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Monday 12 February 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 7 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 12th February and 18th February 2024.

18th February

AI for Cybersecurity Resilience: Navigating Challenges in the Digital Age

Big Names, Big Hacks: Why are Trustworthy X Accounts Fueling Bitcoin Scams?

Confidential data breach in Motilal Oswal by ransomware gang LockBit

Cybersecurity Firm Opens Up Data On Ransomware For Free

El Al Pilots Ignore Attempted Cyber Attack, Switch to Alternate Comm Channel

FBI's Most-Wanted Zeus and IcedID Malware Mastermind Pleads Guilty

From Lone Wolves to Rogue Regimes: The Rise of Collaborative Hacktivism

Hacker arrested for selling bank accounts of US, Canadian users

Hackers Claim Data Breach at Staffing Giant Robert Half, Sell Sensitive Data

Jules B founder vows to bounce back in the face of damaging cyber attack

Lock down your smart stuff before it can be hacked

LockBit Strikes Motilal Oswal: A Cybersecurity Crisis Unfolds in India's Financial Sector

Ransomware Attacks in 2023: A Growing Threat Despite Financial Struggles

R00TK1T now targets TNB Electron and TNBX EV charging stations

Russian hackers carried out a cyber attack on the media of Ukraine

Ukrainian citizen pleads guilty to Zeus and IcedID hacker attacks

What contributes to the significant earnings of ransomware gangs?

Your smart garden mower can become entry point for cyberattack

17th February

Bangladesh: Recurrence of malware attacks increases by 71.39%

Bank of America Suffers Massive Data Breach, Exposing Social Security Numbers, Addresses and Additional Sensitive Data To Hackers

Cisco ASA/FTD bug CVE-2020-3259 exploited in ransomware attacks

Crypto Scam Alert: Phishing Attack Swipes $5.1M Worth of BEAM, Token Price Drops

Crypto Trader Loses $5.14 Million in Phishing Scam: A Cautionary Tale in the Digital Frontier

Cybercrime Battle Intensifies: Binance, Spear Phishing, and the Pursuit of Digital Security

Data Breach at Victoria Police: Unauthorized Access by Employee Sparks Concerns Over Data Protection

How Businesses Can Safeguard Their Communication Channels Against Hackers

Iranian Hackers Target Mideastern Experts In Spear-Phishing Attacks

KeyTrap attack: Internet access disrupted with one DNS packet

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Mitigate Ransomware Attacks

Navigating the API Minefield: Top Security Risks and How to Defuse Them

New MonikerLink Flaw Exposes Outlook Users to Data Theft and Malware

North Korean Hacker Brigade Purportedly Rakes In Wealth from Cybertheft

NS&I scam alert as customers targeted with 'very dodgy' phishing email

Phishing Scheme Targets Beam Network, Resulting In Loss Of 181 Million BEAM Tokens

Ransomware Gangs Flourish Despite Financial Struggles Faced by Organizations

Romania's Resilience: Battling a Massive Ransomware Attack on Healthcare System

Russia-aligned hackers target European and Iranian embassies in new espionage campaign

Safeguarding: A user-focused strategy against phishing threats

The Cat-and-Mouse Game: ALPHV Ransomware vs. FBI – A Cybersecurity Saga Unfolds

Trader Loses 180 Million BEAM Tokens Through Phishing

Ukrainian Hacker's Guilty Plea Unveils Decade of Damaging Malware Operations

Understanding the Financial Success of Ransomware Syndicates

Why are ransomware gangs making so much money?

16th February

23andMe Data Breach: A Cautionary Tale of Privacy, Security, and Ethics

Akira Ransomware Exploiting Cisco ASA/FTD Vulnerability

Alpha ransomware linked to NetWalker operation dismantled in 2021

ALPHV ransomware claims loanDepot, Prudential Financial breaches

Australia's Eagers Automotive warns of potential data leak

BEAM Slumps 7% After $5M Phishing Attack

Bouncing back from a cyber attack

Bradford-Scott Data Notifies Consumers of July 2023 Data Breach

Central Texas on Alert as Williamson County Confirms Data Breach Exposing Residents' Sensitive Info

CGM Provides Notice of Data Breach Involving Those Enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program and Lifeline Program

Charges filed in DDoS-for-hire attacks, including Baltimore schools incident

China worries less about US cyberattacks, but frets over India

CISA Urges Patching of Cisco ASA Flaw Exploited in Ransomware Attacks

Class action liability following a data breach

Council data breach impacts tens of thousands of South Warwickshire residents

Crescent Community Health Center Files Notice of Patient Data Breach with the HHS-OCR

Crypto Crime Drops 39% But Challenges Persist, Including Ransomware Attacks, Transactions with Sanctioned Entities

Crypto Trader “Kirilm.eth” Loses $5.14 Million In A BEAM Scam

Cyber attack prompts shut down of Colorado State Public Defender computers: Are Pueblo cases impacted?

Cyber threats cast shadow over 2024 elections

Data breach in Williamson County may have exposed close to 4K residents' info

Dead Man’s Fingers maker cuts over 500 jobs and enters the red after cyber attack hits sales

Did Fulton County pay off ransomware hackers?

Eagers Automotive investigates claims customer data got dumped online by hackers

Enterprises Worry End Users Will be the Cause of Next Major Breach

Facebook Marketplace data breach: 200,000 users' records leaked online

Facebook Marketplace Data Breach and Car Theft: A Wake-up Call for Cybersecurity

Fulton County's Showdown with LockBit Ransomware: A Digital Drama Unfolds

German battery maker Varta says cyber attack shut production at five manufacturing facilities

Global Ransomware Payments Top $1 Billion, Beating Prior Record

Google Warns Unfair AI Rules Could Empower Hackers, Harming Defense

Got tips? US offers $15M reward for info on ALPHV/BlackCat

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Data Breach Impacts Thousands of Federal Employees

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Urges HHS to Increase Oversight of Ransomware Practices

Greatest Cyber Risks Are Extortion, Geopolitical Tension, SMB Attacks

Hacker exposed weakness in German electronic ID, magazine reports

Hackers Exploit EU Agenda in Spear Phishing Campaigns

Hacker offers the personal details of 25 million Aussies for sale

Hacking group’s threat to release stolen Fulton County data disappears

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Ransomware Victim Count Rises to 2.6 Million

Health NZ notifying around 12k people impacted by data breach

Here’s Why BEAM’s Price Dropped 7% Today

Integris data breach involved 2.4 million people, 90% of them Oklahomans, government says

Israeli NSO Group Suspected of “MMS Fingerprint” Attack on WhatsApp

Japan sees increased cyberthreats to critical infrastructure, particularly from China

JKwerlo Ransomware: The Linguistic Enigma Terrorizing French and Spanish Cyberspace

kirilm.eth Falls Victim To Phishing, Loses 180 Million BEAM

Major Australian Women Fashion Store Hit by Cyberattack, Customer Data at Risk

Malicious 'SNS Sender' Script Abuses AWS for Bulk Smishing Attacks

Managing a Healthcare Data Breach

Minnesota State University-Moorhead (MSUM) administrator discusses why university waited to announce ransomware attack more than two weeks after incident began

Minnesota State University-Moorhead (MSUM) Dealing With Ransomware Attack On Servers Since February 1st

Minnesota State University-Moorhead (MSUM) officials: "servers were encrypted and locked by ransomware"

Minnesota State University-Moorhead (MSUM) still struggling with ransomware attack

‘MrAgent’ ransomware tool from RansomHouse Group targets ESXi servers

Navigating cloud security: how to avoid common failures

Network outage at Minnesota State University-Moorhead (MSUM) caused by cyber attack

New Ivanti Vulnerability Observed as Widespread Security Concerns Grow

North Korean hackers now launder stolen crypto via YoMix tumbler

OpenAI and Microsoft Remove State-backed Hacker Groups From Their Apps

OpenAI bans state-sponsored hacker accounts

PDF Malware on the Rise, Used to Spread WikiLoader, Ursnif and DarkGate

Pennsylvania county pays $350,000 cyberattack ransom

Pennsylvania’s State Courts Restore Website Services Disrupted by Cyber Attack

Phishing attacks using QR code are rising - here's how to stay safe

RansomHouse Automated Attacks Using Tool Dubbed MrAgent

Ransomware group claiming responsibility for Fulton County cyberattack threatens to release data

Ransomware ‘M.O.R.E’ Emerges on Dark Web: Threatens Windows, Mac, Linux Users

Ransomware Payments Hit $1 Billion: What Tech Pros Need to Know

Ransomware, Supply Chain Attacks and Geopolitical Issues Complicate Cybersecurity

Record-Breaking Data Breaches of French Payment Providers May Impact Half of the Country’s Population

Rethinking Open-Source Intelligence for Security in Commercial Settings

Russian Hackers Breached U.S. Routers of Hundreds of Households, Small Businesses, FBI Says

RustDoor macOS Backdoor Targets Cryptocurrency Firms with Fake Job Offers

Saint Lucia: Police probe cyber-attack on Western Union branch in Castries

Securities and Exchange Commission’s X Breach Highlights Need for Better Defense Against SIM Swap Attacks

Significant data breach investigation launched by CNIL affecting over 33 million in France

SolarWinds fixes critical RCE bugs in access rights audit solution

Sophisticated Spear Phishing Campaigns Target EU Organizations: The Rise of Digital Espionage

Southern Water customers' personal data stolen in illegal cyber attack

Southern Water cyber attack leaves customers' data at risk

Southern Water says Black Basta ransomware attack impacted up to 10% of its customers

Spanish Mobile Giant Llamaya Suffers Data Breach, Allegedly Impacting 16,000 Customers

SpyNote Android Spyware Poses as Legit Crypto Wallets, Steals Funds

Texas Mortgage Lender Mr. Cooper Faces Legal Action Over Massive Data Breach

The Evolution of Cyber Extortion: Ransomware Giants, Tactics, and Critical Defenses

The Importance of Antivirus Software in Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape

The Rising Tide of Computer Threat Scams: A Deep Dive into Phishing and Impersonation Techniques

The Rising Tide of Phishing Text Scams: Recognize, Resist, Report

Threat actors in phishing campaign targeted at Office 365

Twin Cities hospital data company hit with cyber attack

U.S. authorities disrupt Russian intelligence’s botnet

U.S. Government Disrupts Russia-Linked Botnet Engaged in Cyber Espionage

U.S. Launches $15M Reward Program to Combat ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Group

U.S. Offers $10 Million for Info on BlackCat/ALPHV Ransomware Leaders

U.S. Offers $15 Million Reward to Curb Notorious ALPHV/Blackcat Ransomware Group

U.S. State Government Network Breached via Former Employee's Account

Uber's Data Breach Scandal: Ethics, Trust, and the Consequences of Concealment

Ukrainian Hacker Pleads Guilty for Leading Zeus & IcedID Malware Attacks

Ukrainian man pleads guilty in costly UVM Medical Center ransomware attack

Under Siege: Ransomware and Further Education in the UK

Update on INTEGRIS Health data breach: incident response criticized by patients

US Conducts Cyberattack On Suspected Iranian Spy Ship Linked To Houthis

US disrupts Russian espionage botnet

US Offers $10 Million for Information on BlackCat Ransomware Leaders

US Offers Up to $10M Reward for Info Leading to Leaders of Notorious Ransomware Gang

US State Government Network Suffers Data Breach Through Former Employee’s Account

Veterans' Data Breach Sparks Class Action Lawsuit and Calls for Reform

Virginia Farm Bureau Notifies 261,187 of October 2022 Data Breach

Washington County Pays $346k Ransom to Resolve Cyberattack Crisis

What Is a Passphrase? Examples, Types & Best Practices

Why We Must Democratize Cybersecurity

Wyze investigating 'security issue' amid ongoing outage

YoMix Replaces Sanctioned Sinbad Mixer for Lazarus Hacker Group

15th February

4 in 10 New Zealand workers fear they'll fall victim to a scam or phishing attempt on work device

5.14 Billion Cyberattacks! Indian Digital Landscape Battered in 2023

15 Banking Sites Targeted: Login Credentials Reportedly on Sale

AI outsourcing: A strategic guide to managing third-party risks

Anonymous Sudan, KillNet, and Moroccan Black Cyber Targets Israel in New Cyberattack

Bank of America wasn't directly targeted in a recent cyber attack, it was just "hit in the crossfire"

Battery maker Varta halts production after cyberattack

BlackCat ransomware group claims major attack on leading Canadian pipeline operator

Chinese Hackers Using Deepfakes in Advanced Mobile Banking Malware Attacks

Critical Exchange Server Flaw (CVE-2024-21410) Under Active Exploitation

Critical PixieFail Vulnerabilities Lead to RCE and DoS Attacks

Crypto-Money Laundering Records 30% Annual Decline

Cybercriminals found innovative ways to infect endpoints in 2023

Cybersecurity Company Discovers Vulnerability in Edulog’s Platform, Allowing Bad Actors to Access Student Location Info

DarkGate gang using CAPTCHA to spread malware

Eagers Automotive Data Breach Saga: A Tale of Cyber Insecurity and Resilience

Evolving ransomware: survival of the fittest

FBI disrupts Moobot botnet used by Russian military hackers

Feds Disrupt Botnet Used by Russian APT28 Hackers

GoldFactory gang steals biometric data, drains bank accounts

GoldPickaxe Trojan Blends Biometrics Theft and Deepfakes to Scam Banks

Hackers are targeting Asian bank accounts using stolen facial recognition data

Healthcare solutions provider Signature Performance reports data breach, urges vigilance

How Nation-State Actors Target Your Business: New Research Exposes Major SaaS Vulnerabilities

How To Optimize Your Data Center Against Ransomware Attacks

Identity Governance Has a Permission Problem

iOS users beware: GoldPickaxe trojan steals your facial data

Ivanti Pulse Secure Found Using 11-Year-Old Linux Version and Outdated Libraries

Juniper Networks OS Update Released Amid High Severity Flaws

Key Questions in U.S. Cyber Attack on “Iranian Spy Ship”

LockBit claims cyberattack on Indian broker Motilal Oswal

Microsoft, OpenAI Confirm Nation-States are Weaponizing Generative AI in Cyber-Attacks

New ‘Gold Pickaxe’ Android, iOS malware steals your face for fraud

New iOS Trojan “GoldPickaxe” Steals Facial Recognition Data

New Qbot malware variant uses fake Adobe installer popup for evasion

New TicTacToe Dropper Steals Data, Spreads Multiple Threats on Windows

Newly Emerged JKwerlo Ransomware Targets Victims in France and Spain

NoName Ransomware Targets Italian Giants: CNS, Linate & Malpensa Airports Affected

North Korean hackers take phishing efforts to next level with AI tools

OpenAI and Microsoft Terminate State-Backed Hacker Accounts

OpenAI blocks state-sponsored hackers from using ChatGPT

OpenAI Targeted: Alleged Cyberattack by Anonymous Sudan Hits ChatGPT

Over 13,000 Ivanti gateways vulnerable to actively exploited bugs

Over 25,000 US government employees warned about 'data breach incident', read what the letter says

Pentagon says 26K people impacted by data breach from early 2023

Phishing in 2023: Social Media Platforms and Financial Services Targeted

Prudential Confirms February 2024 Cyberattack and Investigates Possible Data Breach

Prudential Financial Faces Cybersecurity Breach

Ransomware And Cyber-Physical Security: Balancing Innovation With Cyber Risk Mitigation

Ransomware declined in January - but don't celebrate just yet

Ransomware payments hit $1bn for the first time

Ransomware Sieges: The Anatomy of Digital Extortion and the Blueprint for Resilience

RansomHouse gang automates VMware ESXi attacks with new MrAgent tool

Research shows that 15% of emails were malicious in 2023

Rhysida ransomware cracked! Free decryption tool released

Russian Turla Hackers Target Polish NGOs with New TinyTurla-NG Backdoor

Senator Raises Concerns Over Exploitation of Abortion Clinic Visitor Data

State-sponsored hackers using AI for cyber attacks, Microsoft warns

Taiwan: over 4,300 cyber attacks against institutions before the presidential elections

The 5 Key Elements of Continuous Threat Exposure Management

The Coming End of Biometrics Hastens AI-Driven Security

The Pentagon is notifying individuals affected by 2023 email data breach

“TicTacToe Dropper” Malware Distribution Tactics Revealed

Tietoevry: continued focus on recovery from the ransomware attack

Turla hackers backdoor NGOs with new TinyTurla-NG malware

Two US hackers sentenced for hacking into JFK Airport's electronic taxi dispatch system

U.S. Carried Out Covert Cyberattack on Iranian Spy Ship

U.S. carries out cyber attack on Iranian warship

U.S. conducted cyberattack on suspected Iranian spy ship

Understanding the tactics of stealthy hunter-killer malware

US carries out cyberattack on Iranian warship in Red Sea

US Law Firm Bronstein & Carmona Hit by CL0P Ransomware: Client Data at Risk

US offers up to $15 million for tips on ALPHV ransomware gang

Veolia North America under ransomware attack; suffers data breach

Volt Typhoon takes the stage: what we know about “defining threat of our generation”

WordPress Admin Authentication Bypass Exploit Allegedly Offered for Sale at $100,000

Zeus, IcedID malware gangs leader pleads guilty, faces 40 years in prison

14th February

3 Ways Insider Threats Put Your Company at Risk in 2024

55% of generative AI inputs comprised personally identifiable data

55% of Generative AI Inputs Include Sensitive Data

A breach beyond banks: the Infosys incident and its wider implications

A Free Decryptor Tool for Rhysida Ransomware is Available

Albanian authorities accuse Iranian-backed hackers of cyberattack on Institute of Statistics

Alleged Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Data Breach Exposes Sensitive Information, Threat to Faculty and Staff

Bank of America customer info exposed via third party breach

BlackBasta Targets Leonard’s Syrups in Latest Ransomware Attack

Bodleian services still impacted by British Library cyber attack

Bumblebee Malware Returns with New Tricks, Targeting U.S. Businesses

CGI Federal points finger at Atlassian bug for US government data breach

CGI Federal says US Government Accountability Office (GAO) data breach tied to Atlassian flaw

ChatGPT Down? Anonymous Sudan Claims Responsibility for DDoS Attacks

ChatGPT has a “memory” now, critics say it’s just OpenAI storing your data

CISA Adds 2 Critical Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities Exploited by Threat Actors

‘Corporate amnesia’: Class-action lawsuit criticizes INTEGRIS Health cyberattack response

Corporate users getting tricked into downloading AnyDesk

Cyberattack Hits German Battery Maker Varta, Halts Production

Cybercriminals get productivity boost with AI

Cybersecurity Spending Expected to be Slashed in 41% of SMEs

Cybersecurity Tactics FinServ Institutions Can Bank On in 2024

DarkMe Malware Targets Traders Using Microsoft SmartScreen Zero-Day Vulnerability

Defense Department alerts over 20,000 employees about email data breach

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it will go after companies that ‘quietly’ change privacy policies to mine user data for AI

Free Decryptor Released for Rhysida Ransomware

Fulton County faces ransomware attack by ‘financially motivated actors,’ but county elections still on track

German battery maker Varta halts production after cyberattack

Google rolls out phishing and malware detection for Android users

Google’s Gemini AI Exposes User Chats in Search Results: Here’s What Happened?

Hackers paralyze battery maker Varta in cyberattack

Healthcare provider Coleman says email account breach compromised about 52k patients

How are state-sponsored threat actors leveraging AI?

How Non-Profits and NGOs Deal with Cyber-Attacks

How to Defend Your Company From AI-Powered Phishing Attacks

Infosys Data Breach Impacts 57,000 Bank of America Customers

Infosys McCamish cyber incident in October led to data breach at Bank of America

Iran’s Parliamentary Voting System Disrupted After Cyber Attack

Iranian Hackers Target Israel and US to Sway Public Opinion in Hamas Conflict

Jeff Wyler Automotive notifies consumers of data breach involving personal information

Locations tracked in anti-abortion ad campaign

LockBit 3.0 Strikes Again: MMI Culinary Services and Caribbean Radiation Oncology Centre Hit

LockBit claims ransomware attack on Fulton County, Georgia

Massive Cloud Database Leak Exposes 380 Million Records

Microsoft: New critical Exchange bug exploited as zero-day

Microsoft and OpenAI say hackers are using ChatGPT to improve cyberattacks

Microsoft Fixes Two Zero-Days in February Patch Tuesday

Microsoft Rolls Out Patches for 73 Flaws, Including 2 Windows Zero-Days

Microsoft says nation-state hackers are using its AI tools

Microsoft, OpenAI Warn of Nation-State Hackers Weaponizing AI for Cyberattacks

New critical Microsoft Outlook RCE bug is trivial to exploit

OpenAI shuts down accounts linked to 5 nation-state hacking groups

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Input Sparks Cybersecurity Alarm in 55% of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Events

Phishing attacks increased 106% year over year

Polish Prime Minister says previous ruling party used Pegasus spyware against ‘very long’ list of victims

QNAP fixes OS command injection flaws affecting its NAS devices (CVE-2023-47218, CVE-2023-50358)

Ransomware attack believed to be behind Fulton County cybersecurity incident

Ransomware attack on Romanian IT provider disrupts services at 25 hospitals

Ransomware Epidemic at Romanian Hospitals Tied to Healthcare App

Rise in cyberwarfare tactics fueled by geopolitical tensions

Romanian hospital ransomware crisis attributed to third-party breach

Romantic AI Chatbots Fail the Security and Privacy Test

Scammers Using GenAI to Improve, Scale Phishing Attacks

Southern Water customers to be warned of data breach following cyber attack

Southern Water reports major data breach impacting hundreds of thousands

Southern Water says customer data hit by cyber attack

The Pentagon is notifying individuals affected by 2023 email data breach

The Southern Water cyber attack highlights the wave of threats faced by utilities companies

This new Android feature could help save you from phishing and malware – here's how

Threat actors intensify focus on NATO member states

Trans-Northern Pipelines investigating ALPHV ransomware attack claims

Trans-Northern Pipelines, SouthState Bank Hit in Suspected Cyberattack

Ubuntu 'command-not-found' tool can be abused to spread malware

Ubuntu 'command-not-found' Tool Could Trick Users into Installing Rogue Packages

UK utility giant Southern Water says hackers stole personal data of hundreds of thousands of customers

US military notifies 20,000 of data breach after cloud email leak

Valentine’s Day Scams Woo the Lonely-Hearted

Varta battery manufacturing plants halted by massive cyberattack

Veolia Announces Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Verizon Insider Data Breach Impacted Employee Data of More Than 60,000 Employees

Water Hydra’s Zero-Day Attack Chain Targets Financial Traders

Zero-Day in QNAP QTS Affects NAS Devices Globally

Zoom patches critical privilege elevation flaw in Windows apps

13th February

$35 Billion Chinese Real Estate Giant Hacked, RDP Access Sold for $10,000

91% of organizations faced a software supply chain attack last year

200,000 Facebook Marketplace user records leaked on hacking forum

A ransomware attack took 100 Romanian hospitals down

Alert: CISA Warns of Active 'Roundcube' Email Attacks - Patch Now

Attackers injected novel DSLog backdoor into 670 vulnerable Ivanti devices (CVE-2024-21893)

Bank of America Customers at Risk After Data Breach

Bank of America Data Breach Confirmed, Linked to Infosys McCamish Systems Cyberattack

Bank Of America Warns Customers Of Data Leak Following 2023 Hack

Beyond the Charts -The Human Factor in Cybersecurity and Financial Decisions

Broker sold Planned Parenthood visitor location data to pro-life group, senator says

Bumblebee malware: on a buzz and back stinging

Bumblebee malware attacks are back after 4-month break

CISA Reveals Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) 2024 Cybersecurity Priorities

CISA Unveils 2024 Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) Priorities: A New Shield Against Cyber Threats

Colorado Public Defender Data Breach: No Access to Cases, Trials Delayed

Companies use AI to read private Slack and Teams messages

Data-hungry dating apps ranked from top to bottom

Don't tell your AI anything personal, Google warns in new Gemini privacy notice

Duo Jailed for Hacking JFK Taxi Dispatch System

Facebook Marketplace database out in the wild, hackers claiming 200,000 users

Four Steps to Cultivating a Cyber Resilient Workforce

Garon Products Inc. Falls Victim to ThreeAM Ransomware Attack

German Battery Maker Varta Says Five Plants Hit by Cyberattack

Glupteba Botnet Evades Detection with Undocumented UEFI Bootkit

Hackers steal $290 million in crypto from PlayDapp gaming platform

Hackers used new Windows Defender zero-day to drop DarkMe malware

Hacktivist Groups Target US Major Airports in Cyberattacks Over Gaza Conflict

Hospitals offline across Romania following ransomware attack on IT platform

How AI-Powered Risk Management Supports Cybersecurity

Integris Health says data breach impacts 2.4 million patients

Ivanti VPN Flaws Exploited by DSLog Backdoor and Crypto Miners

Ivanti Vulnerability Exploited to Install 'DSLog' Backdoor on 670+ IT Infrastructures

Korean eggheads crack Rhysida ransomware and release free decryptor tool

LectureNotes Learning App breach affects over 2 million users

Malabar Gold & Diamonds Hit by Snatch Ransomware, Faces Potential Data Breach

Microsoft patches two zero-days exploited by attackers (CVE-2024-21412, CVE-2024-21351)

Midnight Blizzard and Cloudflare-Atlassian Cybersecurity Incidents: What to Know

More than 100 Romanian health care facilities taken offline after cyber attacks target hospitals

New Jersey law enforcement officers sue 118 data brokers for not removing personal info

Notorious Bumblebee Malware Re-emerges with New Attack Methods

Over 1.76 billion phishing emails were sent in 2023

PikaBot Resurfaces with Streamlined Code and Deceptive Tactics

Protecting against AI-enhanced email threats

Prudential Financial breached in data theft cyberattack

QR code attacks target organizations in ways they least expect

Ransomware attack hits dozens of Romanian hospitals

Ransomware Attack Knocks 100 Romanian Hospitals Offline

Ransomware Attack Takes 100 Hospitals Offline

Roundcube webmail XSS vulnerability exploited by attackers (CVE-2023-43770)

Saskatchewan school division asked to monitor 'dark web' for student, staff information after security breach

Security experts discuss recent Bank of America data breach

Southern Water confirms cyber attack affecting data of customers, staff and former employees

Southern Water confirms cyber attack affects data of some customers and former and current staff

Southern Water customers affected by cyber attack

Southern Wate Customers’ Personal Data Stolen In Cyber Attack

Southern Water Notifies Customers and Employees of Data Breach

Stalkerware App “TheTruthSpy” Hacked Again, 50,000 Device Data Stolen

Stealthy “Hunter-Killer” Malware Detections Surge 333% Annually

Survey Surfaces Disconnect Between Cybersecurity Confidence and Reality

The future of cybersecurity: Anticipating changes with data analytics and automation

Trans-Northern Pipelines latest ALPHV/BlackCat ransom claim

Two Queens men sentenced for hacking into JFK airport taxi dispatch system

UK Businesses Lose £31bn to Security Breaches in a Year

Use of ‘Hunter-Killer’ Malware on the Rise, Study Finds

Varta Hit by Cyber Attack

Voters in Danger! Cybercriminals Claim Access to Venezuela’s Electoral Data

You Can’t Stop What You Can’t See: Addressing Encrypted Cloud Traffic

12th February

4 Ways Hackers use Social Engineering to Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

10 Million reward offered for information on Hive ransomware members

20+ hospitals in Romania hit hard by ransomware attack on IT service provider

AI-boosted phishing sees 222% surge

Applying Zero-Trust to Voice Networks and the 5G Core

Bank of America Notifies Consumers of Data Breach Stemming from Cyberattack at Infosys McCamish Systems

Bank of America warns customers of data breach after vendor hack

BlackSuit Ransomware Strikes Again: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Targeted in Latest Attack

China fails to back its claims of Western cyber espionage

China Targets US Hacking Ops in Media Offensive

CISA and OpenSSF Release Framework for Package Repository Security

CISA and other US agencies release advisory on People’s Republic of China (PRC) threat actor

CISA warns of Fortinet bug likely being exploited in the wild

Consumers lost over $10 billion to fraud in 2023

Contact details and national security numbers could have been stolen from Southern Water customers following cyber attack

Critical Fortinet FortiOS flaw exploited in the wild (CVE-2024-21762)

Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club Targeted in Alleged Hunters Cyberattack

Danbury Schools Ask City Council for Help After Ransomware Attack

Dark Storm Team Announces Cyberattack Targeting NATO, Israel, and Allies

Decryptor for Rhysida ransomware is available

Don’t Fall Victim to a Cyber Attack: A Shopper’s Guide to Cybersecurity

Dual Ransomware Attacks: A Quicker Route to Extortion

Eighteen hospitals in Romania suffered ransomware attacks; probe launched

Email-based attacks increase 222% in H2 2023 from H2 2022

Europe's largest caravan club admits wide array of personal data potentially accessed

Experts offer small businesses tips against cyber criminals

ExpressVPN Bug Leaked DNS Requests for Windows Users

ExpressVPN issues emergency Windows patch

FBI seizes Warzone RAT infrastructure, arrests malware vendor

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) orders telecom carriers to report PII data breaches within 30 days

Free Rhysida ransomware decryptor for Windows exploits RNG flaw

French Pastry Shop Lili’s Brownies Targeted in Cyberattack by 8BASE Ransomware

Hackers exploit Ivanti SSRF flaw to deploy new DSLog backdoor

Hackers Leak Alleged Partial Facebook Marketplace Database

Hackers made more than $1.1 billion in 2023 from ransomware

Health Alliance Files Notice of Third-Party Vendor Data Breach at Keenan & Associates

Here's how much money hackers, cybercriminals made from victims in 2023

How Cyber Insurance Can Work Better for Businesses in 2024

Huge Surge in Hackers Exploiting QR code for Phishing Attacks

Hyundai Motor Europe investigating cyber incident following Black Basta's data theft claim

Integrating cybersecurity into vehicle design and manufacturing

Integris Health class action claims data breach affects 2 Million patients

Is Generative AI about to scam us all?

Jet engine dealer to major airlines discloses 'unauthorized activity'

LockBit Ransomware Rampage: Silver Airways, Taiwan Textiles, and CABC Among Victims Firms

Malicious Campaign Impacts Hundreds of Microsoft Azure Accounts

Massive data breach in France affects 33 million citizens

Massive Ransomware Attack Hits 18 Hospitals Across Romania

Massive ransomware attack hits 18 hospitals in Romania

MEDUSA Strikes Again! Ransomware Group Claims New Victim

New Ivanti Secure VPN Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Patches

New MacOS backdoor written in rust shows possible link with windows ransomware group

Ongoing Microsoft Azure account hijacking campaign targets executives

Pennsylvania courts' digital services fully restored after last week's cyber attack

Perry Johnson & Associates (PJ&A) data breach impacted over 13 million Concentra Health Services' patients

Perry Johnson & Associates (PJ&A) Files Notice of Data Breach on Behalf of Concentra Health Services, Over 13 Million Affected

PR industry affected as media monitoring firm Onclusive hit by cyber attack

Quantum Computing’s Game: Changing Role in Cybersecurity Solutions

QR Code Scam: Fake Voicemails Target Users, 1000 Attacks in 14 Days

Ransomware and Darknet Crypto Market Activity on the Rise in 2024

Ransomware Attack Disrupts Services in 18 Romanian Hospitals

Ransomware attack forces 18 Romanian hospitals to go offline

Ransomware Paralyzes 18 Hospitals in Romania: Healthcare System Offline

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Rhysida Ransomware Cracked, Free Decryption Tool Released

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Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Suspends Deputy Vice-Chancellor After Major Data Breach

Tshwane University of Technology suspends deputy vice-chancellor over data breach

Tshwane University of Technology vice-chancellor fired over handling of ransomware attack

U.S. Authorities Shut Down Sites Selling the WarZone RAT

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US Offers $10m Reward for Hive Ransomware Leaders

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