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Monday 10 July 2023

Data Breaches Digest - Week 28 2023

Welcome to this week's Data Breaches Digest, a catalogue of links concerning Data Breaches and Cyber Security that were published on the Internet during the period between 10th July and 16th July 2023.

16th July

15-Year-Old Attacks: Why Are Cybercriminals Returning to Old Methods?

AI scam calls imitating familiar voices are a growing problem – here’s how they work

Are Viruses Still a Threat to Cybersecurity?

Child hacking warning for parents after boy, 8, orders AK-47 and free pizza online

Cyber Attack Hits South Korean Government Institution, Resulting in Loss of 135,000 USD to Phishing Scam

Dark Web Domain of Genesis Market and Infrastructure Sold

Email attacks up 464%

Fake GitHub Repos Caught Dropping Malware as PoCs AGAIN!

HCA Healthcare announces large data breach

Maritime Cyber Attack Database launched

Metropolitan Police ‘passed victims’ data to Facebook via online tracking tool’

Microsoft Uncertain About Hackers’ Method for Stealing Azure AD Signing Keys

National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) urges timely reporting of ransomware attacks

Parents urged to be wary of text scams this summer

Ransomware hackers released compromised data after Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) missed ‘deadline’

Russian hacking group Armageddon increasingly targets Ukrainian state services

Singapore: Do not download fake Anti Scam Centre app onto Android devices

South Korea: Hackers steal 8 million won from Starbucks app

The emerging cyber security scams you must be aware of

The Evolution of Industrial Cybersecurity in the Age of Internet of Things

Thousands of images on Docker Hub leak auth secrets, private keys

Threads collects so much sensitive information it’s a ‘hacker’s dream,’ experts say

UK Financial Services Sector Leverages AI and Secure Mobile Channels to Mitigate Fraud

Virgin Media issues important email alert to millions of users - ignoring it will be costly

Watch out for this new malicious ransomware disguised as Windows updates

What Is Pink WhatsApp Scam? Here’s How To Not Fall Into The Trap Of This Scam

Windows Users Asked To Update As Microsoft Spots New Zero-Day Attack

WormGPT: The ChatGPT Alternative That Cybercriminals Are Using To Launch Advanced Phishing Attacks

15th July

5 Top Scams in Crypto

Alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) hacker's identity finally revealed: Everything we know so far

Alleged Hacker Behind $200m Euler Finance Exploit Arrested

BreachForums administrator facing 30-year sentence after pleading guilty to three charges

Bridging the Skill Gap: How Skilled Cybersecurity Professionals Can Thwart Growing Threats

Building Trust in the Digital Age: The Role of Global Digital Identity Management in Telecommunications and Internet Security

Cyber Attack Hits South Korean Government Institution, Resulting in Loss of 135 Million USD to Phishing Scam

Data breach by council’s software contractor led to public release of residents’ details

Dating app scammers rob Brits of £30 MILLION in a year as cruel cases skyrocket

Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Essential Tips to Protect Your Online Identity

Gamaredon hackers start stealing data 30 minutes after a breach

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) hacker has been deemed unfit to stand trial

Greece: Cyber Security Authority issues advisory on spike in phishing

How to Avoid Mobile Data Leakage and Data Breach

If you are a Windows user, you need to urgently update because of “this” reason

India: Proposed Data Protection Bill Faces Scrutiny Over Government Control and Powers

Is that really from...? Email impersonation attacks are on the rise

'Just a slap on the wrist' for Gloucester council data breach which saw people's data fall into hands of criminals

Mac users beware of new malware targeting your confidential information

Microsoft Bug Allowed Hackers to Breach Over Two Dozen Organizations via Forged Azure AD Tokens

Microsoft Struggling to Find How Hackers Steal the Azure AD Signing Key

Payroll Services Provider UKG Agrees to $6 Million Settlement in Data-Breach Lawsuit

Phishing Attacks

Psychiatrists Say Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) Hacker is Unfit to Stand Trial

Russia and Ukraine Launch Fresh DDoS Offensives: A Look Into Crowdsourced Cyber Warfare

Russia-linked APT Gamaredon starts stealing data from victims between 30 and 50 minutes after the initial compromise

Sexual abuse survivor ‘appalled’ after personal details leaked in data breach

Shamoon: The Modular Computer Virus Created in 2012 to Attack Big Oil

Smart contracts might not be as smart as you think

Software Firm JumpCloud Attacked by Nation-State Actors

The cybersecurity threat to pharma is growing

The Future of cybersecurity; how information Science and Engineering is responding to growing threats

The Truth About CVV Dumps: How Criminals Profit from Stolen Card Data

These are now the hot cryptocurrencies for crime

Threads threats: Dark side of Meta’s app and how to avoid scams, phishing

Unmasking Cybercriminals: Advanced Techniques for Fraud Detection and Prevention in Telecommunications

Unmasking three types of common online frauds

Victorian Government’s legal documents stolen in data breach leaked onto dark web, law firm confirms

What Is a Phishing Simulation?

WormGPT: New AI Tool Allows Cybercriminals to Launch Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

WormGPT – The Malicious ChatGPT Alternative Empowering Cybercriminals

14th July

3 Ways To Build A Stronger Approach to Identity Protection

4 Reasons Why You Should Hover Over Links Before Clicking

50 Million Bangladeshis Impacted by Government Website Data Leak

90% of African businesses neglect cybersecurity protocol

About 20% of Washington State Population's Personal Information Exposed due to Data Breach

AI Tool WormGPT Enables Convincing Fake Emails For BEC Attacks

AIOS WordPress Plugin Faces Backlash for Storing User Passwords in Plain Text

As Data Breach Reports Surge, Healthcare Is Most Hit Sector

Attackers target the Domain Name System, the internet’s phone book. Here’s how to fight back

Atmos Energy warns customers of potential web and phone threats

Augusta leaders say city systems have recovered from cyberattack

Australia updates cybersecurity measures after government breaches

AVrecon malware infects 70,000 Linux routers to build botnet

Belarus Hackers Targeting Poland, Ukraine With RAT, Phishing

Beware of a sophisticated phishing attack targeting Microsoft 365 users

BreachForum’s owner pleads guilty to possessing videos of minors

BreachForums’ Pompompurin Pleads Guilty to Holding Child Abuse Content

BreachForums owner Pompompurin pleads guilty to hacking charges

Building resilient cybersecurity infrastructure for healthcare systems

Can Apple Products Be Infected With Ransomware?

Chinese APT Favorite Backdoor Found in Pakistani Government App

Chinese government hackers ‘frequently’ targeting MPs, warns new report

City of Hayward declares local emergency after ransomware attack

Colorado State University says data breach impacts students, staff

Complaints to Sadiq Khan’s Metropolitan police watchdog on public view in ‘data breach’

Critical Security Flaws Uncovered in Honeywell Experion DCS and QuickBlox Services

Crowe accounting firm confirms MOVEit impact limited

Cyberattacks are rising across the world - here's what you need to know

Cybersecurity in veterinary medicine

Dallas: Problems Continue Even With Ransomware Attack Restoration Nearly Complete

Data breach exposes personal information of Idaho college students, employees

Evolving Cybersecurity Complexities Demand Expert Skills and Robust Solutions

Facebook and Microsoft remain prime targets for spoofing

Fake TeamViewer Installer Used to Deliver njRAT Malware

Fake USPS and Amazon Websites, iPhone Giveaway, and MORE: Top Scams of the Week

FBI issues warning on malicious QR codes

Forget ChatGPT, Google Bard could have some serious security flaws

From Kotak Life Insurance and IDFC First Bank to State Bank of India and Turtlemint, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) is under cyberattack

Generative AI outperforms hackers but not their creativity

Genesis Market infrastructure and inventory sold on hacker forum

Genesis Market sold to anonymous buyer despite FBI disruption

Global data breach could impact 70,000 residents, vendor employees with Hillsborough County

Google Docs AI Open to Prompt Injection Attacks, Exposing Users to Phishing or Misinformation

Hacked IT service provider Xplain under formal investigation

Hackers target Pakistani government, bank and telecom provider with China-made malware

Hillsborough Notifies Residents, Vendors of Global Data Breach

Honeywell confirms impact by MOVEit hacks

Honeywell, CISA warn of ‘Crit.IX’ vulnerabilities affecting manufacturing tools

How to Build a Positive Security Culture Without Becoming Big Brother

Hybrid work demands a holistic approach to business security and resilience

India: Beware of fake emails about tax refunds

Infrastructure at risk: can trains be hacked?

Lockbit 3.0 Claims Credit for Ransomware Attack on Japanese Port

LokiBot Malware Targets Windows Users in Office Document Attacks

London Mayor's Office data breach: Sexual abuse survivor 'appalled' as her personal details may have been accessible online

Los Angeles Unified School District’s Fight Back from the Ransomware Brink

Malaysia: JPDP to investigate alleged hacking incident on local Misi Rakyat website

Manufacturing Segments That Face the Greatest Cyber Risks

Meta’s Threads app used as a lure

Microsoft: Chinese hackers used code flaw to steal emails from US agencies

Microsoft changes signing key system breached by Chinese hackers to steal US government data

Microsoft still unsure how hackers stole Azure AD signing key

MOVEit Data Breach Hits Fidelity via Vendor PBI

MOVEit mass exploit timeline: How the file-transfer service attacks entangled victims

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Shares Alternatives to Using a Security Operations Center (SOC)

New SOHO Router Botnet AVrecon Spreads to 70,000 Devices Across 20 Countries

New Threat Actor Launches Cyber-attacks on Ukraine and Poland

Official Apple alert reveals password trick that is ‘never guessable by hacker’ – and stops you falling for fake sites

Online crime cost Florida residents $844.9 million in 2022, FBI says, 2nd highest in U.S.

Psychological Manipulation in Social Engineering: Unveiling the Tactics

Ransomware attack leaves Cornelius residents dealing with delayed and unavailable services

Ransomware Costs Financial Services $32bn in Five Years

Rockwell warns of new APT RCE exploit targeting critical infrastructure

Satellites lack standard security mechanisms found in mobile phones and laptops

Scarleteel Threat Targets AWS Fargate, Launches DDoS and Cryptojacking Campaigns

Shutterfly Issues Statement On Customer Data Following Multi-Prong Ransomware Attack

Shutterfly says Clop ransomware attack did not impact customer data

Shutterfly, Discovery, AMC Theatres named in MOVEit attacks

SlashNext Report Shows How Cybercriminals Use Generative AI

Sovos Compliance Notifies 18k+ Individuals that MOVEit Data Breach Leaked Their SSNs

Specialist insurer examines the shifting landscape of cyber risk

Stamford’s mayor victim of Capita pension cyber attack

TeamTNT's Cloud Credential Stealing Campaign Now Targets Azure and Google Cloud

Teenagers Face Trial for Hacking BT, Nvidia, Rockstar Games, Revolut, Uber

The Vitality Group Provides Notice of MOVEit Data Breach on Behalf of GuidePoint Security

Threat actor uncovered targeting Poland, Ukraine

Threat Alert: Sextortion phishing scams have surged in 2023

TomTom, Pioneer Electronics, Autozone latest to navigate MOVEit attacks

Top Information Security Threats for Businesses 2023

Trinidad and Tobago: Cyber woes worsening

UK Financial Regulator Urges Banks to Tackle AI-Based Fraud

Understanding these nine ransomware stages can help harden cyber defenses

We can’t allow cybercriminals to win in health data breach

What’s going on with cyber security in Malaysia?

White House Launches Cybersecurity Implementation Plan

Who watches the watchmen?

Why Large Language Models (LLMs) Alone Won’t Save Cybersecurity

Why Pentesting-as-a-Service is Vital for Business Security

WordPress AIOS plugin used by 1 Million sites logged plaintext passwords

Zimbra Warns of Critical Zero-Day Flaw in Email Software Amid Active Exploitation

13th July

2% of organizations feel confident with current security strategies

7 Key Practices Companies Should Implement to Ensure Cyber Safety in the Age of Remote Work

12% of organizations experienced a breach while using new solutions

20% of malware attacks bypass antivirus protection

34 million Indonesian Passports Exposed in a Massive Immigration Directorate Data Breach

After ‘Mitigated’ Microsoft Cyber Attack, Partners Mull Best Security Practices

Alleged Data Breach of Razer Posted to Hacker Forum; Source Code, Encryption Keys and Employee Credentials Offered for Sale

Argentinian Hacker Returns USD 200 Million in Largest Heist in History to a Digital Bank

Belarus-linked hacks on Ukraine, Poland began at least a year ago

bioMérieux Announces Third-Party Data Breach Involving MOVEit Transfer Software

Chart-topping fake Threads app taken down by Apple

Chinese Threat Group Compromises US Government

CISA gives US civilian agencies until August 1 to resolve four Microsoft vulnerabilities

Cisco SD-WAN vManage impacted by unauthenticated REST API access

Crit.IX: Flaws in Honeywell Experion DCS, Posing Risk to Critical Industries

Crypto crackdown continues in New York with third fraud case announced

CVSS 4.0 released, to help assess real-time threat and impact of vulnerabilities

Cyber Threat Intelligence Index: June 2023

Due to stress, half of cyber leaders will change jobs, and a quarter will quit the field

Economic impact of cybercrime on business predicted to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025

Facebook and Microsoft are the Most Impersonated Brands in Phishing Attacks

Fake Linux vulnerability exploit drops data-stealing malware

Fake PoC for Linux Kernel Vulnerability on GitHub Exposes Researchers to Malware

Fake THREADS App Climbs to Number 1 Spot on Apple Store in Europe

Fewer Than 100 Scammers Responsible For Global Email Extortion

Football Leaks: Hacker Rui Pinto's ruling postponed again

Google Play will enforce business checks to curb malware submissions

Google’s Bard poses ransomware risk, say researchers

How Google Keeps Company Data Safe While Using Generative AI Chatbots

How to Handle Cl0p Ransomware Fallout: Flashpoint Lists 10 Takeaways

How to spot a phishing attack: Protect yourself from online scams

Infrastructure upgrades alone won’t guarantee strong security

Inside the Mind of a 'Hacker': How They Use Generative AI

Lansing Community College faces lawsuits over data breach

Letchworth IT worker blackmailed bosses at Oxford company during cyber attack and demanded money

Linux Hacker Exploits Researchers With Fake PoCs Posted to GitHub

Mandiant Unveils Russian GRU's Cyber Playbook Against Ukraine

Map shows ‘extremely targeted’ Chinese cyber attack on UK and Europe

Mayor says Augusta back to full functionality, cyber-attack investigation continues

Musk's Twitter sues four Texas entities for data scraping

New CVSS Version Unveiled Amid Rising Cyber Threats

New Vulnerabilities Disclosed in SonicWall and Fortinet Network Security Products

Norwegian Refugee Council hit by cyberattack

Only 45% of cloud data is currently encrypted

Phishing Attacks Target Facebook, Microsoft, Making Them Most Impersonated Brands

Phishing Attacks Targeting Cloud Services and SaaS Platforms

PicassoLoader Malware Used in Ongoing Attacks on Ukraine and Poland

Radisson Hotels Experiences Data Breach of Guest Information Related to MOVEit Vulnerability

Ransomware claims rise highlights systemic exposure risks

Reviewing the UK Government Call for Views on Supply Chain Threats

Rockwell Automation ControlLogix Bugs Expose Industrial Systems to Remote Attacks

Secure Your Cloud – Know the Difference between Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)

Services in North Carolina town unavailable after ransomware attack

Six Best Practices for a Pragmatic Approach to Phishing Resistance

Software supply chain compromise was fourth most frequent attack

Source code for BlackLotus Windows UEFI malware leaked on GitHub

TD Ameritrade, Inc. Experiences MOVEit Data Breach Affecting Clients’ Personal Information

TeamTNT's Silentbob Botnet Infecting 196 Hosts in Cloud Attack Campaign

The last Russian hacker kick at the NATO summit: a questionable data leak

The rise in ransomware attacks this year may be related to Russia's war in Ukraine

Third Party Lets Pepsi Data Out of the Bottle, PII Nicked

U.S. Government Agencies' Emails Compromised in China-Backed Cyber Attack

Uganda: Probe into data breach at Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) complete, says Personal Data Protection Office (PDPO)

Unnamed APT eyes vulnerabilities in Rockwell Automation industrial contollers (CVE-2023-3595 CVE-2023-3596)

US on Track For Record Number of Data Breaches

USB drive malware attacks spiking again in first half of 2023

West Jordan hit by a ransomware attack, expert says education is the best defense

White House publishes National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan

White House Publishes Plan to Implement US National Cybersecurity Strategy

White House unveils National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan

White House unveils ‘roadmap’ for national cyber strategy goals

Whoop-whoop: It’s the sound of the police extracting your data

Zimbra urges admins to manually fix zero-day exploited in attacks

12th July

54% of organizations struggle with shadow IT

Access to Hayward's website mostly restored after ransomware attack, city says

AI will outperform the average hacker in five years - say hackers

Apple re-releases zero-day patch after fixing browsing issue

Bangkok Post among 300 victims of ransomware attack

Big Head Ransomware Found in Malvertising and Fake Windows Updates

Breach of death auditor PBI exposes details of 370,000 people

Chainalysis observes sharp rise in ransomware payments

China hackers enter government email accounts through Microsoft

Chinese Group Storm-0558 Hacked European Government Emails

Chinese hackers breached U.S. and European government email through Microsoft bug

Chinese Hackers Deploy Microsoft-Signed Rootkit to Target Gaming Sector

Chinese hackers forged authentication tokens to breach government emails

CISA warns of dangerous Rockwell industrial bug being exploited by government group

Concerns About Infostealer Malware on the Rise

Critical RCE found in popular Ghostscript open-source PDF library

Crypto Crime Down 62% but Ransomware Activity Surges

Cybercriminals Set Shopping Traps: Amazon Prime Day Becomes a Goldmine for Phishing Attacks

Delaware county struggling to respond to cyberattack

Digital automation: a cybercriminal’s paradise

Diplomats in Ukraine Targeted by “Staggering” BMW Phishing Campaign

Exploitable Flaws in QuickBlox Framework Expose Millions of User Records

Fact or Phictionary? Norton Releases Phishing Dictionary to Help People Identify Scams

Financial Industry Faces Soaring Ransomware Threat

Fortinet warns of critical RCE flaw in FortiOS, FortiProxy devices

Generative AI: Friend or Foe?

Hackers: Generative AI unlikely to replace human cybersecurity skills

HCA data breach: hacker stole information of 11M patients

Here’s what we know about the Razer “data breach” so far

ING confirms customer data leak, MOVEit fallout

Johns Hopkins hit with class action suit following MOVEit data breach

Lessons learned from the Dallas ransomware attack

Lincoln bank notifies customers of data breach

Microsoft: Chinese hackers breached US government Exchange email accounts

Microsoft Fixes Six Zero-Days This Patch Tuesday

Microsoft Releases Patches for 132 Vulnerabilities, Including 6 Under Active Attack

Microsoft Thwarts Chinese Cyber Attack Targeting Western European Governments

New Attack Drops LokiBot Malware Via Malicious Macros in Word Docs

New PyLoose Linux malware mines crypto directly from memory

Nova Scotia announces action for MOVEit data breach victims

Oxeye warns of SSRF Vulnerability in Owncast, SQL Injection Flaws in EaseProbe

Python-Based PyLoose Fileless Attack Targets Cloud Workloads for Cryptocurrency Mining

Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Increasing in Frequency, Severity

Ransomware Extortion Skyrockets in 2023, Reaching $449.1 Million and Counting

Ransomware gangs have extorted $449 million this year

Ransomware payments on record-breaking trajectory for 2023

Ransomware, From a Different Perspective

Russian state hackers lure Western diplomats with BMW car ads

Same code, different ransomware? Leaks kick-start myriad of new variants

Scam Page Volumes Surge 304% Annually

Solana heist suspect to stand trial in New York

SonicWall warns admins to patch critical auth bypass bugs immediately

Staying ahead of the “professionals”: The service-oriented ransomware crime industry

Tampa Bay zoo targeted in cyberattack by apparent offshoot of Royal ransomware

Tech worker accused in $9 million crypto platform hack

Teen stands trial for Uber, Revolut, Grand Theft Auto maker hack

Telekom Malaysia (TM) confirms another data breach, affected Unifi users have been informed

Town of Cornelius had ransomware attack, shut down digital network

UK suffers ‘biggest ever’ ransomware attack on NHS

Ventia customers require 'systems assurance' after cyber attack

11th July

1st Source Bank Confirms Data Breach Related to MOVEit Software

6 Ways Cybercriminals Can Steal Your Credit Card Details (and What You Can Do About It)

1,000+ Facilities Impacted by HCA Data Breach

11 Million Patients Impacted in Healthcare Data Breach

12,000 State Bank of India (SBI) employees’ sensitive data leaked on Telegram channels

A Closer Look: Differentiating Software Vulnerabilities and Malware

AI’s Impact on Security, Risk and Governance in a Hybrid Cloud World

“Anonymous Sudan” Offering 30 Million Microsoft Accounts For Sale, Redmond Denies Data Breach

AO3 fanfiction site shut down and extorted by Anonymous Sudan

Apple Issues Device Updates to Patch Critical Vulnerability

Apple Issues Urgent Patch for Zero-Day Flaw Targeting iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Safari

Apple pushes out emergency fix for actively exploited zero-day (CVE-2023-37450)

Apple users urged to install zero-day patch amid fresh spyware fears

Arcadia Finance hacker used reentrancy exploit, team demands return of funds

Are ransomware attacks the new snow days?

Back door supply chain cyberattacks lawsuits warning

Bangladesh government fixes website that leaked personal data of 50 million citizens

Banks, hotels and hospitals among latest MOVEit mass-hack victims

Beware of Big Head Ransomware: Spreading Through Fake Windows Updates

British prosecutors say teen Lapsus$ member was behind hacks on Uber, Rockstar

California Water Treatment Plant Is in the Hands of a Hacker

Cayman Islands: National Roads Authority (NRA) apologises for data breach regarding East West arterial

Cisco Talos Reports Microsoft Windows Policy Loophole Being Exploited by Threat Actor

CISO perspective on why boards don’t fully grasp cyber attack risks

Clop: Behind MOVEit Lies a Loud, Adaptable and Persistent Threat Group

Cold crypto wallet phishing scams spread across the internet

Crypto Phishing Attack: Gutter Cat Gang Twitter Account Compromised, NFTs Worth $750K Stolen

Cyber extortion jumps 39% in a year

Dark Web Genesis Market for Sale: Operators Seek Buyers for Defunct Enterprise

Data breach confirmed by HCA Healthcare: 11 million patients, 47 Florida hospitals affected

Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks Quarterly Review: Q2 2023

DDoS Attacks Soar by 168% on Government Services, StormWall Warns

Deutsche Bank, ING, and Postbank impacted by MOVEit hack

Deutsche Bank confirms provider breach exposed customer data

E-commerce Fraud Surges By Over 50% Annually

edgeMED Healthcare, LLC Announces Data Breach Affecting Various Healthcare Facilities

Engaging The Workforce For Holistic Security

Football Leaks: Hacker Rui Pinto facing sentencing

Gates Corporation Experiences Ransomware Attack Leading to Employee Data Breach

Hacker puts personal data of 35M Indonesian passport holders up for sale on dark web

Hackers Exploit Windows Policy Loophole to Forge Kernel-Mode Driver Signatures

Hackers exploit Windows policy to load malicious kernel drivers

Hackers target Chinese-speaking Microsoft users with ‘RedDriver’ browser hijacker

Harvard University web flaw exposed it to remote attacks

HCA confirms breach after hacker steals data of 11 million patients

'Horrified' ex-BBC worker says bosses 'never apologised' when data stolen in cyber attack

How Asia-Pacific (APAC) organizations are leading the fight against malware

John Hopkins confirms MOVEit breach

Johns Hopkins sued by patient for data breach

Kremlin cyber gang targets NATO meeting place website

Law Firm Suffers Healthcare Data Breach Impacting 40K

Lawsuit against cardiology practice alleges fraudulent charges from data breach

Man accused of stealing $450K in Bored Ape Yacht Club fraud case

Man Charged With Remote Attack on Water Plant

Microsoft: Unpatched Office zero-day exploited in NATO summit attacks

Microsoft Fixes NoAuth Flaws, Prevents Account Takeover

Microsoft patches four exploited zero-days, but lags with fixes for a fifth (CVE-2023-36884)

Millions of Bangladeshi citizens' personal information exposed in a government website

Moroccan Charged With OpenSea NFT and Crypto Theft

NATO Countries Must Work Together to Counter the Russian Cyber-Threat

New Zealand: Independent review after Wellington City Council data breach releases personal information

Nickelodeon reveals data breach, says no sensitive info stolen

Notorious BlackCat hackers steal over 170gb sensitive data from Krishi Bank

Owncast, EaseProbe security vulnerabilities revealed

Patient data breach at HCA Healthcare potentially threatens 11 million patients

Phishing fears as fake Threads websites multiply

Phishing Scheme Targeting Cryptocurrency Users Worldwide

Play Ransomware Attacking Private and Public Organizations Across Industries

Radisson Hotels, major insurance firms become latest MOVEit victims to disclose breaches

Ransomware: Scamsters now target senior citizens living alone in Kolkata

Ransomware attack hits Hayward; city claims, so far, personal data is safe

Razer investigates potential breach involving its digital wallet

Revolut lost $20m due to payment flaw

Richmond residents warned to be vigilant after city IT security breach

RomCom Threat Actor Likely Behind NATO Summit Attack

SCARLETEEL Cryptojacking Campaign Exploiting AWS Fargate in Ongoing Campaign

SMEs have to wake up to the need to make cybersecurity a top priority

Spanish Police Arrest Phishing Ring Targeting Bank Customers

The AI cyber threat to your business

The HCA data breach explained

UK suffers 'biggest ever' ransomware attack on NHS; 70 terabytes of sensitive data stolen

What Can Scammers Do With Your Passport Number?

Why isn't Zero Trust Authentication already a thing?

Why You Should Be Careful With What You Share on Social Media

Zero-Day Exploits: A Cheat Sheet for Professionals

10th July

1st Source says data compromised in MOVEit data breach

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP): What Are the Options?

After a lull, ransomware attacks on hospitals are rising again

Amazon Prime Day: This year already started for cybercriminals

Analyzing Attack Opportunities Against Information Security Practitioners

Android OS Tools Fuel Cybercrime Spree, Prey on Digital Users

Apple releases emergency update to fix zero-day exploited in attacks

Archive of Our Own (AO3) Website Suffering Massive DDoS Attacks

Are Businesses Losing the Battle of the Endpoint

Australian infrastructure company Ventia hit with cyberattack

Avoid these scams on Amazon Prime Day this week

Banking Firms Under Attack by Sophisticated 'Toitoin' Campaign

Bay Area city shuts down municipal sites following cyberattack

Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Scams

‘Big Head’ malware threat looms, warn researchers

Businesses must learn to live with ransomware

Canada: Human error may have caused data breach involving more than 5,500 people in Prince Edward Island

Capita tells employees: Personal data stolen in March hack

Central Bankers Develop Framework For Securing Digital Currencies

Charles George VA Medical Center notifies Veterans of compromised personal information

Choice Hotels: Radisson guest info breached in MOVEit attacks

City of Hayward website down after weekend cyber attack

Cl0p Hackers Hit Three of the Biggest U.S. Law Firms in Large Ransomware Attack

Coinbase Domain Name Used by Scammers in Recent Phishing Attacks – What's Going On?

Crimeware Group Asylum Ambuscade Ventures Into Cyber-Espionage

Critical Vulnerability Can Allow Takeover of Mastodon Servers

Cyber Extortion Cases Surge 39% Annually

Cyber extortion up 39% in a year

Cyber-Attack Paralyzes Hayward City Services

Cybersecurity researchers identify new ShadowVault malware

D’Youville University Experienced Data Breach Leaking Student’s Social Security Numbers

Data breach at Asheville VA Medical Center leaked information of over 1,500 veterans

Data Breach at Itasca County Health and Human Services Exposes Info of Over 1,600 People

Data breach criminals' threat to publish nudes of woman

Data Breach of Android Tracking App “LetMeSpy” Exposes Contact Information, Messages

EU Health Sector Cyber Study Confirms Ransomware is the Leading Threat

Fantom Foundation experiences Twitter phishing activities

Finding the Right Tools for Response and Visibility in the SOC

Flaw in Revolut payment systems exploited to steal $20 million

Former employee charged for attacking water treatment plant

Free VPN Data Breach Exposes 360M User Records

Gaming firm Razer hit by potential breach, hacker offering stolen data for $135k in crypto

Gates Corporation hit by ransomware

Genesis Market gang tries to sell platform after FBI disruption

Government confirms more than 40 agencies impacted by data hack on law firm

Hacker ‘Bjorka’ strikes again: Data of 34 million Indonesian passports allegedly leaked and sold on the Dark Web

Hacker exploits vulnerability, drains $455,000 from DeFi protocol Arcadia Finance

Hacker who exposed some of soccer's dirtiest secrets charged in Portugal

Hackers backed by North Korea have stolen $3 billion in crypto

Hacker Sells Stolen User Data from Razer Gaming Breach

Hackers Exploit Flaws in Revolut’s Payment System, Stealing $20 Million

Hackers Steal $20 Million by Exploiting Flaw in Revolut's Payment Systems

Hackers Steal $20 Million from Revolut

Hackers stole $30 billion in crypto since 2012

HCA Healthcare reports data breach that exposed patient information

Hospital ransomware attack numbers in 2023 already closing in on last year

Hot or cold? Kaspersky uncovers new phishing scheme targeting cryptocurrency users worldwide

How To: Create an Effective Patch Management Program

How to fortify your data in the event of a ransomware attack

How to improve defenses against rising cybersecurity threats

Iran Regime’s Cyber Offensive a Tool for Negotiation in Nuclear Talks

Is That Text From Your Bank Real or a Phishing Scam? How to Tell

Japan’s Largest Port Hit by Ransomware Attack, Operations Restored After 48 Hours

Japan’s largest port resumes operations after cyberattack

Key tips to help educators thwart cyberattacks

Landmark Information Regulator fine sets the tone for South Africa data protection

Law firms need to consider cyber-insurance — even if they don’t understand it

Law firms under cyberattack

Letscall – New Sophisticated Voice over IP Phishing Attack Steal Banking Details

MacOS devices under threat as data thief emerges from shadows

Madison Area Technical College Notifies Students of Data Breach at National Student Clearinghouse

Major data breach at Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's office exposes patients' sensitive information

MalasLocker Ransomware Attacks Users of Zimbra Servers

Malware delivery to Microsoft Teams users made easy

Mastering Strong Password Policies: Your Key to Digital Safety

Navigating the Cyber Threat Landscape in the Asia Pacific: Top Email Security Challenges and Solutions

New disturbing ransomware trend threatens organizations

New macOS malware steals bank info, crypto wallets & much more

New TOITOIN Banking Trojan Targeting Latin American Businesses

New York City Schools Had Warnings Before Cyber Attack

Number of email-based phishing attacks surges 464%

Overcoming user resistance to passwordless authentication

Patient data should be owned and controlled by individuals

Phishing campaign targets Ukraine, allies ahead of NATO summit

Portugal charges Football Leaks hacker – hero to some, villain to others

Prime Day hackers: Tips to avoid the biggest Amazon sale scams next week

Qbot tops global malware table

Ransomware attacks could scare away 75% of a company’s customers

Ransomware incidents up by nearly 50% in 2023

Razer Data Breach: Alleged Database and Backend Access Sold for $100k

Razer investigates data breach claims, resets user sessions

Razer investigating Razer Gold data breach

Reducing Risk Through Comprehensive SaaS Security Strategies

Revolut system bug netted crooks over $20 Million

Rhode Island Data Breach Law Amended with Significant Changes

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