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Monday 5 February 2024

Data Breaches Digest - Week 6 2024

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 5th February and 11th February 2024.

11th February

Compliance Chaos: Mastering Cybersecurity’s Labyrinth

Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of 33 Million Viamedis and Almerys Customers

ExpressVPN bug has been leaking some DNS requests for years

Granville Recreation District fell victim to $713,000 phishing scam in December

How to avoid phishing scams on Instagram

Network Security: Seize Missed Opportunities, Boost Protection

Ransomware Attack Payments Crossed $1.1 Billion in 2023

Ransomware payments hit record $1.1 billion in 2023 despite previous year’s decline

The Growing Threat of Data Hijacking: A Look at the Alarming Rise of Cybercrime

U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) Dismantles Warzone RAT Infrastructure, Arrests Key Operators

10th February

91.1% of Organisations Impacted by AI-Enhanced Phishing Attacks

Alert: New Stealthy "RustDoor" Backdoor Targeting Apple macOS Devices

CISA and Fortinet Warns of New FortiOS Zero-Day Flaws

Cybersecurity Resolutions: Strengthening Digital Defences in 2024

macOS Backdoor RustDoor likely linked to Alphv/BlackCat ransomware operations

Personal data from The Misbourne school stolen in cyber attack

Ransomware payouts are plummeting: How companies are reducing their risks

Raspberry Robin malware evolves with early access to Windows exploits

Record Earnings for Ransomware Hackers in 2023

Smart Helmets Flaw Exposed Millions to Risk of Hacking and Surveillance

UK Authorities Strike Back: 43 Fraudulent Web Domains Blocked in Cybercrime Crackdown

9th February

$10 Million reward offered for information on leaders of Hive ransomware gang

33 Million Citizens Exposed: Massive Data Breach Hits French Health Insurers

2023 Sees Record Data Compromises Amidst Changing Tactics

Americans lost record $10 billion to fraud in 2023, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns

AnyDesk Shares More Information on Recent Hack

Big Game Hackers Smash $1 Billion Ransomware Barrier

Black Basta ransomware gang hacked Hyundai Motor Europe

Botnet Attack Targeted Routers: A Wake-Up Call for Securing Remote Employees’ Hardware

Canada: Fraudulent text messages behind new phishing scam targeting drivers

Cannabis industry workers put in danger due to data leak

Canopy Children’s Solutions Files Official Notice of Data Breach

CEO of Ukraine's largest telecom operator describes Russian cyberattack that wiped thousands of computers

Checkmarx Report Surfaces Software Supply Chain Compromises

City of Clemson says October data breach impacted over 20,000 residents

Connecticut College Discloses Data Breach From 11 Months Ago

Connecticut College Responds to Data Breach: Credit Monitoring Offered to Impacted Individuals

Connecticut College reveals major data breach incident ten months after it took place

Cyber security threats are predominantly as-a-service attacks

Cyberattack halts funerals in Austrian town

Cybersecurity teams recognized as key enablers of business goals

Department of Justice (DOJ) shuts down ‘Warzone’ malware vendor and charges two in connection

Fake LastPass app discovered on the Apple App Store

Fortinet Warns of Critical FortiOS SSL VPN Flaw Likely Under Active Exploitation

Global ransomware payments topped $1B last year with Russia-based groups blamed for a resurgence in attacks as they stop focusing on Ukraine

Hacker manipulates PlayDapp’s minting process, PLA plummets 10%

Health insurance data breach affects nearly half of France’s population, privacy regulator warns

HealthEC Confirms July 2023 Data Breach Affected Patients of US Renal Care

How AI is revolutionizing identity fraud

Hyundai Europe claimed as latest ransom victim of Black Basta

Hyundai Europe confirms it was hit by a major ransomware attack

Indonesia Hit by Major Data Breaches Ahead of Elections 2024

Is Your Crypto Safe? XPhase Clipper Malware Steals Coins with a Click

January 2024’s Most Wanted Malware: Major VexTrio Broker Operation Uncovered and Lockbit3 Tops the Ransomware Threats

Krystal BioTech Files Formal Notice of Data Breach That Leaked an Unknown Number of SSNs

LockBit Ransomware Gang Targets American Boots Icon Original Footwear

London police block 43 crypto phishing web domains

MacOS Targeted by New Backdoor Linked to ALPHV Ransomware

Massive data breach affects 33 million French citizens: Viamedis and Almerys targeted

Montefiore Medical Center settles HIPAA violation allegations with $4.75 million penalty

MoqHao Android Malware Evolves with Auto-Execution Capability

New Coyote Trojan Targets 61 Brazilian Banks with Nim-Powered Attack

New Fortinet RCE bug is actively exploited, CISA confirms

New macOS Backdoor Linked to Prominent Ransomware Groups

New MacOS Malware Might Be Linked to Ransomware Groups

New Rust-Based macOS Backdoor Steals Files, Linked to Ransomware Groups

New RustDoor macOS malware impersonates Visual Studio update

New Year, New Old Tricks: Phishing Scammers Lure Victims with Fake Giveaways

North Korea exacts $3 Billion from 58 cyberattacks to fuel nuclear program, UN says

One size doesn't fit all for multi-factor authentication

Over 800 Phony “Temu” Domains Lure Shoppers into Credential Theft

Professional hacker reveals the five main security mistakes you're making with your devices

QR Code Phishing Attacks Target High-Level Executives

Ransomware gangs collected more than $1 billion from attacks in 2023

Ransomware Groups Claim Hits on Hyundai Motor Europe and a California Union

Ransomware threats increased by twofold in 2023

Raspberry Robin Evolves With Stealth Tactics, New Exploits

Raspberry Robin Malware Upgrades with Discord Spread and New Exploits

Riksbank HR system restored 17 days after ransomware attack

R00TK1T Cyber Ceasefire: Malaysia Breathes Amidst Temporary Truce

Shim vulnerability exposes most Linux systems to attack

State Department Offers $10 Million to Find Hive Ransomware Attackers

Stealthy Zardoor Backdoor Targets Saudi Islamic Charity Organization

Swedish Central Bank's HR System Primula Restored After Ransomware Attack

The real threat to cybersecurity isn’t cybercrime, it’s burnout

U.S. insights company shows ransomware hackers drew in $1bn across 2023

UK’s Fraud Intelligence Unit Shuts Down 43 Possible Crypto Phishing Websites

Uncle Sam sweetens the pot with $15M bounty on Hive ransomware gang members

US announces $10 million award for information on Hive ransomware gang

US announces $10 million reward for info on Hive ransomware hackers; how does the gang operate?

US Offers $10 Million Reward for Info About Hive Ransomware Leaders

US Offers $10M Reward for Information on Hive Ransomware Leaders

US offers $15M reward to end HIVE ransom gang for good

Warning: New Ivanti Auth Bypass Flaw Affects Connect Secure and ZTA Gateways

8th February

Akira Ransomware Strikes Canada’s TeraGo, Threatens Leaking Client Data

Akira, LockBit actively searching for vulnerable Cisco ASA devices

Android XLoader malware can now auto-execute after installation

As-a-Service tools empower criminals with limited tech skills

Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union says November cyber attack compromised over 60k customers

Blocked IP addresses increased by 116.42%

BlueVoyant Research Illuminates Latest Cyber Attack Techniques and Best Defense Practices

California union confirms ransomware attack following LockBit claims

China Rejects Philippine Cyber-Attack Accusations

China-Sponsored Hackers Lie in Wait to Attack US Infrastructure

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Dutch Defense Networks with Coathanger RAT

Chinese Hackers Operate Undetected in U.S. Critical Infrastructure for Half a Decade

Chinese hackers spent at least five years in US critical networks

Critical Manufacturing Vulnerabilities Surge 230% in Six Months

Critical Patches Released for New Flaws in Cisco, Fortinet, VMware Products

Crypto-related ransomware attacks made ‘major comeback’ in 2023 as victims paid out $1.1bn

Cyber-attack by Ukrainian Defence Intelligence: large-scale failure of Russian drone control program occurs

Cyberattack hits Swedish cloud provider Advania, healthcare services impacted

Danish schools will stop sending student data to Google

Data breaches at Viamedis and Almerys impact 33 million in France

Double Trouble: BlackSuit Cripples Two More Businesses in Ransomware Attack

Emirates Investment Bank Data Allegedly Breached, Access Sold for $10,000

Europe to criminalize cyber flashing, unwanted intimate deepfakes

Fact or Fiction: Hacked toothbrushes used in Swiss cyber attack?

Fake LastPass Password Manager App Lurks on iOS App Store

Fake LastPass password manager spotted on Apple’s App Store

France: 33 Million Social Security Numbers Exposed in Health Insurance Hack

French healthcare services provider Viamedis says phishing attack compromised customer records

Funerals reportedly canceled due to ransomware attack on Austrian town

Google Starts Blocking Sideloading of Potentially Dangerous Android Apps in Singapore

HijackLoader Evolves: Researchers Decode the Latest Evasion Methods

How To Safeguard Your Data In This Digital World?

Hyundai Motor Europe hit by Black Basta ransomware attack

Increasing Ransomware Incidents Highlight Critical Role of Advanced Tech in Fighting Fraud

Ivanti: Patch new Connect Secure auth bypass bug immediately

Ivanti publishes urgent warning about new vulnerability

Kimsuky's New Golang Stealer 'Troll' and 'GoBear' Backdoor Target South Korea

LassPass is not LastPass: Fraudulent app on Apple App Store

Linux Devs Rush to Patch Critical Vulnerability in Shim

Major Data Breach in Thailand Exposes Personal Data of 20 Million Elderly Citizens

More Than Half of Americans Have Had Their Data Exposed

NCC Group records the most ransomware victims ever in 2023

New Fortinet RCE flaw in SSL VPN likely exploited in attacks

NoName Hacker Group Strikes Spanish Websites in Solidarity with Farmer Protests

North Korea’s $3 Billion Mystery: UN Probes Cyberattacks Funding Nuclear Program

Phishing attack uses compromised SendGrid accounts to target additional users

QR Codes - what's the real risk?

Ransomware had a ‘watershed’ 2023 after crossing record $1bn

Ransomware payments breached $1 billion in 2023, a first

Ransomware payments exceed $1bn in 2023, hitting a record high after 2022 decline

Ransomware payments hit an unfortunate milestone in 2023 - over $1.1billion paid out as hackers rake in rewards

Ransomware Payments in 2023 Hit $1 Billion

Ransomware Payments Surpassed $1 Billion in 2023

Reading the ransomware room: Cyber criminals set to ‘attack, shift, re-brand and strike again’ in 2024

The Verizon data breach that exposed 63,000 employees is a reminder of how a simple mistake can have costly implications

'These are threat-to-life crimes': Hospitals facing rise in ransomware attacks

Ukraine's cyberattacks on Russia aiding ground operations, top Kyiv cyber official says

US Credit Union Service Leaks Millions of Records and Passwords in Plain Text

US offers $10 million for tips on Hive ransomware leadership

US offers $10 million reward for info on Hive ransomware gang members

US Warns of Destructive Chinese Cyber-Attacks

Viamedis cyberattack exposes French healthcare data, prompting industry-wide concerns

7th February

A Cyber Attack Warning for Manufacturers

AnyDesk Guarantees Official Versions Safe, Urges Update for Extra Security

Beware! Hackers use electric toothbrushes in massive cyber attack, results in huge financial loss

Brace for W-2 fraud powered by AI this tax season

Chainalysis Reveals Record-Breaking $1 Billion in Ransomware Payments in 2023

Chinese hackers breached Dutch Ministry of Defense

Chinese hackers hid in US infrastructure network for 5 years

China hackers penetrate Dutch military network via FortiGate

Chinese Hackers Exploited FortiGate Flaw to Breach Dutch Military Network

Chinese hackers fail to rebuild botnet after FBI takedown

Chinese Spies Hack Dutch Networks With Novel Coathanger Malware

CISA, FBI warn of China-linked hackers pre-positioning for ‘destructive cyberattacks against US critical infrastructure’

Common cloud security mistakes and how to avoid them

Critical Bootloader Vulnerability in Shim Impacts Nearly All Linux Distros

Critical Cisco bug exposes Expressway gateways to CSRF attacks

Critical flaw in Shim bootloader impacts major Linux distros

Critical FortiSIEM CVEs are duplicates, issued in error

Critical JetBrains TeamCity On-Premises Flaw Exposes Servers to Takeover - Patch Now

Cyber-hacking victims ‘paid out record $1.1bn in ransoms last year‘

Cybercriminals extorted $1.1bn in 2023 ransomware haul, says new report

Cybersecurity burnout hits APAC firms, with lack of resources the key challenge

Cybersecurity experts warn of double-extortion ransomware attacks

Cybersecurity teams hesitate to use automation in TDIR workflows

Darktrace says Cyber threats shifting towards as-a-service tools

Data Breach Affects 66,000 in SIM-Swapping Attacks on US Insurance Giants

Data breach at California state worker union targeted social security numbers, home addresses

Data breach at Verizon impacts 63,000 employees

Data Breach Outlook: Finance Surpasses Healthcare as Most Breached Industry in 2023

Data breach, identity fraud trends reveal deepfake and generative AI threats

Deepfaked! Multinational Company in Hong Kong Falls Victim to $25 Million Deepfake Scam

Denmark orders schools to stop sending student data to Google

Evite Phishing Attacks Are On The Rise; Here's How To Stay Safe

Facebook ads push new Ov3r_Stealer password-stealing malware

Fortinet warns of new FortiSIEM RCE bugs in confusing disclosure

Global Coalition and Tech Giants Unite Against Commercial Spyware Abuse

Google agrees to pay $350 million to settle class action lawsuit over Google+ user data leak

Governments and Tech Giants Unite Against Commercial Spyware

Hacker Claims to Have Accessed Law Enforcement System Used by Binance and Coinbase

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Ransomware Mitigation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) data breach is under investigation

How quickly can things go horribly wrong if a hacker steals your Facebook credentials?

Ivanti Connect Secure flaw massively exploited by attackers (CVE-2024-21893)

Known ransomware attacks increased 68% last year

Major data breach at healthcare provider puts millions of customers at risk

Millions of hacked toothbrushes used in Swiss cyber attack

More than US$1 billion of crypto stolen through ransomware attacks in 2023

No, 3 million electric toothbrushes were not used in a DDoS attack

On-premises JetBrains TeamCity servers vulnerable to auth bypass (CVE-2024-23917)

Pakistan Super League (PSL) Online Ticket Booking System Recovers from Cyber Attack

Pakistan Super League Ticketing Website Down: Cyberattack Halts Online Sales

Patched Critical Flaw Exposed JetBrains TeamCity Servers

Pennsylvania courts in online battle with cyber attackers

Pennsylvania Courts website targeted in cyber-attack, disrupting online services

Personal Info Stolen In A Data Breach? Here Are 4 Things To Do

Phishing is the top attack method used by threat actors

Planning for Human Error: Optimizing Mobile Devices with Digital Identity

Ransomware attacks wiped out $1.48 billion in crypto in 2023, says report

Ransomware earns scumbags $1 billion in 2023

Ransomware gangs ‘staged comeback’ last year, says crypto research firm

Ransomware hackers raked in a record $1 billion from victims last year

Ransomware Hackers Stole More Than $1 Billion in 2023

Ransomware leak site reports rose by 49% in 2023, but there is good news

Ransomware payments doubled to more than $1 billion in 2023

Ransomware Payments Exceed $1 Billion in 2023, Hitting Record High After 2022 Decline

Ransomware Payments Hit $1bn All-Time High Last Year

Ransomware payments reach record $1.1B in 2023

Ransomware payments reached record $1.1 billion in 2023

Ransomware returns: Chainalysis flags record $1 Billion payments in 2023

Record-Breaking Ransomware Profits Surpassed $1B in 2023

R00TK1T hacker group attacks Maxis, posts stolen data

Snowboard manufacturer Burton hacked in sophisticated cyberattack

Surprising 3 Million Hacked Toothbrushes Story Goes Viral - Is It True?

The fight against commercial spyware misuse is heating up

The phishing forecast for 2024

Three channel partner considerations for tackling ransomware

Two million affected as learning app suffers data leak

Verizon Data Breach: Mishandled Data File Exposes Sensitive Information

Verizon discloses insider data breach affecting over 63,000 employees

Verizon employee compromises personal data of 63,000 colleagues

Verizon Faces Yet Another Data Breach: 63,000 Employees Affected

Verizon Says Data Breach Impacted 63,000 Employees

Why Having A Hacker’s Perspective Is Key To Building Proactive Organizational Defenses

6th February (Safer Internet Day)

3.5 million affected in massive data breach! Know how to protect personally identifiable information

AnyDesk says software ‘safe to use’ after cyberattack

AnyDesk suffers cyberattack, revokes passwords and certificates

Beware: Fake Facebook Job Ads Spreading 'Ov3r_Stealer' to Steal Crypto and Credentials

Booking.com Users in Australia Report Rising Phishing Scams: A Deep Dive

Binance Denies Allegations Of KYC Data Breach Amidst Dark Web Rumors

Boston's Emmanuel College says 2023 cyber attack impacted close to 90,000 individuals

Cameroon's power utility suffers a cyber attack

Chained Exploits, Stolen VPN Access: Hackers Target Ivanti Users Despite Patches

Chicago Children’s Hospital Outage Continues After Cyberattack

China says it opposes and cracks down on all forms of cyberattacks

Chinese hackers infect Dutch military network with malware

Cinema CEO Gives Update After ‘Poor Things’ & ‘The Holdovers’ Take Swedish Box Office Hit Due To Cyber-Attack

Clorox says cyber attack remediation efforts cost approximately $49 million in 2023

CoinDesk Impersonators Trick Users with Phishing Scams

Combat Phishing Attacks With AI-Powered Email Threat Protection

Company Loses $25 Million in Deepfake Scam Amid Global Rise in Fraudulent Activities

Computers at Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital still down days after cyberattack

Cyber-attack targets Pennsylvania Courts’ website

Cybercrime increasingly turns to as-a-Service tools

Data Breach Alert: 'ResumeLooters' Hack 65 Legitimate Job Sites, Stealing Personal Info of 2 Million Users

Data breach at French healthcare services firm puts millions at risk

Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons Notifies Patients About February 2023 Data Breach

Dutch intelligence finds Chinese hackers spying on secret Defence Ministry network

East Side Health District reports leak of clients’ personal information

Emerging Ransomware Groups Disproportionately Attack Healthcare Orgs

EquiLend back in the saddle as ransom payment rumors swirl

Experts Detail New Flaws in Azure HDInsight Spark, Kafka, and Hadoop Services

French Healthcare Giant Hacked, Millions of Health Data at Risk

Fuvo.io shows signs of phishing scam targeting valuable crypto and NFTs

GhostSec Raises Funds For Hacktivist and Threat Actors Through Project ‘Low Cost Database’

Google: Half of all zero-days used against our products are developed by spyware vendors

Google agrees to $350 million settlement over data leak

Google agrees to pay $350 million to settle class action lawsuit over Google+ user data leak

Group-IB & INTERPOL collaboration tackles global cybercrime

Hacker attack on AnyDesk: how does the company eliminate the consequences of malicious actions?

Hacker attack on WIFI Lower Austria

Hackers Exploit Job Boards, Stealing Millions of Resumes and Personal Data

Hackers steal data of 2 million in SQL injection, XSS attacks

Hackers Stolen 2 Million+ User’s Data Via XSS & SQL Injection Attacks

Here's How Much XRP Hacker Managed to Sell Before Accounts Got Frozen

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) investigates alleged breach following hacker’s exfiltration claims

How security experts unravel ransomware

Infosys McCamish Systems Announces Data Breach Affecting Participants in Certain Deferred Compensation Plans

Israeli government absent from London spyware conference and pledge

J.D. Gilmour Confirms Data Breach Stemming from Unauthorized Access to Employee Email Account

Lagging Mastodon admins urged to patch critical account takeover flaw (CVE-2024-23832)

JetBrains warns of new TeamCity auth bypass vulnerability

Latest Ivanti Zero Day Exploited By Scores of IPs

LulzSec Muslims Resumes Their Attack on UAE and Bahrain For Supporting Israel

Mac security threats on the rise, here’s what to watch out for

Malware-as-a-Service Now the Top Threat to Organizations

Manchester law firm signs up 1,000 for South Staffs Water data breach claim

Maxis Berhad Data Found on Dark Web After Alleged Cyberattack By R00TK1T ISC Cyber Team

National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners Experiences Data Breach Leaking Data Breach

New kids on the ransomware block in 2023: Akira and 8Base lead dozens of newbies

New ResumeLooters Gang Targets Job Seekers, Steals Millions of Resumes

Officials remain in 'virtual battle' following Pennsylvania Courts' cyber attack

Parents File Class Action Over Clark County School District Data Breach

Paying ransoms is becoming a cost of doing business for many

Payoneer accounts emptied in Argentina: Phishing or 2FA Bypass attack?

Ransomware Group That Hit Bucks County Is Growing Quickly, Experts Say

Ransomware victim numbers rose by 50% in 2023

Recent SSRF Flaw in Ivanti VPN Products Undergoes Mass Exploitation

Report Surfaces Extent of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Application Insecurity

Researchers Unvield the Sophisticated Ransomware Used by Black Hunt

ResumeLooters Gang Raids Retail and Job Site Data

Rise in Phishing Scams Target Booking.com Users

R00TK1T claims to have infiltrated Maxis’ Kulim network, threatens further cyberattacks on Malaysia

Safer Internet Day: Five Ways You Can Enhance Your Safety Online

Safer Internet Day: Two Million Brits Victims of Financial Identity Fraud

Schneider Electric Confirms Data Leak From a Ransomware Attack

Spear Phishing vs Phishing: What Are The Main Differences?

Spoutible API exposed encrypted password reset tokens, 2FA secrets of users

Spyware behind nearly 50% of zero-days targeting Google products

St. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago Faces Ongoing Network Disruption Due to Cyber Attack

Stop chasing shadow IT: Tackle the root causes of cloud breaches

Thanks to a shadowy hacker group, the British Library is still on its knees. Is there any way to stop them?

The number of ransomware victims is booming - despite major threats being shut down

The Spbglobal and Gocco Ransomware Incident and its Broader Implications

Toothbrushes are a cybersecurity risk, too: millions participate in DDoS attacks

Top 10 cyber incidents of 2023

U.S. Imposes Visa Restrictions on those Involved in Illegal Spyware Surveillance

UK: Explicit comments on school app after apparent hack

US Cracks Down on Spyware with Visa Restrictions

US Uses Visa Restrictions in Struggle Against Spyware

‘User Accounts Remain Safe’: Binance Refutes Allegations of KYC Data Breach

Verizon employee inadvertently leaks data of 63 thousand colleagues

Verizon insider data breach hits over 63,000 employees

Vulnerability CVE-2023-22527 Faces 40,000 Attacks in 3 Days

Washington National Insurance Company Announces Data Breach Following SIM Swapping Attack

Why an HR-IT Partnership is Critical for Managing Cybersecurity Risk

Why is IoT Security Important?

XRP Hacker Sells Significant Amount Before Accounts Freeze

5th February

A Bad Start to the Year: Ransomware Spikes 130% in January

Albania's Statistics Institute hit in cyberattack, Iran-linked group claims responsibility

American businessman settles hacking case in UK against law firm

AnyDesk confirms cyber attack - remote desktop firm revokes certificates as hackers infiltrate systems

AnyDesk has been hacked, users urged to change passwords

AnyDesk Hit by Cyber-Attack and Customer Data Breach

AnyDesk Revokes Certificates, Urges Password Changes After Attack

AnyDesk, an enterprise remote software platform used by major firms including Raytheon and Samsung, suffered a security breach - here’s what you need to know

Are Passwords Killing Your Customer Experience?

Belarusian National Linked to BTC-e Faces 25 Years for $4 Billion Crypto Money Laundering

Binance Data Breach Fears Addressed: “No Such Leak From Our Systems,” Says Exchange

BlackCat ransomware group stole US intelligence agencies' data from Technica's systems

Businesses banning or limiting use of GenAI over privacy risks

Chicago children's hospital targeted by cyber attack, limiting access to medical records for nearly a week

‘Chronically deficient’ Irish intelligence service is a ‘threat to UK security’

Clorox and Johnson Controls Reveal $76m Cyber-Attack Bill

Community Memorial Healthcare Announces Data Breach Affecting Patients Sensitive Information

DDoS attack on Pennsylvania court system knocks out filing systems, bail payment site

Deepfaked video conference call makes employee send $25 million to scammers

Emmanuel College Reports Data Breach Affecting the Personal Information of 89k Individuals

Employee Duped by AI-Generated CFO in $25.6M Deepfake Scam

EquiLend Continues System Restoration Post-Ransomware Attack

Ethical Hackers Reported 835 Vulnerabilities, Earned $450K in 2023

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires Blackbaud to delete personal data following charges

Fort Worth, Texas, Data Breach More Extensive Than First Thought

From Intrusion to Insight: Dissecting the Cyberattack on AnyDesk and its Implications

Fulton County slowly restoring computer systems after cyber attack

Fulton County tech troubles continue, expert believes it's a ransomware attack

Global Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in January 2024 - 29,530,829,012 Records Breached

Hacker claims to have way to ‘subpoena’ Discord, Binance, Coinbase user info

Hacker Reportedly Breaches Law Enforcement Systems of Binance & Coinbase

Hacker sells 'subpoena' access to Binance, Coinbase, and Chainlink

Haifa’s Rambam Hospital Hit by Suspected Cyber Attack

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) investigates new breach after data for sale on hacking forum

HopSkipDrive says personal data of 155,000 drivers stolen in data breach

How Phishing Attacks Use Human Evolution To Their Advantage

Judge allows case against geolocation data broker Kochava to proceed

LockBit Ransomware Group Demands $11 Million From Government to Unlock Files

Lurie Children's Hospital back to pen and paper after cyberattack

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Responds to Cyber Attack, Raising Data Breach Concerns

‘Mother of all data breaches’ includes more records, brands than initially thought

Municipalities in US, Spain dealing with outages from cyberattacks

New Mispadu Banking Trojan Exploiting Windows SmartScreen Flaw

Newest Ivanti SSRF zero-day now under mass exploitation

Northern Light Health Cyberattack: Patient Records Secure Amid Ongoing Investigation

Northern Light Health says patient records are safe after weekend cyberattack

Patchwork Using Romance Scam Lures to Infect Android Devices with VajraSpy Malware

Pegasus Spyware Targeted iPhones of Journalists and Activists in Jordan

Pennsylvania court systems targeted through cyber-attack, affecting some services

Pennsylvania Court website down in DDoS cyber attack

Pennsylvania courts targeted by cyber attack, disrupting important online services

Pennsylvania Courts Website Hit by DDoS Attack, Services Disrupted

Pennsylvania Courts’ Website Disrupted by DoS Attack

Pennsylvania courts' website unavailable due to cyber attack

Philippine lawmakers demand briefing following China-linked cyberattack

Phishing Scams Target Booking.com Users, Leading to Substantial Losses

Prestige Care Notifies Residents of Data Breach Affecting Their Sensitive Information

Ransomware attack hits Schneider Electric sustainability division

Ransomware Makes ECRI’s Top Health Tech Hazards List

Recent data breach incidents at Dropbox, 23andMe, other companies affect individuals in U.S. and worldwide

Remote access giant AnyDesk resets passwords and revokes certificates after hack

Researchers discover exposed API secrets, impacting major tech tokens

Researchers map decision-making processes of victims of ransomware

South African Railway Agency recovers half of funds lost in phishing scam

State Actors vs. Tech Titans: Decoding the Cloudflare Cyberattack

stETH Whale Attacked by Hackers, Substantial stETH Amount Lost

Synthetic Solutions: Redefining Cybersecurity Through Data Generation in the Face of Hacking

Teenager paid to set up phishing website posing as Amazon to steal victims' log ins

The ransomware business is booming, even as enforcers shut down some major players

Top Cybersecurity Trends For 2024 - From Ransomware to AI

Top Trends in Cybersecurity, Ransomware and AI in 2024

UK Court Backlog Blocks Attempts to Fight Fraud Epidemic

US: Online access to some court records impacted by cyber attack

US announces visa ban on those linked to commercial spyware

US announces visa restriction policy targeting spyware abuses

US Condemns Iran, Issues Sanctions for Cyber-Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

US Department of Defense Contractor Targeted by Donut Ransomware