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Monday 8 April 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 15 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 8th April and 14th April 2024.

14th April

$1,430,207 To Be Handed Out After Billion-Dollar Bank Suffers Data Breach - Here’s Who Qualifies As Claims Deadline Approaches

An Iranian cyber group claims: 'We breached the radars in Israel'

Canadian retail chain Giant Tiger data breach may have impacted millions of customers

Closer Look at the Hernando County Ransomware Attack

Change Healthcare Targeted by Second Ransomware Attack

Criminal exploits of Scattered Spider earn respect of Russian ransomware hackers

Crypto hacker sentenced to 3 years in prison for stealing $12 million

Cyber attack targets Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)

Cybersecurity investigators worry ransomware attacks may worsen as young, Western hackers work with Russians

FatalRAT Targets Cryptocurrency Users With DLL Side-loading Techniques

Group takes responsibility for cyber attack on Israel

Impact of the Data Breach on Users Of Roku

Infiltrating ransomware gangs on the dark web

Iranian Cyber Attack Shuts Down Israel's Electric Grid

Manufacturing sector top target for ransomware attacks last year

More Than A Half Million Roku Accounts Affected By Data Breach

Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) discloses data breach caused by misconfiguration

South Dakota’s prison tablet provider dinged for data breach by Federal Trade Commission

Who Owns My Data? An Analysis of Healthcare Data Breach Trends Since COVID-19

13th April

5 Essential Steps to Take to Protect Yourself After a Data Breach

Canada: Update on City of Hamilton recovery from cyber attack

Computer hackers broke into City of London IT systems five times in just 4 years, data reveals

Crypto crime value dropped significantly in 2023, shows Chainalysis report

Crypto Hacker Shakeeb Sentenced in First-Ever Smart Contract Hacking Conviction

Ex-Security Engineer Jailed 3 Years for $12.3 Million Crypto Exchange Thefts

Firebird RAT creator and seller arrested in the U.S. and Australia

Hacker claims Giant Tiger data breach, leaks 2.8M records online

Hackers Deploy Python Backdoor in Palo Alto Zero-Day Attack

Israel shut down by Iranian cyber attack telling residents to prepare for war

Japanese hotels fall prey to phishing scams

Over 100 hotels in Japan fall victim to Booking.com phishing scams

Palo Alto Networks zero-day exploited since March to backdoor firewalls

Roku data breach hits 576,000 accounts

Roku Hit By Second Cyber Attack Inside Two Months, 576,000 Accounts Breached

Roku says nearly 576,000 accounts affected by latest data breach

Roku TV accounts hacked in second cyberattack of its kind this year

Southeast Asia tops global ransomware incidents

Top 10 Most Common WordPress Vulnerabilities to Look Out For in 2024

US Hacker Handed Three-Year Prison Sentence for Looting $12,000,000+ in Crypto From Two Decentralized Exchanges

Wells Fargo Says It Has Suffered Data Breach, Blames Employee for Exposing Personal Information on Pair of Customers

Windows Apps Vulnerable to Command Injection via “BatBadBut” Flaw

12th April

5 common types of data breaches in the financial sector

28% Global Cyber-attack Increase in Q1 2024

51 Million AT&T Customers Were Affected By AT&T’s Data Breach

94% of Ransomware Victims Have Their Backups Targeted By Attackers

300k UK and Ireland Data Records Exposed in Taxi Software Leak

Apple Alerts iPhone Users in 92 Countries to Mercenary Spyware Attacks

Apple Sends Warning to Several High Profile Users in India, Warning About Cyber Attack

AT&T Email Notification Causes Surge in Traffic to Experian After Data Breach

AT&T finally acknowledges data breach affecting 51 million people

Attackers’ new way to outsmart traditional defenses is by weaponizing legitimate software

Attempted voice phishing against LastPass thwarted

Australian Valuation Firm HTW Hit by Data Breach, Banks Halt New Work

Base Network Hacked! $2 Million Lost in 24 Hours in Phishing Attack

Belvedere Vodka UK X Account Hijacked in Crypto Phishing Amidst Uniswap-SEC Standoff

Bradford-Scott data breach exposes 40K individuals

Causes for Microsoft Data Loss in The Recent Data Breach

Change Healthcare Faces Another Ransomware Threat—and It Looks Credible

Change Healthcare hit with second ransomware attack affecting over 3000 US service members records

Chinese-owned chipmaker Nexperia hacked

CISA: Russian Hackers Stole Emails Between U.S. Agencies and Microsoft

CISA Confirms Russian-Backed Hackers Behind Cyber Attack

CISA Issues Sisense Data Breach Warning, Potential Supply Chain 'Ripple Effect'

CISA Urges Immediate Credential Reset After Sisense Breach

CISA warns of data breach impacting Sisense and potentially its customers

CISA Warns of Sisense Customer Data Breach

Critical EUV chipmaking tool supplier hacked, pressed to pay $10 million for ransomware unlock - Hoya dismisses hack as an ‘IT system incident’

Current and former Polish officials face probe of alleged spyware abuse

CVE-2024-3400 exploited: Unit 42, Volexity share more details about the attacks

Cyber Attacks Surge by 28%:Education Sector at High Risk

Deepfake scam targets password manager LastPass

DEX hacker sentenced to three years in prison after stealing $12 million worth of cryptocurrency

Dutch chipmaker Nexperia hacked by cyber criminals

E-ZPass Account Holders Targeted by Phishing Scams; Here’s How to Safeguard Yourself

East Central University says BlackSuit ransomware group encrypted file servers, stole students' data

Ex-Amazon engineer gets 3 years for hacking crypto exchanges

FBI warns of massive wave of road toll SMS phishing attacks

Feds Investigating Government Data Breach Impacting the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance

Florida Passes Cybersecurity Data Breach Immunity Law: 3 Things Businesses Need to Know - and 3 Things to Do

French issue alerte rouge after local governments knocked offline by cyber attack

Greylock McKinnon Notifies 341,650 of Recent Data Breach Leaking Victims’ SSNs

Hacker Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Stealing Over $12M From Crypto Exchanges

Human rights activists in Western Sahara are being targeted by mobile malware

Hunters International demands $10M from Hoya

Hunters International takes credit for Hoya Optics attack, demands US$10m

Increase in ransomware attacks to healthcare's vulnerable remote access systems threatens patients

iPhone Users in 92 Countries Targeted by Mercenary Spyware Attacks

Iranian MuddyWater Hackers Adopt New C2 Tool 'DarkBeatC2' in Latest Campaign

LastPass Dodges Deepfake Scam: CEO Impersonation Attempt Thwarted

Leicester: Data taken in council cyber-attack 'could be sold by hackers'

Leicester City Council says ransomware group leaked 1.3TB of data stolen from its systems

Lewis & Clark College Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Major data exposure affects 300,000 taxi passengers in the UK and Ireland

Medicaid, SNAP Could Become Key Cyber Attack Targets

Microsoft Data Breach Compromised Other US Agencies, Claims CISA

Molen & Associates Data Breach Affects an Unknown Number of Consumers

More than half a million accounts compromised in Roku data breach

MuddyWater: hacker group uses DarkBeatC2 tools

NHS patients in Dumfries and Galloway urged to look out for cyber extortion after data breach

Nijmegen chipmaker hit by ransomware attack; Hackers threatening to leak trade secrets

NorthBay Health Targeted in Cyberattack, Raising Concerns of Possible Data Breach

OraSure reports data breach, says impact contained

Over 500,000 Roku accounts affected by data breach

Palo Alto Networks firewalls under attack, hotfixes incoming! (CVE-2024-3400)

Palo Alto Networks Warns About Critical Zero-Day in PAN-OS

Palo Alto Networks warns of PAN-OS firewall zero-day used in attacks

Palo Alto Networks warns of zero-day in VPN product

Popular Rust Crate liblzma-sys Compromised with XZ Utils Backdoor Files

Preparing for Augmented Reality’s Influence on Cybersecurity

Ransomware recovery: Every day, ‘a little more on track,’ Hamilton mayor says

Report finds that only 5% of businesses have a cyber expert

Reported Major Data Breach May Have Compromised Companies Across Industries

Roku cyberattack impacts 576,000 accounts

Roku Data Breach: Over 576,000 Streaming Accounts Compromised by Hackers

Roku Discloses New Data Breach Affecting 576,000 User Accounts

Roku discovers second data breach affecting over half a million accounts

Roku Has Been Hit By A Second Data Breach Affecting Over Half A Million Users

Roku has suffered another data breach, this time impacting 576,000 users

Roku Reveals Massive Data Breach - Here’s What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Roku Said Over 576,000 Accounts Compromised in Data Breach

Roku says 576,000 accounts breached in cyberattack

Roku Says 576,000 Accounts Compromised in Data Breach

Roku Says 576,000 Streaming Accounts Were Compromised in Data Breach

Roku says another 576,000 accounts impacted by data breach

Roku says more than 500,000 accounts impacted in cyberattack

Roku suffered another data breach, this time affecting 576,000 accounts

Roku Unveils Data Breach Affecting 576,000 Accounts

Roku warns 576,000 accounts hacked in new credential stuffing attacks

Russian-state hackers escalate Microsoft email breach, CISA warns

Shadow AI: The Murky Threat to Enterprise Adoption of Generative AI

Shared Servers Crippled: French Municipal Governments Face Service Outages After Cyberattack

Sisense customers seek answers after breach announcement

Sisence Data Breach, CISA Urges To Reset Login Credentials

Sisense hit by data breach, CISA warns

Sisense's data breach is serious enough that CISA is investigating. Here's what you need to do

Sneaky Credit Card Skimmer Disguised as Harmless Facebook Tracker

SouthState Bank class action claims data breach exposed customer data

Telegram fixes Windows app zero-day caused by file extension typo

The Sleep Management Institute Notifies Patients of February 2024 Data Breach Involving Their SSNs and More

The US government confirms Russian hacker attack on Microsoft stole government emails

TheMoon Botnet Facilitates Faceless To Exploit End-of-Life (EoL) Devices

Threat Analyst Shows Evidence of Hernando County Ransomware Attack

U.S. Federal Agencies Ordered to Hunt for Signs of Microsoft Breach and Mitigate Risks

US cyber agency says Russian hackers used Microsoft access to steal government emails

Why cybercriminals specifically target backups

Your LG TV could be vulnerable to a cyber attack - here's how to fix it

Zero-Day Alert: Critical Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Flaw Under Active Attack

11th April

1 in 4 Americans Lose $8,199 From Tax-Related Phishing, Scams

3 things industrial control system enterprises should do to boost cyber-resilience

5 reasons why a top Chinese hacker gang and their friends could wreak havoc on US

37% of publicly shared files expose personal information

74% of Employees Falling Victim to Phishing Attacks Hit With Disciplinary Actions

A vulnerability in Linux distributions may allow unauthorized access

Accor Denies Allegations of Data Breach, Claims of 642,000 Records Compromised Refuted

Alleged BHF Couriers Data Breach: 19.2 Million Records Reportedly Leaked

Analytics Firm Sisense Hit With Data Breach

Another Bank Hit: Wells Fargo Confirms Data Breach

Apple: Mercenary spyware attacks target iPhone users in 92 countries

Apple Boosts Spyware Alerts For Mercenary Attacks

Apple notifies users in 92 countries about mercenary spyware attacks

Apple Updates Spyware Alert System to Warn Victims of Mercenary Attacks

Apple warns of 'mercenary spyware attack'

Apple warns of mercenary spyware attacks against iPhone users. Should you be worried?

Apple Warns of ‘Mercenary Spyware Attacks’ on iPhone Users

Apple warns of mercenary spyware attacks on iPhone users in 92 countries

AT&T Breach Update: 51 Million Customers’ Data Exposed

AT&T Data Breach: Take These Steps To Protect Your Information

AT&T Data Breach Fallout: Latest Figures Show Over 51 Million Customers Impacted

AT&T emails 70M customers, causes massive traffic spike at Experian. Here's what happened

AT&T Informs Regulators of Data Breach Exposing Millions of Customer Records

AT&T notifies regulators of data breach which affected 51 million customers

Attack on data analytics company Sisense prompts alert from CISA

Awkward Adolescence: Increased Risks Among Immature Ransomware Operators

Backdoor in XZ Utils That Almost Happened

Banning Ransomware Payments Will Do More Harm Than Good

Bot attacks persist as top threat in 2024

China: Upgrading data breach prevention and response

CISA investigates critical infrastructure breach after Sisense hack

CISA makes its "Malware Next-Gen" analysis system publicly available

CISA orders agencies impacted by Microsoft hack to mitigate risks

CISA SharePoint Vulnerability Warning: RCE Flaw Exploited

CISA warns about Sisense data breach

Cyber attack closes Swinomish Casino and Lodge

Cyber attack on the University of Winnipeg compromises staff and students' personal data

Cyberattacks Have Increased but Ransomware Attacks Have Declined in 2024

Cybergang attack Germany using AI-generated code

Data Breach Effect: Security Experts Say Do These Things To Avoid Losing Your Data

Data Breach Exposes 300k Taxi Passengers’ Information

Data Detection and Response: Enhancing Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

Doctors financially strained following cyber attack on insurance company

DragonForce Ransomware - What You Need To Know

East Central University Hit by Cyberattack, Data Potentially Exposed

Election year alert: US cyber threats from major state actors

Email from federal agencies possibly accessed in Russian breach of Microsoft

Fortinet: How to Thwart the Latest Ransomware Attacks

Fortinet Rolls Out Critical Security Patches for FortiClientLinux Vulnerability

German database company GBI Genios says ransomware attack took out servers and disrupted communications

Hackers claim to have UnitedHealth's stolen data - is it a bluff?

History of Ransomware: The Evolution of Attacks and Defense Mechanisms

Home Depot data breach exposes employee information

Home Depot Hammered by Supply Chain Data Breach

How to Protect Your Information and Identity Against Today’s Data Breaches

Intel and Lenovo servers impacted by 6-year-old Baseboard Management Controllers (BMC) flaw

Inviting Trouble: Microsoft hit with another data breach, stored vital employee info on server with no password

Large Businesses Flounder to Tackle Cyber Threats

‘Large-scale cyberattack’ hits five French municipalities, impact may last ‘months’

LastPass: Hackers targeted employee in failed deepfake CEO call

Leicester City Council: When a breach goes from 25 documents to 1.3 terabytes

LockBit bungles attempt to rebrand as DarkVault

LockBit copycat DarkVault spurs rebranding rumor

LockBit falters under pressure from competitors and copycats

LockBit struggles to maintain relevance amid rise of impersonators and new ransomware groups

Microsoft Data Breach: A Giant Lapse in Cybersecurity Protocols

Microsoft faces alleged data breach, exposing employee credentials and internal files

Microsoft Patch Tuesday 2024 Update Fixes 147 New Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Security Lapse Exposed Sensitive Credentials and Internal Resources of Employees

Mumbai: Cops Recover Rs 82 Lakh Lost By Private School In 'Man In The Middle' Cyber Attack

New Android Espionage Campaign Spotted in India and Pakistan

Number of cyberattacks jumps to new record

Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) Data Breach From Server Misconfiguration Leaks Members’ Personal Information

Optics giant Hoya hit with $10 million ransomware demand

Paris 2024 partners lax about email fraud

Personal information of 287,000 taxi passengers exposed in data breach

Phishing: Current Tactics and Trends

Phishing, hacking: if you have the slightest doubt, consult this list of 8000 fraudulent sites

Prisma Finance hacker defends exploit, demands public apology

RansomHub becomes second ransomware group to demand a ransom from Change Healthcare

Ransomware attack cancels New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) classes through April 14

Ransomware Best Practice: Before, During, and After

Ransomware gang steals 534,000 records from Wisconsin healthcare provider

Ransomware group maturity should influence ransom payment decision

Ransomware payouts hit all-time high, but that’s not the whole story

Ransomware Takes New Mexico Highlands University Offline

Raspberry Robin Distributed Through Windows Script Files

Separate ransomware attacks impact New Mexico, Oklahoma universities

Sisense Data Breach Triggers CISA Alert and Urgent Calls for Credential Resets

TA547 Phishing Attack Hits German Firms with Rhadamanthys Stealer

Taking A Layered Approach To Cybersecurity

The Epilepsy Institute Notifies Consumers of Recent Data Breach

The Evolving Triad of Cyber Threats: BEC, Ransomware, and Supply Chain Attacks

The rising threat of search engine ad abuse

Threat Actors Game GitHub Search to Spread Malware

Threat Actors Hit GitHub Search With Malware Scheme

Ukrainian hackers left Moscow’s sewage system without 87,000 sensors

US: Bill Proposes Deterrents for Ransomware Hackers, Guidelines for Financial Institutions

US CISA published an alert on the Sisense data breach

US Data Breach Reports Surge 90% Annually in Q1

Violation of data in El Salvador: the case of the Chivo crypto wallet

Vulnerabilities in end-of-life D-Link devices are being exploited, CISA says

When Will Jackson County, Missouri, Open After Ransomware Attack?

Widespread Implications for Businesses After Massive Cyber Attack

Wisconsin healthcare nonprofit Group Health Cooperative of South-Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) says data breach affected over 500,000 patients

10th April

10 Teachings for Indian Companies Post the Alleged boAt Data Breach

After failed ransomware attack, hackers stole data on 533k people from Wisconsin insurance company

American Medical Association (AMA): Four In Five Physicians ‘Lost Revenue’ From Change Healthcare Cyber Attack

An AI Chatbot May Have Helped Create This Malware Attack

Are hackers claims to having UnitedHealth's stolen data a bluff?

AT&T: Data breach affects 73 million or 51 million customers. No, we won’t explain

AT&T Confirms Data Breach Affecting Over 51 Million Customers

AT&T Hit With Dozens of Class-Action Lawsuits Following Data Breach

AT&T notifies regulators after customer data breach

AT&T notifies users of data breach and resets millions of passcodes

AT&T now says data breach impacted 51 million customers

AT&T states that the data breach impacted 51 million former and current customers

Beware: GitHub's Fake Popularity Scam Tricking Developers into Downloading Malware

Beware BoAt Users! Your Personal Data Might Have Leaked On Dark Web. Here's What It Means

Beware of Encrypted Phishing Attack With Weaponized SVG Files

boAt Data Breach: Company Loses Data of 7.5 Million Customers to Dark Web

Cagey Phishing Campaign Delivers Multiple RATs to Steal Windows Data

CCM Health Notifies Patients of April 2023 Data Breach

Change Healthcare affected by second ransomware attack in 2024

Change Healthcare hit with second ransomware attack of 2024

Credential phishing accounted for 91% of active threat reports

Critical Alert: LG WebOS Vulnerabilities Put Smart TV Users at Risk

Critical 'BatBadBut' Rust Vulnerability Exposes Windows Systems to Attacks

Critical LG TV bug allows complete device takeover

Don’t Fall For This E-ZPass Phishing Scam: What to Know

Dracula Phishing Platform Targets Organizations Worldwide

East Central University alerts students, staff about data impact of February cyber-attack

Epilepsy Foundation of Metro NY hit by ransomware attack

Etherscan Advertisements Linked to Extensive Phishing Efforts

'eXotic Visit' Spyware Campaign Targets Android Users in India and Pakistan

Fort Worth, Texas county agency hit by Medusa ransomware gang

French football giant PSG says hackers targeted its ticketing system

Group Health Cooperative data breach impacted 530,000 individuals

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) Hack: Ransomware Actors Stolen User’s Personal Information

Hackers Access University of Alabama Employee Email Account, Leading to Data Breach

Hackers are using this little-known file type to drop a nasty Windows worm on vulnerable PCs - how to stay safe

Half of UK businesses experienced a cyber attack in the past year

Half of UK Businesses Hit by Cyber-Incident in Past Year, UK Government Finds

Healthcare Sector Leads Rank for Ransomware Attacks

HHS alerts health sector to leading ransomware, social engineering threats

How Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are evolving in the AI era

How To Survive A Ransomware Attack

Identity Theft Resource Center Q1 2024 Data Breach Analysis: Compromises Up 90 Percent Over Q1 2023

Illinois Tollway customers report receiving fake text messages about unpaid balances

Illinois Tollway Warns of Text Message Phishing Scam Targeting I-Pass Users

Insider Threats Surge Amid Growing Foreign Interference

IntelBroker strikes again: Accor database leaked, exposing 642K individuals

IT pros targeted with malicious Google ads for PuTTY, FileZilla

'Larger batch' of stolen data published after Leicester cyber-attack

LG TV Vulnerabilities Expose 91,000 Devices

Life After Change Cyber-attack: Without Payment for Claims, Physicians Struggle to Keep Practices Afloat

Lionheart Hackers Declare Cyber Warfare Against Israel Amidst Escalating Conflict

Malicious PowerShell script pushing malware looks AI-written

Malicious Visual Studio projects on GitHub push Keyzetsu malware

Medicare Data Exposed in Data Breach at Boston Consulting Firm

Microsoft data breach: Employees’ credentials like passwords leaked on internet

Microsoft data breach exposes employee data, company files online

Microsoft Fixes 149 Flaws in Huge April Patch Release, Zero-Days Included

Microsoft Patches 150 Flaws Including Two Zero-Days

Multi-stage malware deployed via ScrubCrypt crypter

New covert SharePoint data exfiltration techniques revealed

New Ransomware Actor Threatens Change Healthcare

New Spectre v2 attack impacts Linux systems on Intel CPUs

Oklahoma university reports cyber attack on campus; some data may have been compromised

Over 530K impacted by Wisconsin healthcare non-profit ransomware attack

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) hit by cyber attack ahead of Champions League match as security increases after ISIS bomb threat

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) victim of cyber-attack amid terrorist threats

Police Scour LockBit Ransomware Evidence, Turning Up 200 Leads

Ramadan-themed scam targets Muslims worldwide

Ransomware attack cripples German business intelligence provider

Ransomware attack disrupts GBI Genios

Ransomware Ravaging Health Care: Why Cybercriminals Target These Vital Institutions

Raspberry Robin Malware Now Using Windows Script Files to Spread

Raspberry Robin Returns: New Malware Campaign Spreading Through WSF Files

Researchers Uncover First Native Spectre v2 Exploit Against Linux Kernel

Reusing passwords: The hidden cost of convenience

Rewards For Justice offers up to $10 million reward for info on ALPHV BlackCat hacker group leaders

Rhadamanthys Malware Deployed By TA547 Against German Targets

Romania-linked ‘Rubycarp’ hackers look for cryptomining, phishing DDoS opportunities

Russian businesses targeted by novel ransomware gang

South Carolina's top officer not releasing details on 2012 hack that stole millions of tax returns

Targus Cyberattack Confirmed: Operations Frozen, Investigations Continues

Telegram Dismisses Claims of ‘High-risk’ RCE Bug in its Desktop Application

Texas county agency attacked by Medusa ransomware gang

UK cyber defences faltering as half of businesses hit by cyber attack, according to Government survey

UK firms are failing miserably at data breach responses

Underground online casino exposes 850K users

Universities in New Mexico, Oklahoma respond to ransomware attacks

US Claims to Have Recovered $1.4bn in COVID Fraud

Want to protect your organisation from a cyber-attack or data breach? Make sure your staff are “security aware”

WhatsApp Scam Exposed: Egyptian Brothers Imprisoned for Hacking Consumer Database

Who Pays for a Data Breach?

Why are many businesses turning to third-party security partners?

Windows: New 'BatBadBut' Rust Vulnerability Given Highest Severity Score

Windows Security Surprise As Microsoft Confirms 90 New Vulnerabilities

Wisconsin health cooperative suffers 533K-record breach

9th April

10-Year-Old 'RUBYCARP' Romanian Hacker Group Surfaces with Botnet

51% of check fraud victims had been targeted two or more times

91,000 Smart LG TV Devices Vulnerable to Remote Takeover

340,000 Social Security numbers stolen from US consulting firm

Apple privacy protections called into question

Attackers Using Obfuscation Tools to Deliver Multi-Stage Malware via Invoice Phishing

Banking giant Wells Fargo suffers data breach

Bug in IBM’s Enterprise Terminal Could Allow Attackers Fully Privileged Access

Canadian online vehicle dealer hit by cyberattack

Change Healthcare Hit By Cyber Extortion Again

CL0P's Ransomware Rampage - Security Measures for 2024

Computer accessory giant Targus says cyberattack interrupting business operations

Critical Flaws Leave 92,000 D-Link NAS Devices Vulnerable to Malware Attacks

Critical Rust flaw enables Windows command injection attacks

Cyberattack disrupts Targus business operations

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data leak contains already public data, agency says

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says allegedly breached data was already publicly available

French football club PSG says ticketing system targeted by cyberattack

German database company Genios confirms ransomware attack

Group Health Cooperative falls victim to ransomware attack, 500K people affected

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW): Ransomware gang stole health data of 533,000 people

Hackers Targeting Human Rights Activists in Morocco and Western Sahara

Hackers Use Malware to Hunt Software Vulnerabilities

Half of businesses fell victim to cyber attack in last year

How exposure management elevates cyber resilience

Leveraging Defensive AI to Safeguard Organizations against Data Corruption

LG releases updates for vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to gain access to TVs

LG smart TVs may be taken over by remote attackers

Medusa cybercrime gang takes credit for another attack on US municipality

Microsoft April 2024 Patch Tuesday fixes 150 security flaws, 67 RCEs

Microsoft fixes two Windows zero-days exploited in malware attacks

Microsoft patches actively exploited security feature bypass vulnerability (CVE-2024-29988)

New Latrodectus loader steps in for Qbot

New SharePoint flaws help hackers evade detection when stealing files

Over 90,000 D-Link NAS Devices Are Under Attack

Over 90,000 LG Smart TVs may be exposed to remote attacks

Pennsylvania Warns Users of Turnpike Pass Phishing Scam

Research Unearths RUBYCARP’s Multi-Miner Assault on Crypto

Researchers Discover LG Smart TV Vulnerabilities Allowing Root Access

Researchers discover new ransomware gang ‘Muliaka’ attacking Russian businesses

RUBYCARP hackers linked to 10-year-old cryptomining botnet

Strategies for secure identity management in hybrid environments

Supply Chain Professionals Are at Risk of Spear Phishing: Here’s How to Address It

The database you don't want to need: Check to see if your health data was hacked

Walmart employee breached payroll service to ransack colleagues

What is Session Hijacking?

Why Identity Management is Key in a Cyber Resilience Strategy

8th April

92,000+ internet-facing D-Link NAS devices accessible via “backdoor” account (CVE-2024-3273)

Acuity downplays extent of data breach

All eyes on cyberdefense as elections enter the generative AI era

Almost 8.5 Million impacted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data breach

ALPHV/BlackCat’s ransom laundering escalates

Barracuda Report Provides Insight into Cybersecurity Threat Severity Levels

Big data breach! Security concerns mount as data of 7.5 million BoAt customers compromised

boAt Data Breach: Are you a boAt user? Your personal details may be selling on dark web

boAt Data Breach: Name, address, contact number, email ID of 75 lakh boat customers reportedly leaked online

boAt data breach: Personal information of over 7.5 million boAt users reportedly leaked

boAt hit with big data breach, more than 7.5 million customers’ personal information leaked

boAt suffers data breach: Personal data of 7.5 million users leaked on dark web

Byakugan Infostealer Capabilities Revealed

Change Healthcare breach data may be in hands of new ransomware group

Change Healthcare faces second ransomware dilemma weeks after ALPHV attack

Critical RCE bug in 92,000 D-Link NAS devices now exploited in attacks

Crypto Scammers Target Etherscan Users with Massive Phishing Ads

Cryptocurrency Users Beware: Etherscan Ads May Drain Your Wallet

CVS Group faces client data breach after malicious hack

CVS Group hit by cyber attack

CVS Group hit by major disruption following cyber attack

CVS Group reveals cyber attack on IT systems

CVS Group with vets in Bradford suffers cyber attack

Cyberattack on UK’s CVS Group disrupts veterinary operations

Cyberattack Strikes Malaysian Financial Institution Amid Rising Tensions

Cybercriminals Targeting Latin America with Sophisticated Phishing Scheme

Data breach exposes over 7.5 Million boAt customers

Data breach reportedly exposes Home Depot employee data

Department of Justice (DOJ) data on 341,000 people leaked in cyberattack on consulting firm

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) care provider Otolaryngology Associates says ransomware attack impacted over 316,000 patients

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) critical infrastructure contacts stolen, attackers claim

Etherscan ads behind massive phishing campaign

Etherscan Ads Fuel Massive Phishing Campaign, Users Warned

Etherscan users targeted in major phishing campaign via on-site ads

Finland Blames APT31 Hackers For Parliament Cyber Attack

Famous YouTube Channels Hacked to Distribute Infostealers

Global Atlantic Financial Group Confirms Third-Party Data Breach at Infosys McCamish

Google Sues App Developers Over Fake Crypto Investment App Scam

Great Hearts America Announces Third-Party Data Breach at Veeya

Hackers deploy crypto drainers on thousands of WordPress sites

Hackers dial up data extortion, email attacks in New Zealand and Australia

Hackers stole 340,000 Social Security numbers from government consulting firm

Hackers Weaponize Suspended Domains To Deliver Malware Payload

Health Care IT Helpdesks Under Attack in Voice Scams

Hijacked Facebook Pages are pushing fake AI services to steal your data

Hit with massive data breach, boAt loses data of 7.5 million customers

Home Depot Confirms Data Breach After Employee Info Appears on Hacker Forum

Hospital IT Helpdesks Targeted By Voice Fraudsters, Warns HHS

How can the energy sector bolster its resilience to ransomware attacks?

Hoya forced into production hiatus after cyberattack

Indian audio giant boAt says it’s investigating suspected customer data breach

Industrial sectors embrace zero trust for enhanced security

Japanese lensmaker Hoya says cyber attack disrupted production at overseas facility

Large-scale phishing campaign detected on Etherscan ads

Leicester City Council cyberattack exposes sensitive data

London-listed veterinary services firm CVS hit by cyber attack. Here’s everything we know so far

Major Japanese Corporation Hoya Hit by Cyberattack, Customer Orders Impacted

Massive boAt Data Breach: 7.5 Million Customers Data Exposed

Massive data breach: Personal information of over 7.5 million boAt users leaked

New Cyber Attack Targeting Hospital IT Helpdesks with Voice Calls

New Malware “Latrodectus” Linked to IcedID

New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) nears a week of canceled classes because of ransomware attack

Norfolk-based vet firm CVS hit by 'disruptive' cyber attack

Norwegian aluminum giant Norsk Hydro faces $40 million loss after cyber attack

Over 7.5 million boAt users personal information leaked in a major data breach

Pacific Guardian Life reveals possible data breach

Personal Data of 7.5 Million boAt Customers Up for Sale on Hacker Forum

Philippines Bureau denies data breach amid rising cyber threats

Phishing: Beware of the hooks online

Phishing Ads Target Etherscan Users: Here’s How to Stay Safe

Phishing Campaigns Targeting Etherscan Users Through Advertisements Identified

Phishing Scam Adverts Target Users on Ethereum Blockchain Explorer Etherscan

RansomHub Claims Access to Stolen Change Healthcare Data in Apparent ALPHV Affiliate Move

Ransomware attack disrupts Panera Bread

Russia seeks criminal charges against executives at flight booking service accused of failing to protect consumer data

Second Ransomware Group Demands UnitedHealth Pay for Stolen Data

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