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Monday 23 October 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 43 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 23rd October and 29th October 2023.

29th October

10 Cybersecurity Terms You Need to Know in 2023

Beginner’s Guide to Understand Different Types of Cyber Security

Beware of 'SIM swap scam'! Know how fraudsters steal money with missed calls and phishing

Boeing assessing Lockbit hacking gang threat of sensitive data leak

Boeing looking into hacking gang's ransomware threat

Cyber reputation at stake: Will Israel's intelligence failure hurt Israel’s cyber image?

Cybersecurity experts identify 587% increase in ‘phishing’ attacks via QR codes

DeFi and Hacks: How to Safeguard Your Investments

Five easy-to-remember tips to secure your money and data

Greater Manchester council is fighting off '10,000 attacks a day' from cyber hackers

New Hunters International ransomware possible rebrand of Hive

Rise in global cyberattacks, ransomware threats surge, healthcare and APAC most affected

'Takeover' warning issued to anyone with Snapchat, X and Tiktok accounts

The Impact of Cybercrime on Individuals and Organizations

Toronto Public Library hit by cyber attack

UAE issues security alert for Google Chrome and Apple system users

28th October

Alarming Android 14 Storage Bug Locks Users Out Of Phones, Which Pixels Are At Risk

Beware of 'phantom' hackers trying to steal your online data with spooky scams

Boeing assessing Lockbit hacking gang threat of sensitive data leak

Blockstream Publishes Phishing Investigation Results

Dundee City Council targeted by phishing email from hacked employee account

Expert cybersecurity researchers have identified a 587% increase in phishing attacks

Hacker sentenced to 30 months in jail for stealing funds via computer scheme

Hackers email stolen student data to parents of Nevada school district

Halloween cyber safety: staying spooky but secure

iLeakage Attack: Theft of Sensitive Data from Apple’s Safari Browser

iLeakage Hackers Can Read Gmail On All 2020 Or Later iPhones And Macs

India: Defence ministry identifies fake internet domains supposedly set up by Pakistan operatives for targeting defence personnel

India: Investigation launched into suspected hacking of Kerala police websites, app

Irish Booking.com customer scammed after receiving bogus confirmation email from within app

Israeli cyber group claims: We hacked Iranian oil infrastructure systems

Large language models in cybersecurity

Microsoft profiles new threat group with unusual but effective practices

New Research Reveals Widespread Data Breach Linked to MOVEit Vulnerability

New Vulnerabilities Discovered in Operating Systems Raise Cybersecurity Concerns

Ransomware group threatens to leak Stanford police data

Researchers Uncover Wiretapping of XMPP-Based Instant Messaging Service

SA Health patients caught up in data breach of third-party platform Personify Care

Surge in QR Code Quishing: Check Point Records 587% Attack Spike

Two members of the Ragnar Locker hacker group arrested in Spain

Ukrainian hackers disrupt internet providers in Russia-occupied territories

What Is the Booking.com Scam and How Can You Avoid It?

What is the ‘SIM swap scam’ - and how can you protect yourself?

Who is carrying out cyberattacks on Ukraine, and how many of them have Russian origins?

Your Employees Can Be Your Best Defense Against a Retail Cyberattack

27th October

3 Things CISOs Should Be Doing This Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Beyond

8 Things You Must Consider To Avoid Online Fraud

800 Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) officers and staff lodge High Court proceedings over data breach

A not-so-hospitable guest; addressing the growing threat of cybercrime in hospitality

Advocate Aurora Health agrees to $12 million settlement over data breach

Apple news: iLeakage attack, MAC address leakage bug

Apple Vulnerability Can Expose iOS and macOS Passwords, Safari Browsing History

Assessing the 23andMe data breach: a deep dive into security gaps and recommendations

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) clarifies cyber threat alert after warning on pro-Israeli hacker targeting Malaysian organisations spreads

Ben E. Keith Company Notifies Over 39,000 of Recent SSN Data Breach

Beware of phishing scam involving fake ‘WhatsApp Web’ pages

Beware The Spooks: How Identity Thieves Exploit Halloween Festivities

BlackCat ransomware group stole 60,000 personal data records from Seiko's servers

Boeing claimed by LockBit Ransom gang

California city warns of data breach after ransomware attack claims

Canada: Investigation ongoing, but no firm timeline for restoration, in cyberattack affecting 5 hospitals

Canada: Local area hospitals working 'around the clock' to restore systems following cyber attack

Casio Data Breach Impacts Customers in 149 Countries

Cengild Medical reports data breach in unit’s IT system

Clark County School District sends parents update weeks after data breach

Clinique allegedly breached, 200K+ customers exposed

Colorado higher education officials lagged in notifying law enforcement, public about massive data breach

Controversial Online Safety Bill is now UK law

Crypto wallet Trezor looks into phishing campaign

Cyber attack: 'Operation Triangulation' can access memory, take control of iOS device

Cybersecurity at the Crossroads - Can it Keep Up with Threats?

Daily malware activity doubled year over year for small businesses

Data Breaches And Hacking Techniques

Digital Scams Are Not A Joke: 4 Sides Of Cyber Security To Look Into For Your Business

Does your data hygiene pass the cleanliness test?

English-speaking ransom gang issuing death threats

Enterprise AI applications are threatening security

Ethical hackers are helping more and more business stay safe

F5 fixes BIG-IP auth bypass allowing remote code execution attacks

F5 Issues Warning: BIG-IP Vulnerability Allows Remote Code Execution

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approves rule giving non-banking financial institutions 30 days to report data breaches

Feds Warn Healthcare Sector of AI-Augmented Phishing Threats

France accuses Russian state hackers of targeting government systems, universities, think tanks

Google Expands Its Bug Bounty Program to Tackle Artificial Intelligence Threats

Google Offers Its $12 Million Bug Bounty To Hackers Who Find AI Threats

Hacker gets 30 months in prison for nearly $1 million cryptocurrency scam

Hacker Sentenced to 30 Months for SIM Swapping Conspiracy Resulting in Theft of Nearly $1 Million in Cryptocurrency

Hacker threat: Police warn Israelis not to answer unknown calls

Hamas invasion accompanied by powerful cyberattack, report claims

Hello Alfred app exposes user data

High-profile summer attacks linked to same aggressive ransomware group

HMRC issues 'don't' warning and says 130,000 people in UK are affected

Hollywood strike provides window for cyber criminals to target streaming users

How To Defend Against Malicious Large Language Model (LLM) Cyberattacks

IoT security threats highlight the need for zero trust principles

Israel-Hamas War Draws Hackers Into Shadow Conflict

IT, Security Leaders Play Catch-Up With Generative AI Threats

Kansas Court System Down Nearly 2 Weeks in ‘Security Incident’ that Has Hallmarks of Ransomware

Kearny Bank admits clients’ financial data exposed in MOVEit breach

Keys to effective cybersecurity threat monitoring

Lazarus hackers breached developer repeatedly to deploy SIGNBT malware

LOCKBIT 3.0 APT holds Boeing information for ransom

Longhorn Imaging Center reports a data breach affecting thousands in Texas

Massive DDoS attacks are the new normal

MGM ransom gang hits Marriott, Hilton hotel management group LBA Hospitality

Microsoft Sounds Alarm Over English-Speaking Octo Tempest

Missouri school district announces data breach

More Than a Cryptominer, StripedFly Malware Infects 1 Million PCs

Move fast to combat the complex cyber-attack chain

NASCO Confirms MOVEit-Related Data Breach Resulted in Leaked Healthplan Data

New Cyberattack From Winter Vivern Exploits a Zero-Day Vulnerability in Roundcube Webmail

New York State Gaming Commission Also Victim of Cyber Attack

Nigerian Police Dismantle Major Cybercrime Hub

North Korean hackers exploit known bug in ‘high-profile’ software vendor

North Korean hackers tricking users with ‘copycat apps’ disguised as South Korean

North Korean Lazarus Group Targets Software Vendor Using Known Flaws

Over 800 staff take legal action against PSNI after huge data breach

Patient Data Privacy: A Critical Healthcare Cybersecurity Concern

ProMach Inc. Confirms Data Breach Involving HR and Personnel Files Leaked Employee SSNs

Ransomware attacks on healthcare facilities cost $77.5B in downtime, report finds

Ransomware-as-a-Service gaining traction among cybercriminals

Record ransomware levels recorded in September, according to NCC Group

Reeds Spring School District faces data breach, informs employees and families

Security Agency Rolls Out Protective DNS for Schools

Securing Cloud Identities to Protect Assets and Minimize Risk

Seiko Confirms Recent Ransomware Attack Resulted in Data Breach

Singapore wants banks and telcos to bear losses if found negligent in phishing scams

SMBs at risk as AI misconceptions lead to overconfidence

Southern Illinois University says MOVEit Transfer breach impacted over 38k staff and students

Spotify is down, Anonymous Sudan claims attack

Stanford University investigating cyberattack after ransomware claims

Staying Ahead of Social Engineering Threats

The machinations of a cyberwar

The Rise in QR Code Attacks

This Fake Chrome Update Spreads Ransomware - What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Top Mobile App Security Risks: From Risky Behavior to Hidden Malicious Code

Trezor Initiates Investigation as Phishing Campaign Targets Crypto Hardware Wallet Users

Tri Counties Bank Announces Data Breach Impacting Sensitive Employee and Customer Information

Understanding Advanced Persistent Threats

University of Michigan says hackers accessed staff and students' sensitive personal data

University of Missouri says MOVEit Transfer breach impacted over 118k students and staff

Utah election leaders warn of fake text, election phishing scams

Why rookie hackers are capitalizing on ransomware

Workloads in cybersecurity still increasing, burnout an issue

Zero day in free Roundcube webmail service exploited to target governments

Zero-Day Exploits Cheat Sheet: Definition, Examples & How It Works

26th October

9 steps to take if your IT systems are under attack

23andMe data breach impacts its DNA Relatives feature

Addressing Cyber Security Risks in Banking Software Technology

Akumin Files Notice of Data Breach with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Android adware apps on Google Play amass two million installs

Authorities Seize 17 North Korean Hacker Websites Used for Scamming

Banks and telcos to be held jointly responsible for phishing scams in Singapore

BHI Energy Releases Details of Akira Ransomware Attack

Biden admin rolls out cybersecurity toolkit for health care

Booking.com ‘scam’: warning over emails asking travellers to provide bank card details

Business logic attacks escalating

Canada’s most prolific cybercriminal targeted police departments, Ronald McDonald House

CCleaner confirms data breach via MOVEit attack

Chrome update spreads Trojan malware

CISA: Agencies seeing steep decrease in known exploited vulnerabilities on federal networks

CISA Releases Cybersecurity Toolkit For Healthcare

CISO Best Practices for Managing Cyber Risk

CISOs struggling to understand value of security controls data

Cloudflare sees surge in hyper-volumetric HTTP DDoS attacks

Critical Flaw in NextGen's Mirth Connect Could Expose Healthcare Data

Critical vCenter Server vulnerability reported, VMware releases a fix

Curve Finance suffers second crypto cyberattack

CyberMaxx Releases Third Quarter 2023 Ransomware Research Report

Elderly services care provider Fellowship Village reports a data breach

Europol: Police Must Start Planning For Post-Quantum Future

France says Russian state hackers breached numerous critical networks

Genetic testing company 23andMe denies data hack, disables DNA Relatives feature

Hello Alfred app exposes user data

Humans are still better than AI at crafting phishing emails, but for how long?

Humans Need to Rethink Trust in the Wake of Generative AI

iLeakage: New Safari Exploit Impacts Apple iPhones and Macs with A-Series and M-Series CPUs

International Operation Dismantles Ragnar Locker Ransomware Group

Internet companies tackle the biggest ever denial of service attack

Iranian Group Tortoiseshell Launches New Wave of IMAPLoader Malware Attacks

MGM Resorts hackers 'one of the most dangerous financial criminal groups’

Microsoft: Octo Tempest is one of the most dangerous financial hacking groups

Microsoft lure used in Webmail zero-day attack

Microsoft Warns as Scattered Spider Expands from SIM Swaps to Ransomware

New iLeakage attack steals emails, passwords from Apple Safari

Nigerian Police dismantle cybercrime recruitment, mentoring hub

Oldham Council facing 10,000 cyber attacks a day, report says

OpenText reveals concerning surge in ransomware-as-a-service attacks

Operational Technology (OT) cyber attacks proliferating despite growing cybersecurity spend

Operation Triangulation iOS Attack Details Revealed

Orange County District Attorney’s Office Reports Hacking Attack

Quishing: Tricks to look out for

Quishing is the new phishing: What you need to know

Ransomware – “it isn’t going away soon”

Ransomware attack shuts down imaging center with dozens of Florida locations

Ransomware groups continue to increase their operational tempo

Record-Breaking 100 Million RPS DDoS Attack Exploits HTTP/2 Rapid Reset Flaw

Sensitive patient records exposed in a data breach at Redcliffe Labs

Singapore: Beware of phishing e-mails asking taxpayers to view property tax notices via WeTransfer

SonicWall Data Confirms that Ransomware is Still the Enterprise's Biggest Fear

South Korea: PayPal fined 900 million won for customer data breach

StripedFly malware framework infects 1 million Windows, Linux hosts

Surviving a ransomware attack begins by acknowledging it’s inevitable

The Importance of Digital Security in the Real Estate Industry

UK government accused of ‘vandalism’ over abolishing biometrics safeguards

UK IT Pros Express Concerns About C-Suite’s Generative AI Ambitions

UK Parliament Opens Inquiry into Cyber-Resilience

Uptick in ransomware highlights need for better detection and response tools

“Ur wife is gonna get shot” – English-speaking ransomware group expanding ops, deploying diverse tools, threats

VMware warns of critical vulnerability affecting vCenter Server product

Why Small Businesses Need a Malware Sandbox – Top 3 Reasons in 2023

YoroTrooper: Researchers Warn of Kazakhstan's Stealthy Cyber Espionage Group

25th October

7 Peer-To-Peer Payment Scams And How To Avoid Them

20 Phishing Lessons And Principles For Business Leaders And Teams

23andMe notifies customers of data breach into its 'DNA Relatives' feature

2023 state of SaaS data security and protection in Europe: insights for its leaders

A pirated program downloaded from a torrent site infected hundreds of thousands of users

Act Now: VMware Releases Patch for Critical vCenter Server RCE Vulnerability

Alert: PoC Exploits Released for Citrix and VMware Vulnerabilities

APT Winter Vivern Exploits New Roundcube 0-Day to Target European Entities

Australia: Aussie organisations report facing cyber risks

Bank of Canton confirms data breach affecting over 9,500 customers

Bank of Canton Data Breach Leaves Over 9,500 Customers Exposed

Bitcoin ATM operator CoinFlip breach exposes thousands

Canadian businesses say AI is a double-edged sword for cyber risk

Catching Messenger Phishing Footprints Using a DNS Net

CEO Phishing – Can you trust the email from your boss?

ChatGPT is already almost as good as humans at writing phishing emails

Chilean telecom giant GTD hit by the Rorschach ransomware gang

Citrix Bleed exploit lets hackers hijack NetScaler accounts

City of Philadelphia says May cyber attack compromised residents' health & financial data

Cl0p named 'nastiest' malware of 2023

Concorde Investment Partners Confirms Data Breach Following Unauthorized Access to an Employee’s Email Account

Consumers are taking action to protect their privacy

Cost of a data breach: The evolving role of law enforcement

Critical OAuth Flaws Uncovered in Grammarly, Vidio, and Bukalapak Platforms

Cyber Storm Alert: 46 Million Potential Attacks Hit Global Networks Daily, BT Reveals

Database Mess Up: 7TB of Healthcare Data Leak Affects 12 Million Patients

Detection and response tools vital as cyber claims surge

Dollar Energy Fund Notifies More than 28k Individuals of Recent Data Breach That Leaked Their SSNs

Espionage group uses webmail server zero-day to target European governments

European government email servers hacked using Roundcube zero-day

Experts Reconsider Banning Ransom Payments as Ransomware Attacks Surge

Fellowship Village Files Notice of Data Breach with the Federal Government

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fines Equifax £11 million for 2017 data breach - five years after the ICO

Four Cybercrime Trends for Security Pros to Watch Now

French basketball team ASVEL confirms data breach, ransomware threat

Grammarly says it corrected sign-in vulnerabilities after alert from cyber researchers

Hamas hackers are trying to scare Israelis with fake SMS messages and news sites

Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center (HC3) Sheds Light On QR Code-Based Phishing as Threat to Healthcare Cybersecurity

How Cybersecurity Has Evolved In The Past 20 Years

How long should a password be in 2023? You're asking the wrong question

Hunters International leaks pre-op plastic surgery pics in negotiation no-no

Information thin as southwestern Ontario hospital cyberattack stretches on

International Criminal Court (ICC) Confirms Recent Cyberattack Was Espionage

International Criminal Court says September cyber attack was a cyber espionage operation

July cyber-attack continues to delay tax bills for Kings County, Nova Scotia, property owners

Kansas court system down nearly 2 weeks in `security incident' that has hallmarks of ransomware

Kazakhstan-based hackers targeting government websites in Central Asia

Latest QR Code Scams That Can Empty Your Savings Instantly

‘Leaving it to chance isn’t a great strategy for cyber security’

Lingering questions on data privacy following the PickMe incident

Malvertising Campaign Targets Brazil's PIX Payment System with GoPIX Malware

Nation State Hackers Exploiting Zero-Day in Roundcube Webmail Software

New Auto Cyber Study Reveals Threat Intelligence...or Lack Thereof

New England Biolabs leak sensitive data

New York Regulators Confirm Cyber Attack Behind Gaming Interruption

Next-Gen Threat Intelligence: Leveraging AI and Big Data Analytics for Proactive Cybersecurity

Okta’s Latest Cyber Breach Knocks Billions Off Company Value

Passkeys vs Passwords: What’s the Difference?

Philadelphia: Hackers spent three months accessing city government email accounts

Preserving Digital Trust in an Era of Rapidly Evolving Threats

Purchase Scams Surge as Fraud Losses Hit £580m

Ransomware attacks in 2023 up more than 95% compared to 2022

Ransomware attacks reached record levels in September

Ransomware attacks setting record pace

Ransomware Group Responsible for Massive Capcom Leak Arrested

Ransomware isn’t going away – the problem is only getting worse

Reiter Affiliated Cos. data breach class action settlement

Revealed: Global WhatsApp jobs scam worth €100m linked to China and cyber slavery networks

Rock County investigating ransomware attack

Roundcube webmail zero-day exploited to spy on government entities (CVE-2023-5631)

Russian artists’ Spotify accounts defaced by pro-Ukraine hackers

Second Leak From 23andMe Data Breach Includes 4 Million More Genetic Profiles

Security in the Property Industry: Challenges and How to Avoid Attacks

Security leaders have good reasons to fear AI-generated attacks

Security Not a Priority For a Third of SMBs

Seiko “BlackCat” Data Breach: 60,000 Records on the Line

Seiko says ransomware attack exposed sensitive customer data

Seiko says ransomware attack led to leak of 60,000 ‘items’ of personal data

Seven ways to reduce a company’s digital footprint

Small Businesses Suffer Record Number of Cyber-Attacks

Some of the most popular websites around have a serious security login flaw

Spanish phisherfolk caught in cops' net in multi-million-euro catch

The Importance of Secure Email in Building Trust with Customers

The new face of Corporate Governance: Why boards need to prioritize cybersecurity training

The Rise of S3 Ransomware: How to Identify and Combat It

The simple mistakes that make your business vulnerable to cyber attack

Towards Cyber Resilience: A Data-Centric Approach to Security

Ukraine’s IT army is a world first: here’s why it is an important part of the war

Urgent scam warning issued for anyone booking a holiday as hotel fraud increases

VMware fixes critical code execution flaw in vCenter Server

VMware patches critical vulnerability in vCenter Server (CVE-2023-34048)

Watch out for 'Phantom Hacker' scams, FBI warns

What Are the Essential Digital Safety Practices for 2024?

Winter Vivern: Zero-Day XSS Exploit Targets Roundcube Servers

Wright & Filippis Proposes $2.9 Million Class Action Data Breach Settlement

You’ve been hacked: how to respond in the first 48 hours

Zscaler Report Surfaces Spike in IoT Cyberattacks

24th October

1Password also affected by Okta Support System breach

1Password Detects Suspicious Activity Following Okta Support Breach

1Password discloses data breach

1Password Discloses Security Incident Linked to Okta Breach

1Password, Cloudflare affected by Okta compromise

34 Cybercriminals Arrested in Spain for Multi-Million Dollar Online Scams

62% of organizations perform vulnerability assessments and audits

AI vs. human deceit: Unravelling the new age of phishing tactics

Andesa Services Confirms Over 30k New York Life Policyholders Affected by MOVEit Data Breach

Android trojan spotted in the wild can record audio and phone calls

API Security Flaw Impacted Grammarly, Vidio and Bukalapak

ASVEL Basket confirms data breach

ASVEL basketball team confirms data breach after ransomware attack

Australian Federal Police (AFP) deems 16 members 'at risk' after HWL Ebsworth breach

Backdoor Implant on Hacked Cisco Devices Modified to Evade Detection

Banking Malware, a Stealer, and New Ransomware Strain: Kaspersky’s Crimeware Report

Behind the Scenes: The Toll of Ineffective Security Tools on Analyst Burnout

Bracing for AI-enabled ransomware and cyber extortion attacks

Business compromised email one of the biggest threats to cybersecurity

Canada: Cyber attack causing service interruptions at local hospitals

ChatGPT-Generated Can Write Convincing Phishing Emails

ChatGPT-written phishing emails are already scary good

Cisco Patches Two Dangerous Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Cloud Backup Data: The Do’s and Don’ts for Ransomware Threats

Cost of data breach up 12 per cent

Cyber attack launched against Canadian MPs linked back to China

Cyber-attack shuts down South Florida imaging clinic

Cyberattack at 5 southwestern Ontario hospitals leaves patients awaiting care

Cyberattack on health services provider impacts 5 Canadian hospitals

Cyberattacks push security professionals to breaking point

Cybersecurity concerns grow among physical security professionals

Cybersecurity regulations for passenger and freight railroads renewed by Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

D-Link rubbishes hacker's claims, says data breach impacted decade-old data records

Decoding cybersecurity: Safeguarding educational institutions

Energy industry staffing provider BHI Energy says cyber attack impacted over 90k people

Europol-led law enforcement operation targeted Ragnar Locker members and infrastructure

Ex-NSA Employee Pleads Guilty to Leaking Classified Data to Russia

Fauquier County Public Schools says September ransomware attack impacted 14k staff and students

FBI warns public about 2 different scams

Five latest scams and how to avoid them

Generative AI Can Save Phishers Two Days of Work

Generative AI Can Write Phishing Emails, But Humans Are Better At It

Hacker leaks 4.1m personal records stolen from 23andMe, including those of the UK's wealthiest

Hackers backdoor Russian state, industrial organizations for data theft

Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Cost US $78bn

How AI tools are shaping the future of cyber security

How to Prevent Malware: 15 Best Practices for Malware Prevention

iOS Zero-Day Attacks: Experts Uncover Deeper Insights into Operation Triangulation

Ireland’s most guessable passwords revealed as GardaĆ­ deny responsibility for data breach on drivers

Israeli Hackers Claim They Shut Down Revolutionary Guards’ Nuclear Projects

It's Time to Establish the NATO of Cybersecurity

Massive Data Breach at Cumbria Police Exposes Names and Salaries of Employees

Meet Rhysida, a New Ransomware Strain That Deletes Itself

Millions at stake in cyber war

New and more sophisticated phishing techniques leverage a variety of malicious tactics

New England Biolabs leak sensitive data

New York Life repeatedly exposes data in MOVEit breach

Norway issues warning after ‘important businesses’ affected by Cisco zero-days

Okta Stock Slid More Than 11% After Hacker Accessed Company’s Support System

Orange County, California, District Attorney’s Office Hacked

Over 80% of security leaders have already received AI email attacks

Passwords - not all they are cracked up to be

Philadelphia Alerts Public to Recent Data Breach

Philippine Cybercriminal Exposes Government's Alarming Cybersecurity Failures With 'Admin123' Password

Philippines Bans Use of AI Apps in Military Due to Security Risks

Police Dismantle Multimillion-Dollar Scam Gang

Police swoop on ransomware gang that hacked Capcom

Populus Financial Group Notifies Thousands of Breached Social Security Numbers Following Recent Data Breach

Progressive Leasing Notifies More than 193k Individuals of Recent Data Breach that Leaked Their SSNs

Ransomware Attacks: The Growing Threat to Healthcare Organizations

Record cyberattacks on states, businesses and people

Scammers impersonate Adecco, Hays and other staffing firms in Whatsapp phishing scam

September saw a record 153% increase of ransomware attacks, says NCC Group

September Sees ‘Record Levels’ of Ransomware Attacks

September was a record month for ransomware attacks in 2023

Shadow Access Creates Invisible Cloud Security Risks

SMBs Increasingly Confident in Cybersecurity

Social Login Flaws in Popular Websites Risked Billions of User Accounts

Staying safe online this festive shopping season: 5 tips to improve your security habits

Strategic Safeguards: 7 Steps To Secure Your Business Amidst the Rise of Emerging Technologies

The Philippines: Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) 'sandbox' site infiltrated

The Philippines: Public Warned Versus Phishing Attacks

The Role of Humans & Continuous Controls Monitoring in Cybersecurity

There were 11% more ransomware attacks in Q3 than Q2 2023

Thirty-four cybercrooks who stole data of 4 million people arrested in Spain

Thousands of websites vulnerable to account takeover, security specialists warn

Turkish hacker group Ayildiz Tim announced that it has hacked the Israeli Defense Ministry

Ukraine cyber officials warn of a ‘surge’ in Smokeloader attacks on financial, government entities

US retail chain Kwik Trips yet to restore systems following the 9th October cyber attack

VMware warns admins of public exploit for vRealize RCE flaw

Volex dented by cyberattack costs but full-year results are on track

What are passkeys? Experience the life-changing magic of going passwordless

Why companies should transition to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Windows security: How to protect your home and small business PCs

23rd October

1Password discloses security incident linked to Okta breach

2FA: Still FinTech’s Best Defense Against Cybercrimes in 2023

9 Common Phishing Scams And How to Protect Yourself

31 Cybersecurity Terms Everyone Should Know in 2023

Akamai research finds more sophisticated phishing threats in hospitality industry

Alleged covert wiretap on Russian messaging service blown by expired TLS certificate

American Family Insurance Confirms Reports of Cyber Attack, Raising Consumers’ Concerns Over a Possible Data Breach

APIs: the inadvertent insider threat

As Healthcare Cyber Threats Increase, More Tech Pro Talent Is Needed

Behind the global scam worth an estimated €100m targeting WhatsApp users with fake job offers

Belgian Authorities Investigating Transport for London (TfL) Over Potential ULEZ Data Breach

Blast Radius: Five Strategies To Minimize Identity Compromise's Impact

Blockchain Security: Understanding vulnerabilities and mitigating risks

Booking.com Customers Targeted by Clever Phishing Scams

Cadre Services Targeted in Ransomware Attack; Hackers Leak Some Stolen Data, Including SSNs

Casio Hacked: Customers’ Personal Details Exposed

Cisco patches IOS XE zero-days used to hack over 50,000 devices

Citrix warns admins to patch NetScaler CVE-2023-4966 bug immediately

City of Philadelphia discloses data breach

City of Philadelphia discloses data breach after five months

Community Surgical Supply data breach class action lawsuit settlement

Contractor Database Leak Exposes 500K Irish Police Vehicle Seizure Records

Cumberland County still working to address ransomware attack on Register of Deeds server

Cyber attacks against schools, local governments are up. Here's what Minnesota is doing about it

Cyber Insecurity: Report Finds Majority of Enterprises Expect an Imminent Cyber Attack

Cyber Insurance Report: Breach Frequency Down, Breach Severity Up

Cyber warning as business study reveals alarming results

Cyberattacks: The next big threat to employee wellbeing

Cybersecurity incident disrupted Kwik Trip’s system. It’s not the only employer to face cyberattacks recently

D.C. Board of Elections: Hackers may have breached entire voter roll

DC elections agency warns entire voting roll may have been stolen

Dealers focusing on cybersecurity, but incidents continue to increase

“Disappearing” implants, followed by first fixes for exploited Cisco IOS XE zero-day

DoNot Team's New Firebird Backdoor Hits Pakistan and Afghanistan

Entire DC voters’ list may have been breached

Ethical Dilemmas in AI-Powered Cybersecurity: Navigating the Fine Line between Protection and Privacy

Examining Predator Mercenary Spyware

Fantom Foundation a Victim of a Hack

FTX Creditors Face New Threat: Phishing Attacks amidst Legal Turmoil

Global Ransomware Takedown: Ragnar Locker Falls

Hackers ‘may have had access to the full voter roll,’ Washington, DC officials say

Hackers Using Money-Making Scripts to Deliver Multiple Malware

Hamas’ online infrastructure reveals ties to Iran APT, researchers say

Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center (HC3) Warns Healthcare Organizations of NoEscape Ransomware

Healthcare Data Security: A Primer on HIPAA Compliance and Software Solutions

Higher Threats Equal Higher Cybersecurity Spending

Hola Espana: 'Grandoreiro' Trojan Targets Global Banking Customers

Hot Takes in Data Security: Data Manipulation, Blind Trust and Compliance

How Does Spyware Get Onto Your Computer Or Phone?

How passkeys are changing the face of authentication

How to defend your organisation in an ever-expanding cyberthreat landscape

International Criminal Court: September Breach Was Espionage Raid

International Criminal Court investigating “unprecedented” cyberattack

International Criminal Court (ICC) says cyber attack an act of espionage

Into the Cyber Abyss: Check Point’s Riveting 2024 Predictions Reveal a Storm of AI, Hacktivism, and Weaponized Deepfakes

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Multifaceted Alliances and Fierce Cyberspace Battle

Microsoft Products Most Targeted in Ransomware Attacks, Highlights the Need for Proactive Patching

Microsoft Vulnerabilities Top CISA’s List of Ransomware-Linked CVEs

Navigating the complex waters of cybersecurity

New Grandoreiro Malware Variant Targets Spain

New York Attorney General Settles HIPAA Case with Home Health Company for $350,000

New York health network restores services after crippling cyberattack

Okta Breached Via Stolen Credential

Okta Stock Continues to Fall Following Security Breach

Okta Stock Falls Again On Worries About Data Breach Impact

Okta’s support system breached, customer caution advised

Only a fraction of risk leaders are prepared for GenAI threats

Orange County's DA's Office experiences data breach

Over 50K Cisco IOS XE Devices Hacked Exploiting Zero-day

Palestine crypto donation scams emerge amid Israel-Hamas war

Password Admin123: Hackers sweat to expose Philippines’ state secrets

PickMe denies claims of major data breach

Police Dismantle Ragnar Locker Ransomware Group

Protecting against cyber attacks backed by generative AI

QNAP takes down server behind widespread brute-force attacks

Quasar RAT Leverages DLL Side-Loading to Fly Under the Radar

QuasarRAT Deploys Advanced DLL Side-Loading Technique

Ragnar Locker ransomware gang taken down in international sweep

Ransomware attacks are getting faster: How to adjust incident response plans accordingly

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