Ohio Lottery suffers cybersecurity incident - again

Over 8,100 affected as Hong Kong college falls victim to cyber attack

Phishing attacks prompt Monday.com feature takedown

Phishing scams playbook: Adapting to keep up with malicious AI

Poland sees big increase in Russian hacker attacks, reports daily

Ransomware payments jumped 500% in 2023 to about $2m per company

Researchers Uncover 'LLMjacking' Scheme Targeting Cloud-Hosted AI Models

Russian hackers breach Latvian TV to show Victory Day parade in Moscow

Russian hackers hijack Ukrainian TV to broadcast Victory Day parade

Scammers found planting online betting ads on Indian government websites

Securing critical infrastructure amid DDoS uncertainty

Selfie spoofing becomes popular identity document fraud technique

Seven Florida men nabbed for national gas pump skimming fraud

Singapore updates cybersecurity law to expand regulatory oversight

State Actor Made Three Attempts to Breach British Columbia Government Networks

Telegram Open Network (TON) Phishing Message Scam Lures Users with 5000 USDT Offer

The Data Privacy Risks from Video Surveillance at the Paris Olympics

Thousands affected by cyber attack on Hong Kong college

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Unauthorized RDP Access to an American Business Services Company

Threat actor says he scraped 49M Dell customer addresses before the company found out

UK authorities unmask Russian as alleged leader of top ransomware gang

UK hit by more ransomware and cyberattacks last year than ever before

Update your Chrome browser ASAP. Google has confirmed a zero-day exploited in the wild

Widely used Telit Cinterion modems open to SMS takeover attacks

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Attack: Hacker Who Stole $71M Crypto Returns 11K Ethereum (ETH)

Zscaler investigates alleged data breach amid hacker claims

9th May

97% of organizations report difficulties with identity verification

A DNS Investigation of the Typhoon 2FA Phishing Kit

AI-Powered Russian Network Pushes Fake Political News

Ascension Attack Intensifies Scrutiny Of Healthcare Cyber Defenses

Ascension Catholic hospitals in midst of possible cyberattack

Ascension Confirms Reports of Cyber Attack, Raising Data Breach Concerns Among Patients

Ascension Cyberattack: Electronic Health Records System Not Working, Some Elective Procedures ‘Temporarily Paused’

Ascension Healthcare Hit by Cyberattack: Patients Wait Hours, Chaos Ensues

Ascension Hospital is still in the throes of a massive nationwide cyber-attack

Ascension hospitals investigating possible data breach after suspected cyberattack disrupts clinical operations

Ascension is the latest Wisconsin health system hit with a cyber attack

Ascension officials say cyber attack is disrupting clinical operations

Ascension Saint Agnes hospital deals with cyber attack

Ashley Home Stores Operator, The Dufresne Spencer Group, Confirms Data Breach

AT&T delays Microsoft 365 email delivery due to spam wave

Boeing Confirms $200M Cyber Extortion Attempt of LockBit

Boeing says it refused to pay massive ransomware demand

British Columbia cyber attack: Minister says police probing bid to breach government systems

British Columbia government says cyber incident not a ransomware attack, details still scarce

British Columbia investigating cyberattacks on government networks

Canadian province's networks hit by 'sophisticated cybersecurity incidents'

Chilean mobile network operator WOM exposes customer contracts

CISA starts CVE “vulnrichment” program

Citrix warns admins to manually mitigate PuTTY SSH client bug

Critical F5 Central Manager Vulnerabilities Allow Enable Full Device Takeover

Cybercrime Unicorns: What Everyone Needs to Know About Ransomware Gangs

Cybersecurity Alert: F5’s Next Central Manager Under Attack by Remote Exploits

Cyberthreat landscape permanently altered by Chinese operations, US officials say

Data Leak: Threat Actors Allegedly Breached Data of RAF El Salvador

Dell data breach 2024, what we know about the hack of the information of 49 million users

Dell discloses data breach of customers’ physical addresses

Dell discloses data breach of some customers’ names, physical addresses

Dell Downplays Data Breach, But 49 Million Customers' Physical Info Leaked

Dell hack: Personal info of 49 million customers allegedly breached

Dell Reports Data Breach Involving Customer Information

Dell Reports Data Breach Potentially Affecting 49 Million Customers

Dell Says Customer Names, Addresses Stolen in Database Breach

Dell warns 49 million customers about massive data breach

Dell Warns Its Users Of A Potential Data Breach Affecting 49 Million Customers - Should You Be Concerned

Dell warns of data breach, 49 million customers allegedly affected

Dental Group of Amarillo notifying patients of possible data breach

Department of Justice charges Russian national with developing, operating LockBit ransomware

Emergency medical services diverted as Ascension hospitals nationwide grapple with cyber attack

Exposed and Condemned: Russian Lockbit Ransomware Ringleader Revealed, Indicted, Sanctioned, and Banned

F5 fixes BIG-IP Next Central Manager flaws with public PoCs (CVE-2024-21793, CVE-2024-26026)

Fake Online Stores Scam Over 850,000 Shoppers

Feds launch hunt, offer $10 million reward for Russian ransomware mastermind

Global ransomware crisis worsens

Hacker Behind $68 Million Bitcoin Scam Wants to Contact Victim

Healthcare provider DocGo says cyber incident compromised patients' personal data

Hospital System Ascension Hit by Cyberattack, Takes Systems Offline

In interview, LockbitSupp says authorities outed the wrong guy

IntelBroker Hacker Leaks Alleged HSBC & Barclays Bank Data

IntelBroker Traded $20K Crypto For Alleged Unauthorized Cybersecurity Company Access

International Baccalaureate Exam Hack Speculation Sparks Student Outrage

Kremlin-Backed APT28 Targets Polish Institutions in Large-Scale Malware Campaign

LockBit Claims Wichita as Its Victim 2 Days After Ransomware Attack

LockBit demanded $200M from Boeing in ransomware attack

London Drugs cyber attack: What businesses can learn from their week-long shutdown

Massive Online Shopping Scam Racks Up 850,000 Victims

Medusa Ransomware Claims UK-based Defense Solutions Provider Chemring Group as Victim

Mirai Botnet Exploits Ivanti Connect Secure Flaws for Malicious Payload Delivery

Mobile Banking Malware Surges 32%

Monday.com removes "Share Update" feature abused for phishing attacks

New 'LLMjacking' Attack Exploits Stolen Cloud Credentials

New TunnelVision Attack Allows Hijacking of VPN Traffic via DHCP Manipulation

NHS Data Breach Results In Medical Records On The Dark Web

One of the US's largest hospital providers, Ascension, fired IT staff in a cost-cutting drive; now it’s sucking up a cyber attack

Patients leave Ascension amid cyber attack, systems remain down

Phishing Trends Show Move to Exploit Flaws and Protocols

Poland says it was targeted by Russian military intelligence hackers

Poland says Russian military hackers target its government networks

Qilin Ransomware Allegedly Strikes Edlong and Holstein Association USA, Stealing Confidential Data

Ransomware attacks fewer but more aggressive: What to do

Ransomware attacks impact 20% of sensitive data in healthcare organizations

Regulators are coming for IoT device security

Rhysida Ransomware Group Targeted VTRP, Compromising Sensitive Patient Data

State attorneys general implore Congress not to preempt their privacy laws

The Future of Phishing Email Training for Employees in Cybersecurity

The State of Ransomware 2024

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Unauthorized Admin Access to a Crypto Exchange Company

Threat Actor Offers Unauthorized Access to Hosting Provider with 1350 Websites

Town of Huntsville provides update on cyber attack

UK-Based Digital Signing Platform SigningHub Faces Alleged Source Code Leak

University System of Georgia (USG) says MOVEit Transfer breach impacted at least 800,000 staff and students

Why Cybersecurity Professionals Have a Duty to Secure AI

With nation-state threats in mind, nearly 70 software firms agree to Secure by Design pledge

Zscaler swats claims of a significant breach

8th May

97% of organizations hit by ransomware turn to law enforcement

10,000 Customers’ Data Exposed in UK Government Breaches

After Years of Taunts, Brash Leader of LockBit Charged by US

Alleged Russian hacker unmasked as Bermuda joins sanctions effort

Anonymous Collective Targets Egypt Over Gaza Crisis, Launches DDoS Attacks on Key Websites

Any number given of Volt Typhoon victims ‘likely an underestimate,’ CISA says

API Security and The Silent Menace of Unknown APIs

Ascension healthcare takes systems offline after cyberattack

Attackers Leverage TunnelVision Vulnerability to Expose User Data

Attackers may be using TunnelVision to snoop on users’ VPN traffic (CVE-2024-3661)

Australia joins US, UK governments in sanctioning LockBit hacker

Authorities Identify and Sanction LockBit Ransomware Admin

BerryDunn faces class action lawsuit over September data breach

Brandywine Realty Trust Confirms Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

Catholic health system Ascension warns of disruptions following cyberattack

Change Healthcare attack expected to exceed $1 billion in costs

China Suspected in Cyber Attack on UK Ministry of Defence Payroll System

CISA Launches Vulnrichment Program to Address National Vulnerability Database (NVD) Challenges

City of Wichita breach claimed by LockBit ransomware gang

City of Wichita Ransomware Attack: Services Impacted

Combatting Deepfakes in Australia: Content Credentials is the Start

Crypto Hacker “PinkDrainer” Launders $5.9 Million: Are Your Funds Safe?

Cyber expert urges against 'panic' over NHS data leak

Data breach confirmed by DocGo

Data Breach Victim Initiates Class Action Lawsuit Against J.P. Morgan for Security Lapses

Data breaches increased throughout 2023

Data incident at University System of Georgia exposes bank account numbers

Dmitry Khoroshev Named as LockBit Ransomware Mastermind by Global Authorities

DocGo Confirms Cyber Attack: Hackers Steal Patients Data

European Parliament election prep unearthed data breach

European Parliament notifies staff of data breach in PEOPLE application

Eurovision faces heightened cyber risks

Every third cyber incident was due to ransomware, Kaspersky reports

FBI warns of fraudsters targeting gift card systems

FBI warns of gift card fraud ring targeting retail companies

Final Fantasy game servers hit by multiple DDoS attacks

Findings Show MFA Bypass in Microsoft Azure Entra ID Using Seamless SSO

GhostSec’s Cyber Campaign Allegedly Strikes Israeli ICS Systems, Disrupting Vital Infrastructure

Hacker Duo Allegedly Strikes HSBC, Barclays in Cyberattacks

Hacker launders millions in stolen crypto through an anonymity service

Hackers Exploiting LiteSpeed Cache Bug to Gain Full Control of WordPress Sites

Hackers With $182,000,000 Stolen From Poloniex Starts Moving Funds to Tornado Cash

Here’s how long it takes for a hacker to crack your password

Hijack Loader Malware Employs Process Hollowing, UAC Bypass in Latest Version

Hong Kong Fire Department Issues Data Breach Notification

How workforce reductions affect cybersecurity postures

IntelBroker Allegedly Offers Unauthorized PAuth-SMTP Access to One of The World’s Largest Cybersecurity Companies

IntelBroker Hacker Claims Breach of Top Cybersecurity Firm, Selling Access

Ireland: Senior HSE cybersecurity roles still not filled three years after major ransomware attack

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin XSS Vulnerability Affects 1.8M WordPress Sites

LockBit claims attack on Wichita as city struggles with payment issues, airport disruption

LockBit ransomware gang leader named, US offers US$10m reward

LockBit Ransomware Group Leader Exposed

LockBit Ransomware Kingpin Unmasked and Sanctioned: Who is LockBitSupp?

LockBit Ransomware Targets Wichita City Following Unmasking of Group Leader

Major UK Security Provider Leaks Trove of Guard and Suspect Data

Massive webshop fraud ring steals credit cards from 850,000 people

Mastermind behind world's most dangerous ransomware gang Lockbit that carried out damaging cyber attacks on Royal Mail and Porton Down is unmasked as Russian hacker

Mastermind of world's most dangerous hacker gang on the run with £8m on his head

MediExcel exposes 500K patient documents

MedStar Health and DocGo Reveal Data Breaches

MedStar Health Reports Data Breach Impacting 183,000 Patients

Meet the leader of LockBit, the ‘most active ransomware gang ever’

Ministry of Defence (MoD) responds to cyber attack on payments system

MITRE breach details reveal attackers’ successes and failures

MITRE breach linked to Chinese threat operation

Mobile Banking (M-Banking) Malware Attacks Increase Sharply in 2023

Monitor Organizational Risks to Protect Yourself and Your Employees

More companies are facing ransomware threats - but at least it now seems like they're doing something about it

MorLock Ransomware Attacking Organizations to Steal Business Data

Nearly 150K impacted by Kansas court system hack

New BIG-IP Next Central Manager bugs allow device takeover

New FBI Warning As Hackers Strike: Email Senders Must Do This 1 Thing

New Spectre-Style 'Pathfinder' Attack Targets Intel CPU, Leak Encryption Keys and Data

NRS Healthcare confirms ransomware attack as RansomHub posts demands on its leak site

NRS Healthcare struck by RansomHub cyber attack

Open-Source Cybersecurity Is a Ticking Time Bomb

Patient appointments imperiled by cyberattack on French radiologist

Police Arrest Six in Austria-based Crypto Scam; Two Jailed in UK in Other Case

Poloniex Hacker Moves Ethereum Worth $3.3 Million to Tornado Cash

Protecting against cross-platform account takeover

Questions mount as Northern Ireland veterans tell of concerns after Ministry of Defence (MoD) hit by data breach

Ransoms, tattoos and million-dollar bounties: authorities 'doxx' an alleged cybercrime kingpin

Ransomware attack forces the U.S. City of Wichita to take systems offline

Ransomware attack hits Brandywine Realty Trust

Ransomware Attacks are Up, but Profits are Down

Ransomware payments increase 500% in the last year, study shows

Russia launches hybrid cyber attack on Kosovo over Ukraine support

Russia says Germany using baseless 'hacker myths' to destroy ties

Russian hackers APT28 unleash malware campaign on Polish government

Russian national believed to be involved in Wichita ransomware attack

Secure code is the 'only way to make ransomware a shocking anomaly'

Security tools fail to translate risks for executives

“Selfie spoofing” scams are growing in popularity

Settlement Proposed to Resolve Gifted Healthcare Data Breach Lawsuit

Shields Up: How to Minimize Ransomware Exposure

Singapore: Ministry of Education (MOE) requests forensic investigation after data breach affecting 89,000 parents, school employees

Six Austrians Arrested in Multi-Million Euro Crypto Scheme

Six arrested for crypto scam, over €750K seized

Sophos Finds More Ransomware Victims Turning to Law Enforcement

State of ransomware in 2024

Stolen children’s health records posted online in extortion bid

The CyberPower UPS Vulnerability Threatening Critical Systems Across Sectors

The leader of the LockBit hacker group already has a first and last name

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Australian Citizenship Data for Sale at $3,500

Threat Actors Allegedly Breached HSBC & Barclays Data, Exposing 2.2 Million Records

Three Strategies to Boost Open-Source Security

U.S. announces $10 million bounty for alleged LockBit ransomware creator

UK and allies sanction leader of Russian ransomware group

UK army details exposed in payroll data breach

UK Defence Secretary shares Ministry of Defence (MoD) cyber attack details

UK government urges caution over blaming China for Ministry of Defence breach

UK Ministry of Defense disclosed a third-party data breach exposing military personnel data

University System of Georgia: 800K exposed in 2023 MOVEit attack

US and UK authorities unmask alleged LockBit mastermind

US Announces $10 Million Bounty For Russia-based LockBit Ransomware Mastermind

US charges LockBit ransomware mastermind and offers a US$10 million reward

US indicted Russian LockBit ransomware ringleader with $10 million reward

US Patent and Trademark Office confirms another leak of filers’ address data

US realty trust giant Brandywine says data stolen in ransomware attack - some systems shut down while investigation into stolen data continues

US, UK and Australia impose sanctions on Russian LockBit hacker

Veeam fixes RCE flaw in backup management platform (CVE-2024-29212)

Zscaler takes "test environment" offline after rumors of a breach

7th May

6 tips to implement security gamification effectively

80% of All Security Exposures Come from Active Directory Accounts

80% of data experts believe AI increases data security challenges

A Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Unauthorized VPN Access to Major Japanese Automotive Corporation

Abyss Data Breach Group Claims Targeting World Architects, Compromising 9.5TB of Data

Administrator of ransomware operation LockBit named, charged, has assets frozen

Alleged LockBit admin and lead developer named and targeted by US, UK and Australian authorities

API Vulnerabilities Found Across AI Infrastructure Projects at NVIDIA, Mercedes

APT42 Hackers Pose as Journalists to Harvest Credentials and Access Cloud Data

Australia: State’s cyber squad investigating Byron council data breach

Australia bans alleged Russian leader of global ransomware group LockBit

Australian healthcare firm Monash Health says third party breach compromised patient data

Authorities identify, sanction LockBit ransomware ringleader

BetterHelp to pay $7.8 million to 800,000 in health data sharing settlement

Bradford-Scott data breach impacted over 125k Illinois State Credit Union customers

Brandywine Realty Trust says data stolen in ransomware attack

BTC-e $9 Billion Crypto-Money Launderer Pleads Guilty

Can VPNs Be Tracked by the Police?

Change Healthcare went without cyber insurance before debilitating ransomware attack

Children's mental health data published after cyber attack

China accused of hacking UK’s armed forces in huge cyberattack - how bad is it?

'China is behind this': MPs lash out at Beijing over cyber-attack targeting personal information about thousands of UK military personnel - as UK Government refuses to blame Xi regime for Ministry of Defence (MoD) hack but warns Britain 'will not stand for' threatening behaviour'

China Suspected After Major Ministry of Defence (MoD) Payroll Breach

China Suspected in Major Cyberattack on UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD)

China suspected of hacking British military payment system

China suspected of massive cyberattack on database of UK armed forces personnel

China-Linked Hackers Used ROOTROT Webshell in MITRE Network Intrusion

City of Wichita Public Services Disrupted After Ransomware Attack

Cyber attack on Scottish health board sees stolen data published on dark web

Cyber attack targeting bank details of 250,000 British Ministry of Defence (MoD) workers fits Chinese 'pattern of behaviour' and could lead to blackmail, ex-GCHQ spy chief warns - as Beijing dismisses hacking claims as a 'smear'

Cyber Safety Concerns While Traveling

Cybercrime stats you can’t ignore

Decoding US Government Plans to Shift the Software Security Burden

Details of UK military personnel exposed in huge payroll data breach

Details released of British military personnel exposed in data breach

Dmitry Khoroshev named as alleged leader of ransomware gang LockBit

DocGo discloses cyberattack after hackers steal patient health data

DocGo Notifies SEC of Recent Cyberattack and Investigates Scope of Data Breach

DragonForce ransomware gang posts nearly 300GB of data belonging to Aussizz Group

El Salvador data breach includes selfies and ID numbers for 80% of country’s population

European Parliament’s recruitment application compromised in data breach

Feds Unmask LockBit Ransomware Leader as Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev

Financial Industry Plagued by Ransomware Attacks; 65% of Organizations Suffered Ransomware Damage in 2023

Foreign cyberattack on Kansas court system may have stolen personal data from 150k people

Germany recalls ambassador to Russia over hacker attack

Global Cyber Crime Crackdown: LockBit Ransomware Leader Unmasked and Sanctioned

Global Firms Paid $2m For Ransomware Attacks In 2023

Hacker claims over 1 million UK government personnel details stolen in cyber attack

Hackers exploit LiteSpeed Cache flaw to create WordPress admins

Hackers Leak COVID-19 Data of 820K Dominicans, Including Vaccination Info

High Society Group Allegedly Breaches Belgian Company Daoust, Threatening Data Security

Huge volume of NHS patient and staff data released by hacker

IT chiefs plan to spend and innovate their way out of ransomware swamp

IT Consulting Firm Blames MSP for Data Breach

Kronos Research hacker shifts funds to Tornado Cash

'Large volume' of data stolen from NHS Dumfries and Galloway published on dark web

Law enforcement agencies identified LockBit ransomware admin and sanctioned him

Leader of world’s ‘most prolific ransomware group’ charged in Lockbit case - $10 million reward

LockBit gang leader exposed in FBI ransomware breakthrough

LockBit Leader aka LockBitSupp Identity Revealed

LockBit leader unmasked: US charges Russian national

LockBit leader unmasked and sanctioned

LockBit mastermind unmasked by law enforcement

LockBit ransomware admin identified, sanctioned in US, UK, Australia

LockBit ransomware gang leader indicted

LockBit Ransomware Mastermind Unmasked, Charged

LockBit ransomware site returns - but don't worry, it might actually be OK

LockbitSupp identified as Dmitry Khoroshev and indicted for ransomware crimes

Log4J Still Among Top Exploited Vulnerabilities

Major Surge in Unpatched Vulnerability Exploitation Due to MOVEit, Most Breaches Involve Non-Malicious Human Error

‘Malign actor’ behind Ministry of Defence (MoD) cyber attack, Prime Minister Sunak says

Medical equipment supplier NRS Healthcare confirms ransomware attack

MedStar Health says email data breach impacted over 180,000 patients

Military personnel bank details exposed in UK cyber attack

Ministry of Defence (MoD) data breach: China suspected of UK armed forces payroll hack

Ministry of Defence (MoD) data breach: State involvement cannot be ruled out in armed forces hack

National Crime Agency (NCA) Reveals Identity of LockBit Ransomware Group Leader

Nearly 184,000 MedStar Health patients’ personal data possibly breached

New attack leaks VPN traffic using rogue DHCP servers

NHS Dumfries and Galloway data stolen in cyber attack now on dark web

Notorious Finnish Hacker Jailed Over Patient Records Hack

Only 45% of organizations use MFA to protect against fraud

OrthoConnecticut Data Breach Affects 118,000 Patients

Over 50,000 Tinyproxy servers vulnerable to critical RCE flaw

Play Ransomware Group Claims Responsibility for Disrupting Kansas City Scout System

Police Unmask and Charge Alleged Senior Leader of Lockbit Ransomware Gang

Poloniex hacker moves stolen funds for first time, keeping $182m untouched

Poloniex Hacker Reportedly Funnels $3.4 Million through Tornado Cash Mixer

Poloniex Hacker Returns to Launder $3.5M via Tornado Cash

Poloniex Hacker Sends $3.3M Worth of Ether to Tornado Cash

Poloniex Hacker Transferred 1,126 Ether To Tornado Cash

Poloniex hacker transfers 1100 ETH to Tornado Cash

Poloniex Hacker Transfers Over $3.3 Million Worth of ETH to Sanctioned Tornado Cash

Privacy watchdog investigates data breach at Kowloon Shangri-La after nearly 2000 employees info exposed

Ransomware activity is back on track despite law enforcement efforts

Ransomware actors are adapting to Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Ransomware Attack on Wichita.gov Causes City Network Outage

Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Kansas City Systems

Ransomware crooks now SIM swap executives' kids to pressure their parents

Ransomware Is Increasing. Protecting Active Directory Must Be Your Top Line of Defense

Ransomware mastermind LockBitSupp reveled in his anonymity - now he’s been ID’d

Ransomware operations are becoming less profitable

Ransomware Strikes Wichita, Services Disrupted

Report Shows AI Fraud, Deepfakes Are Top Challenges For Banks

Russian Hacker Dmitry Khoroshev Unmasked as LockBit Ransomware Administrator

Russian national indicted for running prolific ransomware group

Russian Operator of BTC-e Crypto Exchange Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering

Scattered Spider group a unique challenge for cyber cops, FBI leader says

Scottish Government open to giving financial help to NHS board hit by cyber-attack

Security researchers say this scary exploit could render all VPNs useless

Singapore Amends Cybersecurity Law to Better Protect Critical Infrastructure

State involvement in Ministry of Defence (MoD) cyber attack cannot be ruled out

State involvement not ruled out as up to 272,000 personnel hit in data breach

Systems down as City of Wichita investigates ransomware attack

The Alleged LockBit Ransomware Mastermind Has Been Identified

The next chapter in air travel: facial recognition and privacy concerns

The UK Ministry of Defense suffered a large-scale leak of data on military personnel as a result of a hacker attack

The UK says a huge payroll data breach by a ‘malign actor’ has exposed details of military personnel

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers Unauthorized Access to American Building Manufacturer

Three Battle-Tested Tips for Surviving a Cyber-Attack

Top LockBit hacker revealed to be Russian

Two-Thirds of Organizations Failing to Address AI Risks, ISACA Finds

U.S. Charges Russian Man as Boss of LockBit Ransomware Group

U.S. Charges Russian National with Developing and Operating LockBit Ransomware

U.S. sanctions, indicts Russian national for leading LockBit ransomware group

UK and allies sanction prolific cyber hacker

UK Armed Forces network breached in alleged China cyber attack

UK confirms Ministry of Defence payroll data exposed in data breach

UK military personnel data accessed in hack

UK Ministry of Defence contractor breach exposes military personnel bank details

UK Ministry of Defence Suffers Major Data Breach, China’s Involvement Suspected

UK MPs blame China for Ministry of Defence data breach

UK's Defence Ministry hit by cyber attack with 'Chinese hallmarks'

US and allies accuse Russian man of running ransomware gang that extorted hundreds of millions of dollars from victims

US authorities identify and charge Russian mastermind behind LockBit ransomware group

US Charges Creator Of LockBit, The World’s ‘Most Prolific’ Ransomware Group

US indicts LockBit ransomware ringleader, offers $10 million reward

US sanctions Russian ransomware leader, offers $10M reward

US Sanctions Senior Leader of LockBit Ransomware Group

US, allies sanction LockBit leader over ransomware attacks

US, UK police identify and charge Russian leader of LockBit ransomware gang

USDoD Allegedly Leaks UK Government’s System Database, Exposing 1 Million User Records

Van Gogh Museum targeted by cyber attack that replicated official website and stole credit card details

Virginia Union University says data breach impacted students' sensitive personal information

What we learned from the indictment of LockBit’s mastermind

Wichita hit by ransomware attack, online payment systems down

6th May

70% of Businesses Prioritize Innovation Over Security in Generative AI Projects

2023 saw a global rise in ransomware and hacktivism

American Renal Associates Notified Federal Regulators of Recent Data Breach

Android malware is wiping out bank accounts in Finland

Anonymous Arabia Allegedly Targets Alrajhi Bank in Cyberattack Amid Political Tensions

Anonymous Arabia Strikes UAE: Targets Key Entities in Alleged Cyberattack

April Sees Yearly Low of $38M in Crypto Phishing

Armed forces personnel bank data compromised in Ministry of Defence hack

Armed forces' data accessed in Ministry of Defence hack 'by China'

Australian Privacy Commissioner Labels Third-Party Suppliers as a Privacy ‘Weak Spot’

Beware of Phishing Attacks Targeting AmericanExpress Card Users

Biometric Data Breach Impacts 80% of El Salvador Population

Bitfinex CTO confirms no data breach, cites fake allegations

Bitfinex CTO Deems Database Breach Claims 'Fake' Amidst Hacker Allegations

Bitfinex Data Breach Allegations Debunked by Tether CEO

BlackBasta claims Synlab attack, leaks some stolen documents

BlackBasta Ransomware Group Targets Ayesa, Compromising 4.5TB of Data

Bluebonnet Trails Notifies Over 76k Consumers of 2023 Data Breach

China-Linked Hackers Suspected in ArcaneDoor Cyberattacks Targeting Network Devices

City of Wichita hit by a ransomware attack

City of Wichita shuts down IT network after ransomware attack

City of Wichita Shuts Down Network Following Ransomware Attack

Critical Cybersecurity Loopholes Found in Paris 2024 Olympics Infrastructure

Critical Tinyproxy Flaw Opens Over 50,000 Hosts to Remote Code Execution

Crypto phishing attacks plummet in April, reaching a yearly low of $38 million

Crypto Phishing Attacks See Decreased Losses in April

Crypto Wallet Drainers Leverage Legitimate Uniswap Contracts for Phishing Attacks

Cuckoo Mac Malware Mimics Music Converter to Steals Passwords and Crypto

Customer data from major Chinese banks allegedly up for sale

Cyber Alliance Threatens Major U.S. Energy Firms: High Society and Cyber Army of Russia Collaborate

Cyber-attack prevention is better than a cure

Data breach management best practices

Data of domestic violence victims exposed in ZircoDATA hack

Deutsche Telekom claimed by LockBit, dozens more ransom victims

El Salvador suffered a massive leak of biometric data

Enstar confirms data breach incident

Europe’s Most Wanted Teenage Hacker Arrested

Examining the Impact of Ransomware Disruptions: Qakbot, LockBit, and BlackCat

Finland Warns of New Android Malware that Siphons Money from your Bank

Fortinet Report Sees Faster Exploitations of New Vulnerabilities

Germany calls on Russian representative following cyber attack findings

German military Bundeswehr found leaking classified meetings

Germany recalls ambassador to Russia over cyberattacks

Germany recalls its ambassador in Russia for a week in protest over a hacker attack

Google Experiments With Using AI to Flag Phishing Threats, Stop Scams

Identity, Credential Misconfigurations Open Worrying Security Gaps

Internal Communication Gaps Exposes Organizations to Cyber Attacks

It Costs How Much?!? The Financial Pitfalls of Cyberattacks on SMBs

Law Enforcement Takedowns Force Ransomware Affiliates to Diversify

LockBit 3.0 Claims Exploitation of T-Mobile Parent Company, Deutsche Telekom

LockBit’s Seized Domains Resurrected by Law Enforcement to Expose Details

Lockbit's seized site comes alive to tease new police announcements

London Drugs to reopen all stores Tuesday after cyberattack

Lookout Survey Reveals Critical Gaps in Mobile Endpoint Protection That Could Compromise Sensitive Corporate Cloud Data

Manufacturing sector worst hit by ransomware in 2023 in Malaysia, ASEAN

MedStar Health Breach: Hackers Accessed Emails & Files

MedStar Health Notifies 183,079 Patients of Recent Data Breach

MedStar suffers data breach, 183K patients exposed

Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability Exploited by Russia-Linked Hacker Group to Target Czechia and Germany

Ministry of Defence (MoD) data breach: UK armed forces' personal details accessed in hack

Ministry of Defence ‘hacked by China’ as cyberattack causes ‘massive data breach’ including names and bank details

Misconfigurations drive 80% of security exposures

New 'Cuckoo' Persistent macOS Spyware Targeting Intel and Arm Macs

New spyware targets Macs pretending to be “Spotify Music Converter”

Organizations go ahead with AI despite security risks

Pacific Guardian Data Breach: Unnerving Delay in Notifying Customers Raises Concerns

Paris 2024 preparing for unprecedented cyberthreats

Personal Data of 1 Million New York Students Hacked: Department of Education

Police Make Arrest in $33m ZKasino Crypto Gambling Scam, Seize $12m

Police resurrect LockBit’s leak site to mock criminals and tease more info

Police resurrect Lockbit’s site and troll the ransomware gang

Police Seize Lockbit Ransomware Gang's Site (Again), Tease Hacker Reveals

Portland-based BerryDunn faces lawsuits over data breach affecting 1.1M people

Privacy requests increased 246% in two years

Qantas says app data breach was not a cyber attack

RansomHub Ransomware Group Targets NRS Healthcare, Compromising 578GB of Data

Ransomware Attack Hits City of Wichita

Ransomware attack on Wichita.gov results in city network outage. Here’s what we know

Ransomware payments globally surge by 500% in 2023

Russian operator of BTC-e crypto exchange pleads guilty to money laundering

Scammers phishing for credit card info with fake Van Gogh Museum site

Scigames Website Hacked: Threat Actor Claims Exposed Sensitive Data

Scotland: Disabled woman horrified after Barlinnie prisoner given her details in data breach

Six Australian MPs Confirm They were Targeted by China’s APT31 Hackers

Strategies for preventing AI misuse in cybersecurity

Suspected Russian cybercrime kingpin pleads guilty in the US

SynLab Italia attack admitted by Black Basta

Tamil Nadu Police Facial Recognition Portal Data Breach Exposes Over 50000 Users’ Details

Tether CEO denies Bitfinex data breach by FSociety

The Blackbasta criminal gang claims to have stolen 1.5 TB of sensitive data from SynLab Italia

The Era of Web DDoS Tsunamis and Strategies for Defense

The State of Ransomware in 2024: A Cause for Concern Despite a Decline in Attacks

The ways you can beat two-factor authentication scams

Threat Actor Allegedly Offers China Bank Customers Database for Sale for $12,000

Threat Actors Weaponize Hacktivism for Financial Gain

Which profession is proving hardest hit by global cyber incident surge?

Who is Aleksanteri ‘Julius’ Kivimäki, Europe’s most wanted who started out as a teenage cyber thug?

Wichita government shuts down systems after ransomware incident

Xiaomi Android Devices Hit by Multiple Flaws Across Apps and System Components