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Monday 16 October 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 42 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 16th October and 22nd October 2023.

22nd October

10 Crucial Cybersecurity Steps Everyone Should Take

Aadhaar Card Biometric Lock: How To Safeguard Your Personal Information From Hackers Amid Threats Of Stealing

Atomic Wallet Freezes $2,000,000 on Crypto Exchanges After Hackers Steal $100,000,000 in June

Blockstream Exposes Phishing Scam: Urges Caution Amid Rising Threats

Chambersburg Area School District confirms 'certain personal data' taken before cyber attack discovery

Cyber attacks hit New York state casino operation, two Hudson Valley hospitals

Cyber catastrophe events: Seeking solutions for unknown unknowns

Cyberattacks: Vietnam-Based Hackers Target Digital Marketing Firms in India, US and UK With Potential Malware by Hijacking Facebook Business Accounts

Cybercriminals are Targeting Plastic Surgery Offices and Patients

Email security threats are more dangerous than ever - here's what you need to know

Europol busts major ransomware gang

FBI Denver warning "Phantom Hacker" financial scam

FTX Creditors Warned of Phishing Threat as Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) Criminal Trial Progresses

Gaza War waged on the digital front as well as the battlefield – hundreds of sites attacked since October 7th

Genetic testing firm 23andMe hit by big data breach, over 4 million ancestral profiles exposed

Google Ads for KeePass Malware

Google Chrome's new "IP Protection" will hide users' IP addresses

How to avoid 'Your account has been reported' Facebook scam

India: You’ve got (phishing) mail

Inside the Underground World of Black Market AI Chatbots

Kaspersky reveals advanced tactics in cyber espionage campaigns using MATA toolset

Major cyber attack could cost the world $3.5 trillion

Malaysia: Scam Site Impersonating Government Targeting Telegram Users To Take Over Their Accounts

New Hotel Phishing Scam — Be Careful If You’re Offered a Discounted Rate

New TetrisPhantom hackers steal data from secure USB drives on government systems

Number of hacked Cisco IOS XE devices plummets from 50K to hundreds

Okta didn’t acknowledge breach for over two weeks

Okta shares drop after identity company discloses yet another data breach

PickMe refutes claim of data breach allegedly compromising 4 million records

Proactively preventing your company from becoming the next cyberattack headline

Ragnar Locker ransomware group busted, site shut down

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Defense

Secure printing: The foundation of multi-layered security

South Africa: Department of Defence and State Security in the crosshair

The 23andMe data breach reveals the vulnerabilities of our interconnected data

The State of Cybersecurity in 2023: Insights from Microsoft’s Digital Defence Report

The Super SA data hack impacted thousands but took two months to come to light. Here's what we know

Understanding the Wirecard Scandal: Lessons Learned and Implications for the Financial Industry

What Do I Do If My Social Security Number (SSN) Is On The Dark Web

What is the Dark Web, Search Engines, and What Not to Do on the Dark Web

21st October

9 Ways to Identify a Phishing Website

Amazon and Microsoft Team Up To Crack Down on Impersonation Scams and Tech Support Fraud

American Family Insurance confirms cyberattack is behind IT outages

Are Backup Files the Missing Link in Your Cyber Security?

Cisco Zero-Day Exploited to Implant Malicious Lua Backdoor on Thousands of Devices

Cyber attack on us an attempt of espionage: International Criminal Court

DC voter data breach may have exposed personal information

Did coins.ph lose $6 million in an XRP hack? Ripple's current price reflects the impact

Europol Dismantles Ragnar Locker Ransomware Infrastructure, Nabs Key Developer

Fantom Foundation employee loses at least $7M of crypto in exploit; Correcting recent claim on crypto role in terrorism financing

International Criminal Court heightens security after espionage cyber-attack

International Criminal Court systems breached for espionage purposes

Israel: Health Ministry disconnects the remote connection of several hospitals following cyber attack

Israel's burial society website comes under cyberattack

Okta's Support System Breach Exposes Customer Data to Unidentified Threat Actors

Phishing Alert: Blockstream Customers Targeted by Mail Scam

Sheba Medical Center Hit by Cyber Attack

Singapore Court Freeze order to Be Attached to Hacker Wallets

Synergizing International Cooperation And National Strategies To Combat Ransomware

The Cyber Pandemic: Unmasking the Human Factor in Cybersecurity

This stealthy Android malware can steal your money and invade your privacy

Threat actors breached Okta support system and stole customers’ data

Top Exchange Loses 12M XRP Worth Over $6M in Possible Exploit

Vietnamese DarkGate Malware Targets META Accounts in the UK, USA, India

Watch out - that QR code could just be a phishing scam

20th October

20 Years Of Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Leveling Up The Basics

22% of Phishing Attacks Utilised QR Codes, New Insights Reveal

23andMe announce data breach

33 State Attorney Generals Settle 3 Health Data Breach Cases

48% of organizations predict cyberattack recovery to take weeks

Admin behind E-Root stolen creds souk extradited to US

ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware group claims Northwest Florida courts cyber attack

Asia Pacific users prefer biometrics as password alternative

Atomic Wallet Freezes $2,000,000 on Crypto Exchanges After Hackers Steal $100,000,000 in June

Beyond passwords: 4 key security steps you're probably forgetting

Billions of Google Chrome users warned over fake pop-up to update their browser

Blackbaud Settles Multistate Investigation Related to Data Breach for $49.5 Million

Boomers have better cybersecurity habits than millennials and Gen Z

Businesses access to cyber insurance impacted by employee mistakes and poor security

Cadence Bank Hit with Class Action After Customer Info Was Exposed During MOVEit Data Breach

Casio reveals data breach impacting customers in 149 countries

Casio says customers in 148 countries affected by breach

Chinese scammers set their sights on India’s digital payment ecosystem

Chinese Scammers Use Fake Loan Apps for Money Laundering

Cisco Devices Face Cyber Attack as Hackers Exploit Unpatched Vulnerability

Cisco discloses new IOS XE zero-day exploited to deploy malware implant

Cisco identifies another IOS XE vulnerability, with patches coming this weekend

Cisco to release security fix for widely-exploited IOS XE software vulnerability

Class action lawsuit alleges Francesca’s failed to protect customer, employee info during data breach

Criminal groups focus on Australia and US

Critical RCE flaws found in SolarWinds access audit solution

Cyber Av3ngers False Claims on Israeli Attack Exposed

Cyberattacks: The Hidden Emotional Toll On Employees

Cybersecurity incident disrupted Kwik Trip's system. It's not the only employer to face cyberattacks recently

Cybersecurity Incident Disrupts Courts in Kansas

DarkGate Malware Campaigns Linked to Vietnam-Based Cybercriminals

Data breach affects 1,943 Cape Fear Valley patients. How to check if your info was stolen

‘Data security event’ in city’s email system may have exposed health information, Philadelphia officials say

DNA Micro data leak exposes sensitive information of 820,000 customers

Ducktail Infostealer, DarkGate RAT Linked to Same Threat Actors

EtherHiding: Why hackers may prefer Binance’s BNB Smart Chain

European Police Nab Developer of Ragnar Locker Ransomware

European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) Warns of Rising AI Manipulation Ahead of Upcoming European Elections

Europol: ‘Key target’ in Ragnar Locker ransomware operation arrested in Paris

ExelaStealer: A New Low-Cost Cybercrime Weapon Emerges

Fake Amazon and Microsoft call centers busted

Fake Corsair job offers on LinkedIn push DarkGate malware

FBI takes down 17 websites used in massive North Korean hiring scheme

First Circuit chief judge confirms personal data was breached in courthouse cyberattack

Five Eyes Coalition Release Guidelines for Business Leaders on Securing Intellectual Property

From Snooze to Enthuse: Making Security Awareness Training 'Sticky'

FTX creditors warned of possible phishing scams as withdrawals remain impossible

Gaston College continues to have lawsuits filed connected to data breach

German authorities want to ban adult sites at the ISP level

GhostLocker - A New Generation of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) from Hacktivist Groups

Hacker accused of breaching Finnish psychotherapy center facing 30,000 counts

Hackers obtain 7,200 email addresses from Hongkong Post but personal data safe, department says

Hackers who previously targeted Bay Area terrorize Israel, wage cyberwarfare in Middle East

Hacking attacks in the Philippines: Lessons learnt

Hamas likely cooperates with hackers to stay online

Health Net data breach $10M class action settlement

Healthcare Data Breaches Impacted 25% of Americans in 2023

Hong Kong tech firm Sphero suffers massive, alleged data theft – details of a million students, educators leaked

How AI is revolutionising the landscape of cybersecurity

How Digital Forensics Can Investigate the Dark Web

How generative AI is playing key role in future of cybersecurity

How Hackers Swindled Vegas

How to avoid digital lending scams this festive season

How to Make Your Threat-Hunting Program More Effective

Incident of the Week: 23andMe hacker releases genetic data profiles of 4.1 million victims

India raids tech-support fraud compounds after tip from Amazon, Microsoft

Indian hacker arrested in US for stealing Rs 1.25 crore from elderly woman

Inline Network Integration data breach class action settlement

Iranian Crambus Actors Modify Windows Firewall Rules To Enable Remote Access

Ireland: Man released after questioning over PSNI data breach

Israel-Hamas War: Indian Cyber Space Caught In The Crossfire As Threat Groups Escalate Online Conflict

Kwik Trip confirms 'cybersecurity incident'

Kwik Trip finally confirms cyberattack was behind ongoing outage

Legacy authentication leads to growing consumer frustration

LockBit Redux: Ransomware Gang Demands $80M, Leaks CDW Data

Major international operation against the Ragnar Locker ransomware group with Eurojust support

Malvertisers Using Google Ads to Target Users Searching for Popular Software

Moldovan faces US trial for selling stolen credentials

Nearly three-quarters of Brits targeted by these scams in the past year

New threat report reveals true dominance of ransomware

New Windows Infostealer ‘ExelaStealer’ Being Sold on Dark Web

North Korean cyber armies rain down on developers

North Korean hackers are targeting software developers and impersonating IT workers

North Korean Hackers Exploiting TeamCity Flaw to Compromise Organizations Network

North Koreans using false identities to get US jobs and send millions home

Okta reveals surging investment in zero-trust security

Officials Confirm Second Major Ransomware Bust of 2023

Okta says hackers used stolen credentials to view customer files

Okta says its support system was breached using stolen credentials

Okta Stock Falls On New Hacker Security Breach

Over 200 million malicious emails were detected in Q3 2023

Passwordless Revolution: Reinventing Cybersecurity for the Digital Age

Payments system cyber attack could cost the world $3.5 trillion

PennyMac Files Notice of Data Breach That Leaked Thousands of SSNs

Philippine Military to Create ‘Cyber Command’ to Combat Online Attacks

Philippines ranks 5th in data breach in Asia

Radiology provider Akumin postpones most clinical and diagnostic operations amid ransomware attack

Ragnar Locker ransomware developer arrested in France

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang Dismantled, Key Suspect Arrested, Site Seized

Ragnar Locker ransomware gang taken down by international police swoop

RagnarLocker ransom gang taken down by FBI

Ransomware attacks might increase in-hospital mortality by up to 35%

Removing spyware from your phone can be tricky. These options are your best bet

Researchers uncover DarkGate malware’s Vietnamese connection

Scandal At Prado Museum As Impersonators Shutdown

September 2023 Healthcare Data Breach Report

Shipping remains 'easy target' for cyber criminals

Social Media Scams Impacting Businesses and Individuals Today

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager Flaw Let Attackers Execute Remote Code

Spooky Cyber Statistics And Trends You Need To Know

SpyNote Android Trojan Emerges As Recent Spyware Threat For Android

Survey Sees Zero-Trust Transition Gaining Momentum

The double-edged sword of heightened regulation for financial services

"The Phantom Hacker:" FBI Phoenix Warns Public of New Financial Scam

The Philippines: Protecting data privacy

The real impact of the cybersecurity poverty line on small organizations

Trust Benefit Technologies Announces Data Breach Impacting an Unknown Number of Social Security Numbers

Trust no one: How to spot and avoid smishing scams

U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) Cracks Down on North Korean IT Scammers Defrauding Global Businesses

U.S. Seizes Money, Domains Involved In North Korea IT Worker Scam

UK Cites Nuclear Plant Operator Over Cybersecurity Strategy

Unleashing the Power of the Internet of Things and Cyber Security

Unprecedented Cyber-Attack Prompts Security Measures at International Criminal Court (ICC)

US: Bank with three local branches reports data breach

Vietnam: More than 95% of phishing attacks target the banking and finance sectors

Vietnamese Hackers Target U.K., U.S., and India with DarkGate Malware

Walmart Halloween, USPS, and Ace Craftsman Generator: Top Scams of the Week

War crimes tribunal says September cyberattack was act of espionage

What Are The Risks Of Public WiFi Networks At Airports?

What Is Hybrid Cloud Security? How it Works & Best Practices

What is Phishing? 5 Types of Phishing Attacks You Need to Know

Why AD Modernization Is Critical To Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

19th October

$1.4 trillion lost to scams globally; Singapore victims lost the most on average

$5.5 trillion: Lloyd’s models cost of global cyber attack

16 cybersecurity predictions for 2024

39% of individuals use the same password for multiple accounts

61% of firms worry they are unprepared for security risks in quantum era

236,000 Individuals Affected by Fairfax Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Ransomware Attack

APTs Exploiting WinRAR 0day Flaw Despite Patch Availability

Artificial intelligence offers promise - and peril - in cyberthreat landscape

BianLian Ransomware Group Threatens Air Canada After Data Breach Involving 210 GB of Data

BlackCat ransomware uses new ‘Munchkin’ Linux VM in stealthy attacks

Business resilience becomes primary force behind cybersecurity investments

Business-oriented threat involving ‘several types of malware all at once’ remains active

Casio discloses data breach impacting customers in 149 countries

Cavender’s employee data breach class action settlement

Check Point forecasts rising AI-enabled cyberthreats for 2024

Cisco Web UI Vulnerability Exploited Massly, Impacting Over 40K Devices

Clark County School District data breach worries parents

Common Bitcoin scams and how to avoid them

Concerns grow as LockBit knockoffs increasingly target popular vulnerabilities

Construction giant Newtron Group says August data breach impacted close to 40k customers

Cumberland County Register of Deeds online search down after ransomware attack

Cyber resilience starts in the C-suite

Cyberattacks No. 1 cause of downtime and data loss

Cybersecurity Spending Slows as Investment Patterns Shift

Database Ransomware: From Attack to Recovery

Detectives investigating criminality linked to freedom of information data breach make arrest

E-Root admin faces 20 years for selling stolen RDP, SSH accounts

E-Root Marketplace Admin Extradited to US on Computer Fraud Charge

European Union Elections at Risk with Rise of AI-Enabled Information Manipulation

Europol Strike Wounds Ragnar Locker Ransomware Group

Fake KeePass site uses Google Ads and Punycode to push malware

FBI Warns of Extortionists Stealing Plastic Surgery Data for Ransom

Feds seize 17 web domains used by North Korean tech workers in fraud scheme

Finnish Hacker Charged With Multiple Counts of Extortion

Florida's Arietis Health said MOVEit Transfer breach compromised the data of 1.9m patients

Generative AI And Security Risks: An Enterprise Defence Guide

Google ads for KeePass, Notepad++ lead to malware

Google Enhances Play Protect to Defend Against Polymorphic Malware

Google Play Protect deploys real-time scanning to fight malware

Google Play Protect Introduces Real-Time Code-Level Scanning for Android Malware

Google Play Protect takes on malicious apps with code-level scanning

Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) Detects State-Backed Threat Actors Exploiting WinRAR Flaw

Government officials debate effectiveness of multilateral relations in cybersecurity

Hacker Group GhostSec Unveils New Generation Ransomware Implant

Hackers Exploit QR Codes with QRLJacking for Malware Distribution

Hackers Using Secure USB Drives to Attack Government Entities

Healthcare Solutions Giant Henry Schein Discloses Cybersecurity Incident

Highest percentage of cybercrime activity originates in Russia

Hope Lend Protocol Left With Near Zero Assets After Exploit

How much money did MGM lose due to last month’s cyber-attack?

How to defend yourself against Hamas’s cyberwarfare

How to recover from a cyber attack: 8 tips for K-12

Human Error: Casio ClassPad Data Breach Impacting 148 Countries

Human error cited as key cause of data breach at Japanese electronics company Casio

IBM says 631K affected in Johnson & Johnson database breach

India targets Microsoft, Amazon tech support scammers in nationwide crackdown

Indian hacker, 24, pleads guilty to stealing $150k from Montana woman

Inmediata Health Resolves Multi-State Data Breach Investigation With $1.4M Settlement

Integrated healthcare provider OrthoAlaska says 2022 data breach impacted 176k patients

Iran-backed hackers dwelled for 8 months in Mideast government’s system

Iran-Linked OilRig Targets Middle East Governments in 8-Month Cyber Campaign

Iranian hackers lurked in Middle Eastern govt network for 8 months

Ireland: Man arrested in Derry by police probing PSNI data breach

Irish firms urged to prioritise importance of cyber security

Kansas Judicial system shuts online services following a major cyber attack

Kwik Trip Announces IT Outage, Raising Concerns of Possible Data Breach

Manufacturing is the top industry affected by ransomware in 2023

MGM Resorts CEO Details Cyber Attack Issues

Microsoft extends Purview Audit log retention after July breach

Microsoft Warns of North Korean Attacks Exploiting JetBrains TeamCity Flaw

Millions more 23andMe users exposed online

Moldovan accused of running cybercrime marketplace to face charges in US

Navigating the Data Security Landscape: Protecting Your Financial Assets in the Age of AI Chatbots

Newest Ransomware Trend: Attackers Move Faster with Partial Encryption

Nigerian Police Alert Public about Phishing Recruitment Website

North Korean Attackers Exploiting Critical CI/CD Vulnerability

Number of ransomware victims reaches record high

Online scams are becoming harder to spot, here’s what to look out for

Over 40,000 Cisco IOS XE devices infected with backdoor using zero-day

Patch up, please: state-backed actors still exploiting known WinRAR vulnerability

PhilHealth: 13 Million Members Affected By Data Breach

Phishing emails impersonating HR are on the rise

Plastic Surgeons Warned About New Face of Cyber Extortion

Privacy not included: Nissan cars tracking drivers’ intimate lives

Prospect Medical hit with lawsuit over patient data breach

QR Codes Used in 22% of Phishing Attacks

Ragnar Locker ransomware site taken down by FBI, Europol

Ragnar Locker ransomware’s dark web extortion sites seized by police

RagnarLocker ransomware dark web site seized in international sting

Ransomware projected to see banner year amid ‘big game hunting

Recovering from ransomware: Long Island schools are top targets of cybercriminals

Reinforcing cybersecurity: The network’s role to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks

Sellafield local authority unsure if data was stolen six years on from North Korea ransomware attack

Senior living and care provider is victim of data security breach at 3 locations

Some people whose personal data stolen in HWL Ebsworth hack not told for six months

Sophisticated MATA Framework Strikes Eastern European Oil and Gas Companies

Super SA discloses third-party data breach

The Growing Threat of SMS Phishing and How to Stay Safe

The next big API security breach looms: here’s how to prepare

The Role of IoT Vulnerabilities in Identity Theft: An Unseen Danger for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI)

The shadowy underbelly of AI

The Urgency for Robust Utility Cybersecurity

This Malware Mimics Your Browser to Steal Information

US Charge Man with Running Stolen Credentials Marketplace

Use of QR Codes in Phishing Campaigns is on the Rise

Valve Enhances Steam Security With SMS Verification

Vietnam: More than 95 per cent of phishing attacks target the banking and finance sectors

Vulnerability Scanning: How Often Should I Scan?

What is ransomware? Everything you need to know and how to reduce your risk

What We Learned from the 2023 Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report

Why shipping still needs to break out of the vicious cyber-cycle

18th October

5 Security Insights to Protect your Organisation against Cyber Threats

11.6% increase in cybersecurity spending amid rising threats

400 Million Records Stolen in 2023 State Farm Data Breach, Class Action Lawsuit Says

A Hacker Spotted a Huge Flaw in the CIA’s X/Twitter

Account tied to rapper Nelly compromised, used for crypto phishing scam

AI Adoption Surges But Security Awareness Lags Behind

AI’s impact on cybersecurity and cybercrime

American Rapper Nelly’s X Account Reportedly Hacked and Involved in Crypto Phishing Scheme

Are Tabletop Exercises Still Relevant for Modern Cybersecurity?

Australia: State makes data breach notifications mandatory

Beware of scam calls as digital switchover gathers pace

Caesars loyalty members file class action over September data breach

Californian IT company DNA Micro leaks private mobile phone data

Case Study: How Did Ransomware Attacks Affect These Three Hospitals?

CIA exposed to potential intelligence interception due to X's URL bug

Citrix NetScaler bug exploited in the wild since August (CVE-2023-4966)

City of Harlingen recovering from cyberattack

Clearview AI wins appeal to overturn $10 million UK privacy fine

Commonwealth Bank sounds alarm on deepfake and social media-based cyber threats

Critical Citrix NetScaler Flaw Exploited to Target from Government, Tech Firms

Crooks after plastic surgeons and their patients, FBI warns

Crypto Scams Costs Canadian Investors $22.5 Million

Cryptocurrency scams and how to avoid them

Cyber Now the #1 Cause of IT Downtime

Cyberattack on DC election site exposes voter data to hackers

Cyberattack Targets Nelly's X Account: Fans Warned Of Phishing Scheme

D-Link clears up 'exaggerations' around data breach

D-Link Confirms Breach, Rebuts Hacker's Claims About Scope

D-Link Confirms Data Breach: Employee Falls Victim to Phishing Attack

D-Link confirms data breach after employees hit with phishing attack

Data Breach Trends Involving Patient Information: What to Know and How Redacting Can Help

DDoS attacks trending upwards: multiple EU websites under siege

DigiCert Survey Reveals Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Challenges

Eastern European energy and defense firms targeted with MATA backdoor

Elastic Global Threat Report 2023 Reveals Dominance of Ransomware

Evolving tools cause cybercrime to skyrocket globally

Ex-Navy IT head gets 5 years for selling people’s data on darkweb

Fake unemployment sites are trying to scam users out of their personal information

Fantom Foundation Suffers Wallet Hack Via Google Chrome 0-Day Flaw

FBI: Hackers Are Extorting Plastic Surgery Patients

FBI: Hackers Are Extorting Plastic Surgery Providers, Patients

FBI warns of extortion groups targeting plastic surgery offices

FBI Warns Public About Phishing Attacks Against Plastic Surgery Offices, Patients

Finland charges psychotherapy hacker with extortion

Five Eyes intelligence chiefs warn China is using AI to steal intellectual property

Five Eyes Warn Deep Tech Start-Ups Against Nation-State Threats

Flagstar Bank Suffers a MOVEit Data Breach Impacting Over 800,000 Customers

Forging a Digital Fortress: Safeguarding Construction Data in an Insecure World

Four Signs Your Fintech App is Under Cyber Attack

Generative AI merges with intelligent malware, threat level rises

Getting Back to Security Basics in the Age of AI

Gibraltar: Data breach sees two internal RGP folders become visible to Borders & Coastguard officers

Global Economy Could Lose $3.5 trillion in Systemic Cyber-Attack

Google links WinRAR exploitation to Russian, Chinese state hackers

Google Play Protect adds real-time scanning to fight Android malware

Google Play Protect Bolsters Security Against Malicious Apps

GPT-4 Vision: A breakthrough in image deciphering unveils potential for 'prompt injection attacks'

Hacker leaks millions more 23andMe user records on cybercrime forum

Hacker leaks millions of new 23andMe genetic data profiles

Hacker Withdraws Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Fantom Foundation

Health data breach may impact 1,300 Meadville Medical Center patients

Henry Schein, Inc. Announces Cyberattack and Ongoing Investigation

How companies are scrambling to keep control of their private data from AI models

How to Protect Against Evolving Phishing Attacks

HR’s Role in Combating Tech Addiction and Work Burnout

Human resources emails remain top phishing targets

India: Government's official International Film Festival of India (IFFI) website exposes Aadhaar data, women's contact info

JetBrains vulnerability being exploited by North Korean government hackers, Microsoft says

Jupyter Notebook Ripe for Cloud Credential Theft, Researchers Warn

Jupyter Notebooks targeted by cryptojackers

Kansas Supreme Court investigates security incident affecting IT systems

Kwik Trip Updates Customers on Systems Outage

Lazarus Group Targeting Defense Experts with Fake Interviews via Trojanized VNC Apps

Lloyd’s of London finds hypothetical cyberattack could cost world economy $3.5 trillion

Lloyd’s of London warns major cyber attack on payments could cost world $3.5 trillion

Major cyber attack could cost the world $3.5 trillion

Major Cyber Attack Could Cost Global Economy $3.5 Trillion

Man accused of Finland psychotherapy hack charged with 21,000 counts of extortion

MATA malware framework exploits EDR in attacks on defense firms

Medical provider Akumin turning away patients after apparent cyberattack

Multifactor Authentication and Authorization: The Key to Evolving as Fast as Insider Threats

New Admin Takeover Vulnerability Exposed in Synology's DiskStation Manager

‘NoEscape’ ransomware poses threat to health sector, federal officials warn

North Korean hackers exploit critical TeamCity flaw to breach networks

Number of Cisco Devices Targeted by Mass Exploitation Tops 30,000

Palestinian News Agency WAFA faces cyber attack by Israeli Occupation

Passkeys are the end of passwords, and, yes, you want them

PhilHealth estimates 13 to 20 million members affected by data breach

Phishing: What’s in a Name?

Phishing emails are more believable than ever. Here’s what to do about it

Phishing: understand and protect yourself against scams

Platypus Finance Recovers 18,000 $AVAX Post Exploit

Pro-Ukraine group says it took down Trigona ransomware website

Qubitstrike attacks rootkit Jupyter Linux servers to steal credentials

Qubitstrike Malware Hits Jupyter Notebooks for Cryptojacking and Cloud Data

Qubitstrike Targets Jupyter Notebooks with Crypto Mining and Rootkit Campaign

Ransomware attack targets Ampersand, jointly owned by major US cable operators

Recently patched Citrix NetScaler bug exploited as zero-day since August

Regulations are still necessary to compel adoption of cybersecurity measures

Rock County refusing to pay bad actors who launched ransomware attack

Russia and China-linked hackers exploit WinRAR bug

Schools Make E-Rate Cybersecurity Money Top Funding Priority

SMBs seek help as cyber threats reach an all-time high

Spoofed Rocket Alert App Targets Israeli Android Users with Spyware

State-sponsored APTs are leveraging WinRAR bug

Survey Surfaces High Levels of Burnout Among Cybersecurity Professionals

Ten hacker security measures to prevent cyber attacks

TetrisPhantom: Cyber Espionage via Secure USBs Targets APAC Governments

The Cost of Magecart: More Than Just a Single Fine

The cybersecurity compliance checklist: A roadmap to cyber resiliency with Zero Trust

The Dangers of Phishing and Scams on Reddit

The evolution of deception tactics from traditional to cyber warfare

The History of Cyber Security: From Simple Passwords to On-Demand Cyber Risk Quantification

The Philippines: Websites of Senate, House under attack

The risks of phishing and improving cybersecurity

The top 9 mobile security threats and how you can avoid them

Thousands of IT administrators are using ‘admin’ as their default password

Three Chinese nationals sentenced in Adelaide after using stolen details from phishing scam

UK warns nuclear power plant operator of cybersecurity failings

Ukraine says joint mission with US derailed Moscow’s cyberattacks

Ukrainian activists hack Trigona ransomware gang, wipe servers

Ukrainian Hacktivists Claim Trigona Ransomware Takedown

Understanding Saudi Arabia’s personal data protection law

US: How to recognize, avoid and protect your county against phishing attacks

Walmart Jumps to Top Spot as the Most Impersonated Brand for Phishing Scams in Q3 2023

What Australian IT Leaders Need to Focus on Ahead of Privacy Act Reforms

Why do apps keep getting hacked?

Why Software Updates Are So Important

Why Strong Identity Management Matters Now More Than Ever

17th October

3 Keys to Ransomware-Proof Your Browser Security

5 easy tasks that supercharge your security

5 Lessons From the MGM and Caesars Casinos Cyberattacks

5 Ways to Ensure Your Enterprise Data Security Strategy is fit for Purpose

6 Warning Signs of a Data Breach in Progress

10 Tips and Tricks to Secure Your Database

32% of organizations have banned the use of generative AI tools

63% of organizations restore data after a ransomware attack

A Third of Organizations Not Ready to Comply with Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2)

Action Fraud warn over Oral-B toothbrush scam emails

Addressing Credential Compromise: The Role Of Modern Identity Governance And Administration (IGA)

ALPHV ransomware group claims ITM solutions provider QSI as victim

Amazon adds passkey support as new passwordless login option

Anticipating the benefits of a passwordless tomorrow

Are Cyber Attacks Worth the Job Opportunities They Create?

Attacked by ransomware: The hospital network brought to a standstill by cybercriminals

Bermuda Premier suggests cyber attack may have compromised personal data

BlackRock Pursuing Legal Action Against Fake Domain Names

Caesars Entertainment Hit with Class Action Over August 2023 Data Breach

Californian IT company leaks private mobile phone data

Can thin clients be an antidote to the sprawling attack surface?

CERT-UA Reports: 11 Ukrainian Telecom Providers Hit by Cyberattacks

Chilean government warns of Black Basta ransomware attacks after customs incident

CISA and FBI to Network Admins: Patch Atlassian Confluence Now

Cisco Warns of Critical Vulnerability in IOS XE Software

Common Bitcoin Scams and How to Avoid Them

Computer hacker admits to stealing $150,000 from elderly Montanan

Criminals’ AI adoption intensifies scam threat

Critical Vulnerabilities Uncovered in Open Source CasaOS Cloud Software

Crum & Forster Notifies Nearly 14k Consumers of Recent Data Breach Leaking Their SSNs

Cyber attack on Simpson Manufacturing Company causes severe operational disruptions

Cyber experts applaud the new White House cybersecurity plan

Cyberattacks on healthcare organizations affect patient care

Cyberattacks on Israel: A New Dimension in Ongoing Conflict

Cybercriminals register .AI domains of trusted brands for malicious activity

Cybersecurity Awareness Month highlights risk of online sports betting

Cybersecurity for Kids: The Best Tips For Concerned Parents

Cybersecurity’s Soft Underbelly: The Threat From Social Engineering

D-Link confirms data breach after employee phishing attack

Data breach at vendor could affect MUSC Health

DC investigating voter data breach. Here's what to know

Delete-your-data laws have a perennial problem: Data brokers who fail to register

Disclosed Vulnerabilities Signal Reliability In A Cybersecurity Partner

Discord: A Playground for Nation-State Hackers Targeting Critical Infrastructure

Employees are the "weakest link" when it comes to cyber security - how to strengthen defences

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Withdraws Cybersecurity Requirements for Water Systems

Even the FBI says you need to patch this Atlassian Confluence bug right now

Experts Warn of Severe Flaws Affecting Milesight Routers and Titan SFTP Servers

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Explosion in breach of health care data

Fake Browser Updates Used in Malware Distribution

Fake Browser Updates Used to Deploy Malware

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Flagstar Bank warns customers about serious data breach in US

Former Navy IT manager sentenced for stealing 9,000 identities

Generative AI's impact on phishing attacks

Google Chrome mimicked to spread malware

Hackers trying to corrupt AI, raising level of ransomware threat

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HMRC issues warning to 12 million over mistake which can empty bank account

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Most common scams of the last 12 months - including phishing, and refund scams

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New Discord scam sees hackers offer easy cash for testing projects - don’t fall for this

New Netskope Report Exposes Increasing Use of Cloud Apps to Spread Malware

New trend in ransomware: Anonymity

OpenSSF Launches Malicious Packages Repository

Over 40,000 admin portal accounts use 'admin' as a password

Persistent Espionage Campaign Targets APAC Governments

Personal data of Decathlon employees allegedly shared on the dark web

‘Phantom hacker’ scams that target seniors’ savings are on the rise, FBI says

Phishing attacks hit record high in third quarter, with malware not far behind

Phishing attacks reach record highs

Platypus Finance recovers 90% of assets lost in exploit

Principles for ransomware-resistant cloud backups

QR code warning: What is ‘quishing' and how to avoid getting scammed

Queensland government introduces data breach notification legislation

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Report finds majority of enterprises expect an imminent cyberattack

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Company Reports Data Breach Tied to MOVEit Software, 1.9M Impacted

Rising AI-Fueled Phishing Drives Demand for Password Alternatives

Russia-based Wizard Spider is Top Threat Group

Russia’s Sandworm hacking unit targets Ukrainian telecom providers

ServiceNow leak: thousands of companies at risk

Shipping names pay multimillion-dollar ransoms after cyber attacks

'Shocking' cybersecurity numbers in survey of Canadian small businesses, says Mastercard

Silk Road Hacker Accidentally Showed Feds $70,000,000 Worth of Bitcoin on His Laptop Before Being Arrested

Social engineering is the attack method of choice

Software Supply Chain Security Attacks Up 200%

Sovereign Immunity Is Alive and Well, Even After a Cyberattack

SpyNote Android malware spreads via fake volcano eruption alerts

Supply Chain Attack Targeting Telegram, AWS and Alibaba Cloud Users

Taking Stock of Identity Solutions in the Age of AI

Tampa Hospital Suffers Recent Data Breach

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16th October

90 Degree Benefits data breach $990k class action settlement

92% of business plan to move to passwordless technology

Beware: Lumma Stealer Distributed via Discord CDN

Binance's Smart Chain Exploited in New 'EtherHiding' Malware Campaign

Bolstering Operational Technology (OT) to keep manufacturers safe

Bring on AI and Machine Learning to take on escalating cybercrime threats

Can you track a hacker?

Check Point reveals Global Threat Index with Formbook as top malware

CISA Shares Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations Exploited by Ransomware Gangs

CISA, FBI urge admins to patch Atlassian Confluence immediately

Cisco: Hackers targeting zero-day found in internet-exposed routers

Cisco IOS XE zero-day exploited by attackers to deliver implant (CVE-2023-20198)

Cisco warns of new IOS XE zero-day actively exploited in attacks

Colonial Pipeline denies reports of ransomware attack, citing third-party data breach

Compromised Skype accounts deliver DarkGate malware to employees

Cyber Insecurity: Report Finds Majority of Enterprises Expect an Imminent Cyber Attack

Cyber security in automotive retail

Cyberattacks on Gaming Developers: Five Security Tips

Cybercrime Law in Jordan

Cybersecurity priority lacking among business leaders

DarkGate malware campaign abuses Skype and Teams

Data privacy among top concerns for workplace generative AI use

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Discord still a hotbed of malware activity - Now APTs join the fun

DIY attack surface management: Simple, cost-effective and actionable perimeter insights

Equifax fined $13.4 million following data breach

Fake 'RedAlert' rocket alert app for Israel installs Android spyware

FBI, CISA warn critical infrastructure organizations about AvosLocker ransomware

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fines Equifax £11m over cybersecurity breach

FrenTechPro Phishing Scam Steals Roughly $214,000 Across 7 Blockchains in Heist

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Gen Z & millennials: the most vulnerable to cybercrimes

Generative AI Is The Next Tactical Cyber Weapon For Threat Actors

Growing Concern Over Role of Hacktivism in Israel-Hamas Conflict

Hacker Groups Contributing Cyber Attacks to Israel-Hamas Conflict

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Hackers Using Remote Admin Tools To Compromise Organizations With Ransomware

Healthcare breach costs soar requiring new thinking for safeguarding data

Healthcare Sector Warned About New Ransomware Group NoEscape

Henry Schein announces data breach

Henry Schein, Inc. Confirms Recent Cyberattack, Raising Data Breach Concerns

High phishing rates among remote workers across Australia

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India in the Crosshairs: Ransomware and Malware Threats Skyrocket, Demanding Urgent Cyber Vigilance

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Israeli security data for sale at $15,000

Kansas courts closed, electronic systems down after alleged ransomware attack

Kansas courts IT systems offline after ‘security incident’

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New CISA and NSA Identity and Access Management Guidance Puts Vendors on Notice

New Cisco Web UI Vulnerability Exploited by Attackers

New RomCom Backdoor Targets Female Political Leaders

New wave of scams coming and world is unprepared

Over 70% of Irish businesses suffered cyber attack in the past 12 months

Phishing Threats in the Cyber Landscape

Pro-Russian Hackers Exploiting Recent WinRAR Vulnerability in New Campaign

Ransomware Targets Unpatched WS_FTP Servers

Ransomware Victims Increasingly Pay Demands

RomCom Malware Group Targets EU Gender Equality Summit

ROMCOMLITE: Stealthier Version of ROMCOM Backdoor Targets Female Politicians

Russian Sandworm hackers breached 11 Ukrainian telcos since May

Safeguarding data - trends, challenges, solutions

Security firms track FTX exploiter through Bitcoin mixer

Signal Debunks Zero-Day Vulnerability Reports, Finds No Evidence

Signal denies rumors of zero-day bug

Signal Disputes Alleged Zero-Day Flaw

Signal says there is no evidence rumored zero-day bug is real

Signal Zero-Day Vulnerability Rumors Refuted by Company

Significant Surge in Zero-Transfer Phishing Losses on Tron Network: 450M USDT Affected

SpyNote: Beware of This Android Trojan that Records Audio and Phone Calls

Sterling Valley Systems, Inntopia data breach class action settlement

Survey Sees Shift to Passwordless Authentication Accelerating

Taylored Services Parent Co Announces Cyber Attack and Possible Data Breach Affecting Current and Former Employees

The Future of Authentication and Staying Safe Online

The Newtron Group Announces Data Breach Affecting the Personal Information of Over 39,000

The Philippines: Hackers break into House of Representatives website

The Philippines: National Privacy Commission (NPC) launches online portal for PhilHealth members to check data leak

The Philippines: Probe sought on hacking spree of government websites

The Philippines: Senate seeks probe of cyberattacks

The Three Most Common Bitcoin Scams, and How to Avoid Them

Threat Actors Exploit Atlassian Confluence CVE-2023-22515 for Initial Access to Networks

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US Government's Seized Bitcoin Stash Soars to $5B

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