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Monday 1 April 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 14 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 1st April and 7th April 2024.

7th April

boAt Lifestyle Data Breach: Aman Gupta’s Consumer Electronics Company Hit by Hacker Called ‘ShopifyGUY’, Loses Critical Data of 7.5 Million Customers

Home Depot confirms third-party data breach exposed employee info

Ransomware: Cybercrime groups increase ransom demands

Surge in Sophistication: Blockchain Security Threats Intensify with $239M Lost to Attacks in Early 2024

US Environmental Protection Agency Allegedly Hacked, 8.5M User Data Leaked

Why Indian businesses need anti-hacking solutions urgently

6th April

57,000 Kaspersky Fan Club Forum User Data Leaked in Hosting Breach

A Colombian-American hacker challenged the North Korean regime with an unprecedented cyber attack

Bank information, social insurance numbers exposed in recent cyber attack at University of Winnipeg

Cyber attack on TV channel BabyTV: Toddlers suddenly exposed to Russian propaganda

Georgia: Prosecutor office charges one for cyber attack

Hackers Exploit Magento Bug to Steal Payment Data from E-commerce Websites

Hit with massive data breach, boAt loses data of 7.5 million customers

Israel: Amid cyber attack threats, we must always assume defense lines can be breached

On Q Financial announces data breach, law firm feeding frenzy follows

One engineer’s curiosity may have saved us from a devastating cyber-attack

Over 92,000 exposed D-Link NAS devices have a backdoor account

Phishing: This is how employees avoid cyber criminals’ traps

Ransomware Attack Via Unpatched Vulnerabilities Are Brutal

Ransomware attacks closed multiple Jackson County offices: How did it impact the jail?

Second UK Lawmaker Targeted in ‘Honeytrap’ Sexting Phishing Scam

UK City Council Admits Ransomware Group Stole Private Data of Residents

Universities more vulnerable to cyber attacks, says cybersecurity expert following Winnipeg breach

US Health Department warns hospitals of hackers targeting IT help desks

War & Geopolitical Ransomware Account For 70% of All Attacks

5th April

Acuity confirms hackers stole non-sensitive government data from GitHub repos

After the AT&T Data Breach - How to protect your personal data

AI-as-a-Service Providers Vulnerable to PrivEsc and Cross-Tenant Attacks

Alleged Home Depot Data Breach: IntelBroker Leaks 22,000 Employee Data

Anonymous Claims Major Breach of Israeli Justice Ministry, Vows to Expose Corruption

Attempted hack on New York City continues wave of cyberattacks against municipal governments

Bank information, social insurance numbers exposed in recent cyber attack at University of Winnipeg

Beware Of Phishing Scams - They Open The Door To More Serious Crimes

Beware the Blur: Phishing Scam Drops Byakugan Malware via Fake PDF

Blackmail, Sexting, and ‘Spear Phishing’: Straight and Gay Members of Britain’s Parliament Targeted in Apparent Espionage Bid

British police investigating ‘honey trap’ WhatsApp messages sent to MPs

Chinese Threat Actors Deploy New TTPs to Exploit Ivanti Vulnerabilities

City of Hope Cancer Center Faces Data Breach: Impacting Over 800,000 Individuals

Contract Class Certified in CareFirst Data Breach Lawsuit 9 Years After Legal Action was Initiated

‘Coordinated’ Cyber Attack Targets Albania’s Online Citizens Channel

Cyber Attack Hits World’s Second Largest Lens-maker

Cyber security insurance or better data protection?

Cybercriminal adoption of browser fingerprinting

Data Breach at New York Medical Billing Service Provider Affects 284K Individuals

Delhi traffic police website under scrutiny amid allegations of data breach

Dutch hacker finds critical vulnerability in macOS

Escalation of Fake E-Shop Campaign Threatens Banking Security in Multiple Regions

Fake Facebook MidJourney AI page promoted malware to 1.2 million people

FBI’s Ransomware Insights: Lessons from the $60 Million Impact

FINRA caught up in email phishing scheme

Firefighter response times slowed after cyber attack

From PDFs to Payload: Bogus Adobe Acrobat Reader Installers Distribute Byakugan Malware

German companies: 4th place among global ransomware victims

Global average payment for ransomware hits $850K

Guarding Digital Treasures: The Cybersecurity Challenge

Hacker Group Publishes NHS Scotland’s Stolen Data and Threatened to Dump Entire 3 TB Unless Paid

Hosting company Leaseweb refuses to be open about cyber attacks

How to spot phishing and WhatsApp scams

INC ransomware group claims major ransomware attack on Leicester City Council

Initial access brokers are the latest cybercriminals targeting Australians. Here's how they work

Israel: 'It will take time to assess the damage' - Justice Ministry after cyber attack

Ivanti CEO Promises Stronger Security After a Year of Flaws

KuCoin Amplifies Security Alert: Beware of Phishing Scams Targeting Crypto Users

Law enforcement strike cripples LockBit, but ransomware gang claims it’s back

Leaked database with 10K Home Depot employees roaming the wild

Leicester: Warning to 'stay on guard' after council cyber-attack

Leicester Council confirms ransomware attack

Leicester Cyberattack: Council Warns of Data Leak, Urges Vigilance

Magecart-style hackers charged by Russia in theft of 160,000 credit cards

Maine City Accidentally Pays $18,000 to Email Scammer in Crazy Phishing Scam

Major cyber attack forces Omni Hotels & Resorts to rely to manual bookings and services

Mapping Your Path to Passwordless

Missouri County is Under Lockdown after Vicious Ransomware Attack

New Fake E-Shopping Attack Hijacking Users Banking Credentials

New Ivanti RCE flaw may impact 16,000 exposed VPN gateways

New ransomware attacks still keeping Indian cyberspace at risk

New Wave of JSOutProx Malware Targeting Financial Firms in APAC and MENA

Omni Hotels blames cyberattack for widespread tech outages

Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Data Breach Affects Confidential Information of 167,103 People

Pacific Guardian Life Insurance says 165,000 had financial info stolen in 2023 attack

Panera Bread week-long IT outage caused by ransomware attack

Phishing campaigns with updated Rhadamanthys, Agent Tesla malware reported

Police investigating after explicit images sent to MPs in sexting scam

Proactive and Reactive Ransomware Protection Strategies

Ransomware accounted for 70% of cyberattacks in 2023

Ransomware Compromised Personal Data, Texas County Appraiser Says

Ransomware incidents reported to UK financial regulator have doubled

Ransomware surged 110% last month, report claims

Researchers Identify Multiple China Hacker Groups Exploiting Ivanti Security Flaws

Rhadamanthys Stealer Using Weaponized PDF Files To Attack Oil And Gas Sector

Rockland falls victim to phishing scam, loses more than $18,000

Security pros are cautiously optimistic about AI

Senior Tory MP admits leaking phone numbers in 'spear phishing' sext scandal

South Korean Crypto Voice Phishing Attacks Becoming More Sophisticated

South Korean Crypto Voice Phishing Attacks Evolve and Become More Advanced

Spear-phishing fears after North West MP admits passing on data

Strategies To Address Deepfakes And Generative AI Attacks On Identity

The Home Depot Data Breach Exposes Information of 10,000 Employees

The Philippines: National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC) reports possible data breach in application systems

The XZ Backdoor explained

This backdoor almost infected Linux everywhere: The XZ Utils close call

Thousands of staff, students have sensitive data stolen in University of Winnipeg hack

Three trends set to drive cyber-attacks in 2024

Tokyo police issue warning on phishing scam involving false claims of arrest warrants

U.K. police investigate "spear phishing" sexting scam as lawmaker admits to sharing colleagues' phone numbers

University of Winnipeg Confirms Cyber Intrusion: Warns of Stolen Information

Victorian firefighters suffered delayed response post-cyber attack

Viral free flight tickets’ offers from airlines are phishing scams

Vulnerabilities Exposed Hugging Face to AI Supply Chain Attacks

Why a near-miss cyberattack put US officials and the tech industry on edge

Wiz Discovers Flaws in GenAI Models Enabling Customer Data Theft

World's second-largest eyeglass lens-maker blinded by infosec incident

4th April

76% of consumers don’t see themselves as cybercrime targets

A Vigilante Hacker Took Down North Korea’s Internet. Now He’s Taking Off His Mask

Alleged Delhi Police Data Breach Claimed by Notorious Hacker Group ‘Kill Security’

‘An attack on the reputation of Palau’: officials question who was really behind ransomware incident

Are ransomware attacks declining in 2024? Depends who you ask

Asia-Pacific Ransomware Threats Depend on Country and Sector

AT&T data breach exposes millions to identity theft threat

Benetton Group claimed by Hunters International ransomware gang

California consulting firm Keenan & Associates says data breach impacted over 1.57m customers

Cancer center suffers major data breach by hackers affecting patient information

Cancer hospital City of Hope says October data breach impacted over 800,000 patients

Canva Faces Scrutiny by Indian Authorities on Rising Cyber Fraud Activities

Considerations for Operational Technology Cybersecurity

Cybercriminals are spreading malware through Facebook pages impersonating AI brands

Diabetes WA reveals data breach

Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) data breach compromised the data of over 600,000 patients

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Takes Action Against SS7 Vulnerabilities in Phone Networks

Firms Must Work Harder to Guard Children’s Privacy, Says UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Florida juvenile justice systems offline after hacker break in

Global Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in March 2024 - 299,368,075 Records Breached

Hackers claim to breach database containing thousands of Russian criminal records

Hackers threaten to release terabytes of NHS Scotland data after ransomware attack

Healthcare’s cyber resilience under siege as attacks multiply

Hosting Provider VMware ESXi Servers Hit by New SEXi Ransomware

How to Discover the Right AI Cybersecurity Tools for Your Security Strategy

How Ukraine’s volunteer hackers have created a ‘coordinated machine’ around low-level attacks

Hoya’s optics production and orders disrupted by cyberattack

Information was stolen during recent cyber attack: University of Winnipeg confirms

Ivanti Rushes Patches for 4 New Flaws in Connect Secure and Policy Secure

Ivanti vows to transform its security operating model, reveals new vulnerabilities

Jackson County: ‘Malicious email link’ cause of ransomware attack

Jackson County IT Systems Hit By Ransomware Attack

Jackson County shuts down over ransomware attack

Japanese optics company Hoya says cyber incident affected production

Kyivstar attacked by hackers from Russian Military Intelligence, case materials to be sent to The Hague

Leicester City Council confirms ransomware attack after confidential documents leaked

Leicester City Council says confidential documents shared online in cyber attack

Leicester Council Confirms Confidential Documents Leaked in Ransomware Attack

Likely Iranian-Origin Phishing Attack: New Threat to Online Security in Italy

LockBit Scrambles After Takedown, Repopulates Leak Site with Old Breaches

Major data leak hits 700,000 Estonians

Malaysia Strengthens Cybersecurity with Passage of Cyber Security Bill 2024

MarineMax says Rhysida ransomware attack compromised employees' and customers' personal information

New HTTP/2 DoS attack can crash web servers with a single connection

New HTTP/2 Vulnerability Exposes Web Servers to DoS Attacks

New JSOutProx Malware Targets Financial Firms in APAC, MENA

New Latrodectus Downloader Malware Linked to IcedID and Qbot Creators

New Latrodectus malware replaces IcedID in network breaches

New Phishing Campaign Targets Oil & Gas with Evolved Data-Stealing Malware

New Red Ransomware Group (Red CryptoApp) Exposes Victims on Wall of Shame

Omni Hotels & Resorts Hit by Cyberattack, IT Systems Disrupted Nationwide

Omni Hotels says widespread outages caused by cyberattack

Omni Hotels suffer prolonged IT outage due to cyberattack

Otolaryngology Associates Data Breach Affects Almost 317,000 Patients

Otolaryngology Associates Data Breach Impacts Personal Information of 316k Patients

Parental control app exposes live GPS locations of kids on internet

Phishing Attacks Targeting Political Parties, Germany Warns

Police launch inquiry after MPs targeted in apparent ‘spear-phishing’ attack

Powys County Council pays out £11,000 in data breach claims

Ransomware 3.0 main menace for Indian IT and OT systems in 2024

Ransomware Attack on Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) Breached About 300 People’s Information

Rebuilding after ransomware - The case of The British Library

Six steps for security and compliance in AI-enabled low-code/no-code development

SouthState Bank customers are being notified about data breach earlier this year

SurveyLama Alarmed Over Data Breach of 4.4 Million Users

Threat Actor Claims Classified Five Eyes Data Theft

Ukraine gathers evidence to prosecute hackers behind Kyivstar attack in Hague

Ukrainian cybersecurity official reveals structure of Russian hacker groups

US cancer center data breach exposes info of 827,000 patients

Vietnam-Based Hackers Steal Financial Data Across Asia with Malware

Visa warns of new JSOutProx malware variant targeting financial orgs

Volt Typhoon and 4 other groups targeting US energy and defense sectors through Ivanti bugs

What does ransomware look like in 2024?

WordPress Plugin SQL Injection Flaw Exposes 1,000,000 Sites to Cyber Attack

Wormhole Woes: Token Plunges 26% Amid Airdrop Frenzy and Phishing Scams

3rd April

A “cascade” of errors let Chinese hackers into US government inboxes

After Navalny’s death, hackers steal and publish Russian prisoner database

At least a dozen Westminster insiders targeted in WhatsApp phishing attack

AT&T faces lawsuits over data breach affecting 73 million customers

Attack against UK city council admitted by INC Ransom

Banning ransomware payments is not so straightforward

Configuration Error at UNOS Results in Data Breach Affecting an Estimated 1.5 Million People

Critical flaw in LayerSlider WordPress plugin impacts 1 million sites

Critical Security Flaw Found in Popular LayerSlider WordPress Plugin

Crypto phishing attacks reached ‘alarming levels’

Crypto Phishing Scams Skyrocket: Base Platform Hit by 18-Fold Increase in Stolen Funds Amid Memecoin Craze

Cyberattack Cripples NorthBay VacaValley Hospital, Patients Left in Limbo

Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure show advanced tactics and new capabilities

Cyber Safety Review Board Blames Microsoft's "Inadequate" Security for 2023 Data Breach

Cyber Safety Review Board Report Slams Microsoft Security Failures in Government Email Breach

Data Breach at On Q Financial Affects Names and SSNs of 211,650 Consumers

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights Reaches Second Health Care Ransomware Settlement

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) blames ‘cascade of security failures at Microsoft’ for China hack on US government

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office (EBRSO) in ongoing battle with international ransomware group following cyber attack

Google Chrome Beta Tests New DBSC Protection Against Cookie-Stealing Attacks

Google fighting back against session hijackers: stolen cookies to be worthless

Google fixes one more Chrome zero-day exploited at Pwn2Own

Google fixes two Pixel zero-day flaws exploited by forensics firms

Google Warns: Android Zero-Day Flaws in Pixel Phones Exploited by Forensic Companies

HALO hacked, private data stolen

“Harvest now, decrypt later”: data stolen today is at risk in the future

Hosting firm's VMware ESXi servers hit by new SEXi ransomware

How Google plans to make stolen session cookies worthless for attackers

Infostealers Prevalent in Retail Sector Cybercrime Trends

IntelBroker Leaks Alleged National Security Data Tied to US Contractor Acuity Inc

It’ll be back: Attackers still abusing Terminator tool and variants

Ivanti fixes VPN gateway vulnerability allowing RCE, DoS attacks

Ivanti pledges security overhaul after multiple government breaches

Jackson County in state of emergency after ransomware attack

Jackson County, Missouri, Struck by Ransomware Attack

Leicester Council: Personal data shared online after cyber-attack

Location tracking and the battle for digital privacy

LockBit Ransomware Takedown Strikes Deep Into Brand's Viability

Microsoft still unsure how hackers stole MSA key in 2023 Exchange attack

Mispadu Trojan Targets Europe, Thousands of Credentials Compromised

Missouri county latest local government ransomware victim, 18th of 2024

MPs and Parliament staff hit with 'phishing' attack as officials sent naked photos on WhatsApp

MPs caught up in naked honeytrap sex sting: Calls for probe amid fears dozens including serving minister are compromised after 'spear phishing' attacks by 'foreign state' which saw Westminster figures sent naked pics and flirty messages

Oil & Gas Sector Falls for Fake Car Accident Phishing Emails

Omni Hotels confirms cyberattack behind ongoing IT outage

OWASP reveals member info compromised in February breach

Patients affected by southwestern Ontario hospital cyberattack to be notified next week

Post-Disruption, LockBit’s Reputational Damage Key

Prudential Financial Notifies 36,000 Individuals of Data Breach

Ransomware attack on Tarrant Appraisal District (TAD) breached information for about 300 people, officials says

Ransomware attacks continue to loom large over Indian cyberspace

Ransomware cartel claims Leicester City, shares data

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Abuse Present in 90% of Ransomware Breaches

Research reveals a resurfaced botnet targeting end-of-life devices

Series of cyberattacks hit rehabilitation hospitals

Some Data Lost in East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Cyber Attack

Sophos: Ransomware present in 70% of Incident Response (IR) investigations

Sophos Reveals Ransomware Attacks Are Now Targeting Backups

State Department investigating reports of data theft allegedly involving federal tech consulting firm

SurveyLama data breach exposes info of 4.4 million users

Tarrant Appraisal District gives update on last month's ransomware attack

Tarrant appraisal ransomware attack: Officials offer first statement on criminal investigation

The Cybersecurity Threat Ailing Healthcare

‘The Manipulaters’ Improve Phishing, Still Fail at Opsec

U.S. Cyber Safety Board Slams Microsoft Over Breach by China-Based Hackers

UK minister confirmed as 12th target in Westminster ‘honey trap’ scandal

Unpatched Vulnerabilities: The Most Brutal Ransomware Attack Vector

US cyber board faults Microsoft for Chinese hack of government officials

US federal employee data leaked, claimed by hacker trio

US State Department investigates alleged theft of government data

Wendy’s franchise exposed via payroll breach

Westminster staff and MPs targeted in WhatsApp ‘phishing’ attacks

YouTube being used to distribute malware

YouTube channels found using pirated video games as bait for malware campaign

YouTube Video Game ‘Hacks’ Contain Malware Links

2nd April

3 UK Cyber Security Trends to Watch in 2024

73% brace for cybersecurity impact on business in the next year or two

Ace Hardware client data affected by cyberattack

AT&T Confirms 73 Million Customer Data Breach Linked to Dark Web

AT&T data leaked: 73 million customers affected

Backdoor Discovered in XZ Utils: Patch Your Systems Now (CVE-2024-3094)

Backups are in Ransomware Groups’ Crosshairs

China-linked Hackers Deploy New 'UNAPIMON' Malware for Stealthy Operations

Critical XZ Utils Backdoor (CVE-2024-3094) Leads to SSH Compromise

Google agrees to delete Chrome browsing data of 136 million users

Google settles to delete incognito browsing data

Google to Delete Billions of Browsing Records in 'Incognito Mode' Privacy Lawsuit Settlement

Google to delete billions of web browsing data records to resolve lawsuit

Government agencies collaborate on a guide to address DDoS attacks

Hundreds of Indians Rescued from Cambodian Cybercrime Gangs

Impersonation Scams Net Fraudsters $1.1bn in a Year

Imperva WAF Flaw (CVE-2023-50969) Exposes Organizations to Breaches

India rescues 5K citizens forced into cyber scam jobs in Cambodia

Indian Authorities Rescue Hundreds Trafficked For Cybercrime

Malicious Code in XZ Utils for Linux Systems Enables Remote Code Execution

MarineMax Data Breach: Initial Reassurance Turns to Customer Data at Risk

Massive PandaBuy Data Breach Allegedly Exposes Personal Information of 1.3 Million Users

Massive Phishing Campaign Strikes Latin America: Venom RAT Targeting Multiple Sectors

Missouri county home to Kansas City says suspected ransomware attack affecting tax payments

Naked photos sent in WhatsApp ‘phishing’ attacks on UK MPs and staff

Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) Foundation warns members of data breach after discovering 1,000 resumes on Wiki server

PandaBuy data breach exposes 1.3 million people

Prudential Insurance says data of 36,000 exposed during February cyberattack

Researchers Report Sevenfold Increase in Data Theft Cases

Russia charges suspects behind theft of 160,000 credit cards

Top 5 Vulnerabilities for March 2024: A Closer Look at the XZ Utils Supply Chain Attack

Trusted Contributor Plants Sophisticated Backdoor in Critical Open-Source Library

Vulnerability Exposed Ibis Budget Guest Room Codes to Hackers

WiFi WPS vulnerability: disable it, or else

1st April

A New Phishing Kit Has Put Microsoft 365 and Gmail Accounts in Danger

After Denial, AT&T Confirms Data Breach Affecting 73 Million Users

Americans lost $1.1 billion to impersonation scams in 2023

AT&T admits a 2021 data breach affecting 73 million customers

AT&T admits huge data leak affects millions of customers

AT&T Assures Tampa Bay Area Customers That Data Breach Not a Big Deal

AT&T confirms 70M+ dataset was leaked on hacker forum - yet again

AT&T Confirms Data Breach Affecting 73 Million Current and Former Customers

AT&T confirms huge data breach impacting 70M+ customers in total

AT&T confirms legitimacy of leak involving information of 73 million people

AT&T Data Breach: How To Know If You Were Affected

AT&T data breach: How to know if you've been affected

AT&T data breach: Millions of customers caught up in major dark web leak

AT&T Data Breach: Millions of Customers Data Exposed in Dark Web Leak

AT&T data breach: More than 70 million total impacted, company says

AT&T Faces Massive Data Breach, Impacting 73 Million Accounts

AT&T Notifies Users of Data Breach, Resets Millions of Passcodes

AT&T resets passcodes for 7.6 million customers after data leak. What experts are saying

AT&T says data breach affects 73 million current and former customers

Banks in Singapore begin sharing data to combat financial crime

Chattanooga Heart Institute says data breach compromised about 550,000 patients' healthcare data

Communications Workers Union says cyber attack affected email systems and member data

Confidence in the Cloud Starts With Visibility and Zero-Trust

‘Cybercrime organization’ stole customer and employee data, boating giant says

Cybersecurity in the Age of Data Breaches: Safeguarding Your Business

Data Belonging To Millions of AT&T Customers Leaked In Dark Web After Data Breach

Data Security Fears: Congress Bans Staff Use of Microsoft’s AI Copilot

Escalating malware tactics drive global cybercrime epidemic

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to probe ‘grave’ weaknesses in phone network infrastructure

Florida Pediatric Associates health data impacted by data breach

Google now blocks spoofed emails for better phishing protection

Hackers stole Russian prisoner database to avenge death of Navalny

Here Are the Most Impersonated Brands in Phishing Attacks

How to design and deliver an effective cybersecurity exercise

How to Prevent Ransomware: Strategies for Prevention and Incident Response

India says it has rescued 250 citizens from Cambodian cyber slavery

Indian Government Rescues 250 Citizens Forced into Cybercrime in Cambodia

Israel: Caution - How to protect yourself from the expected cyber attack this week

Learning from Heartbleed to Quantum-Proof the Future

Losses linked to impersonation scams top $1 billion yearly, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says

Malicious Apps Caught Secretly Turning Android Phones into Proxies for Cybercriminals

MarineMax reports data breach, customer and employee info compromised

Massive data breach at AT&T: Who is affected? What you can do to ensure safety?

Microsoft 365 & Gmail accounts in danger from new phishing kit

Nearly $100M recovered from hacks in March

OWASP discloses data breach caused by wiki misconfiguration

Principles of Adaptive Cybersecurity in a Dynamic Threat Landscape

Prisma Finance Hacker Demands Public Apology For System Lapses, Gratitude For 'Whitehat' Efforts

Prisma Finance hacker demands public apology from developers

Prisma Finance says $540K still at risk, hacker demands team reveal themselves

Prisma Finance’s $540K Still at Risk Hacker Demands Apology

Ransomware attackers are increasingly targeting backups - so make sure yours are protected

Shopping platform PandaBuy data leak impacts 1.3 million users

Spain: Torre Pacheco Town Hall Suffers Cyber Attack Which Could Affect Personal Info For Residents

Strong Passwords: A Keystone of Cybersecurity for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

The biggest challenge with increased cybersecurity attacks, according to analysts

The Cybersecurity Industry Starts Picking Through Malicious XZ Utils Code

Vultur Android Banking Trojan Returns with Upgraded Remote Control Capabilities

Yacht retailer MarineMax discloses data breach after cyberattack