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Monday 18 September 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 38 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 18th September and 24th September 2023.

24th September

32.6% of Nigerian industrial computers face cyberattack, says Kaspersky

City of Fort Lauderdale loses $1.2 million in phishing scam, police in Florida say

FBI and CISA Issue Joint Advisory on Snatch Ransomware Threat

How To Detect Data Exfiltration

How to Play Smart Defense

Iran-Linked Threat Group Spying on Israeli Organizations

Pakistan: Not just a wake-up call

PhilHealth implementing containment measures after cyber attack

Popular Thesaurus Website Used in Sneaky Cryptojacking Scheme

RANSOMEDVC Ransomware Group Claims Breach of Sony Corporation

Spyware can infect your phone or computer via the ads you see online

The Philippines tops Asean cybersecurity incidents list

Threat spotlight: How attackers use inbox rules to evade detection after compromise

Understanding the cyber kill chain

23rd September

890 schools affected in National Student Clearinghouse MOVEit breach

AI voice cloning scams on the rise, expert warns

Air Canada discloses data breach of employee and 'certain records'

Apple users at risk, Indian Government issues high severity warning; check details

Armenia under increased cyberattacks, warns intelligence agency

Cases affected by South Yorkshire Police data breach include domestic abuse

City of Circleville Website Down by Possible Hacker Attack

City of Dallas has set a budget of $8.5 million to mitigate the May Royal ransomware attack

Deadglyph: New Advanced Backdoor with Distinctive Malware Tactics

Effective Roadmap to Plan and Implement Endpoint Protection

Evasive Gelsemium hackers spotted in attack against Asian government

Experts warn identity theft is on the rise nationwide

Government of Bermuda blames Russian threat actors for the cyber attack

Hacker Breaches Nansen’s Third-Party Vendor, Exposes Some of the Crypto Data Firm’s Customer Details

Kaspersky Reveals Alarming IoT Threats and Dark Web DDoS Boom

Malaysia: Telcos block nearly two billion suspicious calls

MGM Resorts announces reservations have resumed on app, online following cyberattack

MGM Resorts back online 10 days after cyberattack

Most Costly AI-Powered Cyber Attacks & Prevention

Nepal’s cybersecurity crisis demands urgent AI-based solutions

New Apple Zero-Days Exploited to Target Egyptian ex-MP with Predator Spyware

New stealthy and modular Deadglyph malware used in government attacks

North Korean Hacker Group Steals $3.4 Billion in Cryptocurrency

One of the largest T-Mobile authorized retailers had 90GB of info leaked, including customer data

Online Ads Can Infect Your Device with Spyware

Online Banking Tips to Save Yourself from Online Fraud

Protecting Digital Data in the Tech Age: A How-to Guide

Ransomware group claimed to have hit a New Jersey cardiology group. Did they?

Ransomware group LockBit threatens to release ‘databases’ tied to Weather Network breach

Russian hackers target Ukraine in search of war crime evidence against Kremlin

Secure Remote Access in Engineering: Safeguarding Data and Enhancing Collaboration

State penalizes Broomfield nursing home for cybersecurity breach

The Importance of Cybersecurity in Schools

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Hospitality Industry

These counterfeit apps might be filming you - delete them before you become an accidental star

Top stars are among hundreds of thousands of donors targeted in huge cyber attack on charities including the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs And Cats Home

Two hackers on trial in Paris for a 2019 cryptoporno email campaign

Two-decade-long history of the Turla hacking group

Ukrainian Hacker Group Used Free Download Manager to Spread Malware

Unlocking IoT Endpoint Security in 2023: What You Need to Know

Whale Phishing: Cyber crooks bait top executives, siphon off crores in Pune

Why Shouldn’t You Use the Same Password Everywhere Online

X needs a security overhaul or risk becoming irrelevant

Zero-Day iOS Exploit Chain Infects Devices with Predator Spyware

22nd September

57% of LockBit victims were organizations with 200 employees or fewer

90GB of Data Posted on Hacker Forum Linked to T-Mobile Glitch

Air Canada reports limited employee data breach; customer data unaffected

Airbus Hacker Threatens to Sell US, Europe Military Intel on Dark Web

Akira Ransomware Mutates to Target Linux Systems, Adds TTPs

Apple fixes 3 zero-day vulnerabilities exploited to compromise iPhones

Apple issues emergency security updates for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Apple Patches Three Actively Exploited Zero-Days

Apple Rushes to Patch 3 New Zero-Day Flaws: iOS, macOS, Safari, and More Vulnerable

Bermuda: Governor Confirms A ‘Major Cyber Attack’

Bermuda: Update On Government Systems Following Cyber-Attack

Bermuda government hit by cyber attack

Bermuda’s premier attributes system outages to ‘Russia-based’ attackers

Blockchain Security: Myth or Reality?

China Accuses US of Years of Cyber-Spying, Malware Campaigns

Chinese, North Korean Nation-State Groups Target Health Data

Clorox yet to fully recover from August cyber attack, confirms impact on financials

Code alterations more prevalent in Android apps than iOS

Consumer Alert: Study finds that MasterCard is selling lots of info about its customers

Court ruling on California’s online child safety law could put similar bills on hold

Crypto firm Nansen asks users to reset passwords after vendor breach

Cyber risks and health care – and what everyone needs to know

Dallas says Royal ransomware breached its network using stolen account

Data Breach Taps 30 Years of Sensitive Info at University of Minnesota

Data ex-filtration: Indian group targeting Pakistani, Chinese state institutions

Defending Your Digital Identity: How To Safeguard Your Email Address

Egyptian opposition politician hacked with Predator spyware, researchers confirm

Elusive Sandman APT Targets Telecom Giants With LuaJIT Toolkit

Email: Adapting to the riskiest business tool

FBI steps up search for members of cybercrime group 2 years after announcing it had taken its systems down

Fortifying Customer Connections: Cybersecurity in Client-Centric Tech

Gelsemium APT Group Uses “Rare” Backdoor in Southeast Asian Attack

Gen Z hackers behind ‘ruthless’ attacks on US firms likely after ‘power, influence, notoriety’

GitLab fixes critical vulnerability, patch now! (CVE-2023-5009)

Government of Bermuda links cyberattack to Russian hackers

Hackers exploited flaw in Eden Prairie firm's software in record year for ransomware attacks

Hackers threaten to dump data stolen from Auckland University of Technology

Healthcare Vendor TMG Health Hit with Class Action Over 2023 Data Breach

High-Severity Flaws Uncovered in Atlassian Products and ISC BIND Server

Hillsborough schools data breach exposed information on over 250 students

Hong Kong Consumer Council falls victim to ransom hackers, warns of suspected data breach

Hotel hackers redirect guests to fake Booking.com to steal cards

How a $2.4 trillion corporation fails so badly, so often

How to mitigate (and recover from) rising African cyber incidents

Inside the Shadow War: Cyber Baddies are Upskilling

Insider Cybersecurity Threats Have Jumped 40% in 4 Years

International Criminal Court (ICC) war crimes tribunal hobbles on despite hacking

International Criminal Court responding to a major cyber attack with the Netherland's help

Iranian Nation-State Actor OilRig Targets Israeli Organizations

IT pros told to accept burnout as normal part of their job

Joint Advisory Warns of Snatch Ransomware

Jordan Valley Community Health Center notifies patients of data breach

LastPass: ‘Horse Gone Barn Bolted’ is Strong Password

Linear Finance Suffers Attack, Hacker Drains All ℓUSD Liquidity

Major Ransomware Gangs Turning Their Exploits to Small Businesses

Medusa ransomware unleashes unprecedented cyber attack against Philhealth

MGM says hotel reservations back online as company deals with cyber attack aftermath

More People Than Ever Are Using Password Managers and You Should Be Too

Mountrail County Medical Center informs patients of third-party data breach

Mountrail County Medical Center issues patient warning following data breach

Nansen discloses security breach, points finger at unnamed third-party

Nansen Users’ Blockchain Addresses Exposed in Security Breach

Nansen Warns Of Potential Phishing Attacks Following Vendor Security Incident Exposing Customer Data

Navigating the cybersecurity landscape: Sector-specific challenges and solutions

New T-Mobile hack allegedly exposes 90GB of data

New Variant of Banking Trojan BBTok Targets Over 40 Latin American Banks

New York college forced to invest $3.5 million in cybersecurity after breach affecting 200,000

New Zealand university operating despite cyberattack

Nigerian man pleads guilty to attempted $6 million BEC email heist

No, Nobody’s Going to Steal Your Password While You Type on a Zoom Call!

Oak Valley Hospital District Notifies Patients of Data Breach Following Cyberattack

Over 700 Dark Web Ads Offer DDoS Attacks Via IoT in 2023

Pain Care Specialists may be feeling the pain of a ransomware attack

Pension Benefit Information (PBI): Don’t ignore a data breach letter

Phishing’s Rising Threat: Unraveling a $4.46 Million Tether Heist From a Kraken User

Portuguese company detects 961 pro-Russian cyber attacks in Western Europe

'Power, influence, notoriety': The Gen-Z hackers who struck MGM, Caesars

Quishing is the new phishing, experts warn – here’s how not to get hooked

Ransomware cyber insurance claims up by 27%

Ransomware Defense: Safeguarding Your Data with Backup Protection

Ransomware group didn't leak data from New York hospitals

Rare malware used to target telcos across three continents

Recently patched Apple, Chrome zero-days exploited in spyware attacks

Reflecting on Optus’ 2022 data breach, a year later

Restaurant App Indolj Denies Data Breach After Hackers Share Allegedly Stolen But Old Data

Retail Cyber Threats: 5 Ways to Protect Your Business

Russian partisans pound West, cyberwar rages on

S&P 500 companies find gaps in their cybersecurity leadership

Scams account for over 75% of all digital threats, reveals Norton Cyber Safety Pulse Report

Singing River Health System Confirms Cyberattack and Investigates Possible Data Breach

SMBs face growing cybersecurity threats, but basic measures can lower risks

SMEs overestimate their cybersecurity preparedness

Snatch Ransomware Group Behind Mount Desert Island Hospital Cyberattack

Spyware can infect your phone or computer via the ads you see online

Survey reveals: 50% of respondents face cyberattacks yearly - employers blame employees

T-Mobile denies new data breach rumors, points to authorized retailer

T-Mobile denies rumors of a breach affecting employee data

The AI scams that are targeting young adults

The Battle of the Bots: Safeguarding Identity in the Age of AI

The Crimean authorities reported a cyber attack on Internet service providers

The digital frontline: Battling cyber threats aimed at care facilities

The evolving threat of AI deepfakes

TransUnion denies data breach amid hacker's claims

University of Minnesota is investigating data breach of students going back to 1989

University of Minnesota Reports Data Breach May Have Impacted Student and Faculty Info Dating Back to 1989

US Government IT Staffer Arrested on Espionage Charges

Vastaamo hacking suspect faces 14,000 new data breach charges

Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services Files Another Notice of Data Breach with the Federal Government

Wacoal hit by cyber attack

What Are the Biggest Lessons from the MGM Ransomware Attack?

What Is a Network Security Assessment and Why You Need It

Why aviation needs to prioritise cybersecurity

Why employee login credentials are ‘the weakest link in security’

Why more security doesn’t mean more effective compliance

Why Zero Days Are Set for Highest Year on Record

21st September

5 Essential Features For Integrated Vulnerability And Patch Management

5 Tips for Securing Data When Using a Personal Mac for Work

19% of organizations are prioritizing data visibility and remediation

55% of Americans have been scammed – Keep yourself safe online and offline

Accidental Microsoft AI 38TB Data Leak by Researchers

AI: a new tool for cyber attackers - or defenders?

Air Canada Addresses Cyber Attack After Unauthorized Access to Internal System

Air Canada admits system breach, employee records exposed

Air Canada says hackers accessed limited employee records during cyberattack

Air Canada system briefly breached, customer info and flight ops unaffected

Akira: A new ransomware gang wreaks havoc

Alert: Pakistan-linked hackers are using these apps to target Android users in India, report says

Almighty Mistakes: The Danger Of Accidental Insider Threats And How To Prevent Them

Apple emergency updates fix 3 new zero-days exploited in attacks

Attacks on Casino Giants Heralds Resurgence in Ransomware Attacks

Balancer blames ‘social engineering attack’ on DNS provider for website hijack

BBTok Malware Returns, Targeting Over 40 Banks in Brazil and Mexico

Beware: Fake Exploit for WinRAR Vulnerability on GitHub Infects Users with Venom RAT

Beware of fake Hollywoodbets apps

Bot Attack Costs Double to $86m Annually

China Accuses U.S. of Decade-Long Cyber Espionage Campaign Against Huawei Servers

China and Russia Disrupt the World with Computer Viruses

CISA adds Owl Labs, Samsung, Realtek bugs to exploited vulnerability list

CISA's catalog of must-patch vulnerabilities crosses the 1,000 bug mark after 2 years

City of Fort Lauderdale scammed out of $1.2 million during phishing attack

Critical Trend Micro vulnerability exploited in the wild (CVE-2023-41179)

Cyber attack brought Elron ticketing system down Wednesday

Cyber Group 'Gold Melody' Selling Compromised Access to Ransomware Attackers

Cyber insurance claims spiked in first half of 2023 as ransomware attacks surged

Cyber-security on the grand stage: are UK businesses out of moves?

Cyberattack exposes Pizza Hut Australia customer data

Cybersecurity tug-of-war intensifies but progress being made, new report says

Data breach reveals distressing info: people who order pineapple on pizza

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Wants Feds to Streamline Cyber Incident Reporting

Donut ransomware gang claims attack on UK IT services provider

Dutch Police Warns Users of Credentials Leak Site

Enhancing Security Across Multi-Cloud Environments Through Least-Privilege Access Posture Maintenance

Fake WinRAR PoC spread VenomRAT malware

Feds Warn About Snatch Ransomware

Few Canadian small business owners know how to respond to a cyber attack

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sounds alarm on 'uncertain' cyber insurance wordings

Gaming, Financial Services Apps Under Attack

Gen Z falls for online scams more than their boomer grandparents do

GitLab Releases Urgent Security Updates for Critical Flaw

Hidden dangers loom for subsea cables, the invisible infrastructure of the internet

How businesses can vet their cybersecurity vendors

How companies can take control of their cybersecurity

How Threat Hunting can Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture

HWL Ebsworth hack: Government concludes formal response

Indian Hacker Group Involved in Cyber Attacks in Pakistan, China

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to investigate data breach of Greater Manchester Police

Kaspersky discovers harmful phishing scam targeting employee self-evaluation requests

Lakeland Community College breach exposes 285K people

Malaysia’s data breach cases hit all-time high, with four-fold increase recorded in 2023

Malicious objects detected and blocked on 34% of Industrial Control Systems

Massive data breach: 2.2 million Pakistani citizens’ personal information for sale online

Medibank incurred $7.5 million in direct tech costs after cyber attack

MGM Breach Takeaway: On-Prem Has Become Attackers’ Gateway to the Cloud

MGM Resorts computers back up after 10 days as analysts eye effects of casino cyberattacks

MGM says its recovered from cyberattack, employees tell different story

MGM Springfield Back To Normal After Cyberattack...Almost

Mississippi's Cadence Bank said hackers exploited MOVEit Transfer app to access customer data

Most organizations want security vendor consolidation

Mysterious 'Sandman' Threat Actor Targets Telecom Providers Across Three Continents

New BBTok malware variant targets banks in Brazil and Mexico

New Ransomware Victims Surge by 47% with Gangs Targeting Small Businesses

New Zealand: Banking scams accelerating at "worrying rate"

Nova Scotia says all victims of MOVEit breach have been notified

OWASP Top 10 IoT Vulnerabilities: How to Avoid Them!

Pakistan: Government Warns Against Fake FIA, SBP, Army Officials Scamming Citizens

Patching Up Medical Device Cybersecurity Regulation

Phishing Scam Victim Transfers Staggering $4.5M in USDT to Scammer

Phishing threats: Protecting your online shopping and banking

Phishing victim sends eye-watering $4.5M in USDT to scammer

Pizza Hut Australia joins data breaches list

Pizza Hut Australia warns 193,000 customers of a data breach

Ransomware gang targeting defense firms, FBI warns

Ransomware group's evolving tactics pose growing threat

Regulatory pressure complicates cybersecurity for industrial equipment manufacturers

Researchers Raise Red Flag on P2PInfect Malware with 600x Activity Surge

Retailers Are Rapidly Scaling Surveillance of Australian Consumers - Why This Is a Red Flag

Rezilion Researchers Uncover New Details on Severity of Google Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2023-4863)

Safeguarding Patient Data: Compliance Strategies to Follow

‘Sandman’ hackers backdoor telcos with new LuaDream malware

Scams Now Make Up 75% of Cyber-Threats

Scams, phishing made up over 75% of digital threats in first half of 2023

Services at MGM Resorts restored following ransomware attack

Should you fire an employee who's always falling for phishing emails?

Siemens ALM 0-Day Vulnerabilities Posed Full Remote Takeover Risk

Small businesses facing increased malware threats, warns Kaspersky

Snapchat Account Hacker Pleads Guilty: Unveiling the Dark Side of Privacy Invasion and Profit

Space and defense tech maker Exail Technologies exposes database access

Telecom firms hit with novel backdoors disguised as security software

The MGM Breach and the Role of IdP in Modern Cyber Attacks

The Rise of the Malicious App

Three best practices to keep insider threats at bay

UK-US Confirm Agreement for Personal Data Transfers

Ukrainian Hacker Suspected to be Behind "Free Download Manager" Malware Attack

Unmasking ransomware threat clusters: Why it matters to defenders

US Government in Snatch Ransomware Warning

US pharma company Amerita said cyber attack impacted about 220k patients

Vegas casinos caught by social engineering hack

What Are the Top Cybersecurity Threats In 2023?

What every executive should know about AI and cybersecurity

What Missouri Courts Learned from a Cyber Attack

Will Generative AI Kill the Nigerian Prince Scam?

20th September

6 Security Threats Android Users Face in 2023

55% of insider threats come from a negligent or mistaken insider

57% of small and medium enterprises experienced a cybersecurity breach

79 percent of organizations are confident in their ransomware defenses

A Surge in Quiet and Loud Quitters Presents New Threats

A Wave of Chinese Cyberthreat Campaigns Use Old and New Malware

Advisory alerts field to phishing emails containing malicious QR codes

Air Canada says unauthorized group breached employee data, hacked internal system

Airbus Data Breach from a Partner Airline’s Compromised Account Leaks Confidential Information

Auckland Transport authority says possible ransomware attack downed online ticketing system

August 2023 Healthcare Data Breach Report

Average Annual Cost of Insider Incidents Reaches $16.2m Per Organization

Aviation sector faces fresh cybersecurity threat

Barracuda Networks Issues Email Inbox Rules Manipulation Warning

BlackCat Ransomware Leveraging Remote Monitoring Tools to Encrypt Azure Storage

Brits Lose $9.3bn to Scams in a Year

Canada blames border checkpoint outages on cyberattack

Celsius creditors flag renewed phishing attacks ahead of bankruptcy plan

China firms targeted by mystery malware gangs

Critical Security Flaws Exposed in Nagios XI Network Monitoring Software

Cyber Attack Has Hit Kitty Litter Supplies; Here Is What You Can Do Now

Cyber attack continues for MGM Resorts

Cyber attack on International Criminal Court sparks witness security concerns

Cyber attack on International Criminal Court in The Hague; Hackers stole sensitive docs

Cyber Insurance Claims Frequency and Severity Both Increased For Businesses in 1H 2023, Coalition Report Finds

Cyber insurance report shows surge in ransomware claims

Do You Really Trust Your Web Application Supply Chain?

Duolingo crowned as “undisputed champion of tracking”

Expensive Investigations Drive Surging Data Breach Costs

Fake PoC Script Used to Trick Researchers into Downloading VenomRAT

Fake WinRAR proof-of-concept exploit drops VenomRAT malware

Fake YouTube Android Apps Used to Distribute CapraRAT

Feds Warn Health Sector of Lazarus Group Attacks

Free Download Manager releases script to check for Linux malware

Fresh Wave of Malicious npm Packages Threaten Kubernetes Configs and SSH Keys

Gaining Access: Unveiling the Techniques, Implications, and Safeguards

GitLab Releases Urgent Security Patches for Critical Vulnerability

Growing Cybersecurity Threats Challenge Decision Makers, CompTIA Report Shows

Hackers steal data of over 2 million Pakistanis from restaurants

Harnessing DNS TXT Records for Malware Execution

Hospital Sisters Health System: Hospital, clinic websites, other functions are again functioning after cyber attack

How ransomware claims are trending

Insider risks are getting increasingly costly

International Criminal Court (ICC) Confirms Cybersecurity Incident

International Criminal Court discloses hack

International Criminal Court Reveals Security Breach

Joint FBI and CISA advisory warns of Snatch ransomware operation

Latest Cyber Threat: Quishing

MGM Resorts Computers Back Up After 10 Days as Analysts Eye Effects of Casino Cyberattacks

MGM says its hotels and casinos are back up and running

Mount Desert Island Hospital breach victim count exceeds 32K

Multiple foreign nationals charged in connection with malware, ransomware conspiracies

Naivas Supermarket contravened timelines on reporting data breach

Navigating the Digital Shadows: How Bad Actors Leverage Data Brokers to Target You

NONE Ceases Operations Following Phishing Exploit Amounting 41.52 ETH

Northern Ireland government departments suffered close to 50 breaches since 2013

Online Safety Bill clears final parliamentary hurdle

P2PInfect botnet activity surges 600x with stealthier malware variants

P2Pinfect botnet targets Redis and SSH services

Pizza Hut Australia customers’ personal details accessed in cyber attack

Pizza Hut Australia hack: data breach exposes customer information and order details

Pizza Hut warns customers of possible data breach

Police data breach: 20,000 data points 'at risk'

Proton Pass security flaw exposed: Firefox users at risk

Radius Global ups the count of MOVEit breach victims to over 630,000 individuals

Ransomware attack on Australian law firm HWL Ebsworth impacts 65 government agencies

Ransomware attack on tech provider affected multiple Colombian government ministries

Ransomware cyber insurance claims rose by 27%

Redline and Vidar Stealers Switch to Ransomware Delivery

Rising OT/ICS cybersecurity incidents reveal alarming trend

Schools Are the Most Targeted Industry by Ransomware Gangs

Security concerns and outages elevate observability from IT niche to business essential

Shadow IT: Security policies may be a problem

Signal adds quantum-resistant encryption to its E2EE messaging protocol

Signal Messenger Introduces PQXDH Quantum-Resistant Encryption

Signal upgrades encryption to ward off quantum attacks

Singapore may split liability for phishing losses between banks and victims

Snatch gang ‘consistently evolved’ in targeting multiple industries

Sophisticated Phishing Campaign Targeting Chinese Users with ValleyRAT and Gh0st RAT

Stop Ransomware: Snatch Ransomware

Supplier invoice fraud: who pays up?

T-Mobile app glitch let users see other people's account info

The 10 most common cyber security myths

The Top Target For Ransomware? It’s Now K-12 Schools

TissuPath data breach

TransUnion denies it was hacked, links leaked data to 3rd party

Trend Micro Releases Urgent Fix for Actively Exploited Critical Security Vulnerability

UK parliament finally approves Online Safety Bill, concerns remain

University of Minnesota joins St. Paul and Minneapolis school districts in ransomware attacks

US to Implement Game-Changing Cyber Mandates on Medical Devices

What happens to hackers if they get caught? Fines, penalties and prison sentences

What Is A Data Breach? Definition, Examples & Prevention

Why 8base ransomware is a wake-up call to SMEs

19th September

51% of healthcare committed to investing more in cybersecurity

57% of SMEs Have Experienced a Cybersecurity Breach According to Survey by Cybersecurity Company Guardz

AI could help healthcare providers boost cyber defences

Amerita Notifies Nearly 220K of PharMerica Data Breach

Are Your Favorite Browser Extensions Safe to Use?

Balancing budget and system security: Approaches to risk tolerance

Business e-mail compromise worsens malware threat to South Africa

Caesars Entertainment Discloses Cyber Attack, Ransom Payment Made Weeks Before MGM Heist

Cadence Bank Confirms MOVEit Data Breach Compromised Customer Information

Canada: Data breach reports up, led by financial sector

Chinese Cyber Power Bigger Than the Rest of the World Combined

Chinese Group Exploiting Linux Backdoor to Target Governments

Chinese Silent Skimmer Attack Hits Businesses in APAC and NALA regions

Claimants in Celsius crypto bankruptcy targeted in phishing attack

Clorox Struggling to Recover From August Cyber-Attack

Companies still don’t know how to handle generative AI risks

Cyber Attack on Stockport Firm Jeopardizes 20,000 Police Officer Details

Cyberattack on Kansas town affects email, phone, payment systems

Cyberattacks keep coming in health care

Cybersecurity in Government: Unmasking the Top Challenges Faced by Public Institutions

Cybersecurity law, compliance and protection

Cybersquatting: A Growing Threat in the Digital Age and How to Combat It

Data leak exposes personal information of CardX customers in Thailand

Don’t scratch a mosquito bite! Cuba ransomware deploys new malware

Dymocks blames ‘external data partner’ for breach

Earth Lusca's New SprySOCKS Linux Backdoor Targets Government Entities

ELD Company Orbcomm Hit With Ransomware Attack

Ending the online fraud epidemic

Energy sector faces 39% of critical infrastructure attacks

Essential Lessons from the Duolingo API Breach

FBI investigates massive data leak from TransUnion by hacker group "USDoD"

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns tax preparers not to sell taxpayer data to Big Tech

Fostering a Take-Charge Cybersecurity Culture

Gaming and financial service applications most likely to be attacked

Generative AI: double-edged sword

GitLab urges users to install security updates for critical pipeline flaw

Government wants to build six ‘cyber shields’ around Australia

Hackers backdoor telecom providers with new HTTPSnoop malware

Hackers breached International Criminal Court’s systems last week

Hackers who breached casino giants MGM, Caesars also hit 3 other firms, Okta says

How the FBI Fights Back Against Worldwide Cyberattacks

International Criminal Court impacted by ongoing breach

Is the Future of Defi at Risk From Increasing Bridging Hacks?

Kuwait Finance Ministry faces cyber attack attempt

Las Vegas casino ransomware attacks: Okta in the spotlight as MGM slowly recovers

LockBit Affiliates Use RMM Software in Ransomware Attacks

Manitoba government confirms it was hacked in recent cyber attack

MAPFRE Insurance faces lawsuit for data breach

Massive Microsoft leak reveals new Xbox console and controller designs, games, roadmap

Meta and Apple implicated in 3D web human rights warning

MGM and Caesars Hackers Add More Victims to Cyber Attack List

Microsoft AI research team allegedly leaks 38TB of private data

Microsoft AI Researchers Accidentally Expose 38 Terabytes of Confidential Data

Microsoft AI Researchers Leak 38TB of Private Data

Microsoft fixes internal data exposure, says no customer data breach

Middle East telcos targeted by new malware with suspected nation-state backing

More than 50 Colombian state, private entities hit by cyberattack

More than 20,000 details including names and photos ‘at risk’ in data breach

'Most Wanted' Russian hacker 'Wazawaka' trolls US government, FBI

Naivas faces Sh5 million fine for failing to report data theft on time

Nearly 12,000 Juniper Firewalls Found Vulnerable to Recently Disclosed RCE Vulnerability

North Korea’s Hacker Army Behind 30% of Crypto Hacks This Year

Okta: hackers who breached casino giants MGM, Caesars also hit other firms

Operation Rusty Flag: Azerbaijan Targeted in New Rust-Based Malware Campaign

Organizations are racing against time to meet the PCI DSS 4.0 deadline

Over a Third of UK Population Believe Prison is the Most Suitable Punishment for Individuals Responsible for Data Breach

Pakistan-linked hacker who targets Indian entities spreading malware via fake YouTube apps

Philippines sees rising phishing scams

PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC) Nigeria tech bootcamp IDs exposed

Psychiatric hospital near Jerusalem hit by suspected cyberattack

Quadruple extortion ransomware maximising monetisation

Ransomware attacks double in municipalities, healthcare, education

Ransomware defense: How endpoint and extended detection response systems are changing the game

Ransomware Resilience: Why Immutable Backups Are Non-Negotiable for Businesses

Ransomware site claims to have stolen Auckland Transport data

Recent cyber attack is causing Clorox products shortage

Responding to advanced data threats and ransomware attacks through collaboration

Ripple effects of months-old cyber attack continue to have major impact on homebuyers, sellers in Cincinnati

Russian and Chinese bots leeching billions from largest companies

Seven ways to secure instant messaging in corporate networks

ShroudedSnooper's HTTPSnoop Backdoor Targets Middle East Telecom Companies

The Consequences of Non-Compliance in Cybersecurity: Risks and Penalties

The risk of remote working and insider threats: Technical solutions to manage your workforce

Threat Actor Claims Major TransUnion Data Breach

‘Transparent Tribe’: Pakistan-Linked Hacker Who Targets Indian Entities Spreading Malware via Fake YouTube Apps

Transparent Tribe Uses Fake YouTube Android Apps to Spread CapraRAT Malware

Trend Micro fixes endpoint protection zero-day used in attacks

UK passes the Online Safety Bill — and no, it doesn’t ban end-to-end encryption

Unmasking Reverse Proxy Phishing: Protecting Your Online Identity

Upstream RollCo LLC Announced Data Breach Following Unauthorized Access to Employee Email Accounts

Websites run under AMC Medical Education Trust (MET) hacked with ransomware

What are the uses of AI cybersecurity?

What DevOps Teams Should Know About Phishing and the Supply Chain

What do you Need to Know When Creating a Data Breach Investigation and Mitigation Checklist?

What is dark web monitoring?

What is Phishing?

Why Companies Are Struggling With Cybersecurity: Big Players In Bad Situations

With generative AI, businesses need to rewrite the phishing rulebook

18th September

$1M crypto-romance scam exposed by Sophos

5 Tips For Safer Cloud Data Migration

6 Actions CEOs Must Take During a Cyberattack

AI's phishing influence – 'we're already seeing it'

Airbus hacker wants to trade in military intelligence

Airbus investigating major cyber attack claimed by the “Ransomed” hacker group

APT36 state hackers infect Android devices using YouTube app clones

Australia: Cyber breach notification rate drops 16%

Azerbaijani news outlet Mikroskop taken down by ransomware attack

Azure cloud storage hacked with stolen Microsoft accounts - here's what you need to know

Bishop of Virginia reports theft of $85,000 in cyber fraud

Brits in dark about dark web, study shows

Bug tracking firm Rollbar says hackers accessed clients' sensitive data

Bumblebee malware returns in new attacks abusing WebDAV folders

Canada Sees 40% Increase in Digital Fraud, Telecom Sector Hit Hardest

Charity Breach Dark Web Leak: A Lesson in Cyber Response

CISA Aims For More Robust Open Source Software Security for Government and Critical Infrastructure

CL0P Takes the Spotlight in New Cyber Threat Report

Clorox reports production issues after August cyberattack

Clorox results show ‘material impact’ from cyberattack

Clorox shares slide after it warns of 1Q earnings hit due to cyberattack

Clorox Warns Current Quarter Results Will Be Affected by Cyber Attack

Coinbase Earns $1M Following Curve Finance Hack

CoinEx loses $70 million in cyber attack

Consumers understand data breaches can happen. How businesses respond is what matters

Cyber Criminals Cash In: Study Finds 75% Scams Are Linked To Financial Frauds

Cyberattack may have stolen personal data from North Carolina's biggest hospitals

Dallas: Ransomware Attack Report

Digitalisation a fertile ground for cyber-criminals!

Driver’s license, Social Security numbers ‘copied’ by hackers, Caesars tells the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Enhancing Cyberdefense for Your Business: Where to Begin

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