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Monday 4 September 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 36 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 4th September and 10th September 2023.

10th September

10 things you should do immediately if you clicked on a fake link

Akamai prevented the largest DDoS attack on a US financial company

Alarm bells over cybercrime in South Africa

Associated Press warns that AP Stylebook data breach led to phishing attack

Can Your CPU Be Hacked?

Do YOU know the dangers of using airport Wi-Fi? Travel risk expert reveals how hackers can attack before your flight - and how to protect yourself

'Evil Telegram' Android apps on Google Play infected 60K with spyware

FBI says North Korea’s Lazarus Group was behind $41M Theft

Football Leaks: Hacker Rui Pinto's trial set to end

Hacker Steals Over $690,000 After Hijacking Vitalik Buterin's Twitter Account

India: Cyber sleuths thwart bids to hack Portals during G20 summit

Israeli Pegasus Spyware Exploits Apple Device Vulnerability: Watchdog

Navigating the Cyber Threat Landscape: Key Strategies for Global Business Success

No, your Sri Lanka Post delivery hasn’t been suspended

Password management & AI detection solve healthcare security

Pennsylvania removes email database of public employees

Phishing attack targets Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter account

Researchers Uncover Phishing Empire Attacking 56,000+ Microsoft 365 Accounts

Rhysida Ransomware gang claims to have hacked three more US hospitals

Space Systems and IoT: What Are the Biggest Cyber Threats?

Sri Lanka: Massive ransomware attack on state email domain

Unpacking Cyber Risk Governance Practices Deployed by South African Companies

Ways to identify fake links created by hackers

When cities become smart – so will the criminals

9th September

An inexcusable gap from breach to notification, or an excusable one?

As Losses Soar, New Phishing Scams Use Text, AI

Australian Bookseller Dymocks had a massive data breach

Australian Cybercrime Statistics Shed Light On The Current Cyber Threat Landscape In 2023

Canada, U.S. ‘have to look after each other’ on cybersecurity

ChatGPT proxy scam warning as fraudsters steal personal details to blackmail victims

China’s Dangerous Game: Weaponizing the Metaverse

Cybercriminals Weaponizing Legitimate Advanced Installer Tool in Crypto-Mining Attacks

Cybersecurity chief urges closer collaboration between Canada, U.S. to fend off threats

Don’t click, think twice: How to spot a fake website

DWP issues scam warning ahead of £300 cost of living payment

Fake One-Time Password (OTP) Sender: Understanding the Risks and How to Stay Protected

Feds Seize Millions in Bitcoin From Young Hacker Accused of Targeting Northern California Crypto Execs

Foreign hackers attacked IT software to breach U.S. aeronautical organization

iPhone Owners Beware: Israel Pegasus Strikes again – What You Must Do

Mass hack hits members of Israeli Knesset; Shin Bet investigates

Microsoft Teams phishing attack pushes DarkGate malware

Millions Infected by Spyware Hidden in Fake Telegram Apps on Google Play

North Korean Hackers Steal $41 Million Crypto from Online Casino

Pareto Phone workers not told criminal checks among 320,000 files published in hack

Russian Ransomware Gang Alphv Targets Pathology Company, Law Firms In Latest String Of Attacks

Singapore: Cyber Security Agency’s 2022 Survey Shows Increase in Respondents’ Perceived Likelihood of Falling Victim to Cyber Incidents and Online Scams

The Terrifying Evolution of Ransomware: The Emerging Threat of Quadruple Extortion

Thousands of Microsoft 365 accounts under threat from W3LL phishing kit

US: Georgia has experienced 160 medical records breaches since 2009

What Is Identity Theft? & How to Protect Against It

8th September

5 ways hackers can steal your data on public Wi-Fi

6 stages of the ransomware lifecycle

60% of organizations faced at least one API related breach

75% of education sector attacks linked to compromised accounts

AI could trigger biological disruption on scale of Covid pandemic by hacking NHS

AI-powered cloud SIEM: Real-time threat intel boosts defences

Apple Patches Two Zero-Days Exploited in Pegasus Attacks

Apple patches two zero-days under attack (CVE-2023-41064, CVE-2023-41061)

Apple patches zero-day exploits

Apple Rushes to Patch Zero-Day Flaws Exploited for Pegasus Spyware on iPhones

Australian Data Breach Costs are Rising - What Can IT Leaders Do?

Burton Snowboards Hit with Class Action Over 2023 Data Breach

Chrome turns on real-time phishing protection (and monitoring)

CISA Adds Critical RocketMQ Bug to Must-Patch List

CISA director: Critical infrastructure cyber incident reporting rules almost ready

CISA Warning: Nation-State Hackers Exploit Fortinet and Zoho Vulnerabilities

Cisco Issues Urgent Fix for Authentication Bypass Bug Affecting BroadWorks Platform

Cisco warns of VPN zero-day exploited by ransomware gangs

Coca-Cola FEMSA victim of ransomware attack and data leak

Cyber attack on dating app Coffee Meets Bagel shuts app, disrupts operations

Cyber-criminals Exploit GPUs in Graphic Design Software

Dallas Delays Release of Ransomware Response Report

Data Breaches in August 2023

Do you need to encrypt your sensitive cloud data?

Dymocks Booksellers suffers data breach impacting 836k customers

Dymocks warns customer records may be on dark web after possible data breach

Eleven Russian Trickbot gangsters sanctioned by US and UK

Ethos Technologies data breach $1M class action settlement

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settles with genetic testing firm accused of violating customer privacy

Fortifying the Foundation: Empowering a Zero-Trust Security Paradigm

Freecycle confirms data breach affecting 7M users

Google TAG Exposes North Korean Campaign Targeting Researchers

How to Prepare for NIS2

How to Recover After a Data Breach

Incident of the Week: Ransomware gang steals 1.3TB of data from Sabre

Iranian Cyber Attack on Middle East Forum (MEF) Fails

Kaiser Health to pay $49 million settlement for illegally disposing waste, patient info

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) students health and dental provider announces data breach

Lazarus steals $41M from virtual betting site

Lessons from a ransomware attack: How one healthcare CIO helped her company recover

Lifeline Systems Company Confirms Personal Information of Over 74k Leaked Following Recent Data Breach

LockBit Unleashed: How British Defense Data Became a Dark Web Prize

Lyon Real Estate Provides Notice of Data Breach Stemming from a Vulnerability in Third-Party Software

Maidstone: Secondary school hit by cyber attack

Major Crypto Theft: $24 Million Drained from Ethereum Wallet in Phishing Scam

MAPFRE Insurance Data Breach

Massive DDoS attack on U.S. financial company thwarted by cyber firm

MetroTex Membership Systems Back Online After Vendor Issues

Microsoft Confronts China-based Storm-0558, Apple Issues Patches for Pegasus Spyware

Microsoft vulnerabilities make up 75% of top 20 exploited list

More than Compliance: Turn Web Scanning into a Strategic Business Asset

Multiple nation-state hackers targeted aerospace company, CISA says

Multiple Security Vulnerability Notifications on Apple Products

Navigating Generative AI Cyber Security Threats

North Korean Hackers Exploit Zero-Day Bug to Target Cybersecurity Researchers

North Korean hackers target researchers with Tinder-Swindler tactics

North Korean hackers target security researchers with zero-day exploit

Notepad++ 8.5.7 released with fixes for four security vulnerabilities

Notorious North Korean hackers stole $41 million in crypto from an online casino. The FBI says the group has stolen more than $200 million this year alone

NXP Semiconductors says data breach compromised customers detailed personal information

PharMerica Company Amerita Confirms Data Breach Leaked Tens of Thousands of Patients’ Health Information

Polish Senate says use of government spyware is illegal in the country

Protecting Your Microsoft IIS Servers Against Malware Attacks

Ragnar Locker claims attack on Israel's Mayanei Hayeshua hospital

Ransomware fiends pounce on Cisco VPN brute-force zero-day flaw

Regulator to Investigate Fertility App Security Concerns

Russian Man Handed Nine-Year Sentence for Hacking Scheme

Sabre Corporation Confirms Recent Cyberattack, Raising Concerns of Possible Data Breach

Senators want a special government unit to help small businesses with cyberattacks

Some of TOP universities wouldn’t pass cybersecurity exam: left websites vulnerable

The Hague to Probe Cyberwarfare Under Existing International Law

The Defense Window is Closing: Why Declining Dwell Times Is Concerning

The strongest data privacy bill passed this year focused on health. It's already a model for other states

U.K. and U.S. Sanction 11 Russia-based Trickbot Cybercrime Gang Members

Umpqua Bank class action claims MOVEit data breach affects 430K customers

University of Minnesota data breach class action lawsuit investigation

Unpatched Cisco ASA flaw exploited by attackers (CVE-2023-20269)

USPS, Spotify, Walmart, and Back to School: Top Scams of the Week

Warning use of AI in hospitality could lead to ‘more sophisticated' cyberattacks

Washington DC-based group targeted in apparent Pegasus hack

What Is API Security? Definition, Fundamentals, & Tips

What Is HTTPS Spoofing?

What Types of Data Breaches do you Need to Know About in 2023?

Yahoo! 2013: The biggest data breach on record

Zero-Trust: 5 Steps to Transition From Hype to Reality

7th September

4 Key Trends from the Cloudflare 2023 Phishing Threats Report

8 Actions You Should Take if You Think Your Mac Is Hacked

$24 Million Worth of Crypto Wiped out Overnight in Massive Phishing Attack

26% of hospitality industry cyberattacks included credential access

48% of CISOs claim AI security is their biggest concern

A data breach exposed private health information of more than 200,000 Medicaid clients in Indiana

AI threats: should we fight fire with fire?

Alleged LockBit attack shuts down city networks in Seville

Allwell Behavioral Health Settles Data Breach Class Action for $650,000

Amid G20 Summit, Indonesian Hacker Groups Target Indian Organisations And Digital Infrastructure

Anger after Northumberland school shares sensitive information about pupils in data breach

Apache SuperSet Vulnerabilities Expose Servers to Remote Code Execution Attacks

API Vulnerabilities: 74% of Organizations Report Multiple Breaches

Apple discloses 2 new zero-days exploited to attack iPhones, Macs

Apple discloses zero-days linked to NSO Group spyware

Apple zero-click iMessage exploit used to infect iPhones with spyware

Attention CISOs: Closing Your Identity Protection Gaps is Urgent

Auto industry evolution: how new vehicles are open to hackers, ransomware attacks

Baseline standards for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) access requirements

CentroMed Facing 2 Class Action Lawsuits Over 350,000-Record Data Breach

Chae$4 Malware Released, Targets Banking & Logistic Orgs

Chinese Hacker Steals Microsoft Signing Key, Spies on US Government

CISA warns of critical Apache RocketMQ bug exploited in attacks

Cisco BroadWorks impacted by critical authentication bypass flaw

Cl0p study sheds light on rising ransom gang

Closing the Gap: Cyber Security and Disaster Recovery

Cybersecurity among leading concerns of UK defence companies

Cybersecurity Builds Trust in Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity pros battle discontent amid skills shortage

Defence Housing Australia investigates third-party data breach

Department of Justice (DOJ) unseals indictments against alleged Trickbot and Conti cybercriminals

Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) Behavior Shifts Raise Cybersecurity Concerns

Emerging cyber threats in 2023 from AI to quantum to data poisoning

Finnish government to bolster spending on cyber-AI defences

Five Lessons On Safeguarding Point-Of-Sale Systems

Forever 21 Discloses Data Breach Impacting Over Half a Million

Fortinet report highlights decline in ransomware detection

GCash deactivates 4 million suspicious accounts

Generative AI Adoption Raising SecOps Cybersecurity Concerns

Google Looker Studio abused in cryptocurrency phishing attacks

Goulburn council Facebook page back online after cyber attack

GPU-thirsty hackers target architects, designers with cryptomining malware

Hackers claim to publish prominent Israeli hospital’s patient data

Hackers Exploit Multiple Bugs in Hotel Booking Platform

Hong Kong: Cyperport data put up for sale following cyber attack

How Chinese hackers got their hands on Microsoft’s token signing key

Hundreds of Scam Pages Uncovered in Major Investment Fraud Campaign

IBM: Janssen health database breached in cyber incident

IBM Notifies Janssen CarePath Customers of Data Breach

IBM Reports Patient Data Breach at Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary

Information Commissioner reprimands city council over cyber attack

Iranian hackers breach US aviation organization via Zoho, Fortinet bugs

Johnson & Johnson discloses IBM data breach impacting patients

LastPass under fire again as users report stolen crypto keys and losses

Lego-style cyber attacks test already strained defences

Mac Users Beware: Malvertising Campaign Spreads Atomic Stealer macOS Malware

MacOS malware has a new trick up its sleeve

Microsoft: compromised account led to Chinese hack of US officials

Microsoft: How Chinese Hackers Stole Signing Key to Breach Outlook Accounts

Ministry of Defence documents leaked in cyber attack

Minneapolis Public Schools notifies over 100,000 individuals of data breach after cyberattack

Mirai Botnet Variant 'Pandora' Hijacks Android TVs for Cyberattacks

Moody’s warns of the impact of a cyber attack on Caja Popular Mexicana

New report analyses ransomware activity for past 6 months

North Korean hackers target Russian government, defense orgs

North Korean hackers target security researchers with new zero-day

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) wields data breach powers

Outlook Breach: Microsoft Reveals How a Crash Dump Led to a Major Security Breach

Over 300K Customers Impacted In See Tickets Data Breach

Patch ‘Em or Weep: Study Reveals Most Vulnerable IoT, Connected Assets

Pennsylvania removes email database of public employees

Phishing Group Targets Thousands of Microsoft 365 Accounts

Police nab 16 voice phishing scam suspects based in China

Polish Senate investigation recommends potential criminal charges for politicians implicated in Pegasus scandal

ProtonMail Code Vulnerabilities Leaked Emails

Public Wi-Fi don’t, what you should not do when using public Wi-Fi

Ransomware Hackers Publish Patient Info from Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital

Regulators: More than 255,000 Connecticut insurance customers affected by data breach

Russian ransomware group hit with new sanctions

Safe from account takeover attacks

Securing ERP Systems: Strategies & Threats in Modern Business Operations

Six effective antidotes to modern cyber adversaries

Smart: Fraudsters are using Over-The-Top (OTT) messaging platforms to send text scams

Smart devices spy for companies like Meta and TikTok, rights group warns

South African companies are at risk of cyberattacks

Stake hacker bridges $1.5m in stolen MATIC

State hackers attack security researchers with new zero-day

The Rising Tide of Data Breach Claims in the UK

Threads and the risks associated with social media

Traderie, a marketplace for in-game items, alerts users to data breach

UK and US sanction 11 Russians connected to notorious Trickbot group

UK and US Sanction 11 Russians Tied to Trickbot/Conti Ransomware

UK Government Backs Down on Anti-Encryption Stance

UK sanctions members of Russian cybercrime group

UK tech tsar warns of AI cyberthreats posed to NHS

University of Michigan issues urgent password reset following cyberattack

University of Michigan Suffers Cyberattack Requiring Students, Staff to Reset Passwords

Update NOW! Pegasus Spyware Exploit Found in iPhones Running Latest iOS

US and UK sanction 11 TrickBot and Conti cybercrime gang members

Victorian businesses hit by notorious gang

What Is A Masquerade Attack?

Why fostering digital trust in financial services institutions is a mandate

Windows cryptomining attacks target graphic designer's high-powered GPUs

Xiaomi phones caught using malware-like tactics

Zero-Day Flaw Exposes Atlas VPN User IPs

6th September

9 Alarming Vulnerabilities Uncovered in Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) Power Management Products

94% of organizations don't have full visibility into service accounts

Alert: Phishing Campaigns Deliver New SideTwist Backdoor and Agent Tesla Variant

Alabama dental practice JKD says data breach impacted about 130,000 patients

Avoidable digital certificate issues fuel data breaches

Back to the 90s: Fujitsu “IP series” Real-time Video Transmission Gear Hard Coded Credentials

British Airways (BA) employees may have legal claim over payroll data breach

CareCentrix, AMCA data breach $6.3M class action settlement

Creating a more cyber secure supply chain requires group effort

Crypto Casino Stake.com Back Online After $40m Heist

Cyber attack at Financial Services Commission

Cyber-Criminals Only Have to Be Right Once? Not Quite

Cybercriminals target MS SQL servers to deliver ransomware

Dallas leaders await ransomware update, advocate urges employees protect financial lives now

Dark Web Analytics: Detecting Threats Across the Dark Web

‘Deeply concerning’ Met Police data breach put officers at risk, commissioner admits

Demystifying Smishing vs Phishing Attacks for a Safer Online Experience

Emerging threat: AI-powered social engineering

Everton sponsors Stake.com victim of £32.9m cyber attack

Experts Uncover Underground Phishing “Empire” W3LL

Flipper Zero can be used to launch iOS Bluetooth spam attacks

Freecycle confirms major data breach affecting more than 7 million members

Freecycle data breach impacts 7 million members

Gershman Investment Corp. data breach class action settlement

Hacker exploits security flaw to target iPhone users with ‘notification attack’

Hackers stole Microsoft signing key from Windows crash dump

Healthcare Leaders Reveal Concerns About Generative AI, Ransomware

High-Severity Vulnerability Discovered in Popular CMS

Highgate Wood School closed following cyber attack

Highgate Wood School in north London closes after ‘cyber attack’

How Businesses Can Protect Their Customers’ Personal Information

Internet-Connected Chastity Cage Reportedly Leaks Detailed Private Info About Users

Johnson & Johnson’s patient assistance program suffers data breach, IBM says

Killware vs. Ransomware: What's the Difference?

LADbible Group leaks internal data

Large companies unprepared for cyberattacks, boards say

LastPass under fire again as users report stolen crypto keys and losses

List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in August 2023 – 79,729,271 Records Breached

Macs under threat from malicious ads spreading malware - don’t fall for this

Microsoft details a chain of mishaps leading to Outlook hack on government officials

Minneapolis school district says data breach affected more than 100,000 people

Mirai variant infects low-cost Android TV boxes for DDoS attacks

Mozilla: cars track even sexual activity, sell user data to third parties

New Agent Tesla Variant Uses Excel Exploit to Infect Windows PCs

New phishing tool hijacked thousands of Microsoft business email accounts

Okta customers’ IT staff duped by MFA reset swindle

Old vulnerabilities are still a big problem

One Bad Apple

Over 74% of Indian Enterprises Hit by Ransomware in 2022

Planet Home Lending, LLC Notifies Consumers of Recent Data Breach

Ransomware gang claims credit for Sabre data breach

Rockstar Games reportedly sold games with Razor 1911 cracks on Steam

Russia-Backed APT28 Tried to Attack a Ukrainian Critical Power Facility

SaaS Super Admins Targeted in Social Engineering Campaign

See Tickets exposes payment card information of 300K+ people

September Android updates fix zero-day exploited in attacks

Sovos Compliance Provides Notice of MOVEit Data Breach to 215k

Tesla data breach affects 7,000 employees

The Era of AI-Based Cyberattacks is Well Underway

Top ASUS routers have serious security flaws that could let hackers hijack your device

Twenty-somethings and scams: it’s more common than you think

UK Boards Are Growing Less Concerned About Cyber-Risk

UK scraps Online Safety Bill 'spy clause' due to unrealistic tech

Ukraine says an energy facility disrupted a Fancy Bear intrusion

Ukraine's CERT Thwarts APT28's Cyberattack on Critical Energy Infrastructure

University of Michigan requires password resets after cyberattack

Urgent warning for iPhone owners over ‘Flipper’ device that can ‘render phone nonfunctional’ without even touching it

W3LL oiled machine: Group-IB uncovers covert BEC phishing empire targeting Microsoft 365

W3LL ‘Phishing Empire’ targets Microsoft 365 accounts

W3LL phishing kit hijacks thousands of Microsoft 365 accounts, bypasses MFA

W3LL Store: How a Secret Phishing Syndicate Targets 8,000+ Microsoft 365 Accounts

W3LL Targets Microsoft 365 Accounts with Sophisticated Phishing Kit

W3LL what do you know: covert BEC phishing empire uncovered

When humans are the weak link in critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Why DNS Security Can Be Your Most Problematic Blind Spot

Why privacy is important for Bitcoin users and the challenges it faces

Zero-Day Alert: Latest Android Patch Update Includes Fix for Newly Actively Exploited Flaw

5th September

65% of organizations prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk

71% of organizations are impacted by cybersecurity skills shortage

2023 Cost of a Data Breach: Key Takeaways

200,000 Indiana Medicaid members possibly exposed in CareSource data breach

AI Helps Combat the ‘Democratization’ of Cybercrime and Ransomware

Airlines Battle Surge in Loyalty Program Fraud

ALPHV/BlackCat group claims major ransomware attack on Georgia's Forsyth County

Amerita and PharMerica announce data breach

ASUS routers vulnerable to critical remote code execution flaws

Atlas VPN zero-day vulnerability leaks users' real IP address

Australian authorities tire of excuses, delays on data breach disclosure

Beware! LinkedIn Scam Preying on Job Seekers

California legislature advances closely watched bill on data brokers

Chaes malware now uses Google Chrome DevTools Protocol to steal data

Chipmaker NXP confirms data breach involving customers’ information

Connected cars and cybercrime: A primer

Coffee Meets Bagel says recent outage caused by destructive cyberattack

Crypto casino Stake.com loses $41 million to hot wallet hackers

Crypto Faces Growing Threat of Sophisticated AI-Powered Scams

Crypto is in ‘arms race’ against AI-powered scams

Crypto Scammers Targeting Indian, Nigerian Government Websites With MetaMask Phishing Links

Cyber attack hits Wokingham's Maiden Erlegh School

Cyber attack on golfing giant Callaway leaves 1 million victims in the rough

DogeRAT Malware Threatens Android Users in India with Data Breach, Device Hijacking

Electoral Commission failed security test before hack

Evolving threat landscape highlights importance of cyber insurance

Experts Fear Crooks are Cracking Keys Stolen in LastPass Breach

FBI’s Qakbot operation opens door for more botnet takedowns

Freecycle Breach May Have Hit Millions of Users

Freecycle Data Breach Impacts 7 Million Users

Freecycle gives users the gift of a security breach notice

From Data Breaches To BEC: The Connection Between Information Leakage And Fraud

Gcore Thwarts 500 Million PPS DDoS Attack on Gaming Company

German financial regulator's website hit by DDoS attack

Golf clubs manufacturer Topgolf Callaway says data breach impacted more than 1.1 million customers

GraphQL Vulnerabilities and Common Attacks: What You Need to Know

Group-IB detects $64.5M phishing scam in APAC

Half of Financial Services Marketers’ Content Management System (CMS) Breached in Last 3 Years

Half of Senior Financial Services Marketers Reveal Their CMS Has Been Breached in the Last 3 Years

Hawai’i State Department of Health resolves website defacement

Holiday Season Cyber Alert: Reflectiz Declares War on Magecart

Key Cybersecurity Tools That Can Mitigate the Cost of a Breach

Kids’ dental care provider suffers data breach

LinkedIn ransomware attack: Data held hostage, criminals demand payment to unlock accounts

LockBit Leaks MoD Contractor Data In “Sophisticated Cyber-Attack”

Major data breach leaks passwords of seven million Freecycle users

Mend.io SAML Vulnerability Exposed

Meta Takes Down Thousands of Accounts Involved in Disinformation Ops from China and Russia

More Schools Hit By Cyber-Attacks Before Term Begins

Most education organisations suffered a cyber attack in past year

Nearly 83% of Indian organisations face cyberattacks last year

New BLISTER Malware Update Fuelling Stealthy Network Infiltration

New Chae$4 Malware Steals Login, Financial Data from Businesses

New Python Variant of Chaes Malware Targets Banking and Logistics Industries

Northern Ireland’s Chief Constable Resigns After Data Breach

Online Gaming Platform Stake.com Loses $40 Million in Hack

Over 102 million cyberattacks targeted Indian users in Q2

Pennsylvania School District says ransomware attack disrupted computer systems

PSNI data breach could cost police force up to £240m, MPs hear

Public sector cyber threats: How audit teams combat rising risks

Researchers Warn of Cyber Weapons Used by Lazarus Group's Andariel Cluster

Russian ransomware gang AlphV targets pathology company, law firms in latest string of attacks

Spear phishing and voice call scams: CSSF raises alarm

The rise of blue check scammers targeting X complainers

TissuPath hack: patient data possibly exposed in cyber-attack on Melbourne pathology clinic

Two out of three companies lose data due to failed backups

UK election body failed cybersecurity test before hack

UK Electoral Commission Fails Cybersecurity Test Amid Data Breach

Understanding AI Security Made Simple – Your Questions Answered

University of Minnesota faces lawsuit over data breach that compromised 7 million SSNs

Using Behavioral AI to Actively Monitor Threat Landscapes

What is cyber insurance and can it protect scam victims?

World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Casino Stake Hacked for $41 Million

4th September

3 out of 4 cyberattacks in the education sector are associated with a compromised on premises user or admin account

10 countries with the highest number of online scammers in the world

AI cuts data breach costs by 53%

AI-Based Pattern Analysis Traps Attackers Trying To Abuse Accounts

ALPHV ransomware gang targets Melbourne pathology firm TissuPath

Ayush Jharkhand portal breached, 3.2L patients' records exposed: Security researchers

Back to school: headteachers warned about cyber attack threat as new school year begins

Back To School? Here Are The Top Five Scams To Avoid

Beware of MalDoc in PDF: A New Polyglot Attack Allowing Attackers to Evade Antivirus

Beware of New Fileless Malware that Propagates Through Spam Mail

BitBrowser Hacker Moves 236 ETH Of Stolen Funds With Crypto Mixer eXch

Calloway data breach sees over a million golf fans afffected

Carthage Area Hospital, Claxton-Hepburn outpatient appointments rescheduled, no indication personal information was compromised in cyber attack

China and Russia are pushing the boundaries of cyber attacks to harm other states

Chinese APT Slid Fake Signal and Telegram Apps onto Official App Stores

Chinese-Speaking Cybercriminals Launch Large-Scale iMessage Smishing Campaign in U.S.

Consumers Consider Passwordless Logins Key to Overcoming All-in-One App Security Concerns

Crypto gambling site Stake sees $41M withdrawn in confirmed hack

Cyber Insurance Explained: What It Covers, Who Needs It

Cybercrime Tremors: Experts Forecast Qakbot Resurgence

Cybersecurity for Startups: Best Tips and Strategies

DarkGate Loader Expands Activity, Delivers Ransomware

Data Privacy Concerns: Norfolk Police's Recent Data Leak

Dis-Chem hits back at POPIA violation enforcement notice

Does artificial intelligence facilitate white-collar crime?

Employee Health Plan Data Exposed in Forever 21 Data Breach

Everything You Wanted to Know About AI Security but Were Afraid to Ask

Facing Third-Party Threats With Non-Employee Risk Management

FBI's QakBot Takedown Raises Questions: 'Dismantled' or Just a Temporary Setback?

Freecycle confirms massive data breach impacting 7 million users

German Banking Regulator BaFin’s Website Hit by Cyber Attack

German financial agency site disrupted by DDoS attack since Friday

Getting off the hook: 10 steps to take after clicking on a phishing link

Global Cybersecurity leader exposes Classiscam’s persistent worldwide scam operation

Hacker lists Australian passports for sale

Hackers are getting younger, Beijing police say

Hackers exploit MinIO storage system to breach corporate networks

Hackers Exploit MinIO Storage System Vulnerabilities to Compromise Servers

Hacktivists enjoy free rein as Ukraine war rages on

Half of Switzerland's large companies have been the victim of a cyber attack

How You Can Best Protect Yourself Amidst a Surge in Global Cyberattacks

In wake of ECHN cyber attack in Connecticut, experts say hackers are holding health care providers hostage

India on high alert against pro-Khalistani hackers’ cyber attacks during G20 summit

Insider threats: Do you really know what your employees are doing?

Invest in cyber security, SMEs urged

Japan makes progress on international cyber probe collaboration

JUMPSEC research reveals UK ransomware attacks rose by 87% in the first half of 2023

Kaspersky examines how to eliminate the cybersecurity risks when buying a business

Learn how to spot phishing scams and what to do if you fall victim

Lidl recalls PAW Patrol-themed snacks after its website starts serving adult content

Lidl recalls PAW Patrol-themed snacks after its website starts serving adult content

LockBit ransomware gang allegedly leaks MoD data after hit on supplier

Medical Data Breach: Ayush Jharkhand Hacked

Microsoft SQL servers hijacked to deliver Cobalt Strike and ransomware

Ministry of Ayush in Jharkhand’s 3.2 lakh patient records on dark web exposed

Ministry of Defence targeted in cyber attack by LockBit

MPs urge UK Government to secure resources for PSNI after data breach

New Attack Technique “MalDoc in PDF” Alarms Experts

New Infamous Chisel Malware Targets Android Users In State-Backed Campaign

New School Year Brings Dangers of Cyber-attacks With It

No excuse for unpreparedness as ransomware threatens APAC businesses

Octopus reminds the public to be aware of phishing emails

Okta: Hackers target IT help desks to gain Super Admin, disable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Okta warns scammers are going after super admin privileges

Protect your Android phone: simple steps for enhanced security

PSNI Data Breach Results In Arrests, Resignations

Putting data at the heart of zero trust

Python Package Index Targeted Again By VMConnect

Ransomware attacks go beyond just data

Risk briefing: double extortion ransomware explained

Robust cybersecurity strategy is the key to customer retention

Savvy Senior: How Seniors Can Protect Themselves from Cybercrimes

Schweitzer Labs Windows Software Flaws Allow Remote Code Execution

Seasons Darling Harbour’s accounts and financial data published on darknet

Security Breach at Japan’s Cyber Security Agency May Have Been the Work of Chinese Hackers

Sensitive Data about UK Military Sites Potentially Leaked by LockBit

Sensitive Department of Defence data leaked online

ShinyHunters Hacker group Claims to Have Hacked Pizza Hut Australia customer data

“Smishing Triad” Targeted USPS and US Citizens for Data Theft

Social Engineering vs Phishing

Spam is up, QR codes emerge as a significant threat vector

Step Up Your Defense Against Cloud-loving Cybercriminals

Striking a Balance: Can We Preserve Privacy Amidst the Privacy Paradox?

Suffolk High School Forced Offline After Cyber-Attack

Sydney University Suffers Supply Chain Breach

The biggest cyber security incidents in August 2023

The Rising Tide of Cyber Attacks: 5 Reasons and the Imperative for Adequate Cybersecurity Budgets

The Silent Protectors: Unveiling AI as Cybersecurity’s New Vanguard

The very first thing hackers do as criminals

There is No Solution for Banking/Finance Frauds in Pakistan

Those First Day Of School Pics Are Cute But Pose A Potential Problem

Two men arrested in Derry over poster ‘linking names to PSNI’

Two world’s biggest telescopes hacked by Ransomware attack

UK intelligence unmasks Russian ‘Infamous Chisel’ operation compromising Ukrainian soldiers' Android devices

Unauthorised radio stop signal disrupts PKP operations

University of Minnesota class action claims institution waited to notify affected parties of data breach

University of Sydney reveals data breach affecting international applicants

Users at risk after Duolingo leak

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